Hotel Of Passion

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Disclaimer: I don't or do not own Dragon Ball or the characters that are from anime, and mange. So I don't or do not make money off of the work or the story at all.

Hotel of Passion

Chapter 00: Prologue

Rating: M

Pairing: Vegeta x Goku

Summery: Goku’s Life and Marriage with ChiChi seem perfect to Goku gets a call from Vegeta telling Goku to meet Vegeta at a Hotel in Realm City. Goku goes even though ChiChi tells him not to because it is the night of the Azure Moon. When Goku gets to the bar him and Vegeta talk and have drinks at the bar to Vegeta kisses Goku then Vegeta takes Goku to his room. Once in Vegeta’s hotel room Goku and Vegeta end up having sex after ChiChi calls trying to make Goku come home but he stays with Vegeta. In the morning Goku returns home to ChiChi yet something is different with him.

Warning: Anal sex, Bi, D/s, Dom, Fingering, GB, HJ, Incest, M/M, MPreg, OC, Oral, Other, Preg, Rim, Solo, Spank, Tent, TF, Toys, Trans, WD, WIP, Xeno, Yaoi, Hent, etc

Disclaimer: I don’t or do not own Dragon Ball or the characters that are from anime, and mange. So I don’t or do not make money off of the work or the story at all. Yet there are some characters that I do own and they are my Own Characters or OCS so please do not take them.

A/N: ’Ello Ali here yep the writer for Golden Fate. Okay Hotel of Passion’s ideal comes from Katy Perry’s song Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.). I do not own the song yet I got this ideal when I listed to the song one down. Also Trunk, Goten and Bulla is born by Goku and Vegeta not by Bulma and Vegeta (Trunks and Bulla) or Goku and ChiChi (Goten). Also Raya, Saya, and Dina are born by Goku and Vegeta.

~!~!~!~!~!~!~Beginning of Chapter~!~!~!~!~!~!~

Goku sits in the kitchen eating lunch with his wife, ChiChi and his son, Gohan to the phone rang so he got up and picked up the phone. “Hello.” He said then looked over to his wife. “Huh Sure Vegeta I will come and see you where you staying at.” He said then he looked down. “Okay I know were that is at.” He said thenhe hanged up the phone. “Chi I’m going out for a bit.”

“You are not leaving this house to run off and see that guy, Goku and besides it is the Azure Moon tonight.” ChiChi said as she walked to Goku.

“Chi, Vegeta need a friend. Bulma kicked him out of her house and he is at Realm City at a Hotel so I am going and that is that.” With that Goku was out of the house in a flash before ChiChi could stop him or change his mind.

ChiChi sighed then she looked at Gohan. “After you are done eating go to your room and study okay, Gohan.” She said then she left the room after she put Goku’s food away and put her dishes in the sink.


Goku ends up in front of a hotel called Hotel Of Passion. He walked into the hotel and saw a hotel employee at the front deck so he walked the desk. “Um can you tell me where is the bar at I have someone that I’m here to meet there.”

“Follow me I will take you to the bar.” The employee said as he stepped out from behind the front desk and took Goku to the Bar.

Once Goku got to the bar the guy left for the front desk. Goku walked into then he looked around. The bar was packed with people yet one person stood out to Goku and that was Vegeta. Goku walked over to Vegeta and sat down by him. “Vegeta why did you pick here and not a closer bar in West City.”

“Kakarot shut the fuck up. I picked here because I wanted to be far away from that bitch. Can you believe she back stabbed me the prince of all saiyans by sleeping with that human named Yamcha behind my back when I was busy training with you. I found them in bed after I got home today and there they where having sex in mine and that bitch’s bed. Then she tells me it has been going on all this time and that she clearly used me to have Yamcha back.” Vegeta said before he took another ship of his drink. “Will I guess that boy named Trunks will not be born thanks to that bitch.” He said before he drank all his drink then sat it down and looked at the bartender. “Hey Bartender another please and get something for my friend will you.”

The bartender filled Vegeta’s beer mug up with some more beer then looked at Goku. “What can I get you.” He asked as he looked at Goku.

“I’ll have…” Goku did not know what to get so he sighed.

“Your a first time drinker I can tell here let me get you something weak alcoholic drink or you can try a beer.” The bartender said as he looked at Goku.

