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"Before you signed me on as your assistant, I was nothing more than a lowly assistant for an archeologist in the desert of Egypt. No matter how good my skills were he saw me as nothing more than a woman who knew her place; so my husband, Fuhen, and I needed money more than anything since he and I weren't making much." She sneers. "I told him get a job with you, as a driver, because the pay sounded too good to be true for such a simple job."

Dr Zagart glared.

"And as time went by he overheard you talking about these studies with the ancient science of the past, and I had to jump on it." The woman's eyes are alight with memory. "I quit my old job just as soon as I was sure I'd caught your eye when you came to the desert to research, like the other scientist had. The way you smiled at my knowledge was all I needed to know; I'd hooked you."

Angered by the woman's hubris, Dr Zagart sighed impatiently nearly beating his head into the table. "What does your life story have to do with needing to kidnap my son!?" He barked when he meant to keep his voice down.

"You were gonna fire me- does that ring any bells!" She popped the table with her fist. "I couldn't have that happen when we worked so closely together, when I knew so much and had so little pocket money to show for my work."

"So this was all about money?"

"Yes. Being fired wasn't gonna serve me in any way. I'm a very skilled researcher Doctor, and I planned to become more some day, but you need money to get somewhere in life." She snickered. "My husband always came home talking about how annoying it was taking the brat to all his wealthy-life activities. It was sickening how much you loved him... Ahaha, you had this coming Zagart. The moment you said you didn't need me anymore, because you've lost interest in the Egyption studies we've been doing on the sacred beast... that's when my husband's complaining became a God-send. All we needed was for one moment when the boy was expected to travel alone, and we would have him."

Dr Kaihou or Dr Kay, as she's better known, smiled remembering that day. Her husband came home talking about how the Zagart kid was expected to be driven to France, to see his mother over his birthday. Zagart was going with him, but with any luck she could see to it that he didn't go.

The plan was set, and a trip was then planned for Dr Zagart and herself; still being on the pay roll, she had say in where they researched... as long as it was legitimate. Wishing his son well, her husband drove them half way to the airport then stepped out of the car where he met up with his wife's brother, who drove them in the opposite direction. It was almost too easy.

"There was a bonus to our plan... when we saw on the news that the car had been hit by a truck, and you thought your dear son to be dead..." Her eyes sharpened. "We would bleed you dry if you knew your son were still alive, but then... the unexpected happened... you didn't fire me, you actually gave me a raise! So we decided the plan would be postponed for a while- until we can think up what to do with the boy."

"Damnit Kay, if your worthless husband harmed my son, I'll-..." He stood now, fist holding fast to the woman's orange jumpsuit.

"You'll what? Beat me up, locate my husband and harm him as well." She threw her head back laughing. "You're pathetic. Hurting us won't undo any damange that has been done, and rightfully so; your son was a spoiled cry baby that got what was coming to him." She smacks his hands away. "Would you like to hear the rest? Or are you satisfied with what I've given you to beat yourself up as a neglectful parent?"

She smiled when the man returned to his seat.


Crossing her arms, she tosses her bangs in smug power over the man. And it was about time after all she's been through with his demands.

"You ordered me to go scouting for this rock that contained ancient spirits within it; I didn't get your reason for it, but orders were orders. I met up with a hungry child in New York that had access to the lab where it was being held, and well, you know how that turned out. It wasn't until that day I'd planned on attacking those brats that withhold the four sacred beast that I first saw your son." A smirk appeared on her face. "I panicked- yes- I thought my husband had chickened out and gave your son back, but no... I find out that the reason for all that research and thievory was for the sake of creating another son to replace your dear lost Zeo. How sweet and desperate." She spat the words out.

"Tell me, how is the little Cy-boy doing? Hm? You shut him down yet? I'll bet little Zeo had a major heart attack when he saw him. Wish I could have been there." She laughs harder. "You know, I thought you and that shallow wife had another son- or that you had a twin hidden away like some dark secret, but to see what I saw at the competition.." Mio again laughs.

How did he never see this woman for whom she really is? Was he really so blinded by his love for his son he didn't notice?

