The dare

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Disclaimer: I do not own Beyblade, nor the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

I first have to say that this will deal with grown ups in diapers. I will not really put any pairings in it, but I might change my mind after a while, I'll first see how this is received by the audience. (if there is a pairing it will be a yaoi one.)

Hope you all enjoy, and now let me introduce to you: The dare:


Kai couldn’t believe this was happening, he couldn’t believe it at all, but still here he was. Standing in front of an apothecary kind of shop, together with no less then Tyson.

But it wasn’t just an apothecary, oh no, it was an apothecary who sold incontinence products, for teens and adults.

Why was he there with Tyson of all people? Well, the answer was amazingly simple. Since shortly he lived with the Grangers, after they found out that his grandfather had abused him. Since he lived there he has been his normal self, thus annoying Tyson, which was not hard to do.

He refused to let Tyson slack off in training, refused to do his shores for him and yes, sometimes he insulted Tyson, as if he didn’t receive his fair share of insults back. But for some reason Tyson couldn’t really stand it. Or Kai for that matter.

So he devised a plan to humiliate Kai. He invited the whole of the G-rev to stay over, and thus play a game of truth and dare. His first dare to Kai was to accept all dares if he lost to Max in an arm wrestling match.

Little did Kai know how strong Max was. He had been training under a fairly strong regime with his mother’s team, the all starz, and thus had developed quiet the bi-and triceps, and thus Kai was defeated. Of course everybody let him do stupid things, like singing the ‘teacup’ song with dance.

But then it was the biggest part of Tyson’s little plan. He dared Kai to do something unthinkable for the silent blader. He dared him to be treated and act as a baby (some things were allowed, like solid food and talk) for a whole month. Kai wanted to refuse, but since he lost to Max he couldn’t. His pride wouldn’t allow him to go back on his worth.

And thus there he was with Tyson in front of the diaper shop.

“So Kai, let’s enter and start the month.” Tyson said happily. Kai took a deep breath, preparing himself mentally for what was to come. They stepped inside.

The door jingle alerted the guy who was on service. It was a young guy twenty, twenty five something. His black hair reached past his ears, but didn’t reach his neck. He had blue eyes, and a charming smile. A muscular build completed the picture of a drool worthy man.

“Can I help you?” he asked the two-some that just entered. Kai looked at the ground, a blush stained his cheeks, immediately alerting the man that the blue haired boy was the one they went shopping for.

“We are looking for diapers for him.” Tyson said friendly, pushing Kai forward a bit. Kai blushed deeper as the guy looked at him.

“For what purpose?” he asked the silent boy, coaxing him to speak.

“Purpose?” the boy squeaked, as if that wasn’t clear.

“Yes, only for urinating, or also for bowel movement. Day wear or only night wear.” The guy elaborated, still holding the gentle smile on his face. Most people who went to this shop for the first time were nervous, so it was important to stay friendly and not threatening.

“For both. And for full-time diaper wear.” The other boy answered him when no answer was forthcoming.

“Okay, do you know the size you need? Have you got a favorite brand or anything?” he asked, aiming his questions to the silent boy, but knowing that the other one is going to answer.

“Uhm, we don’t know the size, and as for brand, something thick and absorbent.” Something thick? He thought, strange request, but easy to fulfill. Those kinds were mostly sold less, because they were quite visible from under clothes, but promised better absorbency and softness than most thinner diapers.

“Okay than, I think I have got what you need, I’ll just have to take a size measure, and then you can go to the fitting room to try some on, to see if it’s correct before you buy.” The guy said, taking a measurement lint from out of his pocket.

“Or maybe we should already move for to the fitting room.” He said.

“Why?’” the silent boy asked.

“Because I’ll need to measure your waist without pants.” He said, making the other one blush, but he nodded and followed the older man to the fitting room. Tyson on their heels.

Kai took of his belt, and stepped out of his pants, blushing slightly when he noticed that the two other males were looking at him while he was standing in his underwear. Andrew, the boy that has been serving them so far, laid his lint around Kai’s waist. And took the measurements.

“Okay, I have them. I’ll take some day and night diapers with good absorbency, and let you try them on.” Andrew left to go to the section those diapers were in.