“Give me a beer.” Goku said softly. The Bartender gave Goku the beer before he walked off to get another order. Goku took a sip of the beer then looked at Vegeta. “It’s good.”

“Haha I can not believe you never had a drink before Kakarot. I had a drink one time with your brother when I was worked under Frieza. Him and Nappa took me to a bar with them and let me drink because I…” Vegeta stopped then he looked down then took a ship of his beer again. “I can’t tell him that he is my mate to be when he forgot and now is happily married to his bitch of a wife.”

“Vegeta tell me please I want to know.” Goku said as he looked at Vegeta.

“Will I was in arranged married. My mother and father along with my aunt and uncle set up this marriage after I was born. Yet me and my mate where mated yet not full mates for life because he had to be send off world when he was three years old yet after Vegetasei was blown up I gave up hope seeing my mate again.” Vegeta said then he took a ship of his beer. “After I was old enough to drink Raditz and Nappa took me to a bar to get drunk and forgot my pain yet it made matters worse.”

“How worse.” Goku asked as turned to looked at Vegeta better.

“Kakarot at first it made me think of my mate so I drink more which made me think of him some more to I drunk to much and end up sick then had a huge hangover the next day so I stopped drinking.” Vegeta said then he drank all his beer and sat it down on the bar.

“Wait you stopped yet when did you start up again.” Goku said as he took the last ship of his beer.

“Will I started back up drinking a month ago when I had a dream about my mate. It brought up painful memories.” Vegeta said then he saw the bartender come over and fill their drinks.

“That sucks that your past came back Vegeta.” Goku said then he took another drink of his beer.

“It as been coming up off and on will after that day you turned me down, Kakarot.” Vegeta said as he looked at Goku.

“Wait what does it have to do with me are you saying it is my fault you started drinking again.” Goku said as he looked at Vegeta. Vegeta got pissed then got up and pulled Goku into a heated kiss. Goku wanted to pull away yet he kissed Vegeta back when they broke apart for some air Goku looked Vegeta. “What was that for?”

“Kakarot come to my hotel room and I’ll show you.” Vegeta said as he took Goku’s hand and lead him out of the bar then down the hall to the elevator. Once they where in the elevator Vegeta pushed the button for the third floor.

Goku looked at Vegeta and blushed. “Yet Vegeta I can’t do this I’m married and I have a family to worry about.”

Vegeta pinned Goku to the wall and looked into Goku’s eyes. “Kakarot then why did you let me kiss you in the bar.” He said then smirked as his kneed gone between Goku’s legs and grind his leg into Goku’s crotch. He grinned when he felt Goku get hard. “You like this Kakarot I can tell you want more.”

Goku moaned as he humped Vegeta’s leg. “Damn it yes Vegeta I want more.”

The elevator dinged then the doors open Vegeta pulled Goku out of the elevator then they walked down the halls to Vegeta’s room. Once in Vegeta’s room Vegeta close the door behind Goku and locks it then walked to Goku. “Kakarot do not regret this after words and if you do I will kick your ass.”

“I understand Vegeta and I won’t if I do you can beat me up.” Goku said then blushed when he saw Vegeta was in front of him. “You’ll be my first Vegeta.”

Vegeta blushed as he looked at Goku then thought to him self. “He still believe he’s a virgin.” He pushed Goku onto the bed. “I’ll be gentle Kakarot.” He said as he remove Goku’s shoes then Vegeta remove his own shoes. Goku blushed even more when Vegeta said he’ll be gentle. Vegeta pulls Goku close to him and started to kiss Goku while he ran his hand down Goku’s body.

Goku moan in the kiss while Vegeta ran his hand down his body yet the mood changed fast when Goku’s cell phone ranged making Vegeta and Goku pull apart. Goku sighed when he saw it was ChiChi. “Vegeta I have to take this.”

“Alright make it quick so we can get done with this, Kakarot.” Vegeta said with his arms crossed over his chest with his back to a wall.

Goku pushed talk on the phone then looked out the window. “Yes what is it, ChiChi.”

“Goku when are you going to get home it is almost dark if you hurry you can get home before the full moon.” ChiChi said in a panic.

