Primal Heat

BY : DefiantVixen
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Primal Heat

Summary: Ray is a dominate male neko-jin in heat, lusting for Kai, who he discovers is a submissive female neko-jin in heat. Staying in an isolated cabin, just the two of them, quickly becomes too much for Ray to handle. So, he pounces on Kai...

Pairings: Ray/Kai

Warnings: Female Kai. Submissive Kai. Dominate Ray. Nudity. Erotic lemon, smut and blatant PWP. Multiple lemon scenes. Long One-shot. Swearing.

Disclaimer: I don’t own the anime Beyblade or any of the characters associated. No money is being made from this piece of fanwork. I am merely a harmless, but perverted fangirl.

AN: My first attempt at a smut filled fic. I guess I am a perverted fangirl who enjoys genderbending and blatant smut fics. So, I decided to combine the two. I’ll write any sort of smut; threesome, foursome, bondage, etc. But not rape, I’m against rape of any kind and find it repulsive. Yes, even this lover of smut has some form of limitations. This story isn’t on FF.Net, as I’m sure the rating is too high for that site, but if I’m wrong, let me know.

Well, without further ado, I hope you enjoy my first smut-fic. And if things go well, I might attempt another.


Ray knew it was time. He was 19 years of age, after all. Truth be told, he was expecting this to happen for a year now. To his village, it wasn't his age that signalized his adulthood, nor was it the accomplishment of finding a place in society.

It was when they reached heat and took on a mate who they can dominate and pleasure, and keep them as their one and only until they die.

Yes, Ray was in Heat, as cliché as that sounded.

Being in heat wasn't about the constant need to have sex; that was only partly it. It wasn't about finding someone to impregnate, either. Heat involved him finding a suitable partner with a scent that drove him insane and mate with them, marking them as his until it was time for them to start a family, where they would be together until they grow old and die. Mating was a bond between two neko-jins, a sign of trust, intimacy and forming a closeness that they cannot and will not form with another person. During heat, if their desired partner was female (in their village, males are permitted to mate with males and females are the same with other females), she cannot become pregnant during their mating ritual as her body protected herself against foreign invaders. All the submissive female wanted during heat was unadulterated pleasure and to be dominated by their partner, in the most natural way possible.

The males usually loved being with a female in heat, which meant they don't have to use the rubbery condoms. It was more pleasurable to take them the way nature intended and release their hot semen deep inside them, claiming them. They could do this many times as they wanted, and so long as the female was in heat, she would not become pregnant.

To the male neko-jin, the most important thing in his life was his partner. Their lives, comfort and pleasure was the only thing that mattered, and they would protect them with their lives. If another neko-jin tried to take their partner away from them, they would often times fight them to the death. The mated neko-jin was consistently the victor as his territorial feline instincts evolved and his ability to fight for what was his increased into a frightening level.

That protectiveness never decreased so long as their mate lives. When they have offspring of their own, the mate would watch and take care of the children, all the while submitting to their mate, while the dominate neko would protect everyone from any type of danger.

After the Heat effects have passed, the closeness between neko and his chosen partner remained strong. After their first initial orgies of sexual fantasy, comes another form of heat, but this was comes every night of a full moon, hence the title Full Moon Heat; the overwhelming need to screw their partners senseless last as long as the full moon does.

But, when there is a blue moon, two full moons in one month, the Full Moon Heat turns into a Blue Moon Heat and lasts for the entire month! Nothing but pure and wild sex, anytime, anywhere, for the entire month. Ray couldn’t even imagine what a full month of sex would be like, but he was looking too far ahead in the future. He has to deal with his first Heat first.

So, in other words, being in Heat meant finding the perfect partner, with an alluring and overpowering scent to take as his own, their potential mate submitting to them completely as they fuck them senseless in any and all positions they so desired.

Ray believed himself to be a dominate male, as he had the incredible urge to take someone, dominate them utterly and make them scream out in the utmost pleasure imaginable.

And it couldn't have come at the worst time.

He was currently on a three week vacation with his teammates from Grevolution. They were staying in self-contained cabins at a mountain lodge, in the middle of the storm season –and surprised, was storming now- and was sharing a cabin with the one person he so desperately wanted to fuck into the nearest thing he could find.

He was sharing a cabin with the sexy and sultry Kai Hiwatari.

But there was something undoubtable feline about Kai, he had noticed. Today in particular, he had been looking at him in a strange way, as if he was holding back about something. And then, when Ray reached the start of being in heat, his feline senses increased in sensitivity and he could smell a scent that drove him wild.