“I hate you.” Kai muttered to Tyson. Tyson smirked.

“Oh, don’t be such a baby Kai. Oh wait, for the next month you are.” Tyson snickered. Kai groaned. One month, one whole month as a baby in Tyson’s care. He will be lucky if he doesn’t end up dead.

“Okay I’m back.” Andrew said, in his hands several different diapers. “So let’s start this.”

He held on the first one.

“This one is a day diaper, it’s fairly thick, but can hold lot’s of bodily wastes. It is a good diaper that not often leaks unless it is held on to long.” He explained. Kai and Tyson nodded.

“If you want to take of your underwear and go lie on the table you can try it on.” Andrew said, pointing at the table that was standing at the wall.

“Take my underwear off?” Kai said faintly. He hadn’t really thought about it, but for someone to change your diaper, they had to see your…things naked. He blushed.

“Come on Kai, if you are going to get changed you have to be naked you know.” Tyson said in an encouraging tone, at the same time letting Kai know that he actually had no other choice but to comply. Kai took his boxers off, and went to lay on the table his hands covering his genitals.

“If you would lift your hips just a bit.” Andrew said, Kai complied, and they white contraption was put under his behind. “Good, and now if you could just place your hands somewhere else.” Kai moved his hands to his side. Andrew pulled the front edge of the diaper between Kai’s legs, and secured safely around his hips.

Kai sat up, half glad to be covered with something, half ashamed that the thing was a diaper. He stood. The first thing that he noticed was that it was quite thick. Thicker than anything he was used to anyway. He had trouble closing his legs. But it was not uncomfortable.

“So how does it fit.” Tyson asked.

“Not uncomfortably” was the only thing Kai said. He was just starting to notice that he hasn’t been to the bathroom since this early morning, and since it was nearing noon he was feeling the small pressure on his bladder that said, ‘if you find a bathroom go pee, but if you don’t I can keep it in for a couple of hours more’

“Okay, not let’s try the next one. I have two other day diapers and three night.” Andrew said.

“This one is something thicker, but more absorbent. It comes a bit higher up the hips, but that just ensures that it stays on better.” Andrew said, and motioned to Kai to go lie down again. He opened the diaper and removed it . He replaced it with the other one.

Kai noticed immediately that it was thicker, he couldn’t close his legs anymore, but this diaper was softer than the last one. He said so honestly that it was not uncomfortable. The process was repeated with the rest of the diapers. In the end Tyson choose the thickest diapers of both the night and the day ones. Kai had said about them all that they weren’t uncomfortable.

“Is it okay for him to wear one now?” Tyson asked. Kai froze a bit. Now, while they still had to walk home. The whole ten minutes? He couldn’t mean that. Andrew nodded. And gave them a diaper from the packets they bought.

“Come on Kai, go lie on the bank.” Kai went to lie back on the table, but didn’t remove his boxers. Tyson said nothing, but grabbed the sides of Kai’s underwear and pulled them down to his ankles. He tapped Kai on the hips as a sign that he had to lift his butt. Kai did as ordered.

The thick diaper was shoved under his ass. He opened his legs slightly, but couldn’t get further than his boxers allowed. Tyson pulled the front of the diapers up over Kai’s crotch area and taped the three tapes on the left side and then the three on the right side.

“So baby Kai is all snuggly in his diapers.” Tyson said in an patronizing voice. Making Kai blush. He stood up and wanted to pull his boxers up, but before he could do so, his hands were slapped away.

“Babies don’t dress their selves.” Tyson gave as explanation. And he pulled Kai’s boxers up for him over the diapers, then he took Kai’s pants, and pulled them over the bulge that was created by the new underwear.

The pants nearly didn’t close. The thickness off the diaper was more bulk than the pants were meant for, but luckily it did close.

“A good thing for you Kai, otherwise you had to walk home with just your diapers.” Tyson said. Kai looked at his middle, and saw a bulge. It was clear that he was diapered. He took his jacket that he had taken with him that morning and tied it around his waist.

