Dominating the Legend

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Just as Goku "gave his consent" to the imposing Frost Demon, Cooler chuckled a little and proceeded to fly downward, reaching the grassy ground.

Still embracing Goku tightly on his smooth body, Cooler looked for a nice place where they would start doing things.

After a few seconds, Cooler chose an abandoned grassy area, cornered by large trees which covered the light of the sun.

Once having set himself, Cooler looked back at Goku straight into his eyes. The latter had no idea what the Demon had in store for him. One thing was for sure: he will never forget such experience, and not in a good way.

"So, I can say we can begin, Saiyan! Say, any last word, my personal sex partner?"

Goku didn't know what to say. He felt so broken both inside and from the outside every word he thought sounded wrong and inappropriate. Any inconvenience and unappealing words, and who knows what Cooler might do to him, or the planet?

After a few seconds, he couldn't make Cooler wait any longer, and simply said:

"I can say to you just one thing… enjoy this as much as you can. That's it!". Goku's eyes were serious, transfixed into Cooler's devilish red eyes.

Cooler laughed triumphantly and said:

"Oh, you bet, Saiyan! First, let's start with a kiss!", and having said these words, he launched himself towards Goku's face, causing their respective lips to make contact with one another.

Goku initially muffled to regain some air, not to mention the fact that it happened so suddenly and quickly. Their lips stayed attached for several seconds. Goku's eye were widened in shock. He couldn't believe the second person he had ever kissed after his wife was Frieza's brother. It felt too surreal to be real, yet it was, and he was powerless. The effects of Cooler's paralysis were still active, as all his limbs felt unresponsive. So, he couldn't even force Cooler to push him back - he couldn't have done it normally either, so it was a one-sided situation.

After a few more seconds where Cooler pressed his lips on Goku's own, he pulled his own head back. Goku gasped for air, and Cooler smiled at him. He was curious to hear what he thought about:

"Ahhh, very intense! What do you think, Saiyan? Was that too hard for you?~"

Goku closed his eyes, inhaled some air, and said:

"It-it's fine. Just, keep going, ok?". He looked downward in disdain, hoping such response was satisfying enough.

Cooler's eyebrow twitched a little, but he still kept his cool.

"Ah, it's not funny like that! I don't wanna the only one who's enjoying the experience. Here, maybe a little lemon will help~"

"What? Oh-Oumphfh!" Goku's head was pushed once again against Cooler's own. Their lips touched once again, only this time, Cooler extended his own thick tongue in order to reach Goku's own. The slimy sensation of Cooler's drool filling Goku's mouth was so horrifying Goku felt the need to throw up at any moment. The worst came went when Cooler managed to catch Goku's tongue and wrapped it with his own. They twisted each other's tongue multiple times, and Cooler alternated such kiss with his licks onto Goku's lips and cheeks.

"Mmmh, *slurp!* oh man, Saiyan! Your skin tastes so sour! Is it because of Super Saiyan, or maybe because you're sweating like a pig?~" Cooler said while his hands trailed towards Goku's naked torso like before.

Goku, trying to wipe out the drool from his face, could only say:" Urgh, I don't know! I never did this bef-aaAAH~! ", when sudden moans cut his words. Cooler caught Goku's small buffed chest with his huge hands. Due to their respective difference in power, and considering that Goku's own ki defense was at his limit (both because of exhaustion and the whole destabilizing situation), Goku's body couldn't pose any resistance towards Cooler's grip.

In fact, as Cooler tried to fondle Goku's pecs like they were breasts, the Saiyans squeaked in a mixture of pain and pleasure. Goku let a few tears running down his cheeks, and Cooler stopped his doing to admire the visage. It made him so happy and even more eager to keep going, seeing how desperate he looked. However, he didn't want to rush things too fast and, considering the fact that he basically won that day; he felt generous enough to give his partner enough time to recover.

Cooler neared his face towards Goku's own, seeing the Saiyans panting with his eyes closed:

"Hey. Is everything alright? Did it hurt? Well, opsie~ Mhmhmh, I forgot about the fact you don't have too much energy left inside that wonderful flesh bag that you have, right?~" said so, while giving a small pinch on Goku's left nipple.

