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For Zeo lunch was the highlight of the of the day out. They all argued over toppings, becoming best friends with whomever sided with them, and finally three large pizzas topped with pepperoni and ham on one, sausage and mushroom on another and canadian bacon and onion on another. Two guesses who chose that one.

The conversation was light and pleasant, no one seemed to be on edge or worrying about saying the wrong thing with Zeo's listening ears on the conversation.

The odd boy found teenage conversation no different than anything he would hear on tv in those preteen shows he's begun to watch, for practice on getting along with older kids. Tv was easier than trying it out on his old friends, which because of his differences are no longer his friends. It really hurt his feelings having them laugh at him instead of hugging him, or being glad that he was alive and home.

Everything has changed so much. Piercings, clothes, language was something out of this world as they swore openly even around adults. Is this something he should do? Unable to speak of any situation his self, he just nodded saying 'uh-huh' or 'maybe' to any conversation directed his way.

Zeo was very glad that Kai hadn't mentioned his brief lapse in the clothing store, he didn't want to upset Zeta who seemed to be keeping an eye on him; he may be a little traumatized but its because of that that he can spot when someone is throwing too much attention his way. The long side glances, and oddly placed sentences and questions just to get him to speak. Those were all things that Kaihou had done when he was withdrawn for the day.

Zeta and his father got lucky, unlike most victims Zeo was more hurt around the man than he is with them. He's a nervous wreck for sure but he'd take uncomfortable over scared any day.

So far, he's learned many personal things about these boys from listening to them talk and watching how they act with each other. Tyson is very head strong and thinks a lot of himself; he tells great stories about when he was a blader and about things that just happen normally. Zeo personally cheered on the parts when Ozuma won matches over the Granger boy.

Max just liked to have fun of any kind and he seemed to be the group peacemaker, breaking up battles with Tyson and Kai when the two fight a bit.

Rei is nice, but Zeo can tell there's a fighter inside of him with a bit of a mean streak when pushed the wrong way.

Kai is very easy to read, he'd rather be left alone with anyone that doesn't make him feel uncomfortable, like they're expecting something from him that he doesn't want to give. Zeo can relate to that. Another thing he discovered about Kai is that he's very wealthy. It was nice of him to want to buy him clothes the way he did.

"And I'm telling you, that fanboy must have been stalking me; did you see some of the pictures people wanted me to sign? I could hardly scratch my butt if I wanted to." Tyson was going on about a time when his fans would burst through the door of the waiting room at the stadiums, which was funny because Max shared the very same room- they all did, and he never saw anything like that happen. "I really don't know which is worse." He finished, arms crossed, shaking his head.

Fanboy? Thinks the blue haired male. Now that Zeo looked at them they're all very attractive for men. Each of them having a feature about them that you just can't help staring at. Which Zeo would never do openly, but he wouldn't say that he wasn't looking either. And all of them are dating? Or is it just Kai and Rei? Men and men, women and women. How odd. Which at some point led the male to the question.

"Max? Are you and Tyson dating like Rei and Kai?"

Kai looked down when a slab of canadian bacon hit his lap. Rei covered his mouth from laughing out loud at the male's bold question. He knew it was gonna set Kai off later, unfortunately he had to be the one to hear it.

Max laughed nervously, but tried to deflect the question a little too late. "What are you talking abou-..."

"Kai? You and Rei?!" Tyson's eyes widen as he looks back and forth from each boy. "Why didn't you ever tell anyone? Its not like I would have made all that much fun at you." He tosses a mushroom at the stoic former leader.

Swatting it away with ease, he says. "For that reason alone, and it isn't any of your business anyway."

Seeing that he'd started a fight, Zeo lowered his head. "I'm sorry, I didn't know that it was a secret." He mentally slapped himself; of course its a secret!

Two men aren't supposed to touch each other, so you have to whisper about it if you're not planning on hiding it altogether. Bad enough he made a grab for the mean Russian but now to give away his secrets; he must think of him as the worst person in the world.

"Its alright, Zeo." Says Kai ready to be over it as he returned to his lunch.

"It is?" He looks up at him, hope in his broken eyes.

Shrugging it off. "Sure it is," says Tyson. "Kai is the one who should feel bad for being a sneaky snake. Same to you, Rei."

Laughing, he says. "Don't rope me into this. I wanted to tell you guys but I couldn't; its nice that Zeo decided to do it."

"Maybe Kai should tell all his secrets to him then." Tyson says smartly.

"Ha ha." Retorts the Russian.

"To answer your question," Max interrupts the mini kick boxing match going on under the table between Kai and Tyson by swinging his leg out between theirs. "Tyson and me have been together for almost four years."


Nodding, Max smiles like a cat with a mouse in his mouth. "Yup. Its great. Were you interested in him or something?"