It was that of a female neko-jin in heat, he was sure of it. He had smelt something like it before, but this smell, it was intoxicating.

And Kai had that deliciously female scent. It was powerful and assaulting all his senses that were amplified by the fact that he was in heat himself and his primitive urges are coming forward. His penis was steadily becoming aroused and hard, the need to plunge it repeatedly deep inside Kai’s warms and moist cavern was growing too much for him.

Although Kai had an alluring female scent, his eyes told him that Kai was a guy; he looked like one and dressed like one. But, there was no way his senses could be wrong. Kai had to be female in heat, and by the way she was looking at him earlier, she had to be sensing that he was a dominate male in heat.

Hmm, now that Ray thought about it, being stuck in this cabin with just Kai for company wasn’t a piece of bad luck after all. It meant no one else was around; just the two of them to do whatever it was that they wanted.

And he could make Kai beg and scream as loud as he wanted. He was going to take her hard and fast, and anyway he wanted.

The sultry female was currently having a shower in the bedroom ensuite, something about feeling flustered, much to Ray’s inner commanding male’s delight. He was sitting in the lounge room, listening to the water running, his mind easily imagining Kai standing naked and fully aroused under the jet of water. He wondered how big her breasts were and how they would feel under his commanding hands as he squeezed and fondled them.

Ray groaned when he felt his penis become unbearably hard that it was throbbing painfully. He was well and truly within Heat and he needed to have!

As soon as he heard the shower stop running, he leapt to his feet, his amber coloured eyes narrowing and darkening with lust as he strode into the bedroom, locking the door behind him.

He waited impatiently for the bathroom door of Kai’s bedroom ensuite to open and for him to see once and for all Kai’s real gender. The wait was killing him and if she didn’t appear soon, he was going to barge into the bathroom and take her on the floor. Not that he would mind taking her there and then, but he wanted to take her in a place a tad more comfortable on their bodies as he is going to be pounding into Kai’s body for a very long and frantic time.

Thankfully, before he could barge in, the door opened and out stepped Kai wearing only a towel, her surprisingly long hair wet and dripping down her back, and much to Ray’s delight Kai was in fact a girl. She had a rather decent sized bust, both pert and subtle, and he wondered if it is because she was feeling the effects of being in Heat as well.

Her delicious sent, amplified by the steam in the air from the bathroom, assaulted his senses once again and he let a growl erupt from his throat, successfully gaining Kai’s attention.

Kai’s eyes immediately widen in surprise and she clutched the towel tightly against her chest, taking a step backward. She was about to ask him what he thought he was doing in her room, when she felt a tremor coarse through her body. Ray was standing there, shirt open and hanging off his shoulders, the fly of his pants open and a very obvious erection hidden behind the thin layer of material of his underwear and an expression of wild wanton on his face.

She swallowed thickly when she realized that she had a sense of lust and want in her being as well. She wasn’t embarrassed being half naked in Ray’s presence; in fact, she felt turned on by the way Ray was looking at her.

He looked like a tiger ready to pounce and to ravish her senseless.

“Ray?” she said, her heartbeat increasing as she felt a strange heating sensation in her groin begin to appear.

“I want you, Kai,” Ray said, his voice husky with lust and coarse from the overwhelming need to take her, to run his hands all over her body, to make her scream. He just wanted, no needed, to be inside her. He needed to see her wither and moan underneath him.

Kai swallowed thickly, the blunt words making her blush and yet, were making her stomach feel strange with anticipation. Her lower regions began to pulsate and feel hot as well; the thought of having Ray enter her excited her completely.

“I want to fuck your brains out,” Ray said with an animalistic growl.

Kai shivered at the sound of his voice, at the sight of lust in his eyes. He wanted to fuck her brains out, huh? She had always had a fondness for her dark haired teammate, but now all she wanted was Ray to dominate her, to control her, to claim her as his.

So, in other words, she wanted him to fuck her senseless!

Slowly, she unravelled the towel around her body in a slowly, seductive way and stood there, completely naked with the towel hanging idle in her hand. She presented the towel to Ray, her eyes half-lidded with a come-hither look. “What are you waiting for?” she asked.

Ray stared at her naked body, the lust in his gaze increasing. Kai’s body was just about perfect, far better than what he had imagined. Her breasts, now that were free from the confinement of the towel, were full and pert, bigger than he first thought, the almond coloured nipples erect with arousal. Her stomach and abdomen flat and toned, her hip bones protruding under the creamy white skin. Her wet hair touched just above the delicious curl of her butt, which was toned and pert.

