Lovebirds of the Blue

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"Happy birthday, Turtle!", cheered all the guests at Kame House as they lifted their glasses of beverages in unison. At Master Roshi's place, the guests like Krillin, Yamcha, Bulma, Oolong, Puar and even young Gohan were celebrating Turtle's 1000th birthday. The cake had so many burning candles and the flames were so intense somebody could have cooked marshmallows on it:

"Thank you everybody!", exclaimed Turtle with the most enthusiastic tone he could muster.

"Cheers on you, buddy! It's not everyday somebody turns 1000 years old. By comparison, I'm still a young jovial boy!~", exclaimed an already boozed Roshi. His cheeks were purple red and he was leaping in circles around the other guests. "Am I right, my sweet sweet Bulma?!~"


The blue-haired woman smacked the old man with an oversized malled she pulled out of nowhere and sinked him on the wooden floor of the house:

"Are you already drunk, you old geezer?! Keep your hands away from me! And you! What do you think you're doing with my man?!", shouted an indigned Bulma in the direction of her current boyfriend, Yamcha.

What made the birthday party so much lively and particular than anybody expected was the presence of a new element that nobody has ever seen or known before, and that was a young cheerful woman called Maron, who was Krillin's new girlfriend. If there were any terms to describe the woman would be "dimwitted beauty", as her curvaceous and attractive appearence compensated her lightheaded personality and apparent lack of shame since she was sitting right next to Yamcha in her tight yellow swimsuit. Bulma thought she was trying to flirt with him and tried to open up an argument with the young lady who even previously insulted her by calling her an 'old hag'.

"Aw, come on, miss Bulma! I would never try anything like that!~. I already have my darling Krillin~. Keep your nerves easy. It's not good on your skin!". These last words made Bulma's hair and face change their colors from light green to purple and was so close to lay her hands on her. Maron however didn't look intimidated by Bulma and giggled to herself as she moved away from Yamcha and grabbed Krillin by the hand:

"Come with me, Krillin darling!~. I want to take a swim with you!~. Quickly, or else this lady will kill us!~".

Krillin didn't have the time to say anything that he was being dragged out of the house and away from an enraged Bulma who was being held by Yamcha. He accidentally groped her chest and he too ended up just like Roshi, his head embedded in the wooden floor. Bulma was still fuming before she took a deep breath and sat next to Gohan. The kid was peacefuly eating his meal while he was witnessing the comedical scene and looked at Bulma's indigned expression. For some unexpalined reason, the woman looked even more beautiful when she was angry by the boy's perspective:

"Brrr, what a pretentious brat! Who does she think she is?! I wonder where Krillin found her?! First, he had nobody and then this woman-child comes out on nowhere and calls me 'old'! Tsk!"

Even though she was fuming, Gohan hardly contained his giggles:

"Ehehe, you too sound like a woman-child, Bulma~. Miss Maron is just very naive. She didn't mean to insult you".

Bulma looked at the young boy and the sight of his placid and innocent expression made her smile at him. She caressed his spiky hair:

"Ah, Gohan. You're the only decent person here in this shack of maniacs~".

Bulma's calm voice made Gohan shiver a little. He forgot how nice her voice sounded, one of the many reasons why he came to like her, and more than just a friend. There was something in that woman that made Gohan's heart feel lighter. The boy picked up a knife and pointed at the cake:

"Eheh, thanks Bulma~. Say, why don't we take the first slice of cake?"

Bulma nodded as she gave him the last headpat:

"Sure thing~. But first, we'll need a fire estinguisher!". The flames on the birthday cake flared up intensely as the two giggled to each other.

After having relished a couple of sweet slices of cake, Gohan decided to go out to enjoy the sun. The sky had no clouds and blew a light breeze which prevented the air from being too dry. The boy found a colored deckchair near the shore and sat on it, but not before he tossed all Roshi's magazines aside. They were all kinds of erotic stuff picturing lovable young ladies in every possible pose. To think the old man used to be his father's teacher made Gohan chuckle to himself. He sprayed some sun lotion all over his body and closed up his eyes while his ears were cradled by the noise of the sea waves.

That day, for the first time in his life, Gohan had sneaked away from his home to go for a party with anyone resembling friends. He thought it would have felt weird but, as a matter of fact, he'd never felt so much free and proud of himself. It is also true that, less than a couple of years ago, the idea of disobeying his mother sounded like the ultimate sin to him. Chi-Chi knew how to be both the most lovable and yet the most berating and restrictive mother of them all: she obviously wished the best for her son, but at the same time she pretended he'd spend most of his life on his books. Gohan obviously wanted to become a succesful student and research, but his numerous adventures and engagements against the threats of the universe truly opened up Gohan's eyes and mind to much more possibilities than he thought. He had discovered he possesed an immense power just like his father whom he loved more than anyone else, and something his mother tried all her life to erase from the boy's upbringing. Why negating him to further cultivate his father's talent if it was something that belonged to his own self, Gohan asked himself in his half-sleep. Being not just a smart intellectual but also a man powerful enough to protect the world just like his father didn't sound too bad for the young boy. He already had to argue with his mother when it was time to travel to Namek in order to revive his friends: just thinking about that, Gohan realized how much he had changed. It was also during their trip to Namek where the first hints of changes manifested, not just from Gohan but from another individual, that being Bulma. The boy had no idea whether it was his own imagination or not, but during the travel to the far away planet, the blue-haired woman gave him numerous winks and naughty looks at him, and that coupled with the fact that she always wondered half-naked around the space ship made the boy feel things like he had never experienced before. He didn't just like her: she felt aroused and attracted to her, and every time she gave him her hungry looks, Gohan could feel something funny happenning to him…

"Gohan!~ Hey there, Gohan!~".