"You know, I almost tried to take him too, but then I didn't really see the point in doing it when I could easily just take the sacred beast that you wanted to steal for my own team." A smile plastered to her prison worn face, she says. "What's the matter Harushige? You look pale. Maybe you're coming down with something. A case of regret for hiring me? Guilt over what happened to your son?"

"Alright, times up." Says a gaurd emerging from nowhere. Grabbing the woman by the arm he leads her back to the cells.

Harushige Zagart could hear her laughter, her crude shouts of mock until the sound proof door finally slammed shut. Letting out a held breath, he finally felt a tear that slid from his eye. She's right. This is all my fault. I should have gone with Zeo, I never should have left him alone with that man, he wrote in his journal that Kaihou seemed a bit too interested in him... I'll... I'll kill that snake. I'll see to it that he disappears to the point of his name not even being a memory. Then my son can rest, he can finally rest at ease that his father could protect him.

Looking up when he feels a hand come around his arm, he stands a little embarrassed that he'd gotten so lost in thought. He has to get home now and see his son; he's probably worried sick without him.

"Okay Grampa!" Calls Tyson from the hall, it sounded as though his voice were getting closer to the kitchen. "I was just gonna take care of that." The door slid over. "Sheesh what a pest." Seeing his blue haired friend a couple dishes ahead of him, he smiles. Walking further into the kitchen. "You didn't have to do that, I would have."

It took Zeo a while to answer as he collected his self to speak. "I wanted to. I've actually never washed a dish before, its really not as bad as everyone makes it out to be."

"Ha. Say that twelve days from now." He picks up a towel to dry what's on the wrack.

He really wished his grandfather would get a dishwasher already, he heard they even have electric drying systems and everything! But the old man said they can't afford the luxury when the labor is free, or something street like that. Glancing sideways at his friend he can tell something is still bothering him as his eyes are shaded by his bangs.

"Zeo... if you're upset, really, I'll do the dishes myself. Its no problem."

Swallowing hard, he sighs, shaking his head. "Its fine Tyson, I'm fine." Running a sudsy hand across his face. "I'm just thinking about some things." He turns to look at him, a glassy look in his eyes. "That's all." Plastering on a false smile, he hands him a dish. "Now are we gonna finish these dishes or talk all night?"

"Hn. I'd rather get a tooth pulled." He says drying the dish. Looking at Zeo, he shoves his hip against his with a smile. "We'll switch half way?"


At the Zagarts home.

Harushige got back around ten p.m. His first action was to go to his son, but when he got to the bedroom he wasn't there. Frantic he stormed downstairs ready to break the butler's neck for letting his son leave... when the man appeared at the bottom of the stairs, hands up in defense of the assault he knew was coming.

"Where is my son? Didn't I tell you to watch him?!" The man was enraged- he knew that mostly it was at his self for- once again- leaving his son's side.

"Sir, before you fire me... you should know that master Zeo is in your bedroom. I tried to stop him but he insisted on sleeping..." He trailed lower when he saw the man dashing back up the stairs. "There."

Pushing the bedroom door open, sure enough, there was Zeo sleeping in his bed, nestled within the blankets, his hands gripping them for dear life. Letting out a relieved sigh, Harushige closed the door to keep out the light from the hall. Crossing the room, he thought about waking the boy to give him his vows of protection... but he let him sleep, just glad that he's able to do it.

He doesn't know what the boy had been through to any extent, but he knows that he's been afraid long enough, and will feel that fear no longer. Undressing, then slipping into his blue and white striped pajamas, he slides into bed with the boy. Staring at him, he reaches over to brush his hand through his bangs.

I'm sorry I left you alone my son, but never again. Leaning forward he kisses him on the forehead, before wrapping his arm around him pulling him close. He smiled faintly when a pair of hands grip the front of his shirt before they slid past his torso to wrap around his back.

"I'm sorry about the broken plate." Says Zeo laying on his futon, staring at the ceiling.

"Its just a plate." Says Tyson doing the same thing.

"I'll pay for it." He goes on to say, his voice trapped in deadpan. He recalled washing the dish so carefully but... when he caught his reflection in it his hands just- let go.

