Enemies Harem

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Warning:Yaoi Incest Harem Top Goku

Pairing:Goku/Jase Goku/Vegeta Goku/Radditz Goku/Brolly Goku/17 Goku/16

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Enemies Harem

Goku makes a harem of his defeated enemies, villains become Goku's lovers. Goku/Jase Goku/Vegeta Goku/Radditz Goku/Brolly Goku/17 Goku/16

Chap 1 Brother's Claim

Radditz had kidnapped his son, in order to get him to join the other Saiyans in their conquest. Goku fought him with everything he had. His brother was defeated and his son was saved, in other world Goku met up with his brother.

"So Kakarot, you were able to defeat me at the cost of your own life, does your silly human life teach you to turn your back on your brother…?" Radditz appeared before him, his armor stripped from him, all he was in was a black speedo, his tail moved with a sign of his furry.

"I didn't turn my back on anyone, you were trying to hurt my friends and my family…"

"I'm your family, but you've seem to forgotten that fact…" Radditz said with a growl. He pinned Goku to the ground. Goku wasn't unfazed by his brother's actions, he frowned as his brother shook from his rage. "Do you know what it felt like to learn you were still alive? I come to find you alive, but with no memory of who you are?"

Radditz showed true emotion, and it pained Goku's warm heart. "Radditz…" Goku whispered and he leaned up and kissed his brother's lips. Radditz froze in surprise but feeling those soft lips against his own made him feel a bit better so he kissed back. The 2 saiyan brothers kissed, Goku using what he learned on earth to make Radditz a horny mess. His kind never experienced the various kissing Goku had learned on earth.

Saiyans were a lustful race a kiss was a show of love towards one's mate, but his little brother was doing more than that, he was licking his lips pushing his tongue past his own and playing with his wet muscle. He could taste his brother as their tongues danced. After swapping some spit Goku broke the kiss for air. Radditz panted as he stared down at his little brother.

Goku slid his hands up his brother's muscled body until they rested on his beefy pecs. Goku began teasing his saiyan brother's nipples. He shuddered as pleasure raced through his body, his cock pushed against the stretchy fabric. The earthbound saiyan enjoyed the effect he was having on his brother, he took a nipple into his mouth and began to suck on it. "Kakarot!"

'Hmm sensitive nipples huh, then how about this…?' Goku thought before biting down onto his brother's sensitive bud. Radditz arched his back in his release he came in the tight black speedo. The cum overflowed and spilled out making a mess between them. Goku chuckled and took the chance to remove his clothing. He then removed his brother's cum soaked garment. Both male's were hard, but Radditz's dick was soaked in cum.

Goku spread his brother's legs he gripped the base and started licking his full cock lapping up the seed. "What are you doing? Men don't ohhh…" Radditz moaned as Goku started sucking his cock, Goku had no gag reflex to speak of and he swallowed Radditz down to the root nuzzling his brother's pubes moaning in delight.

The pleasing vibrations he felt from his little brother's moans drove him mad. Goku bobbed his head giving long hard suck on his cock. To Saiyan's only subs gave oral but Goku was dominating him. His little brother grabbed his tail and aimed it at his hole he forced the appendage in and Radditz bit his lip to keep himself from letting out an unmanly sound.

Feeling his own inner muscles squeeze his tail was enough to make him cum, then his tail hit his sweet spot and he lost it. He came into his brother's mouth and his greedy brother slurped down all of his seed. "Kakarot no more I can't take anymore…"

"What no way you've come twice you need to satisfy me…" Goku snapped he yanked Radditz's tail out of his hole and positioned his own massive cock. "Wait Kakarot no fuck!" Radditz cursed as he was filled by his little brother's cock. "Fucking brat…" He growled as each inch filled his sheath. "Oh god fuck me…" He moaned as Goku's full dick was balls deep inside him.

"You're such a hot slut so fucking hot and tight inside!" Goku moaned and started humping his big brother. Radditz raised his hips to meet his brother's thrusts their hips connecting with a loud slap. Radditz chanted Goku's saiyan name over and over. Goku found it kinda hot to hear it said in such a way.

Goku gripped his brother's tail and gave it a few yanks not enough to pull it off but hard enough to send a massive spark of pleasure through his big brother's body. "KAKAROT!" He screamed as he came spraying his seed all over his muscled body. His inner muscles squeezed Goku's manhood in his release. Goku howled and came spraying his seed deep into his body. Radditz felt something snap in him as his brother's cum flooded his body.

The younger saiyan pulled out and gave Radditz's ass a few slaps, to make his hole close up and keep most of the seed inside him. Goku felt an odd instinct take over him, he pounced on his brother and pulled his hair to the side and eyed his neck. Radditz tilted his head exposing his neck as a sign of submission. Kakarot bit down into his neck forcing his ki deep into his body. Radditz hissed in pain but went slack and the pain turned to pleasure.

Both male's panted and looked at each other lustfully. Before another bout of sex could begin Kami interrupted them and brought them before King Yemma. King Yemma wanted to send Radditz to hell, but Goku stood up for him. King Yemma signed a contract stating that Goku was responsible for him. Goku and Radditz were given a pass to snake way.

The two traveled to snake way and reached King Kai's place easily. Goku trained with King Kai alone since Radditz couldn't make King Kai laugh, but he did enjoy the intense gravity fucking from his little brother.

To be continued…

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