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Relena screeched as she touched her shoulders.
“I wouldn’t listen! I just
wouldn’t listen!” she growled at her herself.
She sat at her bedroom dresser gazing at herself in the mirror, thinking
how stupid she’d acted.


and her friends had taken a trip to the beach, and she’d been stupid enough to
lie out in the sun all day long without wearing sunscreen.
Now, she had the world’s worst case of
sunburn in history. Since her skin was
so pale to begin with, she’d really been hit hard! She gently touched her left arm, and a searing heat flooded
through her, causing a painful reaction.


probably laughing his head off right now; he warned me that I might get
sunburned, but noooooo, I was to stubborn to listen to him,” Relena sighed.
She tried to raise her arms to pull off her
swimsuit, but her shoulders burned with unbearable pain.


feel like an invalid!” Relena hissed.


bedroom door opened, and Heero walked in, closing and silently locking the door
behind him. Now, Relena was glad that
she hadn’t been able to remove her suit.
She’d forgotten that her bedroom door was open.
Heero approached her from behind, and he
gazed at her reflection.


you okay, Relena?” he asked tenderly.


I look okay?” she fired back as she wrenched her neck around to glare at
him. “Ouch!” she gasped as hein
burned with a searing pain. Heero came
around in front of her and kneeled down.


Relena, you got burned really bad; you need to take it easy,” he advised.
Relena calmed down, and she closed her eyes
since she could turn her head away from him.


sorry, Heero, I’m sorry for not listening to you. I just wanted to get a tan not a sunburn,” she fussed.
Heero cupped her chin in his hand. Her face hadn’t been burned too badly,
considering that Relena had been lying down with her hat over her face. Relena felt a different warmth growing
inside her as she felt her perfect soldier’s eyes gazing at her warmly.


don’t worry about it, honey; I understand,” he stated softly.
“Now, let’s take care of this sunburn. Be right back!” Heero headed into their bathroom and turned on the cold water,
letting the tub fill. He came back in
and helped Relena to her feet.


are you doing?” Relena asked.


you’re going to take a cold bath; that should help your skin cool down,” Heero
stated. Relena beamed at the thought;
she felt like her body was on fire. She
smiled at her husband lovingly; his knowledge came in handy quite often.


hold your arms out from your sides, just a little bit,” Heero stated.
Relena did as he instructed, and Heero
grabbed the straps to her suit.


Relena gasped in surprise.


me,” he said softly. He carefully
pulled off the one-piece navy suit from his wife’s body.
He went slowly to avoid touching her arms or
shoulders. He approached her waist and
gently opened her legs slightly. Heero
carefully pulled the material over Relena’s thighs, never brushing her
skin. Finally, he lifted her legs out
and stood up.


did that hurt?” he asked.yes">
“Heero!” she squealed in delight.


carried her into the bathroom where the tub was filling with water.
Heero set her down on tile floor and grabbed
her hairpins out of a small cup near the sink.
He knew that she hated to get her hair wet in the bathtub, so she
usually just pinned it up.


smiled brightly as she felt Heero lift her hair off her back and pin it into a
bun on top of her head.


you’re so thoughtful,” she said teasingly.
He just smirked at her.


try, honey, I try,” he retorted. Heero
carefully lifted his wife into the tub, and Relena let out a satisfied moan as
the cold water touched her burning skin.


I’ve died and gone to heaven,” she nearly purred. Heero smiled and brushed something cold water along her arms.


thought I was the only that could send you into heaven!” he said with a
seductive smile. Relena caught his
meaning immediately. Many times after
they’d made love, she’d told Heero that she’d ‘died and gone to heaven’ because
of what he did to her.


Heero, you brought me in here, so you did send me to heaven once again, my
love,” she replied sweetly. He kissed
her hand softly.


be back in a few minutes okay. Just try
to relax and let the water cool you down,” he stated.


she replied. Heero stood up and left
his wife to enjoy her cold bath.



exited their bedroom and headed down the hall to the closet.
He grabbed several large towels, and then
went to the kitchen to grab some ice.


