Dominating the Legend

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"I-Is this really the legendary Super Saiyan?!" said Cooler, once glaring at the golden warrior standing right below his current airborne position.

"That's right, you monster! This is the same warrior who annihilated your brother. And now, you, you will meet the same fate!" said Goku in return, his sharp, angry eyes squaring the intimidated Frost Demon.

As Goku finally tapped into the legendary form once again, the battle quickly went on his side, as the big brother of Frieza was taken aback by this sudden augmentation in power.

Before it happened, though, both Cooler and his trusty minions laid waste of Goku himself and his allies. The likes of Piccolo and Krillin were easely dispatched by Cooler' superiority, their lifeless bodies lying on the dusty pavement. As for Gohan, he did fight valiantly against the minions, though in the end, he was taken down by Cooler with one sucker punch; he didn't faint however, as he was slowly starting to get up, trying to drag himself as much as possible towards his father's location. He thought he might have needed his help, despite the fact he had the power of the Super Saiyan, the strongest being in the universe at this point. Still, he was his son, and he would never let his precious dad risk his life, no matter how unwinnable the situation may be.

As for Goku, after having mercilessly annihilated all Cooler's minions with no effort, he squared off against the Frost Demon himself, and for the last hour, only a blur of moving figures were barely visible around the now destroyed landscape. Shockwaves after shockwaves exploded one after another, as Cooler and Goku were studying each other's capabilities and powers, flying faster than the speed of light. The world around them looked frozen in time for as fast as they were fighting. Still fighting in his base form, Goku did aknowledge how mighty Cooler was, not to mention how composed and thoughtful he was. It was like a complete opposite of his brother, Frieza: whereas the latter was composed and elegant with his behaviors, yet very brash, impulsive and easy to tease once things didn't go his ways, Cooler was always composed, like he wasn't afraid of anything. His power was mighty, much like his brother was at the time when he tapped into his final form back on Namek, and even using the Kaioken X20 wasn't enough to break through his defense.

Goku layed punches after punches, yet Cooler blocked each attack using just one arm; Goku then tried to speedblitz him, coming from behind with a roundhouse kick, yet Cooler blocked it using his tail, wrapped it and flinging Goku downward towards the water surface of the lake. Goku stopped his fall by focusing his ki, and the sudden stop made the water below fly up in the air, drying his clothes a little.

As Goku returned to Cooler, he already was close to him and proceeded to lay one of his own punches on the stomach. The impact was so devastating Goku reeled back, gasping for air and screaming in pain. Cooler was still keeping Goku up placing his right hand on his stomach when he picked up his head with the other hand, and looked him right in the eyes:

"Mmh, that's it. That's the pain I enjoy hearing. Yet, there's something else I want to hear from you, Saiyan…". Cooler grinned menacingly, licking his lips for a second.

Having his vision blurred from tears, Goku barely heard what the enemy just said:

"W-what are you talking ab-"

"Eh, enough with the chatty, Saiyan!~" Cooler interrupted him by smacking his cheek with a heavy right hook. Once again, the pain was unbearable, especially considering the fact Goku just used the Kaioken. Goku screamed once again, and Cooler chuckled a little.

"Come on, Saiyan! Show me! Show me the power you used to terminate my brother. Not that I care that much about, mind you. I'm just curious and… intrigued~"

Goku gasped in desperation and, in the fraction of a nanosecond, his eyes widened and he screamed once again. This time, though, it wasn't a painful one. It was… an angry one. A primal, ungodly roar of pure rage

Something that hasn't been heard since the dawn of Namek.

Gohan, still weakly crawling towards the location, felt a sudden rise in power. The air was filled with a new type of energy. Lilke a golden stream of energy flowing in the surrounding area, Gohan smiled:

"Ah… ehehe. Looks like daddy did it-" He struggled to stand up and walk, but to no avail - his ribcage was barely holding up, and he slowly fell on his jelly knees. "Daddy… ha-had won…"

Goku lifted his right hand and caught Cooler's arm, clutching it tightly and slowly moving it aside.

