Horny Chichi

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"Goten, my dear. Help mom tidy the table now, would you!~", said Chichi with a lovely voice.

"*yawn!* Sure, mommy. Heere I am~", answered the kid while rubbing his eyes and yawning. His face was sleepy because of the great dinner they had but he still wanted to help his mother before falling asleep for real. The day was long and full of both duties and fun for the kid but he always found some further strength to make his mother happy. He knew that doing so would have made him happier too.

"Thank you, swe-!". Chichi wanted to thank her kid when the latter dashed incredibly quickly and in less than a blink, the table was completely clean from the dirty plates and everything was thrown in the washbasin. Goten stood besides his mother with a triumphant smirk, the kind he showed once he believed he did a good job - and he certainly did so once his mother caught him in her arms and gave him a deep kiss on his cheek. If there was one thing Chichi loved more than anything was to show her love to her children, even for Gohan as he was now a young adult. That evening however, Goten and Chichi were all alone: Gohan had been invited for a night trip with the likes of Videl and her other classmates. His mother obviously sniffed a plausible suspicion behind that "going out with friends", but Chichi didn't complain nor she berated Gohan more than necessary. Even though she wanted only the best for her son (that was to make him become a successful scholar and researcher), as he grew older and older she could not deny him the joys of youth that everyone of his age deserved, including the possibility of hanging up with some fancy girls.

Chichi however, had nothing to worry about. That night she was staying with Goten and that was everything she needed. She gave the kid a few more kisses and Goten didn't complain; instead, he joyfully accepted his mother's affection and in return he gave her a few of his own's.

"Ahhh, my little Goten is such a nice boy, isn't he?~". Chichi snuggled Goten's small nose with her own and the kid giggled innocently, one of the noises Chichi liked to listen the most in her life, especially her recent one. The sound of little Goten giggling so cheerful brought her mind back in the day when she was just a young, silly girl looking for a man who would love her and be by her side like the prince found in fairytales. That man eventually arrived and despite a particularly rocky start, far different from the one she dreamed off, they eventually bonded and started up a family. Unfortunately thought, that man would have departed from her and her two children for who knew how, leaving them with the promise of always looking over them from the world above. Kissing and cuddling Goten like that reminded Chichi of the luck she had for having married a man who would have given her the best children she could have ever dreamed for and she was there with them, being able to love them and stay close to them whenever she wanted.

"Hihih, of course mommy! See how fast I was? I think I did it in less than a second! Not even Gohan would be this fast!~", the cheerful Goten flexed his small yet strong arms trying to make a 'tough one' impression. Chichi found that impression more sweet than tough and cuddled his hair with her hand while holding him tightly to her chest. Goten felt it was so soft he could have fallen asleep right then and there. Chichi them said:

"Good good, Goten~ Say, before we go to sleep… Would you like to have a bath with your mom?"

Goten widened his big black eyes and turned them up to look at the woman while his chin was attached to her cleavage.

"A… a bath, mom?~". He sounded excited about the prospect.

"Yes, Goten! You've been training all day with your brother and you didn't even changed your clothes! I thought I told you to do so every time, didn't I?", Chichi's tone sounded more provocative than pissed off like her usual. Goten pointed his eyes down, losing himself temporarily to his mother's large and soft chest, his hands being very close to touch the fabric covering it, before he looked back at her and said:

"Y-You're right, mommy! Fine, I'll wait you in the bathroom! I fill the tub!~". Goten jumped down from his mother - not before giving her another kiss on the cheek, this time being very close to her mouth. He hopped out of the living room and headed for the bathroom.

"Remember to regulate the temperature, Goten!~", Chichi recommended before she turned back to wash the dishes. Due to the fact she was very tired as well and because she seriously needed a bath to refresh herself, Chichi didn't put much effort into the cleaning. Using only a few drops of soap, she rubbed the plates and the frying pans and quickly washed them out. It took her only a few minutes and after washing her hands, she loosened her colorful apron and turned her head toward the bathroom where Goten was setting things of. She took a deep breath and went for it too: her heart was beating fast and layed a hand on her legs very close to the middle of them. She chuckled quietly and lifted her eyes up:

"Uhh, I'm sorry my dear…", Chichi said to herself (?) "...but my sons just make me so much happy these days. If you were here, I'm sure you'd understand~".

With her hand gripping her cloth on her chest, she decided to go for her room first. She wanted to make a surprise for her precious boy…

Meanwhile, Goten had already settled the bathtub. The room was filled with warm vapors caused by the hot water flowing out. The kid had already taken all his clothes off and put them aside and sat on a small wooden stool patiently waiting for his mother. His uncovered body already looked defined and athletic despite his young age and in his wait he looked himself at the long mirror of the bathroom. He posed himself, taking a look at his smooth muscles and hopped on his tiny feet with a tough expression without losing his usual smile:

"Ahh, it's always good taking a bath with mommy!~ But, I can't decide whether it's better with her or with Gohan?~". The kid put a hand on his chin and looked up, thinking about the possibilities. "Well, I have fun with both of them but differently. Gohan is like that while mommy is like-". He was toying with his fingers when a hand knocked on the door.

