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Disclaimer: I don’t own DB/Z/GT or any of the characters found in this fic.  They are the property of TOEI ANIMATION in Japan and FUNimation in the U.S.A.

A/N- So, the real inspiration for this?  Well, there was a little known category at the Hentaiinstitue.  It’s called ‘Sexy Heathen Sisters’.  There was a subcategory in there called ‘Harlequin’.  There is a bunch of really good doujinshi.  Most of it is in Japanese still, so I can’t really claim plagiarism.  (Would I really want to if I could?)  And why I stated that it is the ‘inspiration’ for this fic.  (You guessed it, another PWP).  I would love to give credit where credit is due, but I can’t read the Japanese.  I am, however, working on getting the information from the institute.

Sadly, I missed the episode when Krillan or # 18 made a wish to the Shenlong for her to become human.  I have heard a couple of things, but nothing concrete, so bear with the story and my variation as part of this being an A/U.

Lastly, a time frame.  This is after the end of DBZ and because of some wishes, GT will never exist.

P.S.  There are going to be two mini chapters in here, because I didn’t know how to set up the scenario without some sort of background.


Warnings- Yuri, lemon, BDSM, language, references to yaoi

Rated- R

Pairings- Videl x Juuhachi-gou (Android # 18 for those of you who didn’t know, and shortened to either Juu or Mistress in most of this fic.)

“X” indicates spoken dialog

‘X’ indicates thoughts


Title of story-   ‘While the Cat Is Away, How the Mice Do Play’


Chapter 1- Narration



     I don’t know who the mother-fucking imbecile was who thought we would all be so fucking happy being saiyans.  Oh, right, I guess I do.  It was a group effort it seems.  I guess the word would be imbeciles then, huh?

Can you tell that this irritates the hell out of me?  Good, at least I got my point across. 

Don’t get me wrong: there are certainly advantages to it.  I am much stronger than I was before, and can really help out if a fight comes.  This doesn’t change the fact that it has ruined my marriage and put me on a planet where it takes a month, by space pod, just to see my father. 

Oh, wait, I was supposed to be talking about advantages.  Right.  The month in space isn’t really a problem anymore.  It seems as though, by what Vegeta tells us, I am going to live anywhere from twice to three times the life expectancy of when I was human.  So what?  Great, my dad is going to be dead all that much longer to me in my lifetime, because, opposed to what he’d like to believe, he wasn’t one of the fifty strongest or smartest males on Earth.

Lucky me.  I got to be one of the 100 strongest or smartest females on the planet I use to call home.   So, here I am, on the planet Mars, with 148 adult and virile sayians, and who knows how many new cubs.  Well, someone does.  My ex-husband.  He has taken over the role as archivist.  Means he gets to keep a written record of all that goes on here:  births, deaths, matings (bonded and un-bonded), and anything else of interest that happens and could be considered history.

I guess he was always a scholar at heart.  One of the very few to become full sayian and asexual.  Don’t get me wrong, this doesn’t mean that he can’t produce offspring if he wanted to.  He just doesn’t want to.  I am glad we had Pan before this whole fiasco happened.

Which reminds me, she is here, on this planet, somewhere.  I think she and Uub are trying to make a go of it.

Did you notice that my math didn’t add up in my count of virile?  Fifty males plus one hundred females, plus two already full-bloods, minus one asexual? 

That’s a funny story.  You should have seen the look on Piccolo’s new face the first time he looked in the mirror after Bulma and Chi Chi made their wishes.  Eegads!  I just about peed my new spandex pants.  No, I didn’t actually get to see him look in the mirror, but the look on his face when he walked out of the Lookout.  Like someone had just ran over him with a steamroller.  He looks so different when he isn’t green and has some hair.  So, he’s the second asexual sayian.    

I know, I know, your asking ‘Who’s the third’ then, right?  That’s another funny story, in an ironic sort of way.  Chi Chi is.  She went through all the trouble of helping Bulma gather the Dragon balls, thinking that if she were sayian Goku would have to pay more attention to her, only to become a full-blood and find out that she wasn’t interested in him anymore, or anyone else in that wayfor that matter.  She is, however, a wonderful cub tender.  She has more patience with those beasts than anyone else.  Now that she has more speed and power, she can also take care of twenty to thirty of the brats without a pause.  Watching her, one knows she is totally in her element with the children.

