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My whole life has been nothing but a whittled away, insignificant piece of cosmic trash like so many others. Watching the drones that called themselves man or woman or whatever there was in between—not that there was much difference, they all let the world go to shit—wastefully rush to work, or play, or rape, or murder, or whatever con they told themselves to legitimate the continuance of their lousy carcasses’ made for a dreadfully dull show.

I was tired of watching them fuck away all that could have been true wonder while greedily selling their souls and others’ for pennies. And they wonder why more is never enough. Every drug and therefore vice demands that you get more and more of it; never truly reaching the same high you initially felt, but always needing more until you ultimately reach your final limit and crash and burn for the last time.

I was so weary of watching them, smelling their stink, and technically being one of them just to perpetuate my own lousy carcass, with no hope of anything else in store. I had thought of it many times throughout my existence—I won’t call it a life for I’ve never truly been allowed to live it—but this was first time I had actually made tangible preparations ready to see it through to the end. Little did I know—though the way my luck is I should have—that the cosmos had something else in store for me, something much darker than I would ever hope to know.



Funny… It’s my last day and I didn’t do anything even remotely exciting. I went to work in my pale, boring cubicle. I did my tedious 9-5 and then made it on to my janitorial 6-10 I had recently acquired to make ends meet. I finally made it back to the lonely little shack in the woods I rented out recently to be as far from the city as I possibly could, so I could do what I finally made up my mind to do in relative peace.

Funny… I’ve been jaded for so long. I was so eager this morning. I could have just done it then. But now that I’m here, and it’s so cold and dark and quiet out here…Why do I feel so afraid? Why do I feel like something worse than ‘the end’ awaits me? I’ve never been a religious person. If there were really some great all-knowing all-powerful being that created and loved the universe, would it really allow any part of it to be hell for any amount of time? Would he/she allow innocents to keep being raped and murdered and sold for pennies for any amount of time for any plan if it was a being that could truly be called LOVE?! I can’t imagine it. The being would either have to be just as evil as us or just as limited to allow this shit at all—that’s simple logic. You don’t have to nor should you hold your kid’s hand forever crossing the street, but if a semitruck is coming their way, you damn well better push them out of its path if you truly love that life. So, I’ve told myself the universe is just an expanding cosmic ball of shit as science mostly dictates, and eventually it will implode on itself creating another expanding cosmic ball of shit. No reason, no purpose; just vain inevitable expansion not unlike my own sad existence. 

Odd…I’m procrastinating. I never procrastinate. I’m sure a lot of people might say that while in the public’s eye, but in my case it’s true. I have a nervous tick, so I couldn’t if I wanted to. That same tick keeps me painfully honest, so I never make any real friends. People lie when they say they want to hear the truth, at least when it’s about them. It makes them cringe and remember just how truly human, imperfect and fucked-up they truly are no matter what they buy or wear or say or do or whatever asinine clique they fancy themselves part of. They don’t like being reminded of their imperfections and weaknesses, but are the first ones to laugh at and gossip and poke about someone else.

Shit! This is why I’ve come to this stage. I truly can’t take it anymore! Why can’t I do it?! I’ve wanted, needed this for some time now…

My thoughts were halted by a swift rush of frigidity. I gulped. The furnace is on and there are no windows or doors are open. Where could that rush of coldness have come from? I began feeling an irrational terror from the likes of which I’ve never known before, but why? I pushed the feeling aside—making the same cliché mistake they make in so many dumb-assed horror movies, passing it off as my imagination—and angled the revolver to my left temple after cocking it, slowly beginning to apply pressure to the trigger. And then the lights went out! I felt my heart leap into my chest. If life’s so awful, why can’t I do it?!

“Because you’re just as cowardly as the rest of those pathetic two-legged meat sacks out there,” nonchalantly replied a dark, gravelly voice.

My blood chilled. The breath on my throat was more frigid than any winter I’ve ever known, and I knew in that moment that I had fucked up royally in my choice of locations.

The old, cheap revolver I had recently acquired to do the deed was pried from my tensed, unresponsive digits before my body was effortlessly tossed onto the rickety, dusty old bed of the rented three-room shack. My clothes were painfully ripped from my body before I could will my voice to scream by an unseen force. I was forcefully propped up onto my hands and knees with the precision and grace that only decades of doing such deeds would allow. My heart was hamming in my chest so hard I figured it would soon burst. I couldn’t will myself to fight or even scream, but my body continued to shudder vainly!

Then I felt the strangest sensation. I could only imagine it was the being’s cold, wet tongue that slithered its way down my back to the crack of my ass, leaving a thick trail of cold viscous fluid; chuckling the whole way down as my body continued its vain trepidations. Then without warning, a long, thick member more frigid than either pole of the planet forcefully plunged into my virgin orifice—that was not meant to have things shoved up it—and ripped a blood-curdling scream from my pathetic throat. It was such a deep, acute and thoroughly encompassing pain; I didn’t know how anyone could do it willingly, lube or not. Tears cascaded down my face as the being on my back began an even, unhurried pace of deep thrusting. I could feel the walls of my insides tear and tremble as they were coated in my own blood; which began to lubricate my orifice as my mind drearily became numb.  

I don’t know how long that being was there violating me in the worst possible way when finally the pain began to ebb and shift until I could feel a new pressure building up. The being then turned me over and laid me on my back without missing a stroke. He grabbed my hand—for his were too cold—wrapped it around my oddly and newly sprung erection and pumped it in time with his thrusts. I didn’t understand this move. If I was merely prey, why did he care if I came too?

The face I was finally able to see above me looked much like that of a stoic doll with oddly upswept gravity-defying hair, complete with creepy yet alluring widow’s peak. The skin was much too clean young and well flawless to belong to a real human being of any age. But then again, I hadn’t considered this being human since I heard and felt its cold voice upon my throat. If it was something purely evil, why did its obsidian orbs seem to hold a glint of something more? I was roused out of my thoughts again when I felt the deluge of his cum coat my insides, and bring about the first waves of my own climax as he relentlessly tapped that bundled gland within me. For a moment I enjoyed the waves that seemed to last longer than usual—ignoring the viscous cold that coated my insides—when the being abruptly sunk his fangs into my left pec, just above my heart and began draining the fluid that flowed through me, that was supposed to be life. I didn’t bother struggling then as my vision drearily faded to black.  

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