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A/N: Ok… I got suckered into a truth or dare during the New Year and I know I was supposed to take this down in Feb, which I did. I did however receive a very strong PM which I couldn't bear to ignore so... here it is again and with more chapters.


Game start


Sainou High School…

"Thank you for the meal" Goku had just finished polishing his obento. There was still 22 minutes of recess break, that meant he had finished in eight minutes; a new record for himself.

"So you guys completed 'Blood Combat' already? Man you two are fast" Yamcha watched as Goku and Vegeta grinned and smirked respectively.

He wasn't surprised; those two were hard core gamers. They've tried a number of games available in the stores, the gene of the game had not mattered too much; though they generally preferred Action RPG games. Their latest craze, 'Blood Combat" a horror, survival, zombie game; barely three weeks of release, new on the shelves and already they've completed it. If there was a career to have from solely playing games; those two would have become millionaires.

"Is there a game, the both of you haven't played?"

Both Goku and Vegeta shrugged. They've pretty much have tried everything, even given their reviews in some cases.

"I know what you guys haven't played before" Isrina came forward. "Life Stimulation games, like Sims or Dating Sims genes" She pouted the moment the guys around her groaned at her suggestion. "Hey it's not always mushy or plotless"

"Vegeta and I have tried 'Sims' … it's ok but really it's not for us" Goku explained.

"I know, I know. You guys rather have brains and blood across the screen. But anyways… there was a garage sale and I kind of bought some stuff in bulk and this guy gave me this game cartridge. He said he was giving games away to teach his son a lesson, do you guys want it? It doesn't have a cover though" Isrina brought the game out from her bag, Yamcha took it.

"Poor guy. That must have sucked. Hmmm…' Kingdom… of… Lost? Lass?' looks like someone was trying to tear off the title"

"Give it here" Vegeta snatched the cartridge from Yamcha's hand "Kingdom of…" he strained his eyes a little "lust… 'Kingdom of Lust' what kind of a title is this!?"

"Maybe it's one of those R18 games" Yamcha grinned.

"Then you take it. Maker knows that's the only way you'll get a harem or get laid" Vegeta snorted as he put the cartridge on the desk.

"Hey that's so not true!"

"Hey guys, I just checked it out on the internet on the game's faqs. Looks like it's a limited edition game that was never shipped outside the country where it's from and it's a Fantasy Action RPG, and yup, it's got adult themes unsuitable for kids and might offend some adults" Krillin kept his Iphone.

Goku, Vegeta and Yamcha eyed the game cartridge on the desk… much like a pack of wolves eyeing on the same piece of steak.

"We'll settle it the old fashion way" Goku suggested.


"Here goes"

All three boys threw their fists down in front them. "rock! paper! scissors!"

Goku and Vegeta entered their shared dorm, dropping their bags onto the floor.

"So we're going to play tonight?" Goku watched as Vegeta set up their game console, slotting the cartridge in as he wired their game helmets.

"After dinner, so we can finish up faster and pass it over to that loser" Vegeta explained himself, les he be seen as a pervert.

"It's Yamcha, Vegeta"

"Whatever" Vegeta checked to see if the game was working; it was.

"You know Vegeta… it won't kill you to make more friends. You've been here for two years already and you don't really know many people"

"I'll content myself with the few friends I know I can count on rather than have a legion of acquaintances who casually wave 'hi' and 'bye' to me"

"So… I'm a member of your 'few friends'?" Goku grinned.

"Shut up!" Vegeta stomped into the kitchen.

"So what's for dinner?" Goku called into the kitchen.

"You're having cup ramen for all I care!" Vegeta busied himself, preparing vegetables and meat; making a generous portion of stew in the small kitchen.

"EH~!? But Vegeta!" Goku whined as he leeched himself onto Vegeta's back, irritating the crap out of his friend.

"Get the hell off, Goku! If you want to eat, do some of the bloody work and go cook some rice!" Vegeta smacked Goku with the wooden spoon. Goku grinned as he rubbed his head; he hummed as he washed the rice, hearing that musical click as it cooked.