It’s a good thing, I guess, that she turned out asexual.   ‘Why’ you might ask?  It also turned out that my ex-father-in-law is bisexual, tending more towards the gay side.  You should see some of the fights that he and Vegeta get into for dominance.  It’s spectacular. 

Which brings up the question about Vegeta.  ‘Is Vegeta bisexual also’?  I know, I know, I am putting words or thoughts into your head, but it really is a question that should be asked.  So I am going to answer it as best as I can.  Vegeta is bisexual, but only in the slightest meaning of the word.  The only male that he has shown an interest in is Goku and I believe that has more to do with power than it does with sexual orientation.  They are almost evenly matched.  The trade offs being these:  Vegeta is smarter, but not by much, Goku is stronger, but not by much.  It evens things out, and watching the fights makes me cream my pants. 

Now if Goku was smarter, and had less of an interest in Vegeta, he would probably have as big of a harem as Vegeta does.  We’re kind of funny in a way, female saiyans.  Of course we gravitate to power, but we also want someone who’s intellectual as well.  So weird, I know.

Have you noticed in some of the story I have been telling, how some characteristics have carried over?  Piccolo being asexual, Gohan still being nerdy, Chi Chi’s life controlled by what she thinks is best for children?  Well, the comparisons don’t stop there, and bring me to the one thing that I really like about being a saiyan now: my lover Juuhachi-gou.  It seems as though some of her android tendencies managed to carry over by both her wish to become human and the wish that made her saiyan.  I have speculated about what happened with the first wish.  It seems as though all Juu wanted, after talking with her about it, was to be able to bear children, so she never actually became full human.  I am starting to suspect that maybe the wording in the second wish that changed her life wasn’t all that well thought out.  Juu has saiyan characteristics, but she is still android in some ways.  Sure, she has that lovely blonde tail that I like to touch and be touched by.  And the emotions, she has passions about some things I would have never guessed at, but there are sometimes when she can seem so cool and unattached.  I know.  I’ve been on the receiving end of both ends of that spectrum.

So, for one last time, I am going to put another question in your head.  ‘How did we become lovers?’  It’s simple, and not so simple really. 

The simple part of the answer was for Krillan and Juu.  They split up soon after the saiyan/Mars terra formed wish incident.  It was sad to see both of them together after the instinctual and intellectual changes that can happen when one becomes saiyan.  They just didn’t fit together anymore.

As for the not so simple answer to the question mentioned above, you can probably guess, or should have, that I have joined Vegeta’s harem.  There are about fifteen of us that wouldn’t take no for an answer.  I use the word ‘joined’ loosely.  It was more of a case of ‘beat the shit out of the other bitches who thought they were good enough to be here.’  Vegeta had laughed and then said, “On Vegeta-sei it was just the opposite.”

Bulma, of course, is his number one concubine.  She didn’t have to fight to gain that status.  It was just the way it was going to be.  Though, I think she thought she would have been a bonded mate to Vegeta by now.  And she probably would have been, if it weren’t for Goku.  She doesn’t have enough power to over throw him, and really, I think she likes getting it on with the both of them.  I know I do.

Bulma still has her head quarters for Capsule Corporation on Earth.  I think that this is one of the many reasons why she hasn’t tried to burn the bridge between Goku and Vegeta.  She needs to have Goku I.T. her to Earth on a regular basis.  Cutting Goku off from his favorite pass time is not a good way to get what you want out of him. 

Vegeta goes with them when there are actual negotiations between Earth and Mars, leaving the fourteen other females here without any sort of release.  This, and the fact there aren’t enough hours in the day to keep us all occupied, leaves us with pent up emotions and sexual frustrations that are not a good combination when you are talking about a planet being populated by saiyans.  Some of us do go and find other male company, rarely.  After all, Vegeta understands the need for a broad breeding pool if this quest for a saiyan nation is going to be successful.  Others in this harem are more than happy to have found bedmates in these quarters. 