The glass shattered every which way and, with the help of Tyson, he cleaned it up but he knicked his finger in the process. Grandpa Granger gave him a band-aid to cover the exposed metal that withholds the wiring and tubing keeping him functioning. Zeo couldn't help but laugh at how odd it was that he does the things a normal person does, without a moments hesitation because he can. But when it comes to pain... He doesn't feel it, any of it. Why? So how can he feel as if he matters when...

"I'll be forgotten." He says out loud, unaware of it.

"By who?" Asks Tyson.

"Everyone. Once He-.." Shaking off his choice of words, he corrects his self by saying. "Once Zeo starts to live his life again... I'll... I'll be forgotten. I can't keep up this charade forever- I can't run away from home and assume that everything will be ok when it won't. I've been trying to hold my feelings in but, its hard Tyson." His voice cracks with over exhersion. "Its hard when I'm able to do just that- feel... That cut I got... I wish I could have felt it. I wish I could say ouch but, secretly, feel relief for the release of some of my pain. But I can't. I've got nothing but all these emotions swelled up inside of me, and they're doing it. They're cutting me without relief."

Tyson's face scrunched in pain. He wasn't sure what had did it the most, the fact that his friend wanted to become a cutter or the fact that he's suffering, and there's nothing he can do about it. Will his words do anything, mean anything to Zeo... The only Zeo he knows, and plans to know.

"Zeo.." His tone a whisper. "No one will forget about you- how can we? You are the only Zeo that me and all the other guys know. How can you think that we'd-..." His words are cut off by Zeo speaking.

Knowing that he wasn't heard, or just a bit struck by the words his self he spoke them again. "Not Ozuma... Ozuma knew him... and he's," he caught his breath. "He's gonna want to know him again- could you blame him? I read Zeo's diary months back, and got to know what they had a little bit, it ended bad because of what Ozuma went through when he was younger, and he's gonna wanna make up for that. He's gonna... leave me."

Tyson closed his eyes, feeling the wetness of his tears streak down his face and into his ears to the pillow. "But... Zeo... I think Ozuma does owe that to himself, but he won't forget about you. He can't- none of us can."

"My dad has, and Ozuma will too." Wiping his eyes, he says in a snide tone. "Has he called, Tyson. Since I got here has he called to check on me? Will he?"

Shaking his head, the Granger replies unsure. "He might have, I didn't ask Grampa about the messeges."

"He didn't. And he won't," rolling onto his side, he covers his face in the pillow. "He's forgotten about me, and soon you all will too."

That was all Tyson could stand, how can Zeo doubt their friendship like this?! Doesn't he know that they would do anything for him, including hate this other guy if he did! How can he be so thoughtless?!

Before Tyson opened his mouth another thing occured to him. What if, deep down Zeo is hoping we forget about him? What if he's afraid that once his father remembers him, he'll turn him off for good. That must be it, that's what's bothering him. Unsure of what to say, he listened to the sad sobs of his friend for a moment, then he slid from his bed down to the floor climbing under the covers with him, holding him close. Don't worry Zeo, me and the guys will make sure your father, or that other guy, don't try anything funny with you. I promise.

0 0 0

The next day.

Zeo's eyes open slowly as he's greeted with the sound of laughter, that sounds a lot like a certain blond. Taking a deep breath to get in some morning air, he opens his eyes farther then looks about the room seeing his friends around him.

"Huh? What are you guys doing here?"

"Max called us yesterday," says the Drigger wielder. "He said you've been kind of down about something, so we came to cheer you up."

"You did? All of you?" He looks about the room at all his friends, even Kai came with a faint smile on his face as he stands demeur in the corner of Tyson's bedroom.

Spotting Ozuma, Zeo blushes and looks away. He wasn't sure he was ready to face him yet, because he knew at some point he would have to tell him. It was actually pretty fortunate that he left that day Zeo had returned, he didn't think he was ready to give up the Leopard blader just yet- or ever- if he could help it.

The "Chatty Cathy" of the group that called them all, pushed his way into view snagging the wrist of his pajama shirt pulling him up from the bed. "Shower and get dressed, Zeo. We have a whole day ahead of us at the amusement park."

"Amusement park?" He questions as though he's never heard the words before, but he follows Max's lead from the room into the bathroom, where he has a towel and other bathing items waiting for him.

"We'll get breakfast for you, so don't take long." Max calls through the door.