Heero!” a voice called from outside.
Heero turned around just as Duo Maxwell trotted in the door with Hilde
right behind him.


Duo, what’s up?” the perfect soldier asked.


much, we were just wondering if Relena was okay? She looked pretty crispy earlier,” Duo teased.


she’s fine, I put her in a cold bath so she should be fine.
I’ll put some aloe on her sunburn, and it
should go away in a few days,” Heero explained.


was going to get something to eat. You
want us to bring you two something back?” Hilde asked.


I can order something later. Relena’s
not in a very good mood, and she gets sick if she eats when she’s cranky,”
Heero replied.


right, see ya later,” the couple said in unison and headed out the door.


packed up the ice into a plastic bag, and then grabbed the bottle of aloe that
he kept in the medicine cabinet. Relena
had always asked him what is was for; now, she would find out.




reentered the bedroom and laid out the towels across their bed.
He then rolled the ice in them and made a
layer of ice packs on top of the sheets.
Now, all he needed was his wife.


strolled into the bathroom to see Relena with her head resting against one end
of the tub.


he quipped. Relena opened her eyes to
see her husband grinning at her.


yes, I can move again, at least somewhat,” she said matter-of-factly.


on, the next stage of your treatment awaits,” Heero stated.
He carefully lifted her out of the tub and
padded her dry with a towel- enough to stop her from dripping on the floor but
not enough to make her completely dry.
Heero had to keep her cool for the sunburn to not hurt her anymore. He grabbed her hips once again and carried
her back into the bedroom.


got a kick out of being carried like this.
Her feet were hanging just above the carpeting, and she was actually
looking down at Heero for once.


what happened to our bed?” she gasped.
Heero laid her down on the cold towels, and Relena nearly purred in


this feels good. What did you do?” she


turned this bed into one giant ice pack.
Now, for the fieste-resistonce!” Heero walked around to the nightstand
and grabbed the bottle of aloe.


is that stuff?” Relena inquired.


gel. It’s designed to treat burns and
sooth soar skin,” Heero replied. He
gaze at his wife sprawled out on the bed and felt his blood pressure rise.
Every rise of her chest gave her breasts a
slight bounce, and Heero felt a hard mound growing in his swim trunks. He squirted some of the gel onto his hands
and moved to her ankles.


tingled as she felt the cool, slimy liquid move again her heated skin.
Her husband’s loving hands were slow and
gentle, taking care not to be too rough with his strokes.


my girl like that?” he asked teasingly.


she loves it,” was the reply. Relena
closed her eyes and let Heero’s magical hands work over her body.
He made his way up her legs and ran his
fingertips along her opening.


already getting wet- now, to phase two,’ Heero said inwardly.

squirmed as Heero stroked along her most sacred place.
She felt a fire beginning to burn within
her, and it wasn’t from the sunburn.
Heero made his way past her waist and gently applied the gel to her
arms, shoulders, and neck. As he leaned
closer to her, Heero grazed the tops of her breasts, and Relena let out a soft
moan as her sensitive nipples brushed against her husband’s hard chest. She opened her eyes to find her perfect
soldier looming directly over her face.


I’m sorry for ruining our day together; I feel like an idiot,” Relena said
sadly. Heero’s response was to place a
gentle kiss on her lips.


all right, my darling, it was an accident that’s all,” he said softly.


it’s Valentine’s Day! I wanted this day
to be special for us; now, I’m stuck here looking like a big tomato!” she
groaned. Heero chuckled at her softly.


