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As soon as the large iron gate doors of the zoo passed by them, Max Tate became very animated. You couldn't pay him to take the huge bright smile from his face; which made Tyson smile knowing that his boyfriend would be in top form today, and pretty much a disease of joy to any unhappy person making them smile just as insanely as Max does.

The zoo is huge! Animal cages beyond the distance an eye can see; the kaw of birds in the large birdcage can be heard even from where they're standing. A couple screams from kids that were startled by the animal- they're gawking- at making too sudden a movement for their comfort. There is also a faint smell of fresh popcorn in the air.

"This is so trippy!" Chirps Max while breaking into a bit of a skip. "I haven't been to the zoo since I was maybe six or eight. This is gonna be great!"

"Yeah," agrees Rei, taking a camera from his pocket. "The only zoo I've ever been too was back home; needless to say, running from random forest animals isn't exactly enjoyable." He joked.

Zeo snickers into his hand quietly. He keeps telling his self to relax and act normal, but he wasn't sure what normal was. He was doing fine enough, when it was just him, Max, Rei, his brother. But Tyson left him nervous- though he's been surprisingly nice to him. But the moment Kai showed up he just felt a presence that he didn't like looming over his head, and he was under Kaihou's watchful eyes and listening ears once again.

'This isn't trial bases; they really want to be my friends, and I'm going to let them and be there friend in return.' He coached his self.

Max snags a map from a wrack close by; flipping it open, the medium sized piece of paper colorfully displayed each section of the zoo, showcasing which animals were placed where- it even had vending machine pictures here and there!

"Hmm. I think Zeo should get the first pick, it was his choice to come here." Holding the map away from him a bit, he looks to the boy asking him with his beaming blue eyes to come over and take a look at it.

Blushing from the attention, he shyly steps forward looking the map over. "...Can we see the bears?"

Nodding, Max poorly refolds the map then stuffs it half hazzardly under his left arm, hooking his right arm around Zeo's, he starts off. Putting on a phony tour guide voice. "Right this way everyone, please stay in a neat group of two."

Rei fell into step beside Kai, flashing him a quick smirk. Tyson fell into step beside His Zeo.

Arms behind his head, Tyson glances at a kid running by with a stuffed monkey on his shoulder. "I hope the monkeys are in a playful mood." He looked left then right for a snack stand that might give out bananas or something he could toss to them.

"Oh yeah! I love those little guys." Max calls over his shoulder having heard Tyson. Looking over at his walking buddy he asks. "Are bears your favorite animal, Zeo?"

"Hmm? Oh... well, actually, I like the reptile exibit they keep in the back." He says with a blank gaze like the feeling just came back to him. "Ha, the first time I came to the zoo with my parents my mom screamed really loud just because a snake dropped from a branch it was resting on."

Laughing, Max pressed for more. "Did it slither across the floor then latch onto her?" His scrunched fingers latched onto Zeo's arm playfully.

Zeta held his breath when he saw his brother shrink in on his self a bit, but with the way Max was smiling at him, the boy soon relaxed again; he even managed to laugh a bit.

Shaking his head, he replies. "No, they were all in glass pens- she just thought it looked pretty gross."

Max and Zeta laughed from the image they got. Women always think snakes and lizards are gross.

"Come on guys! You're lagging behind!" Calls Tyson about 20 paces away.

Kai rolls his eyes but picks up his pace a bit.

"What?" Asks Rei never missing a thing the Russian male does.

"I don't know," says Kai absently. "I can understand his pain but," he shrugs. "The zoo?"

Smiling, Rei nudges the male's arm. "What's wrong with it? Animals make you nervous Kai? I didn't realize you were so sensative."

"Yeah right," he says in a cool tone. "Zeo said that he wants his brother to hang out and become socialized to his own age; do you really think the zoo is the best place for that?"

Glancing at a bunch of kids running by, balloons bobbing back and forth through the air as they pass Rei smiles weakly. "I see what you mean." He snickers. "But come on Kai, lots of people have dates here too." He winks at his secret boyfriend.