“Chi, Vegeta still needs me so I will be home in the morning.” Goku said then he hanged up the phone before he looked at Vegeta and put his phone away. “Alright Vegeta I am ready lets do this.” Goku said as he smiled at Vegeta.

Vegeta walked back to Goku then he licked his lips as he looked at Goku. “Kakarot for a long time I wanted to make love to you yet what stopped me was that bitch of yours yet tonight you are mine and all mine.” Vegeta said then pinned Goku onto the bed again. They were in a heated kiss yet again.

Goku purred in the kiss while he wrapped his arms around Vegeta’s neck and played with his hair while pulling Vegeta closer to him. They stopped to take a break for air. “Wow Vegeta I have never been kissed like that at all.”

“Kakarot I have never kissed anyone like that but my mate.” Vegeta said as he took off Goku’s shirt then moved down to Goku’s neck and started kissing while giving Goku love bites.

Goku moaned as he pushed him self up and grind him self onto Vegeta’s body. “Ahh Vegeta that feel good.”

Vegeta smirked while moving down to Goku’s chest while his one hand rubbed Goku’s crotch then undid Goku’s slash then he worked on removing Goku’s pants. Vegeta looked at Goku then he smirked. “Kakarot you are so hard down here.” Vegeta said then he moved down Goku’s body to Goku’s member. He started to lick and suck Goku’s member.

“Ahhh Vegeta.” Goku moaned as he ran his fingers through Vegeta’s hair. Vegeta keep licking and sucking Goku’s member while he played with Goku’s nipples. “Ahh Vegeta I’m close.” Goku moaned before he came into Vegeta’s mouth.

Vegeta drank all of the cum then he looked at Goku with a grinned on his face. “Kakarot you tasted so good.” Vegeta said then he looked over to the night stand and pulled out a bottle of lube.

Goku looked Vegeta then blushed. “What is that Vegeta?”

“You do not know what lube is Kakarot.” Vegeta said as he looked at Goku.

“Will no.” Goku said as he looked at the lube. “What are you going to do with it?”

“You see just lift up your legs or you can turn around with your ass is in the air facing me.” Vegeta said then he looked at Goku when Goku turned around with his ass in the air. Vegeta put some lube on his fingers before he rubbed his fingers onto Goku’s hole.

Goku moaned as Vegeta played with his hole. “Kami that is cold Vegeta.”

“I know now you can lay on you back.” Vegeta said as he put the lube away.

Goku did what Vegeta asked then he looked at Vegeta. “Vegeta if I lay like this then how can you get to my hole.”

“You’ll see Kakarot.” Vegeta said then pulled Goku’s legs apart then get between Goku’s legs then left up Goku’s legs to angled him self with Goku’s hole then he pushed into Goku’s hole yet stopped when he felt how tight Goku is. “Kakarot relax your so tight.”

“How can I relax when your in side of me.” Goku said as he looked at Vegeta.

“Just try Kakarot.” Vegeta said as he looked into Goku’s eyes.

Goku tried to relax when he looked at Vegeta when he was relaxed he pushed onto Vegeta. “Vegeta, move I think I am ready.”

Vegeta smiled then he hold Goku’s hips before he pushed deeper into Goku then he pulled out before he slammed back into Goku. Vegeta grunt then he moaned when he gone deeper into Goku. “Ahh Kakarot you feel so good.” Vegeta moaned loudly as he pushed deeper into Goku’s body.

“Ahh Vegeta harder.” Goku moaned as Vegeta gone deeper into him. Vegeta pushed deeper then pulled back. When Vegeta pushed back in he got faster and harder. Goku hold onto Vegeta while he dug his nails into Vegeta’s skin making Vegeta moan.

Vegeta picks up speed some more while he pounded into Goku harder. He keep hitting Goku’s sweet spot making Goku moan and pant heavily. “Ahh your getting tight Kakarot.”

Goku moans as he holds onto Vegeta’s shoulder with his nail digging into Vegeta’s shoulders. Vegeta left up Goku’s legs over his shoulders getting a better angle into Goku’s body. Goku moaned and purred as Vegeta keep hitting his sweet spot. “Ahhh Vegeta yes I’m getting close.”

