The Babysitting Series

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            Bulma bit her lower lip as she looked down at the juncture of her legs, watching her own ‘personal’ toy buzz on her clit.  Violent waves of ecstasy washed through her as she sought sexual satisfaction through a small vibrator.  Vegeta was gone—off to train somewhere without so much as a fuck to hold her over, and hopefully call him back for more.  Trunks was spending the night at Goten’s, and the grandparents of the Briefs household were also absent for an unknown amount of time.  Whether it was a vacation or a call for mechanical help, Bulma couldn’t care less.  As long as she could at least get some alone time with her body, she was somewhat content.  However, plastic was no substitute for the heat, length, and ferocity of Sayian sex…


            While Bulma pleasured herself in the sanctity of the basement lab, she was unaware of the front door opening.  Trunks peeked his head into the dim house, searching for any sign of his mom or dad.  They weren’t in the main room, of course; they hardly ever were with all the work they had on their hands.

            “They’re not here,” Trunks mumbled behind him before pushing the door all the way open.  Goten was right behind him, admiring the massiveness of the Briefs house as if it was his first time visiting.  The size of it never ceased to amaze him since he lived in a lonely little spit of a house.

            Once the front door was closed, Goten immediately asked for something to eat.  “Jeez, Goten.  Didn’t you eat enough when we were at your house?” Trunks complained.  Goten just gave the laugh that he inherited from his father.  With a sigh, Trunks gestured to the kitchen.  “Help yourself…”

            “Yay!  Thanks, Trunks!”  The wild son of Goku wasted no time and dashed over to the kitchen.  He quickly raided the refrigerator, searching for only sweets.  Chocolate, bananas, and strawberries were crammed into his mouth all at once and were swallowed whole.  Soon, Trunks came over to join him, finding the smell of sweet food too intoxicating.


            Trunks and Goten sat in the living room and patted their satisfied stomachs after taking the liberty of cleaning out all the junk food from the fridge.  Goten chuckled to himself from the sugar rush.

            “Nothing’s better than a night snack,” he commented.  “Right, Trunks?”

            “Nope,” the purple-haired half-breed agreed.  “Still, I wonder what happened to Mom.  I’m pretty sure she said that she would be here all night.”

            As if to call out and answer Trunks’ question about her whereabouts, Bulma’s voice cried from behind the basement door.  It was a cry of the pleasure reached upon coming to a climax, but the two boys didn’t know that; they chose to believe that she was in pain.

            Trunks and Goten immediately jumped to their feet.  While Trunks growled and prepared for a fight, Goten cowered as if he didn’t possess supernatural powers.  “That was Mom,” declared Trunks.  His fists tightened.  “But who’s with her?  I don’t sense anyone else.”

            “Maybe she just hit her thumb with a hammer, and just shouted because it hurt,” Goten tried to reason in naïveté.  His hands came up to his chest to guard himself from anything that might spring from the shadows.

            “Shut up, Goten!  We have to check!”  Trunks hopped over the couch and ran to the basement door.  A reluctant Goten followed him, taking small steps and trying to be as quiet as could be.


            Bulma panted heavily as she continued to press the vibrator against her most sensitive spots.  One orgasm wasn’t able to slake her lust for the night; Vegeta never left her with one orgasm, and she’d grown used to that so much that one orgasm wasn’t satisfying.

            The lab coat was open, and her shirt and bra were missing in action.  However, her left hand did its part in ‘covering’ her chest, one breast at a time.  She squeezed her hardened, pink nipples and massaged the plump hills of flesh.  It was tiring, but the effects were well worth it.

            Her head fell back as she moaned.  With her eyes closed, she had no way of noticing the pair of boys gawking at her from the staircase leading down to the lab.  Trunks’ jaw would’ve been on the floor had he been a ‘Looney Toon’.  Goten just scratched his head, thankful that it wasn’t a monster causing Bulma to scream.

