Milf's Alone at Home

BY : Chris9724
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Hello everyone! Welcome back to another Dragon Ball Fanfic. It's been quite a while and I wanted to write a story with a favorite female character of mine, Panchy. I don't see many fanfics with her (same goes for other less known female characters) so I hope to contribute.

For those who will probably complain about the inacurracies of the plot elements in the story, don't worry: I'm well aware of that. I don't have a claim for knowing every detail about the Dragon Ball story, and besides, the focus of the fanfic is the lewd so, of you're here for the "plot accuracy" then this is not a story for you. Hope I made myself clear.

As usual, I shall remind both new and old readers that I do NOT condone themes like pedopholia or incest, and everything I write is for entertainment purpouse only. Either way, enjoy the read!

Son Goku, the adventurous monkey boy, was happily soaring through the sky on top of his trusty Flying Nimbus after a great session of training. It's been a couple of months since the Red Ribbon Army has been defeated and Goku and his friends greeted each other promising to meet once again one day. The boy hadn't done much else in that time besides the usual stuff he did, which ranged between training, hunting, exploring and sleeping. Basically his whole routine rounded around these activities which was all fine for Goku: if it meant for him to grow stronger and stronger just like Master Roshi told him then it was fine for him.

That day however, Goku felt kinda nostalgic of his old crew. Bulma, Yamcha, Oolong, Krillin, the likes: he wondered how they were all doing, especially Bulma. They've been sharing lots of adventures since they day they met and from then on the boy took a soft spot for the girl seeing her as one of the best friends he ever met. He wondered whether she'd like to see him after months of absence and after thinking about it, Goku nodded and ordered the Nimbus to bring him to where he needed to go:

"Come on, Nimbus! Bring me to West City!". The Nimbus obeyed accordingly and it accelerated at fantastical speeds with Goku staying firmly balanced.

It took less than a hour for Goku to reach his destination which was West City. He remembered where Bulma lived because one of the last times they met each other was when Goku brought the Dragon Radar to be fixed after being broken - Bulma looked furious back then which Goku still remembered clearly:

"Here we are!", exclaimed Goku as he was peering down from above, looking at the tall buildings and the hundreds of veichles roaming the roads below. "Alright, where was it? Capsule Corp.. Capsule Corp..~", Goku looked left and right but he didn't have to do it for too long as a large familiar shape appeared before his eyes: "There! I've found it!"

The Nimbus brought Goku to what one of the largest buildings in the city, not as tall as other buildings but certainly the most recognizable. Besides the giant logo of the company, the Capsule Corp. building had a peculiar yellow dome shape with dozens of rectangular windows circling the structure. Goku hopped from the Nimbus and landed on his feet right in front of the pavement leading to the entrance of the building:

"Hello, Bulma!", Goku shouted out loud calling for the girl like he usually did. "It's me, Goku! I've come to visit you! Where are you?!"

The boy shouted loudly a couple of times before he realized what he was surrounded by. The Capsule Corp. residence possesed a large and lush garden filled with hundreds or possibly thousands of golden yellow flowers. The flowers broadened for tens of meters in all directions and they all smelled pretty good for what Goku could tell:

"Whooow! I've never seen so many flowers in one place! And they all look pretty!". Goku had seen many natural locations in his journey but finding something like this in a big city was noteworthy. "Whoever took care of this really did a great job! But, I need to find Bulma… BULMA! WHERE ARE YOU?!"

This time Goku shouted even louder, so much that some bees flew away from the flowers. Goku swatted them away but then his eyes picked up on something that was moving in a bush next to him:

"Bulma? Bulma, is that you?", asked Goku wondering what Bulma could possibly be doing in the middle of a bunch of flowers. Goku walked through the bush in the direction of the moving flowers and called again:

"Bulma? Is that you? It's me, Go-Oooohh! Mpfh!".

