Reviews for Atavism

BY : ct_sama

  • From JonjalnimISarangYou on March 29, 2019

    Hi ct_sama I am a Korean Kakavege shipper who would really really like to share Atavism with other non-English speaking Korean fans. Honestly it's one of my all time favorite fanfiction that got me into the fandom and made me a Kakavege shipper! If it is alright I would like to translate Atavism into Korean and introduce it to other K-DBZ fans. I would appreciate it so much if you gave me permission as the writer of this awesome fanfiction. All credit as the writer will of course be 100 percent given to you and I'll only be translating it; I won't make any changes at all and will do my best to preserve your style and voice. I couldn't find your contact anywhere so please understand that I am using the review section. Hope this reaches you. Thanks!

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  • From Link_Lover on November 08, 2018

    I haven't been on this site in years. Literal years. And then I started watching DB, and then I fell into hell, and now I'm here. I had to go back to a super old e-mail account to reactivate my account here to leave this review. But all worth it to leave this review. I don't know if you're planning on continuing this, but I truly hope you are. It's been so long since I've been so enrapt with a fic, from any fandom, your writing is genuinely a pleasure to read, and the story has so many twists and turns, highs and lows that I'm gagging (please excuse the term) for a conclusion. 
    Eagerly awaitng any news :)

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  • From ZeoViolet on August 22, 2018

    Please, PLEASE give us some sort of update on your status!  If you decided to just drop this and walk on, at least let us know!!!

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  • From ZeoViolet on June 01, 2018

    Are you okay?!  Sick?  Moving?  Some reason?!!

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  • From ZeoViolet on April 19, 2018

    Oh please....still waiting!!!

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  • From ZeoViolet on April 02, 2018

    Waiting for more, please!!!

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  • From soundofpurple on April 02, 2018

    another fun chapter. let me know if you want an invite to AO3. it can be emailed to you and i have one left. dont know if registration is open right now or not. so yeah. if you want the code let me know.

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  • From ZeoViolet on March 20, 2018

    Vegeta DOES need to slow down.  You can't abuse that back door too often without permanent damage.  Even I know that.

    Amazing as always!  I would have reviewed before, but the last time I was on my power went out.  :(

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  • From soundofpurple on March 03, 2018

    First of all I just wanted to say that I love this story. It’s well written and in character (something that is rare these days). I made a new account on this site just so I could write this (it’s been years and years since I logged into my old account here and I forgot my password lol). Please keep writing. The quality will keep me coming back... although I have to ask. Have you thought of porting this over to AO3? I love this site dearly but it is falling apart and I’ve seen too many great fics over the years disappear, forever lost, to the death of their host sites. 

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  • From ZeoViolet on March 01, 2018

    Hey, long overdue!!!  Waiting!!!  :)

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  • From ZeoViolet on February 22, 2018

    *Tap tap*  Waaaiiiiiting for more!....

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  • From ZeoViolet on February 05, 2018

    Awesome, awesome; worth the wait.  More plz...

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  • From ZeoViolet on February 04, 2018

    *Tap tap*  Waiting for more...when you are not busy with the Super Bowl, I imagine...XD

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  • From Wemyss on January 28, 2018

    Is it it safe to celebrate or is something going to go dreadfully wrong? Is Vegeta going to be able to greet Goku happily or is he going to have issues to work through first?

    Not sure if I praised you for this epic story properly. It's often on my mind and the writing lends itself well to rereads~

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  • From ZeoViolet on January 16, 2018

    I've been a bit sick to my stomach so I'm a bit late, but amazing as always!

    The mental image of "Helicopter Mom" Whis nearly had me on the floor with laughter.  That was so damned funny....

    Can't wait for the clothes shucking!  (And the rest....)

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