It's a bit Cold.

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It's a bit cold.

Codename: Pr0nz #1 LOL.

This is a random little something I cooked up. Rei's my uke once again, but... I simply cannot help it. He's just too purdy not to >D!


"You've never been to a sex shop?"
It was a single comment that had gotten the -proverbial- ball rolling.
Kai and Hiromi had been reclining on a grassy hill in the park, listening to the sounds of Max blading Takao in the comfortable warmth of the early summer day.
Though it was rather bizarre, Kai and Hiromi had a closer relationship than many would think. Hiromi was a bubbly, sweet girl, and Kai was a gruff, quiet and insular boy and yet, despite Kai's utter dislike for girls, she was one of the few people he actually felt comfortable around. They had chatted (Hiromi talking, and Kai nodding and mumbling something in reply every now and again,) quietly for a while and somehow, along the way the conversation had changed from Takao's hair (don't ask) to sex.
Now Kai wasn't a prude, and he could talk about sex as openly as anything else, which- granted- wasn't much, but the point was he saw no taboo in talking about it. Hiromi had asked him the odd question about his sex life, and Kai had given her short accurate answers until, Hiromi had questioned just how adventurous he was and asked him if he had even ventured into a sex shop.
Apparently, the answer was no.
Hiromi looked genuinely surprised by that. "Seriously?"
Kai shrugged, not seeing what the big deal was. "Yes. Why? Is it some kind of rite of passage?" He deadpanned.
Hiromi rolled her eyes. "No, but most people visit one from time to time, most of the time just for a laugh but for someone in a relationship..." She poked Kai.
"I've told you. Our sex-life is fine." Kai responded.
"Fine?" Hiromi parroted. "What about wild? Exciting? Passionate?" He hands flew around her romantic words.
Kai stared up at her for a minute in disbelief, before closing his eyes again. "I don't know if you've noticed, Hiromi, but I'm not a very exciting person." He muttered.
"Kai!" She whined. "You want to keep the spark there!"
Kai's eyes opened as he glared at her. "There's spark! There's lots of sparks!" He defended. A moment later he realised how stupid that sounded and coughed uncomfortably. "We're fine."
"I'm not saying that you're not." Hiromi replied. "But surely you want to do something more than missionary position-occasionally- daring-to-shift-into-doggy every now and again?"
Kai stared at her, about as close to shock as he could get. After a couple of uncomfortable moments, Kai responded. "Are you some kind of pervert?"
Hiromi laughed at him. "No, but Kai to be fair you are rather conservative." Kai closed his eyes with a humph. "Look, I'm just saying... start small. There's nothing wrong with spicing things up a bit and if neither of you like it, you can put it behind you. Start small; try a cock-ring or a vibrator."
Kai winced at, eyes flying open to stare at the seemingly innocent girl. "You really are a pervert, aren't you?"
She smirked. "Just looking out for a friend."
"Yeah right." Kai muttered, trying to ignore how uncomfortable he suddenly felt.
He was saved when soft footfalls appeared behind them. "Sorry for taking so long, the queue was really... long. Yeah." Hiromi laughed at Rei's scowl and took one of the ice- lollies he held out, thanking him for it. Kai's lips twitched as he fought to hold back his smile when Rei sat down on the grass next to him. "You sure you didn't want one, Kai?" Kai nodded, eyes still closed. "If you want some, you can lick mine." Not for the first time that day, Kai's eyes popped open in surprise. He coloured a little when he heard Hiromi trying to hold back a laugh. "Oh... well, you know what I mean." Rei fumbled.
"Sure we do, Rei." Hiromi choked on her laughter.
Rei shoved his lolly into his mouth and gave her a surly glare as he reached out to cup the back of Kai's head, pulling it up as he shuffled forwards until Kai's head was nestled in his lap. Comfortable, Kai sighed out a "thanks," and listened only vaguely to Rei and Hiromi's chatter. Though he was loath to admit it, he was having a hard time concentrating, because thanks to Hiromi...
