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Pairing: 2x1x2, 3x4, 13x6, H+C


Warnings: Yaoi, lemon, sap, angst, vet themes, AU


Rating: NC 17


Betaed by Sakura *snugs*


Summary: Having achieved his goal of riding at the Olympics, success has opened many new doors for Heero. Having left Treize's employ, Heero is now his own boss and with Duo's support Heero sets out to make his own mark in the equine business world.


Dedication: to all my lovely readers who have asked for a continuation of this 'Universe'.


Fic 4 in the Equine Intervention Arc.


Commenced December 2011 - ShenLong





Chapter 1


Catching movement from the corner of his eye, Duo looked up from the client file he was reading to see Heero coming down the hallway of the surgery, papers in hand and a thoughtful look on his face. “What's up?” he asked as Heero entered the reception area.


“Nothing, really,” Heero replied and studied the top paper again.


Setting the client file down on the desk top, Duo turned his full attention to Heero. “That wasn't much of an answer. Something's got your attention, care to share?”


Pulling up the other chair, Heero sat down and ordered his thoughts. “There's nothing really up per say, I've been going over these and I'd like your input when you have the time.”


“I can take a look now,” Duo stated and held out his hand. Heero handed over the papers.


Duo perused the paperwork, his mind following the words and calculations with relative ease. Once done, he sat back and fixed Heero with a thoughtful gaze. “It all seems in order to me, and what's more, it's all perfectly feasible too. I don’t think the bank will have a problem with any of it.”


“I was pretty certain it was all okay, I just needed a second opinion,” Heero stated and ran a hand through his unruly bangs.


Well, we both think it's fine, I guess it's now up to the bank manager to agree.”


“Yeah.” Heero glanced at his watch. “Best get organized, our appointment is in two hours.”


“I'm almost done here. Why don't you go on back to the house and gather everything we will need together? As soon as I'm done I'll be right on up.”


“Okay.” Heero stood and took back the offered papers. Bending at the waist, he pressed a kiss to Duo's lips. “Love you,” he said.


“Love you to, Heero,” Duo replied with a twinkle in his eye. “Now get moving otherwise we will be late.”


With a smile, Heero turned and exited the reception area to prepare for their meeting with the bank manager.


Watching him go, Duo let his mind turn to their up coming meeting with the local bank.




Once they had settled back into their routine after returning from the Olympics, Heero had thought more on Duo's proposal regarding the Ferguson farm. Heero had contacted old man Ferguson and arranged to pay a visit the following week. The pair had turned up at the farm and explained their reason for being there; namely their interest in the farm if Ferguson was still serious about selling the property.


Heero had explained what he was interested in purchasing the place for and Ferguson had been quite pleased to hear the young man's plans. He had confirmed he was going to sell the property and was waiting for the local real estate agent to call around and do an appraisal on the property. Once he had an idea of a price, he'd contact Heero and Duo and they could work from there. Ferguson also granted Heero's request that they be allowed to have a look over the place and figure out if it would be suitable for what Heero wanted.


The pair had spent over an hour wandering around and checking out the buildings, paddocks and lay of the land. Heero had come armed with pencil and paper, took many notes and drew up a rough plan of the farm as it was so he could take it back home and sit down to draft out a plan of what changes he would need to make to the farm to have it suitable for his purpose.


All had worked out well with there only being minimal renovations needed to turn the property into the training facility Heero envisioned. Once Ferguson had the appraisal from the real estate agent, he'd contacted the pair with his price, one slightly lower than what the estate agent had given, and as they were very interested in purchasing the place he agreed to give them a month to arrange finances. Should Heero and Duo for whatever reason not be able to raise the asking price in that time frame, Ferguson would engage the estate agent to put the property on the general market.


Heero had looked at all the facts and figures, combined income versus outgoing, projected income, costing for renovations, on going maintenance and so on. It was all drawn up into a neat, comprehensive and easily understood series of documents. The local bank manager had been contacted and an appointment made to speak with him in relation to obtaining a mortgage through the bank.


Today was the day of that appointment.


Finishing off with the client file, Duo set it to the side, stood up and stretched. Leaving his white coat hanging on the back of the consulting room door, he locked up the surgery and headed back to the house.


* * *


“Stop fidgeting,” Duo hissed under his breath.


“I'm not,” came the quiet reply.


“It's not a nervous tic or any other related medical problem so it has to be fidgeting,” Duo muttered back.


