Preserving the Species

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After 5 long years since the 23rd World Martial Arts Tournament, Goku and his friends would have met up at Kame House, the residence of Master Roshi. Meeting his friends for the first time in years wasn't the only reason why Goku came at the place: he had another new to deliver, something he agreed with Chichi not to reveal it right away. The two in fact married right after the end of the tournament and they had a child, Son Gohan, named after Goku's late adoptive grandpa. Chichi wanted to let her child live a 'normal and safe life' with his family before he could meet anyone else, and also because the wife wanted to spend a good time with her new husband and live the life of a family she always wished. Chichi was also way too familiar with Goku's tendency to attract all sorts of unlikable companies whenever he went and she wanted to spare her child from such encounters throughout the innocent years of his life. But now, the time to meet the rest of the gang finally came and Goku and little Gohan flew aboard the Flying Nimbus all across the ocean in Kame House's direction.

Krillin was the first one to open the door of the house to witness his best friend flying down on the shore and jumping off the cloud. The bald warrior ran on the shore to hug his friend while the rest of the people present - Bulma, Roshi, Oolong and Turtle followed him:

"Hey there, Goku!", shouted an excited Krillin as he jumped to hug Goku's waist. The man startled and smiled at his friend:

"Eheh, hi there, friend! It's so nice to see you after all these years! I can sense you've become stronger than back then, although you didn't grow up at all!~".

Krillin lifted his head as his eyes were filled with tears. He forgot how much Goku could be so air-headed yet impossible to hate because of his naivety. Bulma and Roshi too greeted Goku:

"Hello there, Goku! So you made it at the end!~", exclaimed a cheerful Bulma, the very first companion Goku met when he started his mythical journey in search of the Dragon Balls. "Though it's a little bit weird to meet you after all these years!"

"Yeah, I know", said Goku while he cuddled Gohan in his arms. "But, you should know Chichi, Bulma. She insisted that we spent some time together in peace so we would enjoy our new life as a married couple. I liked it, don't get me wrong, but I really missed all of you, guys!"

Roshi walked closer to Goku to admire how much one of his best student had grown over the years. It felt so far ago since he was the small nephew of Son Gohan:

"Well, it cheers me up to look at you, boy!", said the master with a solemn smile. "I too can sense you've become even mightier than when you fought Piccolo"

Goku flexed his free arm and his bicep pumped up:

"Hah, you bet, Roshi! Although I know I'm strong enough to handle the likes of Piccolo, I never get enough of training!"

"Oh boy!~", exclaimed Krillin scratching his head. "I really should keep up quickly or else I'll never reach your level, ehehe… uh, ehm G-Goku?"

Krillin only now aknowledged the fact that Goku wasn't the only one who came to pay a visit to the gang. He pointed his index in the direction of Goku's chest: he pointed at a small body covered in a green and yellow Chinese dress, rolled up and pressed against Goku's body:

"Ehm, G-Goku?... What are you carrying in your arms?", Krillin looked shocked and bewildered at the same time.

"Mh? It's true, Goku!", Bulma exclaimed as she came closer to look at Goku. "It looks like… a child?!"

Goku smiled and whispered something in Gohan's ears so that he could turn his head. The child timidly nodded and slowly turned his face to look at the group of strangers surrounding them. He had never seen so many people in his life, so it was reasonable for him to feel reclusive.

"That's right, friends! This little one is my son, Gohan! Say hello Gohan~".

The startled kid lifted a hand to greet the witnesses of the new, which expressions were comically astonished. A collective "WHAAAAAAAAAAT?!" came out from their deformed faces and the noise made little Gohan sink his face back into Goku's chest. Krillin, Bulma and Roshi had their eyes widened and their mouths elongated before anyone could utter a word:

"A-A-Are you serious, Goku?!", asked a still shocked Bulma as she walked closer to look at the small timid creature. "This is-is your little son?!"

"Yup! He's a very nice boy but really shy, so give him some time~". Goku felt confused by the surprised expression of his friends, which may not have been caused simply by the fact that he had a son. In fact, the bewilderment of the crew made them share one common thought:

'Goku is father?!'

In the meantime, in a desert area…

The Son of King Piccolo was meditating on top of a rocky mountain, as the hot scorching wind of the desert blew while nothing else emitted a noise. Piccolo Jr. was still begrudgingly taking hard the fact he had been defeated by Son Goku, and not only that, but he also decided to spare his life as a 'gesture of kindness'. The demonic entity however didn't see any kindness in Goku's doing, and his thoughts were squarely focused on developing a new plan and a new technique to defeat his hated arch-rival:

'Mmgrr! Damn you, Son Goku!', thought Piccolo while he floated in midair a feet above the ground. 'I swear this is far from over. You may have defeated me by sheer luck but the next time we meet, you won't be so lucky-HUH?!'

Piccolo quickly landed on his feet and clenched his fists in a fighting position. Something had caught his attention and now all his senses were amplified to the limit. That something felt… monstrous, like he had never perceived nothing so heavy and suffocating. Sweat caused by his nervousness leaked from his front as Piccolo tried to detect where the immense presence came from:

"W-What's going on?! Where?! Where does this energy come from?!"

"You don't move down there! Stay where I can see you and don't try anything funny!". A loud high pitched voice appeared out of nowhere. Piccolo lifted his head and near the sun's position, he glanced at a shadowed figure descending form the sky. The individual landed a couple of meters away from the demon, its boots tapping the ground - or, to be accurate, her boots.

Piccolo lifted his arms as a way to protect himself. The individual hadn't made a single move, but his instincts told him to keep the guard up:

"Mmh, well that's a surprise!~", said the individual as she put her hands on the hips. "What is a Namekian doing here on the planet that Kakarot was supposed to conquer?! Well, I should really lecture him for failing his mission… but, that can wait as long as he behaves nice, mhmhmh~". The individual ended up confabulating with herself while showing an entertained smug, like she forgot to acknowledging Piccolo's presence. The latter on the other hand, listened to the individual's seemingly nonsense and understood less than half of what she said. Namekian? Him, a Namekian? Kakarot? Failed mission? Lecture?! The demon wasn't getting anything out of it: instead, he nervously asked:

"Who… who are you?! What are you doing here?! And what are these things you are talking about?!". He pointed a fist toward the woman who opened her large sharp eyes and looked at the scared demon.

The woman looked much like a female human, but there were many things about her that convinced Piccolo she was literally out from this world. She was tall and muscular with short raven black hair and eyes, wearing a black and white battle suit with pink skin-tight shorts, white gloves and boots, a pair of yellow belts on both her tighs and an unknown device with a red lens placed on her left eye. If that look didn't seem alien and weird enough, the woman carried a brown furry tail wrapped around her waist. Piccolo was more than convinced that this woman couldn't possibly be an Earthling: not only her attire reminded him of a warrior's clothing, but the energy she emanated was terrifying Piccolo to his core. Never before he had sensed such an immense source of energy in his life, as he always believed that he and Son Goku were the top warriors around the Earth, but against this individual their power looked like a fly compared to a tarantula.