I don’t know, I think you look very cute,” he said with a grin.
Relena stuck her tongue out at him. She always did that when he annoyed her, and
Heero had grown to love that little gesture from her.


not funny,” she fumed. Heero’s
expression softened at her, and he gently cupped her cheek.


everything I wanted for Valentine’s Day is right here- you, me, and no one
else,” he said firmly. Relena raised
one of her slimy hands up into his hair and pulled him down.


you,” she murmured just before their lips joined. Heero quickly deepened their kiss, and he felt Relena responding
hungrily to him. He laid the gel aside
and grasped her breasts in his hands.


Relena gasped as Heero gently brushed her taught nipples.
“Heero, I…I…” She couldn’t think straight
with his hands doing such exquisite things to her body.


smiled as he saw his wife’s face flushing with anticipation.
He gently squeezed her soft mounds and
caressed them slowly, letting her enjoy every single sensation.


clenched her mouth closed as she tried to keep from screaming at the wonderful
feelings coursing through her. Her arms
fell to her sides, and she submitted to her husband without a second thought.


on, baby, let me hear you…I want to hear you scream for me,” Heero said
teasingly as he nipped at her neck.


Relena groaned as she kept her mouth shut; she was going to lose her mind at
this rate. Heero grinned at her slyly;
he liked it when she fought against her inner beast. He knew the passionate fire that burned within her body, but
Relena always tried to suppress it.
Heero took it upon himself to release her hidden desires every time they
made love.


you’re still resisting me…” Heero laughed evilly, “…well then, perhaps you need
some more persuasion.” He bent down and
took one of her rosy nipples into his mouth.


Relena screeched.


my girl, let me hear it all,” Heero said hotly. He opened his mouth and took in as much of her breast as he
could. It wasn’t long before Relena was
twisting and writhing on top of the sheets.
Heero switched to her other mound and eagerly drank up his wife’s sweet


she gets sweeter every day!’ he growled silently. Heero knew his trunks were stretched to their limit, but he
refused to satisfy himself until he’d taken care of her first.


gosh…yes…so good…oh, I love it when you do this to me!” Relena cried out.
His response was to slide his free hand
between her thighs and find her center.


felt her tense as he stroked her swollen lips, and he grinned inwardly when he
found how wet she was becoming.


my Relena…quick to respond to the situation,’ his said inwardly.
Heero carefully opened her flower and
inserted two fingers into her.


yes!” Relena hissed as he entered her channel.
Her limbs were rubbing insistently against the towels, but she didn’t
notice her sunburn anymore. All she
knew what the exquisite paradise that Heero was sending her to.


like my girl’s nice and wet for me.
Does she want some more?” Heero asked seductively as he pinched her


Heero…I want more…oh more please…” Relena moaned in response.
Heero slid down her body taking care to
avoid her sunburn. He gently opened her
legs and stared at the luscious offering that she’d given to him so many times.


Relena, you get more beautiful everyday!’ he growled inwardly


darling Relena…” Heero sighed as he bent down and gently slid his tongue across
her glistening folds, “…you’re so hot…so wet for me…I love tasting your


Heero, take all that you want,” his wife moaned as she tangled her hands in his
thick, brown hair. Oh, how she loved it
when he did this to her. It was like
his tongue had a mind of its own; it would cover every single part of her
womanhood, satisfying her completely.
When his entire mouth covered her, Relena’s hips rose off the bed in


Heero spent an eternity exploring her, Relena felt him touch the most sensitive
portion on her whole body.


me, Relena, tell me how you want it,” Heero said seductively.


“Heero! I…I…I want your mouth to…to…to touch me
there…please…I need it badly,” she replied hoarsely.


you shall have it, my darling,” Heero stated as he drew her small, little
button into his mouth. His wife began
bucking her hips as he sucked on her clit; her mind had long since stopped
functioning as her body convulsed with the delicious agony that Heero was
putting her through.


Heero…right there…oh just like that!” Relena pleaded. Heero snickered as his wife turned to putty in his arms.


this, Relena…then like this…is that it…then you want it right here don’t you…”
Heero drove her insane as he moved his tongue over every square inch of her
womanhood. He felt her body beginning
to shutter, and the heat growing inside her.


was helpless under Heero’s torture. She
couldn’t move; she couldn’t even speak.
Her body was teetering on an abyss, and it was just about to go over it.


