Survival of the Fittest

BY : Fyrbyrd
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TITLE: Survival Of The Fittest
AUTHOR: Fyrbyrd
CATEGORIES: Alternate Universe
WARNINGS: m/m, anal, oral, solom, noncon, shouta, mpreg, abuse, dp
PAIRINGS: Nappa/Raditz, ?/Kakarott.
SUMMARY: After gaining an Elite mate, Raditz seeks to aid his younger brother, however this leads to some mixed changes in the young Saiyan’s life, both horrifying and good.
DISCLAIMER: I don’t own them, they own me. Akira Toriyama owns them

Survival Of The Fittest
By Fyrbyrd

Raditz hurried through the camp, knowing this would be his last chance to do so. The signs were that he was about to enter his first season and that meant it was time for him to leave. But not without seeing his brother first, because there was a possibility that he would never see him again.

He found his eleven year old brother watching the other boys sparring. He walked up to him, “Hey Kakarott, not joining in?”

“They don’t want me to; they say I’m too weak for them.”

Raditz winced, it wasn’t fair. Kakarott had been in an accident when he was a baby that had left him… damaged. The same accident that had killed their… mother Bardock and had gotten them sent to this camp. Raditz could remember what it was like to be free as they had been then, raised by their two parents, unlike the others in the camps, most of who were third class born from the matings of the arena. Which was what Raditz had come to explain to his brother about.

“I need to talk with you anyway, come on Kaka.”

Kakarott got to his feet and went with his brother back to the barracks where he lived. He sat on his bunk while his brother took up the one beside his.

“Kaka, you know that I’ve been shifted out side the main barracks area, right?”

Kakarott nodded, he had not liked it when his brother kept moving further and further away from him, Raditz had always protected him from those who liked to pick on him because he was so weak. Raditz however, had seen him before the accident, his brother had been strong then, at two years old he was amazing, now…

“Anyway… Listen Kakarott, you know about going into season, don’t you?”

“Sure, they have that in our sex education classes. It can happen anytime after you turn sixteen years of…” He looked up at his brother and then sadly down at the ground. “Are you leaving, Raditz?”

“Yes, Kakarott. I’ve been training hard for the arena; I’m being shifted to the main arena training camp before I enter it. My Master believes I should be able to attract a strong mate if I do well there.” He reached out for his brother. “Kaka, you mustn’t be afraid. I know you can do better; all you have to do is find the courage to fight back. I know you have potential in there little brother, I saw you do some strange things when you were smaller and had no fear. Our parents, Toma and Bardock were strong. Toma died before you were born defending our village, he used to boast that our mother Bardock was the stronger of them. He told me once that Bardock fought an Elite that tried to take him. Of course the Elite was drunk at the time, but still Bardock took him on and left him in the dust.” He could see Kakarott was smiling to the story.

“Why did we have to come here Raditz? I hate it here. I don’t want to be a bearer for the Elites and second class.”

“I know, neither do I, but it’s the curse of our class that we can bear and they cannot. If I have any chance, any chance at all I will come for you Kakarott. I’ll find a way to help you, I promise.” He pulled his little brother into his arms and held him, then reluctantly pushed him away. “I have to go. Take care of yourself Kaka; I know you can do it, if you try.”

Kakarott nodded and watched his brother leave him behind.


Raditz stood outside the arena in the bearer compound. He could hear the roars of the crowds watching the fighting going on in the arena. He had been there for a week already, but his chance to enter the arena had not yet come. He had watched many of his camp mates enter before him and not one of them had failed to acquire a mate.

One of his Masters came up to him, “Come Raditz, you will be up soon, it’s time to be prepared.”

Raditz suddenly felt a little nervous.

“Come on kid, you were the strongest of the students, how could you not succeed.” He tugged on Raditz’s long hair, ”And how could this fail to attract an Elite. Freeborn’s are always stronger than arena-born.”

Raditz smiled and followed him into a smaller room where other trainers awaited him. He had learned that while trainers were third class and could be incredibly strong, there was one thing that kept them from the arena, they were sterile. He knew that now because he had recently been tested for sterility, which as a male third class, he was, but he had proven not to be sterile as a bearer. His Masters and the trainers were unable to bear, or father. These trainers stripped him of his clothes, showered and dried him and then oiled his body to make it gleam under the lights of the arena. Then all but his main Master and one of the trainers left the room. He stood there, naked, his body, tail and hair shining, he looked magnificent.

“Now Raditz, you have never had sex before, but you know what will happen if you are taken as a mate?”

“Yes Master, he will take me on the spot.”