At least the bulge was camouflaged a bit. Tyson was already with Andrew taking the big bag filled with their purchases and paid them. Kai followed him, hands in the pockets and eyes down cast. He would never survive this.

They got home without an accident. Since it was close to noon, most people were already home for lunch. Of course at the dojo the next problem was there for Kai. The G-rev was there, they decided to stay over for another day to see how this dare would turn out.

The first few seconds when Tyson had given the dare, Rei and Max had been shocked in silence. But after a few moments they came too, especially when Kai was forced to accept. Both of them wondered how their team captain would deal with this.

So when Kai and Tyson left for the shop (which Tyson had found a few day prior the dare game) Rei and Max started to talk about this.

“Do you think that Tyson had this planned.” Rei asked when the other two bladers had left.

“Yes, definitely.” Said Max. “I can’t remember the amount of times that Tyson called and told me that Kai was being mean again. The last team he kept asking me if I was sure that I could beat Kai in arm wrestling.”

Rei nodded. The kept on talking about what Kai was planning all for Kai, because they knew that he had to be in diapers for the month, but how far would he push it. They prepared lunch when it was nearing noon, Tyson’s father and grandfather wouldn’t be home for a few days, so they had to fend for themselves for a short while.

“Say Rei?” Max asked while he was putting plates on the table.

“Yes Maxie?” Rei answered while he was stirring the soup.

“Do you think that Kai will have to use to diapers.” Max asked, biting his top lip. Rei stopped stirring for a second.

“Knowing Tyson, yes.” Was the only honest answer he could give. Max nodded. He couldn’t help but feel sorry for Kai. I mean for someone his age to be forced to use diapers. He couldn’t imagine how bad that the independent blader felt losing this independence.

Not even five minutes later Tyson entered the dojo, followed by Kai. Tyson was whistling happily while Kai kept glaring at him.

“Ah, just in time.” Tyson commented when he saw the table.

“Yep, soup is ready.” Rei said. Rei and Max were already seated next to each other, leaving two chairs open for Kai and Tyson. They seating arrangement was different than usual, normally Max would sit over Rei next to Tyson and Tyson would sit over Kai who sat next to Rei.

But Tyson had asked for them to sit like this, and so they obeyed, curious as to why. Kai stood in the hall, not wanting to come to the kitchen. Tyson went to him, and removed the jacket that was still bound around his waist, and hung it away in the closet.

Then he loosened the button of Kai’s pants, but before he opened the zipper Kai stopped him.

“What do you think you are doing?” Kai growled. Tyson frowned and took Kai by the upper arm and quickly turned him around. He slapped Kai hard just below the diaper. A resounding smack sounded through the hall. Kai bit his lip to not cry out in pain.

Max and Rei both had jumped out and run in the hall to see what was happening. Kai was standing there rubbing the sore spot, while Tyson hadn’t released him.

“Kai Hiwatari, may I remind you that you are a baby now, and that I choose how many items of clothing you were. If you insist on being this childish and inobedient, you will get a spanking.” Tyson said.

Max and Rei were shocked, as was Kai. But Kai didn’t pull away when Tyson reached for his zipper again. To many times had he been hit by his grandfather to disobey someone who used this kind of force on him.

His pants were pulled down, leaving him in nothing more but a simple black t-shirt and thick white diapers. A red hand print stood on the pale skin of his leg.

“Okay, now let’s go eat.” Tyson said, pulling Kai by the hand.

Max and Rei soon lost their bewilderment and went to sit at the table. Surprised that Kai hadn’t acted up yet. But he wouldn’t want to not fulfill the dare. His pride wouldn’t allow it.

Rei filled the plates with the soup, so that they could eat. He saw that Tyson had removed Kai’s utensils from him, but stayed silent. Once the soup was distributed, Kai wanted to get himself a spoon, but before he could stand up Tyson stopped him.

“You don’t know a lot, now do you?” He asked Kai, earning an angry blush.

“Excuse me?” he said angrily.

“Your forgiven.” Tyson said, “But you should know that babies get fed.” Tyson said, making the blush on Kai’s face expand, but he stayed seated none the less. Waiting. Tyson for the first time in his live took his time to eat, as slowly as he could.

