Nurse Zechs

BY : SailorBluestar
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Disclaimer: I do not own Gundam Wing/AC, nor any of the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Title: Nurse Zechs

Author: Sailor Bluestar

Pairing: 6x2

Rating: NC-17

Warning: PWP, slight cameo from my evil muse from Yuu Yuu Hakusho.

Disclaimer: I don't own the boys, just the positions I put them into.

~Nurse Zechs~

Duo was cackling evilly about some nonsence or another when Hiei, the Evil Muse appeared and wacked Duo in the back of the head. Zechs looked up from the book he's reading and raised an eyebrow at the sudden appearance of Hiei, the Evil Muse.

"Hn. Your boyfriend was cackling evilly. As the official Evil Muse, I must monopolize all evil notions. He," Hiei, the Evil Muse said, pointing an accusing finger at Duo, "violated that and needed punishment. He still does, that ungrateful brat."

"Oi! That hurts you know!" Duo protested. "And I'm not a brat."

"Hn. Weakling." Hiei, the Evil Muse said before disappearing.

"Itai. That hurts. For someone so short, he can pack a punch." Duo said, rubbing the injured area.

Zechs put his bookmark in place and raise from the couch he was occupying. Sauntering over to his beloved, Zechs placed his right hand over Duo's to help soothe the pain.

"Would you like me to kiss it better?" Zechs asked quietly.

"Will you do more than kiss it better?" Duo asked, leering up at Zechs.

"But I don't think I can make love to the back of your head. But I can nurse you back to health." Zechs suggested.

"Great! I have just the outfit to go with the role." Duo said, bouncing out of his seat and racing to their shared bedroom for said outfit.

Zechs peered after his lover, wondering whether the whole situation was a prepared plan of seduction or something that simultaneously happened and Duo just had an outfit for all occasions stashed in the closet. Zechs' eyes widened in disbelief as Duo came back with a skimpy nurse outfit.

Duo blinked innocently up at Zechs, "Don't look at me like that, if you're going to nurse my wounds, ya gotta dress the part."

"B-But, I don't think I can fit into that! It's too small! I could tear it." Zechs protested.

"Trust me babe, I've tested this baby out and I think it's either made out of gundanium or the same material as Heero's clothes. They won't break. Besides, a little tightness here and there won't hurt. Not at all." Duo said, licking his lips.

Zechs took the outfit from Duo and kissed him lightly on the lips, "Then you'd best wait for me in the oom oom so that I may change and...attend to your injuries."

Duo turned and bolted to the bedroom. Zechs went into the spare bedroom and changed into the outfit. Zechs walked to their bedroom and stood at the doorway. Duo's gaze swept over Zechs' form, everything from the nurse cap on top of his head, to the tight white flimsy muscle shirt, to the tight white flimsy shorts, and to thete ste slippers. Duo shifted his stance, trying to make himself comfortable. Zechs came into the room and took Duo's hand and led him to the bed.

"Please Mr. Maxwell, let me help you strip out of your clothes so that I may look at EVERYTHING." Zechs said, untucking Duo's shirt from his pants.

"Oh, if you insist." Duo breathed, letting Zechs strip him out of his clothing.

Once nude, Zechs gently pushed Duo onto the bed. "Do lie on your back so I may check for any anomalies." Zechs said.

"Check away." Duo said, stretching out.

Zechs straddled Duo's hips and buried his hands into Duo's hair, massaging the scalp. "There's a little bump up here, but nothing that can't be fixed with an ice pack." Zechs said.

Duo stopped Zechs from leaving to go retrieve an ice pack. "Please, continue with your checking."

Zechs' hands traveled down Duo's face and neck. He continued to his chest, tweaking the tempting nipples along the way. Duo writhed on the bed, reaching out to touch Zechs.

Zechs took Duo's hands and placed them on the bed. "A pity I didn't have any ice on hand. Those look uncomfortable. Now, I want you to keep your hands to yourself. I'm checking up on you Mr. Maxwell, not the other way around."

Duo whimpered in reply. Zechs caressed the sensitive flesh of the abdomen, moving to straddle Duo's upper thighs. Zechs reached back and ran his hands along Duo's legs, making him buck in anticipation.

"My, my, there seems to be some swelling here." Zechs commented, grasping Duo's cock.

Duo bucked up, thrusting into the presence of Zechs' hand. "Don't just hold the bloody thing, do something to...relieve it."

"In due time." Zechs said, turning Duo over.

