What A Wolf Wants

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Disclaimer: I don’t own the anime Beyblade or any of the characters associated. No money is being made from this piece of fanwork. I am merely a harmless, but perverted fangirl.

What A Wolf Wants

Summary: Tala has had enough. After a week of erotic dreams involving him and Kai doing the dirty, he wanted to experience it in reality. Just his luck that he walked in on Kai just as she stepped out of the shower...

Pairings: Tala/Kai

Warnings: Female Kai with multiple graphic and heated het Lemon scenes. One-Shot. Plot, what plot? A few swear words.

Disclaimer: I don’t own the anime Beyblade or any of the characters associated. No money is being made from this piece of fanwork. I am merely a harmless, but perverted fangirl.

AN: Hello everyone. Yep, another Female!Kai lemon from me. Once again, any comments and suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.


A deep throat groan escaped from Tala’s lips as he rolled over in bed, once again finding himself jolted awake from his dreams and an all too familiar, but still increasingly uncomfortable feeling in his groin.

“So close,” he muttered as he slipped out of bed and quickly stumbled his way into his private bathroom. He immediately turned the cold water on, hastily stripped himself of his clothing and stepped under the steady jet of water.

It was the weekend, which meant that he had no plans or any meeting schedule for the day, thank goodness. And that Kai, the sexy young woman dressed in male’s clothing, also didn’t have any plans.

Kai, now 21 years old, while he was 23, worked for the BBA. She would go to work as a guy, not wanting any complications with the media, but as soon as she got home she dressed as a girl, spending her weekends as the incredibly beautiful woman she really was as well.

Tala suddenly leaned forward in the shower and growled under his breath, a sudden image of Kai in a most scandalous position appeared in his head.

It had been a whole week since Tala was able to get a decent night sleep. Ever since he caught glimpse of Kai au naturale from a distance, he could not stop dreaming about her; dreaming about where he had her tied to his bed and where he wanted screw her brains out, Kai screaming and begging for more and more.

In his erotic dreams, he had Kai in whatever position he wanted and she was more than willing to do what he said. They were always the same; Kai was either underneath him, her body shimmering with sweat, panting and mewing as she looked up at him with a ‘fuck me senseless’ look, or she was hovering over him, her large breasts jiggling tantalizing in front of his face, which he promptly took into his mouth, causing her to shriek loudly in pleasure. He even had a dream where she was on her hands and knees, her perky ass pointing at him as she asked him to ride her long and hard.

However, his dreams always came to an abrupt end, just before he could impale her with his hard and throbbing penis, forcing him to wake up with an incredibly painful hard on and leap out of bed to have a cold shower to rid himself of those delicious, but sexually frustrating memories.

All because of those dreams, he can’t even look in Kai’s direction without sporting an erection that would make a Swedish porn star blush, his mind being bombarded with images of Kai tied to his bed, her breasts perky and her body willing to accommodate him.

A whole week has passed since he’s been able to look her in the eye, but he decided that it was enough. He needed to at least tell Kai of his sexual dreams about her, about how fucking sexy he thought she was, as it might end the dreams once and for all. Kai would either slap and tell him to stop being a pervert, or better yet, ask him if he wanted to try out a couple of those theories on her.

Tala groaned as his groin gave a sudden twitch, almost begging him to go through with his theories.

Gritting his teeth, Tala managed to quell down the urge to fuck something hard and stepped out of the shower, hastily throwing on a set of clean clothes. Without getting any sort of breakfast, not even a cup of coffee, he stormed outside and down the street where Kai’s house was situated near his. He needed to get this over with and he needed to do it now.

He realized that it was about 9 am in the morning and knew that Kai would be up and about as he pulled out the spare key to the front door that Kai had gave him and stepped inside. The house was silent, saved for the sound of running water, which meant...

Kai was having a shower...

Once again, Tala gritted his teeth when he imaged what the sight must be like with Kai naked under a steady stream of water, the water droplets rolling over her bust and onto her flat stomach, her hair sticking to the skin as she ran her hands all over her naked flesh, soap suds pooling around her feet.

Immediately, Tala’s penis sprung to attention and his groin felt uncomfortable tight in his jeans. He let his face screw up into a look of discomfort as he climbed the stairs to Kai’s bathroom, praying to God that Kai felt the same way he did and he could finally rid himself of this never ending and frustration erection by continuously ravishing Kai against the nearest thing.