The woman laughed out loud at the horrified demon (or, apparently, Namekian) as she said:

"Whow, slow down, dude! That's too many questions. It surprises me that you can actually talk~. I've heard stories from my friends that Namekian were just a bunch of slug people with barely functional brains, but hey - it's always good to learn something more~"

Piccolo barely tolerated the insolence of the stranger talking to him like that. The fact she called him a 'slug people' was tipping him off, but he tried to maintain his cool. After all, he had a reputation to defend:

"Tsk, you certainly have a long tongue, woman! Do you even know who you are talking to?! I am MaJunior, son of the mighty King Piccolo, King of Demons! Your insolence had dug your grave, and I will not tolerate any more words coming from you!". He squared the woman with the most evil glare he could muster while he held his fist upward. The woman stood completely unfazed by the Namekian's speech, though she found his words quite funny:

'Mmh, that's a weird Namekian… What is a Namekian even doing on Kakarot's planet anyway?...'. The woman looked upward, ignoring Piccolo's threatening words. 'Bah, I don't have time to further investigate, but maybe… maybe he could be useful. I've heard Namekians have magical powers, so what if this one knows some tricks?'

"Hey, listen up, green man!", exclaimed the woman pointing a finger at Piccolo. "You say you are the son of the King of Demons?! Hah, you Namekians do have a sense of humor after all~... But that's fine , I'll let you give a shot at me". She pointed his chest, inviting Piccolo to strike her however he wanted. "Come on! Give me your best shot! I'm curious to see what a Namekian can do against a Saiyan!"

Despite his showing confidence and threatening behavior, Piccolo felt more confused and nervous each time the woman talked. Namekian? Saiyans? He didn't know nothing about these words and the more he thought about it, the more he feared to lose his focus. So without hesitation, he prepared an attack and shouted:

"GRAAAAAAAAAAAAH!". Piccolo held his swollen left forearm with the right hand and then released a Destructive Demon Wave at full power in the woman's direction. The blast engulfed her and vaporized a large amount of the rocky surfaces around the two, lifting a thick wall of dust. Piccolo slightly resented the fact that he used all his energies at once to blast the woman out. At least he could have asked the woman to gain more informations… except for the fact he barely managed to scratch her smooth pale skin. When the dust cleared, the woman was still posing with her arms crossed not showing a single scratch or bruise on either her body or even her armor. She was still smiling, although with a noticeable bothered expression. She tapped her device and a series of yellow letters appeared. As Piccolo was still recovering from the amount of energy he released all at once, the woman commented:

"Mhmh, such a miserable display of power, Namekian!.. Mmmh, pfthah!". The woman heard a beeping noise coming from the device which showed a series of results that made her laugh once more. "Your power level of 390 rose to 500 during that attack! Hah, I think I could have just blown on it and it would have disappeared!". The woman looked elated as she basked in her unquestionable superiority while Piccolo couldn't utter a cohesive word to express his disbelief. The woman was clearly beyond his current league and he wasn't sure whether he could have pulled out his brand new technique in time to strike her.

The woman halted her laughter and suddenly her face turned more serious: now, a piercing glare squared Piccolo from top to bottom:

"However, despite the fact you barely managed to hurt me…"


It all happened faster than what Piccolo took to blink his eyes. Once he did so, he couldn't feel neither his arms or his legs. In fact, they all kinda didn't belong to his body anymore. He felt like his body was falling on the ground with a loud thud and he could see his detached arms and leg laying besides his dismembered torso. His limbs squirted liters of blood around the ground while Piccolo shrieked in agonizing pain. The pain he felt was unbearable and even though he knew he could regenerate, it would have taken him a ton of time to do so. Her female adversary was standing right behind his limbless bloodied torso, her hands smeared with blood and a sadistic smile on her face:

"... I should be establish where your place belongs. At my feet. You, son of the 'Demon King'~", she said with a cold tone. "But, at least you fought honorably instead of running away, and thus I will not kill you. The hot sun should do the work with you~. I thought you had some magic tricks up your sleeves, but meh - can't have everything from life~"

The woman walked away from Piccolo's dismembered body and tapped her finger on the Scouter. A series of numbers appeared on it and the beeping sound confirmed the conclusion of the analysis:

"Now, let's see… ugh, damn it! Why there are so many people still alive?! What did Kakarot do-no, wait! What didn't he do?!", said Fasha angrily as she slowly ascended upwards. A signal indicated as a large yellow circle caught her attention:

"Well, according to the calculations, if we take the largest power levels on this planet and compare them to each other… then the higher should be… Hah! Found it!"

The woman smirked as she pointed her head toward a direction indicated on the Scouter. She emitted an energy discharge and dashed throughout the air with a sonic boom, disappearing from sight.

Piccolo could only take a glance of the figure fading away while leaking red and purple blood obscured his sight. At least now that he was alone, he could focus his efforts to regenerate the limbs. The excruciating pain however made the process even harder. The sun was hitting hard that day upon Piccolo's weakened body, whose white turban and mantle were painted red purple because of the blood that spread across the ground…

Up to the Lookout…

"Master! What is going on?!", Mr. Popo shouted worryingly once he saw the guardian of the Earth, Kami, falling on his back like his limbs stopped working all at once. He fell hard on the marble pavement and cried in pain. His stick layed in his hand which he couldn't even move, like someone had 'cut the strings' that connected the torso with each one of his limbs. Mr. Popo tried to help Kami sitting up but the old guardian felt too much weakened and unable to move at all:

"Master! Answer me! What is going on?! How are you doing?!", asked a worried Mr. Popo holding the guardian's elder hand Kami weakly turned his head toward his friend and uttered with what strength he had left:

"It's, Piccolo… someone attacked Piccolo, and almost… killed him!"

Mr. Popo was dumbstruck by that revelation. It was Kami the one who could monitor everything that happened on Earth and if Piccolo ever recieved any injuries, then Kami's life would have been in danger as well. That was the reason why Goku spared Piccolo in the first place, because the Dragon Balls Kami created would have been needed by the heroes in the future, so that's why the two (now revealed) Namekians didn't fight each other anymore. However, this new menace was more serious than what Kami ever predicted:

"Who was it, master?!", asked Mr. Popo with tears in his eyes. "Who could have done this?"

"I… ngh! I have no idea, Popo…", whispered Kami as he struggled to regain his mobility. "This threat is… it doesn't belong to this world, that's for sure!"

Mr. Popo was even more shocked:

"So, it doesn't come from Earth?!"

"No… not at all… but, now that I look at that woman, I understand many things… things I suspected years ago when I met Son Goku…". It was at that moment that Kami realized what he had to do. "Hah! G-Goku! I have to warn Son Goku about this menance! Nngh, if only I could focus properly!..."

"Don't struggle too much, master!", said Mr. Popo. "I will take some medicine to easen the pain. I'll be back soon!"

The genie-like creature hoped up and ran quickly into the Lookout's main building while Kami, despite the pain, tried to focus in order to reach Goku. He would have hoped that the man had already aknowledged the imminent danger. There was something else about that woman that worried him, but for now, he had to communicate with the boy he always believed he knew as a whole…

Kame House, lunchtime…

The party had already started. Bulma and Krillin had prepared a generous meal for everyone with all kinds of meat and Goku couldn't be any happier than that. Roshi was attached to his personal mug of beer, and little Gohan was cheerfully playing around the beach while being watched by Turtle. The atmosphere was overall pretty serene and nobody ever suspected that, somewhere around the planet, a bloodthirsty menace like nothing before was roaming free in search of 'Kakarot'.

