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"H- how do we start?" Asks Zeo holding his launcher in one hand and the ripcord in the other.

He never got to play the game since he was snatched on the very day he was to go to France and learn how to play with the other kids. They found the blade in the dresser in a small, black, sack that Zeta used to keep Cerberus in, and now the two are in the large backyard before a purple dish ready to launch- if Zeo can get the hang of it.

"You stick the ripcord through this little hole," he shows him by pulling his out, holding Flash Leopard in one hand while the other releases it from the launcher when the cord is pulled free. "See?"

Glancing over at his friend, he replies with a quick 'yeah' then shoves the cord into the slot. Smiling at how easily it went in, he then looked back to Ozuma. "Now what?"

"Now, you pop the blade into place up here." Turning his launcher over to show Zeo the two prongs sticking down from the rotator he pops his blade onto it. "See there are divits in the blade to hold it in."

Nodding, he pops his blade onto the launcher. "Got it."

Smiling at how quickly his friend is catching on, not that its hard- but you never know, he takes his stance. Mimicing him, Zeo holds out the launcher, a sharp determined look in his eyes. He wants to do this so badly and to get to do it with Ozuma makes it all the more better.

"When I get to 'one', you pull the cord out as quick as you can- don't worry about strength that'll just bounce your blade out of the dish when it lands."

"Okay." He wets his mouth.

"Three... two... one- Let it rip!" He pulls the cord out.

With a grunt, Zeo pulls the cord out as well, eyes closed waiting for failure but upon opening them he sees that Zeronix is still in the dish spinning lazy circles. Laughing, gayly he hops up and down. "Do you see that!? Its still in there!"

Crossing his arms with a smile of satisfaction and a bit of relief, he then says with his voice laced with challenge. "Better pay attention, Zeo," he looks down at Flash Leopard who is spinning in the center of the dish just waiting to attack. "Or you might get knocked out of the dish."

"Huh?" Celebration over, he sees his blade go flying past him in a blue and white blur. Fuming when he heard Ozuma laugh, he then blushed and went to retrieve his blade. "That wasn't funny, Ozuma!" He whined. "I'm gonna get you this time."

Laughing a bit harder; Ozuma holds up a hand to catch Flash Leopard when it returned to him. "I doubt it, Zeo. I'm pretty good at this. You're gonna really have to mean it before you can even budge Flash Leopard."

"Yeah. Well I'll show you."

Snapping the blade back into the launcher he counted down for them then released the Zeronix blade into the dish once more. The haste in his actions did cause the blade to bounce several times but Ozuma saved it from flying out of the ring with a little nudge from his blade as it circled the dish.

"I told you to watch your launch- guess I should have added temper to that."

"Aaw shut up!" He took the teasing with a spoon of sugar.

He knows Ozuma is his friend so his teasing isn't serious. Eyes darting back and forth as he watched his blade circle the dish he then glanced at Ozuma's blade. It seemed to be hogging the center of the dish as if it were waiting on him to slip up and get too close to the edge, but maybe he could lure the other boy's blade over to it then dart out of the way. That move counts doesn't it?

"It won't work. Flash Leopard has ridiculous accuracy and turning on the dime is what he does best so there's no chance he'll accidently go out of the ring by taunt."

Zeo began to angrily mutter to his self but no words would come out. How'm I gonna knock his blade out? Ozuma's probably a pro by now and I'm just... Do I even qualify as a novice? He looks over at Ozuma so cool and confident, looking back down at his blade he-... it was gone!

Snickering softly, Ozuma shakes his head. "Only the best can look away from the dish Zeo, really focus this time." He coached.

"'Only the best can look away from the dish'," mocks the boy as he retrieves his blade from the grass once again. "This is so stupid, I don't know why I even bothered." Glaring down at the blade within his hand, he frowns.

