The Maury Show

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Disclaimer: I do not own Beyblade, nor the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Disclaimer: We don’t
own Beyblade or it’s
characters, and we aren’t in any way affiliated with The Maury
Show, which is a daytime talk show on television. We aren’t making ANY money on
this at all!


Glay and Ranma’s Notes: This was a product of us just talking bout
random stuff on MSN. We both love Maury and we both
love Beyblade, and of COURSE we love TyKa – so we decided to try and combine them all!! For
those of you who don’t know, our favourite talkshow host is pronounced “More-ree”!
If you haven’t seen the show, it’s like any other talkshow
out there, though not as bad as Jerry Springer and not as wholesome as Oprah. Also,
this story won’t have any lemon or graphic R rated material in it… it’s just a
crack story that got taken down from because it contain real
people and things (ie. The Maury
show). Anywayz, it’s all just for fun!




The Maury Show



“Do you have a shocking, sexy secret that you’ve been
to reveal? Do you have a secret crush that you’ve wanted to
tell? Call the Maury Show! 1-800-45MAURY!”


stared from his reclined position on the couch. The remote was clutched in his
hand and he set it down, reading the text on the screen.


He had just
finished watching The Bold and The Beautiful, Young and the Restless, and
Passions for a few hours straight before he got bored. Then he had
switched from soap operas to talk shows and had watched a whole bunch of them,
including the Maury Show. The Maury
Show was probably the best one of them all though, because that show’s topics
really spoke to him for some reason.


Today’s topic
especially got to him. It was about disabled children and there was one kid who
wanted to beyblade more than anything, but he
couldn’t afford to pay for enough medicine and aid. His sickness took up so
much time and money from his family that they never had been able to buy him
the toys, follow his dreams to battle in the world championships! In the end, Maury
had not only given the kid a collection of beyblades, but had also beybattled
with him! It was a really awesome battle, Tyson had to admit, especially
because the kid had been smiling and crying so much in happiness.


Tyson hugged
the couch pillow to his chest, sniffling and wiping at the corner of his eye.
“Aw…man…” The midnight-haired teen smiled at the heart-warming story and then
set the pillow aside as the final sponsors and credits rolled.


Maury had really helped the kid out.
And then Tyson’s attention had been caught by the advertisement of the next
show’s topic… And in a crazy idea, Tyson figured that maybe Maury
could help him with his own problem…


The show cut to commercials and the world champ’s hand hovered over the
telephone receiver on the table that stood next to the couch.


‘Heck! What’ve I got to lose?’ Tyson thought anxiously as he grabbed the phone and punched in the
numbers. “1-800-45MAURY…”







The phone rang in the Hiwatari estate. The sound traveled through the
various rooms of the mansion, and reached the ears of Kai in his secluded gym.
The phone continued to ring, as Kai did not stop his training to answer it,
letting the caller know that he did not appreciate the interruption.


As it was, the caller did not hang up, and instead it was picked up by
his answering machine. “Leave a message.” The machine sounded in Kai’s voice,
and then the beep.


The dual-haired teen took his eyes off of his Dranzer
blade spinning in the beydish and turned to look at
the answering machine, wondering if the call might actually be important.


“Hello and congratulations, Kai Hiwatari! You've
been invited to appear as a guest on the Maury Show!” Maury Povich’s friendly voice explained over the message. “We’d
love to have you! This is a chance of a lifetime to reunite with someone, make
someone's dreams come true, or even reveal a shocking secret! It will be showed on national
TV! All expenses in your trip here will be paid for, so call us back for more
information at the Maury show…”


The message continued on to give more contact information, and Dranzer had stopped spinning a long time ago at Kai’s


‘A chance of a lifetime…
Kai thought, his mind whirling at the possibilities of this occurrence. The
team captain walked to the large window and opened it, his scarf drifting in
the slight breeze. ‘I suppose it is…








The studio was packed with people anxiously awaiting the start of the
filming. Stage crew and coordinators were busy down by the set fixing up last
minute bugs and preparing it for the show to get underway.