Keeping the stoic look plastered to his face, though, his insides trembled a bit recalling the night he had with his lover.

Reading Kai like a book Rei nods. "Uh-huh. Besides, it'll just be for a little bit, okay. So don't be so grumpy."

"'Grumpy'? You've been hanging around Max too long." He lowers his voice as they approach the others. "You owe me later, though."

"That's not exactly punishment." He resisted the urge to steal a kiss from his cheek.

Cocking a knowing brow at Rei, Max turns forward again. "Alright now, let's all stay together, the bear dens are just up ahead and we want everyone to see what they're like- can't do that if you're lagging."

"Enough, Max." Says Kai.

The happy blond payed the sourpuss no mind, this is Kai on his best day. He's talking isn't he? But teasingly, he snags Rei's arm pulling him up to where he and Zeo are walking. That would show the crabby Russian. Zeta falls into step with Kai and Tyson.

"Sorry about this." He says. "I promise though, I'll make it up to you somehow."

"Forget it Zeo. I'm doing it for you, like I promised I would." He stares blankly ahead, though secretly, he's watching Rei's wrapped ponytail swing back and forth.

Smiling, Zeta bites his lip to avoid laughing like a kid. "I'm glad that you're my friend, Kai, and you too Tyson."

Tyson waved it off. "I wanna be here for you, Zeo... but I don't know, I also can't help liking the little spaz too." He shrugs. "Its kind of like having your dorky little brother tag along with us for the day."

"Yeah." Agrees Kai.

Snickering, Zeta looks on ahead. "With any luck Max will keep him so busy, he'll do the work for all of us."

Grinning with pride, Tyson boast. "Hm. That's my Maxi, always there for a guy."

"Rei too," he almost couldn't hide the emotion in his voice. Shaking it off, he crosses his arms then moves away from the two by picking up his pace.

Blinking in confusion, Tyson juts his thumb in the direction Kai went. "What's with him?"

Zeta shrugs, but deep down he's smiling. He didn't know 'murder gazing' Kai could be such a romantic when his guard is down. Expression saddening, he sighs out his emotions. "I wish Ozuma was here."

Wrapping an arm around the saddened cyber teen's neck, he places his chin on his shoulder. "Its okay Ze', I'm sure Ozuma is around somewhere, and if he does turn up just ask him to join us."

"It'll feel weird though, we didn't exactly separate on good terms... and I'm worried that him and me won't be the same again."

"Naah, Ozuma is crazy about you. There's just no way he's meaning any of the stuff he's saying; he's just been put in a really awkward situation and doesn't know how to take it. Maybe later on he'll come around."


Kissing him on the cheek, he squeezes him in his hold. "Forget about that for now, we're at the zoo, one of the funnest places on earth! Let's buy some monkey food, maybe get into a food fight with them, then nab some lunch at a burger place. Perfect day."

"Hahaha, they better be some really good burgers."

"How can they not when they have chilli and bacon on them?"

The two catch up to their friends, who are in the midst of pointing out a mother and child pair of bears, from just friends to lovers in the bears' den. A big panda bear rolled over onto another bear starting a little fight with it since the other bear felt his personal-space was impinched upon. The roller raised a paw to ward the other bear away, but was tackled- easily overpowered by the other bears drive and the lack of its own.

Down the hill lumbered the mother bear the moment after her kid let out a small roar of defeat. The young rough neck shrieked, clearing away from the other cub just in time to be missed by the mothers paw coming down at it. The beaten up bear looked about guilty as sin going over to the other bear with new confidence to strike at its attacker.

Zeo stared, fixated at the act of affection from the bears towards one another.

Had his father come with him, he would have stopped Kaihou easily. He'd be safe just like the baby bear. Safe. taking a step forward, he felt a hand around his elbow. Snapping to his senses, he turns his head seeing his brother smile at him.

"They're cute right?"

