High Tide

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Warnings – Yaoi (M/M lemon), WAFF, PWP

Pairing – G/V


High Tide


Vegeta smirked as he saw Kakarott surface.  “BIG BANG ATTACK!!!” he yelled. 

Goku looked up in time to see the blast coming at him as he coughed water out of his lungs.  He started to take a big breath in preparation for catching the large ball of ki, but water was still in his mouth, and a piece of seaweed got sucked back into his lungs.  He dodged the attack instead, as his eyes watered, and he tried to get the fluid and solids dislodged from his lungs.

The ball collided with the vast body of water, Goku having been the only thing standing in its way.  “VEGETA!!!”  Goku panicked as he saw the wave rushing away from them, tail slapping water in disgust. 

“What?  You weren’t supposed to dodge it,” Vegeta said, even as his eyes widened at the sight of the amount of water that was building as it moved away from them.  He had been able to pull some of the energy when he saw that Kakarott had moved, but it obviously had not been enough.

Goku growled as he focused his attention further out than the edge of the wave.  “Crap.  It’s headed towards a populated beach,” he shouted over his shoulder at Vegeta, before putting two fingers to his forehead, and IT’ing away.

Vegeta growled, but followed the old-fashioned flying way.  Hopefully Kakarott would be able to stop it, although, he wasn’t really concerned if that happened or not.  It would make Kakarott happier though.

Goku felt sand under his feet, and looked around.  People were laughing and playing.  Some were making out, or sipping at cool drinks.  Not a one of them knew of the danger headed their way.  He spotted a lifeguard’s stand, and the megaphone hanging off of the tower.

He raced over, “Hey, can I use that?” he asked the man on duty.

“No” the lifeguard said in surprise.

“Please?  I just need to make an announcement,” Goku pleaded with the man.  He even went so far as to flutter his eyelashes at him.

That was the wrong course of action, Goku realized, as the man flushed red, “I said no.  Now get out of here!”

Goku hung his head, and acted as though he was walking away, before making a grab at the cone, and running away as the lifeguard hollered at him, and then started to pursue him.  “Listen up everyone,” Goku shouted into the device, as he dodged the man’s grab.  “There is a tidal wave headed this way.  If you would all be so kind as to leave the beach, that would be great,” he said, a little too cheerfully.

He certainly had a lot of peoples’ attention, but mostly from his evading the lifeguard, and not from his announcement.  “Come on PEOPLE!  You have to leave!” he shouted as he ducked the lifeguard.  Then he had to duck again as some of the other beach goers thought they were helping the lifeguard out.  He had about a dozen guys, and a couple of women chasing him around the beach by the time the tsunami warning went off.  At the sound of the old air raid alarm people started leaving the beach by the score.  Goku smiled, and held out the megaphone to the lifeguard.  He was surprised when the man tackled him instead of taking the megaphone.

More air was expelled from his lungs as the other people involved with the chase dove on the pile.  “Come on!  You need to get out of here,” he tried to reason with his would be captors.

“Yeah, and we might as well take the loony with us,” someone in the pile said.

“Fine,” Goku huffed.  “If it will get you off of the beach, I’ll go!” he said, sitting up, dislodging most of the pile from him except the lifeguard.  Goku winked, “Hi.”  The man choked and got up off of Goku’s lap fast. 

He was just about to stand and head off the beach with the rest of the people when he saw the horizon, “Uh-oh.”

His vocal warning was enough to get everyone’s attention again, and they turned to look at what he was looking at.  Apparently, from their screams and running away, taking Goku off of the beach with them wasn’t so important any more.

Goku shrugged and stood up, flicking sand out of his tail, thankful no one had crushed it.  He gauged his location, taking in how long the beach was, and where the city ended.  He huffed in disgust at himself.  Choking on water and seaweed or not, it would have been easier just to take the blast head on rather than have to deal with the after effects.

He peered at a speck on the horizon, just coming over the wave and laughed; Vegeta was going to make it in time to help.  Goku set a stance, and sent out a ki barrier, halfway down the beach and up into the surrounding hills.

Vegeta landed quite a ways from him, and mimicked his tactics.  They both yelled simultaneously as they ascended in unison, adding that much more substance to their barrier.  Then they waited. 

It was sort of fascinating, to watch the water build up along the ki dam they had built.  Goku layered his barrier higher and further out when he realized it wasn’t going to be enough.  The water kept coming.  The wave’s crest became visible, and more daunting the closer it got.  Goku had to lean his head up just to see it.

Then it slammed into the dam.  Both he and Vegeta were pressed back, feet sliding through the sand and digging in deeper as the pressure continued to come at them.  Goku was panting and had sand up to his crotch by the time the pressure started to subside. 

Goku laughed as he saw seals swimming up to his portion of the barrier and peeking out.  He was so fascinated by the creatures he didn’t notice the crustacean sneaking up behind him…until it clamped onto his tail. 