Bulma and Krillin were chatting with Goku about Gohan and his new marriage life, still not believing the fact that Goku of all people managed to make a family:

"*crunch!* Mpfh, and thafh why Fhifhi wanfehd Fohn fo ftay in fhe mounfhainfhs". Goku had his mouth filled with meat and Krillin barely understood what he said. Goku swallowed everything in one go and said:

"She said that she wanted to leave Gohan out of any troubles and bizarre adventures so that he could become a successful scholar"

"Oh, so Chichi wants Gohan to become a capable studious?", asked a surprised Bulma while she had a drink in her hand.

"Yes, she insisted that he put his studying

before anything else. I asked her if I could train Gohan in the future because, believe it or not, but I can sense some good potential in him", said Goku with a pinch of disappointment. "But, it didn't work out at all. Chichi was adamant that Gohan stayed away from everything that concerned fighting and training… that's a shame really. I liked when she still had some fighting spirit within her, but now she behaves, differently"

Krillin was taking some bread to make a meat sandwich and said:

"Well, you can't blame her, Goku. She obviously wishes for a peaceful life for her son and now that she has responsibilities, she would act more mature".

"Mmh, he has a point", Bulma commented. "When a woman gets married, everything about her character changes, Goku, whether for good or bad"

"Oh, really, Bulma?", asked Goku as he took a good bunch of ribs and peppers from the grill.

"Aw, you'll learn it in time, Goku. Don't worry~". Bulma winked. The fact that she advised Goku about how marriage life worked made her realize how far the two had come from when they were younger and full of dreams, like for the adventure. Little Gohan chuckled cheerfully as he ran around the legs of the adults and it was at that moment that Bulma noticed something about him:

"Oh, Goku! I noticed that your son has something on his hat. Is that… a Dragon Ball?"

Krillin too noticed it and gulped his sandwich bite:

"Mhmh. Isn't it nice? I find it fits him well. After all, since I named him after my late grandpa, it makes sense, don't you think?"

That particular completely missed Bulma's mind:

"Aw, sure. That's a really cute touch, Goku! But, wouldn't it make him a potential target for those who are in search of the Dragon Balls?"

"Well, yes, but as long as Gohan is close to daddy, there is nothing to worry about-"


The man had his mouth opened up when he heard a voice calling him. He recognized that voice, but it sounded weaker than usual:

'Oh, hi there, Kami!', Goku said telepathically. Bulma and Krillin didn't know what was happening because they saw Goku looking upward with his mouth closed. 'How are you? You… hey, what happened to you? Your energy is barely traceable!'. Goku's eyes turned more serious. Krillin guessed that something bad was happening, or maybe it already happened:

'Nngh!... G-Goku!', said Kami with his weakened voice. 'Something nefarious… is approaching your destination!... Piccolo has been attacked by someone… and he's barely hanging on his life.'

"What? Piccolo has been attacked?!", Goku shouted outloud, which was heard by everyone around him. Bulma, Krillin and Roshi turned to see their friend with worried eyes:

'He barely survived… but you must pay attention to the menance…', continued Kami. 'I don't know why, but… she's been looking for… you…'. The telepathic connection with Kami faded since Goku couldn't hear anything from him anymore.

"Kami? Kami?! Answer me! Who is looking for-AH!". Goku was shouting up to the sky when his face turned shocked and worried, similar to the face Piccolo had when he met the mysterious visitor. He turned his head left and right, like he was looking for something.

"Goku! What is going on?!", asked both Krillin and Bulma, clearly worried by Goku's behavior. "What happened to Piccolo?"

"Grr! I… I don't know, Bulma! But… there's something coming up this way! It's an enormous energy source! It's… it's bigger than everything I've ever felt!". Goku, for the first time since the group met him once again, showed a look of tension. His senses were focused to the maximum when his eyes locked up to something in the sky:

"There it is! There's something… no, it's a person!"

All the presents looked up to the clear blue sky and saw what looked like a humanoid figure descending toward the small island. The little Gohan didn't notice anything happening to his dad as he was playing on the opposite side of Kame House.

The figure gracefully landed on the sand and put her hands on the hips: the female visitor had finally arrived, and she looked disappointed and angry, though the sight of Goku left her shocked nonetheless:

"Uh… so, I've finally found you, Kakarot! You're the exact copy of your father". The woman exclaimed while all the people present where terrified to look at the individual who just came down form the sky. She strikingly resembled an Earthling but everything about her appearance was anything but human. Bulma hid behind Krillin who wasn't sure how to react to the new individual. Roshi on the other hand was faltering around completely drunk and not paying attention to what was happening at Goku's place. The latter was standing straight and not moving an inch: he felt too tensed and nervous to do anything. What the woman said however caught his interest. Maybe it would have been wise to go easy with this powerful subject: one false move and who knows what she could have done?

"Who are you?", asked Goku with a serious look. "What are you doing here, and what does it mean I resemble my father?!"

The woman's angry expression turned more puzzled. That wasn't the reaction she was expecting, especially from the son of Bardock:

"What? What are you talking about?! Don't tell me you don't recognize a Saiyan?".

Goku was now getting more nervous about the woman's behavior. What she was saying didn't seem like it made sense, and still…

"You… a-a Saiyan? What is a Saiyan?", Goku asked.

Now the woman's face shifted to total disbelief.

"Y-You're kidding, right?! You seriously don't recognize one of your kind? The mighty race of Saiyans?!". She shouted angrily lifting a fist against Goku. Everyone was left speechless.

"Hey, listen up, missy!", exclaimed an irritated Bulma. "Who do you think you are? You come here flying from the sky and you start talk nonsense! You better explain what your intentions are!".

Goku and Krillin were left shocked by Bulma's challenging words. The woman turned her head and smirked at the woman. For as much as she was shocked by Goku's lack of understanding, she found what that woman said funny:

"Oh? And who is this Earthling talking to me?"

Bulma gulped heavily once she realized how unsettling the woman looked like:

"I'm… my name's Bulma, and I am an authority of the Capsule Corp, the most advanced technology intelligence on the planet!", Bulma said with a smug, seemingly not understanding what the implications of that meeting were. Goku begged that Bulma didn't say anything reckless, but the woman still found what she said entertaining:

"Ohoh, we got a prestigious figure on this stupid planet! Mmh, maybe you can be useful, so I'm not going to smack your face for now~. You look pretty cute too, so it'd be a waste!"

Bulma blushed deep red for the woman's comment: she didn't know whether that was flattery or sarcasm. The woman turned his head back to Goku who still didn't say anything. She sighed deeply and said angrily:

"As for you, Kakarot… what has happened to you?! Why did you fail your mission? Why is this planet still prosperous of inhabitants? And why are you fraternizing with these inferior beings?!"

Goku still didn't understand what the woman was talking, but by the way she was referring to him, it felt like she knew him on a deeper level. However, before he could ask anything, Krillin stepped in and said:

"Hey, listen up, missy! I don't know who you think you are, but this isn't the time to joke around. You're saying that we are inferior beings? Huh, you'd be surprised for how strong we actually are!"

Goku looked worried at his foolish friend and when he attempted to say: "Krillin! Don't talk like that-", the woman smirked and vanished from sight, only to reappear in front of Krillin and shoved her foot in his mouth. Then, the woman pushed the little man on the ground with a hard smash and pinned Krillin on the ground which cracked upon the impact. He felt the bones and the teeth in his jaw cracking as he whined in pain and the woman kept shoving her foot in his mouth. Goku looked horrified at the woman and shouted:

"Hey! Leave my friend in peace!". He felt his anger building up despite the fact he knew that that woman was totally out of his league. She turned her eyes toward Goku and scuffed:

"Tsk! Do you really care about these worms so much, Kakarot? Mph, you're even a bigger disappointment! And to think you're supposed to be Bardock's son!...". The woman angrily stepped harder on Krillin's opened jaw which he felt like it crumbled into smithereens.

