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~This is just the beginning. It does not have really have any of the warnings to worry about at as in the decription yet; those warnings were for the entire fan fic. So rest easy for this first part. Much more will come in time. 


 “Hello Father. How are you?”

“Hi Son. I’m doin’ just fine. How ‘bout you? ”

“I am doing well. May I speak with you for a moment?”

“I’m all ears, Son. What’s on your mind?”

A warrior dressed in bright red-orange and navy blue waited patiently with his usual exaggerated grin plastered on his face. A young man with features just as sharp but paler in complexion, dressed in a violet and red gi rubbed his chin, going over the words in his head again for the hundredth time.

“I have worked hard to ensure that I graduated early. I am doing well in my new job, and I believe that I am ready to settle down.”

“Hmm… Oh! You mean you want to marry that Videl girl. Then you have my blessing, Gohan. Though, I do think you should wait a little longer before starting a family. Your mother and I were probably around your age when we married and we hadn’t a clue about a lot of things at first. We had to learn things as we went…a lot of them the hard way. I’m lucky your mother had such patience with me. Ha ha. Good times.”

His father rubbed the back of his head in usual Son fashion and grinned wider. Gohan sighed. This was going to be more difficult than he had hoped, but he couldn’t allow himself to back down.

“I love Videl as a friend Father…but I am in love with someone else. I have not told this person yet, but I wanted your blessing before I do. And maybe you could try and help get Mom to not freak out about it-,” Gohan was cut off before he could finish.

“Who else could it be? You meet someone at school or work? I think it’s a shame though. That Videl girl is pretty powerful for a human and you two seemed to get along so well. I thought for sure you two would-,”

This time the father and warrior known as Son Goku was interrupted by his son.

“Well it’s not her. The person is not even human, Father.” Gohan sighed heavily.

He wanted to get this over with. He knew his feelings were true, but loathed the thought of disappointing his father. Finally, found the gumption to spit it out.

“It’s Piccolo, okay? I’m in love with Piccolo and I want to share the rest of my life with him,” said Gohan with absolute conviction, battling the huge swallow of nervousness towards his father’s possible reactions.

Goku’s ever present unless in battle mode grin abruptly left his visage. He could tell by his son’s body language and scent that he wasn’t lying, so it was not a joke. He meant it. Goku really had no idea what to say. What was he supposed to say to that?

Goku was snapped out of his thoughts when felt Gohan’s ki burst as he thundered away from him. He could smell it—Gohan’s tears. He almost never cries. No. He hadn't mean to hurt Gohan; he just didn’t know how to take the news. It was something that would never have fallen into his realm of reasoning. He wanted so much for his son to be happy though. He had to go get Gohan and make things right.  

He swifly used Instantaneous Movement to reach his son that was already halfway around the globe. Gohan was traveling at such a velocity, when they converged it was louder and harsher than multiple sonic booms. Once Goku stopped seeing stars, he carefully made his way to his son. Gohan was sitting on a boulder sporting quite a shiner from their collision. The tears had stopped, but Goku could tell his son was devastated by his initial reaction. He walked over to him and sat on the same boulder.

“I’m not angry or disappointed Son…I was just surprised. I mean, I don’t think anyone would believe it knowing you. None of us would have seen that coming. I always believed you thought of Piccolo as another father. I mean, I’m not always the best when it comes to a lot important things and for that, I’m sorry… I want you to know I couldn’t be prouder than to have you as my son. You have my blessing Gohan. Do whatever makes you happy.”

It took a moment fully process what his father had said, but once he had, he looked at him in awe the way he had so many times when he was a small child. He wrapped his arms around his father and held on tight. He didn’t get to hug often being that most of the people he knew were so “warrior”, “macho” or too uppity and all, so he relished the moment. His father eventually patted him on the back, signaling the end of the hug.

“Thanks Dad.” Gohan stole one more hug from his father, gave him a parting greeting and then left to meet Piccolo. He left too soon witness the shadow that had pervaded his father’s eyes.


Punch, punch, punch, thrust, kick, jump, flip, blast— the elite warrior Vegeta and last full-blooded prince of a lost people continued his usual barrage in the gravitational chamber. Bam! A powerful direct kick collided with the skull that had just phased into being in that particular location. There was a heavy thud as the body collided with one side of the chamber and then slid to the floor. The Earth warrior always clad in red-orange and navy blue remained on the floor of the gravitation chamber for longer than necessary.

