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Disclaimer: I do not own Beyblade, nor the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

This is a random one-shot which is NC-17 rated and contains BOY/BOY SMEX. So if that's not your deal... run... run for your life.

It's not my best work... methinks. But it's the newest. And I'm fairly proud of it.
Flames will be eaten for lunch.

A great big uber thanks to my beta Dancingwolf as well.

Kinomiya Takao (Tyson Granger) and Hiwatari Kai and all likeness of Beyblade is © HUDSON SOFT/TAKARA/HASBRO, BEYBLADE PROJECT, TV TOKYO, Nelvana.



Tyson's POV

I’ve watched him for several months now. I’ve been by his side. We’ve been through things no one can ever imagine. But it’s like he doesn’t even notice me. I think that deep down he really cares for me, for all of us. But he hides it. I think he’s scared. Or maybe that’s just what I want to believe? I don’t know. I’m probably fooling myself. But sometimes when he looks at me… he just has this glint in his eyes. Sometimes when I pull one of my silly stunts he looks at me like he’s… worried? I don’t know. At least he acknowledges me, and as long as he does that, I will be kind of happy. He makes me feel so weird inside, sort of… tingly.

Once I had the strangest dream. I was in this odd looking room. A big room… and there was nothing there except a beydish. Naturally I got bored. So I took my blade from my pocket and launched it. Just a second later he entered the room. I don’t understand where he came from. There were no doors. But I guess dreams are wacky like that.

He called me his Dragon and then he shook my hand. Now - apart from the whole general weirdness - what made the dream so strange was that I felt this… spark; I suppose you call it – between us. After that dream I’ve wondered a lot how it would be if he actually accepted the hand I offer him after we, the Bladebreakers, win yet another beybattle.

I wish he would cheer up more. I just want his friendship. I know the guys would be happy too, if he would cheer up, take my hand… and perhaps smile. He always wanders off after we win. He’s so antisocial. Well, sometimes he comes with us. But then he just stands in a corner of the room, sulking, instead of joining in on the celebrations.

I have never really thought about it before the dream. All I wanted then was for him to take my hand, give me a smile and say ‘well done’, or something. Just to be more of a teammate and a friend than merely a captain whose only job is to lead us to victory. But the more I think about it, the more I feel like, no. He doesn’t have to smile. He doesn’t have to join in. Actually he shouldn’t. I don’t want him to.

Okay, that’s a big lie. I’d love it if he would be this cheerful, happy, bright dude. But… it just isn’t him. That isn’t his way of being. So, I guess, in one way it would only make it worse than it already is. It’d almost be like losing him. Nah, then I’d rather have him keep on being the antisocial sourpuss he is.

I’d still want him to take my hand, though. It would be kind of neat to find out if that spark would be there, or if it would just be the sort of cold handshake I used to think it would be. Truthfully, I’m getting kind of tired of it. Tired of waiting. One day I know he’ll take my hand. He has to. He has already opened up a little bit. But there’s still a long way to go.

If he keeps acting like he is now, it’ll probably take years to get him to open up more. It’s like sometimes when we win and I get really happy… really hyper-happy. Then I have to concentrate, so that I won’t reach out and grab his hand first… or clap his shoulder or something. I know for a fact that he wouldn’t like that. He probably wouldn’t talk to me for weeks… or worse, never talk to me again. Or he’d kill me. Huh. I seem to be pissing him off a lot lately, it’s kind of surprising that he doesn’t loose it and punch me.

But… maybe if I would just shake his hand briefly. Then I could flee and hide behind the guys. Maybe he wouldn’t bother to hurt me. Maybe he’d just shake it off and leave. It could be a plan. It’s too bad I don’t have any reason to do so. The next tournament is far from now. Perhaps I could wait. Or, perhaps not! Who am I kidding? I don’t have the patience to wait… for anything, really. But I don’t know what to do about it.

Heh, if I would… nah. I don’t know. Or, maybe I could challenge him? Then after the game – either way it goes – I could thank him for a great battle! I can see it now; one of the blades comes flying out, landing on the ground… then I step up to him offering my hand. I know he wouldn’t take it. He’d glare at me. Maybe say something sarcastic…or just go ‘hn’. Then I’ll have my chance. I’ll grab his hand and shake it, then… oh. The guys! I forgot about them. I need to get them to watch the fight. Or maybe I could just make a run for my hotel room? Then they won’t have to be there and it’d only be him and me. Awesome. If I didn’t know any better I’d say that I have a plan!