Everyone came here for me- even Kai! And I'm almost positive him and fun don't mix- especially fun at an amusement park. Everyone is trying to cheer me up because they're my friends, and they love me. Lowering his gaze he smiles tiredly. Maybe... Maybe this is what I need, one good day with my friends, and then I can spare myself of having to say goodbye to them. I can go home and accept my fate... Who knows, maybe with a little right wording I can last a few more days with my Dad and, inner shrug. Spend some time to get to know the guy whose gonna take my place.

Pushing away from his support on the door, he walks over to the tub turning on the shower water. Zeo really liked Tyson's bathroom with the wooden floor and old fashioned tub with the little scrubbing area beside it. He thought about getting one put into his bathroom for a moment, but ended up shaking the thought off. He isn't going to be sad today. Today isn't just for him, its for his friends. Taking off his night shirt, he then drops his pants and boxers; grabbing a wash rag, he then steps under the warm spray of water.

In the kitchen the others are cooking breakfast; mostly Rei and Kai, while the others sit at the table conversing through the wafting smells of eggs and sausage with a side of what smelled like chedder grits.

"Mmm." Tyson intones turning his nose in the direction of the stove. "Boy Rei you make the best food. You should come by every morning and cook."

Chuckling, he says. "You think so, Grandpa might be a little put out."

"Ha. Grampa hasn't even come up for air."

Embarrassed that a teenager cooks a bit better than him, he snaps at his grandson in mock anger. "I don't see you offerin' to cook if my grub is all that bad. What are you taking those cooking classes for at school, if you're not learning anything?"

"Its called home ec." He grins at the plate set before him. "And Kai's serving! Boy Zeo should be down more often." He comments while pulling the top from his chocolate chip muffin.

"Speaking of Zeo, what is it that he's so sad about?" Asks Ozuma not sure why Max had called him out of the blue yesterday, saying they should give Zeo a day of fun because he needs some cheering up.

"I was wondering the same thing." Chides Kai; butt against the counter, arms crossed, his attention was on conversation... he kept a side long glance at his, unknown to the others, boyfriend.

With a shrug, Max takes a sip of his orange juice. "I'm not really sure either, Zeo's been acting strange since the other day when he ran from us like he didn't know who we were."

Ozuma cocked a brow to that. It was a strange thing to say since he was with Zeo most of that day, so when did he?

"I think he said he and his Dad had a falling out or something. That's why he's staying with Tyson."

Choked up, he holds a hand behind his head with a little guilt on his face about knowing the reason for everything, but not being able to tell since it wasn't his place. You could say he's even patting his back for keeping it to his self. "Yeah, what Max said. Mr Zagart yelled at him or something, but it upset Zeo big time... so I told him he can stay here, right Grampa." He watches as his grandfather slips out of the kitchen, plate in hand. "Traitor." He snarled under his breath.

"Who's next?" Asks Rei handing a plate to Kai.

"I'm hungry." Says Zeo entering the kitchen; the fresh smell of shampoo and soap accompany him as he passes the others and takes an empty seat beside Kenny.

Again Ozuma cocks a brow with question. Everyone is acting weird today. Something more has to be up than Zeo and his father fighting, heck they were with that man not long ago that day, and he seemed fine up until he got that phone call from someone and they were rushed home. So what happened between them after he left?

"As long as I don't have to get on any rides, I'll be fine." Says the chief, playing at the corner of his laptop computer.

"I second that." Says Kai setting a plate before Zeo.

"Come on you guys, its the best part of going to the park." Says Rei plating up the last of breakfast for his self. "You eat yourself sick, then relieve it by going on the rides."

"That sounds like a good way to pass out." Whimpers Kenny.

Excited to the point of bouncing in his seat, Max points an egg loaded fork at Tyson. "I heard they have this ride that flips you upside down, but you haven't actually gone anywhere but in a circle."


Snickering at their enthusiasm; Zeo steals a glance at his boyfriend, quickly looking away when he notices that the male is looking back or has been staring from the start. When the shorter boy stood from the table, coming over to him, he knows he's in for a bit of explaining and lets his boyfriend hook him under the arm to bring him outside into the open air hall. The two walk a ways away from the door for privacy. When they're sure they have it, Ozuma looks at Zeo with question.