"*muffled voice* Hello Goten, sweetie! Can mommy come in?~".

Goten turned his head and went for the door. He didn't run due to the pavement being slippery because of humidity.

"Here mommy! Come in!~". Goten turned the doorknob ready to recieve his mom and right behind his eyes appeared a scene he wasn't expecting.

Chichi was standing at the bathroom's entrance and her clothes were gone. Her naked limbs were fully visibile and the only part of her that was covered was her torso, where a long pink towel covered her from her breast to the middle of her tighs. She was wearing a pair of beach slippers and both the hand and toenails were painted shiny black. For a moment, Goten stood still with his mouth wide opened as he was staring at that beautiful woman: he could feel his heart beating faster and an itching sensation between his legs caught his attention. His hand was slowly going for his stiffening shaft when Chichi's soft and mellow voice called him out from his trance:

"Hey there sweetie! Is somebody here happy with what he's watching, mh?~". Goten realized what he was going to do and removed his hand and invited Chichi to join him in the bathroom. He was blushing red and his heart beat was increasing:

"A-ah, sorry mommy! I-I was distracted! H-Here, come in, please!~".

Chichi found his reaction adorable and as she slowly stepped in while wiggling her hips left and right with each step, she caressed his soft red cheeks and reassured the blushing kid:

"Mhmhmh, there's no need to feel shy about touching yourself once you look at a beautiful woman~ If anything, I like you show me so much appreciation before we even start~...". Chichi, still carrying her towel on, took a look around at the bathroom and how Goten settled it. For what she saw, she admitted Goten did his best and didn't bother about the fact that there was maybe too much vapor around the room. She sniffed the air and recognized a perfume among her favorites that filled the bathroom:

"Awww, Goten!~ You used the Wild Grass fragrance for the bathtub! That's a really nice gesture!"

Goten looked down at her feet and giggled quietly:

"Eheh, I know it's your favorite so I used it!~". He could feel his small member stiffening some more now that she was looking at her almost naked mother. Despite the fact that she was carrying a towel, he was already really hard looking. Chichi chuckled and landed a hand to Goten:

"Ok sweetheart!~ Shall we begin?". Her eyes looked sweet and tempted and her smirk sent a bunch of vibes to the young kid. Goten nodded enthusiastically, the two stepped into the bathtub and Chichi took the pink towel off, revealing her naked body in all its glory.

Because of his age, Goten didn't see many naked women obviously, but he couldn't deny the fact that his mother's looked like the definition of beauty and softness. Each of her body curves, from her medium solid round breasts to her thick and round tighs, sent multiple shivers across Goten's body, so much so that he felt his small member getting visibly stiffer by the second… and not just his. To Goten's lack of surprise, her mother shared that same trait with his kid: right between her legs, a long and dark appendage was quivering excitingly and for every second it stiffened up itself as well.

Goten was the first one to dive in the tub, the warmth of the water made him emit a slight moan which caused him to blush deeply. Despite the fact he did it with his mother many times in the last year, every time felt like the first one. Chichi giggled watching his son becoming more flustered and embarrassed and asked:

"Hihih, what's the matter sweetie?~ Are you getting shy?". The mother too lifted her leg and dipped her foot in the water. Her own moan was deeper with a noticeable sensual note. Goten shivered hearing that noise as Chichi approached him, sitting next to him with the water now covering her bent legs. She giggled excitingly feeling the warmth of the water:

"N-No mommy! I'm not~", said Goten while he was getting a sponge and some body soap. "It's just… You look really good, mommy~ A-And every time I see you like that, I feel happy!". Goten poured the sponge with soap and started rubbing his arms. Chichi put a hand on her cheek and said:

"Aww, that's a lovely comment, sweetie!~ Mom is really happy too being with you right now! Here, allow me to rub your back~". Chichi poured some soap in her hands and rubbed Goten's smooth skin on his back. Goten giggled for the tickling while he was rubbing his legs and feet with the sponge. Chichi's big hands gently scratched every inch of his skin and gave Goten a long massage to his shoulders. Her thumbs rubbed the bottom of his hair while the other fingers touched his neck and his upper chest. Goten felt his heart beating really fast this time around and as he was about to wash his genitals, he felt something really hard in his hands: his member had already reached its maximum hardness and it was quivering between his tiny fingers. The gentle massage of his mother made him close his eyes in sweet temptation: he never felt this good for a long time and his mother was the only one who could make him feel so good:

"So, is my baby boy enjoying my massage, isn't he?~", asked Chichi with a sensual and allusive tone. From her position, she thought that his kid must have gotten hard at this point:

"Y-Yes mommy!~", answered Goten excitingly. His hands were holding his hardened penis without moving them. He wanted to resist until his mother gave him the go but it was extremely hard to do so. "It's really g-good!~"

"Mhmh, I'm glad to hear that~ Say, did you wash everything on you? Your feet? And between your legs?~", asked Chichi as she trailed one of her hands on her own shaft. It was still resting while feeling a small amount of twitches. She too was struggling to resist until she wanted to. Goten didn't answer right away because he was being invested with another wave of pleasuring shivers. He twitched his legs too and said:

"Y-Yes mommy, I did!~".