Cooler was admiring the upcoming of the warrior of legend. Goku's eyes were blank white, as small veins cornered them and his teeth gritting so much they could break themselves for the struggle. As this was happening, Cooler noticed his body was slowly bulking up: his neck, his pectorals, the shoulders, the biceps and the forearms were inflating with new energy, and the ki surrounding the Saiyan changed from a light blue with a shade of white to a warmer color: a bright golden-like one,as well as his own hair. Before, they were shiny black, and now they were shiny golden.

Cooler was understandably astounded by this visage. His face was taking a nervous tone and he felt a few shivers of fear running down his spine. That was the same creature which offed his sibling a long time ago, and he had to make sure he didn't underestimate such intense, instantaneous surging of power. However, Cooler wasn't completely hopeless: he did have something peculiar waiting for Goku to show. He just couldn't wait to show him. His chest was burning hot with impatience, but tried to keep his cool for the time being.

With a last rageful roar, Goku's energy exploded all at once, creating a golden shockwave which rippled all across the forest. Cooler was taken aback by this new form. It felt like the transformation changed the Saiyan, making him almost unrecognizable from before: an unperturbed, stern and fearless ticking bomb, ready to go all out at any one time.

Goku reopened his eyes, which were blue-teal colored and he spoke to the Frost Demon:

"Here it is, Cooler. Just like you asked. This, is a Super Saiyan, the warrior of legends. So, are you satisfied?"

Cooler, still dumbfounded by the transformation, cleared his throat and… began to clap his hands? He did so a good couple of times, and he answered, with a sinister smiling face:

"Oh, wow, bravo bravo, Saiyan! So, this is the Super Saiyan. Mph, in all honesty, I expected a little more spectacle from the monkeys' legend. I was so excited to see it in action, and I'm ready to-AURGH!"

Cooler almost finished his sentence when Goku likey warped towards him at imperceptible speed and layed a punch of his own on his stomach:

"You seem to underestimate your opponent. I expected you were more serious than your brother." Goku's voice was scarey calm and composed. Cooler wasn't expecting such immense force coming from just one punch. He was so transfixed on his future intents he foolishly lowered his guard.

The demon flew back a few feet back, gasping for air and massaging his belly. A train of blood was running down his mouth, but he wiped it off. He lifted himself up, and by Goku's shock, he laughed at him. A gloomy and care-free type of laugh.

Goku was slightly taken aback from such attitude. He couldn't understand why Cooler was acting so oddly and uncaring, especially considering what kind of adversary he was dealing with… unless…

"Mmh, maybe I understand" Goku's eyes widened with suspect. "You are hiding something about your power, aren't you? Either that, or you must have lost your mind!" Goku smirked at Cooler, which was still laughing.

Cooler wiped a few tears of joy and regained some air. He said:

"Oh, you bet, Saiyan! I have lost my mind… for you!" Cooler winked at Goku, while he was reading himself in a fighting stance.

Taken aback once again by this last sentence, Goku's grin disappeared. Now his face was contorted in confusion, yet he kept his own guard up:

"You, what? F-for me? What are you-", Goku didn't have the time to end his phrase when Cooler shouted himself, as a dense and cold ripple of energy surged from his body. The clouds around the area darkened and lightnings crossed the area every second. Goku covered his face with an arm, while trying to witness what was happening, and to his horror, he noticed Cooler changing physically. He was… mutating, much like Frieza did back on Namek. Yet, it felt so different.

As Cooler kept focusing his ki, he could feel his body enlarging more and more. Every part of his body was buffing up, increasing their size more than twice than normal. His muscles swollen considerably, both his arms, legs and chest. Not only that, but his shoulders were transforming into shoulder pads-like structures, extending up, as well as his own head. Four spiky protrusions extended from the white sides of Cooler's head, creating a crown-like structure. His eyes turned completely red and a retractable organic mask covered his mouth.

