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Disclaimer: I don't own Fullmetal Alchemist and make no money from writing these stories. (Sad, but true... Wouldn't THAT be a perfect world, though...)

Title: Fake

Author: ibshafer

Rating: R

Character/Pairing: Riza/Roy/?...

Disclaimer: I don't own these people, they own themselves and are just nice enough to
let me spin them around the page now and then.

Summary: Riza awakens to find she’s not alone...

Warnings: non-con, but nothing too explicit; also be wary of an unexpectly...yaoi turn...
(There’s a reason this wasn’t posted where you’d...um, expect...)

Genre: Fullmetal Alchemist; AU, I guess…

Spoilers: none

A/N: Written for the spring_kink Valentine’s Day Kink Meme for the prompt, “Roy/Riza
- he has a blindfold kink;” the title’s sort of a play on the phrase “fake out.”

It was morning. She knew it was morning. She had left the window open last night in
hopes of a cooling breeze and now she could hear birds.

So why was the room so dark?

Thinking either she or Hayate has wrestled a blanket or pillow over her face during the
night, she tried to move the makeshift blindfold away – only to find she couldn’t; her
hands were tied to the frame of her military issue bed.

She was also now quite certain the “makeshift” blindfold was an actual one.

“Who’s there?” she asked, voice steely, in control.

“Good morning, Lieutenant.”

On the bed?! Right next to her!

The Colonel?!

She took a deep breath, let it out slowly.

“How unusual for you to visit me in my quarters, sir.” She willed herself to remain calm.
“If you have an assignment for me, sir, couldn’t it have waited until I got to the office?”

She wanted to loose her cool, kick him, spit - anything. Mustang had made it clear
months ago, made his choice clear, so why was he here now, in her bed, while she was
tied and blinded?

“Well,” replied that equally cool voice; such a juxtaposition – fire and ice. “It would
seem there were a few things left untried.”

A cool breeze walked across her torso and it was now that she realized she was

Another tug on her bonds, voice hard between grit teeth. “If you have some depravity
you’d like to experiment with, sir, I suggest you take it up with your current lover. I no
longer perform those duties for you—”

Suddenly, a pair of lips had attached itself to an exposed nub, drawn it into warmth,
grazed it with sharp teeth. And all the while, all the while – the voice resumed its speech!

“Well, you see, that is what I have done. And that,” the Colonel’s voice paused while
something cool and hard and many trailed down her belly, pushed beneath the waistband
of her modest cotton panties, and beyond. She gasped as one, then two objects found
purchase and slid within and she bit her lip against what was to come next, what she now
understood was to come next. “That, Lieutenant, is why I am here. Why WE are here.”

No longer cold, warmed by her warmth, sped by her own damned response, the two
slender objects were now joined by a third, moving in rhythm, smoothly.

Mustang’s breath was close by, warmth against her neck, lips against an earlobe, the
hollow of her throat, her mouth.

For a moment, her body forgot how long it had been since this body had touched her
body in this manner and she opened herself up to him, in the next instant remembering
that this was not before and they were not alone.

As if reading her mind, the Colonel continued.

“I have never been able to deny him anything.” Metal fingers withdrew, to be replaced by
something swollen and hot and undeniable. “Aren’t all boys curious, Lieutenant?”

end... (or beginning?)

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