Reviews for Atavism

BY : ct_sama

  • From ZeoViolet on June 18, 2017

    Don't keep us waiting on this much longer...or at least, something for "Spaces"!!!

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  • From ZeoViolet on May 24, 2017

    I am absolutely waiting for more "snapshots" here to tide over, as promised..... <<  >>

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  • From ZeoViolet on May 14, 2017

    I apologize for not commenting sooner.  I'll leave a real comment later when my attention over the last several days can be returned to this series, but for now, I will say:  More please!!!

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  • From ZeoViolet on May 08, 2017

    One ticket for the midnight showing, please!!!

    <<  >>

    I'm just kidding, but I haven't forgotten!

    Uh....I don't know how to make such an...AWKWARD statement....if you really want  Goku to bring Vegeta around, one of the things he MIGHT consider doing in the short term is agreeing to be uke once or twice?  Because, gee, doesn't Vegeta get a little tired of always being the passive one?

    *Runs away to hide red face*  So embarrassed....

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  • From ZeoViolet on April 26, 2017

    Man, I leave for half an hour and you a different time of day than I know you to do, too!  :)

    It's very profound.  Again, there is something in Whis...especially in this story...that makes me want to cry all the tears he never has been seen to shed.  I'm glad he's coming back to life.  

    Ditto with Vegeta.

    I wish I had time to say more at the moment; but I have to leave again soon.  As always, I hope for more on a speedy delivery!

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  • From ZeoViolet on April 12, 2017

    You're breaking my heart here!!!  I wanted to cry sooo much after reading this!!!  It's about time; it's about damned time, really!

    I was surprised to see my personal thoughts on rape echoed here.  It doesn't suddenly become consentual just because a climax was wrung out of someone during a rape...of any kind.  Orgasm is a strictly physical reaction.  Consent has nothing to do with it, and it sure as hell doesn't mean the victim enjoyed it.

    As for Whis, sometimes I wonder if he ever cries himself to sleep at night in private sometimes-or if all this time, he's never been able to.  I think on so many levels, his life has been pretty dark to him.  I also wonder if this is the first time he's ever truly been able to act as a guardian angel towards any of his charges.  Maybe someone ought to remind him of that, and how effective he's been towards a friend he loves.

    This recent Tournament arc just leaves me wondering a lot about how Whis really feels about the situation he's currently in with Super.  It's worse in a way because I think the warmth of Goku and everyone else, that sense of family, has penetrated something in him that was never allowed to be touched.  

    These two-week waits are killing me!  (But that is a compliment, you know, right?)

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  • From ZeoViolet on March 30, 2017

    I didn't notice this in my first read-through, but:

    "He was, after all, he was only half of a person."

    You may want to change that to:  "After all, he was only half a person."

    Also, I want to beat Goku over the head with a brick right now.

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  • From ZeoViolet on March 30, 2017 more thing.  After Planet Vegeta blew up, I don't think that Freiza would have allowed Vegeta Jr. to claim the title of king, anyways.  Too involved with his charming little 'Prince'.  "Prince Vegeta, Prince of No One", comes to mind....ugh.  That, too, may have drilled itself into Vegeta's mind over time.

    Hey, maybe you could name their coming daughter Echalotte, as Vegeta was considering in Super.  It means 'Shallot' in French.

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  • From ZeoViolet on March 30, 2017

    Oh, wow, I am not sure what to say about this chapter!  It makes me feel sad, but my heart pounds.

    I'd had a subtle idea before now, but taking things as far as another planet for the Saiyans...well, it isn't like Vegeta could swoop in and ask the other King, "Hey, may I have a few of your people to help repopulate my race, oh and maybe a male childbearer or two while you're at it?"

    Oh, and what about another part of his make sure human genetics are introduced as well, to curb their offspring's tendencies they don't need any longer?  That would take a few Saiyan generations; I hope Vegeta is not in any hurry with this.  He could just as well have left them all on earth and eventually had so many kids that over time, most humans would have carried Saiyan genetics by default.  (Wasn't that a Xenoverse thing?...)  Some of his kids may not want to leave Earth anyways.  Vegeta's so embittered about his lack of choice in the past, that I don't think he'd not give his children a choice of where to live, much less who they want to love and mate with.

    Yep, Bra was born!!!  She's so cute.  And now we know Whis has a very handy way of helping childbirth if something goes wrong.  I do not think that here, Whis is unaware of what's going on.  He's much too sensitive for that.  

    "Intergalactic foodie".  HA!!!!  I've called Whis a foodie many times in youtube comments.