It’s only afternoon. It’s not that late. Perhaps I should go and find him right now…?

* *

“What're you talking about?”

Judging by the way he’s looking at me, this was a bad idea. If he doesn’t accept now then he’s never going to agree to battle me. As usual I haven’t thought this through. I thought I had this figured out, I should have known better. As I scratch my nose nervously and fidget he glares at me resignedly.

“Give me one good reason why I should even consider this.” he says. I swallow the lump in my throat. So I can get a change to feel that spark again? I think to myself. He sighs and I look up, meeting his eyes.

“I just thought… it would be good practice.” I try tentatively.

“You can train by yourself.”

“Uh, but, what’s the fun without you?”

He walks past me, sighing softly again, and stops at the door of his hotel room. “I said a good reason. Do you have anything else to add, or are you done bothering me?”

As he opens the door I feel my heart sink. This is clearly not working. Apparently it isn’t going to, either. Normally I am not the one to acknowledge my defeat, especially not when it comes to him. But this time I realize I am really done for. After briefly looking at the floor I glance up at him. Surprisingly enough he’s grinning slightly at me. Then he closes the door. I can feel my eyebrows make a spirited climb for my hairline. Wha-?

I can’t keep myself from blurting out, “Huh?”

“Why do you want to battle me, Tyson? Is there something you want to achieve by all of this?”

I don’t know what to think. Am I really that predictable, or can he just read me that well? I find myself getting more nervous around him. I can’t exactly tell him that I’m so excited about a sparkly dream I had about him that I have to touch him.

My mind speeds up at the mere thought of that particular dream and I can’t help but glance at his hands. One is still resting on the doorknob, the other one hanging freely along his left side. Is that spark I’m searching for in his palm? Will it ignite if I touch it with my own hand?

I feel a chill run down my spine and I bite my lower lip softly. That tingly feeling is returning. It’s bizarre that such a simple thing could make me feel this way. And slightly unnerving. I don’t think I’m supposed to feel this way about such things. I mean, isn’t this the famous butterfly feeling you’re suppose to feel in your stomach when you’re, like, crushing on someone? I’ll admit that a lot of my time is spent thinking about Kai. But is this really some sort of crush? Maybe it is. It probably is… and truth to tell, it doesn’t really bother me. How could a feeling like this be wrong?

“What’re you thinking about?”

“Huh?” I blink, resurfacing from my thoughts.

He’s looking at me, one eyebrow raised in an expression that is so quintessentially his it looks wrong on anyone else.

“You spaced out. What is it you came here for, anyway?” He says this slowly, as though slightly concerned about my mental state.

“I-… nothing special.” No matter how much I want to feel that electrifying spark right now, I can’t. Not unless if I can go through with my ‘plan’. I take a small breath.

“That doesn’t matter,” I wave with my hand. “I just want to know. Will you battle me?”


My heart skips a beat, lodging itself somewhere in my throat. “Really?”

“…If you tell me why you so desperately want me to,” he grins. “I want the truth.” He adds and I blink a few times as the words sink in. I- I can’t do that! I’ll have to lie…


“I just wanted to… learn from the best. I thought if you’d fight me, then, I could snap up some of your moves… and techniques. I never really paid attention to that when we’ve fought before.”

“Oh, really?”

“Totally. So, let’s do this.” I don’t really think I managed to convince him. But nevertheless I have to try.

Perseverance, thy name be Tyson.

I give him my best, most honest smile and he steps towards me, closing the distance.

“And what is the real reason, Tyson?” He asks, glaring at me.

I open my mouth to reply, but no sound comes out. I take a quiet breath and admit my defeat for the second time. I’ve already screwed this up. Maybe it wouldn’t hurt to go through with the ‘plan’ anyway? It wouldn’t be as discreet as it was meant to be. The situation is weird enough as it is. What harm could it do? …Well a lot actually, but it’s worth a shot.