Having lost all patience and tact, Tala wasted no time in barging loudly into Kai’s bathroom, the bulge in his pants a sure sign in what he was bothering him and how he intent of getting rid of it.

His sudden entrance was perfect timing as Kai had only just stepped out of the shower and was drying her hair with a light blue towel. Kai immediately ripped that towel off her head and an expression of utter shock appeared on her face.


And Tala didn’t think it was possible for him to become any harder. Kai’s figure was absolutely perfect. Her bust was nice and large, her stomach flat and flawless, her ass toned and perfect, her legs long and slender, while her porcelain skin shimmering exotically from just stepping out of the shower.

“T-Tala?” Kai stuttered as she took a step back, her face darkening with a blush. “What-?”

“I’m here for you,” Tala said as he abruptly crossed the distance between them. “I’m not holding back anymore.”

Before she had a chance to inquire what he meant, Kai suddenly found herself being kissed hard and passionately by Tala, one arm wrapping around her waist as the hand on the other moved up to fondle her naked breast, causing waves of pleasure to course through her body. She immediately fell limp, her arms falling idle by her sides as Tala forced his tongue passed her lips and began to plunder her mouth, searching and tasting every inch.

Oh, that’s what he meant about not holding back...

Truthfully, the reason why Kai was having a shower this morning was because of a very erotic dream she had about her and Tala rolling around in bed together, Tala pleasuring her into a state of delirium.

Tala plunged his tongue in and out of Kai’s mouth, stroking her tongue with his and tasting her erotic taste as thoroughly as he could. Her taste, her scent, her touch was absolutely bloody amazing! Once he tasted it, he wanted more, so much more, and yet it seemed to be never enough.

Removing his hand from her breast, he begun to remove his own clothing, starting with his pants as they were hideously tight on his bulging and throbbing erection.

However, upon realizing that Kai was far too distracting, he was forced to break the kiss with a growl and focus his attention to the fly of his pants. “God dammit,” he muttered.

Breathing heavily, Kai placed her hands on his shoulders and stared at him with lust filled eyes, her chest heaving temptingly. She then let her eyes trail down to watch Tala remove his pants, her pulse rate increasing when he finally pulled his pants and underwear over his large and thick erection, letting it spring to attention as he uttered a sigh of relief that the restriction was gone.

“That’s better,” he murmured, a smirk appearing on his lips when he realized that Kai was staring down at his penis with a ‘fuck me now’ expression on her face, her grip tightening on his shoulders. “Like what you see?”

Kai snapped her attention back to his face and blushed heavily, but nodded all the same. She then realized that he still had his shirt on and went about to take it off of him so they were both naked together.

As soon as the shirt was gone, Tala stepped out of his pants and pulled Kai back into his arms, kissing her deeply once again, his arousal pressing into her stomach. He moaned at the feel of Kai’s damp and heated skin against his twitching cock and tightened his arms around her, gradually pushing her back to the sink.

They won’t make it to the bedroom, so he’ll just have to take her here.

Breaking the kiss, Tala turned her around in his arms and nipped at her ear with his teeth, earning himself a low moan of approval.

“God, you’re irresistible, you know that?” Tala said as he pressed her back against his chest, his large hands immediately slipping over her stomach and began fondling her breasts, latching his mouth onto her neck as he nibbled at the sensitive flesh. His rock hard erection was pressed against her well rounded butt cheeks, giving her a small hint of his desire for her, his desire to screw her brains out.

And he was going to, come hell or high water, he was going to plunge his cock in and out of Kai’s body until he was satisfied and she was screaming for more.

It was amazing having Kai like this, moaning loudly as he ran his hands and tongue all over her still slightly damp body, withering and trembling as unadulterated bliss shook her to the core. She was whispering his name over and over again, while simply making noises of pure ecstasy that were driving Tala crazy with lust.

He can’t take it anymore. He wanted to hear her scream and shriek in orgasmic bliss, wanted to see her come completely undone and at his perverted fantasy filled mercy. He was going to make her him now and forever.

“I’m going to take you right here and now,” Tala whispered huskily into her ear and licked the side of her face, thrusting his hips against her tight little ass.

“Yes, do it!” Kai urged as she pressed her chest further into his talented hands. The want and need to have Tala’s pulsating shaft of masculinity filling her was almost too much. If he didn’t enter her soon, she was seriously contemplating pushing Tala to the floor and impaling herself on his throbbing penis.