They logged on around 11 pm, their bodies going into sleep mode as their minds entered the digital game world.

The game title came on. 'Kingdom of Lust'

Vegeta immediately went into the game option settings. It was the most basic and most important feature whenever players began a new game.

The game helmet wasn't an ordinary console; it was a virtual reality game play experience that tapped onto the nerve system as well as the subconscious part of the players' brain, sending signals to the brain and vice versa to the console. This would allow various actions to be carried out via brain signals as if one was using their limbs. There was also a level of realism in terms of sensations as well as your surroundings, all of which can be customised to your preference; all pain sensations were capped at 5% however, as a precaution. The pain of being stabbed would feel like small needle prick at most.

Vegeta capped their pain sensation at 5%; there wasn't an option to change the others however. Whatever.

Both guys waited patiently as the game scanned their bodies, digitalising them to suit the game's program. They entered the multiplayers game play, keyed in their names, Goku and Vegeta; it wasn't an online game so there was no need for user ids.

Welcome to 'Kingdom of Lust'

You've come at a terrible time and you may soon regret it.

The King now knows you're here

It would be up to you to stop him or share the same fate of those who failed.

There are three basic classes.

Fighter, Rouge and Mage.

The Mage class has two different skills, the Wizard or the Priest.

Goku and Vegeta listened as the game began its tutorial, it was basically the same as most RPG games.

As you move along, you will find chests like this one. Go ahead and open it.

Goku opened it and received two small bags with five low HP potions and five low MP potions; he passed a bag to Vegeta.

You will also find save points such as this. Go ahead, touch it.

Goku and Vegeta touched the blue orb; it glowed.

Should you come across these save points; touch it to rejuvenate your HP and MP. You also have the option to save your progress. A word of advice, you would not be permitted to log out until you have saved your progress or finish the game.

Please roll the dice.

Your class and stats will be assigned to you randomly.

You will level up as you gain experience.

All stats will be auto assigned accordingly to your class

What you become and what you receive will be based on your luck.

Good Luck.

Goku and Vegeta found themselves in the middle of some wilderness. Goku dressed in a simple tunic and pants while Vegeta was in a simple robe.

"Hey we're in… ah… Vegeta? You're wearing a dress…" Goku ran his eyes all over Vegeta's cotton robe. Vegeta whacked him.

(Goku HP – 5, 315/320)

"Hey!" Goku rubbed his head.

Vegeta checked his stats details. "Hn. I'm a priest. Well? What about you?"

"Oh right!" Goku opened up his details. "Fighter"

"Lucky" Vegeta grumbled. "Well? What skills do you have?"

"Let's see… Wind Slash lvl 1, Thrust Attack lvl 1 and Taunt lvl 1, for attracting attention. I guess it's rather basic. What about you?"

It was Vegeta's turn to check.

"Heal lvl 1; 20% hp recovery, Holy Arrow lvl 1 and what the hell!? What the heck is a Chastity Shield!? Lvl 1; 10% less damage, proposition by enemies might fail!?"

"That's a very strange shield... hey our item menu's glowing" Both guys checked out their inventory. A gift box appeared before them, in them a weapon for their specific class. A sword and a staff.

"I guess these are our basic weapons… but there's something really strange about mine…" Goku turned his sword in all angles.

"The hilt looks like an organ. Stupid" Vegeta rolled his eyes.

"Oh… hey you're right… it looks like… the guy's organ… is it a dildo!?" Goku stuttered, following a startled yell after.

"At least mine looks normal" Vegeta took his staff. "Let's test them out"

"Ah… ah…" Goku followed behind as they came face to face with their first monster. A lvl 9 Horny Wolf? Both guys raised his eyebrows at the name.

The wolf lunged towards them. Goku started with a Wind Slash.

(Lvl 9 Horny Wolf HP – 38, ?/?)

This angered the beast as it charged at Goku, chasing him around as it tried to swipe at him.