“Very good. But before that is to happen you will have to be prepared. This is a subject that was not covered in your sex classes. You know from your anatomy classes that the only mating entrance is your asshole and for a cock to enter inside there, it needs to be lubricated. Your mate will do this before he mates with you, but here at the arena, it will not be possible for him to do so. If your mate is ever in a frenzy which fighting can bring on, he won’t care whether you are ready or not, he’ll just take you. So you will have to learn to prepare yourself for occasions like that. This is one of those occasions, if you are taken here today, you will need to be prepared for a rough hard mating. The fighting will bring on the mating frenzy, and the fighting is not the only thing that draws people to view these matches. Many come here to view the matings; they are a show in themselves. A strong mate will want to show his virility to all. The longest mating here took four hours and that was in the early days of the arena, back when they first decided that the strongest third class must be mated to the strongest of the other classes for us to be a stronger race. I hope you will breed non third class Raditz and they will not have to go though the camps or this. Now I need you to bend over the table there, we will prepare your anus for the mating that will come after the fighting.”

Raditz nodded and did as he was told, the other trainer put on a thin glove and oiled up his fingers before parting Raditz’s cheeks and inserting his fingers one by one until he had fully stretched the opening. The Master approached then, he was holding something. “Raditz, this is a plug, it will be inserted inside you and should hold out until the fighting is over, it will keep you stretched and ready. Remember to pull it out before you are claimed though.”

He nodded and felt the thing pushed inside him. At first it felt strange to move with it inside of him, but when he put his mind to it, he forgot that it was there. He had much more important things to think about, the last fight was over and the mating was taking place, and he was up next.

His Master came and put a hand on is shoulder, “Good luck Raditz, I hear Prince Vegeta and his retinue are in the crowd today.”

“Yeah, I could be so lucky,” he muttered. He had heard of the third class hating Prince.

The arena Master approached, “Come boy, you’re on.”

His Master squeezed his shoulder one last time and Raditz followed the other to a platform that would raise him to the arena’s surface, right in the centre.

“Gentlemen, I now present to you, Raditz!” came the announcement as he rose to cheers and bright lights, one of which was centered right on him. “He is ranked at the top of his camp amongst the young bearers there, some of which you have watched this very day. So without further ado I welcome all comers to inspect the boy and choose whether to fight for him.”

Raditz watched as quite a few Elite and Second Class males flew down to look more closely at him. He felt his cock stir at the strong men walking around him, sizing him up, checking out his ass, there was a warmth building up inside him, exciting him that he had drawn this much attention. That one of these males would take him as his mate. Never before had he wanted that to happen. He uncurled his tail from his waist and it waved from side to side behind him. It must have been their musk that was exciting him, drawing him into his season which had begun just before he was taken to the arena, but only now did he want what these men could give him. His cock was fully erect by the time the nine males circled him, and although they wore clothes, he knew they were erect too.

None of them looked like they were going to withdraw from the ring, but then they were all alerted to something going on amongst the crowd and all turned to look back into it. In the royal box there was a large male standing there looking intently down at the crowd.

“What is it Nappa?” said the Prince, “Do you want to challenge for the boy?”

The large man turned to his Prince, the man he guarded with his life. “I’m sorry; Highness, but I feel a stirring in me.”

“You wish to take a mate?”

Nappa turned and looked back at the boy, “If I am permitted, I would like to fight for the boy.”

“Very well Nappa, your loyalty to me should be rewarded. Go ahead.”

The big man had not taken his eyes off the long haired boy and he leapt into the arena and stood amongst the challengers. It was only then that four of them decided that they were not willing to attempt to fight the large man for the rights to the boy.

Nappa jumped away from the others inviting them to come and fight him, and so it began, the six males taking on each other, fighting whoever they came closest to in a melee. They all wanted to prove that they were the strongest and take the boy to mate. Nappa was by far the biggest of them, but two of the others were at least determined enough to stick out, taking him on together. Three were already being carried from the arena floor. The crowd was enthralled; none of the fights previous to this had been as exciting. Another of them went plowing into the ground.

All the while Raditz watched them his eye never leaving the larger male, for he was the one he was hoping would come out as the winner. He could barely contain himself, he was panting just as hard as the fighters he was watching his oiled skin glistened even more with the sheen of sweat covering him, his tail twitching wildly behind, and his cock had curved up to his belly, purple with need, he knew better than to touch himself, that was for his mate.

Finally he saw another fall heavily into the arena; it would be needing repairs after the fights with craters littering its normally smooth surface. Raditz watched as Nappa came down to land in front of him. He was sweating and there were marks to show that his competitors had not taken been treating the fight lightly. But now his eyes were only for Raditz and he was pulling at his clothes as he stared at him.

Raditz smiled and reached behind to remove the plug, his eyes not leaving Nappa’s until he glanced down to see the man’s cock as it was freed from his pants. It was huge and he licked at his lips. Nappa approached and grabbed a hold of his hair pulling his mouth to meet his in a passionate kiss, before he forced Raditz down onto his knees. He let go of his hair and moved behind kicking his legs wider. Almost wantonly Raditz raised his ass high, flipping his tail out of the way; Nappa fell to his knees, grabbed his ass cheeks, roughly parted them and plunged inside in one hard stroke. Raditz was hard pressed to keep his arms planted on the ground as Nappa pulled out and plunged back into him with a driving force. There was pain, but in his need for this Raditz barely noticed it. Nappa was grunting with the effort, his hands tightly on Raditz’s hips as he thrust in and out, howling out his pleasure for the crowd to hear, and they in turn cheered him on. The whole place seemed charged and if any had their mates with them, they were joining in, taking them to slake their own needs. Those not were literally taking things into their own hands.