Panting heavily with a sense of excitement, Kai grasped onto the bathroom sink in front of her as Tala slipped in behind her, dropped his hands from her chest and grabbed her by the hips, pulling her back against his large, throbbing penis. He slipped a foot between her legs, urging her to spread them wider and he positioned himself right where she ached for him the most. He nudged her entrance at first, causing her to gasp, but then she literally threw her head back on a loud moan when he abruptly pulled her hips down as he thrust forward, fully impaling her, filling her to the hilt.

“Tala!” she cried as her legs suddenly lost strength and she fell back a little, burying Tala even deeper inside her. “Yes, finally!”

“Ng,” Tala grunted as he tried to hold still, not wanting to lose control just yet. “Fuck, that feels so good...”

Experimentally, Tala rolled his hips, searching for an angle that would bring them both the most erotic pleasure and when Kai gave a strangled cry, he knew he found it. He tightened his grip of her hips and thrust forward and upwards, slamming so hard into Kai that her feet left the ground for a moment.

“Ah!” Kai screamed as Tala pulled out almost all the way before slamming back in. “There, that’s it!”

Her grip on the sink tightened when Tala’s stomach and chest slid up and down her back as he drove into her body relentlessly, his mouth latched onto the base of her neck, his teeth nibbling at the flesh. She was literally at Tala’s mercy, and although that fact would have normally pissed her off, she was enjoying having no control over her body immensely. She loved the way Tala was dominating her, taking her at his leisure, controlling her.

She was no longer in control over her own passionate and intense reactions to Tala’s administrations on her body, and she loved it.

“Take me harder, Tala,” Kai panted, her feet barely on the floor due to the power of Tala’s precise thrusts.

Hearing those words tumble from Kai’s mouth was music to Tala’s ears and he immediately began to move faster and harder into her willing body, his eyes almost rolling to the back of his head when Kai began to tighten her inner muscles around his cock, milking it as it began to leak its seed.

“So fucking good...” he grunted as he gritted his teeth in effort to take her just that little bit longer.

Kai suddenly found herself leaning forward over the sink, her cheek pressed up against the mirror, her heated pants and mewls causing the mirror to fog up. She clawed desperately at the smooth object with her fingertips, needing something to keep her grounded, yet also wanted something to give her leverage so she could move along with him, wanting to meet his thrusts with her own.

“Good god, Tala!” she screamed, her moans and cries filling the room, mixing with Tala’s grunts and the sounds of skin slapping against skin in a frantic pace.

Tala was in heaven! He had Kai exactly where he wanted her; at his mercy. She was begging him to take her harder and faster, screaming his name loudly with ecstasy and moaning out words of encouragement.

Fuck, he had waited a long time for this.

With the pressure in his groin tightening, Tala felt his control quickly dwindled and he was slamming into her almost erratically, his groans turning into grunts as his movement became more frantic.

“Urgh,” he hissed and buried his face on the back of Kai’s neck. “I’m going to come.”

“Do it,” Kai urged breathlessly. “I want you to come inside me.”

Immediately upon hearing those words, Tala howled and slammed into her one last time, his body becoming tense and he shuddered out his semen so forcibly that Kai gave a long-winded scream of delight, before both of them suddenly felt lethargic and slumped forward.

The staid like this for a few moments to catch their breathes and to gather their wits before the two of them simultaneously pushed away from the sink, Kai still breathing heavily and Tala panting as he wrapped his arms around her waist, holding her still as he wanted to be inside her for a few moments longer.

“That was incredible,” Kai said as she lifted her arm and ran her fingers through his bright red hair.

Running his tongue along her neck, Tala murmured in agreement. He suddenly felt himself grow hard once again and the need to take her again almost overwhelmed him to the point of throwing her to the floor, fucking her senseless there and then.

“Bedroom,” he muttered against her neck as Kai continued to shiver from the intense orgasm, his hands slipping over her stomach to her breasts again, taking them, fondling them, teasing them. “I’m not spent yet.”

Gathering what little wits she had left, Kai simply nodded, moaning with disappointment when Tala pulled out of her body. He then abruptly turned her around and pulled her into another deep and wet kiss, their tongues unbashfully battling it out as they swapped saliva. They soon parted and hastily made their way to Kai’s bedroom, hands still groping the other’s body.

As soon as they reached the bedroom, Tala kissed Kai deeply once again and laid her down onto the bed, their lips not parting once. As they kissed, Tala grinded his body against hers, teasing her into emitting more gasps and mewls that he had grown so fond off.