Blinking from a flashback of how things could have been different he was shocked for a brief forgetful second when he saw his reflection staring back at him. "Huh? Uh... Yeah, too bad we can't feed them."

"Hmhmhm, yeah. I don't think they'd wanna follow us home; the zoo keepers should chill out."

Smiling, he says. "Yeah. I can't imagine one of those chubby bears making it past the wall."

Kai shakes his head. Zeo is still talking to the guy like he's a kid. How is he ever gonna act like a teenager with conversations like that being spewed at him? They got lucky when the teen agreed to leave his attack dog back home with his father. Having a dog always on alert for preditors would have been more annoying than trying to converse with this confused boy.

Kai had to slap himself there, its not as though its his fault he's like this; and he can't imagine anyone coming out of something like that all right- maybe if it just happened once, but for ten years. He has to cut the boy some slack.

"Let's go see the reptile house now," says Kai in the best 'happy' voice he could muster. "They're one of my favorites too."

Zeo cast him a long side glance, but nods that he's ready to move on.

Putting back on his phony guides voice. Max leads the way to the reptile house. The snakes and lizards had to be the best part of the trip to the zoo. The handlers let them touch and hold the snakes and things; Max shivered but held each one with a smile on his face.

Zeta had a good time but kept his eye on Zeo, to make sure the boy wasn't going back into a flashback or something like he had at the bear den. He wondered what it was like to live inside of himself; a mind in a constant state of fear, shaking anytime someone was close enough to brush against him. It seems like a huge wall to get over just to smile and be honest about it. That alone lets him know that his brother really is trying to make it work.

Most times, when he sees movies on tv... victims of such crimes commit suicide because they can't return to their normal frame of mind. Others shut themselves up and don't speak, they barely move. Truthfully Zeta was beginning to think that Zeo was just acting out for attention, but he seems to be in real pain underneath the false smiles and ability to speak to everyone.

Reaching out a hand, he takes his brother's into his own. When his semi-reflection turned around, obvious fear in his eyes it melted away seeing who had grabbed his hand, and he smiled back at Zeta.

"Which one is your favorite?" He asks.

"Hmm. Its gotta be the king cobra- its got such a cool name."

Laughing, Zeo shakes his head. "You kids and thinking things are cool because of their name."

Everyone had to laugh at that comment, because it sounded very Kai. The Russian glared for a moment, but shook it off crossing his arms in disregard. Zeo looked confused, missing the joke until Tyson dropped his hands on the his shoulders meaning it was what he'd said. Zeta's friends seem to be big on touching one another.

"Man," he laughs. "That was the best Kai I've heard in weeks!"

"It was?" He looks even more confused by this. Turning his glassy gaze at the more frightening member of the group, Zeo says meekly. "I'm sorry."

"So what are you sorry for?" Says Tyson completely blown by the teen's words. "We do Kai all the time, its hillarious."

"Forget about it," says Kai to the broken boy then he glares pointedly at Tyson. "And just what do you mean by 'best Kai you've heard in weeks'?"

"Nothing dude, you're just really fun to impersonate." Says Tyson shrugging his hand.

Once released from Tyson's grip, Zeo walked over to Zeta choosing to stay beside someone he's more familiar with- should he accidently insult someone else.

"Back to the tour guys," calls Max as he and Rei exit the exibit. "Next stop, the tiger house."

"Alright!" Cheers Rei.

"Maybe we can take the train there," the peppy blond raises his fist into the air.

"We're not getting on that little train, Max." Kai catches up to them.

Looking to his brother Zeo asks. "Is Kai mad? I don't wanna ruin anyone's time."

"Naah, he's always like that- I told you." He takes his hand again. "Let's hurry up, don't wanna be left behind." He snapped his mouth shut hearing what he'd just said.

Zeo has a frown on his face, eyes to the floor... but it seemed to be for some other reason altogether. "Zeta, can you please not hold my hand. I'm not some kid." He says quietly.