Blushing, Zeo shakes his head. "No. I was just curious about it."

"Yeah right." Grunts Tyson.

He's heard it all before. The kid was just like everyone else looking for a bite of the Ty' man. Its understandable, so he's never rude about it. That's not champ behavior.

"Just know that Max and me are solid, so its not gonna happen, bro- okay?"

Everyone groaned at the male's arrogance, more than used to it. But when its this hardcore it hits you like a tidal wave of annoyance.

Blinking, Zeo then looks at his brother and asks. "Are you seeing anyone, Zeta?"

That silenced the group. If Zeo didn't know about Ozuma being gay... boy was he in for a shock, not to mention the fact that his childhood best friend turned out to be dating his clone.

Zeta looked to be blushing as he took another bite of pizza in order to delay his answer a bit longer. What was he supposed to say? Yes, and its Ozuma! Can you believe how lucky? That would really hurt the already screwed up kid. Zeo has morals from ten years ago, he doesn't know that outside of his father's teachings two people of the same gender can love each other. Any chances of it happening for the boy are slim since Kaihou decided to rob him of his innocents and lack of knowledge of the subject of sex and love.

"Ze' hasn't found anyone yet." Tyson says out of nowhere.

Everyone turned to look at him. Why was he lying for Zeta? Zeo will be living in the house from now on, there is no hiding the fact that maybe someday Zeta and Ozuma would get back together, and the boy might actually find out in a much worse way than being told ahead of time.

That took the wind from Zeo's chest, he was sure one of them or Zeta himself would say that he was dating Ozuma. That would just be awful. Ozuma... he's his best friend, if these four want to run around hurting each other than that was fine, but he would never want Ozuma to hurt like he had; especially if it were being done by someone with his face.

How could Ozuma look at him the same? Although, there was that time in his bedroom when Ozuma slept over, he looked at him funny and the air got thick like he wanted to say or do something but he didn't. Not to mention Zeta continually made weird faces whenever Ozuma was brought up. What's the connection between them anyway?

After lunch Zeo wanted to head home. Over stimulated and tired, he has had enough for today. But there was one thing he needed to do first. Reaching into the pocket of his new jeans, he pulls out his cell then with a bow he says to them. "Phone number?"

The group looked at him like he was an alien. But then with a smile on his face, Max snatched the phone from the boy then punched his number in with his name attached adding a smiley face beside it. Handing it off to Rei, the Chinese blader pressed his number into the phone then another number for the BBA incase he leaves his phone at Kai's place on accident. Handing it to said male, Kai quickly put in his number then hands it to Tyson.

Adding his number to the phone he then puts a face beside it, an icon vomiting. With a laugh, he hands it back to Zeo. "There you go. Call anytime." And he really meant it. With a wave, he and the others started away.

"Thank you guys!" Called Zeo. "And thanks for the clothes Kai!"

The Russian raised his hand in the air but said nothing.

Just a hand in the air? That is so cool! He mentally declared. Turning back to Zeta he smiles. "Are you ready to go home?" Like he had brought him out to meet his friends and not the other way around.

Its nice to see Zeo smiling and honestly, there's an endearing bit of life behind the male's eyes now. Its very nice to see. Zeta just hoped his brother wasn't planning on becoming a Kai, because then he and his father will have a whole other set of problems on their hands.

During the walk home the two said nothing, there was no need to. It was just a comfortable silence between the two. When arriving at the mansion they stopped by the door; Pango can be heard barking on the other side of the door.

"Thank you." He throws his arms around his brother.

"For what?" Asks Zeta.

"Believing in me. I really... I really wanna get better, I don't wanna disappoint you or dad."

"Don't do it for us, Zeo. Do it for yourself." He rubs his back. "We're only here to make sure you don't stray from that path."

Laughing into his brother's shoulder, he shakes his head. "I won't."

But the moment the door was opened, by William, and the two walk in heading for the living room... all that light and happiness was crushed by the weight of two detectives, sitting on the couch sipping coffee like they weren't the things out of place in the living room.

Zeo turned on his heels in an attempt to flee but Zeta stopped him by grabbing his arm.

"I don't wanna talk to them! No!" He pleaded with his brother to stop shoving him toward the living room but his feet continued to be shoved. Zeo writhed and struggled, sounding like he were about to have an asthma attack at any minute. Why are they doing this to him when things were going so good? Is this what happiness would be like? You're high one minute but only because they're hoping to staunch the betrayel cooking in the background.

"Please Zeo," whispers his brother behind him. "I didn't know dad was doing this either, but you have to talk to these men in order to have Kaihou found; don't you want him to pay for what he did to you?"

Zeo, who started crying, nods his head. It looked more like he were passed out, and someone rattled him around until his head bobbed a nod.

"Then please sit down, Dad and me aren't gonna leave you alone with them." Nodding over to their father, he says softly. "You're gonna be right between us, nothing can get you."