“Yes, Tala,” Kai said breathlessly as he began sucking on her neck once more, running his tongue over his previously love bites. She ran her hands up and down his back, urging him on while wordlessly telling him that she wanted him inside her once again.

“Ready for round two?” Tala asked with a wolfish growl in his voice as he kissed along her collar bone, nipping at the skin and leaving more love bites.

“Hurry,” Kai pleaded as she opened her legs to him, bending her legs at the knees and placing her feet flat against the mattress of the bed.

Tala took Kai’s arms and lifted them over her head, crossing them and then pinning them there with one hand as he placed his other on her hip, lifting her lower body off the bed. Then, with one powerful thrust, entered swiftly, his aching need filling her completely once again.

“God, it feels better each time I take you,” Tala muttered as he wasted no time in building a steady rhythm, angling his thrusts in such a way he was certain to bring her the most pleasure.

“They say sex gets better with time,” Kai managed to mumble around her pants and moans, tugging desperately at the grip Tala had on her arms.

“If that’s the case, them I’m definitely not done with you yet,” Tala growled as he thrust forward hard, but then pulled back torturously slowly, drawing out the wondrous torment for Kai to enjoy.

A low moan escaped Kai’s lips as Tala repeated this process, plunging into her as hard and as powerful as he could, only to pull out slowly so only the head of his erection stayed within her. It was torture, and yet it felt amazing.

Forcing his eyes open, Tala removed her hands from Kai’s arms, letting her grip his shoulders desperately and stared down as he continued his administrations, noting with a sense of perverted delight that with each thrust, Kai’s back would arch and her chest would bounce erotically. The honey coloured nipples was a stark contrast against the pale white skin of her bust that was currently shimmering from a layer of sweat that was coating the both of them, yet looked absolutely amazing.

He just loved staring at her breasts. So full and perky, so large and round. They were mesmerizing to watch, the way they bounced and jiggled in time with their movements; they were teasing him, begging for him to take them into his mouth once again and tease them relentlessly.

And that was what he did. Still thrusting hard and longingly into her, Tala leaned down and began to nibble and fondle her bust, teasing the nipples with his teeth while his hand squeezed and pinched the other into arousal. He loved the way they felt under his hands, the way Kai would shudder under his tongue, the way Kai’s whole body seemed to shiver from his relentless movements.

“Fuck, Tala!” Kai screamed as her hands dropped from his shoulders and took to grasping at the sheet of her bed, tugging at them and tearing at them.

Kai had easily reached her peak, her body shivering and trembling uncontrollable from the intensity of her orgasm, and her skin felt as if it was on fire. Tala was quickly reaching his; she could tell by the way he was literally slamming into her warm body, literally fucking her brains out, pounding her into the mattress. His hand and mouth worshipped her chest while his other hand stayed on her hip, keeping her lower body off the bed so he could angle his thrusts just right so he could penetrate deeper.

And god, did it feel amazing.

She had no idea how much more she could withstand, but the pleasure just kept coming and coming. She lost all sense of time, this bliss seeming going on for hours on end. And while she wanted this sexual escapade to never end, she needed to find a sense of release, she needed to overcome her peak; her body needed to come.

“Tala...” she whimpered, her eyes squeezed shut as Tala’s body moved effortlessly over hers, their bodies moulding together as she withered and shook from the intensity. “I need you to...”

However, Tala was not ready to end this just yet, he had been waiting for this moment for too long and was not about to let himself come just yet. He leaned forward and kissed her, smothering her erotic cries of bliss and pressed their bodies tightly together. Kai’s bust was crushed against Tala’s flat chest, the movement of their bodies causing friction to rub against their chest, yet adding more pleasure for Kai to enjoy.

While Kai was withering and grinding against him, wanting to have him cum deep inside her once again, Tala’s stamina was amazing, this orgasmic bliss seemed never ending. Her body was trembling, pleasure slamming through her body, racing through her veins, numbing all senses but touch. He took great pleasure in watching Kai’s face furrow in absolutely pleasure, listening to her screams of ecstasy and feeling her heated skin slam repeatedly against his.

Removing his lips from hers, Tala continued to pound into her willing body, forcing his eyes open to watch her shake uncontrollably underneath him, the sight urging him to take her harder and faster. He loved the way Kai’s warmth felt around his raging hard on, the way her bodily fluids were mixing with his, lubricating their actions, making it easier for him to plunge longer and deeper.

But what he loved was the way their bodies fitted together so well; his erect manhood easily slipping in and out of Kai’s welcoming body, disappearing into her warmth, to re-emerge moments later, only be plough right back in, searching to drive in deeper and deeper.