"...Okay, sorry." Switching his hand hold to an arm over the male's shoulders, he says. "How's this? Guys hold each other like this all the time, especially this guy Tala," he snickers a bit. "He thinks he's an ornament and all the world is a Christmas tree."

Looking at his brother's arm, he says flatly. "Its fine." He begins to walk after the others, brother in tow.

Zeta was still bothered by this and that of the boy's behavior, but he let it go for now.

The tigers were great, and they put on some show for them: jumping off this and that, wrestling, and they got lucky enough to watch the keepers feeding them. Rei looked like he wanted to jump the wall and touch them, but he knew better than that. Tyson bugged the zoo keeper to toss one of the steaks to the tigers but the man refused, and after a few choice words under his breath the group left for the monkey house.

The cute and cuddly little guys were in a real slapping mood if you didn't have anything to eat for them. Zeta jerked his breath in when one of the teenage monkeys slapped Zeo across the face. The boy laughed and said to Tyson that he might become a monkey fan.

'I've gotta stop worrying so much or I'm gonna ruin the day for myself.' He beats his self over the head. No one ever has fun when they're guard is always up. They swept through the zoo laughing and having the best time, arguing only when they were leaving about where they would have lunch.

Max suggested noodles since he happened to pack his favorite dressing. Kai said he didn't care, but noodles would be all right. Tyson wanted both pizza and burgers, and Rei said he could go for a nice meat dumpling. Zeo thought all those options over and said pizza was the most appealing, instantly winning a seat beside Tyson for being the second to vote on his side. Zeta didn't care what they ate, but he agreed with pizza since he did mention having it during breakfast.

On the walk over, Zeta began to notice little things here and there about Zeo, sort of how he's been holding himself since they got together with everyone. It was like the boy were mimicking each of them. His walk ressembled Rei's, masculine yet graceful; the cybor boy figured it had something to do with having long hair, yet not being the least bit feminine with it. As far as his voice went it was always a tone lower than his own, but he seemed to drop it a bit more like he were trying to match Kai's. Probably because Kai speaks with a regal tone and self assurance, a quality that many people admire. Even with his Kai's speech, he kept his excitement level up at Max's, laughing and making little jokes as the blond does. From Tyson he copies his sudden urge to touch people and be friendly with body language as well as verbal, though, his hands hesitate for a moment knowing that he doesn't like being spontantiously touched, and not knowing how strangers would react to it if it came from him.

But it seemed to be working because, during the walk, everyone seemed like things have always been this way. Zeo and Zeta Zagart, their friends. So why was it making him a bit jealous? He wanted him to succeed in being normal and making friends. Maybe its because the friends he's making are his, which would mean he would hang around more.

'And if he hangs around all the time, I'll be Zeta perminantly.' Frowning a bit, he kind of wished absently that the boy would have a sudden relapse, then he slapped his self mentally for being petty.

Kai stopped in his tracks, looking at a department store. "Guys, hang on a sec."

They all slow to stop and turn around.

"We should go shopping," he nods his head at Zeo. "You've been wearing Ze's clothes all this time, haven't you?"

Embarrassed that Kai is paying him attention with that intense gray gaze of his, he nods.

"Come on, we'll get you something of your own to wear."

"Alright, I could use some new clothes!" Cheers Max. Heading after Kai, he holds the door open for his friends. "Part two of our trip around Tokyo, the Mayutaka mens clothing store. Right this way."

Smiling before knocking on his lover's head, Tyson says. "Give it a rest, Max."

"What?" Blinks the blond. Following Zeta in since he was last walking by, the blond then parts ways with them heading for the shirts.

Kai walked around with Zeo, making him more nervous than before. He could still see him kissing Rei at the park that day. Is he into men? Isn't that weird? Rei said no, and that the two of them are dating but still, he's always been taught that men and women are together and anything else is wrong.

"Pick anything you want," his voice startled the skittish male. "I'll pay for it."

He made a strange noise in the back of his throat. Kai cocked a brow at this.