When Goku called one more time, the 'moving flowers' moved upward and at the same time something else resembling a large blue pillow rose up and Goku ended up bumping his face onto it. Goku's eyes shut down as his face was being embeded into the warm pillow thing, not understanding what was happening, until he heard a voice:

"Mmh?~. What was that? Who bumped me in the butt?~"

The voice sounded like a woman, someone Goku believed he had already heard but couldn't properly adress. He first decided to move himself from that unexpected obstacle and gently pushed his hands onto it which caused the woman to emit a yelp:

"Ooohw!~. Someone's been curious I see! Alright, let's see who's the naughty one~". The woman then slowly turned back to see who was the mysterious 'assailant' and she was shocked to see it was a young teenager with large spiky hair. His face looked familiar but she couldn't properly remember it:

"Ohohw~. Hello there little one!~. Did you get lost perhaps?", the woman greeted Goku with her shrill voice and leaned forward to look at him. Goku patted his face to recover from the previous incident and shaked his head:

"Mh mh! Not at all, ma'am! I came here because I was looking for a friend. She lives here and when I looked into the flowers I saw something moving and I thought it was Bulma. Sorry for bumping into your butt!~". Goku scratched his head and smiled, to which the woman giggled heartly covering her mouth with a hand:

"Uhuhuh, you're such an adorable little man! There's no need to apologize, sweetie!~. I was working in the bushes to remove the old roots and I was listening music with these headphones so I didn't hear anything~". Effectively, the woman was wearing a pair of dirty garden gloves while a large set of pink headphones crowned her big blonde curyl hair. "Anyways, Bulma you say? Do you know my baby?"

"Y-Your baby, ma'am?", asked a confused Goku.

"But of course! Bulma's my daughter!~. Hihihi… Hey, now that I think about it, Bulma told me about a friend of her she met in her journey the last year…"

Goku opened his mouth to reply but then he took a closer look at the woman's traits. Effectively hers looked a lot like Bulma's if it wasn't for the fact she was clearly older, even though her look didn't make it look like too much older. Her face features looked soft and delicate, her eyes were permanently shut, she had red lipstick and a small black dot on her right cheek. She was wearing a tight red and yellow stripped top which looked even tighter because of her prosperous chest. She was wearing tight blue jeans and red sandals while her toenails were painted clear blue. She looked all dirty because of the work she did but she didn't look bothered by it:

"You're Bulma's m-mom? Wait…", Goku began to realize something and then the two said at the same time:

"I remember you!"

The woman clapped her hands and kneeled down to greet Goku with a hug:

"Hihihihih, now I know who you are. You're Son Goku, right?~". She wrapped the boy in her arms and rubbed her cheek against his while her chest pressed onto Goku's own. "It's been such a long time! How are you, little man?~".

Goku was surprised by the unexpected strenght in the woman's arms and smiled as he hugged back:

"I-I'm fine, ma'am!~. Now I remember you. I've seen you back then here when I brought Bulma the Dragon Radar to be fixed"

"Oh yeees! That's true~", the woman giggled as he let Goku go. "Well, I welcome you here, Son Goku darling!~. You were looking for Bulma, right?"

Goku nodded with a smile but the woman pouted:

"Uhm, it's so unfortunate but Bulma isn't at home right now~. She's hanging out with that Yamcha boy~"

"What?! Oh well, I'm glad they still get along well!", Goku looked disappointed but also relieved that both Bulma and Yamcha still hanged out despite the fact they didn't like each other much during their journey. "I guess I've come here for nothing then. Oh well, it seems I'll have to come back another time. Goodbye ma'am and sorry for bumping into your butt again~", Goku politely bowed and he was about to leave but before he took a step away, the woman stopped him by grabbing his arm:

"Wait Son Goku!"

"Mh? What, ma'am?", asked Goku looking at the woman.

"Mhmhmh, you can call me Panchy, sweetheart~. I was just thinking, you must have taken quite some time to come all the way to here, right?"

"Mh mh!", Goku nodded. "I used my Flying Nimbus to come here! I use it to travel the world. Here, it's up there!", Goku pointed his finger upward to indicate where the cloud was floating a couple of hundreds meters in the air. Panchy gasped quietly:

"Ooooh!~. Looks pretty! Well, I thought it would be unpolite for me to let you go just now~. You must be all tired and hungry, aren't you?~"

Goku looked at her and just then his stomach gargled loudly and his tail twitched excited about the promise of food:

"Mmmh, yes. I do feel hungry!"

"Mhmhmh,very well then!~. Come with me, Son Goku!~. I'll give a good lunch and maybe a nice bath! You look all dirty - well, hihihihih, we both look dirty!~. Maybe we can have a bath together also!"