Some of us find our release in training, while others find it in sex. 

And still others of us find it in both.


Chapter 2-


The Mars nights are longer than what I am use to.  I can hear several other pairings making a go of the night.  Keeping each other occupied and warm.  I roll over onto my side and pull a pillow over my exposed ear trying to block out as much of the quiet moans and heavy breathing as much as I can.  Marron asked if I wanted to join her and Celest this evening.  I told her, “No thank you.”  If she looked anymore like her mother I may have said yes, but she doesn’t, so I resisted.

I hadn’t seen Juu for about a week.  She’s way ahead of most of us in training so she spends most of her free time up in the red hills, alone, “Meditating,” she says.  Another thing that carried over from her android days; Juu still has no ki reading.  If she did, then I would be with her.  When she goes away like that, she doesn’t want to be found.

I didn’t expect to see her tonight.  So when the curtain sectioning off my bed was slid aside I was overjoyed to see that it was she.  She beckoned me to follow her.  I slipped out of my sleeping furs and followed her passage.  My blue silk nightdress made little swishing movements against my skin as we walked.  I don’t know why we are so quiet about doing this.  It’s not as though it’s not allowed.  Still, if she wanted me away from the rest of the harem, she had something in mind.  Maybe what we were going to do was going to get a little noisy.  I watched Juu’s tail, hoping it’s actions would give away some of what she was thinking.  It hung low with just the bottom four inches twitching back and forth like a pendulum.  I shivered with expectation.  She was agitated.

We stepped out of the sleeping quarters and into the torch lit hallway.  The red stonewalls had eerie shadows playing across them.  I am not certain that I actually want the electricity to be running.  I kind of like the torches. 

We headed towards Vegeta’s section of the stone compound, which I found kind of odd.  He wasn’t here, so why would we be going that direction?

A couple of different passageways and turns later Juu opened a door to the right and stepped in.  I followed.  My eyes widened as I saw what was in the room, “How did you know about this?”  I asked.  The lanterns hung around the room illuminated an altered bed.  I could tell by the design that it was made for tying someone down to it.  Four tall posts, one at each corner, holes drilled at strategic spaces up and down them.  It wasn’t an overly large bed.  Just big enough for two people; of course if those two people were being intimate it would seem a little more spacious.

“He likes it rough at times too,” Juu said with a shrug, her look said her mind was far away at the moment.  Looking back at me she stated, “It’s been a while, hasn’t it?”

I nodded my head.  A very familiar look was now in her eyes.  I had tried to pry once asking her what she meditated about that made her react like this when she got back.  I hadn’t received an answer then, but I never asked again.

“Has it been cold without me?” She asked; a leading question.  The question I asked myself was how should I answer it.

If I answered ‘no’, which would be a lie, the events of the evening might be painful.  If I answered ‘yes’, which was the truth, they would probably be less painful.  ‘Hmmm, what kind of mood am I in,’ I asked myself.

I must have taken too long in pondering my answer for I suddenly found myself forced to the ground by a strong hand gripped in my hair.  The shock that was sent through my bare knees from hitting the flooring was so painful it caused an involuntary cry to escape from my lips.  She loves those sounds; I like making them for her.  “I asked you a simple question.  Answer me,” she pulled back on my hair to make me look at her face.  The look in her eyes made a fearful shiver run through my body.  She was going to be very rough this evening.

“Yes Mistress,” I said.  I wasn’t prepared for the fact that the angle my head was at would make it more difficult for the air to sound out over my vocal cords, so my answer came out more of a whisper.

A chilled hand ran over my neck, fingers tracing ticklish lines across the sensitive skin, “What was that?  Speak up, I couldn’t hear you,” her sharp nails scraped across the same skin they had been tickling before.

“Yes Mistress, it was cold without you,” I answered a little louder, trying not to flinch as she scraped her fingernails along my jaw line and cheek.