Ozuma watches as his friend crouches at the other end of the yard, pout on his face. He smiled faintly remembering the same look on Zeo's face when he came to him after Tyson had whomped him by the irragation stream. The two of them worked forever to perfect a move that would beat Tyson- since Ozuma was a pro- and by the next time the two faced off in a spar it was leaning more towards Zeo's favor, even though he didn't win he still had the chops to do so sometime in the future. Ozuma suddenly became aware of the pain on his cheek as Kai's words played through his memory.

Zeta's hiding out because he thinks his father is going to get rid of him, he isn't angry at Zeo so there isn't any reason the two of them can't hang out together. If Dr. Zagart is really planning on doing anything to cyber Zeo than he'll change his mind when he sees that the two of them are getting along. Maybe its time I went over there, he and I need to talk anyway.

Holding out a hand for Flash Leopard to return to him, he pockets the blade then walks over to his friend. Zeo seemed to be holding in tears as he turned around to face his best friend.

"...You're not having much fun with this, are you?"

Huffy, he retorts. "How did you guess." Getting a hand up, he sighs. "I'm sorry, Ozuma. Its a lot harder than I first thought."

"You'll get better... But how 'bout we do something else now?" He suggests casually. "Get out of this stuffy old house."

Surprised by that, he nods. "Where will we go?"

"To a friends house." Taking the boy's hand, he says. "Come on."

The door of the main part of the dojo slid open with a low hiss ending with a load thud calling everyone's attention to it.

"Well if it isn't Japan's most un-wanted." Snaps Tyson, and after a second look he adds. "And judging by that bruise reality hit you pretty hard on the way over here." With a grin he closes his eyes then says in a kinder tone. "But since you've seen the error of your ways than its good to have you back buddy."

With Tyson now silenced the air in the room was thick with tension. Everyone standing and staring at the other boy- twin of their best friend- and to tell you the truth it was a bit mind blowing to see them in the same place, almost like one of those dreams where you wake up and everyone and every thing is the same except for you. Opening his eyes wondering why everyone is so quiet, he spots Zeo's twin behind Ozuma, head down, eyes glancing anywhere but up.

Balling up his fist he asks. "What did you bring him here for?"

"Shut it Tyson," says the dual haired male. Marching into the dojo leaving his friend at the door he's stopped in his tracks by the navy haired boy. "Get out of my way." He said in a tight and controlled voice.

"No." Crossing his arms, he quips. "Not until you tell me why you ran off on Zeo the other day?"

Gaze set on his boyfriend whose standing a ways behind Tyson, his green eyes then flick over to the brick wall of a man standing in his way. "I need to talk to-..." He lowered his tone. "Zeo. Now get out of my way."

"Or what?"

His hand reflexed to a fist but he unclenched it. "Move!"

"No wa-..."

"Its okay, Tyson." Says cyber Zeo placing a hand on his friend's shoulder. "I wanna talk to Ozuma too." His eyes flicked past his boyfriend to his fleshen twin brother then back to him. "Come on."

The two move into the indoor hallway then walk down towards one of the bedrooms leaving the others alone with the quiet child. Their different colored eyes all cast themselves upon the boy passing silent judgement- at least until he tried to take a step inside.

"Oh no you don't!" Snapped the owner of the home. "I didn't invite you in, stay out there."

"Tyson!" Max glared at his boyfriend. "Don't be rude now." He quieted his hard tone.

"Why not? This creep is out to get Zeo, just ask him?" He marches forward only to be stopped by Max. Hardly about to let his mouth be silent he went on. "You want Zeo gone, don't you? You wanna keep Ozuma and his life all for yourself, then try to weasel your way into our lives- well you can think again buddy because I wouldn't spit in your direction muchless be your friend."

"That's enough Tyson!" Max warned. "We should try to understand it. Not puff up our chest and start fights over it."

So I'm an 'it' now. Thinks the sullen boy. Am I really that different from normal teenagers? He looks down at his hands, the new size of his feet, his height. Its all so different. When had he grown like this? Eyes filling with tears he turns on his heals and leaves.

"I'm just saying that we should take it easy, the poor kids been through enough I'm sure." Says Max to end the bickering he and his boyfriend were having. Turning around he shakes his head, then starts to say- "Hi, I'm Ma-..." but the boy is gone.