"I don't want anything, thank you."

"Hmm? Why not. I said I'd pay for it." Kai then says. "Money isn't a problem for me."

Zeta tried to act like he wasn't spying but he couldn't help it. Who knew what Kai was gonna say to Zeo. He's kind of open and honest about his feelings when he decides he wants to share them with people. What if he's telling him off right now? Taking a step in that direction, he's jerked back.

"Hey." He shrieks quietly. Turning around, he spots that his assalter is Rei.

"Leave him alone Zeo, this is good for him."

"But what if-..?"

Raising a hand to silence him, Rei says confidently. "Trust me, Kai won't do anything funny." Glancing the dual haired male's way, he adds. "Regardless of popular opinion, Kai's really nice."

"I know that, but He doesn't."

Zeo lowered his gaze to the floor; Kai seems really hell bent on buying him something so he may as well just get it over with. Sighing, he reaches for the other male's fly. Stepping back, Kai holds the boys shoulders to keep him at bay.

"What are you doing?"

"Payment for the clothes."

Kai couldn't believe his ears. Was he serious? He suddenly felt a little sick, wanting to scrap the whole thing. How could someone offer a person things for sex. He almost wanted to get his hands on this Kaihou himself, just to make him pay for this awkward situation he's been put in.

"Zeo, don't..." he searched for the right words. "Zeo don't tie everyone in with your kidnapper. I don't want anything from you, not even a thank you. I just want to buy you some clothes." He releases his grip on the boy's shoulders. "Friends buy each other things for nothing more than a simple 'thanks'. Do you understand?"

Nodding, he bites his lip. "But I saw you, with Rei that day at the park."

Taken aback by this, he asks. "Hmm?"

"I know what you are Kai."

This is new, blinking Kai asks sternly. "What I am?"

"You... you like boys, and because of this you took Rei."

"...Zeo," he grips his shoulders again, eyes closed as he leans forward to whisper. "Snap out of it, please. For your sake and everyone elses. Things aren't gonna get any better for you if you can't move on."

The boy stared blank, before his head turned very sharply to the left as though he had been slapped. Dropping his head, he began to shake.

"Please, relax and listen to me." Zeo opens his eyes, listening to Kai. "Listen, I am very much in love with Rei, and he is in love with me. No one took anyone; and I don't know if he told you this or not, but he's the reason that the two of us got together at all. So don't give your pity to us, because we don't need it."

"But why is it ok to do those sorts of things with someone just because you're in love with them?" He looks up, eyes filled with question and curiosity.

Did Kaihou secretly love him, was he waiting for him to return his feelings? He can remember times when the man was nice to him, when it almost felt nice. Zeo closes his eyes in the flashes as if to keep those moments in, and if his eyes are open Kai would look right into his soul less windows and see everything that happened. His kidnapper, one morning, patted him on the head and sang while he made breakfast, laughing a bit when he whispered joining in, urging him to sing if he wanted to sing.

Sometimes he even bought him his favorite things and allowed him to go outside. But why did he have to be so rough most of the time. Was he frustrated because he didn't love him back? Would he have ever loved him? The front of Zeo's pants started to feel funny and he pulled from Kai's grip.

"I'm gonna try some things on, please don't come in." He quickly snaps some clothes from the rack, and ducks into the privacy of the dressing room. Sitting on the bench, he bent over grabbing his head like he were having a migrane attack. Nose running from oncoming tears, he mumbles quietly to himself.

"Calm down, Zeo. You were doing so good." His breaths are ragged and harsh as he rocks up and down to calm his nerves. "They're all good guys, stop being scared of them."

When he felt the welt in his pants lessening he sighed of relief and smiled that he hadn't touched himself to get rid of his erection. Changing into the clothes he walks out of the dressing room, then turns to Kai who is looking through another rack.

"H- how do I look?"

Smirking the Russian says. "Better." But he's mostly talking about the fact that the boy is honestly smiling.


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