Heero did his best to keep his feet still.


“Mr. Yuy, Doctor Maxwell? Mr. Stevens will see you now,” said the pretty service officer. “If you would follow me?”


“Thank you,” Duo responded and followed the slender woman along the short passage to the indicated open door. Stepping inside with Heero right behind him he smiled at the bank manager who stood to greet them both with an offered hand.


“Doctor Maxwell, Mr Yuy, a pleasure to see you both. Please, take a seat.” Stevens waved his now free hand to the two chairs in front of his desk and resumed his own. “Now, I believe you wish to talk to me about securing a mortgage? “


“Yes, that's correct, Mr. Stevens,” Heero began. “The property behind Doctor Maxwell's is about to come onto the market and we would like to purchase it with the intent of turning it into a training facility for showjumpers...” Heero proceeded to outline their proposal, explaining what they intended to do with the property, the renovations that would be necessary and concluded by presenting his file with all the facts and figures in it.


Stevens took the offered folder and opened it up. He slipped a pair of reading glasses on and scanned over the pages. Heero and Duo sat back in their seats and waited patiently. Heero did his best to remain still, although the urge to fidget ran strong through his body. He couldn't help being nervous, his whole future lay within that folder.


Duo couldn't help the amused smile on his face. He was equally as nervous, knowing just how much this meant to Heero and not only would it enable Heero to continue on with his dreams and goals, it would also benefit Duo too. With the practice still growing the securing of the Ferguson property would allow him to expand the large animal side of his practice further, the facilities could and would be extended not just to cope with Heero's side of the business, but to allow Duo to take on more of the equine side of things veterinary wise.


But it all remained a dream for the moment, the one person who could make that dream a reality sat across from them reading Heero's summary of all things financial. Heero did have a bit of financial backing, money saved up from his competing with Shinigami and what he earned from working with Treize, but if he were to be successful in getting the property Heero would have to leave Treize's employ, there wouldn't be the time to run his own business and work for Treize too.


Duo owning his own practice and the property associated with it would also be a sound back up. Duo proposed they go into this deal as a partnership, the fact that he owned his place would stand as surety for the loan needed to purchase the other place, not to mention the funds Duo also had to add to Heero's for a deposit.


“I must admit, gentlemen, this is a very sound financial outline,” Stevens said as he lowered the papers to the desk and removed his reading glasses. “I wish all our applicants were as prepared as you two are, would make things a lot easier in the long run.”


“Heero is an accountant by trade,” Duo informed. “A damn good one too.”


“I can see that,” Stevens chuckled. “Now, let's get down to serious business and see what we can do in regards to a mortgage.” Stevens turned to his computer and typed in a few commands. Bringing up the program he wanted, he began to go through a series of loans, repayment rates, time lengths and so on.


Duo could follow some of it, other parts went completely over his head. In all reality though, all Duo really wanted to know was would the bank loan them the money? And if so, how much deposit would be required, what the monthly repayments would be and how long would the term of the loan be. Heero followed all Stevens was saying with relative ease. Facts and figures were second nature to him and the different options easy to follow.


After much discussion and working out of finances, a loan with suitable repayments and a time factor was agreed upon. With the verbal confirmation, it was time to move onto the paperwork side of things to make it all legal.


Stevens shook both men's hands and wished them the very best of luck, handing them over to another of the bank's financial advisers to finalize all the paperwork.


An hour later, with a copy of the paperwork in hand, the two left the bank. All that was left now was to contact Ferguson and let him know they had the funds approved to purchase the property and arrange to meet with Ferguson, the bank representative and the settlement agent to complete the paperwork. Once all that was done and a settlement date set, it would simply be a case of waiting for the funds to transfer across, collect the keys and take ownership of the farm.


“Let's go celebrate,” Heero suggested as they left the bank.


“Sounds good to me,” Duo replied, the grin permanently on his face.


Walking down the main street of Salsbury, they soon located a cafe and went inside to celebrate over lunch and coffee.


* * *


Within three weeks the payment had been made, settlement put through and now Duo and Heero held the keys to the Ferguson farm in their hands. During the waiting period, Heero had contacted several contractors in the local area and gotten further quotes for having the farm's outer buildings turned into stables, yards, feed and tack rooms. Knowing that Trowa and Quatre had dealt with several contractors when building the new animal shelter, Heero had been quick to seek their advice on who was reputable and who wasn't. Trowa had given Heero a list of those people he'd used and recommended, Heero thanking the man and going ahead with contacting them for quotes.