“Kakarotto, I did not hit you that hard. This is hardly funny or appropriate. Now get up. You knew very well by my ki where I was and exactly what I was doing before you phased in here, so it’s your own fault if you got a little nicked…”  

Vegeta stopped talking to his unresponsive rival and eventual friend once he caught the piercing scent of blood. He walked over to Goku’s prone body and cringed when he witnessed the growing dark puddle next to Goku’s paling face. Vegeta was astonished. He had sparred with Kakarotto many times since their encounters with Buu. One kick like that shouldn’t have caused either one of them such damage, not with their current power. Just what in hell was going on?! Had Kakarotto come to him already injured, and if so, why? There was no time ponder. Kakarotto was looking paler by the second, and the thickening pool of blood by his head didn’t look too encouraging.

Vegeta checked him before lifting him up. He was still breathing, but his heart rate had slowed down considerably. He had to hurry. Lifting Goku up, he flew furiously to the Lookout, protectively cradling Goku in his arms from harshness of the flight, livid at himself for not having learned Instantaneous Movement from the big lout. Dende was ready and waiting when he got there; the young Guardian of the Earth immediately going to work on healing the fallen hero.

After a few moments he stopped. Goku’s wound had stopped bleeding and he wasn’t as pale, but he wasn’t waking up.

“Why did you stop Dende? Obviously there is more that needs to be done or he’d be awake now,” adamantly declared Vegeta.

“I have healed his body as much as I can…But I am afraid there is something wrong I have not the power to heal,” said Dende somberly.

“What the hell is that supposed to mean?! You either can heal him or you can’t!”

Dende was easily lifted up by the scruff of his robes as the prince lost his composure.

“I mean that I was able to heal this new injury, but I cannot alter past scar tissue. He has a severe head scar that is nearly as old as him. Since it happened when he was young enough, his brain probably had enough plasticity then to re-network and maintain his body’s normal functioning. The new wound cut into it, forcing his brain to swell, rendering him unconscious…”

Vegeta dropped Dende once he saw the tears in his eyes.

“Even if he was in a coma, I should be able to reach him through his mind, his spirit and aid him back to consciousness…But there was no one there to help back to the surface. There were not even the normal blocks that most minds have in place for initial protection from outside forces—just nothingness,” hauntingly informed Dende.

Dende diligently strove to regain his composure and focus after a few breaths; closing his eyes and calling out to Otherworld. He called on every god he knew and then some to make sure. No dice. Goku’s soul had not gone to Otherworld, nor did it seem to be present anywhere in the known universe according to North Kaio-sama. There Goku’s flesh sat on floor of the Lookout. His heart oddly continued pumping blood while his lungs kept up their habit of breathing, but the Goku everyone knew was nowhere to be found.

Vegeta had picked up on everything when Dende called out to Otherworld, so he didn’t need to ask. He was painfully reminded of the moment in their battle with Majin Buu when Goku told him not to die because it would be for keeps. Maintaining enough strength to remain standing was difficult beyond words, but Vegeta did. He would not give up. If there was even the slim chance that Goku remained somewhere in existence, he would find him if he had to. For now he would bet on the Eternal Dragon.

“Take care of his body. I’ll return soon.”

“Shenlong cannot do anything that would be beyond my power, Vegeta.”

“His soul could not have just disappeared. He still exists somewhere and that damned dragon better tell me how to get to get him back.”

Vegeta left before any more could be said. He didn’t want to believe it. That he could not feel the spirit of that bubbly third class baka was killing him. He couldn’t really be gone…not for keeps. He would not accept that!


The Dragon Balls were gathered faster than they’ve ever been gathered before. Vegeta brought them to the Lookout in haste and had Dende call on Shenlong.

“What is your first wish?”

“Return Kakarotto—Son Goku’s soul back to his body.”

“That is beyond my power,” boomed the voice of Shenlong. “What is your wish?”

“Where is Son Goku’s soul and how do we get it back into his body?! And don’t tell me that it’s beyond your power you overgrown serpent!”