"Why, thank you, ma'am - I mean, Panchy!~", Goku said with his innocent face which Panchy found quite likable:

"Aaah, you're such a cutie!~. Bulma shouldn't take too long to come back, so if you stay here with me, perhaps you may still meet her!"

"Ah! You're right! Alright, then I'll stay!~", Goku nodded eagerly and the two walked out of the flower garden and walked along the pavement hand in hand. As the two kept walking, Panchy looked down at Goku and a complacent smile curved her small mouth. Goku looked up and saw her face and smiled in response. For some reason, the look of that woman made him feel serene and appeased and deep down, he couldn't remove the thought about how he came up with her, with him bumping into her rear - and besides, Goku never says 'no' when it comes down to food.

During lunch, Panchy had the opportunity to learn more about Goku as a person besides what his daughter Bulma talked about, like the fact his appetite seemed out of the ordinary. Over the course of more than a hour Goku devoured a quantity of food worth for ten people and he still didn't look satiated, but Panchy didn't flinch at all: on the other hand, she seemed happy to feed the young lad showing him the wonders of her cooking of which Goku appreciate every single plate like he'd never eaten something that tasty.

"My my, Goku!~", Panchy commented as she took the 10th bowl away and came back with the 11th. "How can so much food fit in your stomach?~"

"Mmgh! Phorry, wfhafth dith you phfay?", asked Goku with his mouth comically stuffed. Panchy giggled and took a napkin to clean the boy's mouth:

"Mhmhmh, there's no hurry, Goku~. Eat all you want without rushing".

Goku blinked as he saw the woman upclose and had to admit that Panchy didn't look like Bulma at all. She behaved and talked to him completely different from the girl and her kindness delighted the boy who gulped his food in one go and smiled. Panchy kept her own smile on as she cleared Goku's mouth:

"Mhmhmh, you look all red in the face, Goku!~"

"What? Me, looking red?", Goku checked his cheeks and noticed how warm they felt. "Huh, that's weird. I never felt something like this but I don't think I have a fever"

"Mhmhmh, perhaps you do have a fever, Goku!", said Panchy and a blink crossed her eyes but Goku, being as clueless as he was, didn't get the allusion:

"What do you mean?"

"Oh, uhm, nothing!~. Here, a second portion of pork!", Panchy threw another bowl of food which Goku gulped in an instant. Panchy scratched her cheek near the black dot and turned back to wash the dishes happily humming:

"Mhmhmh!~. Such a nice funny boy!~"

Goku almost forgot of his redded cheeks in no time as he put the last bowl down and burped like a thunder, catching Panchy by surprise who almost let the plates fall off her hands:

"Ow!~. Bless you, my darling!~"

Goku patted his bloated belly with a complacent expression and let himself loose on the chair:

"Ahhh, magnificent! Thank you very much for the lunch, Panchy! Everything was delicious!~"

Panchy washed the last bowls and washed her hands:

"Mhmhmh, it was a pleasure for me, Goku~. Uff, I don't remember when was the last time I cooked so much!~. You've got such a prodigal appetite, my dear~". Panchy sighed heartly and sat on the chair besides Goku's and looked at him. The sight of that charming satisfied youth filled her heart while Goku, still raveling in his contentment, did a long yawn which gave Panchy an idea:

"Mmh, you look tired, my dear?~"

"*Yawn* Just a little. I've trained all morning and now that I'm full I'd need some sleep"

Another glitter shined through Panchy's shut eyes and she took Goku's hand:

"Listen, Goku. I've had a splendid idea~. Now that we're all satiated, why don't we have a bath like we promised and then you'll get a nice nap here in my bedroom?~'

Goku blinked looking sleepy and nodded:

"Mmgh, *yawn* that sounds great, Panchy. But, are you sure I can sleep here?"

"But of course, my dear~", Panchy patted Goku on the head. "I'm happy to have someone with me at home when no one's here, with me~". Panchy pouted for a moment but Goku didn't notice it and limited himself to just nod and sit down from the chair:

"Very well. Can we go now, Panchy?"

"Sure, Goku!~. We both need a good washing!~. Here, follow me!"

Panchy and Goku left the kitchen and the boy followed the woman along the corridors of the building which looked a lot bigger than from the outside.