The boy opened his eyes and woke up all dazed and sleepy. He ended up relaxing so much on the deckchair he fell asleep. He was having a good dream, one he wished he didn't wake up at the best part. As he rubbed his eyes, Gohan searched for where the voice calling him came from and when he looked at the shore, he saw the tall and curvy figure of Maron approaching him. She must have returned from his swimming with Krillin and when she stood in front of him, Maron removed her diving mask and unleashed the long sky-blue hair. The boy was left astounded by the sight of the young woman: even though she wasn't the woman he was dreaming of, he was wishing it was her. Since she had just emerged from the water, her athletic body was still wet and the water drops made her smooth skin shimmer under the sunlight. When she removed her mask, Gohan was able to further admire her facial features resembled those of a porcelain fool with her big eyes being just as blue as the hair. To compliment the divine sight, her tight yellow swimsuit put her shapely curves in display, leaving nothing to the imagination.

Maron was taking a deep sigh of relief, her young looking visage looming over the astounded young boy:

"Mhaaaa!~. Nothing's better than a good fresh bath in the sea! I love seasides~. Don't you too, Gohan?"

The boy had fell like in trance looking at the gourgeous young woman referring to him, but he quickly snapped out of it once he realized who he was talking to:

"Ah, uhm, y-yes Maron. I like the sea too, even though I live in the mountains…"

"Oh! You live in the mountains?! And, how did you come here? Krillin darling brought me with his red convertible, even though he showed me he can fly! Can you imagine it? People learning to fly!~".

Maron's jovial voice resonated in Gohan's ears like a pleasant jingle. It looked like she came to him for a conversation and nothing else but he was happy about it nonetheless. And to think she looked so much like…

"Ehm, actually, I can fly too Maron!"

The woman looked down on the boy and her eyes widened and blinked like a fawn's:

"What?! You too can fly?! Uuuh, can you show me? Can you show me?! Please?!~". Gohan's heart was beating faster all of a sudden: the idea of showing off his talents to a girl felt like a golden opportunity. Gohan nodded with a hum and then he lifted himself a couple of meters up from the deckchair. The boy then floated in circles around the marveled Maron whose eyes were locked onto him and followed Gohan. The boy found her joyful expression a delight to look at and so he decided to end the demonstration in style by speeding upward like a rocket and reaching the clouds. Gohan then abandoned himself and precipitated toward the earth with his arms spread. From the ground below, Maron was shrieking with a mixture of excitement and fear as she saw the kid coming down faster and faster, only for Gohan to slow his descent and land on the sand in front of Maron like a superhero:

"*Uff!* That was fun! Say, miss Maron, was it a good demonstration?", Gohan asked as his cheeks turned reddish. The young woman remained silent for a couple of seconds before he cheered Gohan up clapping her hands and hopping on her feet:

"Whaahahahaow!~. That was incredible, Son Gohan!~. You were flying like an airplane - no, better than an airplane!"

"Hey there. What is happening here?", asked a male voice behind the two. It was Krillin who had walked out of the water carrying a huge fishing net with hundreds of clams. "What was that shouting, Maron? Is everything ok?"

Maron turned back to her 'darling' and kissed him on his bald head. Gohan looked at the two with a big smile but, deep inside, for a brief moment, he wished the girl kissed him instead. Of course he knew that would have never been possible… right?

"Aw, Krillin darling! Your friend Son Gohan showed me he can fly as well! He was incredible! He reached the clouds and then whooosh! He fell like a comet and landed with the grace of an angel!~. You never told me other people can fly!".

Gohan's face turned redder as he heard Maron praising him for something he learned to do as easely as breathing. Krillin nodded and said:

"I thought you may have wanted to meet Gohan in person first, Maron"

"Ow, Krillin. It's already a pleasure to meet this nice and gentle boy~". For what looked like an instant, Gohan swore Maron gave him a wink. At first the boy thought it must have been his lewd imagination but no: this new young woman just winked at him, right in front of her boyfriend. His cheeks turned even redder but Krillin didn't seem to have noticed the gesture and said:

"Ehm, listen Maron! I've caught a thousand clams for you, like you told me! Wanna open them up and get the pearls?"

Maron looked back at him and smiled:

"Mmh, actually, I wanted to spend some time with Gohan now~. You see, he's brought a dragon cub and I've never seen one up close! Say, Gohan! You want to take me where your dragon is? Mmmh?~". Maron held herself on the knees and tilted her head on one side, waiting for his answer.

Gohan didn't understand what was going on. This young woman, Maron, just explicitly said him she wanted to be with him instead of Krillin. He was obviously happy about the prospect, and yet still something inside of him was trying to come out…

"Aehm… s-sure miss Maron~. I-I'd be glad to take you. Now Icarus is hunting fishes on the other side of the house, there". Gohan pointed at the shore behind Kame House. He didn't have the time to add anything that Maron took him by the hand and dragged him along the sand.

"Great!~. I can't wait to see him!~"

Despite his immense strenght and level of power, Gohan felt lighter and weaker than ever. Right now, a beautiful candid - (maybe a little too lightheaded) woman was taking him with her. All things considered, this was going to get even better than his dream because, at least in this case, everything was real. Meanwhile Krillin was left behind completely dumbstruck but not necessarily angry about it:

"B-But Maron! What do I do with all these clams?!"

"Oh, you can begin opening them up without me! I'll be joining you later! Love you!~". Maron said sending Krillin a flying kiss. As Gohan saw her hands moving, he briefly wished the kiss was directed at him, even at the cost of going up against Krillin himself.

