Golden Fate

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Golden Fate

Chapter 00: Prologue

Rating: M

Pairing: Vegeta/Goku

Summery: Goku thought his life would be wonderful when was a child yet one fateful night on his eighteenth birthday things changed. Goku end up getting pregnant by an unknown person that appeared to him on his birthday. Now he has to raise four children while trying to keep up the lie that ChiChi is the mother to his four children not him.

Warning: Anal sex, D/s, Dom Fingering, GB, HJ, Incest, loli, M/M, Minor1, Minor2, MPreg, Oral, OC, Other, Preg, Rim, Shouta, Solo, Spank, TF, Toys, Trans, WD, Xeno, Yaoi, etc.

Disclaimer: I don’t or do not own Dragon Ball or the characters that are from anime and manga. So I don’t or do not make money off of the work or the story at all. Yet there are some characters that I do own and they are my Own Characters or OCS so please do not take them.

A/N: This is Golden Fate’s rewritten story. I was going to call it Songs of The Heart yet over time I keep thinking no keep the name and just redo the story to how I want it to be. Okay I took out the part where Ila, Bardock, King Vegeta and Rosalur do their stuff in the Prologue yet it will still be in the story yet I do not know where I should fit it at.

~!~!~!~!~!~!~Beginning of Chapter~!~!~!~!~!~!~

A new born baby boy cried out as his father, brother and two sisters look at him. The boy’s brother looked over to their mother and smiled. “Mother he is pretty so what’s his name.” The boy asked.

“His name is Kakarot, Raditz. He is your baby brother so you have to keep him self.” The mother said as she looked at her oldest son.

Raditz smiled down to his baby brother. “Kakarot that is a good name for you my dear baby brother.” He said before he kissed Kakarot’s forehead.

The father looked at his wife. “Ila are you sure you want to name him Kakarot we agreed to name him after a flower like your people.” He said as he walked to Ila.

“Yes I am sure Kakarot will do and besides it fits him will Bardock.” Ila said with a smile.

“Yet Ila, Kakarot is the name of the angel of the legend that our people believe in.” Bardock said in a panic.

“I know and I will not change my mind. He will have that name and that is final.” Ila said while she gave Bardock an evil look.

Bardock jumped and hide behind a chair. “I wonder why daddy is scared of mommy.” The one sister said that was named Lunela as she looked over at her dad.

“Me too Lunela.” The other sister said that was named Nigellan yet was called Ellan by everyone as she sat by her twin sister.

Everyone stopped talking when there was a knock at the door. “Yes who is it.” Bardock said as he looked at the door.

A nurse looked into the room. “My lord Bardock and lady Ila there is a problem with your son.” She said as she walked into the room.

“What is it Lia?” Bardock said as he looked at her.

“Will it seem that you two carries the genes of the angel and devil in you so that made your son’s blood react to the moon and it will made him the angel.” Lia said as she walked into the room.

Bardock started to get mad yet Ila hold his hand and that calmed him down some. “Lia tell me what are we to do if he is the angel. He will not last here on our planet with his power level.” Bardock said in fear.

“Bardock listen Kakarot’s power level is not fix like the other saiyans. He is the same as our prince.” Lia said as she walked to Kakarot’s bed side. “Yet we’ll have to keep this hidden from the others even the royal family to the timing is right or do you want me to tell them.”

Bardock looked to Ila. “What do you want to do you have the power to give the orders here after all you are royalty so I have to listen to your orders my Queen.”

“Alright Lia tell my sister and brother in law and see what they want to do about this because their son is the devil. So they have the right to know what we are planing to do with their son’s mate to be.” Ila said calmly yet strongly.

“As you wish my lady.” Lia said as she left the room.

Bardock looked at Ila. “What do you mean by their son’s mate to be Ila? We did not give them the okay for an arrange marriage.”

“I did while you where on a mission. They came to me when they found out that I could carry a child that could be the angel so we agreed to have our children marry if they both carry the gene of the angel and devil in them.” Ila said as she looked out at the full blood moon. “And they are meant to be my dear.”

