A Shared Heart

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Title: A Shared Heart (revised)
Author: Vega-Lume
Beta: Krista (sorry hymie-kun)
Disclaimer: I don’t own the boys, I just like to play with them. (hee hee) and I do promise to put them back when I am done. (has fingers crossed behind her back)
Warning: Angst (duh), A/U, and my sorry attempts at humor.
Pairings: 2x1, 3x4x3, and 5xSally
Archive: media miner
Hugs to Krista for the wonderful beta job!

Please read the notes at the end. They explain a bit about the names.

For Naomi, who even though she retired from the fandom, will always be considered my friend.

Heero’s Heart chapter 1
By Vel

Summer vacation had finally arrived and a close group of friends had made plans to spend as much of their vacation together as they could.

Wufei, Quatre, Trowa, Hilde, Dorothy, Duo and Solo had grown up together in the small town of Johnston. They went to elementary school, middle school and high school together and they were all looking forward to starting the next school year as juniors.

They shared nearly everything with each other, and were pleased when just before the end of the school year Trowa and Quatre announced that they were now officially a couple. Everyone already knew that they were together so it was about time that they admitted to it. Wufei’s girlfriend Sally; though not quite a full member of their little family yet, was a welcome addition to some of their group activities. She moved to Johnston two years ago went to a private prep. School for girls so she didn’t have the same history with the group that the others did.

They basically lived normal lives in a normal suburban town.


“Hey Thea, what’s going on? Wufei says that you’re going away for a while.” Duo said.

“Yeah, I’m going to Rowing for a while. I’m not sure how long I’ll be staying.” A pained look filled her eyes.

“Your brother?” Duo inquired softly.

Dorothy sighed and nodded. “It won’t be long now, he’s so sick. I had hoped that he would get well but…I...” She swallowed down a sob. “…I think he’ll be gone before I come back.”

Duo laid a comforting hand on his friends’ shoulder. “I’m so sorry; I know that you were looking forward to your dads’ family moving here.”

“I think that he and Linda will still come after the funeral, but I was really looking forward to you and the others meeting Heero. He is such…” Dorothy paused; bringing a hand up to cover her quivering mouth as she fought the urge to cry. “He’s such a wonderful person… Gods Duo I don’t want him to die!” She buried her face in her friends’ chest, crying openly now.

“Shh, it’s going to be alright, I know that it’s hard, but just remember that he won’t be in any more pain.” He said softly, resting his cheek against her soft blond hair.

He felt Dorothy nod beneath his cheek. //That was true// She thought. He had been so sick for so long that it would be a mercy for him, and an end to all of his suffering.

“Duo?” Duo looked past Dorothy to see Hilde standing a few feet away a questioning expression on her face he shook his head in the negative, and Hilde nodded in understanding before walking away.

“I have to go. My mom will be here soon to take me to the bus station.” Duo pulled back looking into his friends tear stained face. He used his fingers to wipe the tears from her cheeks and offered a small smile.

“I’m always here if you need me, you know that right?” Dorothy nodded “Call me whenever you need me, even if it’s three in the morning.”

Dorothy smiled. “Thank you Duo, I’ll call you when I get there if I can.” A car horn sounded and Dorothy looked towards the source then turned back to her friend. “That’s mom, I’ll talk to you later.”

“Kay” he replied, giving the blond girl a brief hug. She gave him another small smile then hurried off to the waiting car. Duo waved at Dorothy’s mom and the blond woman behind the wheel nodded in return.

Duo watched as Dorothy’s mom pulled away from the curb. He looked on with aching heart even after the car turned a corner and was out of sight.

Hilde returned a few moments after the car pulled away. “What was that all about?” she asked pushing a dark strand of hair behind her ear. Duo took a moment to explain what was going on.

Their tight knit little group of friends were a family, each of them knowing all about what was happening with the others, so Duo was confidant that Dorothy would not mind if the others knew what was going on in her family. They were all there with her every step of the way when her parents went through their divorce; she was only eleven at the time, and when her father moved away. They even offered support a year later during her depression at the thought that her beloved father was starting a new family with a woman who already had an eleven-year-old son.

However, when she came back from her first visit after her father remarried, Dorothy’s depression had completely disappeared. She still was and always would be ‘daddy’s little girl’ and she adored her new younger brother. Especially when she announced that when her brother got well; from some illness that he had, her father and his family would be moving back to Johnston to be closer to her.

They were only staying in Rowing because of the larger city’s excellent Children’s Hospital.

It wasn’t until she was fifteen that the group learned that her brother was very, very ill and the likelihood that he would get well was very slim, but Dorothy always held the hope that he would one day recover and her friends would get the chance to meet him.

