Made Whole

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Made Whole



never stopped; it just never seemed to stop.
The piles of papers…the endless meetings…the annoying reporters…it never
stopped! Her life consisted of three
things- working, sleeping, and eating; that was it! There was nothing else.




walked through the empty halls of her family mansion. She was all alone; no one was around except her.
Even her brother and Noin had left the earth
to run the terraformation project on Mars.


into her office, the young woman gazed down at the place where she spent most
of her time. The place where the
problems of the world gathered to scream at her from all directions.
Her young, slender shoulders held up a planet
that seemed to grow heavier every second of every day.


falling into her large, leather chair, Relena slumped down and thumbed through
her appointment schedule for tomorrow.
Nothing but meetings, meetings, and more meetings.


can’t they solve their own problems!” she screamed out loud.
Knowing that no one had heard her, the young
politician resigned herself to the silence coming from all four walls.


was so lonely. An entire planet had its
eyes on her every day, and she was lonely.
Her life buzzed with activity, yet she had no life.
It was true; she was an eighteen year old
woman who had no life. Her entire
existence was preserving world peace.


chose this responsibility. I’m the one
who promoted total pacifism. You knew
that people were going to look to you for guidance,” she said to herself.


I’m tired of fixing every stupid problem that people come up with!” she
answered. Relena chuckled and shook her


don’t believe this; I’m talking to myself.” Relena swiveled around and looked
out the window.


I ever be able to leave? Will I ever be
free?” She was a prisoner of peace. It
sounded like an oxymoron, but it was true.
She was a slave to an ideal, and she had given up everything to preserve
that ideal.


found herself wondering if she could ever do what she pleased.
Could she ever settle down with a nice,
young man and just be happy for the rest of her life. At that thought, a whole other slew of memories flooded into her
conscious mind, and Relena turned back towards her desk. Scattered around the mahogany surface were
pictures- pictures of her friend’s weddings.


came Quatre and Dorothy- in Relena’s opinion, the most unlikely couple of
all. Dorothy was a spoiled child who
had learned what life really was from a young man who had a heart of gold.
She’d nearly killed him, but now, Quatre
spoiled the girl rotten.


came Zechs and Noin. Relena had never
seen her brother so happy as he was that day.
She remembered Noin’s tears when they were pronounced husband and wife.


came Duo and Hilde. That had been a
special day for her. It wasn’t just
because they were her best friends. It
was because she…she got to see ‘him’ again.
Duo had somehow located Heero and convinced him to be his best man.


looked so handsome that day. Every
woman in the house was gawking at him.’ Relena remembered how incredible his
tuxedo had looked on him. Her favorite
part was the fact that for one day…one single day…they were ‘together’.
Since she was the maid of honor, Heero had
to walk her up and down the aisle and sit next to her at the dinner table. The climax came when Heero had agreed to
dance with her. When he’d held her in
his arms, she felt safe and at peace; it was first time in years that she’d
felt completely carefree.


she murmured out loud. Relena gazed up
at the far side of her desk where her most prized possession rested- a small,
brown teddy bear. She snatched it up
and hugged it tightly. She looked at
the worn fur, and the dried spots that held so many of her tears.
There had been many nights where she’d cried
her eyes out into the bear’s fur, using it as her console. Yet, deep inside…she envisioned someone else
comforting her…someone with intense cobalt eyes and savage, brown hair. Relena gazed down at the stuffed bear and


know, little fella, you know more of my secrets than anybody else.” Relena
hugged the bear to her chest and sobbed softly. She missed him so much; he gave her strength just by being
around. As each day without him passed,
Relena felt more and more depressed. She
never let it show in public or to any of her friends, but in private, she fell
apart. She was alive, but her soul was
dying…slowly and painfully.


guess this must be what Heero felt like.
To be alive but have nothing but a mission.” It was in this depressed
and grief-stricken state that Relena Dorlian fell asleep.




the shadows, a young man watched with a heavy-laden heart.
What had he done? He thought that by leaving her alone that he’d saved her and not
burdened her with dealing with a man who knew nothing but death and pain. But in the process, he had robbed her of the
one thing that had given her life meaning…him.
Now, she was just an empty shell of what remained of the most wonderful
person that he’d ever known! It was in
that moment…that single moment when he saw his angel speak of how she had
nothing to live for but an endless list of ‘peace’ missions that a tear fell
from the eye of Heero Yuy.


me, Relena.’




awoke feeling sore and stiff. She’d
fallen asleep on her desk, and her neck hurt from using the hard wood as a
pillow. She rotated her neck to work
out the kinks and looked at the clock.
It was late at night; she might as well go to sleep.