“You really want to know?”

“Yes.” He replies through slightly gritted teeth, his patented Kai-glare still firmly in place.

I am just an inch away from taking his hand in mine when reality gets the best of me.

What’s the point of touching his hand? By now the situation demands something less lame and more… dramatic. A smile tugs at the corner of my mouth and he looks a little alarmed.

I bring my arms up slowly and see his eyes widen as I embrace him in a gentle hug. I sneak my arm around his waist and feel him go stiff. I don’t even register if a spark ignites. I am far too lost in the feeling of his warm body against mine. I feel… content. I guess that could count as a sort of spark. A mental one, perhaps? He doesn’t move, and as I shift to lean my cheek against his painted one I feel as though I’m on cloud nine.

Then I feel his arms stir and for a moment I think he’s going to hug me back, but instead he pushes me away. Although it wasn’t really harsh, it was still determined. My smile begins to melt away but as I look at him again it comes rushing back.

“That,” he says croakily, “is that what you want? Touch?”

“Yes.” What? Ugh. I shake my head. “No! …like, affection.”

“Affection?” This time his voice is gentler, calmer. Confused he looks at me. “Not touch?”

I swallow. “And touch?”

“This was your brilliant idea? Battle me and get… affection in return?”

“Overall, kind of… yes.” I laugh awkwardly. “But no, not like that! You just… if you would just open up more I bet-”

“Open up more?”

I glance at the floor, my cheeks feel warm, I’m sure I’m blushing. I don’t know how I got here, to this, or what I’m supposed to say. I try to speak once more but the words die in my throat.

I’m so caught up in my own thoughts (again) that his last words sound far too distant to be coherent. My mind trips over the dim sound and I drag myself back to the present. Sudden warmth invades my personal space and I finally manage to bring myself to look up and face the situation, to face him.

He moves and stands close to me, his breath soft on my face. It smells like mint. Huh, weird, Kai never struck me as a gum-chewer. It’s bizarre what your mind notices when you think your world is falling apart.

Another chill runs down my back. He’s standing so close I have to look up slightly to meet his eyes. My breath catches in my throat.

“I don’t understand what you want, Tyson,” he says as he softly places his hands over my chest, on top of my yellow shirt. He rubs slowly up and down. “Is this what you want…?” I have to swallow again. What is he playing at? “Because this I can give you.” He continues. “Apart from affection, didn’t you say you wanted… touch?”

It’s true that it was nice enough. But it’s not exactly what I had in mind. All I wanted was a simple handshake, or a high five. Just to feel that spark. I shake my head slowly. But my body betrays me. I feel warmth flooding through me. If anything gives off sparks, I think dazedly, then it’s this.

I shake my head again. “No, I just want… affection.”

“This is affection…” he answers, sliding his hands under my shirt.

“No,” I say, “this is affection.” And before I knew what I’m doing I lean in and kiss him softly on the lips. I let my lips caress his, gently sucking at his lower lip. Then I pull back, and automatically push his hair away from his eyes as it slips down to block his view. He stands there, not moving, just looking at me his eyes wide with shock. I can feel him quivering slightly under my hands. My body goes limp as I realized what I’ve actually done. He started it! I think in panic. He can’t possibly blame it on me!

As I desperately try to think of a way I can excuse excusing myself he chuckles quietly, and then kisses me. My body – if possible – goes even more limp and I lose myself in the feeling of his soft lips on mine. It doesn’t take long before I come to my senses and start to kiss back. His lips brush mine and I smile against the kiss as I feel that mental spark go off again. Even if this is wrong, it feels so terribly good.

I’m sure he feels my mouth curve into a smile, and I think he grins once again. Before I can tell, I am given something else to think about. His tongue slides out and touches my lips gently. I wrap my arms around his neck to support myself as I feel my knees go weak. He licks gently along my lower lip, and although I had no idea if I should, considering where this seems to be going, I give him permission to enter my mouth. My lips part just slightly and his warm tongue makes its way over my lips and inside, searching for a companion. I give in and push my own tongue forward to meet his. Without any clue what I was doing I let it run around and over his own.