Now that hope was crushed, and she was going to see him for what would most likely be the last time.


That night the small group of friends sat around their usual table at the local pizza place and had a Coca-Cola toast to Dorothy each offering a kind word in the support of their friend. It wasn’t the ideal way to start summer vacation but this was one of the ways they showed how much they cared for each other.

“I know that we never got the chance to know Heero the way Dorothy does, but I feel that he is already a part of our family.” Solo said softly. Wufei nodded.

“Yes, we know so much about him, through her, that I personally feel that I already know him.” The Chinese boy replied.

“I agree.” Hilde added. Quatre and Trowa both nodded in agreement.

“To Heero!” Duo said, raising his glass.

“To Heero!” the others called in unison, lifting their glasses as well.


Dorothy stepped out of the taxi that had taken her from the bus station to the hospital. She hadn’t wanted to go to the house knowing that no one would be there so she went directly to the hospital.

As she walked through the main entrance, her heart gave a painful squeeze at the thought that she knew right where to go with out having to ask the woman behind the receptionist’s desk. She rode the elevator up to the then third floor then took a left. Heero’s room was the second door on her right.

The door was open, and when she peeked in, she was surprised to find that neither her father nor stepmother were in there.

“Heero?” she called softly her heart aching at the idea that she was too late.

“Dorothy?” the voice that called back was soft and questioning.

Feeling the squeeze lighten a bit, she made her way deeper into the room. She left her rolling suitcase near the door, in a place where it wasn’t likely for any one to stumble over it then stepped up to the hospital bed.

The boys’ room was decorated with get-well-soon cards and momentos from home. His bed had been draped in a colorful afghan that Linda had crocheted from various shades of blue yarn a few years back and a large flat stuffed dog that Heero at the age of six had dubbed “pillow-pooch” {1} lay next to his other pillow.

“Hey” She said softly. “Where’s Linda and dad?”

“Getting coffee.” He replied weakly, shifting in the small bed, so that he was sitting up more. The pajama top he was wearing shifted slightly to reveal a pale thin shoulder. Several wires trailed out through the neck opening to connect the one of the many machines that filled the small room.

“How’re you feeling?” She asked, it was a common question.

“Not too bad.” A common response.

“He’s eating better now.” A deep, warm voice said from the doorway.

“Daddy!” Dorothy called hurrying over to give the tall blond man a hug. She noticed Linda standing just behind him and moved to hug her as well. Despite the weariness that plagued her face, Dorothy still thought that her stepmother was a stunningly beautiful woman, with her glossy honey-blond hair and green eyes. Dorothy had often wondered where Heero got his eyes, when it was obvious that his father was of Asian descent.

“Why didn’t I get a hug?” Heero called in a teasing tone. He hated being alone, and though his family was in the room, he couldn’t see them with the curtain closed.

Dorothy chuckled lightly and made her way back to the bed, she leaned down giving him a gentle hug.

“There” she said smiling down at him. He pouted.

“That was weak.” He said, pretending to be hurt. Dorothy rolled her eyes and leaned down again, this time she made sure to give him a good hard squeeze.

“Better?” Dorothy asked.

“A little” He replied, a small smile playing on his lips.

“You’re hopeless!” Dorothy wailed in mock frustration.

“You have to practically squeeze until his head pops off before he’s satisfied.” Odin chuckled taking his usual seat. Smiling Dorothy plopped down on her dads’ lap so Linda could have the other chair. The family spent the evening chatting and catching up on all that Dorothy had missed.

She hadn’t been able to visit for nearly a month due to finals at school. Her mother, though understanding of the situation, felt that Dorothy should at least finish the school year before going off to visit again. At least with the school year over, Dorothy could stay longer then her usual day and a half.

They shared a light meal and Dorothy was pleased to see that Heero had indeed gained a bit more of an appetite then he had had the last time she had been to see him. After supper, Heero dozed off so Odin called it a night. He made sure that the nurses knew to tell Heero that they had gone home for the night.

The boy tended to get agitated if left alone for too long, if they were home and he needed to talk, he had the option to call no matter what time it was. It made him feel better knowing that they were all just a phone call away.


The ward was quiet, the third shift nurses had just finished their rounds and were reporting in any new information on the patients under their care. The resident Physician was standing at the nurses’ station going over a patient’s chart while the head nurse sat at the computer logging in the new information brought to her by her nurses.

It was nearly two in the morning when an emergency alarm sounded through the ward. The doctor and head nurse rushed to room 4 where the alarm was originating.

The patient was in full cardiac arrest.


