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Chichi grumbled to herself as she chopped some onion sticks.  Goku and his eldest son, Gohan had gone off for the week to do some training, leaving Goten at home with Trunks spending the night.  “He barely comes home after seven years, and already that man is off doing something other than spending time with me,” she growled.  “If he thinks he can come home next week and will get a large dinner, he’s wrong!”

            While his mom complained to herself, Goten sat in his bedroom with Trunks.  The two were playing a game system of some kind.  Once Trunks won whatever game they were playing, Goten groaned and tossed his controller to the side.  “Why do I always lose?!” he shouted in frustration.

            “It’s because I’m better than you,” Trunks bragged while lacing his fingers behind his head.

            Goten groaned and fell back on his bed mat.  “What should we do now?  We already played all the games.”

            Giving an inherited smirk from the father’s side of his family, Trunks walked over to the pack he brought with him to his friend’s house.  After fishing through the bottom under his clothes, he found what he was looking for and pulled it out.  “Ever seen one of these before?”  He held out one of his many playboys and tossed it to Goten’s feet.

            Goten gave a curious look as he stared down and the naughty magazine.  He had briefly seen a book that had a similar cover when he went to Roshi’s house with his dad, but didn’t give it a second though.  He reached down and picked it up.  “What is this?” he asked.

            “You’ve never seen a playboy before?” Trunks laughed while sitting down with his own playboy copy.  “I got these from my dad.”

            Goten opened the magazine and his eyes doubled in size.  36D breasts stared right back at him from the page.  The woman to whom the breasts belonged was in a pose that fully showed off her figure.  “What the?” he exclaimed before rapidly flipping through the pages, staring at the slide show of naked girls.

            “Like it?” Trunks asked while looking at his playboy’s center fold with a wide grin.  “Dad said he’ll start getting me videos when I get older.”

            Goten looked at Trunks.  “You’re dad’s weird.”

            “Goten, Trunks, dinner!” Chichi called to them from the room’s doorway.  Shouting in surprise, the two boys quickly hid the naughty magazines under the bed mat.


            Dinner was eaten, and no one gave a crud.  Chichi began to tidy up, muttering about how she was under appreciated she was.  She reached over the table and took Trunks’ plate, causing her breasts to mash on the table.  This did not go unnoticed by Trunks’ eyes.  Being that he had just finished looking at Miss October, his hormones were already in full swing.

            Trunks marveled at the size of her bosom as he watched them return to their original shape.  He had to admit, Goten’s mom was pretty sexy... especially for a loud, nagging bitch.  A plan began to unfold... a naughty plan.  He wouldn’t wait.  First chance he could get, the naughty plan would take place.


            Trunks and Goten were back in Goten’s room, looking over the playboys.  Needless to say, Goten acted as though he was high on weed from looking at all the girl parts.  Just like Trunks, his hormones began to rage out of control.  In fact, he was at the point where he could be convinced to do anything... as long as it involved sex.  It was mostly because of how his mom smothered him and repressed all of his sexual urges.  And Trunks was going to capitalize on the fact.

            “Hey, Goten,” Trunks muttered as he slid closer to his friend.  Goten had a little trouble prying his attention from the porno magazine, but somehow managed.  “Wanna try something?”


            Chichi grumbled as she washed the dishes.  “Ungrateful husband,” she mumbled.  “Sex once every decade.”  In her grumbling distraction, she didn’t notice Trunks grabbing one of the plates and sneaking behind her with it.  Goten waited at the opening of the kitchen and watched as Trunks floated up behind Chichi with the plate.  Trunks lifted the dish over his head and brought it down, smashing it into pieces once he threw it to the floor.  In a panic, Chichi spun around.  Trunks floated in front of her with a frightened expression.

            Chichi looked down at the destroyed plate.  “What happened?” she demanded.

            “Sorry, Mrs. Chichi.  I was just bringing this to you,” Trunks said innocently.  “I’m sorry.”

            Chichi groaned and dropped on all fours and moved to pick up the pieces.  Trunks’ feet landed in front of her, but she didn’t give him a second thought.  At least not until she moved to get up.  The tip of her nose brushed against his hard erection, a size that was incredible for a kid his age, on her way to her feet.  Upon first contact, she stopped to see what it was.  When she saw it, her mouth opened with a shocked gasp.

            Chance!  Grabbing the back of her head, Trunks forced her mouth around his cock with he thrust forward.  Chichi gagged a bit once her mouth was filled with the thick member.  Trunks moaned softly from the feeling and tried to push more of himself into her.  Chichi tried to shout, but was muffled by the dick in her mouth.  She tried to push away from Trunks, but all she managed to do was move her head back and forth.

            While Chichi was preoccupied with trying to remove Trunks’ cock from her mouth, Goten did as he was instructed in the plan Trunks set up in the room; he jumped behind his mom and lifted up the flap of cloth that hung behind her from her shirt and commenced to pull down her baggy pink pants.  Looking back with a worried expression, Chichi whined into Trunks’ penis.  Both her pants and panties were bunched up at her bent knees, exposing her ass and pussy to Goten’s eyes.  Instinctively, Goten ran his hands over her plump round cheeks until he got to her upper thighs.  With a swift move, he spanked her, not too hard to shatter her hips, but enough to harm her.  A muffled yelp came from Chichi’s mouth as she pulsed forward, unwillingly taking more of Trunks’ shaft into her mouth.

            Looking up from behind her, Goten grinned excitedly at Trunks.  “This is fun,” he said out of pure enjoyment.