"I don't know what you're talking about! And I said, leave Krillin alone!". Goku shouted angrily this time as a discharge of energy rippled from his body. Bulma shrieked and pressed her back on the wall of Kame House. The woman opened her eyes and huffed:

"Uhh, well, since it's still you, I will fill the knowledge you obviously lack… and, as for your 'friend'~...". The woman lifted her leg where Krillin's mouth was still holding her foot. She then violently kicked him against the Kame House which shattered into pieces and Krillin was sent flying across the ocean where he skidded several times before he stopped. The woman wiped out the blood from her foot and turned back to Goku, while Bulma was hugging herself in fear and Roshi's eyes were lost into the empty void:

"Well then, Kakarot… for as much as it aggravates me, I need to tell you about your true heritage!...". The woman turned her head and witnessed the lousy meal that was burning on the grill. A mind blowing hunger caught her attention as she realized that she hadn't eaten in weeks."Oh, there's some food there!". The woman surpassed the bewildered Goku and headed for the barbecue. Nobody said anything and for their own good, it would have been better if they indulged with her requests. They weren't in the position to argue or face her head to head in anyway. The woman grabbed every piece of hot meat she could get her hands on and swallowed them in one bite. An unholy noise of munching meat and cracked bones lifted out and the woman drank a whole mug of beer in one go. She patted her belly and smiled:

"Ahh, eheh, not bad I say! I'd need to eat more of this later on!... But now, let's talk about business, Kakarot"

Goku saw the woman walking back to him and she sat on one of the rock adorning the beach. She rested an arm on one knee and began talking:

"As I've already explained, Kakarot, you're not from this world. In fact, you belong to us, the Saiyans, the mightiest warrior race in the universe!"

Goku felt like his knees abandoned him. His head was spinning in confusion once he understood what the woman said. Bulma too was left speechless, but something deep inside her made her realize more than a few things she always questioned about Goku over the years:

"S-So… G-G-Goku is an-an… an alien?!", Bulma asked still bewildered. The woman smirked with satisfaction:

"Mhmh, exactly, human lady! He had been sent on this planet years ago like every other Saiyan children. Our race was used to send their babies on remote planets so that they obliterated every life form on it in order to prepare the planet for the terraforming. This way, we would sell the planet to the biggest bidder and make profit out of it… but, it seems like nothing of this happened to you, Kakarot"

Goku listened carefully and with ever increasing tension everything that woman said. He wasn't sure where to begin with the reasoning. For starters, he realized that he was in fact an extraterrestrial, a person not from the planet Earth. For all his life, he always believed he knew who he was but that revelation completely tore everything he knew up to that point. There was so much he wanted to know from that woman, for as much as she despised her for treating him and his friends like garbage:

"You're saying that… I'm not from this planet, uhm - what's your name? And why do you keep calling me 'Kakarot'? My name's Goku"

The woman lifted her eyebrow snd and smiled:

"Oh yeah, where are my manners? My name's Fasha, and 'Kakarot' your Saiyan name. The name your father gave you many years ago… ugh, if only he knew what kind of disappointment you've become. Calling yourself like the locals call you-"

"Wait, my… my father?", Goku looked surprised. "You're saying that… I had a family?!"

Fasha looked at him like she was looking at the dumbest creature ever found in space:

"Ugh, of course you did, you moron! Your father was named Bardock and he was a proud and fearless Saiyan warrior! Despite his humble origins, he climbed up the ranks and managed to become the commander of a small squadron, of which I belonged to…". Fasha looked downward for a moment, like she remembered something. Goku looked at her expression, but she quickly turned to look at him with disdain:

"Your father fought valiantly to protect our planet from an incoming disaster, but he failed… our home planet, planet Vegeta, was destroyed because of a meteor, and now only a small bunch of Saiyans survived, like you and me".

Goku's astonishment was ever increasing. He couldn't believe what the woman was saying but from the way she talked, she was totally serious. Before he even met grandpa Gohan, he had a family, on another planet, with a father, a mother and maybe a brother or a sister, and now all of these things didn't exist anymore. Everything was gone, forever, and he never knew about it. For as much as he didn't trust the woman, at least he came to the acknowledgment of his true origins. He felt he could lower his guard down for a moment and looked at the woman with different eyes:

"Do you mean that there are other Saiyans left besides us?", asked Goku. Fasha nodded and sat up.

"Exactly, Kakarot! For what I know, the prince Vegeta survived too as well as his second in command. I've been tasked to go and search for other Saiyans. I remember what my leader Bardock told me about his sons, but I couldn't find your brother… but, at least I've found you~". Fasha looked at Goku with her sharp eyes and a naughty smile. The (now revealed) Saiyan felt perturbed by that declaration. It looked like this Fasha was about to explain the reasons of her arrival:

"So, what are your intentions now, Fasha?"

"Mph, it's pretty obvious, Kakarot! Since you've failed your mission, I'm going to do your work and you will join me! Together, we will repopulate the Saiyan race and get rid of the humans in order to sell this planet!". Fasha lifted her fist and smirked at the bewildered Goku. Needless to say, Goku wasn't going to give up on her murderous request, but it was Bulma who wanted to ask something:

"Uhm, what do you mean 'repopulate'?". She slowly sat up holding a pink wooden log to protect herself. Fasha smirked and rubbed her chest:

"Mph, it's pretty simple. Me and Kakarot are going to mate in order to increase the number of Saiyans! He may be an inferior Saiyan, but thanks to my genetics, we will be able to spawn a few babies in a matter of months. This way, we will conquer this planet in no time! Prince Vegeta will be so proud of us!"

All the vague understanding Goku felt for Fasha vanished as soon as she pronounced those words:

"M-Me, and you? M-Mating?!", Goku asked perplexed while Bulma behind him was crimson red on the face - however, her face wasn't as red as Roshi's face once he emerged out of nowhere with his bottles in hands:

"Ohii, who talked about 'mating'?! I'm ready whenever you want to-Oooohww!~ What do we have heeeereh?!".

The old man's face was deep red and his eyes wide opened once he aknowledged Fasha's presence. Roshi stumbled toward the Saiyan woman flailing the empty bottles around:

"Hihihih, hey there, babe!~ Are you an angel coming from the sky?! Want to get a ride on this old stud?!~*hic!*". Roshi tripped on a rock and almost fell onto Fasha, the latter though stopped him with a wide opened hand on his grotesque face. Bulma slapped her front once witnessing that scene:

"Roshi, for Kami's sake! This is not funny! Stop teasing that woman! A-And, what is this thing about mating?!". She was turning red herself but because of embarrassment. Fasha smirked and pushed Roshi far away from her, making him roll on the sand:

"Mph, thanks for the compliments, but I'm not going to exchange my body with an old geezer. Besides, the last thing I want is to share a relationship with a human! Ugh, that just makes me-"

"Daddy! Daddy, what's happening?!"

A sweet innocent voice ruptured the surreal scenario and Gohan emerged from the wooden rubbles. The last thing Goku wanted at that point was for his son to come close to him:

"Gohan, stay where you are and don't move!". Goku shouted worried, causing the little child to halt his running and whimper. Fasha looked at Goku and the child back and forth and her face started losing shading the more she thought about:

"You… what's that kid? And why did he call you… 'daddy'?"