The steady ringing of the phone drew the groggy Odin out of a sound sleep, fumbling slightly he managed to switch on the light before answering the phone.

“Hello?” he asked his voice still soft from sleep.

“Mr. Lowe?” A weary yet familiar voice asked

“Yes?” Odin replied now suddenly quite wide-awake.

“This is Dr. Harrison Perkins.” Odin’s stomach clenched “We need you to come down to the hospital.”

“Alright, we’ll be there in ten minutes.” They said a quick goodbye, and then Odin turned to wake his wife. Less then five minutes later they were dressed and on the way to the hospital.

Dorothy clung to her fathers’ hand while they were in the lounge waiting for the doctor to come and speak with them.

They didn’t have to wait long. The kindly looking doctor knocked gently before entering. He crouched down so that he was eye level with the family and offered a small smile to Dorothy before turning his attention to her parents.

“Heero had a heart attack about a half an hour ago. He went into cardiac arrest, we managed to pull him through, but he’s very weak now. It won’t be long, I’m sorry.” Linda choked back a sob and buried her face in Dorothy’s hair.

“H…how long?” Odin asked.

The doctor sighed, shaking his head in a negative manner. “A week, at the most.”

Odin nodded sadly and turned to his wife and daughter.

“I’ll leave you alone. When you feel ready you can go see him.” The doctor stood, and after one final sad glance at the family, who were by now; all clinging to each other, he left the room.

Odin had leaned in; his long arms wrapped around the two most important women in his life. It was several long moments later before any of them felt composed enough to leave the room.

The family was subdued, as they stood at Heero’s bedside looking down.

Heero was very pale, and looked much more fragile then he had earlier that night. An oxygen mask covered his nose and mouth and some bruising caused by the doctor’s resuscitation efforts were clearly visible on the boys’ now bare chest.

Sniffling Linda pulled the afghan up to Heero’s chin then leaned down to place a kiss on his forehead before taking his chilled hand in hers and sitting down in her usual chair.

The large lounge chair that folded out into a sleeper was made up into a somewhat comfortable bed where Odin insisted that Dorothy lay down and try to get a bit more sleep. Dorothy doubted that she would fall asleep but with the small comfort that she was in the same room with Heero she managed a few hours.

When she woke she noticed that her dad wasn’t there and Linda was bent forward, resting her head on Heero’s bed dozing gently. Dorothy stood and made her way to her stepmother shaking the woman softly to wake her.

“Huh?” Linda mumbled sitting up and blinking her large eyes.

“Hey, I’m up now, why don’t you lay down for a bit. I’ll sit with him for a while.” Linda glanced down at Heero a sighed sadly, she could almost pretend that he would wake up soon smiling. She nodded in answer to Dorothy’s suggestion then went over to the makeshift bed and lay down.

When Dorothy was sure that Linda was asleep, she picked up the phone and dialed a number that she knew by heart. It was lucky that Johnston was close enough to Rowing that there were no long distance charges.

“Hullo?” the voice that answered was quiet and a bit scratchy from sleep.


“Oh, Thea. Hey.” Duo said rubbing his eyes. He turned to look at the clock; the large red LCD numbers flashed 6:47 am.

“Hi Duo, sorry to wake you, it’s just that Linda’s sleeping and I’m not sure where dad is.” She whispered, feeling very alone.

“It’s okay, like I said yesterday. You can call me whenever you need too, even if it’s three in the morning.” Duo told her gently whilst sitting up more comfortably.

“Thanks.” She said softly

“So what’s going on? Wanna talk about it?” He heard the girl sigh sadly.

“Heero had a heart attack last night and his heart stopped. The doctor got it stared again but… he’s so weak no….now. He hasn’t even woken up yet.”

“Oh Thea…”Duo breathed. “I’m so sorry”

“He…” Her voice wavered for a moment “The doctor doesn’t think he’ll last much longer. I’m going to loose him I…I’m so scared.” She finished in a pained whisper.

“Do you need me? Solo’s mom is letting us use the car today. I’m sure she’ll let us drive up. We can be there for you.” Duo’s voice was filled with concern.

“Duo I don’t…” she began hesitantly.

“Do you need us?” Duo interrupted “Just say ‘yes’ and we’ll be there today, even if we have to take the bus. Hell I’m sure we could all come up but I don’t think having seven of us there would be a good idea.”

Dorothy choked back a sob. “Yes. Please Duo I… I don’t think I’m much comfort to them right now.”

Duo scoffed. “Just you being there is a comfort to them. I know it as sure as my name is Duo Maxwell.”