Chichi mumbled with doubt and jokingly whispered in Goten's ear:

"Mmmh, are you sure you washed yourself good enough?~ Want me to give it a proper rub myself?", asked Chichi while giving him a light kiss on his ear. Goten's cheeks turned deep red and without warnings, he turned back and looked at his mother in the eyes. His eyes were wide opened and hungry for more:

"Yes, please mommy!~ I'd want to!". He tilted his head on one side and twirled his fingers together. That scene made Chichi giggle again joyfully:

"Ahhh, Goten!~ You look adorable when you beg me like that! Ok, now follow my lead, sweetie~".

Goten was now sitting right in front of her naked mother. Her wet body wasn't hiding any of her curvaceous and soft features and Goten looked back and forth at everything she had with his mouth opened in ecstacy. Chichi made him sit on her lap and in a few seconds, the two embraced themselves in a hug and exchanged many affectionate kisses with their mouths. Their lips intertwined with one another and a series of sensual moans filled the bathroom. Goten embraced his mother's neck and enjoyed every single kiss he or she gave: to further make things even better, his torso was being squeezed between Chichi's soft breasts while his hardened penis was touching his mother's own which was now getting hard itself. Chichi held Goten's head and gave him also many kisses on his cheeks: she enjoyed kissing his face more than anything because she liked how soft they were. They detached from one another and their respective faces displayed how much satisfied they felt about the whole situation:

"Mmh, Goten, you're such a good boy for making mommy happy!~ Are you enjoying this too?", asked Chichi with a feeble excited voice. Goten nodded and proceeded to lay his tiny hands on her soft breasts.

"Yes mommy! I like it. I really love you so much!". He fondled her breasts like they were fresh bread buns and sucked one of her erect nipples, vaguely hoping for a possible milk ejection. Chichi moaned softly whole caressing Goten's wet hair and she let him eat her nipples as much as he wanted. She thought they had all the time they needed to do whatever they had in mind, not even worrying about Gohan coming back anytime. She didn't have any reason to worry about it really:

"Oohhh!~ Is my baby boy hungry?~ B-but mommy doesn't have anymore milk with her-Ahhhh! Mmmh, what's touching me down there?~", asked a smirking Chichi while pointing Goten's face to her. Goten licked his lips after enjoying playing with his mother's breasts and said:

"I don't know, mommy. Shall we see it?~", asked him in an allusive way as well.

They both lowered their heads and saw that their respective members were touching their respective heads with one another. They were both rock erected and a twisted excited smirk marked their faces. Goten's penis was the shorter of the two, even though it was clearly thicker and as Chichi noticed, the hardest of the two; Chichi's was longer about a few centimeters more and its skin was darker than Goten's. Below it, Chichi felt also a itching sensation on her pussy, like she was about to cum at every second. Goten moved his own back and forth, making his thick meat road grind against Chichi's own, with the latter making deep moans for every movement. A series of happy memories traveled across her mind, back in the day where she firstly experimented the joys of having a male reproductive member, after years believing it was an unwanted anomaly. A person helped her appreciating her 'gift', not her 'curse' and that person would have been the one she promised to be together for the rest of their lives.

Chichi came back to reality once Goten grabbed their respective heads with his hands and squeezed them together against one another:

"Ahhhh, G-Goten, wait! I'm-I'm so close to cum, sweetie!~ If-If you squeeze so hard, you will-Aaaaaahh!~". Chichi bit her lips while Goten giggled innocently while fondling both their hard members together with gentle gestures. Their skins grinded against one another while submerged in the hot water, making the whole process even better:

"A-Ahhhh, mommy! But you like it when I do it! I'm close too! H-Heere it is! O-Ooooh! Ooooohmmm!~". Goten stroked their skins faster and harder and Chichi gave him another kiss on his mouth:

"Mmmmhpf!~ I'm so proud of you, dear!~ Mommy will make sure to reward you with everything you'll want until you'll be satisfied!~ Now, let's cum together! H-Here, yes, yes! Please, make mommy cum, sweetie! Aaaaah! Aaaahahahah!~".

Cackling like an obsessive, Chichi pressed her lips onto Goten's own while they both ejaculated hard. Goten rubber his hands hard this time around and repeated shots of semen came out from their respective penises, smearing the water of the tub they were in. Because we was much tougher than his mother, Goten stroked himself more than her and came more profusely than Chichi. His smiling mouth was wide opened and drool leaked out of it. He liked it once it came out. Chichi too smiled with her mouth wide opened and halted Goten before he stroked himself anymore. They still had much more to do and didn't want him to just unload everything in one go:

"Hey, take it easy, sweetheart!~", said Chichi tapping Goten's hair and smiling. "We just began and you wouldn't want to unload everything right away, now would you? The best is yet to come, hihihih!~". She chuckled highly pitched and Goten followed in toe.