As Cooler completed his transformation, he relaxed his bulky arms down and gave off a sigh of satisfaction. His physique was now standing no less than 7' tall, with all his uncovered muscle masses shimmering under the light of sunset. He opened his eyes and retracted his organic mask.

Cooler chuckled a little and said:

"So, Saiyan. What do you think? Is this form enough for you?"

Cooler was jubilant looking at Goku's face. To say it looked desperate would be an euphemism. His eyes were widened in fear and he could barely move from his stance. He knew Frieza was frighteningly strong, yet he still managed to overtake him with his newfound transformation. But this, this "thing" felt… otherworldly. His ki signature felt like more than twice Goku's actual level of power. It almost felt like Goku abandoned every inch of confidence he had just a second ago.

Cooler enjoyed every second of that pathetic scenary, but it was all part of his personal enjoyment. And the worst part was, the best had yet to come…

Cooler spread his arms, and explained to Goku the way he discovered this "new form":

"You see, Saiyan, as I previously mentioned, my father banned me from his life because he deemed me unworthy to inherit the throne. Mph, and then that pathetic exemplar of filth gave up the throne to his "baby boy", Frieza, because he was so much like him…"; as Cooler kept talking, he was slowly approaching towards the still petrified Goku. "But, as you probably guessed yourself, that foolish of my father and his favourite son shared one simple trait: arrogance. They thought they were invincible. They thought they were the apex predators of the galaxy, and yet, they refused to make the most of what nature has done for us with our power. And so, to keep it short just for you, I kept studying and struggling to overcome my limitations, and so I 'discovered' this new form, much more powerful than the 'final form' my brother was so ashamed to show to the empire. I'm sure he was capable of using it as well but, being the lazy bone that he is - ops, sorry, was, uhuhuh~ - I can bet he never discovered it himself. And, seeing how things went with you… mphuhuhuhuh, well, that is all to say, really… but, unlike my brother and my father, when it comes to Saiyans… " Cooler was approaching ever close towards Goku, which only now he regained some sort of composure.

"H-hey, don't come any closer, or else-"

"Or what? Are you going to punch me?! Mh?!~" said Cooler with a creepy allusive tome, while instantaneously warping half a foot away from Goku before he could even blink. It seemed that, despite the immense bulky size, he barely slowed down like, at all.

Goku gasped in shock, as he charged as much energy into his fist and launched it straight into Cooler's chest. The impact generated such immense shockwave it spread across the forest like a violent storm. The winds generated bent the trees and rubbles flew high into the air like projectiles. Gohan, who was still trying to reach his father, now worried more than ever considering what just happened, could barely hold onto the ground so that he wasn't wiped away because of the storm.

[N-no, daddy!... Please… d-don't give up!...]

As the storm dissipated, Goku kept looking at the target hit, but, to his shock, the colossal figure was still standing right in front of him, unfazed by the impact, as his chest had only recieved a small bruise. Cooler eagerly chuckled:

"Oh, so, is that it? Mh, I expected something more from the warrior of legends… Oh well, anyway, you will still make a good job as my personal partner for today…" As natural as his own allusive words sounded, the more absurd they sounded from Goku's perspective, who was still shocked by the lack of damage he tried to inflict.

Goku retracted his fist, which he felt a noticeable sharp pain as he just hit a steel wall without focusing. He was starting to grow more nervous. Not just because of the fact he was fighting a seemingly unbeatable enemy, but because of the words he was using with him, like "losing my mind for you", or "his personal partner"?

Goku was already stranger enough with concepts of affection and captivation, and he didn't understand what Cooler meant to say. Cooler himself saw as Goku was becoming more nervous as he kept talking to him, noticing himself his own discomfort. He loved that sensation, and kept rolling with that Saiyan's innocent unknowledge.