As the two were running on the sand, even though they only ran for a couple of seconds, Gohan's perception of time semed to have slowed down as he was trying to process the sudden surge of excitement flowing in his chest. Despite the fact he had never seen Maron in his life, for some reason, he was getting to like the woman more than all the other women he knew in his life. One thing Gohan thought about when he was sleeping under the sun was the fact that he came to realize he felt mainly attracted by women older than him. Not just Bulma, whom he still considered the most lovable and not just for her appearence, but even other people like Launch or even Bulma's own mother fascinated him as more than just aquaintances. He only saw Launch a couple of times but he ended up falling in love with her Good Form, a precious and sweet blue-haired woman who always felt bad for the issues his Blonde Forma caused. Panchy Brief on the other hand was an absolutely lovable 'old lady' who demonstrated not more than Bulma's own age, but every time he met Panchy at her place, Gohan always had the impression she too gave him a few naughty and curious looks. But, was it really just his own imagination or was he a beacon for pretty women and he never knew? If so, was it because of his own cute and lovable manners and behavior? Was it perhaps due to his half-Saiyan nature which made him irresistible for the opposite sex?!

A series of weird and contorted thoughts flowed inside his mind but he tried his best not to totally fall for them. After all, Bulma only looked weird at him back in the day and Maron asked him to see his dragon friend. He prefered not to make too many movies to himself, or else he may have ended up ruined the current private moment with a girl.

Time flow returned to normal from his perspective as Gohan and Maron reached the shore where Icarus the dragon cub was frantically swimming in the sea.

"I-Icarus, buddy!~. Come here! I want to present you a new friend!~". Gohan felt a little weirded out calling Maron a 'new friend'; he just hoped she didn't come up with anything weird.

Icarus' head emerged from the water and he was holding a big prey in his beaked mouth. The dragon then springed quickly toward the shore and emerged with a huge splash swallowing the prey in one bite.

"There you are, Icarus! How was your hunting today?~", asked Gohan as he approached him. Icarus growled cheerfuly and rubbed his nuzzle on his cheeks, making Gohan giggle for the tickles. "Eheh, I guess it all went well. Now Icarus, I brought you here so you can meet new people, and… I've got a person who wants to meet you right now~. Come here, miss Maron". Gohan waved his hand to the woman, inviting her to come closer. Maron however, didn't step forward just yet: instead, she was standing on the spot Gohan left her behind with her hands in front of her mouth. Gohan lifted an eyebrow not knowing what was happenning to her. He thought that maybe she was afraid, which would be perfectly understandable since she had never seen a dragon before, but when he was about to say: "Come on miss Maron~. You don't have to be afraid. You see, Icarus is goo-"

"Uuuuh, it looks so cute!~". Maron hopped on her spot and giggled excited before she ran in Icarus' direction. Icarus growled louder and escaped from Gohan's grasp. Maron was following him on foot and was surprisingly fast for she was running on sand.

"Awww, come here lil' dragon!~. Don't run please! I want to cuddle you!~"

The two - no, the three chased each other around the shore, with Gohan following Maron and Maron following Icarus who was looking for Gohan's help:

"Icarus! Don't run! There's nothing to be afraid of! Come back!". The chase continued for a good minuted before Gohan decided to cut it short and moved at super speed performing an Afterimage Technique. He reappeared in front of Icarus and stopped him in his track by putting his hands forward. Icarus impacted on his arms but Gohan was strong enough to stop him, even though the push made his legs sink in the sand.

Maron reached both of them and shrieked in horror when she saw half of Gohan was embedded in the sand. The kid shaked his head to remove the sand and smiled at the woman to reassure her:

"*cough!* It's alright, Maron! I'm ok, don't worry". He lifted himself from the sand and patted the still nervous Icarus on the nuzzle to pacify him. "It's just, you scared him. Icarus isn't used to interactions with humans. He only trusts me for the time being, so you shouldn't have run against him like that".

Maron looked mortified at both Gohan and Icarus and looked down on the sand:

"I'm… I'm deeply sorry, Gohan. Because of me, you got hurt and I scared your friend~. But, I can't help it when I see something cute or I like… I want to cuddle it~... You think I can still pet him, Gohan? I'll promise to be nicer". Maron winked at Gohan, the latter smiling embarassed at her. He couldn't possibly get mad at her.

"Eheh, of course you can, miss Maron~. And don't worry about me. I'm not hurt at all. It may not seem but I'm pretty tough myself". Gohan flexed his bicep which doubled in size. This made Maron gasp in surprise. "Now, let's try again, miss Maron~. Here, Icarus. This is Maron. She's a good friend and she wants to know you, so don't be afraid of her~".

Icarus had recovered from the initial shock gave Gohan one more lick before he turned his head to the woman. This time, Maron extended her hand against his face and Icarus sniffed it. His pupils enlarged and blinked a couple of times before his nuzzle came in contact with the hand.

"Ehehe~. It tickles! His skin is as smooth as leather", Maron caressed Icarus' nuzzle up and down while the cub breathed on her hand. He wasn't feeling any nervous about her touching him. "He's really cute, you know? Where did you find him? How did you manage to tame him?".

Gohan decided to let Icarus go, allowing Maron to cuddle him by herself. He sat next to her on the sand and smiled:

"Well, it all happened a few weeks ago. When I explored the mountains in my free time, I eventually found this cub all alone in a cave. There were no signs of his parents and when I checked on him, he approached me to stay close to somebody resembling someone. I couldn't just leave him alone. Even baby dragons can't fend for themselves if not instructed by their parental figures. I sort of became a kind of mentor for him like Mr. Piccolo was for me~".