“OOOWWW!!!” he yelped as he whipped his tail forward to see what was going on.  The crab hung on for dear life.  “Let go you little…” Goku never finished his threat.  His crumbling attention had done the same to his portion of the ki dam, and he was overrun with seawater.

Air bubbles escaped from him in his shock, before he clamped his mouth shut.  He looked up to gauge the depth he was at and smirked deviously.  ‘Oh, this is going to be good.’




Vegeta growled as he watched Kakarott’s portion of the wall collapse and water out part of the beach, the parking lot, and several small beach shops.  “At least he waited until it was almost down,” he said to himself, turning his attention back to his side of the wall.

He waited until it was down considerably more before letting his ki drop.  The water came rushing at him, but stopped just short of his boots before retreating back.  Vegeta smirked, and then headed in the direction he had last seen Kakarott standing.

He was a little troubled when a ki search turned up very faint signs of the other.  His brows drew together in frustration before he finally spotted the orange of the other’s gi.  “I guess that color is good for something,” he muttered as he stalked up to the other’s prone form.

“Come on, enough fooling around,” he nudged the other with the toe of his boot.  “I am tired, and would like to find a meal.”

When he still didn’t receive a response, he leaned over and placed a hand on Kakarott’s chest.  He finally knelt in the sand besides the other when he realized the other wasn’t breathing.  “Shit” now he wished he had participated in those stupid first aid classes the third class had dragged him to.

He tried to remember what he had seen.  ‘Tilt the head back, to open the air way,’ the instructor’s annoying voice came through loud and clear.  Vegeta did that.  ‘Now, pinch the nose, place your mouth over theirs, and breathe into their lungs.’  Vegeta had gotten to the pinch the nose and press the lips together part when he felt the lips under his turn into a smirk.

“Oh, I am so going to kill you!” he yelled as he started to pull away.

Goku laughed and brought his arms around Vegeta’s chest, rolling them over so Vegeta was now the one with his back in the sand.  “I wasn’t so certain with that ‘shit’ comment when you thought I was dead, but the fact you were going to try to save me,” Goku smiled down at him, “Well, that made up for it.”

“Hmmm,” Vegeta smirked up at him before running his hands down the other’s side.  “Well, I couldn’t exactly not try,” he explained.  “It took me long enough to figure out I wanted you, couldn’t let you go so easily.”

Goku jerked up and then fell back onto Vegeta’s chest as the prince grabbed hold of his tail.  “Still, that wasn’t very nice of you, to try to scare me,” Vegeta purred into the other’s ear while Kakarott panted into the sand under his shoulder.

Vegeta widened his legs until Kakarott was comfortably between them before he let go of the grip he had on the other’s tail, letting its length slip through his fingers.  He smirked as Kakarott groaned and rolled his hips into him.

“You’re not too worn out, are you?” Vegeta asked, rolling his hips up to meet the other.  “All that almost drowning and then having to hold the ocean back?”

Goku growled down at the other, “Shut up,” he said before kissing Vegeta quiet.

Vegeta laughed into the kiss, and reached his hands down to pull at Kakarott’s wet shirts.  He pulled them over the back of the other’s head, breaking their kiss momentarily when the material came between them.

Goku growled and shoved the material away from them before attacking Vegeta’s mouth once again.  He growled again when he realized Vegeta was still wearing his gloves, and reached for the prince’s wrists pressing them into the sand above Vegeta’s head.  He smiled down at the other before stripping one glove off, and then the other. 

“Oh, feisty; I like it,” Vegeta purred, shivering under the other.

“Yeah.  I like it when you let me be, too,” Goku growled.  He kept eye contact with his prince as he lowered his head.  At the last moment he looked down, biting at the nipple he saw poking through the blue material of Vegeta’s shirt.

Vegeta hissed and pressed up into Kakarott’s hot mouth.  He yelped as the other pulled the material covering him away with teeth, ripping a spot out of his shirt.  “Hey!”

Goku looked at him and spat the material out to the side, smirked, and then tipped his head down again.  He whirled his tongue around the abused nub, and then placed his mouth over it, pressing wet purrs into Vegeta’s chest.

The vibrations shot through Vegeta like sparks.  He wrapped his legs around Kakarott as the other continued to taunt him, groaning as Kakarott reached a hand between them to stroke his cock through the damp fabric.  He nipped impatiently at Kakarott’s throat as the other watched his rolling hips. 

Vegeta caught the other’s lips as Kakarott turned to glare at him.  He swept his tongue into the other’s mouth and shivered as Kakarott’s tongue fought its way into his mouth.  When his other hand was released he brought them both down on Kakarott’s shoulders and ran his nails down the other’s back.

Goku grabbed at Vegeta’s hips and pulled the other closer to him,  “Hnnn, now,” he said, as he started to pull the other’s pants down.  He growled as he was flipped under the other.

“Too much sand,” Vegeta whispered in Kakarott’s ear. 

Goku sat back on his elbows and smirked as Vegeta stood up and made a show of taking off his spandex.  He giggled when the wet clothing made a tangled situation of his prince’s performance.