“Wow I can’t believe Tyson got us free tickets for Maury!”
Max exclaimed excitedly, craning his neck to see the set where the guests and
the host himself would be sitting. “I watch this show all the time.” The blond
announced happily from his seat in the audience.


Ray nodded with a smile from where he sat beside the ecstatic blader, his bound long hair falling over his shoulder.
“Yeah, this is pretty cool!” The Chinese blader’s
smile widened craftily. “I had no idea Tyson and you were so into daytime TV.”


“There are some pretty interesting shows on in the mornings.” Kenny spoke
up, adjusting his glasses. The Chief was still a little irritated from how the
studio security had confiscated his laptop, plus other people’s technologies,
for the filming. The bespectacled teen then looked around the audience in
confusion. “Where is Tyson anyway? Shouldn’t he be here with us by now??
He’s the one who dragged us all here!”


“Calm down, Chief.” Ray said. “I’m sure he’ll be here, we’ve still got a
few more minutes before it’s supposed to start.”


“Ooh I guess.” Kenny looked at his watch.


“Yeah! Tyson would never miss this! It’s one of his favourite
show topics!” Max added in. “Too bad Kai said he couldn’t come with us, I bet
he would’ve liked it.”


Uuuh, maybe.” Ray sweatdropped,
remembering their team captain’s look of muted horror when they had told him
they’d be sitting for a taping of the Maury show,
before Kai had explained coolly that he already had plans.


“Well Tyson better get in here soon! Knowing him, he’ll be here a second
before it starts and manage to steal the show somehow!” Kenny sighed and then
shook his head.


“That’s Tyson for you!” Max agreed cheerfully.


Suddenly the doors to the television studio opened and the crowd went
wild with applause. Lights and cameras flickered on and Teleprompters were
switched into action.


Maury Povich, the famous talk show host of “The Maury Show”, walked down the steps of his set and he waved
to the audience with a large smile on his face. The show’s topic flashed onto
the video screens declaring the day’s episode.




The host took a seat on his comfortable chair and the show was underway…


“Now,” Maury started, gesturing to the camera.
“On today’s show we’re meeting people who have been keeping shocking and sexy secret
to themselves and want to finally reveal them to the people
they love.”

The audience cheered loudly and Maury smiled.
“My first guest today has an amazing story…”


The beginning couple of stories passed by excitingly for the audience
and the stunned crushes, most of them ending fantastically with promises to get
to know each other better and funny antics along the way. But in their seats
Kenny, Max and Ray were beginning to wonder just where the heck Tyson
was! He was missing everything! They had all just decided to go and try finding
him when the cameras began filming once again, the next story ready to be told.


“Now my next guest is a wonderful guy named Tyson. Who just so happens
to be the World Champion of Beyblading!” Maury


Ray’s eyes bugged out. “He’s not introducing who I think he’s
introducing, is he?” The Chinese teen questioned Kenny and Max in the audience.


Heheh!” Max rubbed his hair, smiling and sweatdropping. “Well, hey it could be somebody else! Hey
Chief, don’t worry I’m sure it’s not our Tyson! He won’t ruin the show!”


“Aaaah!” Kenny gripped at his hair. “This is sure
to be a disaster!” What other World Champion beybladers named ‘Tyson’ are there?!’


“He’s been keeping a secret crush for ages, and he says he’s dying to reveal
it to them today!” Maury continued smiling and
then stood up and clapped. “Everybody please welcome Tyson!”


The spotlights shone onto the steps that the guests
all appeared from and the Bladebreakers watched with wide eyes as that familiar
backwards cap and red jacket came into view.


Tyson grinned, pumping his fist into the air at the
cheers from the Maury audience.


“Hey Everyone!!!!” He
must've had fans in the crowd to generate such an awesome response. Flashing a
peace sign to the camera and winking, Tyson shook Maury's
hand, who had walked to meet him at the foot of the


They checked each other's shoulders in a buddy hug and
Maury put his arm around Tyson's shoulder as he
guided him to sit in the chair next to his.


Max, Ray and Kenny gasped. “TYSON!?”




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