            “M-Mom?”  Trunks spoke in a quiet voice of shock.

            Bulma could barely hear her son over the sounds of her own moans and the buzzing of her turbo-charged vibrator.  With a shriek, she threw the sex toy across the room and covered herself with her lab coat.  “Trunks!  Goten!”  Her face was beat red as she stared at them both.  “What are you doing here?”

            “We came home,” Trunks began as if in a trance, “because we were bored…”  There was a pause.  “What were you doing?”

            Bulma looked away, too embarrassed to maintain eye contact with her son and his best friend.  Talk about being caught with your pants down…

            “I was…  I was…”  What kind of lie could she tell that would explain the fact that her clothes were missing, save for her lab coat?  Her crystal blue eyes glanced at the boys, and she noticed something that she shouldn’t have.  Both kids were sporting ‘tents’ in their pants.  Obviously their bodies were naturally reacting to what they were seeing.

            The arousal within her didn’t lessen, even when she was caught.  If anything, her body was more heated from the excitement of being caught while doing something naughty.  She wanted to touch herself again to try to reach another sexual climax.

            … Perhaps these boys…  Their bodies were ready… all that was needed was to talk them into it.  Of course, she knew it was immoral, not only to have sexual intercourse with children, but it was even worse to do it with her son and his best friend.

            But… sex was sex, and relief was needed…

            Bulma eyed the sizes of the bulges that stuck straight out of the boys’ loose-fitting pants.  They were big, that was for sure, especially for their ages.  This was no doubt the heritage of their fathers’; the Sayians, after all, were very well-endowed compared humans.  And if they matured faster, that meant that they could reach an orgasm as well.

            “Boys, come over here,” Bulma offered.  Trunks and Goten straightened a little at the request, then did what they were told.  As they rounded the lab counter, they noticed that Bulma didn’t try to keep her body hidden.  Of course, they could only see the valley of her breasts, but not the fullness of her chest.  Her legs pressed tightly together to hide her sex.

            Goten and Trunks stood in front of her, only able to stare and wonder what she had planned for them; they didn’t even notice their erections pointing at her.  “Yeah, Mom?”  Trunks’ had a weak voice at the moment, his brain unable to cope with what was happening and what was about to happen.

            Bulma eyed the bulges again.  She licked her lips in excitement and slid off the surface of the desk.  Her perfectly shaped tits were flashed for a brief second as she moved.  “Stay with me for the night,” she requested as she squatted in front of the two boys, baring no shame in the fact that her pussy was in full-view for the kids to witness.

            While Goten’s eyes fixed on the spot in between the woman’s legs in a trance, Trunks was stammering, still unable to figure out what the hell was going on.  “Mom, what are you talking-”

            Without warning, Bulma grabbed the stiff object protruding in her son’s pants with her right hand, and then grabbed Goten’s with her left.  Both half-Sayians jumped at the sudden squeeze on their sensitive parts.  Bulma grinned sexily at the promise of satisfying sex should the kids agree to this.  “Take off your pants,” she directly ordered, not taking time to beat around the bush.

            “Mom!”  Trunks tried to protest, but shuddered and caved in when his mom’s firm grip began to slide up and down his erect cock in his pants.

            “Doesn’t that feel good, Trunks?  If you want more, you have to take off your pants.”  Bulma retracted her hand to allow the boys to make their next move, which would most likely be the way she planned.

            Trunks fidgeted uncomfortably.  He was vaguely aware that this was wrong—why it was wrong evaded his knowledge—and it would change his relationship with his mom.  Needing some friendly advice, he turned to Goten to ask how he felt about the situation; Goten was already half-way naked, eager to take up Bulma’s offer.  She smiled at him and helped him untie his belt sash.

            “Goten!  What’re you doing?” Trunks complained.

            Goten looked over at his friend and gave him a grin.  “I wanna feel that again!  It felt good!” he reasoned naively.

