Rebirth of the Saiyan Empire

BY : KingSaiyan
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        Outside of a house sitting on a hill stands a tall and muscular man with spiky hair.  Sweat flew from his body as he punched and kicked at an invisible enemy.  The man’s name is Goku, savior of the Earth and mankind and strongest man in the universe.  Although it has been a year since Cell’s defeat at Goku’s hand, the Saiyan is still training hard so he could be ready for the next threat.


        Speaking of threats Goku couldn't help but to think of a certain blonde female who has most recently joined their ranks.  Although she was an android built by Dr. Gero to take his life, Eighteen has been turned into a human by his best friend Krillen and is now happily settled on Kame's island.


        Goku's thoughts slowly drifted to memories of Eighteen during his previous visits to Kame's island; he can just recall how beautiful she looked as her blonde hair waves in the wind, her smooth silken skin glistens in sun and her icy blue eyes stared at him with those cold and yet enchanting stares.  The tall Saiyan warrior had to admit that he is a bit jealous of his best friend for having such a gorgeous girlfriend.


        Unable to clear his thoughts of the blonde ex-android, the Saiyan warrior decided to pay Kame house a visit as he flies towards the small island.


        After mere minutes of flying the pink two story house with red roof came into his view as he arrived at Kame's house.  Seeing that no one was out on the beach, the Saiyan walked up the few steps that led up to the front door and gently knocked on the door.  He could hear gentle footsteps of someone approaching and could tell it was Eighteen. Goku could not help but feel his heart racing faster as he tried to prepare himself for the sight of her but once the door opened the Saiyan warrior could not help but to gape at what he saw.


        Although the Saiyan has seem the blonde ex-android in many different clothes, he had never seem her in a black side-tied string bikini. The warm blooded male must admit she looked real good, almost too good in the string bikini which revealed her hour glass body completely to the Saiyan and he could not help but to feel his member became semi-erected as he stared at her gorgeous twin globes through the triangular tops.


        Eighteen looked at the Saiyan with his mouth wide opened with his eyes fixed at her chest and blushed, knowing full well the cause of his reaction as Krillen had reacted the same way after seeing her in the triangular bikini.


        "Damn that Krillen for buying me this bikini, I'll need to chat with him about this once he's back." Thought Eighteen as she couldn't help but to raise an eyebrow at the gawking Saiyan. Deciding to end the awkwardness, Eighteen folded her arms in front of her chest covering her breasts while raising an eyebrow at the Saiyan.  "What do you want?"  She asked coldly, her eyes stared at him with icy coldness.


        Hearing the inquiry the Saiyan snapped out of his trance as he scratched his head with embarrassment. "Sorry Eighteen, I didn't mean to gawk at you like that."  The Saiyan apologized earning him another cold stare from the ex-cyborg. "Although she had been turned into a human by the dragonballs, she still maintained that icy glare which could send chills into even the mightiest warrior." Thought Goku as he can't help but to feel goose bumps forming on his skin.


        "Anyways I'm here to see Krillen, is he around?" Asked Goku. Hoping to break the tense atmosphere he tried giving her his usual goofy smile but the blonde woman remained unimpressed.


        "No, he has left for a business trip in the cities and won't be back until tomorrow."  Remarked Eighteen with an icy tone ready to close the door on the Saiyan.


        "Okay, but what about Master Roshi and the others?" Goku asked, trying to prolong the conversation.


        "They went out picking up girls in the cities."  Replied Eighteen with the same coldness.  "Now if you don't have any other business just leave alright!"  Eighteen said impatiently as she slowly closed the door but the Saiyan reached his hand out to hold the door open.


        "Can I at least come in for something to drink?  I used to live in this house too you know."  Stated Goku.  The blonde beauty gave him another death glare thinking what could the Saiyan be up to but finally decided to let him in as her hand let go of the door.


        "Fine whatever, come in and help yourself, the drinks are in the fridge."  Said Eighteen as she turned her back on the Saiyan and walked back into the house, giving Goku a good look at her attractive bikini covered ass, making the Saiyan to blush once more as her hips swayed alluringly with every step she took.  Shaking his head he recomposed as he followed her into the small cabin.


        Goku looked around the small house he used to live in.  Not much has changed since he was gone save for example a few additional appliances.  He quickly found the fridge to his left and opened it to find lemonade in a glass container.  Taking out the container and two glasses the Saiyan placed them down onto the wooden table and poured some into his glasses.


        "Want one?" asked the Saiyan as he looked up expecting to see Eighteen in her alluring two piece swimsuit but to his surprise the blonde woman now wore a black bath robe with a sash tied around her body sitting on a chair reading a book.


        "No thanks Goku, and once you are done please just leave, least you lose control your troublesome hormones."  Remarked Eighteen coldly without even looking up.


        Just as she had finished her sentence the loud crack of thunder suddenly rang out from outside. The blonde woman looked at the stormy cloud in dismay as black rain soon poured down from the skies above.