"Mh? Mr. Piccolo? Who is he, Gohan?"

"Oh, right. You don't know him. He's a friend of mine - well, he's a very reclusive and lonely kind of friend. He doesn't like to hang out with other people, but he's a really nice person. He taught me everything I know about combat and martial arts since I was 5. Heh, it's funny to think how time flies on…"

"Wait. So, you're a fighter too, like Krillin?~", asked Maron, her tone sounding more marveled and curious for every word Gohan said.

"Uhm, y-yes Maron~. I am a fighter too, kind off…", Gohan felt bashful talking to Maron about it and bit his tongue for sounding so dumb. Why did he felt ashamed to tell what he was? Just because his mother berates him for behaving like his dad, it doesn't mean there was something wrong with him. Gohan cleared his voice and added. "Y-Yes, I'm a fighter too, Maron! And me and Krillin fought together to save the planet, you know?"

Gohan thought like he had Maron's eyes attached to his face for how much intensely she was staring at him. For one thing Gohan thought he could have stared at her innocent looking face all day, but on the other hand the more the woman looked at him the faster his heart was beating.

"You and Krillin… saved the planet?! I… well, it-it's weird. Krillin darling never told me about it".

A Red light turned inside Gohan's head. Did his bravado just touched an uneasy nerve?

"H-Huh? Krillin didn't told you that he's a fighter?"

"Well, he didn't tell me much about his activity before I met him... It's funny. Why would he hide this incredible thing from me? I mean, saving the world must be an exciting job! Isn't it, Gohan?". Maron crawled on her knees to Gohan and the boy, being caught off guard, fell back on his hands. Now she was extremely close to him and her prosperous cleavage was half a meter away from his face. Wasn't she acting a little too enthusiastically? Gohan thought:

"... Well, it depends. It's a really dangerous job, for sure. Not only you've got to be strong because those who want to conquer the world are powerful too, but…", Gohan felt his face turning hot red as he saw Maron was carefully listening to everything he was saying. "... ehm, are you sure you want to hear about it? It-it migth be boring or even frightening for you-"

"Are you kidding me, Gohan?", asked Maron with her angelic sweet voice. "I want to know more about it!~. Please Gohan! I'm all for you~". She winked at the young boy once again and that last gesture surely cemented Maron a place in Gohan's young and yet eager heart. Gathering all the confidence he could muster, he sighed deeply and sat back more comfortable:

"A-Alright then. Ehm ehm, as I was saying…"

For the next had hour, Gohan told Maron everything that happened to him since he was five when he met his space uncle Raditz to when he, Krillin and Bulma traveled to space to resurrect their friends. Every time Gohan told an anecdote, Maron asked him dozens of questions about it and Gohan was more than willing and patient to explain everything to the unexpected companion. As he told his tales, Gohan realized how truly volatile and light-headed Maron could get, as she couldn't properly get concepts like how the Dragon Balls worked or how they managed to escape from planet Namek. The boy had to specify and explain several times over but despite everything, he never grew tired or bothered by Maron's slow understanding. He thought she was being impressed and intrigued by Gohan's tale as well as being shocked every time the boy told her how much he risked his life against the Saiyans or the tyranical Frieza. And even though Gohan told her it was always his father or his friends who saved the day, Maron seemed to have always him in her mind. As Gohan continued his story, he asked himself why Krillin of all people never shared his story with her girlfriend. Was he afraid she wouldn't have taken him serious? Was it because he thought she was too dimwitted to understand? Even though these were legitimate questions, Gohan prefered enjoying the expression Maron had when he concluded his narrative:

"... And that sums up pretty much everything I know. It's been a wild ride but I can assure you. Everything I told you is true. Krillin will confirm it". Gohan told this last statement so that he didn't appear he bragged to make himself look cool or anything.

"Ow, but I believe you, Gohan!~. Why would you lie to me about something this fantastical?! I mean, demons, aliens, your father being an alien, and space conquerors!~ I've never expected to be living in such a crazy world! - or, should I say, universe?~". Maron seemed to have taken Gohan's story without question, something the boy didn't expect. "Hihihih, I've never expected my dear Krillin went through all these adventures. Anyways, you're a pretty brave boy for your age".

Those words shaked Gohan's innards like an earthquake. Hearing such nice and complimenting words from such a cute beauty was more than rewarding for the risky decision to sneak away from his mother's look:

"Ahah-ah, t-thank you, Maron~", Gohan was blushing lightly but tried to maintian a good composure. "You see, when you get dragged into so many crazy shenanigans, you kinda have to be strong and brave, and as time goes by, it almost becomes a recurrance. And besides, learning how to fight is pretty rewarding in the long run. When I learned I had so much power in me, I began to realize there was so much more than just studying…". Gohan turned to look at Maron and she was still staring entranced at him, her mouth slightly opened and her hands on her knees. The boy gulped and cleared his voice. "Ahh, I'm sorry, Maron~. I ended up talking so much about myself. I hope I'm not boring you…"

"Mh? Boring me, Gohan?~", Maron asked tilting her head on one side. "Hihihihih, why are you saying so?~. I'm having so much fun listening you talking!~. I like people who feel so much proud of themselves~".

Gohan was left pleasantly speechless and his heart began beating even faster hearing Maron's kind words:

"T-Thank you, Maron. I appreciate it… You know, I'm not used to talk to girls. Quite frankly, you're the girls I've talked the longest up to this day…", said Gohan sheepishly as he looked down, his cheeks turning red:

"Mhmhmh, really? Well, you certainly know how to dwell a lady~. And, you're one of the nicest boys I've ever talked with~. They always talk about the same boring things, but you - you know so much about many things I didn't even know existed~... Hihihi, I'm having lots of fun with you here, Gohan!"