And he kept up his administrations for as long as he could, the pressure in his groin unbearable while his back, arms and legs protested from the continuously strain of him using them as leverage to move over Kai, his hips grinding against hers.

Finally, he could not hold out any longer and with a guttural howl that could have easily matched that of a wolf’s, Tala plunged as deep as he could and released his cum inside Kai’s shivering body and then collapsed on top of her, his body completely drained of energy.

They lay there, in each other’s arms, unmoving and breathing heavily. Kai’s eyes were closed as her breathing was erratically trying to get much needed air into her lungs, while Tala’s eyes were half-lidded, watching with a sense of smugness at the look of contentment on her face.

“That was fucking incredible,” Tala muttered as he nuzzled his face into her neck, making no effort to remove himself from her body.

Kai swallowed thickly and nodded, a limp arm moving to lay across his shoulders. “Fuck yeah,” she muttered as she turned her face toward him. “How long have you been wanting to do that?”

“Long enough,” Tala replied. “And you?”

“The same,” Kai quickly replied as she let her eyes slip shut. “We have to do it again sometime.”

Tala nodded, but then a wolfish smirk played across his lips. “How about now?”

Kai’s eyes immediately snapped open and she gave him a look of disbelief. “You’re not serious.”

Suddenly, he wrapped his arms around Kai’s body, earning himself a yelp of surprise and rolled them over, so now Kai was on top of him and he was lying on the bed. Kai placed her hands on his chest and found the strength to push herself into a sitting position, Tala’s hands slipping down to rest of her hips.

“You cannot be-” Kai started to protest, but ended up moaning and furrowing her brow when Tala began to bounce her up and down on his gradually harden penis. She threw her head back on a moan as waves of pleasure began to slam into her again.

Keeping his hands on her hips, Tala helped Kai to lift herself off his cock, only to forcibly slam her back down. He really could not get enough of her, and the sight of her wither above him, her breasts bouncing and jiggling unlike he had seen them before, made him even harder.

“You asshole,” Kai muttered as she forced herself onto her knees, using them as leverage to pick herself up only to drop back down, impaling herself repeatedly on Tala’s seemingly never ending erection. “I’ll get you back for this.”

“I’m sure you will,” Tala said as he smirked, loving the view of Kai twisting and screaming above him. Her eyes were tightly screwed shut, her mouth opened as moans were ripped from her throat, her hair clinging to her sweat slick body.

Oh, he liked this position as well. It had a great view. Next time they engage in a bout of unbridled sex like this, he was going to use this position first so he could get worked up by the erotic sight and then completely dominate Kai later in other positions.

Hmm, what other positions and places could they do it?

They continued their movements, Kai forcing herself up on gradually weakening legs while Tala effortlessly brought her back down, thrusting his hips upwards to meet her and forcing himself further and further inside her. Then, after what seemed like another hour, Kai could take no more and fell forward into Tala’s waiting arms, trembling uncontrollably as he continued to thrust up into her body.

“You’re a fucking sex machine, aren’t you?” Kai whimpered as she finally felt Tala tense underneath her and the warmth spread through her body as he cum inside her once again.

“Sorry,” Tala said as he panted. “But you’re just too fucking sexy to resist.”

“No more for now, ok?” Kai said as nuzzled her head under his chin, her hands trapped between their chests. “Let me get some rest.”

“Sure,” Tala said as a smug smirk appeared on his lips and kissed her forehead. He settled against the pillows and wrapped his arms tightly around her shoulders, not moving her an inch as he wanted to stayed buried inside her as she slept. “What time is it, anyway?”

Kai made an incoherent noise which sounded quite suspiciously like a ‘dunno’ so being careful not to separate their lower bodies, Tala tilting his head to the side to glance at the clock Kai always had on the bedside table. Upon reading the red numbers, Tala’s eyes widen in surprise before that ever so smug look appeared on his lips.

“Hey, it’s after four in the afternoon,” Tala said, to which Kai promptly snapped her head up and had a look as well.

“You’re shitting me,” Kai exclaimed in surprise. “That means...”

“Yep,” Tala said as he did a quick calculation in his head. “We made love for about seven hours.”

Kai shook her head in disbelief. Had it really been that long, were they actually participating in a heated sex session that lasted over seven hours? Holy shit...

“Let’s aim for longer next time,” Tala said with a smirk while Kai simply shuddered with a small sense of anticipation.

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