Our tongues wrestle for a long time and I feel my body starting to give in to the feeling. Then he begins to move his hands again. They stroke up and down against my chest leaving tingles in their wake, I feel heat pooling in my groin. I know this isn’t what I came here for. I know we probably shouldn’t be doing this. But the longer we stand there, kissing, his hands running along my body, I feel that this is all I ever dreamed about… and it feels way too good to end now.

I hardly notice when parts of my clothing start to slip off. I only register it when my shoes are thrown away, hitting the wall with a loud thump. And that isn’t the only thing hitting the wall. As our kissing becomes more passionate he pushes me backwards until my back’s flat against the wall. When he pulls back to catch his breath I open my eyes, I don’t even remember closing them. I look at him, too out of breath to talk. He tugs at my shirt, slipping it over my head, and it joins the rest of my clothes on the floor. Somehow he stands there – fully clothed – when I’m only wearing my knee socks and shorts, with my suddenly flimsy-feeling boxers beneath them.

He leans down and starts to trail sweet butterfly kisses down my neck. His hands are all over my bare chest, caressing me in the most sensual way I’ve ever experienced.

“Having fun?” he asks me teasingly.

I glance down at him. “Are you having fun?” I counter, my tone playful and challenging.

“Maybe…” he grins at me. His hands move to my back, stroking it soothingly while his face lowers to my chest. He starts to kiss his way down, leaving wet traces of saliva. Then he makes his way back up, kissing one of my nipples. My knees go weak again.

“You really know what you’re doing.” I manage to whisper.

He just grins again and takes my nipple in his mouth, sucking it, tugging at it gently with his teeth. I can’t help but gasp. He laughs at my reaction and continues to work my nipple. My skin is so warm it feels like I was about to melt at his feet. Or burst into flames, like his beloved phoenix.

His tongue swirls around my nipple one last time, and then he moves to the next. As he pulls away the cool air feels ice-cold against my wet skin, my nipple is hard and throbs slightly, but in a pleasant way. That isn’t the only part of my body that starts to harden, though. My cock also seems to be enjoying this. As his mouth releases my other nipple the cool air hits that too and a jolt of heat runs down into my groin. I am definitely getting hard. Just as this thought crosses my mind I feel a light touch run up my thigh. I look down and feel a slight shock as I find him kneeling in front of me, trailing his right hand along my inner thigh. His other hand slowly slides its way down my lower back, coming to a stop at my butt. I bite my lip as he squeezes lightly, caressing it, his other hand slides inside the opening of one of the legs to the shorts, going dangerously close to the bulge between my legs. As he slowly makes his way up I lean my head back against the wall, swallowing down a moan. He lets his hand run up my leg as far as it will go, nudging my hardness through my underwear, I gasp loudly and he chuckles.

“You’re hard.” He states pragmatically. His sensual voice sending shivers along my spine.

“Yeah… so it would seem.” I replied hoarsely. “Are you?”

“You’ll get to see later.” His voice is husky with promise, sending a whole new set of shivers down my spine.

One hand cups my bulge lightly as the other hand fumbles with my zipper. I find myself getting nervous, but feeling too excited to say anything. Within a heartbeat my shorts are pulled down and he guides each of my legs up a bit so he can slide the shorts off and throw them away. I close my eyes again.

His hands slowly make their way up my legs and I swallow hard. The next thing I know he pulls down my boxers fast. My eyes fly open as they are thrown away. Talented hands massage their way up my thighs, and after a shuddery moment one grasps my throbbing cock. I gasp and steady myself against the wall, dark waves of pleasure shooting through my body. My breath comes in pants as I glance down at him. He looks up at me and winks playfully; I find that even more shocking then the multitude of sensations threatening to overwhelm me.

His voice is husky as he lilts “If I didn’t know better I’d say you are having fun. Liking it so far?” My incoherent silence makes him raise an eyebrow, he looks suddenly nervous. “Just tell me if I should stop…”

“No!” I blurt out. “…Don’t stop.”

His hand work its magic as he rubs and strokes. I lean back against the wall and moan, he strokes me so slowly that it’s almost painful; I whimper and grind my hips against his touch, searching for release. But he holds me back, stopping me. I bite my lower lip.