Maron's cheerful and innocent voice tone were sending continuos vibes of excitement across Gohan's body. It was like talking to a much younger and light-headed version of Bulma, even though that thought wasn't the best for him at the moment. He was starting to feel conflicted about the situation, as his already troubled feelings were struggling about his liking for both blue-haired women. The young boy came to realize that… he liked both of them. He asked himself if falling in love for mature women was a natural thought process for Saiyans and halflings like him, but before he could dwell any further in his thoughts, Maron called him out as she stood up:

"Listen, Gohan! I've thought about something"

"About what, Maron?", asked a puzzled Gohan.

"It's getting pretty hot here by just sitting on the sand. I wish to move around somewhere else with you~". Maron sat up to stretch a little. Gohan admired the tall and beautiful shapely figure, and she stretched her arms up so much her breasts almost popped out of her swimsuit, so the kid turned his gaze away even though he was more than glad to look at it:

"Uhm, what do you mean 'move somewhere else', Maron?"

"Oh, you know~. This place is amazing and I'm sure there's plenty of other islands to look around here! I would reeealy like to visit them and… well~". Maron held her hands together and shoved her foot back and forth as she blushed lightly(?). "I wanted to ask you to carry me around, so we can spend some more time together"

Everything around Gohan felt like frozen in time once Maron ended her sentence. The kid wasn't sure he heard it correctly but he wasn't sure to ask Maron to repeat it again. He couldn't believe it: this girl, Maron. This wonderful and precious young woman just asked him to bring her somewhere else away from Kame House so that they could stay together some more.

Gohan was sure Maron meant just that. He just couldn't believe it. Was this a flirtatious attempt from Maron's part? What else could that have meant for them two? Gohan thought. And, most importantly, was Maron asking Gohan move away to somewhere 'private' despite the fact that, well, she was Krillin's girlfriend?! Why wouldn't she ask him to take her wherever she wanted to?!

All these questions rambled around Gohan's head who wasn't sure how to respond. But why? Why was it hard for him to answer such a proposition? It wasn't quite simple for the young boy. Naturally, before then, he'd never talked to a woman for so long and with so much confidence before - Bulma didn't count because, first: until further proofs, they were still friends, and two: he wasn't sure whether those 'flirt attempts' were real or just a figment of his own imagination. But this time, Gohan was confused, due to the fact that inside of him, there were two instincts fighting against one another: his more human and rational side which told him to say 'no' because it would be disrespectful and wrong to take another man's woman for himself, and his second more temtping side which made him realize the opportunity that presented itself to him. The chance of getting along with a real woman for the very first time of his life.

Gohan was sure that his answer would have made a significant impact on both him and Maron's life, as well as Krillin's and probably the other ones too: it was the choice between aggreing with Maron's request to make her happy (something Gohan was more than keen to do), or refusing and letting everything going normal from then on. The issue with that was that Gohan would have probably broken Maron's heart, which was something Gohan wished it never happened. Surely a tough decision for the young lad, something that his immense latent power would have never helped him.

His two instincts were battling against one another as Maron was still waiting for Gohan's answer and the boy noticed how she was looking at her with anxious impatience. Her eyes were staring at him and Gohan was just about to ask her why she didn't ask Krillin to bring her somewhere else as he was her man, but that didn't happen. Instead of asking that, other words came out of Gohan's mouth:

"Ehm… w-well, Maron", he was trying to keep himself cool as he felt his heartbeat getting faster. "... S-Sure. Sure I can take you somewhere you'd like~".

He just did it. His cheeks turned deep red and he felt his hands holding his knees shaking. Gohan could see Maron's face brightening like never before as a big smile came to her and she hopped on her feet in excitement. While Gohan was happy looking at how much delighted Maron was, the boy was still unsure about the 'carrying Maron' part. It's not like he was physically unable to carry another person in his arms: after all, he did carry Bulma in his arms back on Namek where they attemped to escape the planet's destruction, so the issue wasn't a physical one. The issue was that of the physical contact, like the fact he'd have to actually touch Maron's body - he, who had never touched a naked woman in his life. That though was making him blush profusely and lowkey turning him deep inside on at the same time, but until the situation would have allowed 'something more', he prefered to keep physical contact to a minimum. Instead, Gohan came up with a much better idea, one that he was also sure would have made Maron even more excited. So the kid sat up and said to Maron:

"... And, for the occasion, I would like to show you something I'm sure you will like~". Gohan blinked at Maron, actually feeling excited himself for what he was going to show her. He had already made his choice, so why not delve into it and play Maron's game?

"Oh~. Show me something, Gohan darling? What is it?~", asked an eager Maron as she tilded her head on the left. Gohan's heart sank by hearing her calling him 'darling' but he tried to contain his own excitement as he took a deep breath and shouted in the sea's direction:

"Come, Magic Cloud!"

Gohan's voice echoed toward the open sea before he told the girl:

"There, Maron! Look up at the sky!"

Maron did just that and narrowed her eyes to see where Gohan pointed at. A few seconds afterwards, the girl seemed to have noticed something in the sky:

"Hey, Gohan! What is that thing up there?"

"Just wait! You'll see~", said Gohan with a smile.