"Ok mommy! Now, can we change the water before we play again? It's all dirty now". Chichi nodded as she saw the traces of their sperm floating in the water. She also thought they'd finish washing themselves before proceeding to continue their activities in bed. What she hoped at the beginning of the whole thing was making her even happier than what she expected…

Goten and Chichi finished washing themselves at the end. They decided they would have finished things in bed. For Goten, it was nearly controversial to make things in bed where they would have smeared everything once again, themselves as well but Chichi reassured him not to worry about - and besides, she wanted a more comfortable place than the hard surface of the bathtub.

They dried their hair and once they were all cleaned and perfumed, Chichi carried Goten in her arms and headed for her bedroom. Along the way, the two completely naked, naked exchanged more mouth kisses and the amount of libido was so high Chichi almost stumble on the entrance door. Chichi sat on the bed with Goten still attached to her mouth and as she noticed, their members were hardening once again. Chichi felt her own particularly sensitive - maybe she overdid herself as well, not just Goten. Goten, on the other hand, looked just as healthy as before. Chichi was the first one to grab it and started to stroke it gently while Goten muffled excited moans in her mouth:

"Mmmh, yes Goten~", said Chichi with the sweetest voice she could muster. Her hand trailed up and down on Goten's hardened thick member repeatedly. "You're such a good boy for making your mommy happy~ You only deserve the best. Now, allow me to give your tasty meat a proper clean~ Then, you can play with mommy's as well. Sounds good, right?~".

Goten had his eyes shut for how good he felt while his mother handled his penis so magnificently and nodded excited:

"Yes, thank you, mommy! You're the best mommy in the world~"

"Mhmh, no Goten. I thank you~", answered Chichi, a pinch of melancholy in her voice.

She made Goten lay on his back on the bed while Chichi closed her head to his erection. Even though they just bathed themselves, it still emanated a noticeable hormonal smell. Now Chichi looked at it much closer, she was shocked to see how much larger it was despite his young age.

[Man, it looks enormous!~ Neither Goku or Gohan were this big back in the day!~ Mmmh, it looks so tasty, but there's one way to testify it, hihih~]. Chichi moved her long shiny black hair aside, opened her mouth and gave a stamp kiss on Goten's penis. The kid quivered in excitement for feeling his mother's wet lips touching his member and more kisses of the same passion followed in toe. The mother spent many minutes massaging his son's member with the sweetest kisses she's ever given in a long time while Goten's face contorted in a delighted expression:

"M-Mom, your kisses are so nice!~"

"Aw, thank you darling!~", said Chichi affectionately while giving a particularly loud smack on his tip. From her current position, the sight of Goten in ecstacy gave her a happy flashback of the past. The first time she managed to get a taste of her future husband, his blessed expression as her mouth worshipped his manliness. This gave Chichi an idea after they'd finished their thing. She had a tail to tell for Goten:

"Mmmph! *smack!* Delicious, Goten!~ And now, I'm gonna use my mouth!~". Taking a deep breath, Chichi widened her mouth and slowly swallowed Goten's member in one go. A slimy warmth made Goten shiver uncontrollably, so much so he gripped the bed sheets hardly, almost tearing them apart. He moaned loudly, not caring at all about how high his tone was. For what concerned both of them, they were all alone in the middle of the mountains, so they could just scream however they wanted. Chichi started bobbing her head up and down, letting the drool in her mouth wetting her son's meat. She emitted sloppy noises with each movement and pushed her head so much Goten's head hit the bottom of her throat repeatedly. Her eyes were filled with lust and saw her son's face being twisted with an equally lustful expression. He felt his smooth skin being massaged by her mother's sloppy mouth:

"Ahhh! M-Mom, this feels a-amazing!~ I love it! I love you, mommy!~". Goten held Chichi's head by the hair and pushed her deeper while moving his hips as well. Chichi didn't expect such gesture from her son but she followed him in toe and let him do just that.

[Hah! So you want to fuck my face like that, boy?! Well, I've got a surprise for you!]. Smearing her index finger with the slimy liquids coming from her mouth, Chichi used that finger to peg into Goten's small butthole. She just touched it with her wetted finger that Goten pushed his hips for the shock and his penis hit Chichi's bottom throat hardly. Chichi gagged loudly and Goten saw her eyes leaking tears and quickly retracted himself, believing he might have hurt her.

"Aah! S-Sorry mommy! Did I hurt you?! I-I pushed too hard!~". Goten held her face, checking whether she was doing ok. Chichi, coughing a little, held his hand and kissed his cheek quietly:

"*cough* It's ok, honey~ You didn't hurt me. Ehehe, I should say sorry myself for having scared you with my finger~ Shall we continue? I think you're close right now!". Chichi layed her index finger on Goten's tip which felt extremely warm: visible veins were twitching and precum was leaking from it. Goten took a sigh of relief and said:

"O-Ok mom, I'll be more careful. Next, can I play with yours, please?~"

Chichi returned her head to Goten's twitching member and gave it a slow and long lick upward, saying:

"Mhmhmh, you don't even need to ask me, sweetie! I'm waiting nothing else but that~"

Chichi then swallowed Goten's penis back again, this time using also her tongue to stimulate it. She then used her wet finger to loosen his butthole and this time Goten didn't react at all. He let his mother poke it however she wanted and this continued for several minutes. A lustful expression twisted Chichi's face as she kept bobbing her head up and down, tasting the thickness of her son.