“But your name isn’t Duo.” Dorothy teased a bit of a laugh in her voice. “It’s Duane.” She could hear the braided boy grumbling under his breath. He hated being called Duane.

“Listen, Thea.” Duo began. “Let me get dressed and I’ll go talk to Solo. Call me back here in say…” He paused to glance at the clock again. “Umm…about an hour and a half.”

Dorothy noted the time. “Okay, around eight thirty.” She agreed.

“Talk to ya then.” Duo said in place of good-bye and hung up the phone.

Duo jumped up from bed, shucking his sleep shirt and boxers making a dash to the bathroom and rushing through his morning routine. Skipping the hair washing he managed to knock about fifteen minutes off of his usual half and hour.

Once Duo was washed, dressed and brushed he hurried down to the kitchen, wolfing down a plain bagel and a glass of orange juice he threw a “see ya later mom” over his shoulder before dashing into the back yard and hopping the fence into the next one.

Duo and Solo had lived next to each other their whole lives. It was just easier to jump the fence and throw rocks then it was to walk the long way around to the front of the house and knock.

He stood under his friends’ window and chucked a rock at the shingles next to the boys’ bedroom window. The rock made a solid thunk and a moment later Solo was popping his head outside.

“What are you doing here so early? I thought we were hitting the mall this afternoon?” The brown-eyed blond called down. With a confused expression

“Dorothy called.” Duo said as an explanation.

Solo nodded in complete understanding “I’ll be down in ten.” He said turning back into his room.
Duo took a seat on the tire-swing in the old swing-set that they used to play on when they were younger and waited for his friend to get dressed or whatever he did first in the morning.

It was at least fifteen minutes later before Duo threw another stone. He used to throw them to hit the glass but after breaking three windows, he made sure to hit the side of the house instead.

“Solo! C'mon. We’re gonna be late!” Duo shouted.

“Yeah, yeah, Max. Hold on a sec, I ain't go'in anywhere in the nude, let me get dressed first!”

“Heh, I bet Crisy'd love to see you in the nude!” Duo's teasing comment had the desired affect and his best friend turned beet red.

“Asshole!” the blond shouted down to his longhaired friend.

“EDWARD MICHAEL SOLOVAN JR., WATCH YOUR LANGUAGE!” Mrs. Solovan shouted from the hallway. Duo burst out laughing.

“Sorry, mum!” Solo shouted back, then threw the violet-eyed boy a glare.

“Just wait ‘til I get my hands on you, *Duane*.” He hissed before closing the window.

Duo groaned, he hated to be called by his given name.


Solo’s mother had given them a few errands to run before they could go to Rowing to be with Dorothy.

They decided to wait until after Dorothy called before they did anything else, that way they could make sure they didn’t miss the call.

They both spoke to her, explaining the plans of the day. The pair expected to arrive in Rowing by about three in the afternoon.

They left to run Mrs. Solovan’s errands at about nine am.

It was a busy morning, there were kids everywhere and the stores were crowded. If they didn’t hurry they would be late leaving the city. Rushed they got everything done as fast as they could.

They never saw the kid as she darted out into the street after her dog; not until it was too late. Solo swerved narrowly missing the child only to collide head on with an on coming car.

Neither boy felt the crash, in an instant it was over. Duo woke up in the hospital eleven days later.
Solo never woke up again.

Brain dead, that's what the doctors told Solo's mother. The life support machines were the only things keeping him alive. Pull the plug and let him go. She did.

'Solo', Edward Michael Solovan Jr. died on June 19th at the age of 17.

On June 19th, Heero Yuy age 15, began to live


Mawhahahahahaahaha! Now that's one hell of a cliffhanger!

{1} Pillow-Pooch is mine, he’s a big brown stuffed dog that I have had ever since I was a little girl and to this day I still use him as a pillow. And the afghan is not mine, but it too exists. My friend spent over a year making a beautiful afghan of various shades of blue yarn as a gift for her husband.

Oh, Linda is the name of the woman whom Odin would have married in Naomi’s Shattered Moments. I borrowed her with Naomi’s blessing. If you haven’t read it yet then I suggest you read it. * points a sharpened pair of chopsticks at you*

More notes. Okay when Dorothy’s parents were divorced, she took her mother’s last name so she is no longer a Lowe. And Odin, though married to Heero’s mother he never adopted the boy, so Heero kept his dead father’s last name thus leaving him a Yuy. Hope that clears things up for the folks who inquired about the names when I posted the old version a few years ago.

The condition that Heero is suffering from is called Tetralogy of Fallot. I will explain more about it in later chapters
if you don't want to wait I recommend this site http://www.webmd.com/heart-disease/tetralogy-fallot

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