Relena, let go for me…cum for me, baby.” Heero suddenly plunged two fingers
into her, and his wife shattered in his arms.


HEEEEEEEERRRRROOOOOOO!!!” Relena screamed as wave after wave of ecstasy plowed
into her. Heero continued lapping at
her center, drawing out her orgasm as long as he could.


he moved away from her hot core, Relena collapsed onto the bed in a heap.
She was panting loudly, trying to remember
how to breathe.


wiped off his face on one of the towels then moved back up her body until he
was face to face with her.


he said softly and brushed her sweaty hair off her face.
Her eyes fluttered open, and she saw her
husband smiling at her.


Heero…that was…that was…I…I don’t know what that was…” Relena said as tears
poured from her eyes. Heero wiped her
eyes and kissed her gently.


was me loving you, honey,” he replied tenderly. Relena wanted to curl up in his arms, but Heero stopped her.


need to roll over so I can do your back, okay,” he stated.
Relena suddenly felt a burning sensation
coming from her spine.


you’re right,” she groaned and rolled onto her left side.
Heero grabbed the aloe and carefully applied
to her back. Relena sighed happily as
the cool liquid touched her hot skin.


to initiate the final phase,’ Heero said silently.


thank you,” Relena cooed softly. Heero
laid the aloe aside and quickly shed his trunks. He moved up behind his wife and pulled her close but keeping her
back at a safe distance.


Relena gasped when she felt a very familiar sensation against her backside.


he’s not done with me yet…I’m glad,’ Relena giggled inwardly.
She opened her legs, and Heero’s hard member
sprang to attention. Relena gazed down
at it with fascination.


Heero, the things you do to me. And
this…’ she sighed and grasped him in her hand, ‘…so beautiful…so massive…so
hard.’ Relena gently stroked him, and
Heero let out a satisfied growl. His
hands cupped her full breasts, and his wife pressed back against him.


you drive me nuts, you know that!” he teased.


know…because I can do this…” she purred and squeezed his now rock-hard
shaft. Heero thought about their
current position and realized that it would hurt her if he entered her this way
so he moved out from behind her and moved Relena onto her back.


something wrong?” his wife asked with a confused look.
Heero smiled and shook his head. He sat up on his knees and pulled her into a
sitting position. He carefully placed
her legs on each side of his waist and held onto her hips where she wasn’t


wrong, Relena, but I would’ve hurt you if we tried it the other way.
Now, this way, you should be fine,” he
explained. Relena smiled and wrapped
her arms around his neck. Her shoulders
hurt, but she didn’t care. She wanted
them to finish this little game of his.


I want you inside me,” she cooed softly.
Relena received the sweetest smile that she’d ever seen from him.
He lifted her up slightly, and she felt the
tip of his manhood at her opening.


my girl ready for me?” Heero asked teasingly.
Relena gave him a sultry smile.


I’m more than ready for you, my love,” she replied. Heero slowly brought her down, and he entered her tenderly.
Relena cooed softly as she felt her
husband’s hard member reaching deep inside her depths; he was the only one who
could every do this her; she’d never want anyone else ever!


held their hips together for a few moments, partaking in this sacred bond that
he and Relena shared. He gently kissed
her forehead and whispered sweet nothings in her ear.


beautiful wife…” he murmured softly.
Relena tingled as she heard the love and admiration in his voice.
She raised her head and gazed into his dark


loving husband…” she replied warmly.
Heero sealed their statements with a long, deep kiss.
He smiled at her and stroked her lips with
his thumb.


you just enjoy it this time and let me do the work, okay,” he said with a kiss
to her cheek. Heero took hold of her
rear and began to slowly thrust his hips.