His mind was filled with images of a panting, writhing Rei just begging for release. He sighed as he crossed his legs, feeling a rather unfortunately timed squirming sensation somewhere in his stomach.
'Thanks, so much, Hiromi.' He thought to himself.

Two days (and two night's worth of kinky dreams) later, and Kai found himself standing awkwardly in the middle of a sex shop. Far from the cliche dark, dodgy-looking little store he had been expecting, he had found it to be well lit, airy, colourful and pretty large. Of course, the second he had stepped into this unknown territory Kai had wanted nothing more than to clam up and take on his usual arms-crossed-leaning-against-the-wall-pose. However, considering that action had almost resulted in dislodging some rather risque ladies lingerie, that plan had been thwarted. So instead, he had to make do with standing like a lost puppy in the middle of the store.
It didn't help that he had been moronic enough to mention his planned endeavour to Hiromi, because she had been more than happy to invite herself along. Speaking of...
Kai blanched. "What in the name of Christ is that?"
Hiromi stopped waving the shiny, black conical object around. "It's a butt- plug!" She replied brightly.
Kai spared it one more glance, before responding. "No."
"No." Kai repeated. Hiromi sighed and slapped it against the palm of her hand. "Put that... thing... down." With that, Kai turned away. If he told the truth, he really didn't know much about the whole gay sex- scene and the fact that some of these things were so... hefty... was worrying. Firstly because he knew that he had caused Rei no small amount of pain the first time they had been together and wasn't willing to subject him to anything larger for fear of hurting him again, and secondly, because he was starting to worry that his own size wasn't nearly satisfying enough. Kai was pretty much average in that department, and it had never really bothered him before, but seeing that most of these things looked like police batons he was starting to feel a little bit insecure.
He scuffed his shoe against one of the shelves and started picturing Rei in the various costumes that were on display to distract himself. His thoughts were rudely interrupted when he felt someone grab his hand.
"I think I've found what you need!" Hiromi beamed as she dragged him along to another closeted section. "Start things simple, right? These are perfect!"
"Aren't these for girls?" Kai questioned as he scanned the array of phallic objects.
"No, no. Guys can use them too, though they tend to be bigger- oh, hey! This one's perfect, don't you think?"
Directly in Kai's line of vision was a large, pink vibrator. Kai shook his head. "No."
Hiromi's face dropped. "Come on, Kai! You said you'd give this a go!" She scowled. "What's wrong with it?"
Like Hell Kai was going to tell her that he didn't like that it was bigger than him. Searching his mind for another excuse he settled upon; "It's too pink." Hiromi rolled her eyes and stood back, letting Kai look at the collection of vibrators himself.
After a long, long time Kai finally found one close enough to his own personal size (though a little smaller) that satisfied him enough to commit to buy it. Nearly dead from boredom, Hiromi marched him over to an area by the till and posed by the set up of brightly coloured bottles and packets.
"Condoms and lube! I'm sure you'll be needing some top ups!" She ginned.
Kai was genuinely starting to worry about his friend's interest in his personal life, but did not comment upon it. "We...ahh, don't use condoms." He said instead.
Hiromi glanced back at the display, but her smile didn't fade. "Why would you need to? Good point, but there's always need for lube!" She 'danced' a red bottle around. "It's strawberry flavour."
Kai actually began to feel the stirrings of a blush at that point, as his embarrassment increased beyond what he was used to dealing with. Reaching out, he snatched the bottle from her. "Fine." He said gruffly, before marching up to the till and thrusting the box, bottle and a small wad of notes at the shop girl working on it.
"Have a good day!" She said with a cheery smile handing Kai his new purchases. Kai stared at her suspiciously, trying to discern just what she was trying to imply for a moment before he gave up and lurked away with a terse nod.
As he stood by the door waiting for Hiromi, he took a moment to study the bag. Rather than the cliche looking brown paper bag he was expecting, it was in fact a clean, white plastic one with the name of the shop printed in bright colours upon each side. It didn't stop him from practically throwing the bag at Hiromi before he marched out of the shop, of course.