[Mmmmh!~ Is it just me or is it even harder than the last month?! I could hardly move its skin with my lips~ It feels like sucking an iron pole… just like Gohan's, and just like… Hah!~ He's enjoying it so much!].

Goten emitted continuous excitement moans, his mouth wide opened and drops of drool leaking from it. He layed his hands on Chichi's cheeks and made her eyes made contact with his's:

"T-thank you, mommy! This f-feels so a-amazing!~ I feel so g-goood!~ I'm so grateful!~ Ahh-Aaaaah!~". Goten's moans turned louder as he felt a stingy sensation on his tip. He felt like his heart was trying to break free from his chest. Chichi wanted to answer to Goten's thankful comment and removed her mouth with a sloppy noise:

"Mmhaaa!~ I'm the one who thanks you, sweetheart!~ Are you ready to cum yet?~", asked Chichi while she stroke Goten with both her hands.

"Y-Yes, mommy! Keep on like this! I'm-I'm c-close! NnnghaaaaAAAAH!~~". Goten shouted outloud as a quick series of warm shots came out from his tip. Chichi's face and chest was covered in semen and she kept on stroking the meat road even after the copious cumshot. Goten relaxed his bent back on the bed while Chichi provided with the cleaning of his penis, licking and swallowing every trace visible with a joyful expression on herself:

"Whohohohw, Goten!~ You've improved so much since the last time! I've been going like this for almost an hour, and you still look so hard!~", said Chichi while wiping the last smear of cum from her cheek: "It seems your training with Gohan has helped you a lot~".

"Ehehe, you said it, mommy!", said Goten while looking at his smeared lovely mother. "I didn't even need to turn Super Saiyan!~"

Chichi made a frown hearing about that but then changed her expression once an idea poked her mind.

[Bah, that Super Saiyan! But, now that I think about it, I wonder how it will… Well, let's keep it for another time, maybe. Now, it's his turn!~]."Ehm ehm, ok Goten!~", Chichi cleared her throat and sat up, putting her own hardened penis to show. It was longer than Goten's own and it was leaking some liquid from its tip. Between her legs, her inner tighs were also wet with pussy juice. "Now it's your turn to make mommy feel good!~".

Goten displayed a shimmering expression as he jumped down from the bed, allowing Chichi to take his place…

Meanwhile, at the party where Gohan went with Videl…

"Atchuu!", sneezed Gohan outloud, causing Videl and Erasa to gasp in shock. "*sniff!* Huh, that's unusual"

"Hey Gohan! Bless you!~", said Erasa, making a slight giggle.

"Ah, t-thank you Erasa. It's really unusual. It's not even cold tonight!~", said an embarrassed Gohan scratching his itching nose. Videl smirked and caught his hand. She wanted him to go and dance with both girls on the dance floor:

"C'mon, you dork!~ Show the music those muscles! This one's good!"

Gohan chuckled nervously and blushed lightly red. Before he went though, he checked on his phone and read a message from his mother. It said:


I hope you're having fun tonight! When you come home, if you want to bring someone with you, feel free to do so. Boys or girls, it doesn't matter. Just, make sure nobody comes in my room. Tonight, it's me-and-Goten night, ok? Night, sweetie!~💋"

Gohan blushed more profusely for that message rather than Videl's invitation. He then recomposed himself and followed the girl on the dance floor. A slight smile came on his face:

"Eheh, I almost forgot it was Goten's time tonight. I wonder how they're doing!~"

Back at Son's House…

"Aaaaaaaahhh!~ Yes, Goten, my baby boy! Keep on sucking it and push your fingers deeper!~ Oooohh, I'm so close! Soooo close!~".

Chichi was contorting in groveling pleasure while little Goten was wrapping her long shaft in his mouth. Despite its length, Goten managed to swallow all of it without issue. He could manage the bottom of his throat so that he didn't choke with her tip. Unlike Chichi, Goten moved his head slower but not any less passionately. Because of his strength, he was afraid he could injure his mother with a sudden reaction: only with Gohan he could afford to put a bit more effort in his doings. Still, his mouth maneuvers pleased Chichi so much her legs stiffened and trembled upward while the kid kept on swallowing her member. At the same time, he used his tiny hands to massage her pussy, inserting his fingers deep into it and massaging the lips and clitoris.

[Mmmmh!~ Mommy, yours smells so nicely, unlike Gohan's. His stinks a lot after he comes back from school, ehehe!~ It is really hard too! I'm having so much fun!]