Goku turned back to look at Fasha with his teeth clenched:

"That's right! He's my son, Gohan. So, you better leave him alone! If it's me you want to deal with, then take me alone and don't hurt anyone else."

Fasha kept staring at the young child who tries not to cry and her doubts started taking shape:

"B-But… how could you generate a heir without another Saiyan woman?!"

"It's because Goku is married!", Bulma shouted. "He made that kid with his wife! So, whatever naughty thing you have in mind, you better drop it!"

Fasha had her eyes lost in a void. Of all the things that she imagined, the fact that Kakarot, one of the latest surviving Saiyans, mated with a human woman was the last thing she would imagine. Her fist clenched hardly and gritted her teeth. Now she was getting furious:

"... You're not being serious, right, Kakarot?"

Goku felt like Fasha's energy was rippling out of her body. That realization was clearly making her angry and he had no choice but to take her somewhere else so that nobody got hurt. Fasha however wasn't finished yet:

"I knew you were a disappointment, but even this… exchanging a relationship with another race… this, is the last straw!"

"Whatever you say, it doesn't matter, Fasha!", shouted Goku. "I don't want to have to do anything with your race! Earth is my home and these are the people I love! I don't have anything to share with the likes of you, so you better drop your futile mission!"

Fasha's energy rippled out more violently as a powerful gust of wind was being lifted form every direction. Bulma tried to cover little Gohan who was terrified and Goku held his ground with all the confidence he had. He had established his point and whatever happened from then on, at least he would have gone with a smile on his face. In fact, he couldn't help himself but smile nervously at Fasha's display of power: that feeling was making him getting excited as the fighting spirit began roaring inside of him.

Fasha shouted angrily and dashed quickly against Goku. He grabbed him by the throat and lifted him upward. The strength of her hand alone made Goku powerless to counter in anyway: Fasha's fingers pressed against his flesh like they were made of steel and he couldn't budge them at all. Gohan whined outloud as he looked at his father in danger while Bulma tried to comfort the child:

"You're an utter disgrace for the Saiyan race, Kakarot!", shouted Fasha with every fiber of anger in her being. "Not only you failed your mission, not only you rejected your heritage, but you even fornicated with the locals! This is outrageous! If only your father could see what you've become…"

Goku coughed hardly as he could barely breath because of the monstrous strength of her hand:

"*cough!* Like I would even care… you're all murderous invaders, and I don't have anything to share with you! *cough!*"

Fasha wasn't easening her grip and she glared maliciously at both Bulma and Gohan, the two hugging tightly each other. She lifted a hand against the two and charged up a purple ki blast. Bulma shrieked in panic as she put herself as a shield in front of Gohan:

"These scum are the causes of your weaknesses! If I eradicate them, then you will learn how a true Saiyan behaves! I know you still have something Saiyan left within you… you just need some proper motivation!"

Goku looked desperate as Bulma was about to get vaporized by the ki blast. He punched Fasha's hand with everything he had but she didn't even flinch:

"*cough!* Leave them alone, Fasha! They have nothing to do with us!"

Fasha glared angrily at Goku:

"They have EVERYTHING to do with what's wrong with you, Kakarot! These people made you weak, whether a true Saiyan only lives, fights and dies for his kind! Whoever stands in a Saiyan's way deserves to be exterminated. It's just the Saiyan way. So, if you are stubborn to reject my orders, you can say goodbye to your precious boy, and you can bet I will find that scum of your human wife and I will stain her house with her blood!"

Goku decided to give up with his fists and looked at Bulma. The woman wasn't moving at all as she shielded his son however she could. If there was no other way to resolve the thing, then he had to answer Fasha's request:

"*cough!* Fine, Fasha… if it's me that you want to… then do whatever you want with me… but leave my son and my friends alone. They have nothing to blame"

Fasha's expression softened just a bit and easened her grip as she put Goku down:

"Huh, so you finally made up your mind, Kakarot! I'm glad to hear that… but, you're still not worth of being called a true Saiyan. You've grown soft and I will make sure to fix you however I can! As for your dear ones… mph, it would certainly mess up with your focus if I just blasted them off right away, so I will spare them for now. Besides, that woman could provide our race with advanced technology and that hybrid… bah, I could care any less! He'd probably die on its own because of its meager existence!"

Goku was relieved Fasha gave his dear ones an opportunity and as he nodded to what she said, he turned to Bulma and said:

"Bulma… get away from here. Take Roshi and everyone you can find. I can sense Krillin is fine, but he needs intervention. Take refuge at Chichi's place and put Gohan in safety".

Fasha held her arms crossed, waiting for Goku to express his 'last wishes':

"B-But, Goku… you don't have to!", Bulma whimpered. "What is going to happen if you… I mean, think about Chichi-"

"That woman is no longer Kakarot's problem!", Fasha exclaimed angrily. "Kakarot belongs to me now, so she has no place in his heart from now on! Kakarot, we are gonna leave now, so you better get ready!"

Goku looked angrily at Fasha and he only had time to look at his son's worried face that Fasha grabbed him by the shirt and flew away from the now busted Kame House, leaving Bulma and Gohan horrified and helpless. Gohan emerged from Bulma's arms and pointed his hands to the sky:

"Daddy! Daddy! Where are you going?! Come baaaack!~". He started crying desperately and Bulma made her best to cuddle him. She was crying herself as she cuddle the desperate child whose whineys echoed around the empty area.

At the same time, Roshi woke up from the pile of sand he was sent into and shaked his head. He was still heavily drunk and turned his head left and right:

"Ohi, where's the babe?!", he asked outloud, not caring at all about Bulma's and Gohan's conditions. The waves of the sea gently touched the beach of the small island as the sun hit warmly and Gohan's cries filled the silence…


"F-Fasha! Where are you taking me?!", asked Goku as he was being brought harshly by Fasha at super speed throughout the air.

"We'll need to find a more intimate place for our ritual, don't you think?!", she was smirking eagerly as she looked on her Scouter which scanned the area below their position. After a while, the Scouter beeped and Fasha flew downward and the two ended up in a forest near a mountain chain. Fasha looked at the rock surfaces and found an opening resembling a cave. She flew straight at it and once landing on it, she uncaringly threw Goku on the floor, making him skid on the hard rock like a bouncing ball. The cave was darkened and warm and Goku halted his flight hitting the floor with his face. He slowly got up holding his face and body side while Fasha was slowly approaching him:

"Auch, Fasha! There was no need to throw me like a sack of potatoes-".


Fasha slapped Goku on the face so hard the man made a twist on his toes and slammed on a wall. He touched his hurting cheek and looked at Fasha who was removing her gloves and boots. She tossed them aside and her bare feet tapped the cave's floor:

"Silence, you poor excuse of a Saiyan! Was my throwing really that painful?!". She came up to his face. She was just as tall as he was and she emanated a strong smell now that Goku felt it. He looked up nervously and said:

"Well, yeah, just a little-"

"I said, silence!". Fasha punched the wall behind Goku which cracked upon impact. The man looked back and forth at Fasha's face and her fist and didn't utter a word. "You're clearly not shaped to be a true Saiyan! I think we should get things started so you can have an idea on how Saiyans mate!"