His hand grips my cock more firmly and strokes it faster, sliding his thumb around the sensitive head and over the slit. We both moan in union as a bead of precum leaks from the tip. As I look at him once more he licks his lips, removing his hand. For a moment I wonder if he’s really going to do what I think he is, and he proves that he most definitely has that in mind.

He moves his head close and takes the tip of my dripping cock in his mouth. Heat and pleasure flood through me again effectively shorting out any coherent thought and I moan. He makes me feel so good. The impossible thought of him pleasing me causes mental sparks to fly and I don’t know how much longer I can hold an orgasm back. With him I don’t need a lot to get turned on, and what he was doing to me was above and beyond a lot.
He takes my cock deeper into his mouth, swirling his tongue over the tip, I gasp. Sensation washes over me and I feel my cock twitch before I cum right down his throat. He swallows down most of it but before I’m done he pulls away and it sprays over his mouth and chest. My legs tremble and I slide down the wall, falling bonelessly into his arms. I feel the softened of his clothes against my skin and realize that he hasn’t even undressed. I feel slightly ashamed; meeting his gaze I open my mouth. “You’re still dressed.”

He uses the edge of his scarf to dry my cum from his mouth and then he grabs my hand and kisses it. “Don’t worry about it.” He says firmly, reading the shame in the tone of my voice. Then he lifts me up and carries me bridal-style to his bed. I hook my arms around his neck.

“We’re not done.” He says quietly, laying me down on my back.

He gently nudges my knees apart with his hands and lowers his face between my legs. For the second time he takes my cock in his mouth, this time more softly, caressing it with his tongue. Sucking at it, playing with my balls with his right hand, I feel myself go hard again with astonishment. I pant loudly. A second round of precum is soon running down the shaft as he releases my cock from his warm mouth.

He wraps a hand around it and licks his way up. New moans escape my lips as I shudder under his hands and mouth. But then he stops. He crawls out of the bed, standing next to it. I follow him with my eyes. Quickly he tears off his tight shirt and steps out of his pants, I’m intrigued to learn that he doesn’t wear underwear.

His cock stands right up, bigger and harder than any other I’d ever seen (In my oh so vast experience). He turns to the table by the bed and opens the drawer, picking up a bottle of moisturizing lotion. He crawls quickly back into bed. I don’t know what say, so I keep quiet. I hear the ‘click’ as the bottle is opened, and then another ‘click’ as it is closed. A moment later his slick finger touches gently against my entrance. My body jerks and he stops dead and looks at me, worry in his dark eyes. I bite my lower lip and nod once, reassuring him. “Relax.” He tells me gently.

His finger pushes its way into me and I wiggled at the uncomfortable feeling. He moans, he seems to be enjoying this. After a few uncomfortable minutes he inserts a second finger and the strange feeling increases, I spread my legs even further apart to accommodate him. I know this will feel good eventually; I’m just too impatient to wait for that moment. But this time I don’t have a choice. Then a third finger is added and he slides the hand out, only to go back in, I start to feel a rhythm. Slow, sensual… sexual. Only that was almost enough to make it pleasurable. Then he hits my sweet spot as he thrusts his fingers especially deep inside of me. I grunt as black spots explode across my vision and feel my cock jerk, I’m almost painfully hard. I didn’t know pleasure like this existed. I should have done this earlier. But I doubt it would be as good with someone else. It’s him that made it happen.

Just as I’m beginning to think it can’t get any better he pulls out and I’m left with a lost, empty feeling. I feel the weight on the bed change as he moves, and I turn to look at him. He leans down and kisses my lips. When he pulls back I met his gaze. He holds up the bottle and looks at me with an asking, almost pleading look. Any other average day I know I would have stopped it here. But right now passion and lust blind me, which isn’t such a bad thing. I think of him and how much he must need release, and I nod. The bottle opens again and he smears lotion on his cock, rubbing it over the length with his hands. As he positions himself he looks at me. “Tell me… tell me you need me inside of you.” He begs quietly. I can feel the tip of his hot cock resting against my entrance. Precum leaks out and I felt it slide down between my cheeks. I look up at him, reaching up I touch his face lightly, running my thumb down the triangles on his cheek “I need you,” I say gently. “I’ve always needed you and I always will. Right now I need you inside of me. I need you to come inside of me. Fulfill our destiny…”

I see it in his eyes. He can’t hold it back much longer, so with that he thrusts inside… stretching me open. I grab the bed covers and choke down a scream of pleasurable pain. When his manhood is as deep inside of me as it can go he stops, enjoying the feeling and letting me get used to it. It doesn’t take me long to start to wiggle against him, moaning, wanting more. Needing more. He pulls himself out almost all the way and softly pushes back in. He grits his teeth and grunts softly, and I cried out in both pleasure and frustration.