Kai, Rei decided, had been acting rather strange. It had all started from the moment that he mentioned that he was 'popping out' with Hiromi. Actually, it had all started when they had come back from the park a couple of days ago. Kai had been rather distracted and while his morning kisses had been fiery, Rei was fairly sure that Kai was avoiding him. Rei was also convinced that it had something to do with Hiromi. If Kai weren't so obviously not heterosexual Rei would have been worried about something going on between them.
However, Kai was as queer as they came, so Rei wasn't bothered about whatever had passed between his lover and his friend. He was however; worried that Kai was somehow reverting back to his old, broody ways, or perhaps even that he was considering that his relationship with Rei was holding him back. Rei certainly hoped that neither was the case.
He blew some hair out of his eyes as he cleaned over the coffee table, working out his frustration on the now overly shiny wooden surface. Pulling back, he pushed his bandanna up to hold his hair away from his face, and wiped the sweat off his brow. It had been a hot day and the early evening was proving to be muggy and cloying. Rei rose from his knees, Kai's simple white linen tee-shirt swishing around his legs (Kai had had a growth spurt earlier in the year, meaning that shirts that used to just be a bit baggy on Rei now reached mid-thigh) as he did so. He tugged down on his black shorts, which showed off most of his shapely, delicately bronzed legs, feeling a little exposed for an instant. He moved quickly into the kitchen and dumped the rag and can he had been using into one of the cupboards.
Wiping his hands down, he decided to go upstairs to his room. Since Kai had been home he had locked himself away, and if Rei was honest, he was a little lonely as well as worried. He ascended the stairs quietly and knocked softly upon the door of their room, mindful of the fact that Kai could be sleeping.
"Come in." The door muffled Kai's voice.
Rei pushed the door open, smiling softly when he spotted Kai casually leaning against the headboard. "Hey, stranger."
"Hey." He replied. For a second both stayed silent... and then Kai gestured subtly at the bed. Rei smiled, knowing Kai well enough to know that that was Kai's way of saying; 'you may join me if you wish' which again, was Kai's way of saying; 'Please join me.'
Closing the door behind him, Rei moved over to their double bed and flopped down besides Kai, leaning against him. It was a little too hot for cuddles, but considering how weirdly Kai had been acting, Rei wasn't about to argue- especially when one of Kai's arms came to wrap around his shoulders.
They sat in a comfortable silence for a while before Rei spoke up. "Kai... is everything okay?"
Kai's fingers stopped tracing idle patterns upon the skin of Rei's arm. "Everything's fine, Rei. Why do you ask?" Kai seemed genuinely concerned.
Rei bit his lip. "I'm not trying to sound like some kind of stalker but you've been a bit... closed off... for the past couple of days. I was just wondering if something was wrong."
Kai seemed a bit startled by that, and slowly shook his head. "No, honestly nothing is wrong. I've just been thinking on something. It's nothing to worry about now though."
"It isn't?" Rei seemed sceptical. Seeking to rid him of his frown, Kai leaned in and kissed Rei softly on the lips. When he pulled away, Rei was beaming at him. "Okay then, I believe you." He gave a soft laugh before getting up.
"Where are you going?" Kai asked, sounding strangely putout by Rei's movement away from him.
'"Shower." Was Rei's response as he padded back towards the door.
Kai got up and caught his wrist, stopping him in his tracks. "Why? You don't need one. Stay here for a bit."
Rei stared at him, slightly alarmed by Kai's very unusual show of neediness. "Kai, I smell like furniture polish." He said simply.
"So? It smells... nice." Rei gave him a strange look at that. "Just stay." He repeated, firmer this time.
"But-" Kai cut him off by grabbing the smaller youth and drawing him closer, kissing him deeply. Rei felt his argument drain away as soon as Kai's lips worked his own open and a curious, hot tongue slid into his mouth. Kai drew away just as Rei was really getting into it, though he remained close enough to keep the fine strand of saliva between them unbroken, teasing Rei further. "Kai?" Rei whispered, pleasantly surprised, if not a little confused.