“This is your fault, you know,” Vegeta advised him, “If you hadn’t let your half of the barrier down, then yours wouldn’t be wet, and neither would mine,” he growled as he tossed the stupid restraining garment down to the sand, “What happened anyway?”

Goku flicked his tail up, “Some crab pinched it.  Kiss it and make it feel better?” he gave Vegeta the best pouting look he could.  It wasn’t easy, and held no volume of sincerity since he couldn’t keep the smile from his face as Vegeta crouched and then crawled back to him.

Vegeta grabbed the tail waving under his nose, and petted it, growling in pleasure as Kakarott let himself be handled.  “You keep that up, and I won’t be able to let you…” he started to say.

Goku growled.  There was no way he was going to let the tables be turned right now.  It wasn’t often Vegeta would let him be seme.  He grabbed his prince’s wrists and dragged him fully into his lap.  He looped his ‘abused’ tail around those wrists, letting the tip of his tail tickle the sensitive skin of Vegeta’s palms and skin just below.  “You were saying?” he asked the one panting above him.

Vegeta moaned as the tail let go and brushed over his exposed chest, “Never mind,” he whispered.  He shivered as it trailed over his nipples, and bit his bottom lip to keep from yelling.

Goku lifted his hips from the ground, quickly unthreading his tail from the hole in the garment so it could go back to teasing Vegeta.  He gripped at Vegeta’s hips and pressed the other down, parting the other over his growing erection.

Vegeta gasped and tried to rise up, not expecting the heat that touched but did not enter him.  The head of Kakarott’s cock teased his balls as the base massaged his entry.  “You want to do this again any time soon, you’d better find some sort of lube for that monster,” Vegeta hissed.

Goku growled and looked around the deserted beach, smirking as he caught sight of the perfect solution.  He raised his hands up Vegeta’s sides and then pulled the other down for a kiss before grinning up at the other, “I found it, but you have to let me go,” he brushed his tail over Vegeta’s ass.

Vegeta growled down at him.  “Make it quick,” he said as he moved to the side to let the other get up.

Goku didn’t need any urging, but smirked at Vegeta’s enthusiasm.  He grabbed the bottle of suntan oil and turned to hurry back.  He stopped in his tracks at the sight of Vegeta on all fours, looking back seductively at him. 

“You like what you see?”  Vegeta asked Kakarott.  He chuckled as the other just nodded his head.  “Well then, come and get it,” he whispered as he crooked a finger at the other.

Goku tripped and then caught himself as he stumbled back towards his very, very provocative lover.  He snapped the cap back on the oil, and was caught by surprise as the smell of coconuts hit his nose.  He grinned down at Vegeta’s back as he tipped the bottle upside down and squeezed.

Vegeta growled as he turned to see exactly what it was Kakarott was up to.  He was just about to comment on the hazards of too much lube when Kakarott sunk to his knees behind him, and started licking at the excessive oil.  His head jerked forward as he howled when Kakarott slid his tongue over his entrance.

Goku smiled deviously and growled as Vegeta rocked back onto his face.  He trailed the tip of his tongue over the other before pressing it in gently.  He gripped the other’s hips as he jerked away, and pressed his tongue in deeper, wiggling it just a tad. 

“Kakarott…” Vegeta hissed.  “S-stop”

Goku shook his head no, before withdrawing and nipping at Vegeta’s buttocks, “Why?” he asked before going back to doing exactly what he had been before.

Vegeta threw his head back and howled again, his eyes squeezing shut, as his muscles locked up and he shot his orgasm into the sand.  He panted and mewled as he felt the other chuckle, sending more delicious waves of pleasure through him.  “Ah, I see,” he just barely heard the other over his own panting and blood pounding in his ears.

Goku was shocked at how quickly Vegeta had climaxed.  He smiled as he put it in his mental list of ‘things Vegeta likes’.  He brushed his hands off on his pants before pulling them down enough to expose his erection to the elements.  Then he pressed into the other slowly, growling as Vegeta pressed back onto him quickly.  He hissed as he pulled away, and then thrust back into the other.  He gripped the other as best as he could with the amount of oil all over his skin, and pulled back hard, panting with pleasure at how quickly Vegeta had adjusted to him.  Vegeta’s body was so relaxed, not to mention willing.  He growled as he slammed himself back in.

Vegeta yelped at the force, expecting pain, but there was none.  He groaned as Kakarott pulled out and then pressed into him.  He panted as the other rotated his hips before pulling out to slam back in again.  He quickly dusted off his hand before he reached up for his rejuvenated erection and stroked himself lazily, waiting for Kakarott’s breathing to tell him the other was close.  He wanted to time this one just right.  He smirked, as it seemed the other wasn’t far off, and stroked himself faster.

Goku felt his body lock up as he slammed himself home one last time, howling his satisfaction to the windy beach.  He grunted as he felt Vegeta clamp down around him in the prince’s second orgasm. 

They both tumbled to their sides in the sand, panting, and laughing.  Goku kissed Vegeta’s ear, “Mmmmm.”

“Uh-huh,” Vegeta agreed.




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