Bardock looked at the moon too. “Yet my Queen what if the prince hates our son because he’s power level is low as a third class.”

“Then I will kick his ass for that.” Ila said with a smile that sent chills down Bardock’s spine.


“My King, the royal med-wife is here to see you.” A guard said as he walked into the room.

The King of all Saiyans sat up in his thrown as the guard came in. The King’s name is Vegeta-Fay yet few call him by that name they usually call him Vegeta or Fay if they are family. “Let her in and close the door behind her when she comes in. Also you and your men can take a leave for a while.” King Vegeta said as he looked at the guard.

“As you wish my King.” The guard said as he stepped by allowing Lia into the throne room.

Once Lia was in the room the door was closed behind her and the guards left. “Lia it has been a while my dear yet I know you have news you want to tell us.” The queen of all Saiyans that’s named Rosalur said as she got up and walked to Lia when she got to Lia she gave her a hug.

Lia smiled then looked at Rosalur then King Vegeta. “Yes I came to give news for you two my King and Queen.” She said with a bow.

“And what is the news Lia.” King Vegeta said as he got up then he walked to Lia.

“It is about Queen Lilak and Lord Bardock’s youngest child. It is a boy and he carries the gene of the angel and devil in him. He is the angel.” Lia said in a happy tone.

King Vegeta looked at Lia. “I see so does Bardock and Ila agree to the arrange married of our sons.”

“Will there is a problem with that my King. Kakarot’s power level is low but it is not a fix power level like all the other saiyans so Ila and Bardock want to know what should they do about Kakarot.” Lia said in a worry tone.

“How low is his power level as it is right now.” King Vegeta asked.

“It only reads that of a two on the scales yet I think he is masking his power level so we can’t get a good reading on his power level as of right now.” Lia said.

“Alright we’ll go get Vegeta before we go to Ila’s room. We feel Vegeta and Kakarot should meet first before we plan something.” King Vegeta said with that said Lia walk to the door. “Oh and Lia tell Bardock and Ila thanks you.”

“I will do my King.” Lia said before she left the throne room.

Rosalur looked at King Vegeta. “Fay should we tell Vegeta that his mate to be has such a low power level.”

“My sweet I think we should keep that from him if he finds out that Kakarot is low as a third class he might rejected Kakarot as his mate.” King Vegeta said as he looked to Rosalur.

“As you wish my dear.” Rosalur said.

The prince of all saiyans burst into the throne room. “Father, mother what is this talk about my mate to be is a third class.” He yelled as he walked into the room.

“Vegeta your mate to be is not a third class. He is like you a saiyan that does not have fix power level.” Rosalur said as she knelt down to her son before she gave him a pat on the head.

Vegeta looked up at his mother. “But mother how long will it take to he has a reasonable power level that of mine if his power level is that of a two.” He said calmly.

King Vegeta looked at his son. “Vegeta you are to be glad that we are allowing you to mate him so stop asking question and come with us so you can meet your mate to be.” He yelled.

Vegeta looked away and made a displeased look before he nod his head after that they gone to the medical wing. Vegeta looked up to his father and mother when they got to Ila’s room. “Mother, Father is this auntie’s room.”

“Yes Vegeta it is Ila’s room.” King Vegeta said as he looked down at his son.

“So my mate to be is my cousin yet is that inbreeding.” Vegeta said as he looked at the door.

“Vegeta inbreeding is allow now a days with our race yet few amount of saiyans do it.” King Vegeta said calmly.

“Okay yet why me and Auntie’s youngest son.” Vegeta said.

“That is because you and him are met to be with each other.” Rosalur said as she smiled down at her son. With that said they walked into the room.

Once they where in the room Bardock bowed when he saw King Vegeta this made King Vegeta raised an eyebrow. “Bardock get up we are family.” King Vegeta said.

“I am sorry it is hard to change my King.” Bardock said as he looked away.

“I know yet you have to start because our sons will be mated when they are older.” King Vegeta said then looked over at the crib. “He does look a lot like you Bardock.”

“You think so but Ila said he looked a lot like the angel of our race that is why she named him after him.” Bardock said then looked behind Rosalur. “Ah you brought Vegeta with you.”