He didn’t know why Kai hid behind the facade of being male, especially with a body so tempting and seductive, and he didn’t really care to know the truth. All that mattered was that he wanted Kai to submit and she just did.

Without hesitation, Ray abruptly moved forward, ripped the towel out of her hand, threw it to the floor and then wrapped Kai up tightly in his arms, her naked breasts being crushed against his bare chest. He leaned forward and pressed his lips against hers, forcing her mouth open with his tongue as he licked and teased her mouth. She opened her lips and immediately Ray plunged his tongue deep inside her mouth, deep throating her for a moment, before pulling back to explore her mouth and then thrusting forward again, his tongue running along the roof of her mouth.

He was fucking her mouth with his tongue.

Kai immediately fell limp, submissive in his arms as he dominated her mouth. She let Ray control the kiss, allowing him full access to prod, taste, caress and stroke whatever he so desired. She then felt Ray stroke and caress her tongue, forcing her to enter his mouth just so he could suck hard on her tongue, causing shivers of delight to race through her body. No one has ever kissed her like this before, and if this kiss was any indication to what Ray has in store for her...

She trembled at the thought.

Breaking the kiss, a trail of salvia bridging between them, Ray turned Kai around in his arms and presses her back against his chest as his hands wandered up over his stomach to her chest, his large hands grasping and fondling her breasts, squeezing them and pinching the aroused dark honey coloured nipples, forcing them to become even harder under his administrations. They were as soft as he imagined and loved the way they felt in his hands, the nipples pressing against his palms. He loved the way they seemed to mould perfectly in his hands, and yet were firm and perky, bouncing and jiggling temptingly when her breathing increased. He watched his hands fondle her for a moment, the darkly tanned skin of his hands a stark contrast to her pale skin, and it looked erotic how completely Yin and Yang they were in appearance.

“Oh, Ray...” she whimpered as she pressed her back against his chest.

As he played with her breasts, he placed his mouth against the skin of her neck and began to bite and suck the tender flesh. The skin was still slightly damp from her shower, so he eagerly licked up all the remaining droplets before latching his mouth onto the delicious skin of her neck, sucking on the flesh to make it sensitive, preparing it from what he was about to do.

He was going to mark her, mark her as his and his alone.

Kai gasped in surprise and pleasure when Ray bit into the skin with his feline fangs, marking her as he sucked hard on the skin, forming a large hicky that would be hard to cover up. Not that she cared at all at the moment. She lifted her arm and ran a hand through his raven coloured hair, urging him on as her breathing increased and mews of delight passed her lips on regular bases. She tilted her head further to the side as Ray began to explore more of her flesh on her neck, letting her head fall back to rest on his shoulder as he spooned around her, his mouth touching her throat, and lingering over the hollow indentation of the skin where her throat meets her collarbone.

“Yes...” she hissed as Ray sucked hard on her skin, no doubt marking her once again.

She could feel his erection pressing against her backside and she could feel it throb with need. She was pulsating as well in her nether regions, the want to have that powerful arousal inside her, thrusting in and out, was too much for her. She needed!

“Ray,” she gasped. “I need you inside me, please!”

Understanding her need completely, Ray guided her over to the single bed and pushed her upon it, forcing her to climb on top of the sheets on her hands and knees. She was about to flop onto her back, but Ray’s hands on her hips prevented her from doing so. Feeling vulnerable, she glanced up at him through her hair with a questioning look.

“I want to take you like this,” Ray simply told her as he leant down and licked the base of her spine, which caused her to shiver. “Stay just like this for me.”

Kai nodded, bowed her head submissively and stayed still, feeling disappointed when he removed his hands, but she heard the sound of rustling material and she tilted her head to peer through her hair again. She watched as Ray removed his clothing, his shirt hastily coming off and falling to the floor unwanted and he then set about peeling off his pants and underwear.

It was almost as if it was painful as Ray uttered a groan, but then he sighed when his aching manhood reached the steadily heated air of the bedroom. It sprung to attention, thick and fully aroused; he could feel it twitch with anticipation for what was to come. He noticed that Kai seemed to twitch as well and he realized that she was watching him through her hair. He watched with a sense of smugness and superiority as Kai swallowed thickly, her eyes greedily taking in his fully aroused state.

A feral grin appeared on his lips as he walked over to the bed, grabbed Kai by her hips with two firm hands and settled behind her, his penis just nudging the opening of her vagina. “Do you like the feel of that?” he asked as he leaned over her, forcing Kai to gasp loudly and to land on her elbows.