Relena went to stand up, her heart nearly stopped. There in the corner of her office stood a shadow within a shadow.


can’t be!’ But as the shadow stepped from the darkness, its profile became
clear, and Relena felt butterflies in her stomach.




what…how…when…why…” It all came out a blur, and Relena shut her mouth.
She finally blinked, and when her eyes
reopened, she found him on his knees beside her.


forgive me, please!” His deep eyes pleaded with her desperately.


you for what, Heero?” She gulped as his strong hand clasped her smaller one in
his hand. She nearly gasped when she
noticed that his eyes were cloudy; the great Heero Yuy was crying!


making you like me, Relena. I never
wanted someone else to experience what happened to me…least of all you.
I never wanted you to become a slave to a
mission. I hoped that if I wasn’t
around that you wouldn’t see that I wasn’t a slave to my mission but a slave to
my own pain.”


Heero!” Relena clutched him in her arms, his head buried in her chest.


sorry, Relena, I wanted you to forget me and live a long happy life away from
someone who knows nothing but death.”


I can’t be happy without you near me. I
can’t be happy with my soul.” Heero felt her hot tears falling on his cheeks
and looked up into her loving face.


I don’t really know which emotion is which, but I do know that I can’t let you
suffer like this anymore. I won’t curse
you to a life as horrible as my own.”


Heero, your life won’t be horrible anymore, I promise you that!”


I can’t do without you. You are the
answer to my desperate cry; my cry for some explanation as to why I exist.”


Heero…what did you find out?” Tears were streaming from Relena’s eyes as she
saw his expressionless mask fall away, and tenderness fill his handsome face.


I exist to love you, Relena.” By now, they were both on their feet, and Relena
clung to Heero’s chest.


feel like a part of me has been brought back to life!”


hand cupped the back of Relena’s head and tilted it back.
God, she was devastatingly beautiful! His longing and desire erupted from within
his soul, and his mouth covered hers in a brutal kiss.


Relena was hopelessly lost within a second of his kiss.
Her hands buried themselves in his hair, and
she pulled his lips tighter against hers.
Heero nearly pried her mouth open with his tongue, and he swarmed inside
to claim her.


you’re mine!” he growled into her mouth.
She felt a delicious shutter flow through her when she heard the
possessiveness in his voice. She was
doomed to love him for the rest of her life, and he merely stated what she
already knew. But…there was another
side to it.


you’re mine!” she growled right back.
The fire in her voice made Heero want her even more.
There was nothing he wanted more than to
belong to her completely and possess her completely.


by pure thirst for her body, Heero grabbed Relena’s collar and tore open her
blouse. He ripped away her bra and
grabbed her young, supple breasts.


yes!” Relena gasped as Heero bathed her breasts in hot, sensuous kisses.
She grabbed his head and pushed him to where
she wanted him. Heero hungrily grasped
her plump nipple in his mouth and sucked her goodness like a starving man at a
buffet table. He had the most
incredible feast spread before him, and he was going to devour every square
inch of it.


so good…so incredibly good…” Heero’s groans were arousing Relena to no
end. In a fierceness that surprised
even him, she grabbed Heero’s shirt and ripped it in half.
She grabbed him by the hair and yanked his
mouth onto hers. He pulled her body
against his, and Relena eagerly rubbed her aching nipples against his
stone-like muscles.


gosh, not even five minutes, and I’m addicted to him!’ Heero pressed her up
against the wall and proceeded to grind himself into her.


moaned louder and louder every time she felt Heero push his hips against
hers. As he mimicked the movements of
making love to her, Relena noticed one peculiar aspect.
Heero wasrvinrving for her, yet his hands
hadn’t moved below her breasts. She
realized that he was holding back- not wanting to scare her with his

felt Relena take his hands and lead them down to her waist.
He was still pressing her into the wall with
hips, when she curled her fingers into his and slid them under her skirt.