Goku suddenly tilted his head up, like the pinch reawakened him. His face was still smeared with Cooler's drool, which now almost dried up. Surprisingly though, the drool didn't have any foul odor, saving Goku from such discomfort.

"N-no. It's-it's ok… You don't have to stop because of me…". Deep inside, he knew he dug himself a tomb, but he didn't want to make Cooler too much impatient, for obvious reasons.

Cooler, now gently fondly Goku's pecs once more, said to him:

"Well, like you say, partner~" he winked at Goku. In his eyes, looking at a Frieza family's member winking was one of the most awful things he ever saw. "And, by the way, don't worry about finishing things up right then and there. We still have a loooong list of activities to do before I call the day, so take all the time you need. I'm feeling generous today, so don't waste such gift from me!...".

Having said that, Cooler then decided to give Goku another session of tongue kisses, with the chagrin of the latter of course. This time, though, Goku didn't find the whole work as disgusting as before. He decided to make tongue maneuvers himself, taking Cooler by surprise as he saw Goku now searching his own lips and tongue. He enjoyed the initiative and kept on doing so for a good quarter of an hour, with Cooler still fondling Goku's mellow pecs. Because of the excitement caused by the kisses, the Frost Demon stroke the pecs using only his large fingers, pressing harder onto them. Goku seemed to notice that it didn't hurt as much as it did before. He thought that maybe Cooler did get soft about him, but remembering how he could treat him, he had no reason to do so.

So, what might have happened? He didn't know, but no time to waist. Cooler had other plans for him…

"Ahhh. So good! Hope you enjoyed it, Saiyan!"

Goku did find the bravery to smile a little and said:

"Y-yes, sure. Your work is really nice, Cooler… and, I can see you like my body that much!"

"Mph, you don't have to be so condescending with me. Remember that I am in charge here". Goku then rolled his eyes in annoyance, and Cooler chose to sit on the grass. His rear made a loud thump which reverberate throughout the forest, as Cooler bent his knees and placed Goku between his legs, making sure his long, still flaccid penis lined up with Goku's leg midsection. The Saiyan gulped heavenly, fearing the sensation of that thing defiling any of his orifices.

Cooler chuckled a little and then suddenly, launched himself towards Goku's chest and kissed one of his nipples.

This time, a strong jolt of excitement caused Goku to emit a loud yelp of excitement, which probably resonated throughout the whole forest.

Cooler's mouth job continued for several minutes, as he kept tasting Goku's smooth and sweaty body. He changed from one nipple to the other every lick, as Goku was gritting his teeth, in order to contain his own cries of pleasure. If Gohan ever heard such noises, who knows what he might end up thinking about his father from then on?

After multiple licks and kisses on Goku's mellow breasts, Cooler regained some of his breath, just in time to see Goku's face. It looked like a mixture of both pain, desperation and suffocated pleasure. Truly, a piece of work in Cooler's eyes. As for him, he thought about something regarding his defenseless prisoner.

He chuckled a little and then let Goku sit right onto his massive lap. Goku gasped in orror: even though he was still wearing clothes, he could feel the veins of such member pulsating through the fabric of his pants. And it was still resting.

Cooler then caught Goku's face and said with a smile:

"Ohoh, don't worry. Time will come even for the main meal, but first, you will need to gain my trust, much like you gained mine…"

Goku was thinking:

[Pfth, yeah, like anybody would desire such unwieldy thing in your ass! Also, your trust?! If only I had enough energy, I-] "Aargh!". Goku shouted in agony, as Cooler snapped his fingers and suddenly, the ki wires which entangled Goku's limbs wore off, disappearing in a puff of smoke. Goku could slowly feel each one of his limbs slowly regaining their sensitivity, as they have been paralyzed for almost an hour. Goku was shocked to see that Cooler seemingly freed him, though he was still weary on why he did so. He talked about "trust" so maybe, just maybe, let's give him what he wants.

Seeing how Goku didn't do anything suspicious, Cooler then calmly proclaimed:

"Considering how well you served me since the beginning, your limbs are now free to serve me even further. This will be your trust test. First off, though…", he said so, and then he pointed his hand in Goku's legs' direction. Just like before, the hand emitted a light burst of ki which blew apart not only Goku's pants, but his boots as well, leaving him totally naked and barefooted.

