Redemption and Regret

BY : IncessantDarkness29
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Just another little snippet...


Kai swayed momentarily and Rei immediately reached out to steady him but the Russian didn’t appreciate this kind gesture. Pulling away from the neko-jin’s supportive grip he turned and took off onto the rooftop. Rei followed, thoroughly worried by now by Kai’s unusual actions and Kai’s true physical state. He couldn’t possibly be strong enough to do everything he had done thus far in the condition he was in.

“Kai, what on earth has gotten into you?” Rei cried, deeply disturbed by the fact that he couldn’t see Kai’s comforting ruby eyes, which were effectively shadowed by the Russian’s slate coloured bangs.

“Rei,’ the voice was hoarse and raspy, and deeply laced with loss and regret. “Rei, get out of here, you don’t need to be here; it’s better if you leave.” His breathing was heavy and his entire body seemed to shake every time he took a hard fought breath.

“What? Have you gone insane? Did that fight with Brooklyn knock a few screws loose in that pretty little head of yours Kai? There’s no need for this, in fact right now all you need is a hot cup of coco and immediate medical attention.” Fear and worry weighed down his tone, but it did nothing to mask the desperation that came through each time Kai took a step closer and closer towards the edge of the roof. “What are you doing?!”


AN: um I'm still not sure if I want to do this story, if anyone desperately wants me to continue I suppose I will but other than that this is just so I can get some feedback to help me with my style which I find a bit out of sorts lately. So please read and review, tell me if I should continue and if you can leave a little tidbit of constructive criticism for me to chew on.

- Incessant_Darkness

PS. If I'm every going to add anything to this story it will probably be as an edit to tihs chapter because I don't feel the need to make a story out of a handful of random scenes until I have a finalized plan for the plot set out nicely in my mind. So if you're intersted in this fic and see it at the top of the stories list check it out.

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