            “And it’ll feel better the more we get into it,” promised Bulma.  As she stripped Goten down to just his boxers, she looked over at her son, playing with Goten’s imprisoned cock with smooth strokes of her fingertips.  “Well, Trunks?”  Surely, he would follow his friend’s decision.

            And he did.  Trunks began to undress slowly at first, hesitant to be naked not only in front of Goten—despite their taking non-homosexual baths together for some reason—but in front of his mom, as well.  It had been years since she’d seen him naked, and that was back when he was still in diapers.  Still… might as well.

            He sat down and pulled his boots off and threw them aimlessly into the dark lab.  Clad only in boxers, he sat there and watched as his mom neglected Goten’s arousal to come aid his own.  He held his breath when he saw her nice breasts dangle above his erection.

            “Let me help you out of those boxers, sweetie.”  Trunks groaned and flushed in embarrassment from the motherly tone while his naked parent began to tug off his underwear.  Bulma smirked as she laid eyes on her boy’s impressive erection.  Were he just a normal boy, he wouldn’t have been so large.  Again, Bulma licked her lips and imagined how nice this was going to turn out.

            Her mouth opened to welcome her son’s throbbing cock.  Her tongue rolled around the tip before more of the length was engulfed in her orifice.  Trunks shuddered and watched in uneasy fascination as his mom took almost all of his dick into her mouth; her fingers linked around the small portion that couldn’t fit, jerking slightly as to be careful not to bump her face.

            Trunks clenched his teeth as he whimpered softly.  His eyes stayed glued on his mom as she began to suck him off.  At the moment, he couldn’t give a fuck about what Goten was doing.  The curious son of Goku sat down—Indian Style—behind Bulma, smiling as he watched her bare ass shift slightly to make her position a bit more comfortable.  Her movements were practically daring him to touch her.  At last, he gave into the curious urge and pressed his full palm against one of the firm cheeks of Bulma’s ass.

            To get a look at what Goten was doing, Bulma removed her warm mouth from Trunks’ cock and looked behind her, disappointing her son somewhat with the less pleasurable feeling of her hand stroking his hard on.  Still, her grip became firm and the sensation began to increase.

            Goten had no idea how to go about pleasing girls with his hands.  Hell, he didn’t know the first thing about pleasuring them at all.  It was all instinct and what he felt was right.  And at the moment, it felt right caressing the ass of his best friend’s mom.  His hand moved curiously and eventually slipped to the apex of her thighs.  He noticed that she was missing the traits both he and Trunks had, and instead had what he thought was a vertical cut.  However, Bulma seemed to thoroughly enjoy it when he prodded the folds of flesh.  She even jerked when his middle and index fingers slipped between the wet fissure of skin.

            Bulma moaned, pushing her hips back to force more of Goten’s fingers into her.  She turned back forward and shoved as much of Trunks’ cock in her mouth.  Her tongue lashed around it madly, prodding the slit which Trunks seemed to like very much.  Balancing herself on only one hand, she used the other to cup his testicles and rotate them.  She loved giving head.  The taste and feel of a cock gliding back and forth in her mouth exhilarated her.  Vegeta, of course, would not be as submissive as his son and would pretty much fuck her mouth until he gave her cum to spare in her belly.  She withdrew from her son’s dick to lick all over it, spurred on as Goten continued his eager exploration of her nether regions.

            Goten sniffed her arousal and found it to his liking.  So with anything else he liked to smell of, he tasted.  His tongue made long stroke from her clit to the over side of her pussy.  Beneath the folds of glistening skin, he found a hole where the odd-flavored fluid was coming from.  Therefore, he trudged ahead in search of more of the taste.  His tongue buried deep into Bulma’s snatch and was coated by her juices.  He wriggled the muscle around in her in search of any more of the tasty substance.

            Bulma couldn’t stand it.  She had been trying to get off for the past hour, and sucking dick and being eaten out by an inexperienced boy only teased her.  She pushed away from Trunks and Goten and moved things around.  Trunks watched curiously while Goten let his soaked tongue dangle from his mouth.  Trunks’ mom was bent over the counter with a stool placed behind her and a cart below her.