She smiled at that.  She knew that I missed her; I always missed her.  She just liked to hear me say it.  She leant over and licked my neck and cheek before ending her tongue’s travels at my lips.  She ran her tongue across my lips and initiated a kiss.  She deepened it by pulling my body closer to hers.  Still in a kneeling position, I suddenly found that most of my weight was now being supported by the grip she had in my hair.  I couldn’t feel the cold flooring on my bare, bruised knees any more.  My tail swung a little, trying to help find a balance.  I moaned into the kiss both distressed by and loving the pain.  What can I say?  I am a sick bitch.

She broke off the kiss and once again I felt the coolness of the stone beneath my knees.  She unlocked her hand from the grip it had on my hair.  She took a seat on the edge of the bed.  “Unlace my boots,” she commanded.  I complied by starting to do so with my fingers.  Once again her hand roughly grabbed my hair.  My head was pushed downward.  “With your mouth,” she coached me.

I took the lace of her left boot in between my teeth and tugged.  ‘Fuck,’ I thought to myself.  The light of the lanterns wasn’t enough to let me see that the bow was actually a double knot.  I had just made my task all that more difficult.   Pulling my lips back further, I tried to get a grip on the center knot with my teeth.  This wasn’t going to be easy.

Juu ran her fingers down over my bent spine.  The feel of them through the material of my nightgown made goose bumps raise all over my body.  Just as I was able to start loosing the knot, I felt the hem of my garment being raised over my buttocks and tail.  A sharp slap brought my mouth away from its task as I cried out in surprise.  Stupidly, my tail instinctively tried to cover the abused cheek. 

When will I learn not to do use my tail in such futile, and potentially painful, attempts?

“Don’t stop.”  My tail was moved aside and another harsh slap administered to my ass, this time as her hand was removed she scrapped her nails along my smooth, burning skin. 

Those slaps stung!  Wanting to reduce the amount of those I was going to receive this evening I tried to quicken the pace of my performance.  I was somewhat successful, but at the same time the gums of my mouth were rubbing raw against the laces.  As I worked the bow undone, I felt Juu lean to the side.  What she was after, I didn’t know.  I tugged on one end of the bow and it came undone.  At the same time I heard as strange slithering sound, like something long being pulled through a hole.

Once again, my tail was held out of the way, and I prepared to be slapped again as I worried the top lacings of the boot loose, my tongue helping the process along.  What connected with my flesh this time wasn’t a hand though.  I heard and felt the crack of a leather strap against my backside.  I thought it had stung earlier?  This brought tears to my eyes.

“Good pet,” and another whipping, this time to the opposite, and thus far ignored, cheek, “Now move to the other one.  I hope you undo it faster than the first.”  Her tail coiled around my neck and tugged me over to her right boot.  As if the next stinging slap of the leather strap wasn’t incentive enough?  Although I couldn’t see it, I was fairly certain that my ass and the backs of my thighs were a nice bright red by now.

I had learned from my previous mistake with the left lacings, and checked to see if this one was also double knotted.  Sure enough, it was.  I heard my nightgown being torn as I worked at the laces.  It slid loosely down my arms still attached by the shoulder straps.  I shivered as the thin material fell away, exposing the rest of my back to whatever pleased my Mistress.  The material used for whipping my body was drug lightly down my spin, from the base of my neck to the base of my tail.  I hurried along, as the same tool was run up my right side.  Once again, just as I was successful in getting the bow undone, my ass was punished.  Three quick spankings in a row, “Too slow pet,” Juu informed me.  Not expecting that many strikes, I accidentally bit the tip of my tongue.  I cursed myself under my breath, and continued.

When I thought I was finished with my task I slowly crawled back, so my Mistress could decide for herself as to whether or not I had completed her demands to her satisfaction.  I didn’t go far though, her tail still loosely held my neck.  “You may use your hands to remove them,” she told me. 

I did as she allowed.  Once they were removed, she brought me in closer using her tail around my neck and a handful of my hair to shepherd my movements.  She kissed me once again, running her own tongue over my raw gums and swollen lips.  Her free hand holding the whip smoothed down my back, around to the front of my hips and then down below my pelvis.  “Hn,” she mumbled in an almost Vegeta like way, “Getting your ass spanked really made you wet.”