    Oh, I have to get this out of my system about one more thing, a line said in the last episode:  I call absolute, utter bullshit on the Supreme Kai's line about there being only 28 planets with intelligent life in the Universe.  It makes no sense whatsoever.  Beerus wouldn't have a job at all (when at the start of Super he blew up eight and a half planets just trying to find the Super Saiyan God).  Freiza's army would have been broke in a week (when they clearly subjugated thousands of worlds).  The Galactic Patrol, small as it is, would also be out of a job.  None of this makes any sense whatsoever, and to me, he never said it, or because he is so young and inexperienced (due to U7's lack of Kais from Buu's rampage),  he's really out of touch with the mortal realm.

    I can't wait for the next chapter.  Please hurry!  *Whimper*

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  • From TristaML on March 28, 2017

    Such an exciting chapter! So much was explained so beautifully and I definitely feel a new jolt within the story with this turn of events. I liked how you explained where Videl was coming from, it made sense, and I loved how the girls were with Gohan, which was only better explained by Vegeta and Piccolo's father hood. I also think the request of Piccolo over looking the new home Vegeta plans for was very nice. 

    As for Goku and Vegeta,  I wonder what secret could have been that well kept, and the two different yet similar depictions from Gohan and Vegeta on the matter were interesting.

    Looking forward to more! 


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  • From ZeoViolet on March 21, 2017

    By the way, hoping for more sooner than later!!!

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  • From ZeoViolet on March 18, 2017

    Sorry I didn't leave a review sooner.

    Torn between "Goku needs to PAY!" versus "Something seriously horrible is wrong and Goku has to be told".

    He may not realize he's doing it...not knowing, not in control...but he has to understand that what he is doing is basically raping Vegeta on a regular basis.  I don't care what the truth's rape to me.   Goku is unknowing, of course, so it can't really be counted as a sin he's committing, but still!

    I don't get WHY Vegeta hasn't set him down to try and tell him something serious is going on?  It should have dawned on Goku long ago that something is off with Vegeta, due to the issues with his condition.

    The girls have very strong personalities.  I like that.

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  • From TristaML on March 01, 2017

    Interesting turn of events. As usual there is a lot going on and I realized only recently that since I have not watched any of the dbz series based on the new frieza movie that that's why I have a hard time fully following what's going on,  lol. Now that I know that (I'm not gonna start watching it but) I'm better able to understand the premise of the story as a whole.  

    I'm excited for the next chapter,  things are way too complicated right now between Vegeta and Goku, I look forward to their progress! Especially with Vegetas pregnancy... his bodily state is freaking me out! As for Gohan and the girls,  woo, I'm sure the next chapters will be plenty interesting and entertaining.


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  • From ZeoViolet on March 01, 2017

    I am mostly over this crap now.  I have to see the doctor today, although for an unrelated reason.  I'll be bringing up the fact I've been sick far more than normal this past winter.  It's not normal of me.

    If I had ever given Vegeta's sister a name, had I ever written her out, it would have been Kureson (Watercress), come to think of it.  Kure for short.  I'm no genius at Japanese, but what the hell, it's close enough.

    Man, what can I say?  I'm so anxious for the next chapter, that I don't want to wait!  *Puppy dog eyes*

    The way you write it sounds like Goku is raping Vegeta, even though you haven't outright said it that way...I don't know if I make any sense.  Even if it is just rough sex, it should never reach the point where Vegeta has to make sure to protect his kids during the act.

    That line about Vegeta changing the sheets without waking Goku made me remember that scene from Super where they have to wait it out to change Beerus's sheets.  One of the funniest scenes so far in the series....

    I know if I were the girls I'd be positively pissed off at 'Dad' too.

    And finally, I really do hope that Vegeta turns to Whis to speak with.  They were confidantes before.  It's hard to get through that sort of shit alone.

    I also need to stop reading chapters of this right before I go to bed (I tend to read stuff before bed every now and then), because it tends to affect my dreams.  (Anything I'm doing right before bed tends to affect my dreams.  Let's just say that if Whis is ever wandering Universe Six and somehow gets misdirected, I'd hate for him to land on the other version of his beloved world by mistake and dealing with the emotions from that alone.  I doubt he could handle it.

    And, finally, this whole Universal Tournament arc disturbs me in so many ways.  Until and unless they say otherwise, I am quite convinced all the Angels and the Grand Priest are very, very bitter in their hearts.  The last time Zeno destroyed six universes, I'm very much willing to bet six Angels died with them.  It means the Grand Priest lost six kids, and this time around, he made steps to safeguard them.  It is probably the reason why they are, for the most part, so distant and aloof to whatever goes on around them.  Like in your story, why ever get attached?  It hurts so much to lose who you are attached to.

    More, please, and SOON!

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  • From ZeoViolet on February 22, 2017

    Oh, I was going to ask but forgot...the dialogue in this chapter makes me wonder if the events of chapters 3-4 of The Spaces in Between occurs after this chapter.  Otherwise what happens in those chapters doesn't seem to fit with what I read here.  It makes perfect sense if it happens afterwards.

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