Raditz was pushing back at Nappa, once his body had adjusted to the huge invader inside it; he turned his head back to look at his new mate. The big man saw him look back and slowing his thrusts, he grabbed a handful of hair and pulled him back to join their mouths again. The angle was too hard to keep and the thrusts had also stopped, so Nappa let him go and got back to pounding into his claimed one. He been going at it for some time before he could see Raditz curving up at him his hands wanting to reach up and relieve the ache between his own legs too long neglected. He knew he wasn’t allowed, but that didn’t stop him from wanting to try.

Nappa smiled, he had made a decision in his mind, and reaching out he pushed the hair from one side of Raditz’s head to expose his neck, he leaned down to lick at it as he continued to thrust, the other hand snaked forward and underneath to glide over the nipples there, Raditz moaned out loudly, pleasing Nappa, who pushed his hand lower and curled around the hot hard flesh he found awaiting him. Raditz pushed back at him groaning with tears at the edges of his eyes. Nappa slowly fisted the aching member, pushing Raditz higher to thrust harder, biting lightly at the neck of his lover. He knew neither of them was going to last much longer, but for this the timing had to be right. His hands now fisting in time with his partly erratic thrusts, once, twice, three times before he felt the cock in his hands burst with release, his own doing the same inside Raditz and he bit down hard at the juncture of the young man’s neck above the collarbone, his sharp teeth drawing blood. He continued to thrust his release into Raditz’s whose mouth was open in a silent cry as their mating bond was being made. Nappa pulled his jaws from Raditz’s neck and leaned down to lick at the blood, before Raditz sought a kiss from him and they did so, their bodies still joined and moving slowly back and forth together.

“Mine,” growled Nappa.

Raditz reached a hand up to touch his mate’s cheek, “Yours.”

Nappa began to move a little harder, his cock having not lost much of its hardness from the release, even if Raditz’s had softened still in his mate’s hand. Raditz let go of his mate’s face and they straightened with Nappa still covering him. He pushed back, there was no way they were going to stop now, Raditz had to prove that he was strong enough to take what his mate had to give, and Nappa wanted to prove he was an outstanding virile male with a fine new mate.

They didn’t last even half the record time, but it was enough to prove that Nappa was an exceptional male and would probably sire many strong sons on the young man he had claimed.

Nappa had pulled himself from his mate and got to his feet and bowed to the watching crowds. He pulled Raditz up and held him to his side, he was a bit wobbly on his feet, but Nappa was strong and wrapped an arm around his mate’s waist and his tail wound his leg. Trainers came close offering towels to cover them, another holding Nappa’s clothes, but Nappa glared them away as he walked to an exit that would take him to the Elite area. He knew the Prince would have arranged for clothing to be gotten for Nappa’s new mate and refreshments to be bought, even transport back to the Palace once Nappa was ready. He was fairly sure that new arrangements would be made for his accommodations as he would need larger quarters and not any shared with the other guards. Nappa would likely kill anyone that came near his new mate if he were in season, which they knew he was.

Nappa collapsed onto the couches of the room they had been led to with Raditz right beside him. Raditz could barely move he was worn out from Nappa’s attentions. The trainers that had led them there withdrew, they might be sterile, but Nappa saw them as threats anyway. Raditz was his fully claimed mate and no one but he could touch him.

Raditz felt a glass pushed into his hands. “Drink, it will help you get your strength back.”

He wiggled up in the seat and took the glass from his mate. It was some kind of herbal mix, bitter, but within moments he felt a lot better. He just wished he weren’t sitting on his ass which was sore as hell. Nappa took the empty glass from him, grabbed some things from a counter and sat down beside him again. Gently he pulled his mate up and over his lap, he felt Raditz tense. “Don’t tell me they practice spanking at the third class camps?”

When Raditz nodded he laughed, “What reason do I have to spank you now? You have pleased me well. I just want to clean you up, you have my cum all over your legs you know, and this,” he held a tube of lotion, “Will ease the pain a little. After all, I will want to take you again when we get home.”


“Ah yes. I haven’t introduced myself yet. I am Nappa, personal guard to Prince Vegeta. Home is the Royal Palace.”

This time Raditz tensed again and looked up at his mate, “The Palace?”

Again Nappa chuckled, “Indeed. I never thought that I would ever want to take a mate in my position, but when I saw you… you stirred my blood like no other before has ever been able to do. Now come, let us get cleaned up here. I want to get home and see where they are housing us. It will be a surprise to me too,” he smiled as he cleaned and tended to his mate, then pulled him up and towards a shower in the room.

There the big man washed his new mate, kissing him gently from time to time, as he washed himself. He helped him out of the shower and into a towel, drying him before himself. And while Raditz rapped a robe around him, Nappa dressed. Pulling his new love to his side led him from the room where as he figured there was a private air-car awaiting them. He continued to kiss and nuzzle his mate as they made their way to the Palace and their new life together.

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