Panchy was walking in front of Goku and the boy followed her in toe and from his current position, Goku had a pretty clear sight of the woman's figure from behind. Because of his naive and simple nature, Goku never showed or demonstrated a direct appreciation for the opposite sex, but he couldn't deny Panchy showed plenty of beauty and grace and once again, the image of her large round butt picked his curiosity. He asked himself why that body part was making him tingling like that because he could clearly feel his heart beating slightly faster and his face suddenly turning warmer just like before when Panchy cleared his face. Goku didn't realize he had been staring directly at the woman's butt all the way where they reached the bathroom when Panchy called him out giggling as usual:

"We've arrived, Goku!~... Uhm, Goku? Are you feeling good, my darling?~"

Goku then snapped out of his trance and looked back at Panchy's eyes and nodded:

"Y-Yes, Panchy! I'm good. It's just, uh… mmh, I've been feeling strange lately…". Goku turned his eyes away from Panchy and looked down, like he felt ashamed for some reason. Panchy knew that the boy had been staring at her butt when he was following her and judging by his expression she knew he was feeling shy about it but couldn't properly tell her. She didn't bother about it and instead chose to stick with their program and took his hand:

"Mhmhmh, it's probably because you're feeling sleepy. But once we've had a good bath, I'm sure all your worries will wash away!~"

"Are you… are you sure?", Goku didn't catch the woman's umpteenth allusion and Panchy nodded:

"Trust your good friend Panchy, will you?~". Panchy then guided Goku to the bathroom's entrance and she unlocked the automatic door.

A large bright and clean room appeared in front of Goku's eyes, much larger than any bathroom he had ever seen. At the centre, the room had a large round bathtub decorated with emerald green tiles. Panchy let Goku's hand go and she clapped her hands:

"Alright, Goku! While I set the water, you can take your clothes off. I'll wash them for you when you wake up!"

"Mh mh", Goku nodded and while Panchy regulated the faucets, Goku began taking off his gi uniform and tossed it on the blue tiled floor. Now he was standing all naked with his wee wee in full display and his young muscles showing off. Panchy then turned back and said: "Very well, the water is almost ready. Now I can also undress- Ohw!~", but when she saw the naked Goku her cheeks turned all red and she playfully put her hands on the cheeks. Goku looked confused at the woman's silly reaction but he found it funny regardless:

"Uhm, is something wrong, Panchy?"

"Mh? N-No, Goku darling!~. It's just, uuhuhuh, oh my!~", Panchy whispered to herself. "Such bluntness with this young lad!~. Not showing any shame showing his graces in front of a lady!~. Hihihihih, I quite like it~...".

"Oh well, if you don't mind, I'll take a dive first!", Goku said still not understanding Panchy' silly reaction and when he walked past her, something long and soft poked the woman's leg. Panchy gulped wondering what was that and when she turned to see Goku she noticed something coming out of… his butt?

Panchy didn't have the time to look better as Goku jumped up and dive bombed in the bathtub splashing water all around. Panchy looked amused for a while, wondering what was the thing Goku brought behind his butt, but she didn't want to keep asking and wondering out of the water: she still wanted to join the young Goku and so she began undressing humming and giggling like usual.

Meamwhile, the monkey boy was happily splashing the water as he was looking for a brush when Panchy's voice called him:

"We're you looking for this, Goku?~"

"Mh? Oh yes, thank you, Panchy-!", Goku turned to see the woman but then his words were cut for what he saw. Panchy had undressed and as a result, her body was shown in all its grace. Her skin looked smooth and even though it was smeared because of the dirt, it would have looked almost shimmering. Her breasts were finally freed from the constricting strippes top and now they wiggled with each movement Panchy made. As Goku kept looking, he saw between the woman's legs and just like he saw with Bulma back in the day, Panchy didn't have "it" but instead she was showing her blonde hairy vagina. Her legs looked plump but not fat, more athletic than anything and her feet looked pretty with her painted toes tapping the floor. Panchy held the brush in her hand and saw Goku's expression turning red once again as he wasn't uttering a word:

"Mh? What is it sweetie? Never seen a naked woman before? Is It your first time?~", Panchy made sure to pronounce those last words as erotically as she could, but Goku looked unflinching as he said said:

"You… you look very beautiful, Panchy! Heheh, my grandpa told me to say it when talking to a woman"

That unexpected phrase made Panchy turn all Red as she moved her hips left and right:

"Uuuhuhuh, such a charmer!~. Your grandpa must have been a gentleman~"

"He was a nice grandpa!", said Goku not realizing that his cheeks had turned red once again and that something on his lower body was shaking . He just assumed it was just the cold water. "But yes, I remember the time I've seen Bulma naked~"

Panchy surely wasn't expecting such a blunt and nonchalant answer. She almost made the brush drop off from her hand but she caught it just in time. Usually, when a mother hears a phrase like this - that a stranger had seen her baby naked - that should have rang an alarm in her head, but since in terms of light-headness Panchy pretty much rivaled Goku almost on the same level, that phrase actually left her amused. She then finally joined Goku in the tub and put one of her legs in the water. Goku saw her foot being submerged and stepping a few inches away from his and that sight caused him to feel another shiver on his lower body - the water was probably more chilling because he was sitting still:

"Bulma, you say? Hah, she never told me that~". Panchy then set her other foot in the water and then slowly submerged her lower body. Her whole body trembled and this caused her to let a weird noise escape from her mouth. "Hihihihih, she was probably too shy. It's reasonable~"

"Hehe, I remember how angry she was. We used to have a lot of funny moments together! Can I have the brush, please?"

"Oh, why don't you let me wash you and then you can wash me?~", Panchy let her hand slide along her chest making herself tremble once again. Goku, looking unfazed by that move, nodded while another shiver caused him to tremble:

"Alright, fine!", and just then, something long and soft popped out of the water which caused Panchy to emit a yelp of surprise:

"Oooooowh! Goku… is that a… a tail?!"

Goku looked back and poked the brown wet tail with a finger:

"Yes, I have a tail! You didn't see it before?"

Panchy recovered from the initial shock and when she looked closely to the hairy appendage, she actually found it kinda cute, just like everything about Goku:

"I… I had no idea you had a tail indeed!~. Do you have it since you were born?"

"Yes, I do. Grandpa never explained to me why I have it, but I don't mind it~. It's pretty cool, isn't it?". Goku wagged the tail on the water' surface and Panchy giggled seeing as it was moving:

"Hihihi, yes it is~. Now now, Goku, come here closer so I can wash you properly~..."

And so she did. Panchy made Goku sit between her legs and with shampoo and bath soap in hand she began rubbing and scrubbing each part of Goku's body, starting with the hair. They were so massive and spiky that even after being washed again and again, they still retained the same weird shape. Next, Panchy took care of Goku's face and had such a fun time poking and caressing his smooth skin to which Goku chuckled heartly; Panchy found that expression quite adorable. Then, Panchy began working on the rest of Goku's body which, she had to admit, looked a lot thougher and muscular than what she believed. Both arms and legs which looked pudgy and soft were much tougher and solid, and even the boy's chest and abs:

"Very well, Goku~. You've been behaving good! Doesn't feel nice to wash with some company?"

"Yes, it does!", Goku said with a smile while further shivers ran down on his lower body. "You're much more gentle than Bulma when she washed me. I remember how she freaked out because of my tail! Hehehe, she was so funny!"

"Why, thank you, sweetheart!... Oooh~", Panchy complimented to Goku, only for her to realize what was happening to the boy around his "lower parts". Right between his legs what looked like a pink skin shade was growing larger and larger by the second. Panchy's face turned red once again but she tried to act causally. Despite her burning eager curiosity, she didn't want to rush things off: she still wanted to have some fun with the boy, not just by herself. Panchy then willingly avoided touching any of Goku's intimate parts and finished her washing by rubbing the boy's feet which she found pretty cute and so were Goku's giggles when she tapped her fingers on it:

"Ahahah, hihihi!~ D-Don't touch them too much, Panchy! I-It tickles!~"

"Uhuhuh, I'm sorry Goku, but they need a proper wash so they don't stink!~... Aaaaand, done!~ *smack!*", Panchy then gave both feet a gentle kiss before letting them go. "You're all pretty and clean, Goku!~. Well, except for your back. Would you like me to rub it for you?"

Goku thought about it but then he came up with an idea:

"No, Panchy. Here, let me show you something cool! Leave the brush, I'll take it like… this!"