The former cow shed would be transformed into a stable block capable of housing up to ten horses. The barn would be cleaned out, checked and repaired where necessary and then used to store hay and other feed stuffs. Heero figured it would be cheaper in the long run to purchase his feed in bulk and store it in the barn. He could buy his hay from the local farmers, thus saving himself a small fortune and supporting the local business' at the same time.


The raceway between the paddocks on Duo's property was extended down into the Ferguson land. The farmhouse and out buildings had been built at the back of the property which meant they were very close to the border of Duo's property. Once the raceway had been extended it would only take Heero a matter of a couple of minutes to walk from Duo's cottage to the new stable block.


It had been three months since the work had started and now, at last it was complete.


* * *




“Hai?” Heero walked into the lounge room and set the two mugs of hot chocolate on the small coffee table before joining his lover on the couch.


Wrapping an arm around Heero's shoulders, Duo drew the rider closer to him. “You thought about what you're going to call this place?”


Heero's face took on a confused look. “What do you mean?”


“Well, we can't keep on calling it the Ferguson place, or the Maxwell Veterinary Practice for that matter as it's not part of the practice at all even though the two properties are pretty much combined; and if you're going into business for yourself you need to have a name for it.”


“Ah. I hadn't really given it much thought,” Heero replied.


“Then I suggest you do,” Duo chuckled and snuggled closer to Heero's side.


“I suppose so. Treize's place is called the Khushrenada Stables, Relena has the Peacecraft Stud, what do you suggest we call it?”


“I wouldn't suggest the Zero Stud, might give people the wrong impression,” Duo snickered.


Heero laughed. “You could say that.” Heero sipped at his hot chocolate and lost himself in thought, beside him, Duo did the same.


“What about the 'Yuy Showjumping Stable'?” Duo suggested.


“Not bad,” Heero said. “Or we could have the 'Yuy Training Stable' or 'Yuy Stud.'”


“Training stable, yes; Yuy Stud, no way. Mine!” Duo growled and captured Heero's lips in a torrid kiss. “You go calling it the Yuy Stud and whilst I know you're a stud they might get the wrong idea. You're my stud and mine only,” Duo stated firmly once their kiss broke.


“Your stud, hey?” Heero smirked.


“Yes, and I don't like to share.”


“Possessive, much?”


“You'd better believe it!”


Heero smiled and placed a tender kiss to Duo's lips, placating the vet for the moment. “What about calling it the Salsbury Stud and Showjumping Stables?”


“That's not a bad title, Heero,” Duo replied after giving it a little thought.


“Then that's what we will call it.”


“Good, I'm glad that's all settled.” Duo returned to watching the television for a few minutes before speaking again. “What time did you say the others were coming over tomorrow?”




“Good, I'll get the chance for a lie in then.”


Heero shook his head in amusement.


* * *


The following morning saw both men up and about early, despite Duo's insisting he was going to have a lie in. Once Heero had gotten up, Duo couldn't see the point in staying in bed without his huggy toy so he reluctantly got up and went about the task of cooking breakfast whilst Heero was busy putting the horses out in their paddocks and cleaning the stables.


Today would be the official opening of the newly named Salsbury Stud and Showjumping Stables. Well at least in a sense it would be, Heero had yet to take in any horses for training and register the business name. Today was more a fun day, time to let their friends all pay a visit and see the new facilities. Heero would be moving his horses into their new stables as of today, leaving Duo's stable block free for what it was designed for; treating sick and injured equines.


Duo had never objected to Heero's horses being stabled or using the paddocks, it had never been a problem before, but lately the equine side of the practice had begun to grow and Duo needed the stables and paddocks for his clients' animals. Several times over the recent weeks, Heero had left a couple of his horses out overnight as the stables had been needed for a sick horse.


The only reason the pair could think of for the increase in the equine side of the practice was that Duo had been the team vet for the Olympics. That in itself was an honor, but as Duo soon found out, it had a follow on effect. Whilst he'd always been a popular vet, known for his excellent skills and caring manner, it was mainly the small side of the animal world that put the pennies in his bank account. Once word had gotten around that he'd been selected as the official team vet for the Olympic Showjumping team, many of the equine owners in Salsbury and surrounding areas had decided they wanted Duo to treat their horses too.