Once having done so, while Cooler was admiring the physical spectacle right in front of him, Goku was more worried about the fact that his stiff, solid member was making contact directly with Cooler's own. Compares to Cooler's flaccid penis, Goku's own wasn't far behind, measuring nearly 6" in total, not to mention the fact a few drops of precum were leaking out from the tip. The drops fell onto Cooler's own, which twitched in excitement, causing Goku to stumble forward, falling onto Cooler's chest. Just like before, Goku felt the Frost Demon' smoothness, like a stone levigated by sea water. The sensation actually tipped something in his mind, but before he could further think, Cooler caught his head and looked at him menacingly.

"Hey, what do you think you're touching, big man?!"

Goku was trembling in fear, but tried to keep his cool and said:

"I-I'm sorry. I stumbled onto your massive lap and fell onto your chest, ehehe~". The least Goku could do was to be nice with his unpredictable sexual predator.

Cooler let Goku's head go and said:

"Mmh, ok, you're safe. But, I need you do to another thing before. Turn around and take a look at my feet"

Goku was confused but turned nonetheless. He took a few seconds to look at Cooler's massive triple fingered feet. Just one of them should have been as big as Goku's torso alone, and their massive toes were curving up and down, like they were waiting for something.

Goku turned back to Cooler and asked:

"O-ok, w-what do you want me to do with them?"

Cooler huffed annoyingly:

"Uh, isn't that obvious? Go for them and play with them. Use them however you want. You have this privilege. If you manage to satisfy me enough, you will be granted the possibility to use my own penis. Now, go for it, come on!"

Goku was even more confused. The prospect of "playing" with Cooler's penis for real made him shiver in both fear and disgust. Still, he crawled towards Cooler's massive feet while the latter could admire Goku's sculptured ass cheeks wiggling left and right.

He licked his lips, and gave his own penis a slow fondle.

"Mhmhmhm, wait and see, Saiyan. You will cry like a whore…"

Once positioning himself right in front of Cooler's feet, Goku felt even more uneasy than before. They weren't just big: their toes as well were unnaturally big. Each toe measured at least like a child's arm. Their nails were colored in black and their base was plumpy and soft. When it came to feet, Goku had no idea how or where to start: the few times Chi-Chi asked him to engage in a feet session, he never managed to get a liking on the things. His interests were relatively basics, like a nice pair of breasts and a good vagina, but in this case, he had to pleasure an alien with a foot treatment and had no idea whether what he had in mind would be satisfying or not. Not to mention the fact those massive feet were smelling so awfully, like they didn't get washed for weeks. The musky and sweaty awful odor filled Goku's nostrils and he felt nauseated by it. But, he didn't have any other choice: either he did so, or everything was lost. All for one foot treatment…

Cooler was resting his back on a tree behind him, impatiently waiting for what his partner was going to do. But, deep inside, he seemingly understood the Saiyan had no idea where to start, so he decided to give him a hint.

"Hey there, Saiyan!" he said so while rising one foot from the grass. "Start off by massaging the base and licking every single toe. Think about them like, flesh popsicles. Ehehe~"

Goku simply nodded his head and did just as Cooler said so. He started by taking Cooler's left foot. To his surprise, it was extremely heavy - either that, or his own arms were weaker than usual. Anyways, he caught the foot's base with both hands and started pressing his thumbs on it. To his surprise, the sensation was very soft and comfortable. It didn't seem like he was struggling that much, and he kept doing so not only using his thumbs but also all the other fingers. He kept stroking the interior and exterior of the massive foot.

[Ugh, I can't believe I'm actually doing such thing. And, I'm even liking it! I mean, look at my thing! It's about to explode!]. During his interior frustration, he instinctively pushed the tip of his penis onto Cooler's foot. Goku let out another moan in pleasure, while at the same time, Cooler emitted one of his own.

They both looked at each other for a couple of seconds, before Cooler said:

"What was that? Did-did you touch my foot with your penis, you filthy Saiyan?"