Shenlong growled and snorted but answered fiercely:

“His soul is trapped between many layers of multiple dimensions. Any who attempt such a journey will share his fate.” Shenlong could have left it at that, but didn’t. He knew they would keep pestering him, trying to rephrase things until they could get what they desired. “You can force his soul back to his body if you can get a Turnokseijin to bite into his flesh. Their venom forces the body and the soul to reunite regardless of any other circumstances.”

What he didn’t tell them was the price of doing such.

“What is your last wish?”

Vegeta was getting fed up with that damned dragon.

“Bring a healthy Turnokseijin here to the Lookout right now,” fumed Vegeta.

“Vegeta I don’t think that’s such a good idea. Do you even know what a Turnokseijin is?!” exclaimed Dende.

“Whatever it is I’ll handle it, and we’ll have Kakarotto back. That’s what’s important.”

Dende sweatdropped but said nothing more. A large puff of smoke appeared after Shenlong’s eyes glowed.

“Your wish has been granted.”

And with that the Dragon Balls scattered once more.     

Once the smoke cleared, a small humanoid child dressed in a close-knitted one-piece maroon suit could be seen sleeping soundly. His hair was thick, wild and a deep violet, his skin a lovely, even toned indigo. When he finally opened his eyes, the irises were a vivid crimson, outlined in gold and seemed large for the size of the eye. The poor thing was scared and thoroughly discombobulated. He started hissing at them like a cat and backing away, revealing elongating, sharp fangs and claws. Dende started connecting to him telepathically, slowly calming his mind, letting the poor being know what had happened, where he was and why. He stopped hissing then and made his way to Dende. He touched him and through that gained much of his knowledge, though not all of it.

“I am called Urn. I am from Turnoksei. I am not pleased with how you forced me here, but if I can help I will. Once I am through, you must return me home as soon as you possibly can.”

Urn knew exactly what they wanted. The dragon hadn’t lied, but he hadn’t told them everything. Their venom was still venom and depending on how it was used and administered could affect different species in both benign and malignant ways, the worst outcome being of course death. He had never heard of Saiyajins before, so there really was no telling what would happen to the poor guy after being bitten, but after being so rudely forced into an unfamiliar place, a part of him didn’t really care. He just wanted to go home.   

“Where is the person you want me to bite?” Dende sweatdropped at the bluntness of his question, but he did lead Urn to the room that held Goku’s body. Obviously—even though he looked it—Urn was not the child of about ten he appeared—but was full-grown for his species.

Urn took a deep breath. The scent that filled the room was absolutely delectable. If he could get a good meal out of this, it wouldn’t be total loss.

Urn came to a side of Goku’s body—the scent was so inviting—and before anyone could speak, bit into a side of Goku’s throat. The thick fluid that began pervading his mouth was exquisite. Never before had he tasted blood so rich, so powerful. He didn’t want to stop but forced himself to let go in time, allowing a good dose of his venom to enter Goku’s body before doing so. Once he got up, everyone in the room had dropped jaws, which he thoroughly ignored.

“I have done what you have asked. Now please return me home.”

“If you wait for Goku to return to his body and awaken, he might be able to use Instantaneous Movement to return you home, if it’s not too far away. Otherwise it will take time waiting for the Dragon Balls to be active again or a ship to be ready; which would take the time to travel in anyway,” humbly conveyed Dende.

Well wasn’t that a bit of wonderful. That friend of theirs had better hurry back and be able to return him home soon.

Just on cue, Goku’s soul returned to his body with a harsh jerk. He abruptly opened his eyes and looked around nervously. He had no idea where he was nor who was in the room with him.

“Kakarotto, what the hell’s the matter with you?”

Goku jerked when he heard the irate voice of the menacing-looking stranger and nervously fidgeted.

“Who are you all? Where am I? What’s going on? Who…am I?” asked Goku as he looked down at his hands with trepidation.

They all gasped at that. Vegeta could smell legitimate fear emanating from Goku, so knew he wasn’t joking; his face deflating. Dende tried to inform and comfort him with his mind, but Goku forced him away.

“Get out of my head. Get out of my head!” he screamed as his power level rose, the force of which knocked Urn and Dende on their asses.

Vegeta looked on with immense regret. Goku’s soul had returned, but not his mind.