Chichi's moans became louder and more passionate, to the point where she wrapped her smooth legs around Goten's head, forcing him to take the whole shaft in his mouth till the bottom of his throat. It was certainly the signal:

"Here, Goten!~ I hope you'll enjoy mommy's newly fresh milk!~ Take it! I give it to you with joy! Oooh! Ooooh!~ OoooohAAAAAAAAH!~~". Chichi's pushed her hips harder on Goten's face several times and after a while, she released her warm load inside Goten's throat. The kid felt the warm liquids flowing in his innards while his eyes were turning upward for his enjoyment and the same could be said for his mother. Chichi slowly pulled her shaft out of Goten's mouth and she kneeled down on the floor near her son, hugging him fondly around her soft breasts. Goten coughed a little while wiping some of the white stuff from his mouth:

"Eheh, mom is so proud of you, sweetie!~ *smack!*". Chichi kissed Gohan on his cheek, making the kid giggle cutely:

"Hihih, thank you, mommy!~ That was great! What did you think of my technique?", asked Goten while looking at both their shafts. They were both still smeared with white stuff and stiffened, a sign they both still had energy left for another round:

"Mhmh, you did a masterful job, Goten, even going so far as to take all of it deep inside~ I thought only Gohan could do as such. Tell me… Did you two made some 'practice' without me seeing you?", asked Chichi lifting one of her eyebrows and sharpening her eyes, like the times she was about to scold her sons. Goten gulped, as he didn't got the fact that his mother was just pretending and said:

"... Mmh, m-maybe just a little, mommy. Only one time, o-or two…". He looked down and twirled his fingers. Chichi looked at him, chuckled and kissed him on his front:

"Hihih, I'm just messing with you, Goten~ You two can practice as much as you want. The only thing I need is that you keep the secret between us and these walls. Am I clear?~". She snuggled her nose against his smaller one. Goten giggled and kissed her on her mouth:

"Sure, mommy! Now, who gets to do what tonight?~", asked Goten, jumping on jis feet and swinging his shaft left and right. Chichi still sat on her knees and placed a finger on her chin, thinking. She then got the idea:

"Mmh, what about a hand game, Goten?~"

"Ahah, sounds good! Prepare yourself! Rock…", started Goten, hiding a clenched fist behind his side

"Scissors…", said Chichi in return hiding a clenched fist of her own behind her back:

"PAPER!", shouted both as they extended their arms and opened the hands. Goten played paper while Chichi played scissors:

"Ahah, I won this time!~", exclaimed Chichi lifting a fist in the air. Goten groaned in annoyance but he wasn't disappointed at all by the result. The last time they played he won the game so he didn't complain too much. Besides, he loved when it was his mother who took him from behind at the end of their session:

"Alright mommy! I'm ready whenever you are!~", said a cheering Goten as he jumped on the bed and settled himself belly up with his hands grabbing his feeties. He wiggled left and right like a toddler and that image melted Chichi's heart:

[Awww!~ He looks so cute like that!~ That takes me back a lot!] "Ok, my baby man!~ Let's see how you're doing down there~"

Chichi layed her hands on Goten's ass cheeks and checked how his butthole was. With what she performed before, it looked loosened but just not enough. She wanted to start gently with him so she smeared her hand with what was left on her penis and used one of her dirty fingers to dig deep into it. Goten emitted a quite moan while Chichi proceeded to moisturize the flesh around it. She even placed her mouth onto it, using her tongue to lick the inner sides. Goten felt his heart beating faster and his breath becoming faster as Chichi kept on eating his ass:

"M-Mom!~ You're licking my butthole like that!~ I-Isn't it dirty-aaaah!~". Goten wasn't used to it so it made sense for him to be perplexed. Chichi reassured it while taking a look at how much big his penis came back to be:

"Yeah, just a little, but I can't resist it!~ You look so much cute when you have that face! You remind me of your dad!~". Chichi made her tongue circling the round flesh of his butthole while sniffing on his small balls. She too felt her own shaft hardening back, even though it hurt a little. The pain however wasn't going to stop her from what she wanted:

"R-Really, mommy?~", asked an overexcited Goten as he held his chest with both hands. He got them placed on his nipples which were pointy and hard. Chichi removed her face and smiled eagerly, reading herself to welcome Goten to her lower assets:

"Yes, sweetheart!~ You're so much like him… Mhmhmh, and to think you've been so nice to comfort me in such a gray time… I have no words to explain my gratitude, so I'm heading for the actions right away. Are you ready, son?!", asked an ardent Chichi with her tip pointed at Goten's hole. The kid felt touched by his mother's words and nodded eagerly:

"Sure I am, mommy! Give me your best shot!". He helped her spreading his ass cheeks as much as he could.