Kai just sat there, looking at his fast cooling soup. Max and Rei ate theirs, silently glancing at Kai and then at each other. Both shrugged. It was probably just for today that Tyson was being so mean to Kai. He probably saw this as a sort of revenge, because Kai is so often ‘mean’ to him.

Finally Tyson finished his soup, but before he fed Kai he went to get something .

“I forgot something, don’t worry, be right back.” Tyson said and went to one of the cupboards and took something out of it. Kai was sulking and refused to look at Tyson. Instead he glared at his soup, maybe hoping that it would warm up again or something.

And thus he was taken by surprise when suddenly something was tied around his neck. He startled a bit, and looked down. Tyson had tied a white baby bib around his neck. Kai glared at him. Tyson just smiled.

“Wouldn’t want to get your clothes dirty.” Was the only thing Tyson said. Kai sighed. Better get along with it, he thought, it just Rei and Max, they had already seen in him a diaper, so why not a bib extra.

Finally Tyson picked up the spoon he had taken from Kai earlier and dipped it in the soup and started to feed Kai. He did it on an embarrassing way.

“Say aaah, here comes the airplane.” Tyson said, and let the spoon zoom to Kai’s mouth. Before it was fully in the mouth he already tipped it over, so only half the contents reached Kai’s mouth, the other half spilled over his face and dripped down his chin on the bib. It didn’t help that Tyson’s airplane was so fast that Kai barely had time to swallow before he had to open his mouth again.

Rei and Max both stared. This was their captain, because of a stupid dare reduced to someone who was being fed, and spilled more than half the contents of the soup bowl. They both were glad that they hadn’t got this dare. They both decided that they would never play that game with Tyson ever again.

Finally Kai’s soup was gone. His face was red with a blush and tomato soup.

“See you needed a bib.” Tyson said, while washing Kai’s face with a wet washcloth. Kai pulled back a little. The cloth was ice cold. He tried to bite Tyson’s finger, but Tyson pulled away just in time.

“If you are going to do that, here.” Tyson said, and took a pacifier out of his pocket and put it in Kai’s mouth. The pacifier was bigger than a normal baby one and had two pieces of cloth with a latch at the side.

Faster than Kai wanted the thing was in his mouth and the latch closed at the back of his head. He tried to take it off, but it was sealed tightly.

“Since you were bad, you’ll be confined to the kitchen corner.” Tyson said, wagging his finger at Kai. Kai glared back at him and crossed his arms, no way that he was going to the corner. Tyson frowned.

“I see that the lesson hasn’t come through clearly yet.” He said. He pulled Kai upright and slapped the upper part of his legs again, just the place where he had slapped last time. Kai let out a little high pitch scream that was muffled by the pacifier. Tyson slapped him again on the other side.

Then he pulled a chair to the corner of the kitchen, and made it face the wall. He pushed Kai in the chair.

“That’s a time out for you, young man.” Tyson said. Kai was trying to hold back tears. Tyson hadn’t hold back one bit. Those places stinged, and he was forced to sit on them.

‘ding dong’ The bell sounded.

“I’ll go open that, why don’t you start washing the dishes.” Tyson said and went to the door when Rei nodded.

Rei and Max started the awkward task of cleaning the table, all the while trying hard not to stare at Kai who was sitting on a chair facing the wall. His diapered behind clearly visible. Both of them knew that he also had a blue pacifier in his mouth, and was still wearing the red stained bib.

“Are you okay Kai.” Max went to sit with Kai while Rei put the dishes in the machine. Kai looked at him.

“Not really.” He said, his speech slightly muffled. “But, I’ll survive.” Max nodded, smiling.

“Hey, maybe now you are going to get a nice childhood.” Max said optimistic. A raised eyebrow and a strange look were his only responses.

“Well, since we all know that you…uhm, didn’t really have the best of childhoods, well, Tyson knows that too, so it wouldn’t surprise me if, starting tomorrow he will really spoil you.” Max said.

“Speaking of Tyson, he’s gone for quite a while.” Rei said. Kai had been shifting uncomfortably on the chair when his childhood was mentioned, so Rei was trying to distract Max from that little speech. Suddenly a crash was heard.