        "Well, I guess I wouldn't be leaving this place anytime soon."  Said Goku with a smile on his face which earned him another death glare from her.


        "Great, now I am stuck on Kame's house with a dumb horny Saiyan.  This is going to be a long day." Thought Eighteen as she sighed to herself.



        It is now night time as the downpour continued.  Inside Kame's house a certain blonde ex-android sat in front a wooden table, her head slumped on the table as she had fallen asleep while reading the book.


        Suddenly she heard a loud yell which made her jump up from her chair.  Looking around she found herself in the dark living room, the only light coming from outside the window as a strange light shined into the house. 


        Getting up from her seat Eighteen walked towards the window, her hand shielding her eyes from the piercing light as she looked outward and was taken aback at what she saw.  Outside in the storm is a half-naked Goku wearing only his orange gi pants moving around punching and kicking as if sparring with someone. Ki radiated from his body in the form of light, evaporating the rain drops and turned them into water vapor before they can even get close to him.  


        Eighteen could not help but to stare at his heavily muscular chest which made him looked like a god as he flexed his thick muscles performing all kinds of maneuvers.  Although she has seem Krillen train before, the warrior monk's muscles were nowhere close to the size of Goku's nor is he as well built as the Saiyan warrior.


        "Kami, he's such a hunk!"  Eighteen whispered to herself and suddenly blushed, not believing what she had just said.  "Shake out of it Eighteen, you already had Krillen."  She told herself.


        After a while the bright light started to disappear as Goku had finished his training.  He turned around and started walking back towards Kame's house causing Eighteen to panick as she tries to hide herself least he found her watching him. Before she could make another step however she suddenly heard a loud thud as thunders shook the Earth followed by a loud cry from the Saiyan. 


        Turning around Eighteen watched in horror as Goku was struck by several intense lightning. She could see electricity surging through the Saiyan's body and veins bulging out from his face as he screamed like a madman.  The Earth began trembling as strong ki poured out of the Saiyan's body.


        Suddenly the lightning stopped and Goku began to calm down, his ki dissipated and the Earth stopped rocking beneath him.  Eighteen watched worriedly as the Saiyan stood out in the rain without moving an inch. Just as she was about to go outside to check on him the Saiyan suddenly started laughing like a lunatic.


        "Finally after decades of sleeping I have returned and no one can stop me from rebuilding the Saiyan empire!"  Stated Goku with an evil grin on his face.  "And speaking of rebuilding the Saiyan empire..."  The Saiyan said as he suddenly turned his head and stared at Eighteen dead in the face while licking his mouth. Eighteen gasped in shock as she saw his lust filled expression but before she could react she felt a strong breeze as the Saiyan suddenly appeared in front of her.


        "Hello there babe, enjoying what you just saw?"  Asked the smirking Saiyan as he locked his eyes on her.  Goosebumps stood on Eighteen's skin as she could feel a dark aura emitting from his skins.


        "And why would I enjoy a brainless monkey screaming like a madman?  I'm going to bed!"  Snapped Eighteen as she turned around and headed upstairs towards the bedroom, but suddenly she felt a firm hand gripping her shoulder stopping her in her tracks.


        "Just what do you think you are doing?"  Yelled Eighteen angrily as she tried to jerk her shoulder away from his grasp but the Saiyan held onto her tightly and pulled off her sash and robe, exposing her black string bikini clad body.  Eighteen gasped and tried to cover her body but the spiky haired warrior grabbed her wrists in his hands and pulled them away from her body. She could feel his gaze travelling lower as he studied her like a predator examining his prey.


        "My! I must say you looked stunning in that skimpy bikini Eighteen, did you wear it because you knew I was coming today?" Teased the Saiyan warrior as he continued to study her, sending chills down her spine as she could tell there's something very wrong with the gentle Saiyan she knew.


        "What's the matter with you Goku?  You do know you are flirting with your best friend's girlfriend do you? And besides you are already married to Chichi!"  Asked the blonde haired woman trying to talk some sense to the Saiyan, but to her surprise the muscular warrior merely chuckled at her comments.


        "Please Eighteen, I'm not Goku, Kakarot is the name and besides I was never friend with that bald weakling."  Said Kakarot with a dark grin on his face. 


        As he was talking the Saiyan warrior suddenly wrapped his muscular tail around her slender waist and pulled her towards him. Eighteen let out a surprised gasp as she felt his large muscles pressing against her delicate frame, causing the blonde woman to shiver in fear. 


         Kakarot brushed her silky blonde hair away from her face as he grabbed her chin in his hand and tilted her head so as to look her dead in the eyes.  "Mmm, what a gorgeous girl you are Eighteen, you are too good for that wimp.  Someone like you deserves a real man."  Remarked Kakarot sending chills down the terrified woman who hasn't felt this scared since Cell.


        Suddenly the Saiyan delivered a quick chop to the back of her neck and knocked her unconscious. He then proceeded to picked her up and carried her off the island into the night sky.

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