Chichi took a deep breath, her heart racing up like a rally car. She held Goten by the ankles and she slowly welcomed her shaft into her son. Pushing carefully so that she didn't hurt herself, the tip made its way and Goten, who had kept his energies to low levels in order to help his mother, felt a ripping pain crossing his body but greeted his teeth and waited for his mother to be fully in:

"D-Does it hurt, Goten?~", asked a struggling Chichi while tightly holding Goten's feeties, which began looking tempting for her as she lowered her torso toward him:

"Y-Yes mommy, but don't worry! I can take it!". Goten had his reasons to be so confident. Having taken Gohan himself a few weeks back surely gave him proper preparation for what would have come; however, every time felt like the first and that was something he enjoyed every time. Chichi nodded and acting slightly faster, he plunged the rest of her length into her son. A highly pitched howl of pleasure echoed around the empty house from both of them: Chichi felt like multiple needles pierced her gland and Goten felt like a torch had pierced his innards. Both their faces contorted in a lustful eager smile and Chichi got the opportunity to kiss Goten's feeties. Despite just having a bath, they still smelled slightly but this made her more willing to sniff and kissing them more. Goten giggled while still trying to relax his muscles:

"Eheheh, m-mommy!~ It tickles!~".

Chichi had sucked his toes in one bite and began moving her hips back and forth.

"I know, but I need to give your stinky feet another wash!~ Now, hold it. I'll start to move!~"

Gritting her own teeth too after releasing Goten's feet, Chichi moved her hips with increasing vigor. Even though she wanted to begin slowly, the intense goodness she felt ended up becoming too much for her to handle consciously. Goten on the other hand began enjoying her pushes the more he gave him: he still kept his ass cheeks spread while for each move Chichi made, his own shaft wiggled up and down.

"Nnnghh!~ Oh Goten! You're so warm and soft inside!~ Are you lowering your power for mommy?!", asked Chichi while her tighs slapped onto Goten's cheeks loudly while he penis emitted sloppy noises for each thrust.

"S-Sure mommy!~", answered Goten. He felt his fingers slipping away and chose to grip the bed sheets. For one second, he feared he could rip them apart. Chichi began thrusting faster, her hands handling Goten's feeties and her hips loudly slapping onto his ass cheeks - but not as loud as her moans of pleasure:

"Ghaaaa!~ This feels amazing, Goten!~ How does it feel when mommy takes you deeply like this, sweetie?~". Her slapping noises became faster as she lowered her torso and was very close to Goten's face. His joyful expression already said everything but she still wished for his own words to come out. Goten's jaw trembled but then said:

"I-I like it so much mommy!~ I feel like my butt is melting!~~"

Chichi smiled and gave him another kiss on his mouth. Her tongue slobbered around his mouth repeatedly and Goten did just that in return, creating a plethora of sloppy noises which would have attracted the attention of everybody around the silent area of Mount Paozu.

Chichi left Goten's face and she noticed that his massive cock was swinging around leaking liquids profusely:

"Awww, is my baby boy going to cum once again just for his mommy fucking him in his butt?~ Well, allow me to help you out!~". Chichi, feeling she was close too ejaculating, had an idea on how to end things nicely.

Still thrusting loudly with her hips, Chichi embraced both Goten's legs together so that his feet touched her face while with the remaining hand she fondled his thick meat road which was wet because of the liquids it leaked. Chichi sniffed and licked Goten's feeties eagerly, like she'd never licked a pair of feet in a long time - which was mostly true. She covered all inches of skin with her sloppy tongue, tickling their small cute toes and sucking their big toes at the same time. Goten emitted a mixture of laughing and exciting moans, especially once Chichi grabbed his penis and stroke it vigorously. Due to the fact he lowered his ki to Chichi's equal levels, he felt extremely sensitive around that area because he already came once:

"Ahhh, Goten!~ I'm so much happier now!~", said an over excited Chichi while sucking on Goten's toes. "Kissing your cute feeties while taking your butt and stroking your gorgeous manliness is a pleasure only you can give to mommy!~ And now, mommy is… almost… ready!~ Nnnnnghhh!". Chichi now let Goten's feet go and while still thrusting with every fiber of energy left, she grabbed Goten's shaft with both hands and stroke it with each thrust she gave. Goten gritted his teeth trying to contain his desperate moans even though the pain he felt left its place for lustful pleasure. He too felt he was very close but tried to hold it until his mother was ready as well:

"Ghaaa! Here it is, Goten! Ahhhhh! AAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!~~". Chichi emitted a loud lustful howl while her warm liquid filled Goten's small butt to the brim, where loads of cum leaked from his flesh. At the same time, Goten let himself go as well, releasing a strong semen shot which fell all over his body and on the bed sheets.

Chichi, even though she felt at her limit and all the pain she didn't feel before came all at once on penis, couldn't stop moving her hips and further thrusted hardly a couple of times over before she stopped. With her legs trembling because of the struggle, Chichi removed her softened member out of Goten's twitching hole. His too was starting to withdraw, its length diminished to the point where it was merely 5 cms.