I don’t know what the actual chemical differences are between a human brain and a saiyan one.  I never really did understand Gohan’s apparent need for pain during sex, until I became saiyan myself.  I can tell you from a personal point of view what happens to me when endorphins are released into my system.  I get horny and wet, and I want to fuck and be touched.  And right now, Juuhachi-gou was touching me in just the right way in just the right spot.  She knew my body so well.

I moaned into the kiss and tried to hump her fingers.  Her tail kept its hold around my neck, but the hand holding my hair release in order to spank me.  “Did I tell you you could move?”  She asked.

“No Mistress,” I answered and she smacked my ass again, because I hadn’t stopped moving regardless of the consequences.

“I want you to stop moving, until I tell you it’s permitted,” she whispered into my ear.

I whined and closed my eyes.  I tried to not move my hips, but her fingers motions sent shocks through my body and it responded of its own accord.  I ended up having another strap welt added to my growing collection.  “Can you hold still, or do you need me to tie you down?”  She asked.

“I can’t…” I started to respond, when once again her skilled fingers made my hips buck forward.

“Can’t what?”

“Can’t hold still, Mistress,” I wanted so badly to just cling to her as she continued to manipulate my body, but that wasn’t part of her plan for this evening.

“Very well,” she sounded disappointed, but I knew disappointment was far from what she was feeling at the moment.  The fingers stroking my pussy were removed, much to my disagreement.  I whined, even though I knew it would go unheeded.  “Taste them,” she ordered, holding her middle and fore fingers up to my mouth.  I closed my eyes at the same time I opened my mouth.  The tips of her fingers felt cool to my lips and tongue.  At first I licked my wetness off of the, but another slap from the strap in her hand had me sucking on them vigorously.  My taste isn’t all that bad, actually.  I just happen to like Juu’s better.  Part of her still being somewhat android, she can change what she tastes like.  It’s really very unique.  My favorite flavor to date is strawberry.

My hair was once again used as way to direct my body’s movements.  I was pulled from my knees to my feet, and from there shoved onto the bed.  “Stay there,” she ordered.  I watched as the strap that had been whipping me was rethreaded through a hole in one of the poles at the foot of the bed.  She grabbed my left ankle and tied it in place.  She ran a soothing hand partially up my leg, almost touching me where I wanted it, before running her nails back down the same leg.  Fucking tease! 

I growled, wanting so badly to touch my self if she wouldn’t do so for me.  Knowing she would catch me, and ‘punish’ me for doing so, I started easing my left hand down my body.  She moved to the other side of the bed, and grabbed my right foot, tying it to the corresponding post and spreading my legs wide.  Something about being made vulnerable around her always seemed right.  She isn’t ever actually out to hurt me, not badly anyway.  If she were, she would have already hurt my tail.  It’s only little clues like that, and no ki cuffs, that make this pleasurable for me. 

My legs tied ‘securely’, she stood at the foot of the bed, and started to undress the rest of the way.  As predicted, she noticed where my hand was going, and what it was doing.  She didn’t bother to verbalize her knowledge until she was completely naked.  Then she stepped up on the bed.  She took a couple of careful steps on the mattress.  Standing over me, one foot at each of my hips, she tsked, “Ah, ah, ah,” swatting my misbehaving hand with her blonde tail.  She curled the same appendage around the wrist of my left arm and brought it up and forward to where she could hold it in her own hand.  She then used her tail to swat my exposed pussy before she took a couple of steps to the headboard, and proceeded to tie my hand in place, giving my left arm barely any slack.  The bed was a little long for my body, but the leather thongs were long enough to compensate the distance.

Standing up from her crouch on the mattress, Juuhachi-gou stepped lightly to my other side.  She mimicked her actions of my left arm for my right one.  Then she stepped back into the middle, her legs once again straddling my body, only this time her feet were next to my ears.  “Do you want to get fucked tonight?” She asked me. 

Did I?  How long was she gone, and the two saiyan males on this compound busy with other bitches?  YES, I wanted to get fucked.  Getting your ass beat is no substitute for a good fuck.  I tried to temper my answer so it didn’t come out so enthusiastic though, “Yes Mistress,” I replied quietly.