closed her eyes and let her perfect soldier carry her away once again.
She could feel his wonderful length sliding
in and out of her, kissing her hard, little button every time. Heero knew exactly what she wanted…how fast
she wanted it…how deep she wanted it…he knew everything and gave her
everything. Relena could feel him
entering her gently so as not to irritate the sensitive skin on her thighs.


you can go faster; it doesn’t hurt,” she said softly. Her husband gave her a smile of relief.


glad, honey, I don’t want it to hurt,” he replied. Heero squeezed her rear tighter and began to lengthen his
thrusts. He pulled almost all the way out
of her, and then plunged back into her once again. Every time he penetrated into Relena’s body, he would pull her
hips against him so she could feel him deep within her.


Heero…hmm…yes, my love…just like that…” his wife moaned softly.
Heero kept one of his hands on Relena’s
behind to stabilize her, while using the other hand to cup one of her
breasts. He slowly caressed her silky
mound and felt her nipple pucker in his hand.


love how you respond so quickly…you’re always ready for me,” he said
coyly. She grinned at him.p>


could look at me, and I’d be ready for you,” she replied with a sultry
smile. Relena let out a little yelp as
he plucked at her hard nipple.


like that huh? Tell me, baby, do you
like it when I play you?” he said hotly.
Relena felt her body heat rising at the passionate look in his eyes.


love it when you play with me, Heero,” she responded fearlessly.
Relena felt a delicious feeling of
apprehension flow through her when her husband’s eyes trained on her. He wanted to devour every inch of her, and
oh boy did she want him to.


bent her back slightly and bent down to her pert breasts.
His mouth closed over her right breast while
his free hand caressed her other.
Relena threw her head back in ecstasy as her dashing husband made
passionate love to her. The feeling was
incredible; Heero was devouring her and satisfying her hunger all at the same
time. Relena couldn’t help it any more
and began undulating against him.


she’s still got some spunk left in her.
I’m glad!’ Heero said inwardly.
He left his post at her breasts only to plunder into her mouth with his
tongue in an almost primal kiss.


growled into his mouth as she felt the force of his kiss.
Sunburn or no sunburn, she was going to ride
Heero the way she wanted to no matter what the cost. Her arms wrapped around his torso, and she lifted her hips up and
down on his massive erection. Heero
complied and slammed into her almost painfully.


cried out as she felt him drive deeper and deeper into her body; oh, how full
he made her feel. She could feel how
hot his shaft was as it slid in and out of her.


grunted trying to hold off his climax, and Relena’s insisting bucking wasn’t
helping at all. He thought that the
force of their lovemaking was hurting her, but Relena showed no signs of pain.


and faster, the two lovers moved completely lost in each other.
Relena screamed Heero’s name so loud the
entire Sank Kingdom could have heard her.


right, baby, scream for me…let it all out,” Heero groaned as he thrust into
her. Relena began panting as Heero took
her again and again and again. She
could feel her orgasm coming on, and the first wave slammed into her so hard
she almost passed out.


she cried out in sheer bliss. Heero
nuzzled her neck and let himself go.


he growled as his came deep inside her.
Relena felt a sense of complete fulfillment as she felt the hot rush of
Heero’s seed within her. She went limp
in his arms, and Heero held her gently as he stroked her blonde hair.


a few minutes, Relena lifted her head from her husband’s chest.
He was smiling down at her with a lopsided


my girl feeling better?” he teased. Relena
let out a sensuous purr and wrapped her arms around his neck.


she’s feeling great!” Relena cooed.
Heero kissed her gently and stroked her cheek. Relena clenched her legs together when Heero tried to move.


is it?” he asked.


don’t pull out of me just yet. I want
to stay like this for a while; I just want to be joined with you as long as
possible,” she said lovingly. Her
husband smiled at her. How could he
deny her such a request? Heero turned
them around and lay down on his back.


carefully lay down on his chest and snuggled close to him.
She smiled when he put a cold towel over her

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