Vegeta grinned while he dug his nails into Goku’s hips as he picked up speed some more after a few more thrust him and Goku came at the same time. Vegeta filled Goku up with his cum then he pulled out of Goku and laid beside him. “Ahh man I have not felt that good in a while, Kakarot.”

Goku snuggled to Vegeta then he sat up. “So tell me Vegeta who was your mate.”

Vegeta sat up then he looked Goku. “Kakarot if you want the truth then I will tell you.” He said then got up and walked over to the closet. He open the closet and pulled out a bag then he opened the bag. He pulled out a photo then he walked to Goku and hand it to him. “The boy with me is my mate, Kakarot.”

Goku looked at it the dropped the photo onto his lap. “That can’t be it’s me and that boy he was the one I dreamed of every night when I was little.”

“Yes Kakarot you are my mate and that boy is me.” Vegeta said as he looked at Goku then he sat down beside Goku.

“Wait yet why did you say you hate me.” Goku said as he looked at Vegeta.

“Kakarot I never hated you and do you remember what I told when we met up again when I first got here to Earth.” Vegeta said as he put his hands onto Goku’s lap.

Goku looked at Vegeta then his face gone all red. “Yeah I remember yet what does that have to do with me being your mate.”

“Kakarot it has to do with everything I wanted you and I to rekindle our bond.” Vegeta said as he looked deeply into Goku’s eyes. “Yet I stopped because you had a family to looked after.”

Goku looked down before he laid down onto the bed and hold the photo of him and Vegeta. “I wish I know I would have met you before married ChiChi if I did I would have gone with you.”

“It is okay if you did I would have been cold and mean to you, Kakarot.” Vegeta said as he looked at Goku then he laid down beside him while running his fingers through Goku’s hair.

Goku looked at Vegeta then he hugged him. “Vegeta I loved what you showed me.”

“I’m glad you like it and if you ever want me to do that again just come to me.” Vegeta said then he kissed Goku’s forehead.

“Alright Vegeta I will do that.” Goku said then he gave Vegeta the photo so he can put it away.

“Alright lets go to sleep, Kakarot.” Vegeta said after he put the photo away then he put his bag back into the closet before he closed the closet then he gone back to the bed and laid down beside Kakarot.

“Alright good idea Vegeta.” Goku said before he moved close to Vegeta then closed his eyes and fallen asleep.

Vegeta hold Goku close to his body before he fallen asleep with Goku in his arms. When morning came Vegeta was the first one up in the morning as he looked over at Goku. “Kakarot time to wake up.”

“Do I have to Vegeta I want to stay in bed.” Goku said as he clanged onto the bed.

“Kakarot you have to get up before ChiChi calls you again.” Vegeta said as he looked at Goku.

“How can I when my back hurts like hell Vegeta. I’m staying in bed to my back heals up.” Goku said while he looked at Vegeta over his shoulder.

Vegeta sighed then he looked over at Goku’s pants and saw the senzu bean sack then picked it up and got out a bean for Goku. “Here ear it Kakarot.”

“Huh? Thanks Vegeta.” Goku said as he took the bean and ate it. After he was healed he sat up then he looked at Vegeta. “Can’t we take a shower before I have to go Vegeta.”

“Alright then you are to be heading home after that.” Vegeta said then he jumped when he heard his phone go off he answered it. “What do you want woman you kicked me out of the house now you call me back.”

“Vegeta, I know yet Yamcha and I have been thinking you should come back because you have no where to go.” Bulma said on the phone.

“Fine damn it yet I am not having sex with you any more I’m finding someone else to have sex with.” Vegeta said then he looked at Goku who was looking at him with huge sad eyes.

“Alright I understand yet I doubt that Vegeta who would have sex with you when your an ass hole all the time so they will cheat on you.” Bulma said then she hanged up the phone.

Vegeta put the phone down then he pinched the bridge of his nose. “Ugh I hate that woman so much why on Earth did I think about dating her in the first place.”

“It could because you where alone and wanted someone to love, Vegeta.” Goku said as he looked down. “I thought that before I married ChiChi. I thought I would never see the boy from my dreams so I married her because I had no one.”

Vegeta looked at Goku. “Then why not get a divorces then come back to me, Kakarot. I will love you and keep you safe.”

Goku blushed then he looked down. “I can’t because of Gohan. He is still a child and what if she takes him if I divorce her.”