Goku then turned around and then he used his tail like a hand to use the brush, and then he began rubbing his back with it. Panchy looked amazed at what the monkey boy was capable of. She waited for Goku to finish his work before saying anything:

"Whohohw, amazing, Son Goku! You can use your tail like a hand!~"

Goku let the brush go and giggled:

"Pretty cool, right? I've been training my tail so it won't be a weakness for me!"

"Training, huh?", Panchy asked taking another look at Goku's physique. "Now that I see it, you look pretty tough for someone of your age~. And then this tail makes you look even cuter~. May I see it closer, Goku?"

"Oh, sure! Here!"

Goku wagged his tail out of the water and Panchy carefully touched it with her hands. It felt so soft and yet so flexible just like a regular animal's tail, but when she let it slide along her hands something happened as a strange noise came from Goku. Panchy immediately let the tail go and looked at the boy: his whole body was quivering and his face showed a weird expression never seen before by her:

"S-Son Goku! W-What was that? Did I touch your tail the wrong way?"

It took a while for Goku to recover from that bizarre sensation, something he had never experienced before. He was feeling his heart beating like crazy but then it all turned back to normal like nothing happened:

"Brrr!~ I-I'm fine, Panchy. I-I don't understand what happened though. I've never felt like this, and that noise… I don't know where it came from me~". Goku touched his mouth looking confused and trying to come up with an explenation, but Panchy understood all too well what she must have done to him: what she just heard was a moan of pleasure and the tail was a sort of G-spot for the boy as the way she was handling the tail was not too dissimilar to the way she'd handle a…

The thought made Panchy blush hard, making her face turn all red while a giggle escaped from her mouth. The issue however was, would she tell Goku about it or she'll just keep all she knew to herself?

"Panchy, you're turning all red once again", said Goku pointing his finger. "Are you sure you're ok?"

Panchy tried to recompose herself and patted Goku on the head saying:

"Oh, mhmhmh, it's alright Goku. I'm fine, really. It's just, well, how do I explain it?", Panchy thought about it but then she made her choice. "You see Goku, I may have accidentally touched your G-spot~"

"A G-spot? What is it?", Goku asked sounding interested. The woman may know why he'd been feeling weird lately.

"Well, allow me to explain… you see, for what I know, everyone has a G-spot, which is essentially a part of the body where, when stimulated in some way through physical contact, it causes a reaction to the person, like the one you've just had~"

Goku looked at his wiggling tail and grabbed it and the tip twitched in his hands:

"A reaction? Well, I know that when my tail is grabbed hard my strenght fades away, but this one was different, like a lot…"

"Exactly~", comfirmed Panchy seeing as Goku looked curious as much as she was. "I've just been gently caressing your tail and this made you moan"

"Moan? Like, the way I screamed before?"

"Exactly~. You see, a 'moan' is what we adults call a scream of pleasure, something we let out when we feel pleasure. I'm sure you must know what pleasure is, right?"

"Pleasure? Like, pleasure for… food? Training?", Goku asked puzzled. Panchy giggled enjoying the boy's naivety:

"Mhmhmh, not like that~. What I mean is 'bodily pleasure' like, you know, what your wee wee demonstrates~". Panchy said pointing her finger downward.

"My wee wee?", Goku asked. "You mean my- Whoooah!?". When Goku looked down he let out a loud gasp of surprise seeing as his wee wee had turned into a woo woo. He stood up splashing water all around and saw how large his penis had turned. Panchy covered her smile with her mouth as she admired the long and thick meat pole between Goku's legs, its veins visible and its tip still covered by foreskin:

"Yikes!~. When did it become this big?!"

"My my, Goku darling!~", commented Panchy as he felt a sudden warmth growing in her chest. "It does look pretty big! I had no idea boys grew up so much these days!"

Goku, despite the fact he never felt embarassed standing naked in front of people, for some reason felt the urge to cover himself but his hands couldn't hide everything and so he used his tail to cover the rest, and still he felt his hardened member pulsating:

"Now I understand what was that thing I felt before. I felt some shivers down on my legs before but I didn't know what was it! Wow, I had no idea my wee wee grew up like this!"

"And just like I was explaining before to you, Goku", said Panchy continuing her exposition. "The body reacts in some way when it experiences pleasure. Do you know why you've been feeling pleasure lately?"