“God, yes,” she moaned as he grinded his hips against her ass and forcing her legs further apart.

“Ready?” Ray asked as he licked the back of her neck, grazing his teeth against the skin.

“Hurry,” Kai whimpered, her lower regions pulsating with impatient anticipation. “Please.”

Finally, Ray entered her in one swift and powerful movement, filling her to the hilt. Kai made an erotic noise that was half surprise, half pleasure before she made another noise that sounded like a sensual mew of exhilaration that their bodies are finally joined together.

“Ng...” Ray also groaned at the joining, and slowly, as he rolled his hips, he pulled out his cock until only the head remained inside Kai before he tightened his hands on her hips and drove forward again. “Fuck, you feel incredible, Kai,” he panted.

“Ah!” Kai cried out, her face screwing up into an expression of bliss as Ray once again pulled out of her, only to thrust forward, filling her, driving deeper than the last thrust. “Oh my God...”

“So hot,” Ray murmured as he continued to move in and out, withdrawing before thrusting forward, the warm tightness of Kai around his cock was amazing. He never imagined that it would feel this outstanding, and he always dreamt that fucking Kai would be mind-blowing!

“Harder, Ray,” Kai pleaded, impatient with the way Ray seemed to be taking her painfully and torturously slowly.

Ray leaned over her body, forcing her onto her elbows and began to move his penis in and out at a much faster rate, each thrust steadily becoming harder than the last. Soon, he was thrusting so hard and powerfully into Kai that the bed was rocking and the bed head slamming against the wall of the bedroom.

“Fuck, Kai,” Ray growled as he pressed his chest against her back, his arms entrapping Kai against his body. “You’re fucking beautiful, you know that?”

“Oh, Ray,” Kai moaned as Ray pushed aside the hair from the back of her neck and then latches his mouth there, biting her lightly, enough to cause friction, but not enough to leave a semi-permanent mark.

The way that Ray was pounding into her, the way that he was biting the back of her neck, the way he leaned over her, the way his arms were confining her to that one spot, it was almost as if he was a tiger mating in the wilderness. Powerful, animalistic, possessive; Ray didn’t just have feline instincts, he had wild tiger instincts.

However, it was clear to Ray that this position wasn’t enough, he needed to drive himself deeper into Kai, take her completely and utterly. He pulled away from Kai’s body and placed his hands on her hips again, curling his fingers tightly around her. He pulled out almost completely before he thrust forward, this time grabbing Kai’s hips and slamming them back against him.

“AH!” Kai cried out as she threw her head back before dropping it again to rest against her forearms. She gripped the sheets tightly with her hands as Ray does that again, thrusting forward while pulling her back towards him with his hands. Pleasure ripped through every fibre of her being as Ray continued to take her in that way, feeling as though he was reaching further and further inside her.

It aroused him further as he watched his tanned skin meld with Kai’s pale white skin, his throbbing cock disappearing into the warm pinkish moisture of her vagina, in and out, his penis becoming slick from her body fluids mixing with his pre-cum semen.

She was so caught up in the rapture of Ray ravishing her body, numbing all senses other than touch that she was unaware that she was screaming in complete and utter abandonment. However, Ray was, and he enjoyed the sounds immensely. It was titillating and urged him on, his thrusts becoming harder and more powerful, wanting to hear more and more of her cries of bliss.

He could feel himself reaching his peak, but he didn’t want to release so soon. He was intent on dragging this out as long as possible, wanting to torture Kai a bit more even as she had reached orgasm and was completely overcome with ecstasy. She was quickly becoming numb from pleasure that she could no longer support herself on her elbows and fell onto the bed, her face pressed against the pillows as Ray continued to grip her hips, keeping her lower body off the bed.

Ray was pounding into her, fucking her senseless. Throwing his head back on growls and groans of pleasure, he continued to thrust his cock in and out of Kai’s body. The sound of the bed head slamming against the wall increased with his frantic thrusts, the bed legs squeaking from the continuous movements; he just couldn’t get enough of Kai.

“I’m not done with you yet,” he growled from deep within his throat.

Ray sat back on his feet as he pulled Kai back against his chest and into his lap, his hands gripping her breasts tightly, burying himself deep inside her warm body. Kai let her head roll back to rest on his shoulder and he began sucking on her neck again, his hands relentlessly groping her chest.

“Haa...” Kai breathed deeply, her mouth becoming dry from the constantly shrieks and screams of pleasure. “Hn!”

