Why Friends Can't Be Trusted!

BY : AprilMoffat
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Disclaimer: I do not own Beyblade, nor the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Me- Hello everybody!
Audience- Hello Dr.Mew!
Me- This is gonna be funcky but no funny stuff till no. 2 chapter! Actually a little funny business
(Kia and Max in corner kissing)
(splits them up)
Me- No! I need Max's virginity!
Kia- You loose it before the story begins!
Me- Who said it was for the story? MUAHAHAHAHA
Kia- you don't OWN US BIOTCH! NA dyour not a doctor GOTCHA!
me- sulks in corner
Max- where were we?
Rie- im here to meddle... am i on time

Max moaned against Kia as hot seed spurted into his entrance and he covered Kias hand. Kia panted lightly as he pulled out and licked his hand clean then pulled Max against him. "Love you" Max murmered before falling asleep.
I used to hate him because of his beauty inside and out but know I love him for it. His hair so sunny and bright, his eyes roll with waves from the ocean. How could I not see it? Destiny will keep us together I know it Will. But noone can know not even Rei. Kia thought before jioning his new lover in sleepful bliss.

Tyson and Rei(DAMNIT ill call him Ray now its easier)just settled and started eating breakfast when Max pranced in with a goofy smile followed by Kia. Who was also had that 'I had damn-hot-good sex OH YEAH' smile on his face. Tyson jumped of and threw his water into Kias face while grabbing a cross "God compels you to show your true face demon! What have you done with Kia?" he shrieked. Kia glared and went to the washroom to clean up with Max on his heels.
"Do you think they..." asked Ray. Tyson shook his head "NAaaah" then thought "Yaaaah". Ray hit him over the head. "We have to split them up! Max could get hurt and KIa is MINE!" Ray whispered and tyson nodded...

Anyways that was the first chapter of my first story! Next xhapter FLASHBACKS! Woo Woo shmex and love! This was just a teaser! HAHAHAHAHA! I just got to cold and lost it!


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