“I’ll go see.” Max said, leaving a very uncomfortable silence behind.

“You know Kai, I don’t think it will be all that bad, just go with the flow for a bit. Maybe you’ll start to like it.” Rei said, trying to cheer Kai up. The scathing look Kai send him, combined with his outfit send Rei in a laughing fit.

“Sorry Kai, that just looked so funny.” Rei said. Kai snorted, indicating that he understood why it was funny, and that he could see the humor in it himself.

“I don’t think so Rei.” Kai said, because of the pacifier a bit of drool escaping, which he wiped off. “But it’s only for a month.”

Max returned at that moment. Looking slightly nervous. Rei raised an eyebrow at him.

“Tyson is okay. It seemed that there were some movers with new furniture.” Max said. Rei nodded, understandingly. It was about time that Tyson got a new cough in his room, the old one was almost unrecognizable, but he had always been to stubborn to get a new one.

Max still looked a bit nervous and he jumped when his cell phone started to ring. He took the green device out of his pocket. It’s my mother.

“I knew, the tone of “mama mia” would not really fit with Michael now with it.” Max blushed and answered it.

Tyson entered the kitchen again when Max hung up.

“Okay, she said my flight is this evening already, and I still have to pack, so I’m out.” Max said.

He went to get his stuff, peering in Kai’s room while he got them. He didn’t know how Kai was going to react to it.

“Say Rei” he said when he was back in the kitchen. “Didn’t you say that you also had a flight today.” Rei blinked at him, than panic was written on his face.

“Shit, that’s true, I have a flight in two hours, and I still have to pack.” Rei rushed up to get his stuff, but when he passed Kai’s room he stopped suddenly and went to take a double take.

“Oh.” He said, while he saw the room. “that’s what Max meant.” But he had no time to really ponder about it, since he had a flight to catch. Both he and Max left, giving a promise that they would be back in a week or so.

Hours later Kai was still sitting on the chair in the kitchen. His bladder was getting harder to ignore. The only thing that Tyson had done was to give Kai a bottle full of apple juice, which Kai drunk empty because he was thirsty and he also had said that Kai had to stay and sit there until Tyson said that he could get up, otherwise he would get another spanking.

So here Kai was shifting in his chair, the pacifier, thank god, removed, his jaws had started to ache from the thing. Tyson entered the kitchen to get a snack.

“Tyson, I have to go to the bathroom.” Kai said, not really wanting to believe that he HAD to USE his diapers. Tyson lifted his eyebrow and opened the fridge again.

“Kai babies use diapers, that’s why you are wearing one. All I will give you is another bottle. It’s no use for you to be dehydrated.” Tyson said and put the nipple of the bottle to Kai’s lips.

Kai kept his lips stiffly closed but Tyson would have none of that, he pushed Kai’s nose closed so he had to breathe through his mouth, and as soon as he did that, the bottle’s nipple went into Kai’s mouth, and he was forced to suckle on the bottle. He emptied the bottle in top time. But of course all the liquid worsened the feel of his bladder.

“Okay Kai, come with me.” Tyson motioning that Kai had to follow him. Kai stood upright, feeling slightly wobbly from sitting for so long, having a thick diaper on, and having to go to the bathroom urgently. He followed Tyson to his bedroom, which was totally different.

He gaped at the scenery of his room. It had a crib on one side of the room, big enough to fit someone his size. It was a clean white, with high bars. On the other side of the room stood a changing table. In the middle there was a play park, a wooden prison were children toys were scattered in.

“Since it’s afternoon, it’s time for babies to take a nap.” Tyson said, lowering the bars of the crib so Kai could get in. He lifted Kai a bit and put him in. Kai laid down on the soft bed, and Tyson put a light blue blanket over him.

“Till an hour.” He said, and then added the last new surprise, he lifted the top of the crib, and put it over the opening, do there was no way Kai could get out. Tyson turned off the light, and closed the door.

“Sweet dreams.” He said, leaving Kai lying in the crib. Kai tried to get comfortable, but with his bladder so full he couldn’t.