Cooler then said to Goku:

"Say, Saiyan. Why don't you try some other punch? Maybe if I keep my guard down, you will manage to make me bleed."

Goku, having regained a little of composure, rose one of his eyebrows. He knew Cooler was up to something, but couldn't understand what precisely. So, he genuinely asked him:

"Why? Why are you so permissive?". He had all the reasons to be so doubtful. Goku did enjoy a good fight, but this fight felt different for some reason.

Cooler chuckled once again, as he placed one of his huge hands on Goku's shoulder:

"Mhmhmh, you know? As I explained you earlier, unlike my father and my little brother, I don't despise Saiyans the way they were. Even though I still consider your race an utter waste of space, I kinda 'enjoy' some things about you…", as he said so, he kept his hand onto Goku's shoulder, the latter not having moved one inch since he did so, fearing he might do something funny. But, this last choice of words was the last thing he was expecting. Even more shocking, he noticed that Cooler's fingers were huge themselves: just one of them was likely half the thickness of his forearms. He looked as the thumb was moving on its own, like it was trying to reach something. The thumb was slowly moving lower, likely where Goku's pecs were. The fingertip slightly pressed onto the pec, and quickly moved back to its initial place.

Cooler said to the confused Saiyan:

"Mmh, like the way you submit in fear once you lose all your hopes! Not to mention how good your body looks once-"

"Urgh, fine!" Goku growled, pushing Cooler's invasive hand aside. "As you wish, you freaky weirdo! But remember, you asked for it! Aaaargh!"

Goku then charged up, his ki quickly expanding around his figure and his muscles swelling up. He then landed punches and kicks with every fiber of his being, striking every body section available. He tried the neck, then the jaw, the temples, following the beating with the exterior elbows, the hips and then the knees and ankles. For every strike he landed, repeated shockwaves spread across the area. The earth itself trembled because of the ripples. However, no matter how hard he tried, Cooler barely felt the impact of said punches. His smile was still staying on, as he started chuckling once again.

Goku kept throwing blow after blow, always keeping his senses sharp in case Cooler tried to fight back. His hands were starting to tire out, yet he fought through the pain, hoping that the whole beating will take effect eventually.

[Ngh! He wasn't bluffing when he was so sure of himself! He barely flinched after all these attacks! What can I do?!]

"Yes! Yes! Keep going, Saiyan! Go all out! Show me the desperation in your eyes! I'm sure your son will be happy to see it!... Oh!~"

Cooler slightly rose one of his arms; Goku noticed it and immediately went on the defensive, taking a dash back and readying himself for what was coming. But, after a few seconds, nothing happened. Cooler, seemingly, didn't do anything. He was just keeping his arm lifted. He laughed once again, and said:

"Ahahahahah, good job, Saiyan! I barely felt your mosquito-like punches! And you have good reflexes! My compliments! Say, wanna try once again?"

Goku was gasping for air. He knew his energies were sipping away fast, as he went all out all at once during the last rush. He was still nervous because of Cooler's calmness and composure. He felt unperturbed by anything, like he had already won. Still, Goku had no intention on giving up. His friends already did their best against his minions, and he could feel his son approaching them from afar. He just wished he wasn't there so that he didn't injure himself.

Gritting his teeth and recharging himself up with another ki charge, he rushed at the unperturbed Cooler, laying punches after punches, throwing a few blasts every now and then. Even those beams looked useless though, so Goku chose not to use them, so that he didn't completely run out of energies. Cooler still stood strong and steady, his mighty physique taking every attack with no repercussion. He even pretended to yawn at some point, like he was boring himself.

"Ngh! Stop mocking me, you freak!" Goku shouted in anger, landing a mighty left jab onto Cooler's nose. This time, Cooler did feel that punch, but not to the extent Goku was expecting. Instead, Cooler just mocked Goku, saying:

"Ehm, you should break the nose, not tapping it, uhuhuhuh". He was just having so much fun making the fool out of this desperate blonde Saiyan. Goku, on the contrary, felt like his knuckles hit a needle, and retracted his hand in pain. He was panting in exhaustion: his energies were diminishing every minute he was landing ineffective strikes and his sweat was staining his clothes.