Kai gave him an easy smile, stroking the base of his neck slowly and lightly. It stopped when his hands came up to wrap around Rei once again. Slowly, he spun Rei around and walked him slowly backwards until the back of his shins touched the mattress. Not breaking eye contact, Kai eased Rei backwards until his back was pressed against the bed, Kai moving with him, crawling over him until he was pinning the smaller down. When Rei made to question him again, his mouth moved back over him, swallowing his words as his tongue moved to slide and stroke against Rei's. He relaxed when he felt one of Rei's hands move to rest in his wild hair, while the other moved to cup his cheek.
Time stood still as Kai kissed him slowly and thoroughly, drawing the kiss out as one of his hands slid the base of Rei's (well... his, but Rei carried it off better,) shirt to run his palm softly over the smooth, supple skin of Rei's stomach.
Rei moaned breathily into his mouth before drawing away. "Kai, mmm... what's gotten into you?"
Kai gave him his trademarked smirk. "Are you complaining that I just want to spend a bit of time with my boyfriend?"
The fact that Kai had spoken right next to his ear and was so, blowing hot air across the sensitive skin caused Rei's eyes to flutter. "N-no."
Kai's face moved lower, sending warm breath across the skin of Rei's neck. "Good." Very slowly he nuzzled the skin of Rei's neck. Rei's eyes fluttered and goose bumps rose upon his flawless skin as Kai used his knowledge of just how sensitive Rei's neck was ruthlessly. When he began pressing soft kisses to it, Rei moaned softly and shifted at the squirming feeling that told him he was getting aroused. Kai smirked and trailed his hand higher, tracing the base of Rei's ribcage with his fingertips. Pushing the shirt up to Rei's neck, Kai's fingers walked up to toy with one of Rei's nipples at the same moment his lips parted and he began to suckle upon the sleek neck before him.
Rei groaned and wiggled a little, finding it hard to keep still, especially when Kai started tonguing the reddened mark he had made upon his neck. Kai pulled back for a moment to look down upon his rather flustered boyfriend, smiling softly at the flush streaked across his cheeks and nose. "You're so... sexy." He breathed appreciatively.
Rei's eyes flickered open to stare up at his team captain. "Kai," he said, panting very slightly. "I'm dressed for housework."
Kai's lips quirked into a smirk. "You make a pretty charming housemaid, then." Rei pouted at him, but didn't resist when Kai pulled his shirt off.
Continuing from where he left off, Kai nuzzled the hollow of Rei's throat before his mouth found his collarbone, nibbling upon it and leaving a trail of sloppy kisses across it until he reached a perfectly rounded shoulder. He feasted upon it as his hands slid down to Rei's shorts, flicking open the button and drawing down the fly slowly. He shifted so that he could pull them down easier, quickly exposing Rei and the growing erection standing between his spread legs.
As always, Rei blushed, which Kai just loved.
Rei shifted backwards until his head was resting upon the pillows, however, as Kai bent to nuzzle at his neck again he began to tug at Kai's shirt. "Fair's fair." He breathed slightly more heavily than normal as his body began to heat up. Kai shrugged and tore off his own tee shirt with a grin as Rei nimbly undid his belt, and button and yanked down his fly.
As soon as he had wriggled out of his jeans, Rei wrapped his legs around Kai's waist and bucked up. They both groaned breathily when their groins collided, spurring Kai on to return the gesture, pressing back down onto Rei. Deciding to get to the point, Kai pushed Rei's lower body back down onto the bed, using his other hand to very lightly stroke up and down the length of Rei's arousal.
Rei squirmed, moaning a little more loudly and Kai continued the motion, his touch remaining too light to bring Rei to orgasm, but insistent enough to have his body shaking from the pent-up pressure.
"Nnnn-please, Kai!" Rei gasped, gripping at Kai's shoulders. Kai drew away fully. "Kai!" Rei frowned in confusion, his own hand subconsciously creeping downwards.