“Then we will fight for him. We know Ali and she knows good lawyers.” Vegeta said as he pulled Goku into a kiss.

Goku pulled away then he looked away. “But will he understand Vegeta that I left his mother for you when he thinks your nothing but a cold hearted asshole that cares for him self and no one else.”

Vegeta made Goku look at him. “He will understand it will take him some time Kakarot but he will come around and accepted me.”

“I do not know, Vegeta.” Goku said with sad eyes.

Vegeta pulled Goku closer to him then he kissed Goku deeply before he broke the kiss. “Trust me he will. Now lets take the shower before that bitch of a wife calls you or comes looking for you.”

Goku kissed Vegeta back. “Alright lets go.” Goku said before him and Vegeta walked into the bathroom and got into a shower together. Goku turned on the water to his liking and waited for it to warm up.

Vegeta hugged Goku then he rest his head on Goku’s shoulder. “You know if you become my mate I will please you every time you wanted it.”

Goku blushed as he put his hands on Vegeta’s arms that are around him. “I’ll have to think about that Vegeta.”

Vegeta smiled then he kissed Goku’s neck then gave Goku a love bite making Goku moan. Vegeta smirked before he pulled away. “Alright Kakarot I’ll be waiting on your answer just do not take so long to tell me what we should do.”

“I got that Vegeta and I won’t.” Goku said then he turned around and kissed Vegeta.

Vegeta kissed back while his hand gone down all the way down Goku’s body to Goku’s member and he plaid with it while they kissed when they pulled away he grinned when he saw the look in Goku’s eyes. “Haha Kakarot you are a naughty, horny, little fuck right now do you want more or get back to your so called “wife” and have her please you. Yet she will not be able to please you after we had our sex also no women will be able to match to what I have done to you Kakarot your mine and only mine and I’m yours and only yours.”

Goku blushed a deep red before he started to wash his body to half way down he felt Vegeta’s hand on his. “Vegeta what are you doing.”

“Washing you before you go I want you clean before you leave. I do not want you to have my cum still on you when you go back to that bitch of yours.” Vegeta said as he took the rag and washed Goku’s body.

When Goku was all clean his cell phone ranged so Goku got out of the shower and answered the phone call. “Yes ChiChi I’m on my way home I was in the shower just before you called.”

“Okay just please hurry home Goku.” ChiChi said before she hanged up the phone.

Goku turned around and saw Vegeta standing there nake he blushed when he looked down at Vegeta’s member then he looked back up to Vegeta. “I have to get going Vegeta and I had fun last night.”

“I did too Kakarot and glad you liked it.” Vegeta said before he pulled Goku into another heated kiss before he got dressed.

Goku got dressed as well when he was full dressed he looked in the mirror and seen a hickey. “Vegeta!”

Vegeta smirked as he looked at Goku. “Kakarot, I just want to marked you so that bitch would know you are mine.”

“I can’t have her see this she’ll think you drugged me and raped me, Vegeta.” Goku said then ate a senzu bean to get rid of the hickey.

“Damn you, Kakarot.” Vegeta said with his arms crossed over his chest. “Will lets just get back before she sends someone to find you.” He said as he got his stuff along with the lube from the nightstand.

When Goku got dress him and Vegeta kissed one last time before they left the hotel room then the hotel once they where out side Goku gave Vegeta a sad look. “I’ll see you later, Vegeta.” With that Goku took off.

Vegeta headed for the train station when he got to the train station he took the one for West City. Twenty-five minutes later he was at Capsule Crop standing in the living room looking at Trunks. “What the hell are you doing back here boy?”

Trunks covered his ears. “Geez dad calm down and I will tell you why I’m here.”

“Then spill it boy.” Vegeta said with his arms crossed other his chest.

“Okay I’m here to help fight the androids and to will get to know my mother more. I fond out that Bulma is not really my mother and that I’m a full blooded saiyan. Oh I do have brothers and a sister.” Trunks said as he looked at Vegeta.

Vegeta looked at Trunks with his mouth wide open. “So all this time you thought you where half saiyan when your really a full saiyan and who is your mother.”

“Will my mother is will um Goku that is what Bulma told me. She never know how it happen or where yet it just happen between my father and mother.” Trunks said as he looked at them.