Zechs continued touching Duo, leaving his delicious ass to be the last thing touched. Kneading the firm flesh of Duo's ass, Zechs commented, "Diagnosis is a bump to the head and swelling in the groin. I am now preparing the patient's ass for own brand of healing. However, ice is suggested for the bump to the head."

"And what would the doctor be doing during all this?" Duo asked, panting.

"Such checks need not a doctor's supervision. Although it is advised to have said doctor around. However, if said doctor is within the room, they would be sitting in a corner, getting their rocks off." Zechs replied.

"Such technical terms nurse." Duo commented.

"When dealing with patients with no medical knowledge, it is best to speak to them in terms they understand." Zechs said, smacking Duo's ass.

"Hey! Watch it! It's fragile." Duo said, pouting.

Zechs leaned down to whisper in Duo's ear, "This is your punishment for not telling me about this nurse uniform. I wonder how many more outfits you've hidden from me."

"You'd be surprised." Duo moaned, wiggling on the bed.

"First order of business. Stay exactly where you are. If I find that you've moved, you will regret it." Zechs commanded.

"Are you planning on taking pictures?" Duo mumbled.

"Ice." Zechs replied, dashing out of the room for said item.

Duo sighed and tried to forget about the erection he has and the feel of Zechs' hands against his skin... Suddenly, a cold object slithered down his spine.

"ZECHS!" Duo squeaked in alarm.

"Hush now my patient. You need ice. Ice helps keep the swelling down. And if it doesn't, I'll have to go to the injection." Zechs explained, with a hint of amusement in his voice.

"Why don't you prepare me for my 'injection' anyway? I can guarantee that the ice won't do a thing." Duo snapped.

Zechs gave Duo's bottom another smack. "Behave yourself. This is your punishment. Don't make me up the severity." Zechs warned.

Duo kept his mouth shut. Zechs positioned Duo so that he lay face-down on Zechs' lap, exposing that ass and making sure that Duo could feel the satiny material of the shorts. Zechs kneaded Duo's ass a couple times before lightly striking at the upturned flesh.

"Is that as hard as you can hit me? Even my grandmother hits harder!" Duo quipped.

"If harder's what you want, harder is what you'll get." Zechs said, giving Duo's ass a resounding smack.

"Oh yeah baby." Duo called out.

Zechs gave that ass more spanking, each hit harder than the last. The strength of the blows encouraged Duo's cock to feel the material of Zechs' shorts, bringing both pleasure and pain. Zechs picked up an ice cube and slid its cool side along the red flesh. Duo hissed, wiggling on Zechs' lap.

"Enjoy that? Would you like more spankings?" Zechs asked.

"Can we get to the injection part of it?" Duo whined.

"I suppose your bottom is red enough for my tastes. For now at any rate." Zechs said, leaning to the nightstand and grabbing the lube.

Uncapping the tube, Zechs squeezed a fair amount onto his hand. Spreading Duo's ass cheeks to expose that puckered entrance, Zechs smeared the lube around the entrance. Zechs slowly inserted a finger, then two, pounding them into Duo's body, aiming for that sweet prostrate, sending the boy on his lap bucking. Zechs then tossed Duo onto his back on the bed and got up, stripping out of the uniform, only leaving the nurse cap on. Lubing his cock, Zechs lied down on top of Duo, positioning himself against Duo's entrance. Slowly sliding it in, Zechs watched as Duo tried to buck up and take him fully.

Zechs held onto Duo's hips firmly. "My pace Duo."

Duo stilled and let Zechs do all the work. Zechs started the rhythm, sometimes speeding up, sometimes slowing down, not allowing release. Soon, Duo couldn't stand it much longer and started begging.

"Please Zechs. Give me my release. Please. Oh God. I need it. I need it. I NEED IT!" Duo screamed.

"Hush now my lovely sweetness. Patience is a very rewarding thing." Zechs cooed.

After a couple thrusts, Zechs decided to have mercy on Duo and grabbed Duo's cock, jacking him off in time to his thrusts. Duo couldn't hold it much longer and came. Zechs followed a second later. Duo leaned up and kissed Zechs softly.

"Learned your lesson love?" Zechs asked.

"Mmhmm." Duo yawned, nuzzling Zechs' neck.

"Good." Zechs replied.

"A pity I got you the male nurse's costume. I wanted to see you in a short skirt." Duo murmured.

"DUO!" Zechs reprimanded. "I'll wear a kilt if you want."

"Skirt." Duo said stubbornly.

"Perhaps another time." Zechs said wearily.


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