Cooler noticed the inglorious visage of the tired Saiyan, and smiled sinisterly:

"So, ready to give up, Saiyan?"

Goku was just about to say: "No! Never! I will find a way to-u-uh? Eeeeeeh?!", when his eyes looked downward for just a moment and saw something he sweared himself he never wanted or dreamed to see in his whole life.

Just between Cooler's thick and muscular tights, a long and flaccid appendage was slowly slipping out of what seemed like a slit. The appendage looked worryingly familiar, as it appeared longer and longer. After a few seconds of torturous wait, the appendage was fully exposed, and it looked like just what it seemed:

Goku was inhumanly terrified. He could only mutter:

"W-what? I-is that a-a… A p-"

"A penis, Saiyan! Yes, it's exactly what you're seeing. Isn't it nice?~" asked Cooler, his eyes semi-closed as he placed his arms on his back, likey in a seductive way. The penis-like appendage was dark purple colored like the rest of Cooler's body, and the tip had a lightly lighter shade, similar to magenta pink. At a first sight, the length of the meat piece was no less than 8" and twitching veins covered the whole thing.

"What's the meaning of this-this thing?! What is your intention, Cooler?!", still shocked because of the whole circumstance, Goku was visibly losing his cool and his focus and before he could react, Cooler quickly extended his arm forward once again and said:

"You are going to be my sex partner for today, Saiyan~", and from the palm of his hand, Cooler launched a large wave of blue/purple ki, which enveloped Goku's body. His arms and legs were completely paralyzed in place, as wires of energies wrapped them tightly.

After a few seconds, the bright light dissipated and Goku was completely incapacitated. He could barely struggle to free himself, due to all the efforts he put into his attacks. He felt his muscles weak and sleepy, barely functional. After a few seconds. Goku gave up his efforts and tried to focus his ki, but he felt he didn't have much left. He then rose his head and saw Cooler's bulky physique looming over him, while his long penis was still flaccid and twitching in excitement.

Cooler looked down and put one of his fingers on Goku's chin:

"I propose you a deal, monkey…" he wiggled his head in disdain "Nah, I'm not like the child that was Frieza. Saiyan, hear me!"

Goku weakly rose his head, trying everything to avoid looking at Cooler's freakish member:

"W-what is it, C-Cooler?". In his current condition, he didn't care what happened. He already gave everything he had, so he could end his life right then and there, without him feeling any regrets.

"If you would be so kind to entertain me for today… I will leave your planet in peace, forever. What do you think? It's a good bargain, isn't it?". Cooler's smile was less malicious this time, as his eyes squinted naturally.

Goku, still feeling his limbs limpy and unresponsive, couldn't believe what he was hearing. Everything was so surreal. First, this powerful enemy comes to this planet searching for vengeance; then, his minions massacre his friends, including his son; he humiliates him to such degree, and now, he's trying to bargain?!

That was the last straw, even for someone as kind-hearted and patient as Goku. He angrily asked:

"Why? WHY?! How do you expect I blindly believe you after what your brother did to me?! And, what's the deal with this 'entertainment'?! I… I don't understand…" Goku looked down, keeping his eyes closed. He felt too exhausted and kinda scared to keep shouting.

Cooler heard carefully and then he placed his massive hand on Goku's chest. Goku gasped, fearing what might happen. But, Cooler didn't do anything destructive like he feared: instead, he just massaged it. His big fingertips tapped every inch of Goku's chest. It looked so small compared to his own hand. Goku felt a shivering sensation made his shoulders tremble. Cooler then move his fingers towards one of Goku's nipples and carefully pinched it. Against his own will, Goku left out a slight moan of pain which pleased Cooler, as his own member twitched in excitement.

