Pixelgoddess’s Birthday Present

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Disclaimer: I don’t own DB/Z/GT or any of the characters found in this fic. They are the property of TOEI ANIMATION in Japan and FUNimation in the U.S.A. I am making no profit from this work of fanfiction.

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Warnings – M/M/M yaoi, crossover, PWP, some language. Lemon. Oral, anal, completely wrong things to do with statuary that turns out not to be a statue at all. A/U in which the time lines for both series have come and gone. Unnaturally long life spans of both demons and saiyan desendants. And a certain creature has managed to learn to control himself without his limiter after centuries of meditation. T/Gt/SG aka ST

Fandoms – DBZ and Saiyuki

Pixelgoddess’s Birthday Present

It had been a long while since lust had hit him so hard. He could only think to blame the strong life forces Hakkai had brought to the temple with him. There was nothing else out of the ordinary.

He sat lotus style on the dark gray marble floor and lit some calming incense before closing his eyes. They were guests and would be gone in a day or two. He would meditate his way through this and once they were gone he would write a letter to Hakkai and make it someone’s mission to see the letter was delivered.

Only a couple of hours had passed when the door to the chamber opened and errant lust-inducing guests were troubling his sanctuary.


“Goten!” Trunks whispered harshly down the hall at his lover. It had been decades since he’d seen his friend behave as he was now. It was like they were kids again only this time it was Goten causing mischief.

“Oh, come on Trunks! This place is HUGE. You know they are hiding ancient secrets,” Goten said over his shoulder. He turned around fully while licking his lips at the sight of his lover. Trunks’ skin was flushed pink from having stayed in the hot bath for too long. He watched as Trunks caught up to him enjoying how the older man’s muscles moved; there was something to be said about making Trunks wander around in nothing but a towel. The only thing better would be if there was no towel.

Trunks finally managed to get within a couple of steps of Goten readying to give him an earful about proper edict and maturity when he realized it was too late. That gleam in his lover’s eyes and the pink tip of his tongue licking over his lips were his only warnings before his towel was ripped away from his waist and Goten was fleeing into the room behind the door he had been leaning against. “GOTEN!” he was forced to pursue Goten into the same room in hopes of getting his towel back. “I am so going to beat your ass when we finally have our clothes back!” he hissed. He jerked to a stop as the door closed loudly behind him. The room was dimly lit with a sweet smelling smoke filling the air. He just hoped it there wasn’t any opium in the incense.

Goten smirked, “Why wait?” he asked quirking an eyebrow, “Have I been a bad boy, Trunks? I think I have. You should spank me,” he held up the towel he’d stolen from Trunks, pulling it just out of reach as Trunks grabbed for it, “Ah, ah, ah,” he waggled his index finger at his friend, “Too hasty and I’ll torch it.”

“Give it back,” Trunks hissed. He wasn’t in the mood for this type of game at the moment, “I am not wandering around this temple naked!” he growled.

“Please?” Goten prompted.

Trunks narrowed his eyes. Goten was challenging him. He smirked as he ascended, “Don’t think that because I respect these peoples’ beliefs that I won’t level the place,” if there were one thing Goten had a weakness for, Trunks knew it was him – ascended.

Goten tried really, really hard to keep his focus on Trunks’ face. Part of him was still so fascinated by Trunks’ eyes turning violet instead of aqua; but then, the same adventure had made his own stay black when he ascended. He shook himself mentally back to the matters at hand. Trunks was finally playing, but to keep him playing Goten knew he had to stay one step ahead without actually make his lover angry. An angry Trunks couldn’t be convinced to do anything he didn’t want to do. He sighed as though he had given up and held out the towel for Trunks to grab.

“Thank you, Goten,” Trunks said; relieved he wasn’t going to have to fight Goten for a stupid towel. He yelped as the material he’d finally gotten hold of was jerked and found himself surrounded by Goten’s arms.

There was only one way to assure Trunks didn’t go into another tirade and Goten took it. He pressed his lips against Trunks’ and kissed the breath out of him. He only broke away when he felt his lover relax and smirked as he ran one finger down Trunks length, “Mmm, I like.”

“Goten…” Trunks told himself he was not going to do this…

“Come on, baby,” Goten purred as he wrapped his fingers lightly around Trunks erection and stroked just as lightly.