“More…. Harder!”

“Sure you’re ready?”

“Go for it!”

He pulls out again and this time he doesn’t – can’t – hold back. With full force he thrusts back in, slamming against me, making me gasp as well as groan. If I was on cloud nine before, I have finally reached heaven. As his thrusts became rhythmic I hook my legs around him and rock along, riding with him. I reach down to grab my own throbbing cock, and as I do another hand joins me, stroking at the same rhythm as the thrusts. A moment later he screams, shaking almost violently as he cums inside of me. I pushed my hips off the bed to meet his pulsating orgasm.


He shoot everything he has deep inside of me. His swollen cock makes me tremble. The feeling almost makes me join him right then and there. But I curse to myself as I don’t come. He slumps down on my chest, rapid breaths mingling with my own.

After lying still for a moment, his cock still buried deep inside me, he sits up again. I keep stroking myself and smile, looking at him. He slides out of me and glances down.

“You didn’t come…”

“Don’t worry about it.” I say, stealing his words from before.

He smiles wickedly at me. “Want to ride me?” he asks out of the blue. “It might get you to cum…?”

I grin back. It sounds so unreal coming from his mouth, but it still sounds arousing. Why not try it? “Sure… if you’re up to it so soon again?”

“Go for it.” He grins, echoing my own words.

As I sit up he takes my place on the bed, lying down on his back. I grab the lotion again and squeeze some out onto his cock, smearing it over his whole length. He almost gets a bit hard again. God knows it must be a turn on for him. That’s probably why he suggested it.

I position myself over him, hovering above his manhood. He guides its slick tip to my entrance and I slowly lower myself, feeling him sinking in me a second time. As his cock stretches inside me to the fullest I sit back down completely. It presses up deeper in me and I moan loudly as it pushes against my sweet spot. He grabs my hips and helps me up. I begin to grind against him, up and down; as his cock slips in and out of me he slowly gets harder again.

After a few moments his erection is back and he groans and writhes each time I seat myself on him. I lift up once more and slam down, impaling myself on his straining cock. I’m right on the edge, straining for release. My cock twitches; I can feel my heart pounding in time to our thrusts.

Next time… I lift myself up, slowly, so slowly this time. I raise myself to extreme, teasing him, the tip of his cock barely inside me. He whines in the back of his throat, pleading for the release we both need so desperately. I slam down, feeling his cock stretching me deep inside, a rush of aching pleasure crashes through me. His fingers dig deeply into my hips as he bucks wildly, coming for a second time. That does it. I throw my head back, cum spurts out of me onto his straining chest as I scream exultantly. I feel his cock pulsating deep inside of me, as we stay locked in our own aching black pleasure. After a moment I catch my breath and lift myself off him.

I grab onto the cover and collapse down next to him, pulling it over us. For several minutes we just lie there, listening to the sound of our breathing calming slowly. After a while I sigh softly and can’t help snuggling up against his warmth. I rest my head against his chest, listening to the steady thud of his heart. I feel his arm sneak around me and stroke the back of my neck gently, it tickles slightly.

“Was that enough affection for you?” I smile as I hear his soft voice next to my ear.

“Was it enough affection for you…?” I counter.


I chuckle. “I guess I should take that as a yes?”

“Believe whatever you want, Tyson.”

“I will…”

After a while his hand stops stroking my neck and falls slack against my back, I listen as his breathing evens out. I feel pleasantly exhausted and give in to the blackness tugging at the edge of my vision, feeling sleep take over slowly. I cuddle up closer to him and sigh happily. I think he’s still just awake, because his arm tightens around my waist as I whisper; “I love you, Kai.”

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