Kai slapped it away. "No. Just give me a second." He reached under the bed and pulled out his favourite scarf. Rei looked a little worried. "Shh, just trust me, Rei." Kai said softly, taking both of his hands in one of his larger ones and winding the white material around slim wrists securely before pulling them up and wrapping the other end around the framework of the headboard.
Rei looked slightly alarmed. "Kai?" His voice was a little meek; after all, it was not often (or more precisely; never) that Kai randomly surprised him, especially with kinky things. Kai wasn't overly adventurous and neither was he. They had a comfortable sex life that had been built up from months of hesitant exploration, and call Rei boring, but that was fine with him. He didn't realise of course, that he was in for a larger shock when Kai reached back down below the bed and pulled out a bottle of lubricant and a box. Rei eyed him, hands flexing at his bindings. "Kai? ... What's in the box?" Rei fought to keep the mistrust from him voice, but he wasn't entirely successful. He wasn't entirely comforted when he saw the unsure look on Kai's face. "Kai? Wh- oh my God." Kai gave him a forced smile as he pulled the vibrator out of its box. Rei looked like a panicked animal. "What the Hell is that?"
Kai cleared his throat. "It's a vibrator." He said quietly.
"I'm aware of that, Kai. Why do you have one?" His eyes were fixed upon the clear, plastic phallus, tracing the rather threatening looking wiring within it.
"I was thinking about trying new things maybe..." Kai responded.
Rei's face fell. "Are you bored?" He said suddenly. "I didn't realise that... oh... I'm sorry..."
Kai was alarmed that Rei suddenly looked about ready to cry. Realising what he had just said and just how self- critical Rei was. "No!" He rushed, grabbing Rei's knee with his left hand. "It's not that I'm bored. I'm not bored at all. I love sex with you, Rei I really do. It's just... someone... said something to me and I've just been thinking. I'm happy, perfectly happy, but I want to try anything I can to make you enjoy yourself more. I mean... it can't be easy for you to be submissive because you know that I won't..." he sighed. "Look, I'm rambling, but I want to try new things because I want to make you feel good."
Rei bit his lip, understanding what Kai was vaguely trying to say. "I-it looks painful..."
"It's smaller than me." Kai hurried. He was very quick to stress that point.
A little of Rei's apprehension faded. "You... you promise that you'll stop if I don't like it?"
Kai relaxed, knowing that Rei's answer was yes. "Of course I do. I'm not going to hurt you, idiot." He leaned in to kiss Rei's knee.
Rei nodded. "Okay then..." Kai drew back, uncapping the bottle. Rei's nose twitched as the scent reached him. "Strawberry?" He asked softly.
Kai nodded as he rolled some around between his fingers, warming it up before he leaned in, supporting himself as he loomed over Rei. Reaching down, he stroked the base of Rei's aching shaft with his thumb, watching how Rei's eyes fluttered as he did so. His index travelled further on to rub gently against Rei's entrance; before he leaned down to take one of his pert nipples into his mouth while simultaneously pushing his finger in to the knuckle. Rei grunted, but remained still, licking his lips as Kai withdrew his finger and crooked it, rubbing Rei from the inside. Rei spread his legs apart and groaned when Kai added another finger, and panted when Kai pushed them quickly in and out, readying him for the next stage.
When Rei was once again close to orgasm, Kai pulled away and kneeled fully between Rei's legs, using his knees to push them further apart. Snatching his pillow, Kai slowly raised Rei's hips and settled the pillow underneath the base of his spine to ensure better access. Satisfied, Kai picked up the vibrator once again and smoothed some lube over it, and when he was sure that it was well gelled, he lowered it.
Rei's eyes followed it, wide and mistrusting. Kai leaned back down, nuzzling at Rei's neck once again to calm him as he lined the vibrator up and in one fluid motion, pushed it in.
"Ah." Rei whimpered.
Kai pulled back, surprised. "It hurts?" He hadn't hurt Rei since their second time; the thought that he was now was a little alarming to him.
Rei shook his head. "N-no, it's just a bit cold." He wriggled as much as his bound hands would allow.