Goku, still trying to cover himself, asked himself when did it happen but he wasn't sure about the answer. Seeing as the boy looked troubled, Panchy offered herself to help him out:

"Hihihihih, I'll tell you why, Goku sweetie~. The reason for why you've got so hard down there was because you've been attracted by me~"

Goku looked at Panchy and noticed how she was slowly coming closer to him crawling on her knees:

"A-Attracted by you? What does it mean? I don't understand". He didn't sound scared or uncomfortable, just confused because Goku, as a person, never got a clear grasp on how stuff like love, romance or even physical attraction worked. Panchy on the other hand didn't look displeased by Goku's naivety or lack of common knowledge; if anything, the prospect of teaching the boy things like how flowers and bees worked sounded pretty exciting to the woman:

"Don't worry, I'll explain it to you~. Come here, sit on my lap"

Panchy lifted Goku by the armpits and let him sitting down. Goku was willing to learn more about this "new" kind of stuff as he always was when it came down to learn new things:

"You see, as you probably already know", said Panchy jokingly. "You, are a boy, and I, am a girl~. And usually, boys and girls like each other, and when boys and girls like each other, sometimes they feel attracted. Are you following me?"

"Uh, y-yeah, I think so", said Goku uncertainly. Panchy smiled patiently and moved on:

"This form of attraction begins when boys and girls grow up at some point and when they grow up, their feelings also change. In this case you, a boy, are feeling attracted by me, a girl, because you think I'm pretty. Is that correct?"

Goku's mouth opened up looking shocked for Panchy's accuracy:

"Oooh, now I get it! I remember master Roshi and Krillin told me about this stuff, but I forgot almost everything!"

"Mhmhmh, well this is a pretty good opportunity for us to take a revision~", Panchy smiled, this time her lips turning up more eagerly than usual, to which Goku gulped lowly and nodded:

"W-What about it, Panchy?"

"Hihihihih, just let me do it. For example, when a boy turns all hard like this, what does he do usually?~"

Goku looked down at his twitching erection and after a few seconds he said:

"I know. When I turn like this, I usually touch myself for a while and then it softens!

"Mhmhmh, that's right! Correct!~", Panchy smacked Goku on the cheek with a lovely … do you know there's a better way for a boy to do this work of hand?~"

"Really? What is it?"

"Here. Let me show you…". Panchy then extended a hand onto Goku's erection and her fingers wrapped around it all at once. Goku suddenly gasped while Panchy began slowly moving her hand up and down along the member's lenght:

"Ahh!~ Panchy, it's-nngh! You're touching my wee wee!~"

"Hihihihih, that's right, Goku sweetie!~", said Panchy showing all her teeth with a smile. "A boy touching and playing with his pee pee is funny, but when someone else does it in his steat, then it becomes even funnier!~. My my, it feels so warm and hard in my hand!~".

Goku began breathing heavily and could realize that not just Panchy's hand but also her words were making him feel funny: a series of vibrations crossed his whole twitching body while Panchy's hand kept on moving up and down, her fingers massaging every inch of the penis:

"Ahhh!~ Panchy! It's- it's feeling so good!"

"It's nice to hear, Son Goku~", said Panchy heartly before she whispered in his ear. "You want me to continue or you want to do it on your own?~"

"Nnngh! N-No! I want you to continue, p-please!~". Goku felt like he had lost control of his voice which sounded huffing and sharper than ever:

"Mhmhmh, as you wish~. Only the best for my guests!~". With that said, Panchy increased the speed of her hand maneauvers, his fingers feeling like she was stroking a steel pipe. At the same time, in order to spice things up, Panchy used the other hand to reach Goku's tail and gently let her fingers slide along it. The tail twitched turning all straight and Goku emitted another moan of pleasure, his face contorting into a naughty expression:

"How does that feel, Goku when I play with both your wee wee and your tail at the same time?~"

"Nnnnghh!~. It feels amazing!~", Goku screamed loudly again while tears began leaking from his eyes. "I've never felt something like this before!~. Please, don't stop, Panchy!~"

"Hihihihih, you don't have to tell me twice! Let's see how long you can last~"

With that said Panchy kept on stroking Goku's hard and thick meat pole again and again while the other hand gently massaged the tail like it were a second shaft. On the other hand, Goku felt like his mind was going all blank like he didn't know where he was or why he was in the place he was, only for him to remember what he was doing and what Panchy was doing to him. Now tears leaked out of his eyes while his screams of delighted pleasure filled the bathroom. Almost ten minutes passed since the two began their "game" until Panchy said:

"My goodness, Goku! You've got plenty of resistance! Are you liking it?"