Heat grew and grew in her groin, Ray’s aching manhood thrusting in and out at a frantic pace. She felt herself come, and even though she threw her head back on a loud cry, Ray was relentless in his movements. He appeared well aware that she was well and truly riding the waves of her peak, but he hadn’t released his seed yet and wasn’t going to stop until he did. So, Ray, the seemingly sadistic bastard, continued to keep her riding the waves of an intense and relentless orgasm.

So this was the elusive orgasm that women the world over try to gain? Kai was experiencing it in such a way that would make them incredibly jealous as this orgasm was endless. Pleasure was felt all over her body, stemming from her inner most heat and she lost all sense of time. She had no idea how long this ecstasy was, or how long it’s been going on, but it felt never ending, and no end was clearly in sight. She could no longer hear the bed head slamming against the wall or the legs on the bed squeak in protest.

It was soon becoming too much for her to handle.

“Ray,” she whimpered as she began to bounce herself on his lap in an attempt to reach final climax. “Please, I need you to...”

But her words were lost when Ray bit into the flesh of her neck again in an animalistic way. He continued to fondle her breasts, mark her delicate skin and drive upwards into her body, no matter how many times she begged to find release, he wasn’t willing to give it to her just yet.

“I’m not ready yet,” he replied as Kai begged for a chance to climax.

He had dreamt of having Kai completely at his mercy for a very long time now, and there was no way he was going to let this moment pass without relishing it; Kai’s pleading and begging. Her cries and screams of pleasure. And the way her body was moving against his and the feel of her warmth around his cock.

He had her exactly where he wants her; completely under his command.

Removing one hand from her breasts, he placed it on his hip as he began to bounce her harder on his lap, Kai seemingly incapable of doing it herself, completely numb with pleasure, completely at his mercy. Thrusting hard and fast into Kai, relishing in the sounds she was making, the way she was saying his name with a small and pleading whine over and over again, he wasn’t sure how much longer he could last himself.

Finally, the tightness in his groin was too much for him and he knew that he had reached his limit...for now, anyway. Being in Heat meant incredible stamina, so after he recovered from this bout, he would take her again. And again. And again, if he wanted.

He was sure Kai would be more than happy to let him do what he wanted with her, as her stamina had increased as well.

“I’m going to come, Kai,” Ray finally growled out as he started to bounce Kai even more frantically on his painfully hard and weeping cock.

“Do it,” Kai whimpered. “I want you to release inside me. Now!”

As soon as those words left her mouth, Ray brought her down one last time, his hips rolling forward and released his hot, sticky semen deep inside her. He gave a deep throated growl as he unloaded his seed, so powerfully into Kai’s welcoming and warm body that she released a cry of utter bliss.

Then, she fell limp in his arms, and if it wasn’t for his hand still groping her breast, she would have fallen face first onto the bed. “That was...amazing,” she panted heavily, a flushed look on her face as she leaned her head back to rest on Ray’s shoulder.

Panting heavily himself, Ray tilted his head to the side and licked her cheek with his tongue. “Did you enjoy that?”

“Immensely,” she replied, realizing that Ray was still buried deep inside her. “Where did that come from?”

“Lust,” Ray replied as he squeezed her breast in his hand. “Passionate, sexual tension, maybe even a bit of animalistic and primal urge to be close to someone. To take someone utterly and completely.”

“Hmm,” Kai hummed, her eyes slipping close, still breathing heavily as she tried to get her heart rate under control.

“Are you alright?” he asked, though not so much out of concern, but more out of ego as he has never seen Kai so delectably flustered, tired or submissive before.

“Give me a minute,” she replied.

Carefully, Ray took her by the hips again and lifted her up off his limp penis, both making noises of disappointment and laid Kai down on the bed so she could catch her breath. If she thought that little bout of love making was intense, wait until she gets her breath back and he pounces on her again.

He was no way near finished with her yet.

Kai fell onto her side on the bed for a moment, before rolling onto her back, her legs bent at the knees and pressed together, her arms folded over her eyes as her chest heaved up and down, desperately trying to get air back into her lungs. Her naked body was shimmering with sweat, making her glitter under the dim lighting of the bedroom and her face was flushed from the intensity of their shared and drawn out orgasm.

As Ray watched her, he felt himself become aroused again, his penis becoming rock hard with want once again.

And the sexy female seemed to pick up on his desire for more and she simply opened her legs as an invitation and crossed her arms over her head in a very submissive gesture. She cast Ray a vulnerable, and yet seductive look as she continued to pant, her eyes shimmering with lust.

