love in an elevator

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Hello ! Just a little pwp lemon to get you started! Duo and Hilde, who else would I write about?



LEMON: If you are not old enough do not read..... if you enjoy, and you may never look at elevators the same !

love in an elevator.




She adjusted her shirt so her cleavage would be a little more prominent, and dropped the silver heart-shaped locket so it rested on top. She readjusted her skirt as she slipped out of the car. She reached over a grabbed the bag of food she had brought for lunch. If she worked this right, they would have something else for lunch. She walked slowly to the front door of the Preventers office and went in. She saw Sandy at the reception desk and waved.

Sandy put her hand on the phone and called to her, "He's up there. Do you want me to ring him?"

She shook her head and called back, "I think I'll surprise him."

Sandy nodded and went back to her phone call.

Hilde stepped into the elevator and hit the third floor button. She looked at the camera that stared at the center of the small car.

She waved and mouthed, "Hi, Trowa."

She looked around the elevator and tapped her foot to the twangy music that played through the speakers. At least the car was empty and no one would be leering at her. The doors opened and Joe looked up at her from his reception desk. "Hey, Hilde! Looking Good!"

She waved and said, 'Thanks!"

Joe waved and went back to the computer he was on. She smiled as she walked down the short hall way to Duo's office. She was just about to knock on the door when she heard voices.

"I said no."

"Come on, Duo."

"Nope, I have a girlfriend. And, " He added, "I love her very much, so No."

"I can't convince you to....."

Hilde grinned. It was time to break this little conversation up. She tapped gently on the door and pushed it open.

"Hi, Duo! Hi, Marie!" She smiled as she stepped into the room.

Duo stood from behind his desk and walked to her. "Hilde! Hi, babe!" He pulled her into his arms and kissed her. He looked down into her cleavage and grin "Y "You brought lunch."

She grinned , "Yeah," She said, holding up a bag of fast food.

"Great! I'm hungry." He turned to look at Marie." Later, Marie, Hilde and I are going to lunch."

Marie huffed and walked out the door. Hilde giggled.

"Is she till coming on to you, Duo?"

He sighed, "Yeah, And I can't get it through her head that I love you." He ran his hand through his bangs. "I guess I'll just have to marry you, Hilde. Would that be OK?"

She grinned and cocked an eyebrow at him. "Was that a proposal, Duo?"

He scratched his head, "Yeah, I think so." He looked at her cleavage again and ran a finger over it. "Letís get out of here."

He pulled her out the door and yelled at Joe as he and Hilde passed, "I'll be gone for an hour or so."

Joe nodded and watched them enter the elevator.

Duo pushed the camera to the ceiling and said, "No peeking!" Then he turned to Hilde. She had dropped the bag to the floor and looked at him. He pulled her into his arms and buried his nose between her breasts. He kissed the tops as he fumbled with her shirt.

"Duo, the elevator."

"Oh, yeah." He reached over and hit the emergency stop button. The car stopped, haltingly. "Now we wonít be disturbed, at least for a few minutes."

He pulled her shirt off and looked at the pale pink bra, hindering his hands and mouth from his first goal. He pulled the clasp loose and let it fall to the floor.

"Mm mm, good." He said as his hands grasped her breasts and kneaded them, his fingers sliding over her nipples. He slid one hand down her belly as his mouth grasped on of her nipples into his mouth sucking hard. She let out a groan and leaned back a little. He let go and his mouth made it's way to the other and her did the same thing. His hands, now free slid down to her waist and found the top of her skirt. He pulled it up and slid his hands over and under it, finding the thongs she had put on.

He released her nipple and went to her mouth, "You planned this, didn't you?"

She nodded as he took her mouth, forcing it open as his tongue moved inside it. His hands moved down her buttocks to the front of her hips. He pushed her down to the floor and unbuttoned his pants. He looked down at her and pulled he panties off in one movement. He looked at her glistening woman hood , then stuck his mouth on her. She gasped as he moved his tongue in and out. She shuttered under his movements.

"Oh, Duo! Feels...... so...... aahhhhh!"

He pulled away before she came and stood looking down at the girl exposed to him. He pushed his pants down taking his boxers with him. His jutting manhood stood at attention, waiting to be saluted. Hilde motioned him to her as she spread her legs a bit more to accommodate his entrance. He smiled and shook his head. He got down on top of her and placed himself on top of her wet folds. He moved over the top slow and seductively, not entering but skimming over. Hilde gasped at the sensation he was causing.

She looked at him and could see he was enjoying this sensual movement.

"Oh, Duo, Pleease. " She moaned. She threw her head back and sighed.

Duo grinned, "Are you ready, then?"

She nodded and he thrust into her hard and quickly. He heard her gasp as he pulled back out. Just as quickly as he was out he was back in again. She arched her back to force him in deeper and to make his movements faster. He felt her hands clench his shirt as he continued to push into her. He watched her face as bliss moved across it. He felt her tighten around him as she came. He couldn't hold back any longer and lost himself into the oblivion of pleasure, filling her with his warm seed.

He leaned against her neck and whispered in her ear." I love you, Hilde. Thank you."

"I love you, too, Duo. And why?"

He nuzzled her neck ."Just because, babe. just because."

He kissed her neck, when a pounding came and a voice came filtering up through the cracks.

"This is an injustice! What is wrong with this damn thing?"

The pounding continues.

"Duo, we better get dressed." He nodded as he pulled her from the floor. They quickly got dressed , trying to look as normal as possible. He reached up, pulled the camera to it's normal position, winked, pushed the stop button again and the car began to move. Duo looked over Hilde, and tucked her shirt back into her skirt. He pulled her into his arms and was lip locked with her when the door.

WuFei snorted, "I should have known it would be you two. Do you make out everywhereBR> BR>
Hilde looked at him as she picked op the bag, "Making out? I have no idea what you are talking about." She grabbed Duo's arm. "Weíre going to lunch."

She pulled him from the elevator as WuFei stepped in. he glared around the small car. Everything to be in it's place. he looked up at the camera. He shrugged.

Hilde giggled as she pulled Duo from the Preventers offices. As soon as they were outside, Duo laughed out loud. "He would ride in that elevator again if her knew....."

She slipped a finger to his mouth. "What he doesn't know, won't hurt him."

Duo reached down and grabbed her hand and the hurried to the park to eat their lunch.

Trowa looked at the security Camera in elevator # 2. he shook his head. he knew what had happened. "You owe me, Maxwell." He said softly, as he erased the few minutes of tape, siting a technical problem with it. He tossed it in the bin taped with the words tech., then pooped in a new one.

the end........

OK that was.... welll what can I say, you tell me.......


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