"Sorry, I didn't think about that." Kai kissed the side of his neck, causing Rei to shiver.
Rei managed a small smile, regardless. "It's fine, Kai. It's not very often I get to hear you apologising. Maybe we should do this stuff just to get you to-oooh." Rei's eyes went wide as Kai flipped the switch.
"Hmm?" Kai murmured, though it was hard to discern from the low vibrating sounds that filled the room.
"Okay, that feels-oooooh." Rei moaned, body shivering in pleasure.
"Well if you're sure..." Kai grinned, reaching down once more to turn the speed up a notch.
Rei arched his back. "Ahh!" He panted, chest starting to heave. Desiring to make Rei enjoy himself as much as possible, Kai slid down his body, until he was eye- level with Rei's straining erection.
Giving it a couple of jerks with his still-coated fist, Kai smirked at the scent and reached out with his tongue, touching it with the very tip. Rei shivered once again and Kai found himself grinning. He drew his tongue slowly up the shaft and flickered the tip against the underside, near the head just how he knew Rei liked it. Rei's body twitched in response, and if his hands weren't tied, Kai knew they would either be clawing at the sheets, or buried in his hair. Spurred on by Rei's defencelessness, Kai continued to treat Rei's length like a melting ice-lolly, occasionally drawing back to tongue and suckle at the head. Every lick filled his mouth with a bizarrely delicious mix of Rei and strawberry, causing him to moan his approval every so often, which in turn made Rei toss his head at the sensation.
When Rei was writhing and his moans and pants sounded almost pained, Kai gave his erection one last kiss, before shifting back up to settle back over Rei. "Ahh, Kai please." Rei gasped as his body was bathed in torturous pleasure. Kai glanced up at Rei's flexing hands and smirked possessively, leaning down to kiss his willing boyfriend deeply and passionately.
The fingers of his right hand trailed slowly down, until they were caressing an upraised thigh, drawing lazy patterns upon the skin. Rei arched towards him with a moan, but Kai this time ignored the arousal angled towards him, and instead travelled between perfect, peachy cheeks to find plastic.
Gripping onto it, he pulled it nearly all the way out, before slamming it back in. Rei's eyes went wide and he gasped into the kiss, shivering as the vibrations seemed to crawl their way up his spine deliciously. Kai's pace was fast, and it only grew faster, leaving Rei writhing and whining as his fingers and toes flexed and went numb. "Oh God, Kai!" He choked. When he thought he'd lose his mind, he threw his head back not caring that Kai was watching him intently. "God, Kai, just take me! Please. Nnn!" He could barely speak between his panting breath and pleasure slurred words.
Kai moved up to place his lips by Rei's ear as his hand kept up the fast pace with the vibrator, figuring that this was the kind of time for what Hiromi had called 'dirty talk'. He had to pause for a second to try and think of something. "Tell me what you want?" It was a good starting point.
"Ahh... y-you. In-I-in-sss- ide." Rei gasped.
Kai nibbled on his earlobe, while he figured out what to say next. "You want to feel me inside you?"
"Yes." Rei hissed out as the vibrator raked at his inner walls.
"Deep inside?" Kai breathed sensually into his ear.
"Yes! Kai, p-please, just touch m-m-me!" Rei's words got louder as his frustration built. He was going to go insane, he was sure of it. Those vibrations mercilessly assaulting his prostate, continually sending shockwaves through him like white-hot lightning. The feeling of Kai's body heat and his scent, mixed with the sweet smell of strawberries overwhelmed his senses. He ached. He couldn't breathe. His body was a twitching, writhing mess that burned in holy fire. It felt like he was dying the most beautiful, exquisite way.
Finally, Kai took pity on his tortured boyfriend (though his own state of arousal was nearly driving him to distraction) and turned the vibrator off. Pulling it out, he cast it to one side and took up the strawberry scented bottle, squeezing some onto his palm and smoothing it over his straining erection.