"Goku! Where are you going!? The hell!" Vegeta let lose his Holy Arrows at the wolf.

(Lvl 9 Horny Wolf HP – 10, ?/?)

Shit… it turned around and snarled at Vegeta. No way could a priest take a direct damage. "Goku! Get it! You're the fighter!"

"I can't! It's faster than me and you're faster than it!" Goku chased behind them. His face paled as the wolf leaped; using its weight, it brought Vegeta to the ground; biting into his shoulder.


(Vegeta HP – 110, 40/150)

"Vegeta!" Goku thrust his sword out, using his Thrust Attack; stabbing the wolf in its side.

(Critical! Lvl 9 Horny Wolf HP – 250, ?/?)

"Come get me!" He used Taunt, luring the wolf towards him; away from Vegeta. Vegeta immediately healed himself before casting Chastity Shield on Goku and himself.

"Aim for the head!" Vegeta called out as he kept firing Holy Arrows at it. A level 9 monster was just overkill for two newbies.

"Let it come to me Vegeta! You heal me!" Goku drew the wolf in, allowing it an opening as he used himself as bait. Goku hissed as he felt the sharp canines sink into his arm.

(Goku HP – 75, 240/320)

A vibration from the sword in Goku's hand woke him from his brief distraction as he took a swing at the wolf's head, severing the top of its skull from its body.

(Critical! Lvl 9 Horny Wolf HP – 400, ?/?)

(Lvl 9 Horny Wolf has died)

(Goku has levelled up – Lvl 3)

(Vegeta has levelled up – Lvl 3)

(Goku's weapon has levelled up – Lvl 2)

The wolf dissolved in smoke and in its place were a bag of copper coins, a +2 Int Robe and a pair of +2 Str Workers Gloves. Goku took a deep breath as he collapsed on the grass before a soothing light enveloped him. Vegeta took a seat beside him.

"Thanks Vegeta"

"Pick up after yourself" Vegeta dropped the bag of copper coins on Goku's belly as well as the Worker's Gloves while he took the Robe for himself.

"It was… really exciting… wasn't it!? A level 9 monster on our first attempt and we levelled up twice! Come to think of it… didn't that dildo level up too!?" Goku checked its stats. "Hey its level 2 now"

"The hell!? What kind of a crazy game is this!?"

"It even vibrated when I struck that wolf… so it's a vibrating sword?"

"Who the hell cares, the sight of you holding that thing is just plain… disturbing and now you're telling me it vibrates!?

"Hey it's R18 right? I thought it was rather fun, I don't mean the strangeness of this game… but everything else is RPG, why don't we play a little further and see if it's good or not? We can always quit if we don't like it, right?" Goku smiled at his friend.

Vegeta sighed as he smiled, turning away from him. "I suppose we can. You're the one with that vibrating thing. Thank goodness for that"

"Well at least I don't have to change weapons" Goku grinned.

(Goku has increased Charisma stats)

(Goku and Vegeta has scored +10 Love points, relationship improved)

"WHAT!?" Vegeta sat up straight, checking his profile stats. Goku pushed himself up as he did the same.

Both guys eyes widened as they saw the other's face on their profile, with a love meter beside it reading 61%; rating them as good friends.

"Ne… Vegeta?"

"It's a BL game… isn't it?"

"I think so… there are two more greyed out faces… so that means… there are two more…guys and… they have that same heart meter…"

"I'm logging out. Right now" He couldn't. "What the hell is going on!?"

"We can't log out, Vegeta…" Goku realised the same.

"I'm aware of that! … oh shit… We can't log out unless we get to a save point or finish the game!"

Both Goku and Vegeta groaned.


To be continued ~

Hi Everyone

Ok just to inform. This story wasn't really planned out. A few friends and I had a dare to write something or anything that came to mind in 3 hours while we were kind of 'drunk' and well… we had to post our crap up for a month and see what happens. That was our dare. We weren't allowed to change anything except to spellcheck and grammar. So this was what my brain came up with while I was quite shorted out.


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