Bulma's Quest

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Chapter 2: Master Roshi

"We're out of sight now. Just get down on your knees real quick, heh heh".

Fucking rotten pervert.

Bulma and Goku had found their latest Dragon Ball. The problem? It belonged to an ancient geezer who kept changing their agreement. At first, he wanted nothing more than a flash of her underwear. After his eyes almost popped out of their sockets at her revealing, he suddenly changed their terms, demanding her to suck his dick in exchange for the ball. She'd responded in anger, wondering who the hell he thought he was, changing their terms like that?

He was Master Roshi, the legendary Turtle Hermit! And it wasn't like he could be blamed for changing his terms so suddenly. He'd expected this young woman to be a bashful teen, not the minx she turned out to be. After asking to see her panty, she brazenly showed him her young and tender pussy instead! His cock hadn't stood as erect in decades as when her gown rose past her thighs, exposing the blossoming cleft, still untouched by time, and a cut-short crown of hair. After such a boon, his earlier request had been such a waste. If she was willing to show him that much, he could only imagine what else such a salacious lady was willing to do for him.

Of course, Bulma wasn't privy to that information. After being bedded by Goku – or was she the one who bedded him? – she had forgotten to put her underwear back on. To her, it was baffling that the geezer had gotten so heated from seeing nothing more than her underwear. So heated in fact that he had clasped his hands on her shoulders to push her down. Caught between emotions, unsure whether she was willing to please him for the Dragon Ball, she wasn't strong enough to resist, letting herself be guided to be at eyelevel with his crotch.

Down went his shorts, revealing his prick to her. He was of average length, his girth perhaps even trailing behind a bit because of his age. Neverthelss, his libido was impressive. He was sturdy and pulsed eagerly, making her wonder if this was truly the cock of one as ancient as him? Her eyes came up to watch his, her mind still undecided.

"Just put in your mouth, missy. You won't get the ball otherwise, heh heh!" The old man was so jubilant he almost jumped in excitement as his hands came up to hold her head in place. And she hadn't even told him yes yet.

Best to just get this over with... She needed that ball to wish for her perfect boyfriend.

"Listen, old man," she spoke sternly. "After this, we're done. I'm not doing anything el-" She was abruptly muffled by his cock as he surged along her tongue, past her tonsils and edging against the back of her throat. Luckily, his hands kept her head from getting pushed back when his thighs bumped against her head, his grey pubic hair nuzzling against her nose. Bulma fought the urge to gag as the hermit kept himself imbedded in her mouth.

"Woooohoooo!" the old man cheered, his head lolled back as he enjoyed a woman's mouth for the first time in years. When her throat began to flex around him, his body trembled in delight. "You feel so good, missy!" he complimented her as he began to thrust inside her mouth. Her head was kept in place, treating the girl as nothing more than a humid orifice for him to fuck. His testicles bounced with his enthusiasm, smacking against the underside of the girl's chin. Her hands came up to his thighs to try and slow his pace, but he was far too powerful for her to subdue. He tossed his head back, moaning like an old man on his death bed.

After so many clashes between his tip and her throat, Bulma's eyes were clenched, her face twisted in pain. It hurt, and she fought the urge to gag. Her nails clawed into his flesh, but it did nothing to stop him from selfishly fucking her face with rapid passion, her saliva dribbling down the sides of her bottom lip. All she could hope for was that the old fart was a quick shot and he'd cum soon. If only because she could feel her own heat dribble down her legs from his roughness...

And he would have, if he hadn't slipped out of her suddenly, leaving a line of spit and pre-cum between her angelic lips and his dick. Bulma gasped for air, but the hermit wasn't done yet. "Get up," he commanded, tilting her up to claim her panting lips, taking advantage of their parting to slip his tongue in to subdue her own. She was too overwhelmed to put up a fight, and he easily overpowered her oral muscle. Her weariness, however, was broken abruptly and suddenly when she felt him reach up her gown. She protested in his mouth, but his eagerness was far too much for her.

The heat radiating from her loins confirmed how ready she was, even before he could confirm how wet she was. His fingers entering her was all he needed to make the girl gasp in his mouth. She felt so smooth and humid... Young girls feel so nice~! Her squishy walls griped him, coiling around him as thanks for his visit.

It alerted Bulma to something else too. I forgot to put my panty back on! She realized in horror. No wonder he'd acted so shocked before.