Reaching out, he steadied himself with one hand as he took himself in the other and swiftly pushed in as deeply as he could go. He groaned deeply in satisfaction at the tight sheath hugging his length. Rei voiced his agreement, eyes fluttering at the maddening heat. Not pausing to think, Kai set off at a hard pace, slamming into Rei, knowing that previous treatments had made Rei incredibly sensitive and close to climaxing.
Rei cried out, much louder than he usually did as the feelings in the pit of his stomach churned and twisted. He rocked into the motions as much as he could do with his limited mobility, cursing and moaning like an animal in heat, but at that moment, he couldn't find it in himself to care. He was desperate, withering upon the covers as his body convulsed over and over as Kai assaulted his mouth, his neck, his chest, his shoulders... every part of his body, worshipped by the silent, handsome enigma he had fallen for the moment he had set eyes upon him. He felt like he was burning in Suzaku's flames.
His legs came up to wrap firmly around Kai's waist, drawing him in deeper than before. Rei wanted to drown in him, wanted to be joined to this beautiful being always. His gasps became great sobs for air and he blinked back tears of pleasure, holding them between tightly closed eyelids. His body shuddered and flexed as Kai mercilessly and precisely nudged that sensitive, secret spot, deep within him over and over again.
He was so close to heaven that when Kai's hand wrapped around his pulsing member, it took only a couple of jerks before the tension in him snapped and he went stiff, climaxing with a strained cry. He flopped back onto the bed, shuddering and gasping for breath as the orgasmic sensations washed through him, tingling tremors bringing relief like a cool breeze on a hot day. He sighed in satisfaction, relaxing his taught muscles and smiled when he caught the smile on Kai's face.
Removing his hand from around Rei's fast softening penis, Kai wrapped both of his arms tightly around the smaller torso before him, holding Rei as close as he possibly could as he buried his face in the crook of his neck and carried on thrusting at a slightly more sedate pace. Rei nuzzled his face in his hair and pressed soft kisses to his temple, check and ear, silently thanking him for such a wonderful experience.
Kai chuckled softly, and nuzzled Rei back as he rocked his hips insistently, moaning softly as Rei clamped down occasionally to make it more enjoyable for him. With such a perfect, perfect drug to be addicted to it didn't take Kai long to groan out his release, pulled from him by that deliciously hot, tight vice.
Satisfied with their success, Kai flopped down onto his lover. No 'I love you's' needed to be exchanged. They all ready knew.
When Kai caught his breath, he gave Rei a short kiss and made to move out of him. Rei's legs- still wrapped around his waist- stopped him.
"Rei let go. I need to pull out." He muttered.
Rei gave him one of his rare, sultry grins and pushed up to press his half-hard member against Kai's stomach. "Do you?" He asked, voice just full of promises.
It took Kai less than a second to decide that he didn't.

Some hours later, Kai was sitting back outside in Takao's courtyard in the murky light of early night- the sun having set only about an hour ago- humming softly to himself and surveying the signs of an afternoon's worth of training.
"You're in a good mood." He started at the voice and turned to find Hiromi moving over towards him. He shrugged as she sat down besides him. "Have a good afternoon?" She asked with a smug smirk.
Kai glared at her out of the corner of his eye. "It was all right." He replied gruffly.
Hiromi laughed. "It was more than 'all right', I think, Kai."
Kai shifted a little uncomfortably. "What do you know?" He answered sullenly.
"Oh, I know that Rei enjoyed that vibrator." She giggled.
Kai stared at her incredulously for a moment, before he shrugged. "I don't know what you're implying and even if I did, it's none of your business."
She gave him a small smile, though there was a hint of smugness about it. "Well, Kai. You kind of made it our business."
"What?" Kai was confused by her words. "And what do you mean 'our' business?" He demanded.
Hiromi fought back a smile and pointed upwards. Kai's eyes followed her finger, coming to rest upon the windows of his and Rei's room.
The wide, open, windows.
Hiromi nearly choked on her laughter when Kai's face went redder than a certain bottle of strawberry flavoured lubricant.

And that would be the end ^^d

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