Goku blushed a little. The embarrassment was unbearable, but he couldn't hide the truth. Either he did so, or he just kept on suffering. He was starting to… like the prospect of "making out" with the likes of Cooler. He knew it was inevitable, but he just wished he could experience such wonderful experience with his lovely wife.

Thank Kami Chi-Chi wasn't there to witness the inglorious spectacle…

Goku, still holding Cooler's foot with his hands, said:

"Y-yes, I did so… I-I'm sorry if this made you uncomfortable-"

"What?! You say… are you saying you liked it?~" Cooler's tone because more allusive, almost full of horny vibes.

Goku simply nodded his head, hoping he didn't sentenced the Earth to death.

Cooler kept the silence for seconds, and then finally, he laughed. His shout echoed all around the forest.

"Ohoh, finally! I knew you wouldn't have resisted the charm of a Frost Demon. I have to say, your hand job is quite relaxing and endearing, but… what about you put that chatty mouth to good use?", he said so, while slowly making one of his massive toes almost touch Goku's mouth.

Goku retracted slightly because of shock, but regained his posture and, closing his eyes and slowly lowering his head, he opened his mouth and entangled the whole tip.

For being the first time he ever tasted the feet of an alien creature, never in his life Goku believed it to be such a surreal experience. Unlike the base, the toes were stiffer, yet very flexible, which allowed the owner to occasionally twist them inside Goku's mouth every now and then, causing Goku to gag and forcing him to regain some air so that he didn't throw up. Promptly, though, he came back and sucked the toes, each one of them. Each toe had a different level of stiffness, yet every time, the one where Goku focused more was the middle one. Each time he used the middle toe, he didn't simply licked it, but he kissed it, sucked it up and down and, eventually, he even pushed himself down enough where he could feel the nail touching his esophagus.

Cooler was admiring the scenary where the Saiyan was slowly falling in love with his feet. He chuckled every now and then, and sometimes, jolts of excitement ran up his legs and made him moan in pleasure. Cooler noticed how Goku increased its work rate, as not only he was straight up swallowing his toes down to the bottom, but he was also stroking them, similar to how you do so with…

Cooler laughed triumphantly, stretching his arms and putting them on the back of his head:

"Oh, what a glorious visage. If only I knew how Saiyans could be dealt with, this would have been so much funnier, ehehe~-ough!", Cooler moaned louder this time, as he saw Goku now deepthroating his middle toe while stroking both side toes with his hands. For the last minute, Goku felt like his mind was blurring with pleasure, something he never dreamed he would have felt for somebody like Frieza's brother. For one part, this whole situation disgusted him, but aside from that, what else could he do? There were no other people around him to aid him. His best allies were taken down, his son was crawling towards them, there were no Senzu Beans in sight, and who knows where that damn Vegeta was. He was probably flying throughout space in order to find a way to unlock the "legendary form" himself, but how legendary this form was if he himself was reduced to such endeared sexual slut?

[Ngh! I shouldn't be feeling like this, but the taste of his body is too good! It feels like I need more of it! Geez, what did I put myself into?!]. As Goku was thinking about this, Cooler bent his torso forward and looked at Goku, his eyes transfixed on the inglorious figure who was playing with his massive feet.

He said:

"Very well done, Saiyan. Look at it", he invited Goku to take a look at his own massive lap. The Saiyan instinctively looked at it, and his jaw dropped it was semi-erect, now measuring about 9" or 10" in length, and drops of transparent fluid leaked from its clear tip. It veins were twitching, as Cooler kept talking. "I congratulate you for your excellent service! I think I should keep this foot exercises going on for a little longer, as I'm enjoying them myself, as you can see, mhmhmhmh~. And now, for your fantastic job, here's your first reward. Lay on your back, Saiyan!"

Goku listened carefully to each word Cooler said and, upon the last words, he gulped in fear, but he did so without uttering a word.

Goku let Cooler's feet go and layed on his back, with his belly upward. Goku didn't have the time to ask himself what was coming next when Cooler, now standing straight up, loomed over his partner, rose his right leg and placed it right onto Goku's face. He wasn't rushed or violent like he feared: the Frost Demon just layed it, pressing it slightly onto his face. Goku's mouth was muffled because of the thick and soft mass of flesh blocking it, as Cooler said:

"Here, keep taking care of my dear, while the other takes care of your leaking road!"