"Y-yeees!~", said Goku, his face showing a naughty eager smile. "B-But, I think I'm more sensitive!"

"Alright! That means you're close to come. Come on, let it all out without holding anything. Just let your friend Panchy do, all, the, rest!".

Panchy then used the last inch of strenght left in her hand to stroke Goku's member as fast as she could until Goku's loud scream of excitement signaled the end of job. From the tip several shots of thick white cum sprayed all over the water and on the edge of the bathtub. Panchy giggled excited as she felt the boy's warm cum dripping on her tired hand and yet she still moved it to help Goku let out everything he had built up:

"Very good. Veeeery good, my sweetheart~. Just let it all out~", Panchy whispered sensually in Goku's ear and kissing him once again. When Goku let out the last shot, he abandoned himself in Panchy's arms taking deep breaths and still showing his big smile. Panchy on the other hand, was busy washing her hand in the water as well as relaxing it because of how much she used it:

"Phew!~. That was a lot of work, but certainly lots of fun nonetheless. Wasn't it, Goku?~"

For a moment, Panchy thought that the boy was had fallen asleep but then Goku opened his eyes and giggled innocently:

"Aaahhh, eheheheh, that was a lot of fun, Panchy~. I've never felt so good in, well, like ever…"

Panchy tilted her head and affectionately kissed the boy on the front multiple times:

"Mhmhmh, you're such a sweet and also charming young lad, Goku~. I must admit I haven't had so much fun for quite some time. I never get to play with my husband like this. Sure, we do have fun every time I ask, but sometimes I just think I want some more… or maybe it's just an issue with me as I tend to enjoy life too much!~", Panchy chuckled to herself but Goku noticed how she sounded less cheerful. The monkey boy certainly had a whole lot of fun being toyed by the woman the way she did and now that he understood better what it meant to be attracted to women, he was developing a need he never felt before besides training and bettering himself; he wanted to have more of that. He wanted to learn more about the matter and maybe, if Panchy taught him more about it, maybe in return he could have made her happy. After all, she's been all sweet and friendly to him since he arrived at Capsule Corp. and because Goku was always keen to help those he saw as friends, this could end up being a double-win scenario. It was decided, but first they had a bath to finish:

"Hey there, Panchy~", Goku called the woman and put a hand on cheek. "Don't be sad~. You say you like enjoying life and I don't think there's anything better than that… but, there's a thing I wanted to ask you… Can we… can we do more of this together? I'd like to learn more about this new thing you've shown me!"

Panchy opened her mouth to reply but she didn't utter words immediately. Did the monkey boy just asked her to teach him more lewd activities? To think that she started all the way back when he invited the boy in her home so that she could have fun with him, but in the end it also happened the other way around as now he too wanted do more of those:

"You… you want me to show you more of what we've been doing, sweetheart?"

"Mh mh!", Goku nodded eagerly. "It was a lot of fun and I'm always eager to learn new things to get better. Maybe we can finish our bath before, and then we can continue somewhere else… what do you say?", Goku didn't expect such a level of confidence, and neither Panchy who still didn't get use to Goku's blunt honesty and naivety. The prospect of doing more fun stuff with such a sweet and strong lad made Panchy find her cheerfulness back again and her shrill giggling struck back:

"Hihihihih, I'd be really glad to show you more of this. You may not know, but there are soooo many funny activities boys and girls can do together when they get along!~"

"Then please, teach me!", Goku joined his hands together. "I'll do my best! I promise!"

Panchy scratched his wet hair and giggled:

"And I'll make sure not to disappoint you, my young intrepid lad~. But things first, we should clean up the tub, and then you can wash me. I've just got some interesting 'exercises' for you so you can get a handle on the matter. Will you help me, Goku sweetie?"

"Of course, Panchy!", Goku exclaimed clenching his fists as he suddenly felt reinvigorated, like all the fatigue and tiredness from before never occurred. His tail twitched energically and then the two proceeded cleaning up their mess. From Panchy's point of view, the day she had planned may have taken a much better and more satisfying course from what she thought…

To Be Continued…

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