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Inspired by Daevakun

It was payback time, Roy knew as he tapped a pyrotext glove against his desk. Archer and Kimbly were going to pay dearly for the little trick the had pulled on him weeks ago. Making him have sex was one thing, he could look over that. But getting him wet... That had been what pissed him off, and damnit... No respectable man would pull a trick like that. Edward he would expect that from. The boy was still just that, a boy. Hell, Kimbly he would expect that from. But Archer? Colonel Frank Archer? Roy just scoffed, almost laughing at the idea of Archer holding the same rank as him. The only reason Archer was promoted was because of the upcoming war in Liore, not because he deserved it. In Roy’s mind, Archer was still a Lieutenant Colonel. Which brought him to another man, who held the same rank and whom he was not very fond of. Zolf J. Kimbly...

At the thought of the man’s name, Roy looked up to the furthest corner of his office, noting the long haired and golden eyed man sitting there. With his hands tied behind him so that he was unable to use alchemy and a gag in his mouth to shut him up, Kimbly looked exactly like a disgruntled cat. It was highly amusing. And catching him had been easy, after all, what with Kimbly trying to break every rule Archer had laid out for him. With Kimbly missing, Archer would be out looking for him. Oh things were too perfect. Roy grinned at Kimbly, who only glared at the Colonel and looked away. Soon Roy thought, leaning back in his chair. Soon I will get my payback...


A frown etched deeper into Archer’s face as he walked through the halls of Central, looking for the Crimson Alchemist. That man was nowhere to be found, and if he heard one explosion anywhere, he was going to hear about it from the Fuhrer. While he didn’t fear the man, panic always seemed to find its way into him. Frowning more, Archer made his way to the office of one of the few men he despised. How was he going to confront Mustang about Kimbly? Have you seen my Alchemist? That was absurd. Knocking on the door, Archer waited for the curt “Enter” to sound as he walked in, ice blue eyes landing first on Roy, then on...

“Kimbly? ”

“Yes, I found him wandering the halls and decided to keep him for a while...” Roy purred as he stood, watching Kimbly struggle as Archer’s mouth gaped open. “You know...” Roy purred more, lifting his hand and threatening Archer with his alchemy. “ payback...”

“Why you-“

”Ah ah ” Roy found himself grinning, closely watching Archer for any signs of attack. “Listen here, Lieutenant Colonel...”

“That’s Colonel. The Fuhrer promoted-“

”I don’t care.” Roy was getting closer, fingers moving a bit to make a spark .”If you want to stay unburnt, you will do as I say. Get on your knees and put your hands behind your back...” Roy couldn’t help but let a smug grin make its way onto his face as his other hand handled a rope he had grabbed when he stood.

Archer snarled slightly, but he was no fool. He knew what the Flame Alchemist was capable of, and made the wise decision to not test the man as he lowered himself to his knees, wincing when Roy tied the rope around his wrists a bit too tight. Once the man had pulled away, Archer growled, glaring up at him. “What is the meaning of this, Mustang? ”

“As I said before... This is payback.”

Archer froze at that. That’s right, weeks ago he and Kimbly had nabbed Roy and had sex with him. That was for Kimbly’s birthday. He had wanted to screw Mustang and... He frowned, glaring up at the man. “And just exactly what is this payback?”

Roy grinned, walking over to Kimbly and ripping the gag off before going back to his chair, plopping down. “I want you two to suck my cock. If you two want to stay unburnt, you’ll do as told, understand?”

“You fuckin’ asshole ” Kimbly hissed, freezing when a flash of fire went flying by his face, burning just the hairs.

“I warned you...” Roy merely said as he shifted a bit, moving to undo his uniform trousers. Just looking at the two men he didn’t care for bound and at his mercy already had Roy hard, and looking at his captive’s surprised faces as he exposed his erection only made him harder. He couldn’t help but chuckle when he say Kimbly lick his lips, eyeing the flesh. “I take it you want a taste, Kimbly?”

“Fuck yes...” Kimbly purred, eyes never leaving Roy’s erection. Roy chuckled, making the come-here motion at which Kimbly so eagerly complied, scooting away from Archer and towards Roy. Zolf J. Kimbly was not a slut. He just enjoyed the act of sex, as did most men. And when it came to Roy Mustang.... Anyone fell under his spell. Once hear Roy, Kimbly set to work on orally pleasuring the man, his tongue lapping at Roy’s balls before moving to lap and suck at the skin around the base. Roy purred, setting an elbow on Kimbly’s back as he looked up at Archer, an aroused pink tint to his cheeks.

“Come here, Frank...”

Archer growled and clenched his jaw, moving towards Roy to prevent himself from getting burnt. Mustang wouldn’t... The bastard wouldn’t dream of making him-

“Open your mouth, Lieutenant Colonel. I don’t want to hurt you.”

“I am NOT a-“ And with a strong hand pressing hard into his jaw, Archer found his open mouth filled with Roy’s cock, the Colonel giving Archer a dark warning glare.

“You bite me, and I will have no problem burning you and making sure you’re demoted to private. Now be a good dog and suck me...”

That was a threat that Roy would follow through with, and one Archer didn’t want to see happening. Reluctantly, Archer did as told, using his tongue and a soft vacuum of air to quickly pull a deep moan out of Roy. It was slightly amusing to see how easily Roy subdued to the pleasure, but when he noticed Kimbly watching him suck cock...

“Faster, Lieutenant Colonels!” Roy moaned out again, thrusting up into Archer’s mouth. Archer couldn’t help but gag a bit, feeling Roy’s gloved fingers go through his hair and push him down more. With archer on his cock and Kimbly teasing his balls, Roy was getting close to climax. It wasn’t till Archer had pulled away for air and the temperature-regulated office air crashed against his throbbing cock did Roy let off a strangled cry, hitting his climax hard, the white and sticky fluid hitting Archer’s and Kimbly’s faces.

Roy gave off a contented sigh, running his fingers through Archer’s hair as Kimbly licked away what had fallen on Roy’s cock. Release was always so good, no matter who gave it. And a release like this always had Roy purring. Cracking open his eyes, he smirked at the come-covered faces of Archer and Kimbly. “Heh... You two look good like that.... Get me wet again, and you’ll be like that for a while.”

Archer scoffed and merely looked away while Kimbly grinned, the wheels in his head turning as he thought about next time... There would be a next time...


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