Goku closed his eyes and reopened them when Cooler left his nipple. The giant Frost Demon then spoke back:

"Mph, don't you compare me to that pathetic excuse for a Frost Demon. Not only was my brother a weakling, but also a super coward. Just like my father…". As he spoke, Cooler's hand enlightened briefly and it emitted a light burst of ki which incinerated Goku's top of his gi. Once uncovered, Cooler took a look of Goku's perfectly sculptured body. A collection of smooth muscled fibers. He looked at the shoulders, following up with the round biceps and then the thick forearms which ended with his blood-stained clenched fists. Because of his exhaustion, Cooler could admire Goku's spherical pectorals inflating and deflating at each breath. The sweat made his body shimmering under the light, as tears ran from the thick neck all the way down to his spherical abdominals.

As Cooler kept admiring the fascinating sweaty flesh statue right in front of him, at some point, his eyes stopped and he suffocated a laugh.

Goku was perplexed (more than what he already was) and asked:

"Now, what's so funny?!"

"Oh, n-nothing, Saiyan! It's just-mph! You seem to enjoy the scenary as well. Look down!"

Cooler pointed his finger towards Goku's legs and, to the latter's shock, he saw an unexpected buldge on the gap between his legs. The enlargement was painful as it pushed outward, as it was desperately trying to break free from its clothing prison.

Goku's eyes widened and he emitted a slim squeak, like he usually does during certain situations (like when he freaks out once looking at needles). Frantically trying to hide it as best as he could, he said:

"W-what is this?! Why-why am I excited like this?! How? J-just because… oh...oowh…" The subsequent dreaded thought made Goku actually blush a little.

Did he just… got excited because of his enemy's arousing approach?! This had to be the most ridiculous and embarrassing situation he has ever experienced. Nothing in his previous life ever came close to such moment, and the worst part of it is that, he was completely powerless to fight back. He was literally at his enemy's mercy, and he didn't know if he could even trust him. Also… he belonged to Frieza's family! Nothing good could come out from those freaks!

But, at the same time, he thought about Cooler's words and wondered if he could be reliable. Even though he was Frieza's brother, he himself called himself differently from his familiars. But, like, how different and why? Aren't these creatures like, conquerors of galaxies and murderers of civilizations?

He wished he could learn more about this extravagant subject, but right now the time was running short and he didn't know what would happen next. True, he wasn't totally obvious when it came to sexual interactions - he did have his fair share exciting experiences with Chi-Chi - but, first: she's his wife. Second, she's human, so she basically functions just like Saiyans do. And third, Goku wasn't attracted to males! He never felt any attraction towards same-sex people, so the thought of experimenting sex with a "male" alien like the enemy which held his life in his own hand (literally, as Cooler was still playing with his muscles, touching every single one of them with his huge yet soft fingers…) made him even more uncomfortable. But, at the same time, the Earth would be safe, and this type of enemy, despite looking like Frieza, was a completely different kind of person compared to him. So, maybe, just maybe, he might be trusty.

As Cooler kept massaging Goku's exposed chest, Goku decided to ask him something, his eyes looking very serious.

"S-so, Cooler-hah~!" Goku bit his tongue, praying Cooler didn't just hear his first moan of pleasure…

But, the Frost Demon did listen it and chuckled a little.

"What is it, Saiyan? Do we have a deal? Well, not that you have better alternatives, am I right? Uhuhuhuh~" said Cooler, now bringing Goku's body closer to his own.

The Saiyan gasped as he almost came in contact with Cooler's own muscular body. He stopped a mere inches from it, as Cooler then placed one of his hand on his back, as he wanted to massage those muscles as well. Goku slightly shrieked, trying his hardest to hide his unexplainable excitement, which for some reason, made his own nipples erect.