"And stay away!"

Finally speaking up, Rei says. "Tyson you really should chill out- how would you feel if it were you in his position?"

"That's completely different," he crosses his arms, not at all liking the sudden gang up from his friends.

"How is it different?"

"My return wouldn't hurt anybody- it would make cause for a parade or something but this guy" he nods his head to where the boy was once standing. "He's gonna get Zeo- our Zeo, shut down and we'll never see him again. Doesn't that bother you? He's already gotten to Ozuma and he and Zeo are seeing each other!"

"We're not turning our backs on Zeo, we're just looking at the situation from his point of view." Says Rei reasonably. "He's been missing for ten years and he's probably terrified of all the changes around him, having Ozuma around probably makes him feel better and I'm sure that once he's situated he'll-.."

"Say that that guy is no longer needed, daddy please go kill him."

"Tyson's right."

Turning his head to his quiet boyfriend whose been sitting in the corner of the room listening to them talk. "Kai?"

"We don't know anything about this guy, he could easily want Zeo gone and we all know that he can't hide out at Tyson's forever."

"Kai... Thank you." Says the dragoon blader.

In disbelief the blond boy holds up his hands. "Alright then, that's settled. But I feel bad about letting him wander around alone, I'm just gonna go make sure he's ok."

Max dashed out the door running off to where Zeo has gone to. The others remain where they are but now their focus is in the direction of the hall where Zeo and Ozuma went off to.

"...Zeo." Starts the male taking a step forward but Zeo backed up. A little taken aback by that, he steps forward again then grabs the male by the cheeks pulling him down into a kiss.

Shoving him away, he shouts. "Stop it! Don't touch me!" He backs his self up until he hits a wall in which he then slides down to the floor. Holding his knees to his chest he starts to cry lowering his head to cover it up. "How could you leave me like that? How could you turn your back on me?"

Ozuma shakes his head, not understanding what the boy is saying. "Me turn on you? Zeo... How could you turn your back on me?" Kneeling down beside him, he takes a hold of the male's shoulders. "I never said that I wasn't coming back, did I? You all just assumed the worst from me... Zeo, I love you."

"Say that when you haven't dashed off to be with your friend."

"That isn't fair and you know it." Ducking his head down to try to see the hidden face, he goes on. "I believed for years that my best friend had burned to death in a car and then I find out from you that he's been back for days and I'm just now finding out about it. How is that nice to me? How is that fair when you know how much I've been suffering?"

"How would I know something like that, when you found out that I wasn't your precious Zeo did you tell me that you loved me for me? No. You went on pretending for your sake that I was him, just like my dad and everyone else he used to know up until they found out that I wasn't him then they turned on me... Why didn't you ever talk to me about the two of you being friends, Ozuma? Why did I have to read his diary to know?"

Zeo was right. He should have said something about it, but that doesn't mean he didn't love him for him. He did all kinds of things that his best friend never did or would do and he found them cute and charming. And yes, finding out that he wasn't just Zeo with amnesia and is infact a clone didn't make him like him any less. They're dating! But he should have told him about his friendship with the other boy instead of just moving on like it didn't matter.

Wrapping his arms around the boy, hugging him close, he whispers. "I'm sorry. I didn't feel the need to tell you about my friendship because I thought that you knew, I honestly did." He adds when he hears the male scoff. "You had so many of his memories, how was I to know that your father never knew about me and him."

"How would that matter?" He says quietly.

"It does... But, you've made up your mind. You're mad at me and plan to stay that way."

Shaking his head, Zeo says. "I never said that I was mad at you. I'm disappointed."

"But why?"

"...You left me." He admitted quietly.

"Again, I didn't leave you. Zeo's been through a lot and he needs some semblance of his normal life and even if its different, I have to be there for him."

"Different. Are you really happy with who he is now? Can you remain happy with him when I'm gone? Will you love him like me, will you carry on with him like you did with me? Love him like you do me?"