"You probably wanna know what's really going on?"

"The thought crossed my mind once or twice." He crossed his arms to show he meant business.

Rubbing his arm with his hand, he looks away shyly, a bit scared. "Dad and me had a fight about..." His eyes dart to the side as he lies. "The tournament."

"...What about it?" He looks confused.

With a shrug to show that he didn't understand his father's motives either he says. "He thinks I'm gonna over heat like before, and end up shutting down." It wasn't far from the truth, it was at least the fear of a Zagart whether it was his father or not.

"That's ridiculous, you're fine. Why would he think something like that?"

Licking his mouth, he tries to think fast, when his hand detaches from his arm and he shows his boyfriend his bandaged finger. "I cut myself yesterday, ha, I guess you could say it reminded him of how fragile I am, and he freaked out." With another shrug, he hides his hand behind his back. "I told him I'd be fine but... he said he can't always be there with equipment to repair me if something happens."

Taking his hand within his own, he cocks his head back and forth as if to inspect the injury through its nearly rubber cover. "Its not so big, he can fix it and I can see that you don't hurt yourself anymore. Okay? We can go over there right now." He takes his hand in a hold then starts off the porch.

"No, Ozuma!" He pulls his hand free. "I'm still mad at him, so... can we just enjoy the day and forget about it. I'll get it fixed I swear." He nods slowly with a look in his eyes telling him to let it go.

The kitchen door sliding open gets their attention. Tyson glances up the hall then down to them. "Are you guys still talking, your breakfast is getting cold."

"We're coming." Says Zeo. "Can we drop it?"

"...Yeah. Sure..." Watching the blue haired male head back to the kitchen, he slowly follows after him.

Zeo made his father's bed after the two of them have woken up, he folded the blanket down once he covered every inch of the bed while fluffing it out, giving it a quick smoothing with his hands he then takes a step back to inspect it. He wouldn't want to have done it wrong.

Zeo was thrilled waking up and seeing that the man he was latched to was his father, and not the other way around with him being the one latched to. A shudder ran through his body as he remembered something vivid; blinking hard he tried to dismiss the thought but it refused to move, it rooted itself in his vision forcing him to watch it. Just as that dark figure hovered over his bed, breaths hard and panting, he reached out and-...

"Stop it!" He screamed when a very real hand lands on his shoulder.

Harushige pulled his hand back. "Zeo," He spoke to assure the boy that it was he who had touched him.

Shaken, he turns his head to look at his father. Blinking, confused he then blushes wishing that he hadn't zoned out. "I'm sorry. I was just..."

"Having a nightmare."

"I can't have a nightmare if I'm not asleep, father." Replies the boy looking down at his lap trying to shake the uncomfortable feeling, that a conversation he doesn't want to have is coming his way.

How can he talk about it? Why would he want to? A man... a man touched him in that way... Who would want to hear about that? When his father sat down he blushed harder scrunching his shoulders in wishing he could hide somewhere.

"Zeo," he starts, placing a hand around his shoulders. "What happened to you when you were gone?"

Shaking his head, he tried to withdrawl his self from the situation. Maybe he could pretend he lost his voice, yeah that might work! Hn. Yeah right dummy, he already heard you talking. Wetting his lips he unnoticably, to his self, began to rock back and forth. Breath hard, hands in tight balls on his lap.

Zagart watched this with concern, and with a jarring shake he snaps him out of it. "Zeo. Zeo!"

"Nothing! He didn't do anything to me, he just made me clean up and stuff!" He shouts with his eyes closed; catching his hard breaths, trying to even them, he then says in a lower voice. "I... He might have beaten me a couple of times too, if I didn't do it right."

Harushige's fist clentched and unclentched in anger. But at least Zeo told him what happened, and there was nothing more to it. He can heal him of his bruises and emotional pain. No problem. That Kaihou would sexually abuse his son seemed unlikely, since he's a male after all, and the man is married to a woman. Nodding, he stands from his bed bringing, shoulder gripped, Zeo to a stand with him.

"Let's not disguss this anymore if it bothers you." He says; now that he knew all he needed to know. "We can have breakfast, and find something fun to do today."