Having said those words, Fasha grabbed Goku's shirt and ripped it into shreds, throwing the pieces on the floor. His chest was completely exposed and the man was left speechless for how fast she moved. Fasha layed a hand on one of his pecs and squeezed it lightly - at least in her mind. Goku shrieked in pain once her fingers pressed hardly on his flesh which felt like it lost all of its toughness at once. Fasha ignored his whimpering and went for a kiss directly. She layed her lips on his mouth and practiced a series of wild unrelenting kisses one after another. As she did so, her hands pressed and squeezed Goku's pecs like they were breasts, moving her hands in circles and handling her flesh mass with no softness at all. Her wild kisses kept going, with Fasha applying her tongue too, excavating Goku's mouth with vibrant passion. Goku, on the other hand, just let Fasha deflorating his oral hole as he couldn't do anything to stop her. Her excited moans echoed around the warm cave as she kept abusing his mouth and his pecs at the same time:

"Ahh, are you liking it, Kakarot?! This is how Saiyans kiss each other! I bet your human woman never kissed you like so!~", Fasha looked crazed when she talked as she was starting to sweat. Goku didn't say anything right away but he just looked somewhere else, like he didn't want to exchange Fasha's eyes. He felt his heart racing its beat up quickly as his pecs were being fondled hardly. He didn't want to admit that, deep down, he was starting to like it. It was true that Chichi never kissed him like that; it is true the two had their fair share intimacy every now and then, but Fasha's way was pushed by pure lust, nothing deeper than that. Fasha didn't accept Goku's silence and began kissing him on his neck:

"I won't accept silence as an answer, Kakarot! It is clear that you're enjoying what I'm doing with you! You just don't want to admit it! But, it will only be a matter of time before you will be at my level!~"

Goku, who felt Fasha's wet mouth crawling along his neck back and forth asked:

"W-What do you mean?"

"Oh, I didn't tell you?", asked Fasha as she pinched one of Goku's nipples and brought her leg between his's. "We Saiyans get stronger every time we fight and our wounds heal~. You're way too much weak to even pose a remote threat to me, so I'm going to condition your body to keep up with me with some good mating!~. It's the least painful way, trust me~. Also, this way, I will accomplish my main task: contribute to the rebirth of the Saiyan race!"

She twisted Goku's nipples hardly and the man squeaked painfully as he felt his skin being pulled. Fasha rubbed her knee between the middle of his legs and Goku clearly felt his member turning harder the more Fasha teased him:

"We are going to have so much fun together, Kakarot~. Just make sure you don't break right away!".

Fasha then flipped Goku over her head and slammed him on the floor, cracking it upon impact. Goku felt his muscles hurting like never before while Fasha was removing her body armor, revealing her naked chest. A pair of medium breasts popped out, their pink nipples stiffened up. Fasha threw the body armor away and fondled her breasts as she walked in circles around the downed Goku:

"Mhmh, are you liking what you're seeing, Kakarot?~. I bet the sight of a naked woman should make you feel anything, am I right?~. Mmmh, let's take a look down there!"

Fasha bowed down and with another swift hand motion, she ripped off Goku's baggy pants, revealing his long muscular legs and his full erection. His hardened penis twitched a couple of times while Goku wasn't moving much because of the pain. The only thing he was wearing were his boots. Fasha kneeled down near the midsection of his abs and crawled her hand on them:

"Mhmh, I must admit, you don't look half bad, Kakarot~. Despite having grown among these scums, you still developed well!"

Goku lifted his head and smirked at the woman:

"Mph, was that supposed to be a compliment?"

Fasha tapped her fingers across his muscular torso, up to where his pecs were and squeezed one of them hardly. Goku screamed painfully and Fasha laughed at him:

"Yes, it was! And you, should be thankful, you weak excuse of a Saiyan!". She fondled his pec, pulling his nipples back and forth until Goku let out a scream. Fasha let it go and started pulling out her pink shorts and her belts. She wasn't wearing any panties underneath and her hairy pussy was all wet, leaking transparent fluids:

"Now that we are both naked at this point, you shall please your woman by licking and kissing her intimate parts while I'll take care of yours!". Fasha sat up and placed her dripping vagina on top of Goku's head. A few drops of it fell on his face but Goku looked displeased. He didn't want this, so why he was all hard like that? Only his wife could make him feel excited because he loved her, but not this uncaring lust-driven woman who only wished to fulfill her race's destiny - he called her race, because he refused to accept that he belonged to her kind:

"As you can see, I'm all ready and now everything I need to do is to sit down and let you eat me wildy! Are you ready? Well, not that your answer matters anyways~"

Her eyes looked down on Goku's angered expression and spitted at one of her feet besides his head:

"You may do whatever you want with me, Fasha, but I'll never like it. There's only one woman I would ever give my love, and that is Chichi!". Goku looked furiously at the woman. He didn't care if she could kill him with a finger: he felt proud to have established his position. Goku also knew Fasha needed him too much, so she couldn't just kill him out of anger. He hoped he could exploit such a factor in his favor, eventually.

Fasha wasn't any less angered by Goku's stubbornness, so without giving any warning, she quickly threw herself at Goku and pushed her wet lips on his face. She threw her hips so hard Goku's head sinked into the ground beneath it and the man felt suffocated by the intoxicating aroma of her pussy. Fasha then grabbed Goku's hardened penis with a hand and began stroking it so hard she almost risked to snap it in half:

"Your stubbornness is futile, Kakarot! Forget about that Earthling scum! You belong to the Saiyans! You belong to me, now! You will do as I say for how much I say, and you are gonna enjoy what I do to you and we will procreate a new generation for the Saiyans!". Fasha wiggled her hips left and right, rubbing her pussy on Goku's mouth, the latter muffling moans of displeasure as the fluids invaded his mouth. The stroking of Fasha was unbearably painful: her fingers were clearly too strong for him as they solidly clenched around his length and ran up and down with vigor. Goku's body twitched desperately as Fasha kept rubbing her pussy on his face: she emitted angry lustful moans of pleasure, feeling her innards on fire for the pleasure:

"Ahhh yes! I feel incredible! It's been a long time since I shared intimacy with a person! Although you're still not a real Saiyan, I'll be satisfied regardless! It will only be a matter of days before you become a real Saiyan! Aaaahhhw, yes! Lick my fluids!~". Fasha had her mouth opened up and her tongue pointed out. Her hand kept handling Goku's length, the latter still muffling in pain. The strong body smell of Fasha was inevitably fogging his mind: he couldn't help himself but to get excited because of Fasha's angry dominance. His body still felt too weak to counterattack or do anything about it. Just how much stronger was this woman to casually pin him down so effortlessly? And for how long this agony would have lasted? He knew the two were just at the beginning of their wild ride, and any hopes getting out of it seemed flimsy at best. And yet, something inside of Goku prevented him from losing faith. He couldn't just give up everything just yet. Maybe it was only a matter of time before he collected enough strength to turn the tables…

His mind was still fogged because of Fasha's pussy rubbing in his mouth. Its movements caused his tongue to come in contact with it, making Fasha moan wildly in grotesque ecstacy. Not even with Chichi he had ever done anything like that and the taste of it was making him angry. Or, was it really anger?