Ray immediately moved over her and slipped in-between her legs, on hand grasping her hip as the other moved to pin her arms over her head. He then positioned his throbbing and aching penis in front of her vagina and then entered her swiftly, causing her to arch her back, her breasts bouncing from the sudden movement and a moan escaping her throat.

“Oh, Ray,” she mewled as he slowly withdrew, only to plunge forward, driving himself deeper inside her warm and moist pussy, causing her body to react once again, tugging at her arms that was being held in place by Ray’s hand. “Yes...”

“Kai,” Ray groaned as he rocked his hips forward, angling his thrust upward, earning him a startled cry of bliss. “I simply can’t get enough of you.”

And he truly couldn’t. He didn’t know why it took them so long to become intimate; the pleasure of their joined bodies was unbelievable.

Using the hand that was pinning Kai’s arms to the mattress as leverage, Ray slowly withdrew his member until only the head remained inside her, and then using his entire body, he ploughed forward, ramming his cock deeper and harder inside her. Once again, Kai arched her back as red hot pleasure shot through every fibre of her body and her aroused and perky breasts brushed against Ray’s hard chest. He suddenly pressed their bodies together as he moved forward and took her mouth with his, his tongue immediately slipping passed her lips and he began to fuck her mouth the same way he was fucking her pussy, relentlessly and with undeniable dominance.

Kai loved the way her tender breasts felt being crushed against Ray’s chest, the way his body moved over hers, skin brushing against skin, his rock hard penis driving deeper and deeper than ever before. There was so much pleasure, and yet she wanted more and more.

No, she needed more. She needed to reach that delicious peak of orgasm and ecstasy once again. She needed to lose control; she needed Ray to gain complete and utter control over her. She needed him to drive her completely wild.

“Oh, God,” she whimpered when Ray finally broke the kiss, uncaring that a string of salvia was on her chin and turned his attention back to the mark on her neck. “Harder, Ray.”

Ray seemed to ignore her plea, however, as he kissed a heated trail down her throat and to her chest. He pressed his face between her breasts, kissing and licking the sensitive skin as he rolled his hips against hers, prolonging the wondrous torment he is putting her through. He removed his hand from her hip, letting the fingers trail up her side to take a firm hold of one of her breasts, squeezing and fondling it as he nibbles and sucks on the other.

As he continued to thrust deep into Kai, pre-cum was seeping from his cock and mixing with Kai’s own aroused bodily fluids, causing them to spill from her body and soak the bed underneath their joined bodies, but neither heated neko cared much at all. All Ray was focused on was driving Kai wild with pleasure, and all Kai could think about was Ray driving her to the brink of release. She wasn’t waiting to reach orgasm, she was already there, and Ray was keeping her there for as long as possible.

Finally removing his hand that was pinning Kai’s arms above her head, he grabbed her by the hips, lifting them off the bed and slamming her against his cock to enter her harder. He watched once again as his penis disappeared into Kai’s vagina, loving the way their bodies are perfectly melded together, as if they were made just for each other, his black pubic hair mixing with hers.

“Do you have any idea how long I’ve wanted to do this with you?” he asked as he continued to ravish her body relentlessly.

“I think I do,” she panted as her body rocked in time with Ray’s thrusts, once again mildly aware that their frantic movements was making the bed shake and rattle, the bed head slamming repeatedly against the wall.

Once again, Ray angled his thrust upwards, causing Kai’s back to arch as a cry escaped her throat. “What took us so long?” he asked as a growl erupted from his throat.

“I guess we’re a couple of fools,” Kai replied, squeezing her eyes tightly shut as she lifted her hands and placed them on Ray’s arms that are holding her hips.

“Then, let’s make up for lost time,” Ray suggested as he leaned forward and covered her mouth with his once again, swallowing her cries and ravishing her mouth with his tongue. He pressed his chest against hers again, allowing Kai to wrap her arms around his shoulders, her fingernails digging into the skin.

Breaking the kiss, Kai threw her head back on a scream, her fingernails digging deeper into the skin on Ray’s shoulders, but not enough to draw blood. “You’re so close,” she whimpered as Ray pulled away from her and focused on driving himself deeper into her pussy. She could feel him reaching his peak as his thrusts and movements were becoming more frantic; he was pushing himself deeper and deeper inside.

Ray grunted in agreement, he was getting close to releasing. He wrapped Kai up in his arms and pulled her up so she was sitting in his lap, her breasts once again pressing against his chest, her arms encircling his neck. He thrusts forward and upwards inside her and gave a deep throated growl as he released his semen, the hot liquid filling her completely and she threw her head back on a scream of ecstasy.