Her body was eager to continue. That much was obvious. Roshi could only imagine how much his dick would enjoy getting the same reception as his fingers. It was enough for him to pulse, an exceptionally large drop of arousal ousted from the tip. He finally broke their kiss, his digits sorrowfully leaving her to maneuver her body.

"Turn around!"

It was easy to guess what he wanted her to do. He was pushing her back down while keeping her legs up. With all that had already transpired, Bulma supposed she could handle this. Though she wasn't proud of it, the old man's rough treatment had heated her. Best he'd pound it out of her and get that Dragon Ball from him. Her gown was flipped over her ass to reveal her nether region once more. This time, she was dripping, her petals engorged and glistening. With one hand, he widened her legs some more; with the other, he guided his cock to its destination until he nuzzled against her. Bulma moaned lazily as their bodies connected.

The thrust was quick and deep. While he groaned out like an old man dying, she sighed in satisfaction. He squeezed through her clamping walls, burying deeper and deeper. "Wow," he gasped at her tight warmth. The feel of a young woman... It had been so long! He didn't stop until he bottomed out, his hands on her hips when he began to pull back with haste.

Of course, he had a slow start, using motions that he'd not attempted in decades. But as his memories returned to him, he soon found a faster rhythm for them to enjoy. "Oh, you're so tight, girly!" He drooled over her as his hips pumped. "You're already clamping down!"

"Ahn~!" What was his name again? Rosho? She supposed it didn't matter much, simply calling him old man whenever he hit her special spots. Underneath her gown, her splendid breasts shook enticingly. In the pit of her stomach, that special feeling began to appear, growing bigger and bigger with each thrust. "The old man feels so good!"

Oh Kami, did she have to talk so sultry?! It did nothing for his endurance. That and... his back was starting to hurt from all this effort... Lowering himself against her for some bodily relief, his hands slipped beneath her gown the fill his hands with her tits. "Ooh!" he wheezed. Gravity causing them to hang, they felt so soft and springy! Eagerly, he molded them like dough, opting to keep himself deep and not pull back too far. By now, it'd be more accurate to say he was humping against her.

"H- Hey..." Bulma uttered with a drawn-out whine, moving her hips against him, making him mewl, signaling him to start moving again. "Come on, fuck me harder already. You were doing just fine earlier."

"Ahhhh, I can't move that fast all the time, young lady. My hips are already killing me," he groaned. "Just give me a moment. I'm not as springy as I used to be you know."

In the meantime, it seemed he planned to keep her satisfied by paying special attention to her dangled breasts while he kept his shoves weak. Bulma would be lying if she said it didn't feel nice, but it did nothing to bring her closer to her release.

"I'm going to move again, missy!" True to his word, his hips resumed their earlier pace. He thrust hard, making the teen mewl as she bit her lip. This time, he made sure to pull her against his thrusts, making his shoves deeper and stronger than before. This pleasant surprise did not stop her fingers from slithering to her clit straight away. The old man had skill, but lacked endurance. It'd be best to give him a helping hand just in case. His testicles rose enough to meet her hand with each thrust whilst she caressed her clit.

With her own expert handling of her clit, and the old perv's heavy thrusts, Bulma came shortly after. "Old man!" She tightened around him as her release soiled him and made his penetration even smoother.

Against such narrowness, he was powerless. "M- Missy!" He pressed himself as deep as he could. Roshi's breathing was hitched as his balls finally emptied inside her. Filling her womb with his essence. With each pulse, his whites coated her walls, ready to journey to her womb. He was... cumming inside a woman! Again he opted to alleviate his back, testing the teen's strength as he filled her with his spunk.

Bulma buckled underneath his weight, and with her orgasm affecting her, it was a miracle she didn't fall. As their lust subsided, they were left to recuperate, panting heavily and covered in sweat. His prick dwindled until her muscles rejected him.

Roshi could feel his soft piece resting against his thigh, still leaking some cum as he distanced himself from the girl. He had recovered first. If he was fast, perhaps he could take her again before she could retrieve! But as he griped his cock and pumped himself at the sight of his own seeds running down the beautiful girl's legs, he discovered one of the hard truths of old age. No matter how much he tried, he couldn't get himself up again.

And while the old man cursed his old and withered body, Bulma recovered and lowered her gown. The old man whimpered as the tasty sight of her pussy was taken away. She towered over his hunched form, a smirk on her face. "Now, this was nice and all, but how about you give me that Dragon Ball."

Roshi had no choice but to comply.

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