“Goten,” Trunks said in a sterner tone, “I am not doing this here. They gave us a perfectly suitable room…”

Goten whined and then kissed Trunks again. He noted with satisfaction Trunks wasn’t putting up much of a fight.

No matter how many years they had been together Trunks realized he was a sucker when it came to Goten’s kisses. He used the only defense he had found in the last hundred years and broke away, “Let’s go find our room,” he suggested quietly.

“Why?” Goten asked, smirking, “Afraid to do it here?” he snickered, “Come on, be naughty for me,” he said as he stepped away, walking backwards towards the middle of the room. He beckoned Trunks to follow him with one finger.

“Goten, what if this is some sort of sacred room for them?” Trunks said, following despite his reservations. He frowned as Goten giggled, “I’m serious.”

Goten shook his head and pointed to a statue in the middle of the floor, “If it is a sacred room, then it’s my kind of sacred.”

Trunks felt his eyes widen as he took a good look at the pointy-eared statue with an erect, jutting phallus. “Is it some sort of fertility god?” he asked.

Goten shrugged, “How should I know?” he giggled as he moved closer and was better able to see the statue, “I bet this room is where the monks come when they just can’t behave themselves any more,” he suggested.

The hair on the statue was obviously not stone. Some type of animal must have provided the long chestnut strands. Trunks thought it might have been a horse, but they seemed too fine for horsehair, “Then why wouldn’t the statue be female?” he asked and then regretted his question immediately.

Goten kneeled on the surprisingly warm floor next to the attractive figurine, “Oh, come on, Trunks. Do you want me to explain it?” he smirked over his shoulder at his lover as he set Trunks’ towel down, “Or should I show you how I think it works?” he turned back to the statue and winked, “You are rather life-like, aren’t you?” he asked it, “You should see its eyes, Trunks. They are beautiful. I wonder what kind of glass or stone they are made out of.”

“Goten…” Trunks couldn’t believe Goten would do it… “If it is used for that it’s probably not sanitary…”

“Oh, come on Trunks. You know they have purification rituals for everything,” Goten argued and then turned back to the statue and smiled as he noted a bowl of oil. He unwrapped the towel from around his waist and dipped his fingertips into the oil, “Show and tell then…” he warned as he reached back to prep himself. He watched over his shoulder to make sure he had Trunks’ full attention.

Trunks watched in disbelief as Goten fingered himself, realized he wasn’t breathing and took a harsh breath through his nose, almost gagging as the sweet smoke tickled the back of his throat. He knew he should be ordering Goten to stop this perverseness even as he knew he wasn’t going to. Letting Goten be the kinky bastard he was is what had held his interest over the decades.

Goten smirked as he watched Trunks fight with himself and finally lose. He gasped as he slipped his fingers inside, stroking and stretching himself and making those noises he knew did all but light Trunks on fire. He bit his lower lip as he turned back to the statue and tried to gauge if he’d prepped himself enough yet. He pulled his fingers away as he concluded there was only one true test to figure that out.

Trunks could feel his eyes getting wider and wider. Some small part of him had continued to hope Goten wouldn’t go through with this. That he would stop just short of doing the actual deed. When Goten took his fingers away, turned his ass towards the statue, straddled the figures legs and slowly started leaning back Trunks realized…that wasn’t going to happen. He also realized he was going to let Goten do it, because no matter how wrong it was he was turned on by what his lover was doing.

Goten lost his smirk as he focused on sliding down the statue’s erection. Having expected at least a little bit of roughness and some coolness he was surprised at how smooth and warm it was. He almost pulled away as he realized in order for the stone to be that silky it must have had thousands of participants – and then he hit his g-spot.

Trunks shivered and bit his lip at the groan that escaped Goten. He continued watching as Goten pulled up and then pressed back again - his lover’s calls becoming louder. He gripped himself as his erection became painful, “Goten,” he whined.

Goten stilled at Trunks’ needy plea, “Come here lover,” he panted as he patted a spot on the floor, “You’ll like this. I’ll suck you off as I fuck myself.”

There had to be drugs in the incense. Not only should he not be tempted to do this, but he also could have sworn he saw the statue flinch when Goten stopped. If there were drugs, then it was too late to apologize and with that conclusion he found himself kneeling before Goten and running his fingers through his partner’s hair as the other opened his mouth and took him in.