            “I want you boys to fuck me,” she said breathlessly.  “Please!”

            Trunks wandered over to her and examined how she had set things up.  He asked how he was supposed to do that, and she told him to lie on the cart beneath her; she would take care of the rest.  Goten, she told him to get on the stool, get naked, and shove his cock into her asshole.  As she explained to him what to do, she rubbed a jelly around her puckered anus to make the passage easy; after being fucked by Vegeta, she had to create a lubricant that removed all friction from her ass.  Knowing that she hadn’t led him astray yet since everything she had told them to do felt good, Goten threw off the rest of his clothes and practically bounded up the stool and pushed his long and thick cock against her entrance.

            Below her, Trunks nervously got into place.  With the guidance of his mom’s hand, his cock moved into her body.  Wonderful feelings were experienced when both of the boys joined in Bulma’s body.  She moaned long and hard from finally being filled by something that wasn’t plastic.  Trunks and Goten slipped deep into her, though Goten found the hole he was inside to be incredibly tight; he loved it.

            Because the boys did not know exactly how to fuck properly, it was up to Bulma to do most of the work for now.  She moved back and forth on the counter, pinching her stiff, pink nipples tightly.  As the minutes wore on, Trunks and Goten got a feel for how to go about doing this.  Soon, for all her experience with fucking a full-grown Sayian, her talents were left useless when the boys began to screw her.  At first, they fought over how they would thrust, randomly pulling against one another’s pushes until they went in sync with their movements.

            Trunks loved it.  Though her breasts were lifted onto the counter, he licked what he could until Bulma lifted herself off the counter so that her swinging breasts could be tended to in Trunks’ hungry mouth.  He sucked on those tits like a baby, causing her to cry out in pleasure.  The release she had longed for had finally come, and all over her muscles tightened deliciously.  It was a more wonderful experience than she had believed it would be when the night started.

            Goten cringed when Bulma’s anus tightened around him.  A strange stirring occurred within the ‘pillows’ beneath his dick and he paused when he buried himself entirely into her.  He arched an eyebrow and shuddered as that feeling shot through his cock in long bursts.  It wasn’t until Bulma’s ass was full of semen and drooled it as he withdrew his cock that he realized that what had come from him was a gooey, white substance.

            Feeling Trunks swell within her, Bulma knew what was to happen and pulled herself off her son.  She kneeled at the cart and hastily told Trunks to sit up and point his cock at her face.  When he did and nothing happened, she quickly encased his cock in her hand and jerked several, strong times.  That sent the boy over the edge and liquid pleasure burst forth to splatter over her flushed face and blue hair.  She reveled in the burning feeling of his seed covering her face.  Absently, she licked up a good portion that had fallen over her lips.  Trunks’ essence tasted so much like his father’s, though she tasted a bit of herself in there as well.

            With Trunks’ cock wilted in her hands, Bulma stood up, a mess of sweat and semen, and smiled.  “Be sure not to mention this to anyone, boys,” she warned sweetly.  She glanced down as saw some of Goten’s cum dribbling down her legs from her ass.  “I’ll be in the shower right now.  You boys get dressed and behave, alright?”  Trunks and Goten promised to be good and went to gather their clothes as Bulma carefully left the basement, not wanting to leave a trail of boy cum behind her.

            Trunks slipped on his boxers before he noticed Goten was not dressing.  He frowned and watched his friend slowly creeping for the exit.  “What are you doing?” asked the purple-headed half-breed.

            “Your mom’s gonna be naked in the shower,” Goten pointed out eagerly.  From his sported erection, Trunks knew what his friend had in mind.  “I wanna do it again!”  Without another word, he raced up the stairs and made for the bathroom where the shower had just turned on.

            Hard on his heels, Trunks raced to be the first one there…


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