it, my love,” she whispered in his ear.
Heero slid his hand further inside and grasped her panties.
With one mighty yank, his angel was
completely exposed to his hungry eyes.
Heero was slowly going insane as her naked body rubbed up against him
over and over again. He needed her now,
or he’d die of pure want!


his desperation, Relena returned his favor and unzipped his pants.
She couldn’t resist as her hand slid under
his boxers and found his proof of masculinity.
He was perfect in every way.
Tugging off his remaining clothes, Relena grabbed his hips and pulled
him back against her.


need you…so badly…please…” Heero’s voice was a mix of restraint and
anguish. Relena finally realized just
how much she truly meant to Heero. He
wasn’t complete with her just being around; he would only be complete when he
was embedded within her.


was shoved down into her chair, and his erection stood at full attention.yes">
She was everything that Heero had dreamed her to be. Her body was the epitome of beauty, and she
held him in an agonizingly tight hold.


he gasped as she clenched around him.
She smirked up at him and released her muscles.
She squeezed him again, and Heero cried her
name a second time.


that, huh?” she laughed and moaned at the same time.


are doing to me?” he groaned.


sure that you’ll never forthisthis night!” Heero wrapped his arms around her
and kissed her with everything he had.


Relena…neither of us will ever forget this night!” His hands flowed across her
body in a blind fury. He couldn’t touch
her enough. Heero touched her
everywhere that he could reach, running his hands up and down her thighs and
stroking and kneading her cream-colored breasts.


sat up slightly and pulled him down for a deep, wet kiss.
They both knew that only one final piece was
needed to make them whole. It was
coming upon them fast, and Relena felt Heero’s thrusts increase in intensity.


Heero…do it…seal our promise…make me yours!” Relena cried out in pure joy as
she felt the powerful waves of her first orgasm smash into her.
Her mind reeled, and her universe narrowed
to just her and Heero, and the exquisiteness of their lovemaking.


a mighty roar, Heero Yuy exploded inside Relena Dorlian.
He pumped into her again and again not
wanting her to miss a drop of his love for her. His warmth flooded into her body until it reached her very soul.


collapsed into her arms, and he leaned on the desk as his legs turned to
jelly. Relena held his head against her
breasts as they enjoyed this moment when their bodies and hearts had been
joined forever, and their souls had finally…finally been made whole.



was floating in a paradise of pure happiness.
She ran her fingersoughough her lover’s hair and heard his groan of
appreciation. She loved feeling his
body on top of hers; his hard exterior fit perfectly against her small, soft
form. Her mind was swimming with the
images of their lovemaking- the feel of his hands on her body, his lips kissing
her everywhere, and…oh yes…the feel of him inside her.


The soft murmur caused the young man to lift his head and found a pair of
gorgeous aquamarine eyes shining at him.


The way he said her name…it seemed more like an endearment than something her
parents had given her at birth. He
moved up her body and kissed her lips gently.
She shifted uncomfortably, and Heero realized that she was lying on top
of very hard wood.


sorry…” Wrapping his arms around her, Heero scooped her up and brought her close
to him. He picked her up like a baby
and sat down in her chair. It was wide
enough so Relena could rest her thighs against Heero’s legs, allowing her to
straddle his hips. She didn’t want to
lose the intimate contact that still joined their hips together.


apologize, my darling, I always wanted to put this desk to some good use.” Her
playful smile almost made Heero laugh, and he nibbled her earlobe, causing her
to giggle in delight.


suddenly realized something very important; she hadn’t told him!
He’d told her, but she’d never
reciprocated. Clasping his face in her
hands, she gazed into the eyes that always made her heart flutter.


love you, Heero.”


I love you, Relena.” Their lips sealed their pronouncement, and Relena felt
herself becoming lost in him again. She
could feel the length of Heero’s shaft growing within her, and the depth of his
kisses increasing in passion.


sweet, let’s take this upstairs.” Relena smiled at his suggestion.
With a regretful moan, she felt him leave
her. Heero already missed the feel of
her around him, but he helped her to her feet.


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