But, despite his release, Ray continued to bounce her in his lap, his limp member steadily becoming hard once again. Kai could feel his arousal as it grew inside her body, the feeling causing her to gasp with wanton as curled her legs under her so she was on her knees and she began to rock back and forth on Ray’s cock, helping him bounce her up and down in his lap. Her hands were on his shoulders, and his on her hips as they rocked her back and forth, up and down.

Soon, Ray’s penis was rock hard once again and he placed her down on her back where he continued to thrust hard and fast into her body. This time, he had no control over his actions; all he wanted was to fuck Kai into the mattress as hard and as fast as he could. He was pounding into her feminine body, only mildly aware that she was screaming loudly in pleasure. He pulled back, withdrawing almost completely, to plant his foot on the bed, using it as an anchor point as he placed his hands near Kai’s head, grasping the mattress tightly. Then, using the power of his arms and legs, he threw his whole body forward to thrust as deep as he could into Kai’s body before releasing his semen once again.

Feeling Ray drive deeper and harder than ever before, Kai’s eyes immediately widen and she released a scream so loud that it seemed to have been torn from her throat. She arched her back violently, her chest pressing against Ray’s, her fingers grasping onto the bed sheets, ripping the material easily.

“Ray!” she screamed when she felt a sticky hotness erupt inside her.

She grunted when Ray fell limply on top of her and she fell limp as well, her entire body feeling heavy with fatigue, but she felt pleased and somewhat happy that someone could desire her so much.

Ray placed his hands on either side of Kai’s body in an attempt to pull his limp penis out of her body, when he suddenly shuddered and fell forward, releasing more of his semen inside her once again.

“Once more for good measure,” he chuckled as he finally pulled out and watched as his bodily fluid mixed with Kai’s spill from her body, saturating the bed that was already soaked from where their bodies were. He looked up to gaze upon Kai’s face, noting with a devious grin at how Kai’s breasts were bouncing and jiggling seductively at him as she took deep breathes to get her breathing under control.

“Are you alright?” he asked, once again.

Kai didn’t answer at first, only nodded her head as she swallowed thickly and continued to pant, her body trembling and shuddering from the affects of her incredibly intense and multiple orgasms. “I need another shower,” she ended up muttering.

Ray fell onto the bed next to her and propped himself on his elbow, grinning at her. “How about we share a bath?” he suggested as he place his hand on Kai’s side, just under one of her breasts.

The need to feel Ray inside her once again took over all rational thought. “Sure,” she replied as she grabbed Ray’s hand and forced him to grasp her breast, a gasp escaping her lips when he squeezes the sensitive breast in his large hand. “We’ll save water that way.”

A feral grin appeared on Ray’s lips as he leant down and kissed her on the lips, his hand not moving from her chest. Instead, he began to fondle her breast as he kissed her deeply. He then suddenly broke the kiss and slipped off the bed, and stretched his naked body to its full extent, giving Kai a very good eyeful of his powerful and strong body. He then moved back to the bed, slipped his arms under Kai’s body and picked her up effortlessly. Kai wrapped her arms around his neck and ducked her head under his chin, once again submitting herself completely to him.

Ray stepped into the bathroom and placed Kai down on her tired and unsteady feet, helping her to lean against the sink, a smug grin on his lips as Kai casts him an annoyed look. He walked over to the white bathtub and began to fill it with water, running the hot and cold water at the same time to speed up the process. He turned back to Kai who was looking in the mirror, an expression of shock on her face as her fingers gingerly trail over the several bite marks on her neck, shoulders and collarbone.

“What are you, a vampire?” she asked, slightly annoyed. How the hell was she going to hide all of these love marks? Not even her trusted scarf could cover them all!

A laugh passed Ray’s lips as he walked over to her and wrapped his arms around her from behind. “It’s your fault,” he said, to which Kai bristled.

“How is this my fault?”

“You’re the one who was too sexy for me,” he replied as a hand trailed up to cup one of her breasts again, earning himself a gasp from the exotic female. “I couldn’t get enough of you, remember? I still can’t.”

“Horny bastard,” Kai muttered, but leaned back in his arms all the same.

With his arms still firmly around Kai’s waist, he led her over to the bath and reluctantly let go. He moved to slip into the warm water first, stretching his legs out in front of him as he leaned back to rest against the side of the tub. He held out his hand for Kai to take, helping her to step into the bath as well.

“Come on,” he said. “The water’s temperature is perfect.”