Descending at great speeds, a small golden cloud landed nearby the two lovebirds. Maron gasped in shock at the sight of the unusual floating object but her face's expression, as Gohan noticed, was the portrait of marvel:

"Here, Maron! This is the Flying Nimbus!", said Gohan with a smile:

"Is it… is it a magical cloud, Gohan?!". Maron pointed at the floating cloud, her hand shaking:

"Mh mh", Gohan nodded. "The Nimbus once belonged to Master Roshi but he gave it to my dad Goku when he was my age. He told me he found Turtle who lost his way on land, and so he helped him find the way to the ocean. Roshi then gave it the cloud as a gift"

"Really, Gohan?~", asked a bewildered Maron to him. It felt to her like the boy was a neverending source of surprises. "Can I touch it?!"

"Of course. I called it here so that you can ride it and fly with me~. Come on, try and touch it"

Maron took a few steps toward the golden cloud and put a hand on it. It had the consistency of a sponge as she tightened her fingere:

"Hihihi, it feels like cotton candy! Can you really fly on this cloud, Gohan?"

"Yes ideed, Maron. Dad told me only those with a pure and clean heart can ride on it. Want to give it a try?". Of course Gohan knew the cloud would have surely welcomed Maron on top of it but he wanted to look at the girl's attempt.

Maron nodded with a smile and carefully put one leg after the other onto the cloud. As she was lifting her legs, Gohan noticed that the bottom of Maron's swimsuit was being stretched so much he almost got a glimpse of her 'underneaths'. He quickly turned his eyes away blushing deep red: despite the strong desire to look, he didn't want to deal with any sort of consequential physical reactions from his part, as he was still dealing with the excitement about the prospect of more solo time with Maron:

"Yeeey! Look here, Gohan! I've made it!"

Gohan turned his eyes back at Maron who he noticed was standing solidly on the golden cloud, giggling like a baby girl and shaking her fists near her face. "It seemy heart is pure indeed!~"

"Eheh, I had no doubts about it…", said Gohan with a smile. "So… you like It?"

"Do I like it, Gohan? It's just amazing! So soft and fluffy!~". Maron lied flat on the cloud, hugging it while wagging her legs. "Mmmmh, it's like a cotton candy surfing board! So, how does it work, Gohan? I can't wait to try it!"

Gohan went closer to Maron and began explaining:

"Well, from what dad told me, the Nimbus should respond to your will, meaning that whatever command you want to give, the cloud will follow it…". Gohan looked at Maron and deduced she must have not understood It and thus said. "Uhm, to be more simple, if you want the cloud to go up, all you have to do is to think 'Go up!' and it shall do just that". Gohan wasn't sure himself about the functioning of the cloud as his father never taught him specifically. Like many other things about him, most of them came out of insticts, which made Gohan think for a moment, but while he was doing so, Maron said:

"Ok, I got it. So, now I have to think… Go. Up-


The instant Maron said 'up', the cloud dashed upward at super speed and Gohan was terrified for what just happened:

"Oh no! Maron!". Without hesitation, the boy charged up and he too dashed upward and surpassed the speeding cloud. He saw Maron holding herself tightly at the cloud, her eyes shut and her mouth wide opened, and Gohan quickly put himself behind her and gently grabbed the girl in order to make the cloud stop. With his heart still beating fast for the shock, Gohan asked Maron:

"*anf* M-Maron! Are you… o-ok?... Ah!"

Only when Gohan cleared his eyes he realized what he was doing. His small and yet strong arms were wrapped around Maron's back and his face was embeded in her silky fragrant blue hair. Despite the fact he had promised himself not to resort to any physical contact with the girl, he ended up doing just that and now his arms were savoring the softness and the smootness of Maron's skin, not to mention how much warm her body was too. Meamwhile, to Gohan's surprise, Maron wasn't screaming or acting like she had been scared by the previous accident. Instead, she was smiling like she was embarassed(?!):

"Ehehe… y-yes, Gohan~. I'm fine. Thank you, for saving my life"

Whether Maron looked embarassed or not, it wasn't even remotely close to the embarassment Gohan felt in that instance. Once again, he felt his heart sinking because of Maron's sweet words and he quickly let Maron go, turning around and covering his face:

"Aaaah! I-I-I'm terribly sorry, M-Maron! I-I didn't mean t-to touch you l-l-like that! I-I only, ah-uh…". He was feeling pretty dumb in that moment while he should have felt proud of himself instead. Maron, who was sitting safely onto the cloud in midair, looked at the sheepish young boy with apprehension:

"What is it, Gohan? Why are you being so scared? Is something wrong?". She was sincerely worried for the boy's conditions and she patted his head to comfort him. "Aw, come on. Turn around and look at me. I'm fine, you know? And all thanks to you~".

Gohan took a while before having the guts to look at Maron directly. He was still blushing, even moreso because of the fact she was patting him on the head. His heart was beating quickly: never before in his life had he ever felt so much tension and nervousness like right there, not even on Namek when he was so close from facing death by the hands of the Ginyu Force or Frieza. Somehow, this whole situation was even more unnerving:

"... *sigh* I-I'm glad you're ok, Maron, but…", Gohan took a deep breath to calm himself. "I'm sorry"

"Mh? Sorry for what, Gohan darling?", asked Maron.

"I'm sorry for having made you ride the Flying Nimbus like this. I didn't think that it might have been dangerous for you. I just… uh, I just wanted to do something nice to you because you seemed to be so much happy with me. You said you wanted to go somewhere with me alone and I wanted to do something nice, but I… I risked putting your life in danger…". Gohan didn't want to feel this bad, but he just couldn't think about himself any differently.