He was wrong, because there would be no one but him between the memories bashing him around in his head. There are pictures, he's sure of it. Can't they look at that and leave him alone. He was having such a nice day minus that little lapse, why do they have to do this today?

Taking a seat, he curls into his self, leaning over a bit touching his brother who thankfully put his arm around him.

The detectives looked confused for a moment, they've never seen twins like this before. But quickly they found their voices and the man with the thick brown hair and mustache to match said.

"Zeo Zagart, we'd like to ask you some questions about Kaihou Fuhen."

In a stern voice, he says. "Get it over with."

Zeta rubs the male's arm for strength, though he could tell he might be channeling Kai at the moment. It was still better than nothing; and if Kaihou is caught they can better start putting this nightmare behind them for good.

"We won't be long." The detective informs the boy. "I'm detective Itsu and this is detective Keiji." He says in a hushed tone, like there may be a baby asleep in a room nearby. "We're gonna have to ask you some questions in order to find the man that's hurt you, Zeo. Is that alright?"

Cocking a brow, Zeo nods.

Smiling at the teen's cooperation, he begins. Notepad open to a clean page, he presses the ready to work pen to the flat yellow lined surface. "Being the last one that's seen Kaihou Fuhen, you will know what he looks like."

Zeo blinked.

Seeing that the boy was confused by his trainee's horrible sentence structure, the other detective clears his throat then scoots a bit closer to the edge of the couch. "Zeo, since you were taken... has Kaihou changed his appearance any in the last ten years? A mustache? Lack of one that was once there?"

Zeo thought it over. It was tough not remembering being six, so the image of Kaihou when he was that young is forever embedded in his mind. The anger in his eyes, the flared nostrils. His tone so unlike all the times he would speak to him, and ask him about his day after picking him up from music or school, swimming lessons. Feeling as if the man were in the room right now with his arm around him, Zeo shrugged out of his brother's hold, craddling himself further by wrapping his arms around his legs rather than having them folded up on his stomach.

He was silent for so long, detective Keiji was beginning to think he shut down. He's seen many cases like this and was surprised Zeo had put up a fight as he did. Most kids are completely silent, still, and shells of a normal human. This case itself is incredible really. Most kidnap victims are lucky to be found alive muchless make it home. This boy is very brave to venture out on his own considering what happened the last time he did.

"Um... He gained weight. I don't know how many pounds." He holds his hands up to show them. "He used to look like this here," he spreads them open to the width of the man's former size. "But he kept on eating so that he looked like this." He spreads them apart about six or so inches wider.

"Good, good!" Says detective Itsu eagerly. "Anything else."

Detective Keiji held up his hand waving it at his trainee to silence him. "You just take notes." Seeing that the man understood, he then looks at Zeo. "That's very good, is there anything else?"

He thinks about it. Mouth twisted into a frown, his eyes lowered to his lap. "His hair..." He trails off.


"It used to look really full and nice, like this" he grabs his into a ponytail then pulls a few strands this way and that, bangs moved here and there.

Dr. Zagart cocks his head. "I have a picture of him from back then." He gets up to locate the picture.

Zeo stared after his father never taking his eyes away from where the man disappeared from until he came back in and sat down. Handing the picture over to the detectives, Itsu asked to keep it and Dr. Zagart allowed it. As if he would refuse.


Zeo's knees trembled nervously until Pango walked into the room sitting down by her master's feet. He reached out a hand petting the dog absently. "He cut it to a broom cut." Placing his hands up like a sword, he places them at the side of his head. "Like this, see."

Nodding, the detective writes it down on the notepad.

Thinking further, he shakes his head. "That was all. His face stayed the same."

"Can you remember anything about where you were staying?" Asks Keiji. "The area, the address on the house?"

Zeo thought about this as well. He was never allowed outside at first, but as the years went by and Kaihou began to figure no one would look for the boy, he allowed him outside with him. They never went anywhere, just sat on the porch swing in each others arms. He never saw the address of the place and Kaihou never said it. They were surrounded by the forrest. He knew that much.

"Hey Zeo," his mind spoke to him through the memory. "You know why its called the forest?" The man says the word in english.

"No." He replies in a tiny voice too young for 15.

"Because its for rest, you get it?"

Kaihou began to laugh. The corners of Zeo's mouth tugged up and he laughed quietly as well.

Even now Zeo could feel a tug of a smirk at the corners of his mouth. But they soon fell into frown hearing the detective's voice. "I don't remember where we were, there were a lot of trees around. But Mrs. Shiori said that I was a long ways from Tokyo, that we were in Hokkaido- are you gonna kill him when you find him?" He asked urgently.