The large man leads his son to the exit feeling a little tug to get away. Appeasing to the teen's wishes, he waits by the exit when Zeo stands where he was released, head down and shaking. Unsure of what he's doing, Dr. Zagart walks over to his son, then kneels down before him, back to him.

"How about a piggy back? You loved those when you were a child."

Looking at his father there before him, so ridiculous that the large man was offering a piggy back to him, he laughed dryly before climbing on. "You're such a dork."

Zagart only laughed as he straightened up then walked them out the door. Zeo rests his head down on the crook of the man's neck, arms and legs firm around his father, he inaudibly sighs. He hears the butler telling them breakfast is ready when they reach the foot of the stairs.

Lifting his hand he waves with a smile. "Good morning Mr. Masterson." He says kindly until he's close enough to see that the face of the person he greeted isn't the same. Frowning, he blushed then tapped his father on the shoulder. "Can you put me down, please." He's lowered to the floor.

"Is something wrong?" Asks Harushige, assuming that things were getting off to a good start considering.

Rubbing his neck uncomfortably, he says quietly. "I'm too big for rides." Looking at the floor he starts for the living room.

With a finger up to stop the child, William says. "Perhaps breakfast will put you in a better mood. We're having sausage dumplings and grits. Your favorite."

"What would you know about my favorite things." He snapped to cover up that happy light that showed in his eyes at the mention of his favorite breakfast. "I don't know you, or any of the new people here."

"Breakfast is a good idea, Zeo. I'll introduce the servents to you later on." Says his father glancing to his left when the phone in his office begins to ring.

Taking the hint, and glad for the exit William says. "I'll get it."

Zeo watches his departure, then turns his attention back to his father. "Are you just gonna forget I ever mentioned him?" Asks the boy.

Harushige looked uncertain of what he was talking about, he just got finished saying he would introduce the help to him.

"I'm talking about this... this puppet boy. I wanted to meet him."

Nodding faintly, he opens his mouth to speak but he remembers that cyber Zeo has his son's name so he reverts back to what he called him before he was finished being created. "Uh... I don't exactly know where ZetaB2 is right now."

Mulling through what he's heard, he pouts a bit. "Doesn't he have a remote? Can't you make him come back?"

"Its not that simple, Zeo." Says the man walking into the dining room in hopes his son will follow and get something in his stomach as he's sure the boy had refused to eat when he left yesterday. "Zeo's body may be prostetic but his mind and heart, are very much real. He has a soul, that hollow body, which keeps him running like blood in your veins. Zeo-..." shaking his head to correct his self, he says. "Zeta is almost like an artificial clone of you. I don't have a remote to shut him off, or make him move."

Frowning, the boy lets out a tormented sigh. "I know you're very smart as a scientist, but... I don't understand any of that myself."

"I don't suppose you would. But Zeta is... He's a good boy. I know that if you met him you'd like him."

"No. No I don't think I'll ever like him." The boy declared. "He's the reason mom left and probably won't come back to see me! He took my place and he'll..."

"Enough of that nonsense." Zagart said; breathing evenly, trying to keep his anger down as he sees the fear in his son's eyes that he raised his voice at him. "Zeo. Your mother and I were already shaky after what happened between me and Dr. Kay. You may have seen us back together, but it was only a matter of time before she would have been fed up with my leaving to work with Dr. Kay, since I decided not to fire her." He takes a drink having nearly bitten off his tongue each time he mentioned the woman.

"...I'm sorry." He whispered. "May I be excused?"

"Zeo I want you to eat something first." The man insisted.

Nodding, he keeps his gaze down. "I just wanted to use the bathroom."

Taken aback by that, he nods. "Right. Go on." Watching his son come around the table, he says. "There's a bathroom down the hall fourth door at your right."

"Thank you."

Snagging him back over to him, he says. "I'll try to track down Zeta for you, but you have to promise me that you won't be frightened of him."

Nodding, he says. "I promise."

Moving away, he heads out of the dining room and walks down the hall for the bathroom. Once safely inside, he kneels to the floor shoving his hand into his pants. Biting his bottom lips to stifle his voice, he sniffs back tears. Father doesn't hate me, he didn't replace me. He repeats as he rubs away his distressed erection.


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