Kai took his hand and stepped into the bath, but instead of slipping into the water, in between his legs, her back resting against his chest like Ray first thought, she turned around to face him and sunk down into his lap, her hand slipping under the water to grasp his cock tightly in her hand.

“Had enough of me yet?” she asked, her voice low and sensual, her eyes filled with lust.

Ray was surprised by Kai’s sudden boldness, but he certainly wasn’t complaining. He was hoping to be inside her, screwing her senseless, again. He wanted to feel her warmth enveloping his cock once again.

“Looks like you can’t get enough of me, either,” Ray said as he placed his hands on the edges of the tub, leaning further back. He wanted Kai to ride him this time, as much as he loved taking her, dominating her himself, he wanted to see her ride him like a cowgirl.

Kai’s hand tightened around his cock as she pushed herself onto her knees, leaning forward to let her breasts brush against Ray’s face as she guided his throbbing arousal into her warm cavern, before dropping down suddenly into his lap, letting him fill her completely. She felt complete when Ray was inside her like this; he was right, she can’t get enough of him either.

“Ride me, Kai,” Ray urged as he let his head roll back at the feel of Kai’s intoxicating scent filling his senses once again. “Show me what you can do.”

“Haa...Ray...” she panted, her eyes slipping shut and her brow knotting in desire.

Kai gripped the side of the bathtub with her hands as she began to bounce herself on Ray’s lap, not caring if water was spilling over the side and onto the floor. Ray’s hands was gripping the sides tightly as well, letting Kai ride him with her own power. He found himself mesmerized by her breasts again, the way they bounced with each of frantic her movements. They were full and perky, the nipples hard with arousal.

He had never seen anything as beautiful as watching Kai soaking wet and naked, bouncing up and down in his lap, her face screwed up into an expression of pure ecstasy, her breasts pert and sensitive, as she tried to reach orgasm by rocking under her own power on his rock hard penis.

Kai’s movements were becoming more frantic as she bounced up and down, her head being thrown back, her back arching her chest forward as screams of pleasure erupted from her throat thick and fast. She had reached her orgasm and Ray gritted his teeth together in an attempt to keep her there for a bit longer.

“Oh, God, yes!” Kai moaned loudly as she suddenly leaned forward and placed her hands on Ray’s shoulder, her bust pressing against his chest. “Take me hard,” she whispered into his ear.

The complete need for dominance took over Ray’s senses and he quickly grabbed a hold of Kai’s hips, lifting her off his cock before ramming her back down hard. Kai gripped his shoulders tightly as she leant back, throwing her head back on another scream as waves of pleasure took hold. Her body began to shake and tremble as Ray once again lifted her off of him before forcing her to drop back down abruptly. The water of the bath rippled and splashed around them when, finally, Ray lifted her up and forced her down once last time as he thrusts his own hips forward, erupting his seed into her waiting body once again. And, once again, Kai screamed out his name in pleasure before collapsing against his chest, her body convulsing from ecstasy.

Ray wrapped his arms around Kai’s body, a sense of smugness as he felt her tremble and shake in his arms and placed a soft kiss to the top of her head. “That was amazing,” he muttered, referring to their entire time together.

“Yeah,” Kai replied softly. “I’ve never felt anything so intense before.”

“You do realize what happened to us, don’t you?” Ray asked, unsure if Kai was aware that she appeared to be at least half-neko jin. “The primal urges of a neko-jin took over and we fell into heat.”

“Into heat?” Kai murmurs, a surprised tone to her voice.

He then went on to explain what being in Heat really meant, and that she wasn’t just some fuck toy for him to take his sexual frustrations out. “So now, you’re my mate until we die,” he finished.

Kai pushed herself up into a sitting position, but making sure that she was still enveloping Ray’s penis and gingerly touched her neck where Ray had marked her with such possessiveness. “So, we’re mates now?”

“That’s right,” Ray replied as he placed his hand over hers. “You’re the only one I’ve ever desired.

A happy expression appeared on Kai’s face and she leaned forward, into his waiting arms and rested herself against his chest. “How long does this Heat tend to last?” she asked as she ducked her head under his chin.

“Anything from two days to two weeks,” Ray replied with a grin.

“So, I’m pretty much confined to the cabin until this vacation is over?” Kai asked, a sense of anticipation growing in her chest.

“Not necessarily,” Ray said as his grin grew more feral. “I wouldn’t mind fucking you senseless outside while no one else is around. Actually, I wouldn’t care if there was someone else around. I’d give them a good show.”

A dark blush appeared on Kai’s face and her eyes widen in surprise. “Ray!”

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