The the two men looked at the boy confused. Keiji shook his head after the initial shock was over. "The law doesn't permit that kind of punishment here in Japan. I'm sorry, but he will get 30 to life depending on the case." Seeing the boy's eyes he wasn't sure if that was relief or worry. Trying to ease his fears, he adds. "You will be promptly notified if he is released for any reason, and he will be monitored to ensure he stays away from you."

Unable to hold his words back, detective Itsu asks. "How did you escape from him? You must have been really scared and very brave."

Casting his gaze off to the side, he says absently. "The truck was old, I practically fell from the back when the door opened. I'm not brave, barely lucky." He trailed off.

"But its amazing that you found your way home."

"I took a ride with a strange woman because she'd already had kids with her, they seemed alright so I went with her."

Detective Keiji shakes his head. Risking one bad person for someone who could have easily been another is foolish, thinks the man.

"I stayed with her for a while and Mrs. Shiori was real nice to me..." He trails off. Thinking quietly to his self for a while he then says. "I told her about my home, and she said she would put me on a plane and send me but then she brought me herself. I... I left her in the hotel room, I had to get out of there," his voice became urgent as though he were right back in that place feeling every emotion all over again. "I wanted to see my mom and my father. I just... I couldn't just sit around and wait until the next day. If nothing else, I remember my way home."

Detective Itsu all but cried hearing that story. Detective Keiji tried to remove his own kids from the situation when he listened to the child. Thankfully they had all they needed. But there was one last question he had to ask.

"The truck, what color was it?"

Zeo looked blank for a moment, then said... I don't know. Maybe green, maybe blue but it had a long scrape across the side."

"Mmm." Replies the man, as another question struck him he asks. "And this Shiori woman, why didn't she call the police when you told her what happened to you?"

"I lied about what happened. I had to. I didn't want anyone to know what had happened, I was too embarrassed about it."

Nodding, the man says. "I see. Thank you Zeo, you were a big help. We'll find this man for you and put him away." Nodding to Zeta and Dr. Zagart in their departure.

"I'm gonna go upstairs." Says Zeo leaving the living room.

Watching him, Zagart waits until the boy is out of earshot before he grabs Zeta's arm to speak with him. "We need to talk."

Keeping his voice low he asks. "About what?"

"Nadaline, my wife is going to come here sometime this week."

Here it comes, he wants me to leave again. Thinks the boy, his artificial heart sinking.

Placing his hands to the cyborg's shoulders he squeezes them tightly. "I want you to stay," the teen's eyes widen. "Nadaline has to see you so that I can show her it isn't a lie this time."

Just when his spirits were picked up they've been dropped right back down again. He's never met his should-be-mother. But from what his father told him some months ago about her freaking out when a lesser version of his self shut down in front of her, he can pretty much guess how she's going to treat him. Rei always spoke of inner strength being the fuel behind anything you do, and boy was he going to need it this week.

"I want her to have our son back as I do. I... I want her to meet you, and love you as I do."

He looks back into his father's eyes, his own glassy. "Really?"

"Of course." He pulls the boy into his chest. "I can't say that we'll be a family but, we'll at least try to all be on the same terms of affection with each other."

Zeta didn't know what to say. A family. A brother. A mother. His father. Smiling, he pushes away from his dad, a blush clear on his face. "I'm gonna go check on Zeo."

"Alright." He smooths Zeta's hair back, releasing his hand in the process.

Zeta felt elated as he walked up the stairs, his feet thumping with each step making his smile bigger. His hand comes out grabbing the banister. I can hear my foot steps, feel the banister under my hand... my own heart beating in my chest. I can smell things in the air and I can feel good. These things let me know I'm alive and that my existance is real, but now... now I actually feel wanted.

He wiped the tears from his eyes with the back of his hand; he laughed quietly as he realized he was crying out of joy. Turning the corner to where his former bed room is located, he knocks on the door listening a moment to see if the boy is inside, then he remembered that the house is virtually sound proof. Turning the knob he lets his self into the room. The shower can be heard from the small hallway that connects the bedroom to the private bathroom.

"I'd better leave him alone." Just as he turns to leave he spots the diary sitting open on his brother's bed. He didn't mean to go over to the bed, and he didn't mean to lean over and take a look. "They're gonna catch him and its all my fault?" He read out loud.

Glancing at the entrance to the hall, he can still hear the shower water. Looking back at the book he picks it up reading down the page. It says the same thing until the page ran out of space. Turning to a previous page his eyes widen in shock as he reads the personal words.

"I've been bad, I'm sorry. I love you, I love you, I lo-..."

Like he'd been electricuted Zeta drops the book to the bed. Shaking, he backs away from the bed. He's not getting better at all. He's... he thinks he's in love with him! Loud breathing fills his ears, and he spins on his heels seeing his brother standing there fuming with anger.

"Have a nice read."

Before Zeta could move his brother punched him in the face.


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