She slowly knelt down until her crotch was in my face; her legs threaded under my shoulders.  “Then I want you to lick and suck on my clit until you make me cum,” she said.  “If I am happy with your performance, maybe I will fuck you.”  She reached behind me and stuffed one of the two pillows that were on it under my head.  Just another one of those clues that this wasn’t as abusive as it might seem.

I reached out my tongue, curious as to what she would taste like tonight.  There were no telltale scents in the air to give me a clue.  I was surprised then when I tasted vanilla.  Not like vanilla tastes when you taste it straight out of the bottle.  No, somehow she had managed to make vanilla taste like vanilla smells.  It was wonderful.  I think I may have found a new favorite flavor.  Next time someone asks if I want dessert, I’ll just say, ‘No, but can Juu and I have a moment?’ 

It’s very easy to get into licking and sucking on something that tastes so good.  The sounds coming from my Mistress showed how much she was enjoying what I was doing as well as her fingers spreading her nether lips and her hips helping her clit hump my face.  I didn’t notice when her tail had once again found its way to my own clit.  I assume at first that the sensation was just too gentle.  It wasn’t until her enthusiasm for what I was doing made her tail slap my clit.  The stinging blow brought me away from my occupation momentarily.  It didn’t hurt it was just shocking.

“Don’t stop,” I heard Juu say above me.  Another smack with that lovely blonde tail: this time to tell me of her disapproval. 

I started in on her pussy again.  I felt her tail mimicking my tongues movements, and tired to sneak one in on her.  I darted my tongue as deep as it would go into her pussy, and licked at her inner walls.  I was buried so deep into her that my nose was grinding against her clit.  She moaned and laughed at the same time, realizing what I was doing, but not going to follow suit.  I almost growled, frustrated.  I wanted penetration.  I almost did so with my own tail.  Only the thought that if she caught me she wouldn’t fuck me helped me restrain myself.

Suddenly her tail wasn’t touching me any more, and I could tell by the tenseness in her body she was going to cum.  When both of her hands reached for my hair, I started to double my efforts.  Usually I would have been doing this for another five minutes or so.  She must have been really horny for her to be getting off so fast.

I felt her body tense just before she screamed, “Oh, gods, YES!”  I felt a wash of slick heat settle over my tongue, the flavor of vanilla intensifying.  I eagerly lapped it up, not knowing when she would decide on this flavor again.

Her ragged panting slowed a bit, and I moved my face away from her slowly relaxing body.   Slowly she unhooked one leg from under my shoulder, moving it so it was by my ribs, and then the other.  She laid her head below my chin for a moment, still panting.  When her breathing was less harsh she reached her head up and kissed me deeply.  “Mmmm, I like that one,” she said in approval.

She lazily lifted her slight weight from my body.  Her left nipple came enticingly close to my mouth as she crawled to where my right arm was still tied up.  She untied it from its hold and made her way, still on all fours, towards my left arm, purposefully dragging the same nipple across my mouth.  I licked my lips, trying to diffuse the tickle the contacted had made.  She paused in her direction, this time, running her right nipple over my lips.  I took this as an invitation, and licked it, before using suction to pull it fully into my mouth.  Then I used my tongue to tickle its tip.  As she moved again, I brought my teeth gently down on the hardened nub, so as she pulled away there was a slight tug.  She hissed in pleasure.  “If you want to get fucked, you’ll stop delaying me,” she admonished, her icy blue eyes betraying her playful state.  I didn’t bother to point out that she was the one who had teased me

Once again she started in the direction of where my left arm was tied up.  She dragged her smooth abdomen across my own nipples.  Gingerly lifting one knee and then the other over my torso, her tail swayed across my breast once she had reached her destination.  A tug on one end of the leather strap, and my left arm was let loose.  The shoulder of this arm burned a little, complaining about its treatment more than my right one had.  I don’t really know why, I was too busy at the time to notice.

I almost smirked as she continued on all fours towards the foot of the bed.  She must have really got off good if she wasn’t springing back to her feet immediately.  If I thought my shoulders wouldn’t have protested at the moment, I would have patted myself on the back.

Her tail slid across my lips as she during her progress; I could smell own scent lingering in the fur on it.   Sometimes a heightened sense of smell is a wonderful thing.