Duo hadn't objected in the slightest, if anything he found it very amusing; but the larger animal work cost more and with the increase in that side of the practice, his bank account had also increased. That was just as well seeing how they'd bought the Ferguson property together.


Now Heero's horses would be moved permanently into their new 'home' and Duo would be able to treat more equines without having to turf any of Heero's out into the cold, cruel world as he'd put it.


“All done?” Duo asked as Heero entered the kitchen, toeing his boots off and taking them through to the laundry.


“Yeah. I'll get the other stables set up properly later on once all the 'formalities' are over with,” Heero replied and washed his hands.


“There you go,” Duo said and placed a plate of toast and omelet in front of Heero.


“Thanks.” Heero picked up his silverware and started to eat.


“You know, if you're smart, you'll set those stables up whilst the others are here.”


“Huh?” Heero looked confused.


“Think about it, Heero. We will have Trowa, Quatre, Zechs, Treize, Hilde and Catherine all here for the grand opening. Take advantage of it and give them each a job to do. One can fill water buckets, another can cart the bedding into the stables-”


“Duo!” Heero interrupted. “It's not polite to ask or expect one's guests to pitch in with the work.”


Duo snickered. “It's worth a try.”


“Maybe you're right.”


* * *


“I have to hand it to you, Heero, you've done a marvelous job on renovating and setting everything up,” Treize said as they stood in the breezeway of the new stable block.


“Thanks, Treize, but the credit really goes to the contractors,” Heero replied.


“I think it's great,” Quatre enthused. “Not just because Heero's now got a proper facility for training, breeding and such; no offense to your set up Duo, yours is great too...”


“No offense taken, Quatre,” Duo interjected.


“What I'm trying to say,” Quatre continued, “is that with the extra space, not only can Heero take in outside horses to train and agist mares during the breeding season, but if we should get any further cases of equine neglect, I'm hoping you will be able to take them in and treat them too, just like Trowa does with the smaller ones, you know what I mean? I'm not really explaining this well, am I?”


Duo chuckled. “I know exactly what it is you're trying to say, Quatre and I'd be more than happy to have any of the society's rescued horses stay here for treatment whilst they require it.”


“Thanks, Duo. I really appreciate that and so does the society. As you know, it's really hard to try and find places to put the larger animals we rescue while they are going through their treatment.”


“Yeah, ain't that the truth. I know Trowa is much better equipped now with your new place than before, but it will make it much easier for me to treat them if they are on the property, then once they're over the need for vet care they can go to Trowa's for rehabilitation.”


“What are you doing with the other buildings, Heero?” Catherine asked as she stepped back out of the stable block.


“The barn will be used to store bulk feed,” Heero began, “The other couple of out buildings have been converted into a feed room and tack room. I've got another for general storage and a spare couple of sheds I can convert into more stables later on if I should need them,” replied Heero.


“What about the chicken pen?” asked Hilde with a smile.


“I hadn't thought about that,” Heero replied with a shrug of his shoulders. “Guess I'll find a use for it later on.”


“I think you should get some chickens. Just imagine, fresh laid eggs every day,” Hilde hinted.


“Actually, that's not a bad idea,” Duo mused.


“If you want chickens, Duo, you're more than welcome to have the coop, only I draw the line at a rooster,” Heero said.


Duo raised an eyebrow in question.


“They're too noisy.”


Duo snickered. “Okay, I'll think about it.”


“What have you done with the house, Heero?” Zechs asked and started to walk towards the stone building, everyone else following along.


“Nothing really,” Heero replied and stepped forward to open the door. “I had it cleaned and then got the rest of my furniture and stuff out of storage. Seemed silly to be paying for a storage unit when it could all go in here.”


“Are the two of you going to move into the house? It's much bigger than Duo's cottage,” Trowa said as he appraised the kitchen area.


“We had thought about it, but we'd both prefer to stay where we are, there's just something about the cottage,” Heero said quietly and gave his lover a soft look.


It was true, they had thought about moving into the farm house; Heero thinking that Duo would like the extra space, although he would prefer to remain in the cottage, and Duo thinking that Heero would rather move to the larger building and also reluctant to leave the cottage. When they had finally been honest with each other they had to laugh at the situation, each only agreeing to move because they thought their partner wanted it and they only wanted to keep their partner happy, when in reality, neither of them wanted to leave the cottage.


