Bulma's Quest

BY : Cool Burn
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Short lemons with Bulma and other characters as she searches for those balls!

Warning: lemon

Chapter 1: Goku

As always, Goku had awoken along with the rise of the sun, only to find Bulma still in a deep slumber. In her sleep, her gown had heaved above the apex of her thighs, revealing her underwear to him as her legs had spread themselves wide. Wide enough for him to fill the space in-between and let his head rest on her groin, like he had done with his grandfather so many times. There was just one little problem. There wasn't a bulge. Not even a small one.

His curiosity had gotten the better of him. His hand petted the soft surface until it got wet; his fingers sometimes probing to see how deep he could go – Bulma would whimper in her sleep, but she wouldn't wake up... But no matter how hard he sought, there just weren't any balls to be found...

"What the?" His hands on both sides of her underwear, he was determined to get to the bottom of this mystery. Down came her panty, dragged past her feet, his eyes rising back to see...!

No balls, and no pee-pee. Crowned by a tuft of turquoise hairs, two wet petals stared back at him, parted just enough for him to see there was something buried beneath. Perhaps if he was older, the sight would've enticed him more. Now though, all he did was wonder how Bulma could possibly take a piss? He was about to part her petals, when a voice stopped him in his tracks.

"Enjoying yourself there, brat?"

Goku froze up.

Bulma was awake, and her face was fueling with rage. "You're a crafty one, aren't you? Making me think you have no interest in girls, persuading me to let my guard down, only to take advantage of my beauty in my sleep." The nerve of this brat. And the worst part was... she could tell how roused she'd become from his touch.

"B- Bulma! Y- You don't have any balls!" he tried to warn her. "And no pee-pee either."

The bumpkin act again? Oh please... Like she'd fall for that again. "You know your pants are tenting, right? Come on, at least admit you were enjoying yourself."

His pants? Goku's head came down to see..! "Huh?" Despite the presence of Bulma, Goku wasted no time to remove his pants and underwear, revealing his rigid penis for all to see. "W- What is this?" Why was it so hard? And why was it longer than usual? "How do I turn it back?"

The panic in his voice surprised Bulma. He was either a terrific actor, or he really was a bumpkin after all. Eying his prick, she chortled. Not much longer than her middle finger, nor did it have much girth. But it looked cute. It throbbed with need, dribbles of pre-cum being ousted from the tip. It was ready for use, even if its owner didn't know what to do with it. Ha, so much for acting like he wasn't attracted to her! He was just like every other boy after all.

Bulma sighed. The kid wasn't her usual type, but it had been a while. And the way he was looking at her with such panic; she found the thought of taking his innocence far too enticing. He wasn't handsome, but he was cute in his own way. The little brat had gotten her heated, and she found that she couldn't resist his cute-looking piece. With two fingers, she spread her engorged folds, giving him his first eyeful of her unveiled, young and tender womanhood. "You can put it in here if you want."

"In there?" he asked incredulously, eying the tiny hole at the bottom. His head came back up to look at her, puzzled. "Are you sure?" It didn't look like it'd fit... It certainly wasn't a boast to his own girth or anything, but it seemed to be an incredibly tight hole.

"It'll be fine." Somewhat impatiently, she grabbed him by the base and angled him in line with her snatch. "Just push it in." He nodded before he filled her, and he had to keep himself from yelling above her slight murmur as her body molded around his cock.

"B- Bulma?!" It was so tight... and so warm! And why did it feel like she was squeezing him so tenderly? Putting his hands on Bulma's taut stomach, he gulped, overwhelmed. His entire body shivered when she contracted. "Wh- What's happening?"

Bulma giggled at his reaction, especially when she maneuvered herself beneath him. It was so cute. "This is the feeling of you becoming a man, kiddo." He didn't reach very far, but he felt better than expected. Much better than her own fingers anyway. Anchoring herself to the floor with her elbows, she waited for him to start moving.

At least he wasn't so dense that he didn't know what to do next. The slight wave of her hips had alerted him to the pleasures of moving inside of her. Bringing his hips back a bit, it seemed he found her hidden channel to be far more enjoyable than the chilliness of the room, shoving himself back into her heat with haste. In fact, he surprised her when he began to move instinctively, thrashing his hips with a wild like abandon. "Gnh!" Bulma took each thrust with a grunt, her breasts heaving inside her gown. "That's it! Give it to me rough! Not bad, kid!"

As Goku huffed and puffed, he eyed the jiggling hills with interest. Had he more experience – or perhaps more of a sound mind – Goku would've pulled her gown over her bust to reveal her splendid breasts to his eyes. Instead, he kept his grip on her hips tight and bobbed his hips, moving as hard as he could with eyes screwed shut.

His thrusts were wild and uncontrolled, sloppy and full of haste, but Bulma was enjoying it. Kami, I can't believe I'm letting this bumpkin fuck me. Her legs wrapped around his tiny waist to keep him nice and deep. I'm such a slut, she thought, giggling heartily. He had her body tingling from his efforts. If he could keep this up long enough, who knew how high he could take her.

But Goku was young and inexperienced, selfish to reach his own fulfillment. The more he thrust, the better it felt, and the better it felt, the sooner he'd reach his end. "Bulma!" he eyed her in panic, unsure of what was going to happen next. Something was begging to come out, but it was very different than when he had to pee. "I... I'm going to...!"

Bulma nodded, giving him a reassuring smile. "That's fine, kid! Just let it all out inside me!" It was a safe day anyways.

The confirmation was all he needed to drive himself deep and let loose. A spurt of white was released with each throb. He couldn't reach deep enough to meet her womb, but the quantity was more than enough to paint her walls.

Bulma droned as she took rope after rope of seed, her head lolling back, her back arched, hips elevated slightly. It felt nice to have a man cum inside, but it wasn't enough for her own release to appear. She whimpered when she felt him slip out, a dribble a cum running down her labia. He had definitely roused her now. Her loins were burning, eager to find release. It'd be fine if she had to take care of it herself, but... Propping herself up with her elbows, she eyed the boy. "Can you go again?"

At this, the boy beamed brightly. "Sure!"

One look down confirmed his enthusiasm. He was still as stiff as a rock. Bulma smiled slyly. This was going to be fun!

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