"But, Gohan", said Maron with an almost equally sorrow expression. "How can you tell these things to yourself? Aw, come here darling"

"What? No, Maron! I-"

"Hush, my dear. It's ok~". Maron giggled as he took Gohan's head and brought it close to her chest to give him a hug. Gohan felt an intense wave of heat coursing through his already burning face while his nostrils were filled by Maron's sweet body scent, not to mention the fact he was being cuddled so much near her extremely soft chest. He felt his quickly beating heart slowly calming down as the seconds passed while Maron patted him on his head:

"You did nothing wrong, Gohan. How else could you have saved me, you silly? Hihihi~". She held Gohan's face by the cheek. The boy was left bewildered by the jovial expression on Maron's face: how could he have felt any negatively in front of such an angelic figure? "Or is it because you have never touched a woman before?"


Gohan felt like an arrow pierced through his heart. He couldn't deny it - for a boy of his age, coming in contact with a mature woman was only a distant dream, and he did have plenty of dreams about this kind of prospect. Gohan shaked his head without saying a word and Maron giggled to him:

"Hihihi, it's perfectly normal for younglings to feel shy about physical contact~. You don't have to talk yourself down like this because you're a boy… and a pretty enjoyable one as well~. I appreciate what you did for me today, so you don't have to say anything bad about yourself. If anything... I'm the one who should apologize"

"Aw, Maron. You don't have to…", Gohan wanted to say but the girl continued.

"I was the one who asked you to pet your dragon cub and I scared him, and I decided to try and ride your magic cloud without even knowing how to do it. But, hihihi, I just have to do some practice with it, like I did when I first learend to surf. That's all, right?"

From the moment Maron hugged him tightly, Gohan felt like he'd been living the most magical time of his life. Even though it displeased him that Maron was blaming herself for what happened to both of them, he couldn't appreciate enough the pureness of the girl and her big heart. Now he knew why Krillin chose her as his girlfriend - and yet still, why did he wanted to be with her more than anything? And why she was acting so much openly with him despite the fact he was still so young and she was already engaged?

"The point is, Gohan darling… it's just the way I am. I may look dumb and dimwitted, but the point is, I just enjoy living life, which is something that may have caused some issues with the men I had before. They didn't last very long, mind you~. Maybe they thought I was too dumb for their liking, or maybe it was my fault. Whatever the truth is, I get easely excited for everything around me, especially regarding everything that is fantastical and out of this world… just like you~"

Gohan felt like he had lost perception of reality upon hearing Maron talking like that. For a moment, it was like he was being held by a completely different woman than before:

"I would have really loved to see Krillin darling showing me more of his more exotic and fantastical side, to show me what he truly was… but you, Gohan. You've been so spontaneous and pure to me, not hiding anything about your true self. You've got such a special life and you told me willingly everything about you and your adventures~. You're truly a special man, Gohan, and that's why I like you. That is why I chose to stay with you today~". Then, Maron neared her mouth and her lips touched Gohan's cheek for several seconds.

The young boy gasped as the woman gently kissed him and Gohan felt like his face was turning even hotter than before. From that close distance, Maron smelled more fragrant and sweet than ever and deep down he prayed she'd stay close to him for some more, but at the same time he knew that they've been floating a couple hundred meters up into the air for a good while and it was only a matter of time before anyone down below noticed them. Maron let Gohan go and giggled cheerfuly:

"Hihihihih, did you like it, Gohan? Being kissed by a girl feels good, doesn't it?"

The boy felt like all his vocabulary had been thrown away in the bin and couldn't utter any coherent words right away. One thing was for sure: his heart had been definitively captured by the lovely girl. He touched his cheek and after having taken a deep breath, he uttered:

"T-Thank you, Maron… you're so, so sweet, you know?~. Ah, o-of course I liked your kiss~"

Maron giggled and then attemped to float closer to Gohan by thinking 'Move forward slowly'. The cloud obeyed accordingly:

"Say, Gohan… wouldn't you want some more? Hihihi, I can give you however you want~"

Gohan blinked a couple of times in total shock. She wanted to give him even more of them?! He didn't have time to answer properly as a voice from below Roshi's home called the two lovebirds:

"Maroooon! Are you up there?!"

Both Gohan and Maron snapped out of their trance and saw that Krillin was calling them as he was approaching them in flight. Gohan was starting to panic because he couldn't afford to let Krillin know that he was trying to hit his girlfriend - or, actually, that it was Maron the one trying to get along with him?

"Ahh, M-Maron! What do we do?!"

"What do you mean, what do we do, Gohan?", asked Maron with the most casual tone she could muster. "We can go somewhere else away from here, right? It will be out itty bitty secret~". She put a finger on her lips and winked at Gohan.

There was not much time left for the young boy. He already put himself too much deep into this affair and he had to take action. Even though he didn't know what was going to happen very soon, he was sure about one thing: he would have made everything possible to enjoy his new solo time with Maron:

"Fine, Maron", said Gohan with a more resolute tone. " Let's go and tell him we're leaving for a while. Here, take my hand and try to command the cloud once more. Ok?". He was smiling to the girl who ended up blushing herself to him this time:

"Hihihi, very well, Gohan~. So, it is decided then! Ok, let's try once more…". She took a deep breath and whispered 'Go down slowly'.

It took a while as the Nimbus shifted its speed back and forth along the descend but Maron eventually managed to get a hold on the magical veichle and even tried to ride without Gohan's hand now that they approached Krillin. The three met up in midair and the bald man was left astonished by the current scenario:

"Maron! It is really you! Are you really riding the Flying Nimbus?! That's neat!"

"Mhmh!~", Maron nodded. "Gohan here called it for me to try it! It's so much fun!~"

"You see, Krillin, Maron asked me to accompany her to explore the nearby archipelago for a tour…", Gohan carefully gazed at Maron who exchanged a furtive wink. "Aehm, i-if you don't mind, of course~".