"I could never." He stares into the male's angry eyes, he's seen this look before but it was never directed toward him and it made him sick to think he brought that face out. "Zeo, you talk about leaving as if it were set in stone. I've never heard your Dad say anything about getting rid of you. He's very sad right now because Zeo is hurting and, much like me, he doesn't know what to do to make it stop. But there is something we can do, and that's be his friend and make him feel wanted, normal..."

"And then?"

"The two of you live together-.." he raises his voice when Zeo covers his ears. "And be friends! Zeo... you can't say that he's done anything to you when he hasn't. Dr. Zagart is who you're angry with, he's who you're avoiding... if you want me to, I'll talk to him. I'll see to it that he doesn't even think about doing anything to you."

Zeo uncovers his ears.

"And then will you come home? Will you stop hiding out?" He lets go of his boyfriend's shoulders. "I don't hate you Zeo, your father doesn't hate you and Zeo doesn't know you, how can he hate you?"

"Please just leave." Zeo shakes his head.

Glaring, he wants to say something but instead stands to leave. Looking over his shoulder he asks. "What happened to your finger, Zeo?"

With a shrug he says. "It peeled a little too much." Looking at his gloved hand he adds. "Nothing for you to concern yourself about."

"Right... because I'm a traitor." He opens the door. "But you should know, I still love you. And no amount of friendship with anyone is gonna change that." With that he left the room.

Looking at the door, the boy whispered. "But you left."

Max turned the corner at the long gate surrounding the dojo, a quick glance left then right he sighs in relief spotting the blue haired child sitting on the side walk, back against the gate with his head down on his pulled in knees. Walking over to him, he bent down a bit.

"Thank goodness you didn't run too far," he said in a sweet tone. "Ozuma would kill us if we let you wander off alone." He takes a seat.

"I've never been in this part of town and I didn't trust a taxi so I wanted to stay near by" he trails off with. "If that's okay."

Blinking, Max smiles like a chipmunk. "Of course its okay. Don't even sweat it." Holding out a hand he says. "My name is Max by the way, nice to meet you- and I promise I won't chase you like before." He teased. Tapping his outstretched fingers to the boy's bare forearm, he nods when he looks up. "Go on."

Taking his hand, he shakes it quickly then lets go to recoil it back around his knees.

"Sorry about all the arguing back there, you guys kind of threw us off guard." He turns his head to face the street so the wind would stop blowing in his eyes. "We're not usually like that, I swear. We're just worried about Zeo."

Curiously, he looks at the blond. "Why are you worried about him?"

"Its Dr. Zagart... there's a chance that, now that you're back, he's gonna see no need to keep Zeo around and he'll get rid of him. As if the feelings of Zeo's friends don't matter as if Zeo's feelings don't matter. He's pretty shaken up about it." He turns his head to look at the boy who quickly shy'd away. "Don't be afraid of me, I'm not gonna hurt you."

"Its just that... he's not real. How can you be friends with someone who doesn't have feelings- he isn't human. He can't be hurt." His voice was almost too quiet to hear the last part, but Max leaned in for it.

"No feelings?" He scoffed but it didn't sound rude or mocking. "I find it hard to believe that. Would someone with no feelings cry when he was forced to turn his back on his new friends? Would someone with no feelings hug you when you're having a bad day and there's really nothing that can be said to change it?"

Zeo watched Max as he spoke taking it all in.

"Can a person with no feelings jump out of their skin at a surprise party." He laughed at the memory. "I really think the answer to all of those questions is 'no'. Listen, Zeo is no different than you or me. He may not be able to feel physical pain as quickly as you or me but he does feel emotionally and it hurts him deeper because he isn't like you or me." Blinking his eyes downward a sad look comes across his happy face. "So please don't say such things about someone you don't know."

"Zeo!" Called Ozuma from somewhere.

Looking off in the direction of the Japanese Indians voice, Max called. "Over here!" Looking back at the sad boy as he's about to stand up he says. "Don't be afraid of him. Your insecurities might end up ruining what could actually turn out to be a pretty cool thing. I'm an only child you know, and I've always wished for brothers or sisters and with these guys I have that. Ozuma's a good friend, but by hating Zeo you're making things hard for him and us. Think about it." He stands up greeting Ozuma with a pat on the shoulder. "Don't worry he's fine, just a little shaken up by being the new kid on the block."

