Saiyan Karma Sutra

BY : PrismaKakkerra
Category: Dragon Ball Z > Yaoi - Male/Male
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Title: Saiyan Karma Sutra

Pairings: VxG,GhxP,GtxTx others

Warnings: Mpreg, Yaoi, violence, dom, silliness

Author: PrismaKakkerra

AN: 35 words


Goku scratched his head as he searched for the prince. He had never understood why the man like to play this game... it was a terrible game to play with a man like him. Hide and Seek. He could feel the princes ki in the room and knew that he could easily find him. Maybe that was the point. He trans located to the closet and grab the shorter man by the waist. It had been so long since they... he wanted the prince more than anything right there. No sooner had he grabbed him, Vegeta punched him in the gut, laughed like a manic and ran off. 'And he says I acted like a kid.'

Vegeta smirked as he crept through the dark house, careful not to wake the other occupants. When he made it to the kitchen he stooped down, waiting for the other Saiyan. Tonight was there anniversary. The anniversary of their bond for 2yrs. All the hell they had been through wouldn't allow them to celebrate last year, but this year, Vegeta was determined to have a Sayian anniversary. Even if Kakkarot had to hunt him inside for fear of leaving their little one alone. They would start from scratch. First the hunt, then the fight, and the bond. Tradition accepts no less. He maintain his breathing and closed his eyes. "What the hell is taking Kakkarot so long to catch me?!"

Then he heard smacking. No. He wasn't. Not while they where having there anniversary hunt....

The short prince stood up and noticed his tall mate licking cake off of his lips. He tried to repress the urge to curse. Found he could not. "Damn it Kakkarot!! Why the hell are you eating the cake? Why are you not hunting me?!"

Goku growled at him then pouted, placing a sticky finger to his lips. "Shhh, you don't want to wake little 'Geta or the boys up do you?"

Vegeta snorted. Anger flooded threw him. The earth raised Saiyan just stared at him innocently and sucked his finger that somehow slid in his mouth. Vegeta just looked, wondering if he was trying to tease him. Then it came.

"Geta, why are we doing this anyway? We are already bonded. Its kinda like going backwards..."

"Because Kakkarot, its tradition."

"But 'Geta, I want to get my present! You promised me. And besides, the Saiyan traditions you talk about are boring. Theres no fun. I rather open our presents!"

'No fun? He doesn't even know...' Vegeta crosses his arms and smirks like the little hell raiser he was. He knew Kakkarot didn't know anything about their race, and less about their traditions. He was in for a treat. "Very well Kakkarot. You win. Lets go open the presents."

Goku smiled happily and placed the cake back in the refrigerator. He grabbed his mates hand and lead him to their bedroom were the presents were laid out on the side of their floor. They could hardly see the wall for all the mountains of presents. Goku went to pounce mode and was about to dive in when Vegeta held him by the collar. "Only one Kakkarot. Those baka friends of your would be made if you opened them all before the party."

He told the man to sit down and went in the closet. When he came back, he had a long box in his hand. Goku smiled and straighten his pajamas. This was Vegeta's present. He could tell. The prince had a smirk on his face that looked like it would be there for a while. The short warrior moved to sit next to him, tail wrapping around his waist. "Here Kakkarot..."

"Thank you, 'Geta." He took the box and opened it and pulled out a gigantic book. A frown went on his face. He wasn't much of a reader. Why would Vegeta give him a gift like that? He placed his fake smile on an turned to the prince. Vegeta just smiled. "Read it Kakkarot.."

Goku leaned down and tried to read the title. He turned back to him, staring oddly. "What does it say? Its in a really strange language.."

Vegeta rolled his eyes. "It's in the Saiyan tongue. It says, 'Saiyan techniques for Reproduction'."

The pale skinned warrior scratched his head. "Does this mean you want more kids?"

"No baka! It's a Saiyan book of positions, like the one on this mud ball of a planet, the Karma Sutra. Only its better, because its Saiyan techniques. Since the majority of the planet was inhabited by males, you had to mate a certain way to reproduce. Its really just different ways to fuck Kakkarot, but you wouldn't want to do any, its a Saiyan tradition for mates. Probably boring....."

Goku blushed for all that was worth. He loved to try new things with Vegeta. And it was a gigantic books worth! He HAD to do it! "I do!!!" he said loudly forgetting everyone else was sleep.

'Shhh!' Vegeta said, sending a telepathic message.

'Lets just talk like this Kakkarot. Your so fucking noisy.'

'Gomen. I wanna Geta'.' He forgot he was dominate. Vegeta hated when he begged for him to do something. He said since he claimed him, he should demand what he wanted. He frowned and pushed the fiery haired man on the bed. 'We are doing this!'

Vegeta smirked. 'Okay, Kakkarot...'

Before they knew it they were naked, on the bed with the book. When they opened it, dust came out. Goku fanned it away and looked at page. Thank Kami it had pictures because he couldn't read the Sayian words. He blushed at the picture. It was a picture of two Saiyans, one his tail wrapped around the others erection. The drawn Saiyan's hand gripped his mate's waist while he sat up, legs straight. The smaller male's legs were straight up while he was siting, being impaled on his lover's shaft hands holding his legs apart and in the air, one leg on each side of lovers face. His tail around his own shaft. Vegeta smiled. 'You like this Kakkarot?'

Goku blushed and grinned.

'Okay then, lets go. And after, because my back might be broken(man was like a piece of paper), you'll have to put me in the tank.' The prince smiled and got into position. His goofy mate held his hips just above his hardened shaft and placed his legs up and placed them on either side of his face. Vegeta wrapped a reddish brown tail around his tail and shivered as his lover placed his own on the hot flesh. Slowly the pale Saiyan lowered his prince onto his throbbing erection....



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