Gohan bit his tongue for having said that. Of course Krillin would have minded about it, Gohan thought! Why would Gohan choose to stay with his girlfriend out of the blue instead of her man?

"Oh, is that so, Gohan? Eh, no matter. Go and have fun"

Gohan blinked a couple of times, his heart turning lighter by the second:

"Are you sure about that, Krillin?"

"Yeah. Even though I would like to come, it is better that I stay with the rest of the guests. Roshi got badly drunk and his harassments are getting sorse and Bulma is not liking it. I better make sure she doesn't kill anyone out of frustration and Yamcha doesn't help at all".

Both Maron and Gohan exchanged a look of relief and the girl approached Krillin to kiss him on the head:

"Very well, my little strong man!~ Be a good guard for your funny friends, would you? We shall be back in a couple of hours or so. I still need to handle this cloud well. Come on, Gohan! Lead the way! See you later, Krillin darling!", said Maron as she moved away from Krillin at modest speeds while giggling like a little girl:

"See you later, Krillin! Don't worry, it will be alright!", Gohan greeted Krillin as he joined Maron for their private tour. The bald man waved his hand as he saw the two disappearing at sight and descending back at the Kame House. Back there, a hilarious chaos ensued: Roshi and Yamcha were running away from a pissed off Bulma handling the wooden mallet while Oolong, Puar and Turtle followed the scene by eating what was left of the cake and drinking. Krillin decided to join the trio to enjoy the spectacle and took a piece of cake:

"Well, how'fs youth githl fhoing, Fhrillin?", asked Oolong, his mouth stuffed with cake.

"Oh, very well, buddy. She flew away with Gohan using the Flying Nimbus. They said they wanted to explore the islands nearby".

Both Oolong and Puar caughed loudly for the shock and stared at each other with questioning eyes:

"What?! Gohan's trying to steal your girl, Krillin?!", asked Puar

"Whaaat?! What are you talking about?! That's ridiculous! He's only a kid, and she loves me! Are you drunk?"

"Oh, come on, dude", said Turtle as he was munching his cake with a smile. "She avoided you for all this time to stay with Gohan. What else could it mean?"

"Yeah!", Oolong gulped heavily while wiping his dirty mouth. "You don't need to be drunk to think something like that, ahaha! Well well well, very well done, Gohan. Me and Roshi are very proud of you!". He gulped half of his beer with a solemn gesture.

Krillin thought the three animal companions were just jerking with him and decided to leave them and go somewhere else, but it was only when he was about to sit up that he saw both Yamcha and Roshi running for their lives away from Bulma who was so close from smashing their heads.


The woman swung the mallet and managed to hit all three of them at the same time, sending them flying straight into Kame House:

"Hey. Don't break Kame House, Bulma", said Turtle in monotone.

Bulma, who was still enraged by the chase, put the mallet away and wiped his front with a satisfied expression:

"Ahhh, whatever. Serves that old pig right from trying to catch me. Although, I didn't want to hit both Yamcha and Krillin too, but I was probably blinded with rage~". She bumbed her head with a silly face. "Anyways, where are Gohan and Maron? I haven't seen them for quite some time. Icarus is all alone near the sea".

Oolong choked to contain his laughter and pointed toward the ocean:

"Ohohoh, Bulma! You won't believe it but the boy and the hot babe flew away together!"

"They what?", asked Bulma with a puzzled expression.

"Maron said she wanted to explore the archipelago with someone and he asked Gohan to accompany her", said Turtle while taking the last bite of his delicious cake:

"I don't know, Bulma", said Puar with a perplexed expression. "Maybe I'm just making this up, but what if they have… uhm, other intentions?"

Bulma took a while to process the new informations when a crimson red lightbulb turned in her head:

"You… you don't think they wanna…"

Oolong smirked like the pig he was but didn't say anything while Puar trembled with a nod. Then, what happened afterwards was so fast the three didn't have the time to ask anything else. Bulma turned to the direction where the two flew away and pulled out one of her capsules. Once clicking it, she threw it into the ocean and a jet ski appeared. She hopped onto it while taking off her jacket and tiying her hair in a ponytail; then, she turned the veichle on and dashed at maximum speed across the ocean. The three animal companions were left speechless on the beach with the cake in hands:

"Woooow… that babe is just so cool, isn't it?", asked Oolong to no one in particular:

"You're damn right", said Turtle with a smirk:

"Uhm, aren't we going to talk about the fact that Bulma just decided to follow Gohan and Maron because she believes they're gonna… w-w-well, you know what?!"

"Meh, what's done it's done. Let's leave them solve their matters", Oolong said after taking another piece of cake: "Lucky Gohan, though. So young and every woman goes after him! Hah, I have so much to learn from him-"


After a while, a small wave of water exploded besides the three animals who screamed in fear for the sudden blast. The birthday cake scattered away while Puar tried to see what just happened:

"What the?! What's going on? What was that wave?!"

"... Mhmh. Guess we're f*cked, guys", said Turtle while sweat dripped from his front.

Once the wave placated, it emerged a Red flying car from when a feminine figure emerged from it. It wasn't very tall and yet, something about her exuded a sense of dread and terror all three animals could taste:

"It's… it's… a m-monster", whispered a trembling Oolong as he hugged Puar and viceversa:

"No… it's even worse", said Turtle as he too joined the two friends in the hug. The figure slowly approached the three terrified animals, her steps sounding heavy. The housewife known as Chi-Chi stopped by the three animals and asked with such a distorted voice that even Frieza himself would have trembled:


To Be Continued...

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