            Trunks smiled back at him before bucking his hips against Chichi’s face.  He looked down at her and clenched his fingers into her hair.  “Yeah,” he agreed, though not really giving a damn what his friend had to say at the moment.  “Hey, Goten, rub between her legs.”

            “Um, okay.”  Doing as he was instructed, he hesitantly reached between his mom’s legs and rubbed her slit.  The firm legs of Chichi contracted as she moaned in delight.  Pleased with her reaction, he began to repeatedly rub her pussy with his hands.  After a while, the surface began to become wet while Chichi began to roll her hips.  She groaned and ceased her resistance; it was pointless to fight back anyway.  Gradually, she moved her hand from pushing against Trunks’ thighs to surround the base of his cock.

            Trunks smiled wider.  His plan had totally worked.  Rub a sex-craved woman between the legs and she’s all ready.

            Goten was stiff and ready way before Chichi was.  And he wanted some of the pleasure that his friend was enjoying.  Trying something he saw in one of the magazines, he positioned his now-free erection at his mother’s ass.

            Upon feeling a slight pressure against her anus, Chichi forcefully pushed Trunks’ cock out of her mouth, though still holding it in her fist, and looked back at her youngest son.  Reaching back with her free hand, somehow managing to keep balance, she swatted his thighs three times... like the bitch she is.  “Goten!  That’s not how you do it!” she shouted in her usual bitchy attitude.  She directed his hips to her pussy.  “Lubricate first!”

            Not wanting to arouse the anger of Chichi, Goten slowly did as he was told.  His cock slipped into her welcoming opening, making him inhale a shuddering gasp.  Her inner walls immediately clenched his member.  Burying himself all the way into her, Goten moaned in relief before slowly pushing in and out at random.  The erratic thrusting made Chichi and her son moan loudly.

            When a  hand tugged on her hair, Chichi turned back to Trunks’ cock and inserted it into her mouth, sucking fiercely on the head of it before taking more of it into her mouth.  She grunted and moaned as she was worked in both ends of her body, and enjoying every bit of the attention.  It had been several years since she was screwed, but this was the first time she was involved with two others at the same time.

            Goten trembled once he felt himself on the brink of something.  And Chichi could feel it too, so she released Trunks’ member and turned to her son.  “Okay, Goten,” she said in a motherly tone.  “You’re ready now.”  Instantly knowing what she was referring to, Goten pulled out of her pussy and directed his attention to her ass.  Slowly, he pushed into the tight opening, sliding in easier with the help of her pussy juice.  Goten nearly lost his mind from the  incredible pleasure, remaining frozen to bask in the feeling of being in his own mom’s ass.

            Being caught up in the moment, Trunks reached down to Chichi’s front and tore open her blouse, causing her breasts to practically bounce out of her bra.  38C bust size... just as Trunks predicted.  Not wasting a moment, he tore the bra off and tossed it behind him.  He didn’t have a good view of the tits since he was looming over her, but at least he could feel them.  Reaching down by bending his back, he cupped both of her squeeze-able breasts in his hands and began to rub them roughly, eliciting several groans from Chichi’s throat, separate from the moans of being pounded in the ass.

            Goten panted heavily as his fingers gripped onto Chichi’s rounded ass, feeling himself build up once again.  His thrusts became more and more brutal, managing to bruise Chichi’s rear end with his hips while moving deeper and deeper into her.  Each thrust made his thighs rub against her womanhood, sending little shock waves of pleasure through her body.  Both mother and son were coming closer and closer to release.

            And they weren’t the only ones.  Trunks was holding back as he thrusted into Chichi’s accepting mouth, most of the times forcing her to deepthroat.  Every time the head of his cock rubbed into the back of her mouth, a wonderful sensation shot up his spine.

            Minutes passed, and they were nearing the end.  Goten was the first to cross the finish line.  Pushing in as deep as he could go, he practically gurgled as he began to cum.  Shot after shot sprung from the tip of his cock and began to fill Chichi’s hole.  After the first few jets of cum was ejected, he pulled out and fired the rest on her ass cheeks, causing some of it to dribble over the slit of her pussy and down her thighs.  After being completely drained, he collapsed with a heavy sigh and watched drowsily as Chichi and Trunks came to a finish.  To help his mom, he tiredly began to drag his index finger over her pussy, causing her to jerk randomly in pleasure.

            Chichi did not last too much longer after Goten’s finger exploration.  She clenched his index finger once it invaded her and came, practically spraying Goten with her juices.  As she came, she gave one final mighty suck on Trunks’ cock.

            The final suction pushed Trunks over the edge.  Gripping Chichi’s hair, he groaned and released his seed in her mouth.  She gasped as her cheeks bulged with the cum of the half-Sayian.  From the corner of her mouth, a trace of the seed dribbled down to her chin.  Jerking back to gain more space in her mouth to swallow, Chichi accidentally spilled some onto her cleavage.  But she still had enough of the thick substance to sample and swallow.  Once she was done, she sighed and relaxed back with her son, her legs spread out in front of her.  Then Goten and Trunks curled up against her, resting their heads on her breasts and sighing while closing their eyes.

            Chichi waited a moment, gently stroking their hair while resting in the aftermath of her orgasm.  “Where did you boys pick up such a thing?” she asked while looking down at them.  Goten and Trunks quickly shot a glance at each other, remembering that they left the pornos on the floor of their room.

            “Nowhere,” they said in unison.


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