Goku had just the moment to muffle something incomprehensible when he felt a warm appendage tapping onto his fully erect member, stroking it slightly up and down.

Goku whined just a little, as the massive foot was pressing on his face, not allowing him to breath properly, and Cooler's right foot was slowly fondling his penis, now covered with his precum. Because of all the fatigue his body built up over the course of the battle, his penis was already highly sensitive, like it's been subjected to repeated strokes over and over again, yet this was only the first one of who knows how many?!

Cooler kept fondling the leaking penis, leaving it between two of his toes when he asked Goku:

"Hey, tell me, Saiyan! It seems you're enjoying my treatment. Your body is much more honest than your own words. Have you something nice to say?... Mh?!" Cooler noticed Goku was bumping his leg with his fists. He desperately needed some air that wasn't Cooler's feet odor, not to mention how heavy his over weight was. In his current form, Cooler would have weighted no less than 500 lbs, and because of its bodily weakness, just the leg felt impossible to budge, despite the fact Goku was still a Super Saiyan.

Cooler rose an eyebrow out of curiosity. He asked:

"What is it? I can't here you~" Cooler took his left foot from Goku's face. He looked green in disgust, as well as in need of fresh air. Goku gasped a few times before he could utter a single word.

"*cough!* Damn it, Cooler! I was suffocating down there! Your leg alone is so heavy to handle… *cough!*"

Cooler's mouth contorted between a smile and a bothered frown.

"Are you saying I shouldn't step on you, Saiyan?!"

Goku cleared his voice, wiping some sweaty smut from his face, while Cooler kept fondling his penis, using his middle toe to practice a frottage. "Think carefully before you answer, if you still have a functioning brain~" Cooler still enjoyed making fun of Goku's situation, his mouth contorted in an enjoyed fashion.

Goku snapped momentarily from his ecstacy and said:

"N-no, I mean… uh, if only you could just tap my face with your foot. Otherwise, I can't properly play with it, right?" Goku attempted a sympathetic smile, while regretting his last choice of words. Just how low was Cooler going to make him go?!.

Cooler then looked at his subdued pray, his right toes still playing with Goku's penis, which was now drenched in precum, ready to erupt at any given moment. He chuckled a little and said:

"Ohohoh, you want some more, but you are weak to handle the weight, right?"

Goku annoyingly nodded his head, while clenching his teeth to contain his enjoyment growls. "Oh well, I can't say I'm not satisfied by your company~ I'll just slighty float upward, just for you. But, make sure you don't lose your touch! I still have a few other games for you~" Cooler said so, and he slightly hovered a few inches in midair, just enough to still let Goku take care of his foot, while Cooler kept caressing his now desperate penis.

Goku sighted and, keeping his cool as focused as possible, he kept worshipping the alien's foot.

Meanwhile, Gohan was slowly walking towards his father's location. Having sensed so many perturbations of both his and Cooler's ki, he sort of understood the whole situation. He was sobbing, tears running down his cheeks. He couldn't believe his father fell so lowly, just for the sake of the Earth. He knew Cooler was mighty: none of them would have been strong enough to take him down, but this "tactic" was less than a plan and more like a submission declaration.

"Gh!... Daddy, w-whatever you're doing with that monster-*bleargh!*" he coughed some blood, while gripping his damaged ribs. "Just… don't give up… *sniff!*"

"Whohoho, you're liking my middle toe, aren't you? Does it feel like a penis, doesn't it?~" said Cooler while pushing his left middle toe right downward Goku's throat. All the fondling, licks and massages Goku gave weren't enough for Cooler, as he proceeded to deepthroat him with his big middle toe. Cooler wiggled it inside Goku's throat, causing him to gag loudly. It didn't help the fact Cooler used the other two side toes to clench Goku's cheeks, preventing any form of escape - not that he worried about it, at all. Up and down he moved his middle toe, mimicking just about what it felt like to swallow a penis, something Goku never thought he'd ever do, at least not during those circumstances.