The cottage was special to Duo as it was the first place he'd been able to call his own, bought and paid for by his own hard work. Heero had wanted to stay as the cottage was where he and Duo had become such close friends and then lovers. It held many happy memories for Heero, it was warm and cozy and ultimately, Duo.


“I can understand that,” Trowa replied softly. He'd been reluctant to move from his animal shelter when Quatre had inherited his father's estate. If not for the fact that he would have larger and better facilities to enable him to care for a larger volume of animals – something he desperately needed – Trowa would have remained at his own place. Now Cathy lived there so it was still in the family and could always be used as an overflow should the need arise.


“What are you going to do with it then?” Zechs asked as he wandered around.


“We're not sure yet. Probably rent it out,” Duo said. “It's a shame to leave it unoccupied. Later on, when Heero really gets established and needs to employ staff to help him with the stables, we can always use it as accommodation for the grooms and stable hands.”


“Have you got any horses coming in for training then, Heero?” asked Quatre.


“Not as yet. I've only got my own horses and I plan to put Angel back in foal this breeding season. Then I'll also have Zero standing at stud so I'll be able to take mares and agist them here if necessary which will open the field up a little for mares further away,” replied Heero.


“Then how do you plan on making a career out of training showjumpers if you haven't got any outside ones? Surely you need to have some form of income?”


“Yes, I do. Quatre, I'm still working for Treize and schooling horses there for now. I will be putting the word out that I've opened up my own training facility and hopefully I will get some people interested enough to send me their horses,” said Heero.


“Oh.” Quatre looked a little uneasy, glancing from Heero to Treize and back again, unsure if he'd put his foot in it or not.


Having an idea of what was going through the young Inspector's mind, Treize stepped in to ease the tension in the blonde. “Heero will continue to work for me until such time as he has enough horses in his own stable to take care of and support him financially. While I will be sorry to lose such a good pupil and employee, there really isn't anything further I can teach Heero. Personally, I hope it takes a while for him to get enough horses,” he said with a grin and a wink.


“Treize!” Heero blushed with the compliments and managed to look a little miffed at the same time over his boss' comments regarding the time he hoped it would take for Heero to become his own boss.


“I'm only teasing, Heero. I will be sorry to lose you though but I do understand why you need to do this and I will support you one hundred percent.”


“Thanks, Treize.”


“Getting back to this charming house,” Zechs said with an amused smile on his face. “Any idea what sort of tenant you would be looking for? What amount of rent you'd be asking?”


Duo frowned. “Hadn't really thought about it, Zechs. Why? You know someone who might be interested? That would be good if you could recommend someone, far better to have someone renting it that we know is trustworthy and will look after the place.”


“Actually, I was interested in it for myself.”


Both Heero and Duo, along with Treize, all stared at the blonde vet. Treize was the first to find his voice.


“You? But don't you already have somewhere?” Treize questioned.


“I do, but the lease is coming up for renewal in a couple of weeks and the owner is putting the rent up again. I'd really like somewhere a little larger and closer to Oakford,” Zechs replied.


“Well, if you're interested, Zechs, I'm sure Heero and I can work something out with you as far as rent and such goes,” Duo said.


“I don't expect you to rent it to me for peanuts either,” Zechs stated. “We might be friends and colleagues, but this is strictly business.”


“We wouldn't dare insult you like that, Zechs,” Heero said.


“I know you wouldn't,” Zechs chuckled.


“How about we give you a guided tour, that way you can see the remainder of the house and then if you're still interested we can talk about rent costs and the like over lunch?”


“Lunch? Now that sounds like a great idea. If I recall correctly, you did say you were going to feed and water us at this little 'shin dig' of yours,” Hilde snickered.


Heero rolled his eyes. “Come on, we'll finish the tour and then you can eat. I do warn you, I'm going to have you working for that lunch though.”


“Oh? And what do you mean by that?” Hilde asked in a mocking tone.


“There's stables to be gotten ready for the horses. Each stable needs to be bedded down with shavings, there's water buckets to be filled and placed inside, not to mention sorting out the feed room...”


“Okay, okay, I get the picture,” Hilde moaned. “Whose idea was it to have the visitors working for their lunch anyway?”


Heero smirked. “Duo's.”


With six sets of eyes narrowing in on him, Duo licked his lips nervously and tried to gaze innocently back at their friends. “Errr... Lunch anyone?”


~ * ~





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