Goku stumbled his way out of the room and ran without looking. He yelped and opened his eyes too late as he began falling from the Lookout. He flinched when he felt powerful arms wrap around him; halting his fall and starting to smoothly bringing him back to the Lookout. When they touched the floor of the Lookout, Goku was still struggling in his arms.

“Relax Kakarotto. You’re fine. No one’s going to harm you.” Goku didn’t believe his words, but by his scent could tell he wasn’t lying.

He stopped struggling and Vegeta released him.

Goku turned around and looked at Vegeta thoughtfully; his head cocked to one side, striving to sum up the stranger that had just saved him. Dende cleared his throat to get their attention.

“His amnesia might only be temporary and due to earlier trauma and being forcibly returned to his body. But if it’s not…”

“We’ll help him remember…everything,” said Vegeta adamantly.

Goku played with one of his spikes of hair, unsure of what to think of or say to the strange people on the Lookout.

“What about me?! I need to go home,” said Urn a bit testy.

Kibitoshin having listened in on everything showed up and offered to do the only thing he could do to help in that situation—take Urn home. He said his greetings to everyone and then he and Urn waved goodbye to everyone before phasing out.

Goku tentatively turned to Vegeta then.

“You seem to know me. Will you help me get home? I’m tired and hungry, but I don’t know where I’m supposed to be right now.”

“It would be easier if you would just allow Dende to aid you in retrieving your memories.”

“No. I don’t like how it feels when others are in my head,” said Goku in a voice too harsh to be coming from him.

“He is Guardian of this planet Kakarotto. The last thing he would want to do is harm you or any other life on Earth.”

“It’s okay Vegeta. Goku has been through a lot today. Maybe he will feel more up to it at a later date.” He turned to Goku. “Know that I am here for you whenever you need Goku.”

That warmed Goku inside, but he still didn’t want anyone sauntering through his head. He nodded his thanks and farewell to Dende, took Vegeta’s arm in his and jumped off the Lookout.  

“Have you completely lost your mind?!” exclaimed Vegeta before he could think better of it.

Goku sniffed in his arms. Vegeta flinched as hot saline fluid began to saturate his shirt and Goku’s body began quaking in his arms. He was starting to miss the old Kakarotto. It pained him greatly to witness him in such a state.

“Kakarotto…I didn’t mean it. You just caught me by surprise.”

The eyes that finally came up and gazed deeply into his, struck his chest. Had Kakarotto always been so… No. No going there.

“I’m going to take you to Bulma; see if she can jog your memory or come up with something to help you without invading your mind.”

“Who is that?”

“She is the one person on the planet that you’ve known the longest and my mate.” Goku flinched at that, but held onto him tighter as Vegeta flew them both to Capsule Corp.


 Bulma did a double take when she saw her husband carrying her best friend—a full head and body size taller and larger than him—like a small child. She laughed at first once Vegeta had informed her of the situation.

“Good one guys. You got me.”

She laughed until she saw Goku crying. She had only known him to cry once in the entire time she knew him—when he was a child and reunited temporarily with his grandfather.

“Oh gosh! Son-kun, I’m so sorry.”

“You should be, Woman! He remembers so little, I had to fly him here. You’re a fool if you think I was doing that for my health.”  

Goku wiped at his eyes.

“I’m sorry. I don’t want to be a burden to anyone. I’ll go away if you don’t want me here.”

“Oh honey, your welcome here anytime. We’re practically family.”

Goku’s face lit up like a small child's when he heard that.

“Can I stay here then—until I get my memories back? I have the feeling I have a family, though I can’t recall their faces. I don’t want to worry or be a bother to them while I’m like this,” he sniffed.

“Sure sweetie; for as long as you need to,” smiled Bulma.

“But what will happen to them while I’m gone?”

“They are probably used to you being gone,” smirked Vegeta.

Goku flinched at that.

“What do you mean? A-Am I a bad person?”

“No, but you are overly zealous of the martial arts; you always have been. You have been home for much longer intervals since Buu, but you still go off from time to time to train for long periods. So we’ll tell them that you’re out on another training mission,” said Bulma.

Goku thanked her with his head was down. The more he learned about himself, the less he liked.

“Come on Goku. Let’s find you a room here and then get something to eat,” she said while rubbing his back.

Even hearing about food didn’t cheer him up. This did not sit well with Bulma or Vegeta.

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