Ozuma caught his breath after the jog, but he gave Max a curt nod to what he said.

"Maybe I'll see you guys around." He says as he walks off. "I'm thinking we'll all be at the pizza parlor on Thursday." After that bit of information Max was gone.

"Are you ok?" Asks Ozuma. Helping his friend up.

Taking his hand, he nods. "Yeah. I'm fine." He looks after where Max had gone to. "Could we go home now, I've had enough venturing for one day."

Smiling at him, he keeps hold of his hand after a quick adjustment. "Sure."

1 week later...

"Let's see..." Scanning the content in the machine, Rei decides on a bag of yogurt covered pretzels. "Now for a drink." A low laugh at his side calls his attention. "Hey Kai." He smiles.

"Yogurt covered pretzels; hoping to cover the five major food groups, Rei."

Laughing he shakes his head. "Nope, my juice will take care of the missing fruit part."

"Of course." Wrapping his arms around his boyfriend he plants a kiss on his neck. "You know you can come to my place for lunch- I'll even cook for you."

"Who can resist that offer." He pulls away from him giving a wink. Face going from happy to curious, he asks. "Isn't that Zeo's twin?" He points down the street.

"Hm?" Looking over his shoulder he rolls his eyes. "Yeah, looks like him. Let's go."

"No, hang on." He raises a hand to the side of his mouth to call him over. "I think we should hang out for a little bit- what harm can it do? Zeo said he's gonna try."

"Uh-huh and Zeo has yet to leave Tyson's." Hooking an arm around his neck he pulls him in for a kiss. "The offer still stands, I'll see you later."

"But Kai!" He calls after him. Shoulders slumping in defeat when he's out of eye sight, he turns back to the blue haired boy a short distance away. "Hey! Hey over here!" He calls to him.

Zeo cocked his head wondering if the odd voiced girl were talking to him. Finger raised, pointing in his direction he mouths 'me?' When Rei nodded he came over with a bit of hesitance.

Putting on his best smile the Chinese blader says. "Hi."

"Hello?" His gaze lowers to the ground.

"Where's Ozuma today? Is he with you?"

So he only wanted to know where Ozuma is. I should have guessed. He shakes his head to the question. "I'm with my father today." Pointing towards a bench he then turns his gaze back in Rei's direction stealing a glance at him.

Seeing the peek he snickers. "Don't be shy." He gives him a playful nudge. "My name is Rei."

"You're Rei?" He looks up to ask.

Nodding the Drigger blader laughs. "What? Don't I look like a Rei?" Walking past the boy to the other vending machine he slips some money in. "Do you want a drink? I've got plenty of money."

"Umm, sure." He hesitates a moment. "I think you look like a Rei but... I kind of thought that you were a girl when I saw you in the pictures."

"Pictures?" The change plunks into the machine. "How 'bout orange?" He asks.

Nodding, he continues. "The ones in Zeta's photo album. Its just that you're so pretty, and in the pictures you can't hear a voice."

"Zeta? You mean Zeo?"

"I'm Zeo." He says softly taking the soda that Rei hands to him.

"Not to us. No offense, but to us you're kind of the second- you know."

"I know."

Waving him over he walks to a bench taking a seat. Opening his drink he takes a quick sip, lowering it he sees the other male staring down at his. "Can't you open that?"

"Sure... No... I never learned how. I'm sorry."

"No its fine. I'll open it for you, just ask." Handing his drink over, he says. "Hold this for me." Taking the teen's drink he lifts the tab a bit. "See, its easy you just lift this part, take some of the air out then lift it a little higher and it'll pop right open." Looking at the boy he cocks a brow seeing him drinking his juice instead. "Or you could just take mine." He shrugs it off.

The two sit quietly for a moment.