"I-ehm-I wanted to make sure you are trusty… I'll have to admit something I never did…" he stopped for a couple of seconds, and then said. "I give up. I aknowledge I have no chance of defeating you. Your power is amazing, way beyond my comprehension. I-"

"Uh, get to the point, Saiyan! I would like to remember you that I am the one in charge here!" said Cooler, his tone clearly annoyed, as he slowly brought his face closer to Goku's hair, wanting to sniff their wild odor. "Keep things short, unless you have something interesting to ask before your last fuck, eheheh~" Cooler was actually joking about that last sentence. If everything went as he wanted, it might not be the last time he did these funny games with this interesting kind of Saiyan - the legend, nonetheless.

"Uh, o-ok Cooler… " Goku spoke once again, while Cooler proceeded to take more sniffs about Goku's sweaty body. For some reason, he found his body odor extremely tempting. He could see his mouth leaking drool out of it.

Goku gulped in fear and continued. "I cannot win against you, and I… I'm willing to… e-entertain you however you want. But, I'm doing this for the sake of my planet, nothing else. You have to guarantee me that you keep your word, got it-augh!~" Goku's words were cut short as Cooler pushed Goku's sweaty body against his own. To Goku's surprise, Cooler's body was extremely smooth and honed, and it emitted considerable warmth, almost contradicting the meaning of his own name.

Goku's own heart beat increased even more, and he could also perceive Cooler's own heart beating up fast.

Goku's eyes looked up at Cooler's smiling face.

"I appreciate you recognize your limits, Saiyan. It's really wise from your part. Not many Saiyans could boast of your own honesty… not that there are any left, mind you~ But, I can guarantee you that, after what we are going to do today, you will never see me again, anymore. And no lies, this time around, I promise. Unlike my father, or my brother, I always keep my words… "

Cooler stopped for a few seconds before speaking once again:

"Since my father's empire is long dead, and since I always despised it because of him, and my brother as well, I'll let it rot and forget about it. I will then retire in solitude… I have no intention of rebuilding the Frost Demon race, or starting off a new empire… There's no purpose in it. I locked myself in solitude because I felt something missing in my shallow life. And maybe, just maybe… it was the sensation of banging with a filthy Saiyan, the one thing I dreamed to purge from this galaxy. So you, you will be my partner, and you will do as I say. Or else… "

Cooler, still embracing Goku with one arm, keeping it attached onto his body, he rose his other hand and pointed one finger in the air. From the tip of it, he quickly summoned a gigantic sphere of yellow/orange energy - the Supernova - so big in fact it could have dwarfed the largest mountain on Earth.

Goku was horrified by that visage, even more so considering the fact he was powerless to do anything about it. Even in his best condition, he couldn't have done anything to stop it by himself. Cooler then looked back at Goku, and said:

"...this sphere of energy will reduce your pathetic planet to cosmic dust! So, tell me, Saiyan… Are you ready?"

Goku looked at Cooler, and then he tried to locate Gohan's presence. He was still alive, barely but sill conscious, unfortunately. He begged he never witnessed what he, his proud father, had agreed to do in order to save them all.

Out of all the battles Goku has faced, none of them has ever pushed him to such overwhelming limits - not only physical, but also emotional. And so, with a faint voice, he looked back at Cooler once more, and said:

"... Ok, ok. We will-I… I will do whatever you want. But please, spare my home, Cooler…"

Cooler nodded his crowned head and, in a few seconds, caused his massive Supernova to retract, disappearing completely out of sight.

"Mhmhmhmh, great. It's always best when you recieve the approval of the partner. And now, Saiyan… prepare to cry in ecstacy!"

Back from the cracked earth, Gohan has managed to lift himself up, and he slowly walked towards the location where he perceived his father's ki last time. He could almost feel his ki's perturbations and, slowly, he came to the dreaded realization.

He sighed a little, and said to himself:

"Oh daddy… why? Why do you have to push yourself this far?!..."

To Be Continued…

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