While Cooler was now stroking Goku's sensitive penis, which was almost on the breaking point of ejaculation, Goku thought about why he wasn't fighting back at all, and why he was enjoying such treatment this much. He couldn't hide his own moans of pleasure anymore, as for every "thrust" Cooler's middle toe gave to his throat, he emitted suffocated sounds of pleasure, and the smoothness of those toes didn't help either, as their sensation was indescribable once his tongue touched it.

Goku asked himself if either Cooler did manage to break him down, making him his obedient slave, or if he was starting to enjoy this sexual assault? Was he, or just a byproduct of the Super Saiyan? Could it be the transformation was fueling his inner sexual instincts, even when dealing with such terrible situation?

He didn't have enough time to further ask himself as, suddenly, a sharp jolt of excitement made his legs stiffening, his own toes outstretched and his hips moving upwards on their.

Cooler noticed such reaction and proceeded to accelerate his toes-job, clutching not only Goku's penis, but also his balls as well. Still having Cooler's toes in his throat, Goku muffled an excited scream, along a sharp sensation of pain.

"Ohoh, are you going to cum from my foot playing with your penis, Saiyan? Uh, I never believe this day would have come - ehehe, get it? - where a member of the Cold family jerked off a Saiyan's junk with his foot! Eheh, enjoy every second of your ejaculation, Saiyan, because here's the big stroke!~"

Cooler slowly moved his left middle toe out of Goku's soar throat. He coughed a sloppy stream of saliva from it while taking deep breaths, and Cooler proceeded to further stroke Goku's erupting penis using both his middle toes, one of which was drenched with Goku's saliva.

Goku watched in horror as his penis was stoked so harshly, and after a few more torturous seconds, Goku closed his eyes and clenched his teeth. He was about to come:

"Ngh! N-no. Please, slower, slower! Sl-aaaAAAAURHGH!" Goku screamed in both ecstasy and agony, as his sensitive penis shot a thick burst of semen, followed by a few more of them. Each shot caused a needling pain on his urethra, and Cooler didn't stop either. He still kept his penis trapped between his toes, pushing them up and down a few other times, not caring at all whether his partner was enjoying it or not. He saw as the semen flew upward, some of which drops smeared his shin and the others fell onto his toes.

Goku shot many other times before his penis stopped moving at all. It slightly bent downward and Goku gasped repeatedly, his heart beating faster than ever before. For just one moment, he feared Cooler would have ripped his penis from its spot: fortunately, he didn't, but at this point, he didn't know what was better for him anymore.

He still had the musky and foul sweat of Cooler's foot drenching his face, his throat now sore for the pain of his first ever "blowjob" and his own penis begging for mercy. He could barely even move a single limb, as he was still gasping for air.

Meanwhile, Cooler was blushing a little by looking at his feet covered in such massive amounts of Saiyan semen. On normal circumstances, anybody of his own race would have been revolted by such dirty spectacle, but not him. He was absolutely jubilant for the last set of action he and this Super Saiyan performed together. His own heart was beating up fast as well, but he hungered for more. What they just performed was just child's play compared to what was going to come.

Cooler, still floating a few inches from Goku's body, had the idea of making his drenched toes slithering onto the Saiyan's sculptured physique. Goku's body was crossed by cold shivers, as the wet toes started crawling from his lower abs all the way up to his erect nipples, ending their trail near Goku's face. If Cooler's feet smelled awfully at first, now their actual condition made them revolting to say the least.

Cooler loomed over Goku's defenseless body. He couldn't stop admiring its toned curves even after all this time, and said:

"Before we proceed, Saiyan, clean them. I'm sure you're hungry now~"

Goku reopened his eyes, while his nostrils contorted in disgust because of the revolting spectacle right in front if face. He only muttered:

"... *inhale* F-fine… I'll do it… uh, I don't have other choices, don't I?... ". He slowly rose his hands and held Cooler's drenched feet with disgust. He'd have to clean them from his own semen.

"Huhuhuh, not that you don't. Take all the time you need, Saiyan. I have a special gift for you next~"

Cooler was now floating right on top of Goku, his bulky arms crossed, his own massive penis fully erect, now measuring at least 10", and his dirty feet were being cleaned up by the legendary Super Saiyan. How could this perfect day be ruined for the last son of the Cold family?


To Be Continued…

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