‘Maybe I should just go.’ He thought to himself, embarrassed, he was going to wet himself. He tried to sit up a bit, to get in a more comfortable position. It was just possible thanks to his small size.

‘Lucky I didn’t grow a lot in the last few years.’ He thought to himself when he noticed that when he sat upright his head didn’t reach the top but for a few centimeters.

He tried to pee, but it didn’t work, he moved a bit in a squat position and then finally after a lot of pressure the pee trickled out first in a slow pace, so Kai could feel it get absorbed by the diaper before it even touched his skin, but then the stream quickened to a faster pace.

The diaper couldn’t immediately absorb the surplus of fluids, so Kai could feel it everywhere on his skin, before it was absorbed, leaving a most, warm pee filled diaper behind.

At least now he could try to make himself comfortable without agitating his to full bladder. He laid down on his stomach, which was the position he mostly slept in, and tried to get comfortable. He was tired, maybe he should take a nap.

He wrapped himself in the blanket and fell asleep softly, the now wet diaper clinging to his skin in an actually not uncomfortable way. He would have felt better though if the top of the crib was removed, but he couldn’t do anything about that now.

His breath evened out, and his eyes slipped shut. Being treated like this was actually very tiring. The culture shock had totally wore him out, and now he was sleeping softly hands clinging to the blanket.

An hour later Tyson opened the door and to his surprise he saw Kai actually sleeping, the blanket clutched tightly in his arms, he legs pulled up, almost to his chest.

Tyson smirked and went to get his camera. This was perfect blackmail material for him to annoy Kai with later. After he had taken a picture, he woke up Kai from his little nap.

“Kai, Kai, wake up little baby.” He said in a childish voice. Kai groaned and snuggled deeper in the blanket. Tyson looked at him. Well, if he didn’t want to wake up, who was he to force him. So Tyson left Kai sleeping there in order to watch some television, and eat dinner.

And so it was that he had forgotten about Kai still sleeping in the crib, and it was hours later, when Tyson had already gone to bed that Kai woke up, rubbing his eyes with his fist.

His soggy diaper had grown cold and clammy, and Kai had to pee again. He sighed and thought it was better to pee now, before Tyson would change his diapers. He shuddered a bit at the thought of Tyson changing him, but it would be better to have clean ones, then run around in the wet ones.

Kai squatted again and pushed the pee out, still feeling weird at wetting himself. The stream of urine warmed the diaper again, but it started to itch slightly too.

How late was it? Kai didn’t know really. He didn’t think it was that late, he couldn’t really see, since the shutters were over the window making the room dark even if it was in the middle of the day. Kai turned around and laid on his side.

He tried to look at the alarm clock that was standing near the changing table, but he couldn’t see the hour, since the clock stood on a wrong angle. It did cast a bit of light however, so with his eyes that were used to darkness he could study the changes that were done to his room.

He must admit that Tyson did a thorough job. Even the wallpaper was changed, instead of the usual uni-color blue; it was now a light blue sea including fishes. Above his bed a mobile with colorful fishes were hanging.

His old desk, closet and bed removed. Instead a pretty new white cabinet stood there. Kai presumed that his clothes were in there. The changing table stood were his desk once stood. It was also white with soft green edges.

The play pen that stood in the middle of the room was big enough for Kai to fit in five times, so enough place to play with the few items that were in there. A few blocks, rubber puzzle pieces with numbers on them and stuffed animals were lying in the pen.

Kai sighed and turned on his back and stretched a bit. He wanted to get up, he had slept very well, and he was getting stiff and hungry. And his diapers were cooling down again. He was very happy that he still didn’t have to do number two. He wouldn’t like lying in here for hours in a stinky mess.

After some time, and several turns after, Kai wondered if Tyson hadn’t forgotten him. It would be just like Tyson to forgot his responsibility. If that was so he was in for a very long night.

Approaching an hour and half later, even if Kai didn’t know it was that long, Kai had decided that Tyson had indeed forgotten him, and decided that it would be better that he went back to sleep, so he tried to ignore his growing hunger and thirst, and the itching feeling his cold diapers provided and tried to go back to sleep.

He finally succeeded at three in the morning to fall asleep.


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