Suddenly, he felt a shivering pain building up on his erection. He could feel he was very close and Fasha seemingly noticed it because she was saying something about it:

"Aww, you're already at your limit, Kakarot?! Well then, show me the strength of your release! Alright, now cum! I'll just have to move my hand a little, harder…~"

'N-No! Not any harder, please!', Goku thought sounding desperate. 'I'm at my limit! If you do it anymore, I will break-Nnngh! N-No! I have to stay strong! For Chichi! For Gohan!'. His muffled screams were let out as well as his cumshots. A thick stream of white stuff erupted upwards as Fasha interrupted her painful stroke. The stuff fell on Goku's abs and smeared Fasha's hands. The woman laughed victoriously as she moved out of Goku's face and sat besides him, licking the cum on her fingers. She quickly spitted it out disgusted and Goku felt a slight satisfaction for that. He wished he could have his payback soon enough, and it was at that moment that he noticed something he completely forgot.

Since his head was turned at Fasha, he could see the teared pieces of his clothes behind her and with great difficulty, he glanced at something that gave him a refreshing relief. Near the teared blue belt, a small green thingy popped out: it was clearly a Senzu Bean. He forgot that he had it the whole time as he was used to always take one of those for the emergencies, and that sounded just the perfect occasion… only for him to change his mind right away and think about a more proper solution. Also, Fasha was going to talk to him and he couldn't let her know about the Senzu. So, Goku quickly turned his look at Fasha who looked angry yet satisfied at the same time:

"Yuk! Your stuff is disappointing, Kakarot, but at least you showed some good stamina for a first time. I bet your lame human woman never did something like this to you!?"

Goku actually smirked with his half-opened eyes:

"No, she didn't. And that's because we don't do stuff like that to each other. We love each other, something I bet you wouldn't understand…". He turned his eyes away, not showing any regret for his words. If what Fasha said before was right, then he would have-


Fasha kicked Goku's face with such force he rolled on the ground a couple of times before he halted right at the edge of the cave's entrance. The woman reached him and stepped on his still hardened penis. Goku screamed painfully as her foot pushed his sensitive length against his abs. Fasha looked furious:

"You are just like that Namekian filth! You're just all words and nothing else! You really have some guts to say these things in your position! You think you can talk to me like that just because I need you?!". Fasha pushed her foot harder and it slipped along Goku's length, the latter screaming painfully once again. He lifted his hurting head and smirked:

"Of course I can, Fasha, eheheh~. You need me, and you know that. There is nothing you can do to change my mind, not even if you pull out your dirtiest kinky thing. Stepping on me with your foot? Not even caring…"

Fasha's eyes twitched in frustration. Just what was that disappointing of a Saiyan about? How could he talk so arrogantly in his current position? Could it be that he was planning something? But, what could he have ever done? Nothing about his actions made any sense. There was nobody on that planet that could put up a fight with him. It was true he would have grown stronger as they stayed together, but she would have grown stronger too, so there was no way he could have surpassed her. Everything about Kakarot was making her angry and frustrated, but it was also true that there was no other way to fulfill her duty without him. Suddenly, Fasha's expression turned more relaxed, like she forgot about Goku's arrogance. She leaned forward, her foot still stepping hard on his sensitive member:

"You know what, Kakarot? You gave me an inspiration to instill you some respect, mhmh~. You seem to really love your dear ones, don't you?"

Goku's confidence seemed like it was about to fade away. If she was going to say what he believed she was going to say…

"It would be an unpleasant shame if I took them out, don't you think? Since you seem to 'love' your filthy Earthling wife and that abominable crossbreed of your son, I would change your behavior if I were you, or you know~...". She lifted a finger and generated a purple ki blast. She then launched it at a nearby mountain and it exploded like a small nuke, lifting a high wall of dust as rubles flew in every direction. "Your dear family may suffer something like this~".

Goku gritted his teeth, both because of the pain he felt and because of how much angry he felt:

"Y-You wouldn't dare-AGH!"

Fasha pushed her foot harder and a few drops of cum leaked from his tip, causing Goku to shout out loud:

"I am a Saiyan, Kakarot! You have no idea what our race is capable of… what I am capable of!... Mhmhmh, in the meantime, look!~". Fasha let Goku's penis go and showed him her foot smeared with his white stuff. "You just came because a woman stepped on your rod with her stinky foot~. And you are still willing to pretend you are not enjoying anything of it?! Here, I'll give you some of it!"

Goku tried to move his head out of the way but Fasha stepped on his face and rubbed her foot across it, smearing his face with her soiled foot. Goku shut his eyes and mouth while the vomiting stench of Fasha's foot filled his nostrils. If he had enough strength to bite off her toes, he would have done it, but just not yet. If only he was strong enough…

Fasha then kicked his face once again once she cleaned herself on his now smeared face. She chuckled maliciously and neared her head close to him:

"Did I made myself clear, Kakarot?! You better cooperate and become stronger for what it's about to come! Do not try anything else funny or attempt any weird plan. Everything you are thinking in your empty head is futile. If you don't, then I'll make sure your precious dear ones get to pay for your lack of good sense. Is, that, clear?!"

Still trying to ignore the rancid smell stickied on his face, Goku opened his eyes and looked at Fasha's face which was a meter away from his. Even though he pretended to be brave, he could not afford being impulsive and putting his family's or his friends' life in danger. So, even though it hurt him, he had to indulge Fasha's orders, for now:

"Ugh, fine, Fasha. Whatever you want to do with me, I'll do it. Just, don't put my family into it, or any other one…". He didn't move his eyes away as he wanted to witness Fasha's expression. She looked jubilant as she kissed him on his mouth. She wiped her mouth and lifted him by the air, laughing:

"Hah, that's so much better, Kakarot! Well, you'll take a nap for now. I'll go and search for some food. As for you…". She then yanked Goku into the cave and made him slam on the wall at the end of it, making him sink into the wall with a moan of pain. "... Make sure to recover your energies. We'll do something nice together later!~. And don't try moving too away from the cave, or I'll know it!". Fasha activated her Scouter which beeped several times. "Since you'll stay here, clean up the mess and light a fire for later!". She then flew away, disappearing from sight in a matter of seconds.

Goku struggled to remove himself from the rock wall and as he did so, he ruinously fell face first on the ground. He only rarely felt so much pain all at once, but that was a good sign for him. If he felt pain, that meant he was still alive, and if he was still alive then his family and friends still had a chance. He slowly crawled to where his torn clothes were and when he found the belt, he grabbed the Senzu and held it tightly. That small tool would have been his salvation and everyone else's too, just not right away. Goku had a plan in mind: it was a daring one and he needed to program it carefully. But first, he had to establish a safe ground: if things were going to play as he suspected, then his friends were going to mobilize in order to rescue or help him. He couldn't permit it, or else nothing would have worked. From where he was, he couldn't do anything, but maybe he could have asked someone else for help.

After having cleaned his face with a piece of his clothing (he felt he needed to take a bath, though), Goku decided to secure the Senzu on the back of his ear and sat in a meditating pose, every fiber of his muscles screaming in pain:

'I hope he will answer me!', Goku thought ad he tried to clear up his head in order to concentrate. 'I will do whatever it has to be done, and it will be me who will deal with that Saiyan!... Come on Kami! Answer me!'

Meanwhile, on the Lookout…

"Are you feeling better now, master?", Mr. Popo asked worryingly holding his hands together.

"Mmh, much better, Popo. Thank you like always~", answered a weakened but healthier Kami while he was laying on a bed. He could feel his energies slowly recovering as he could now feel and move his limbs, although only slightly. "Now, I can feel my energies are recovering. I can sense that Piccolo too is recovering his injuries… It will take some time, but at least-"

'Kami! Kami! Can you hear me?!'