“Goku your what!” Bulma yelled then she looked at Vegeta. “If you did any thing with Goku so help me I will kick your ass.”

“Woman it’s none of your damn business what I and Kakarot do on our free time.” Vegeta yelled as he got into Bulma’s face.

“It is to my damn business when it comes to Goku. Goku is like a little brother to me and I care about him and his well being.” Bulma said with her hand on her hips.

Vegeta walked off waving his hand as he walked off. “Sure you do not care about anyone but your self and that jerk.”

Trunks looked from Bulma and Vegeta then he back away while sweating before he ran off out of the house he wanted to see his mother yet stopped when he felt Goku’s ki at his house with ChiChi and Gohan. “I guess it has to wait.”


Meanwhile at Goku’s house him and ChiChi are getting into another yelling and screaming match over Gohan and that he should be training or studying. Gohan sighed and walked to him room then he close the door behind him. He walked to his deck and pulled out his diary. “Every day it is fight, fight, fight, and more fight with my parents I just wished my dad have someone better then my own mother. Heck even Vegeta seems to be a good match for my father at this point. Vegeta seems to care about my father more then my own mother some times.” Gohan wrote down in his diary.

Goku walked into Gohan’s bedroom. “Gohan we are doing to train before dinner then you are to do your studies.”

“Dad what about mom.” Gohan said as he looked at his father.

“Your mom has to accept that you are part saiyan and training helps us get our strength.” Goku said then he thought to him self. “What am I saying I know Gohan is part saiyan yet I never said that before. Does this have to deal with what happen last night between Vegeta and I.”

Gohan looked up at his dad. “Okay lets go dad I want to train before dinner.”

With that Goku and Gohan gone outside to train while ChiChi watched them from the kitchen window. She sighed when she saw how happy they where when they trained then she sighed as she walked away from the window. “I wish Goku would stop acting like this yet he won’t change at all.” ChiChi said to her self.

When Goku and Gohan where done with their training they came into the house. Goku looked at ChiChi and smiled. “Do you need help with any thing.”

ChiChi looked at him like he was crazy. “Goku you never help me before so why now just sit down because you will only get in the way.”

“I asked before when we first got married and you said no that I am not allow to help you because it is the wife job to keep the man happy yet ChiChi you need help putting the food on the table so let me do it.” Goku said as he walked to his wife.

“I am not helpless Goku so sit down now.” ChiChi yelled while she waved a rolling pin at him.

Goku sighed then he backed off and sat down at the table. When ChiChi sat down his food he smiled. “Thanks Chi.” He said then he looked down wondering how Vegeta is doing.

ChiChi smiled then she sat down Gohan’s food then her helped self to a plant before she sat down at the table. Once she sat down they started eating will mostly her and Gohan. She saw Goku poking his food. “Goku are you hungry.”

Goku looked up then he looked at ChiChi. “Yeah I was thinking that is all.” He said before he began to eat his food. After Goku was done with one bowl he felt like he was getting sick so he ran to the bathroom and throw what he ate.

ChiChi looked worried that Goku just throw up. She got up and gone to the bathroom. “Goku are you alright in there.” She said as she lend on the bathroom door.

“No… I’m… not… okay…” Goku said in between throwing up.

“Do you want me to call Bulma and have her come to do a check up on you, Goku.” ChiChi asked in a worried filled tune. She was worried that Goku might be sick still from the heart vise that came up a month ago when Trunks came.

“No!” Goku yelled then he throw up again.

“Okay Goku do you want me to get you some stuff for your stomach like soup or crackers.” ChiChi said as she stood by the door.

“No… I… do… not… know… if… I… could… eat…” Goku said in between throwing up again. When he was done he past out by the toilet.

“Goku.” ChiChi said then she open the door. “Goku!” She yelled and rushed to Goku’s said. “Gohan, call Bulma and tell her to get over here fast.”

“Alright!” Gohan said then he called Bulma’s house.

Bulma picked up the phone. “Gohan what is it the mater.”

“It’s dad he started throwing up then he past out after throwing up come quick!” Gohan said in a panic.

~!~!~!~!~ To Be Continued~!~!~!~!~

A/N: Woot Cliff Hanger Time! I hope I have you all on your toes for this fanfic because I am.

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