Goten closed his eyes as Trunks slid over his tongue. He groaned in appreciation of the scent such nearness accentuated and the taste, sucking gently as he pulled away from his lover and slid down on the statue. Getting it from both ends was something he used to think about early in their relationship before he realized Trunks was a jealous and possessive mate and would never willingly share him with anyone. He’d given up on that fantasy a long time ago, but this – this was pretty darn close.

Trunks was torn between closing his eyes at the feeling of Goten blowing him or keeping them open to watch everything going on. His grip tightened as he swore he saw the statues eyes move to look up at him, but was unable to voice his concerns as his lover suddenly deep throated him rendering him breathless.

Goten pulled away, chuckling lightly around his mouthful as he felt Trunks’ grip tighten and then loosen slightly. He rocked between the two as he felt his lover’s hands move, one on his shoulder, the other down his spine. He didn’t realize Trunks’ had such a long reach, but the nails down his spine felt really good and he purred his appreciation.

The effectiveness of the drugs was rather disturbing. Not only did it look as though the statue was breathing, but he was also hallucinating it had just moved its arm and ran its nails down Goten’s spine and then gripped his hips. “Go…” he was once again rendered speechless as Goten purred around him and then took him deep.

Goten jerked forward as a hand gripped his hip unexpectedly. No matter how limber Trunks was that wasn’t possible. He was pulled back to the statue with not one, but two hands, and he could still feel Trunks’ other hand on his shoulder. Three hands…he was pulled back again and held still for a moment before being pushed forward and then pulled back again. Obviously he had misjudged something; but the stranger wasn’t voicing any objections and Goten wasn’t about to pass this opportunity up by freaking out. He’d seen too much, done too much, to be freaked out by something as simple of having sex with a stranger. Besides, concern for the unexpected seemed like such a waste of energy; especially when he was being manipulated so skillfully.

Trunks could feel it building now. Those challenging predatory eyes watching him, split pupils surrounded by golden irises dilating with lust. He panted as he gripped Goten’s hair again. One of the statue’s hands released Goten’s hip while the other trained onto the small of his lover’s back, keeping the rhythm going. He loosened his grip on Goten’s shoulder as slender fingers with sharp nails worked under his palm, a thumb smoothing over the back of his hand.

Then their fingers were laced and both tightened their grips. Trunks realized he wasn’t hallucination as sensation shot down his wrist and forearm. It may have been pain if he hadn’t been ascended, but as it was – he lost his concentration.

The combination of Trunks’ sweet call as he came and insistent pounding rhythm had Goten climbing and then tumbling to his own climax moments later. He was jerked back and held in place before he felt the statue – person finish before he was released.

Moments passed with no other sound than the three of them panting in the chamber. Then Goten felt Trunks pulling him away from the other person. “Trunks…I didn’t know…” he began to panic, thinking his lover would be upset. He hadn’t scented the stranger over the incense and he had felt absolutely no ki signature….

Trunks shook his head as he held Goten to his side while sneering at the stranger, “It’s not your fault; the incense was drugged.”

The other person sneered back, “It certainly isn’t my fault and it is only a mild sedative in the incense,” The Sage licked his lips as he looked the pair over, “You foreigners have a strange way of introducing yourselves; I like it.”

For a moment both Goten and Trunks stared at the statue turned someone in disbelief.

Then Goten laughed, “I wish introducing myself was always this enjoyable.”

Trunks snorted, “You would, pervert,” he rolled his eyes as Goten smirked at him. “You aren’t going to be any help, are you?” After Goten shook his head while trying to quiet his laughter, Trunks turned back to the stranger, “I am Briefs Trunks. And this,” he nudged Goten.

Goten barely got, “Son Goten,” out of his mouth before he was laughing again.

The Sage’s golden eyes widened after the last introduction. The other two stilled at his pause, and then he spoke, “Briefs Trunks, Son Goten; I am glad to make your acquaintance. The monks here call me Seiten Tensei or ‘The Great Sage’. To others, less formally, I am known as Son Goku.”

It took a moment for the names to set in.

Then Trunks paled.

Goten fainted.

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