Kami's eyes widened in shock as he heard someone calling him through telepathy. He closed his eyes and an apprehensive smile appeared on his face:

"Son Goku! Is that you?! Oh dear boy, I was so worried about you". Kami looked at Mr. Popo who understood who he was talking to.

'Eheh, me too. How are you doing now? You feel better?', asked Goku trying to sound reassuring:

"Mhmh, slightly better", said a smiling Kami. "My injuries are turning better. Piccolo must be regenerating his limbs at this point, so our lives are not in danger for now".

'What? Had Piccolo lost his limbs?! Man, that's nasty!'

"Yeah, that Saiyan woman surely went hard on him… but, w-what about you, Goku?! Where are you? What happened to you?"

Goku hesitated to answer right away. He was still trying to recover from his painful experience with the brute Saiyan woman and he didn't want to divulge into the details:

'I'm fine, for now. The woman left me alone as she went to find some food. I'm stuck in a cave somewhere here in the mountains…'

"Yes, I can sense it", said a resolute Kami.

'But, I need to clarify a couple of things with you. You're the only one who can help me now, Kami'

"Of course Goku. I'll send Mr. Popo to search for the Dragon Balls, and"

'No, Kami, wait… it's too dangerous. Maybe we'll need them later on, just not right now. But, listen. Where is Gohan now? Can you tell me where is he, what he's doing and with who he is!'

Kami wasn't expecting Goku to stop them from collecting the Dragon Balls. They could have been useful to deal with the cruel invader, but if Goku had something to say, then it must have been important. So, Kami focused and searched for Son Gohan, until he found him:

"I found your son, Goku. He's with his mother at Capsule Corp. now. I can also sense more individuals there. I can sense the likes of Krillin, Yamcha, Tienshinhan, Jiaotzu and Roshi. I think they are talking about something, something about you I suppose…"

'Good. I need you to tell them not to interfere with my rescue in any way. Understand?'. Goku sounded resolute with his decision, and that shocked Kami, who tried to get himself up to sit on the bed but his limbs still hurt very much. Mr. Popo had to hold him high as Kami was about to say:

"What are you saying, Goku? What are your intentions? Your friends are ready to help you against-"

'They don't have to do anything to help me, Kami! They better stay where they are and not interfere, or else they will be killed mercilessly. Gohan and Chichi have to be kept safe at all costs. That Saiyan, Fasha, told me that she would not hesitate to use them as hostages and I don't even want to think what she would do with them'. Goku made sure to articulate every word he had to say. 'She despises Earthlings and everything I have to do with them, and that's why she captured me. She has this awful idea to use me to procreate a new generation of Saiyans, and she would annihilate everyone who decides to face her'.

Kami was shocked to hear all these things told by a Goku he never heard talking like that before:

"Goku, listen. I know what this woman is up to. Whatever she's doing with you is deprecable, but we can't just let you face that woman by yourself, you know? You're our only hope, Goku-"

'And also, tell Piccolo not to look for revenge against Fasha. Remember that we need the Dragon Balls', Goku interrupted Kami as he felt like he had not much time left. Fasha could have come back at any moment.

"Piccolo? But, you know he would never listen to me-"

'You're the guardian of Earth, aren't you, Kami? I'm sure you will find a way to reason with your evil side. And besides, he knows he'd need the Dragon Balls too, so if he died futily, then you will be done too. So, I think he'll understand, and so will the other ones… '. Goku smiled in the warm darkness of the cave.

"Listen Goku… you, you do have a point, I agree. But, uh, how can I tell you? We… we can't just let you do everything by yourself. You know you can count on us whenever you want to…"

'Yes, I know, Kami. And I also know I can count on your help if you do as I say. I have a plan and I think it might just work'.

Kami blinked a couple of times:

"What do you have in mind this time, Goku?"

Goku giggled as he pulled out the Senzu from his ear:

'Well, since when I've learned I was a Saiyan myself, I've also learned a few things from our enemy…'

Kami felt a sink in his stomach. The story about the fact that Goku was in fact an alien was something he knew since when he removed his tail years ago once he began his training with him. He remembered how he chose not to reveal the then-young boy about his true heritage, and he wondered whether he should have told him about it that time. A small tear ran across his old wrinkled cheeks:

"Uhm, listen Goku. A-About that, the fact you were in fact a Saiyan, I… uh, I'm sorry to tell you, but I knew it since when I met you the last time, and I… I apologize for not having told you back then"

'It doesn't matter for now, Kami. Now listen…'. Goku didn't look perturbed at all. He looked focused about explaining his strategy. 'You see, one of the things I've learned from my race is how we Saiyans get exponentially stronger every time we battle and our injuries get healed. This explains why every time I fought when I was a kid, I noticed how much better I got after each time. And thus I thought-'

"That you will use that Senzu to recover from your injuries at the right time, am I right?", exclaimed Kami with a tensed expression which worried Mr. Popo too.

'Exactly. I don't know how much will it take, but I'll just take the right opportunity to give Fasha the payback…'

Kami was surprised for how pragmatic and mindful Goku was when he talked with him. Maybe something happened during the time he was being held captive…

"Are you sure it's going to work, Goku? It sounds risky and, again, you wish to do everything by yourself". Kami still sounded perplexed, but Goku was unmoving:

'Exactly. I have to do it all alone. I can't tell why, but I feel like I have to. If I didn't, then I feel like I would be disappointed by me. I mean… ugh, it's hard to explain. Maybe it's because it's a Saiyan that I want to fight back by myself. Oh, and about the fact you didn't tell me about it year ago? Don't worry. I'm not mad at you. I bet you had your good intentions for not telling me about it. Probably I still wasn't ready to accept this new kind of reality. A space race of bloodthirsty conquerors… it hit hard for me when I found out, but at least I now understand a lot more'. Goku still smiled as he held his fists. He could feel a fire burning deep inside of him. 'Anyways, Kami. I'll leave the rest to you! Just tell everyone what I just said to you, and I'll assure you that everything will be ok!'

Kami was left speechless. The way Goku talked about his new self after the revelation was something he would have never expected. The nature of a Saiyan sounded too weird to be fully understood - Goku even felt like he was being fired up by the prospect of battling against that woman who had been abusing him from the beginning. But, at the same time, he too was an alien, a Namekian, so maybe being a Saiyan wasn't any more weirder. What hurt Kami the most was that he would have had to leave his pupil alone. What kind of guardian of the planet leaves his protégé alone against an unwinnable threat? But, at the same time, he remembered the time he thought about giving his title to Goku when he saved the world from Piccolo, believing he could have trusted him, so maybe the best choice was to have faith in him even in hard times like this:

"Alright Goku. I'll do as you say. It will be hard to get through your friends' heads, but I'm sure they will trust you too. Also, whatever I would say to you, you wouldn't even listen to~". A melancholic smile appeared on his face:

'Eheh, you know me, Kami. Just do what I said and keep all of them safe as the guardian of Earth. Now, I shall be going. I'll call you later so you can give me the news. Oh, and also tell Chichi and Gohan that I love them. Bye!~'. Goku smiled as he disconnected the telepathic link. Kami took a deep sigh of relief and clenched his hands. To his surprise, they didn't hurt at all; not even his legs hurt like before. With slow movements he came out from the bed to Mr. Popo's surprise and grabbed his wooden stuff. A resolute and confident expression appeared on face:

"Fine, Goku. I'll do my part, you do yours. I believe in you… just, make sure you know what you're doing…"

To Be Continued…

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