"Ahhh, that was… incredibile, sweetie~", said Chichi with a quite voice. She felt exhausted but extremely satisfied, just like every weekend when she did it with either one of her boys. She let herself fall on the besides her as much exhausted little boy, who was so close from falling asleep. He rubbed his eyes and looked at her beautiful naked mother:

"We'll do this again next week, right?~", asked Goten while handling Chichi's cheeks. The mother giggled and bumped him on his nose with her index:

"Sure, Goten~ You've been such a good boy recently and, next time, I'll think about whether you should transform or not…"

Goten's eyes widened in joy for a second before he relaxed them suddenly. He quivered in excitement about the prospect but at the same time, he was afraid about what would happen should he lose self-control, as it could prove fatal for his sweet mother. In fact, he asked:

"R-Really, mommy?!... But, I'm not sure. I'm-I'm afraid I could hurt you, like I did tonight… but worse…". He looked sorrowful and looked down, staring at Chichi's large breasts. The mother was surprised by Goten's thoughtful pondering - she wasn't expecting it. She was convinced he'd jump excitingly about the prospect without a second thought: instead, his reaction went against all her predictions. She assured him though:

"Mhmh, I said I will think about it, Goten~ I'm not convinced neither and you know how I feel about that Super Saiyan!... But, maybe if you ask your brother about it, I think he might be able to help you find a solution… Who knows? There's plenty of time before that! But now, let's have another bath, shall we? I'd like to tell you a story about your dad!~"

Chichi's cheerful expression came back to her and Goten let himself being embraced in her soft arms. The two made their way to the bathroom, leaving the soaked bed of Chichi's room. She would have changed it tomorrow:

"Really, mommy?~" asked an excited Goten. "What does it talk about?"

Chichi giggled while she opened the door of the bathroom:

"Well, my little man, this story takes place many years ago, back when I was a little older than you…". Chichi closed the door behind her while she told Goten her story, and aside from the muffled noises behind it, silence and quiet returned around Mount Paozu…

Several hours later…

Once it was nearly 3am, Gohan flew back at his place while carrying Videl in his arms. They were embracing and kissing one another. Their cheeks were reddish as well as their eyes: they most certainly drank a little that night. Gohan opened the entrance door and stumbled on his feet trying to retain his balance.

"Mmmh, Gohan. For being a dork, you really got some guts taking me, Mr. Satan's daughter, at your place~", said an eager Videl while she caressed Gohan's ruffled hair and kissing him on his cheek.

"Eheh, my mother gave me permission, so there won't be any problem. Also, you and Erasa agreed to tell your father you slept by her tonight, so there's really nothing to worry about!~"

Videl tapped his cheek and giggled with her eager expression:

"Ehehe, aahh Gohan~ You're such a cutie when you talk like that!~". She hiccuped and wrapped her arms around Gohan's neck. Gohan, who was slightly more sober than her, chuckled and looked around while sensing energy sources: he wanted to make sure his brother and his mother were out of Videl's sight. He sensed their energies were close to one another in one of the bedrooms - Chichi's one, and they were quiet and relaxed. They were probably sleeping at this point. Still, before he could give Videl all the attentions she deserved, he wanted to assure himself further. He carried Videl to his room and gently put her down on his bed. Then, he turned his head toward his mother's room and said to Videl:

"Listen, Videl. Wait me here just a sec"

"Mmmh why, dorky boy?~", asked Videl as she contorted her body in such a way it looked like she purred like a cat. "Where are you goiiiiing?~". She almost tripped down the bed and Gohan caught her up just in time.

"Whoo! Careful you! I just need to make mom know I came back. It'll take only a few seconds~". Gohan said amicably as he closed the door behind him and headed for Chichi's room.

He sighed deeply while he was blushing deep red. It was the first time he ever brought a girl to sleep with him in his life and he was shocked to how well composed he behaved while handling the situation. But, thinking about it, he had to thank one person for having made him so much confident and unworried. He peeked through Chichi's room and to his (lack of) surprise, his mother was snoring out loud while holding Goten embraced tightly in his arms. The boy was snoring softly and they were both still naked although cleaned and perfumed from what he sniffed.

[Mmmh, they look so cute together~ Well, I hope they had fun tonight… I hope mom had fun tonight-]

"Gohaaaan!~", a loud inhuman voice called the young man from the other side of the house. Her plastered tone was really loud and for a second, Gohan feared his mother would have waken up one moment or later. "Where are youuu?!~ I've got a surprise for you!~"

"Ehm, I'm coming, Videl!", said Gohan without shouting loudly. "Don't shout like that, though!~". He turned his head taking another peak at his mother. Her blessed expression was something Gohan had seen for many years since when he remembered, and it was all because of them. Of him and his brother.

"Huh, what a story, I say…", said Gohan to himself with a chuckle. "But now, let's see how things go around there~". His tone turned more eager suddenly as he headed for his room, where his girl was waiting for him, unbeknownst to him, completely naked herself.

That night, the Son's house was filled with the excitement moans of pleasure of Gohan and Videl and fortunately none of them were caught by Chichi, who was still wondering in her dream land where a tall funny man was embracing and cuddling her the way she liked the most:

[Mmmh, Goku… I miss you so much… but, for now, I'm in really good hands~], thought Chichi while the creaking noises of Gohan's bed echoed around the house…

To Be Continued…

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