One foot became unbound.  I stretched the freed limb waiting impatiently for the next one’s turn.  Once it was untied, I groaned out loud, stretching it also.  I lay lackadaisically on the rigged bed.  My Mistress hadn’t given me any instructions, and I knew that I had pleased her well.  My turn was coming.  I was saving my energy.

I felt the bed shift as Juu moved all the way off of it.  I could only see the top half of her body from the position I was in.  I enjoyed the view though, her beautiful breasts swaying with her movements.  I lost sight of her momentarily as she ducked down below my views horizon.  

When she once again made an appearance, her head was bent down and her arms were awkwardly behind her back.  “You’ve done very well this evening Pet,” she complimented me.  “I feel as though you do deserve an reward.”   As she finished her statement she finished the task that was otherwise occupying her.  She looked at me from where she stood away from the bed, “Get on all fours,” she commanded.

I groaned to myself as I retracted my limbs.  It wouldn’t do to have her hear me whining. 

Once I was on my hands and knees, I licked my lips in anticipation.  I felt the mattress shift as she came up behind me.  Then those wicked fingers were once again playing with my external sweet spot.  I tried not to move, remembering her admonishment earlier about my lack of control.

“Relax Pet, you did good, you can move if you’d like,” she said.

And move I did, winding my tail around her wrist.  When her tail entered the foray I liked it even more.  It was mind boggling, to have her fingers manipulating me so masterfully, and then a quick sudden jab of her tail as the tip slid inside my willing body.  Then the furry appendage would snake around my thighs ticklishly, run across my cheeks smoothly.  Ah, who needs feathers anymore?

My head drooped between my shoulders as I started wanting something more than just this teasing.  Even so, I still groaned when Juu took her fingers away from me.  One of her hands gripped my hip and suddenly I felt something fill me slowly.  ‘Finally!’  I thought to myself.  My vocal cords just sounded out a moan as my entire body quivered at the welcome intrusion.

I felt my Mistresses lips on my back as she held me still, one arm around my middle the other still on my hip.  Subtle changes in their pressure told me she was smiling, “Like that do you?”

“Uh-hu,” I mumbled in agreement.

I quick lick from her tongue up my spine, and then a gentle breath along the same area came before she said, “I hope you want it deep, because that’s how I am going to give it to you,” and then, whatever tool she was using to fuck me, was pressed even deeper than it had been.

Now fortunately or unfortunately as the case may be, females don’t have feeling with whatever strap on they are using.  Just the way it is.  So when Juu said deep, I almost gritted my teeth.  She wanted to be rough, for reasons of her own.  I was just going to have to try to keep up with the ride.

I unwound my tail from her wrist and flicked my tail forward as her gripped changed from one hands to two on my hips.  I felt her draw out slowly, and then she plunged back in.  At first I was able to breathe between her thrusts, the pace slow, but deep as she had promised.  Then her pace slightly changed, a feint before the actual spearing.  “Oh, gods,” I said after a couple of these sequences.  I love it when she toys with me. 

As my breathing became heavier, she changed her tactics.  Almost as if my needs set her pace, and in a way, they probably do.  Having a lover that can read you like a book takes practice.  Repeated practice, and Oh My, she’s learned to play this game well over the last couple of months.

Gods, I found myself drooling, unable to keep my mouth shut with the noises she was driving out of me with her quickening pace.  One of her hands moved its grip from my hip to a shoulder.  ‘Fuck!’ The leverage she gained from that little switch was amazing

And then I felt it, the trembling in my thighs that told me I was going to lose it.  “Mistress!” I gasped out.  “I’m,” and I managed to say it with perfect timing (again with the practice) “Cumming.”

Juu didn’t stop once I had said that; she continued to drive into me, slowing her movements with my breathing.

Head hanging down, shivers running up and down my body, my arms suddenly gave out, my mind a total haze.  I felt her turn us both over on our sides.  She ran her fingers through my short hair, “I really missed you,” she said. 

I smiled.  It was her way of saying she loved me.




In Other World, Shiouen Kia drooled out with supreme interest, “This new saiyan nation just may have potential.”


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