Looking at the blue haired boy, Rei clears his throat. "So how have you been doing since you've been back?"

Zeo bit his lips to that question. He was quiet so long Rei had to regain his attention.

"Did you hear me?"

"Yes, its just that- no one's asked me that question before."

"Really?" He looks at him with concern.

Nodding, he says. "Yeah... I guess the answer is, not so good, if I had to sum it all up." He lowers his can to his lap, eyes looking down into the hole at the dark liquid. "Everything is so different- the help, Ozuma... even my father. I haven't seen my mother yet but I'm starting to think that she isn't coming."

"It can be pretty rough, I know. Whenever I go home to my village I tend to feel like somewhat of an outsider because when I leave things don't stand still, everyone has done this and that felt and said all kinds of things, but in my heart I feel the same." Patting him on the back he cocks his head so the teen can see his smile. "It'll get better, once you ease back into it."

Zeo shakes his head. "No, you're wrong." He glances at him then looks away. "I've been here for a bit and nothing feels the same... everything is still weird." It comes out before he can stop it. "Sometimes I wish I had a time machine, so I could go back to when I was younger..."

"You mean when you were six?"

"Yeah." He looks up at the sky. "Then maybe I could stop it from happening."

"Mm." Intones Rei.

"Then I would still have my mother and father and best friend... and I wouldn't be so mixed up."

"How are you mixed up?" It was so weird talking to him.

He sounds like a teenager but his choice of words tend to be clumpsy and a bit young for him. Rei almost felt like a father with his child so he could guess how Dr. Zagart must be feeling.

"Yeah. I don't know a lot of big words and" he shrugs, his thumbs tap against the can. "Sometimes I can't remember where a lot of rooms are in the house... it hurts when my father and me or me and Ozuma take walks, it feels like the whole world is staring at me."


"I've been trying so hard to be grown up but... I just can't seem to get it right. Sometimes I wish I never came back."

Rei quickly says. "You say that so sad it makes me feel like you don't mean it." He then frowns.

"But it hurts." His eyes tear up.

"What hurts the most?"

He shrugs. "That I've changed because of it."

Nodding, Rei pressed for him to keep talking, he seems to really need it. "How have you changed?"

"Don't you know?" Zeo looks over at him. "You seem a lot like me."

"I do?" Rei would like to know just how that was possible.

"Someone hurt you, like I've been hurt and now that boy, from just now, is hurting you because you're confused."

"You mean Kai? How has he hurt me?"

"I saw the two of you." He leans over to whisper. "He was kissing you, he's taking... he's taking advantage of you because you're still confused about what happened."

Rei had to laugh at that.

Zeo didn't think it was so funny. "Its true! You're so pretty, and you have long hair just like mine." He blushes having heard what he just said. "But someone hurt you, Rei, just like I was hurt and now Kai is continuing to hurt you because of it."

"Oh. I see." He takes a deep breath to gather his words correctly. "Z'," because he just can't call him Zeo. "Do you know what it means to be in love, to be a couple?"

He nods.

"Well, that's what me and Kai are- a couple."

"But that's wrong- how can you want that pain?"

"It isn't painful when its love. What happened to you was because some guy was trying to be powerful and he felt that he could be powerful over you so he hurt you any way he saw fit. Its not like that with Kai, he's sweet and I fell in love with him first."

He seemed to be mulling over the words. "...And its alright to be that way?" Zeo looks at Rei eyes hungry for answers. "Its alright to feel like a woman and want a man?"

"I still feel like a man, Z'. I am a man. I'm just a man who's in love with another man."

The young boy began to bite his bottom lip, hand going into his hair so his fingers can tangle in it as he removes strands.

"A- are you saying that you have feelings for another man?"

The sun is blocked out causing the two to look up. Dr. Zagart is glaring down at the chinese blader right before his gaze falls upon his son in which his expression softens. "Zeo, we have to go now."

"Okay. Thank you for the drink Rei."

"You're welcome."

Waving as he departs; Rei slumps his shoulders in thought. Poor guy... maybe its time we payed a visit to the Zagarts.


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