“Yes he needs to meet his mate before they get older.” King Vegeta said as he looked at his son. “Come here Vegeta.”

“Why should I father.” Vegeta said in a displeased way.

“Vegeta Unmei get over here right now or I’ll make you.” King Vegeta yelled with his arms crossed over his chest.

Vegeta walked over to his father with his head down. Raditz snickered as Vegeta did what King Vegeta told him to do. Lunela backhanded Raditz. “Ow what was that for.” Raditz said as he rubbed the back of his head.

“That was for snickering at Vegeta.” Lunela said with her arms crossed over her chest.

Vegeta got to his father then looked at the crib. “Father who is that.”

“Son that is your mate to be. His name is Kakarot.” King Vegeta said as he looked down at his son.

“But..” Vegeta said yet stopped when his father gave him a look that said you will accept him no mater what.

“My son all that maters is that you will love him and care for him as your mate. If not I will allow him mate to with another saiyan that will love him and care for him like he should be.” King Vegeta said as he looked down at his son.

Vegeta looked at the crib and seen Kakarot looking at him with cute big sad eyes then he looked at his father. “Fine I will mate with him yet I first have to get to know him before we mate.”

“That is alright my son.” King Vegeta said with a smile.

Vegeta smiled then walked closer to Kakarot’s crib and looked at him. “He looks so cute.” He said then looked over at his Aunt and Uncle. “Can I hold him please.”

“Sure you can he is your mate after all but you have to sit down to hold him okay.” Bardock said as he walked to the crib to get Kakarot for Vegeta. Vegeta sat down on a chair that was by the crib. “Here make sure you hold his head like how I have it okay.” He said as he handed Kakarot to Vegeta.

Vegeta hold Kakarot like how Bardock had him. Kakarot started to purr when Bardock gave him to Vegeta. “Wow he likes you Vegeta.” Lunela said as she walked to Vegeta and Kakarot.

“What do you mean Lunela.” Vegeta said not looking away from Kakarot.

“Will when Ellan, Raditz or I hold Kakarot he cried loudly and got ants.” Lunela said as she smiled at her baby brother.

Vegeta smiled then kissed Kakarot’s forehead. “Nothing will happen to you as long as I live.” He said as he hold Kakarot close to his body.

The door to the room open and in came Lia. “Wow he finally stopped crying.” She said as she looked at Vegeta and Kakarot.

“Yeah I know Lia yet what would he be like when Vegeta has to leave him.” Bardock said.

“Speaking of leave visiting hour are over now Lia.” A nurse said as she looked into the room. “Oh hello King Vegeta I did not know you where visiting your sister in law will you and your family can stay to see Ila and her son.”

“Nice to see you Lera why don’t you come in you do not have to be shy.” King Vegeta said as he smiled at the young med-wife.

“Thank you King Vegeta.” Lera said as she walked into the room. When she got into the room she saw Vegeta holding Kakarot. “Wow you have grown young prince.”

“Lera you think other people say I am short for my age.” Vegeta said as he looked up at Lera.

“Hey do not listen to them and if they say you are short tell them Lera will beat them up.” Lera said with a smile.

“I will do that Lera.” Vegeta said with a smile.

“Yep and if you get any cuter you will have half of the saiyan race after you wanting to mate with you.” Lera said with a smile.

“Will they will have to back off because I will be mating Kakarot when I am older.” Vegeta said as he smiled down at Kakarot, who is playing with Vegeta’s tail.

Lera looked over to Ila. “You named your son after the angel.”

“Yes Lera and it fits him will don’t you think.” Ila said with a smile.

“Will it does yet do not tell me he is the angel.” Lera said as she looked at Kakarot.

“Will he is Lera.” Ila said.

Lera looked at Ila. “You got to be kidding me he is the angel. Did you not listen to what I told you about the angels and what happens to them when they because of age. He will have all the saiyans wanting him before he hits the age of fifteen.”

“Lera it will be okay no one but Vegeta will mate with Kakarot. We’ll make sure of that.” King Vegeta said as he looked at Lera.

“How King Vegeta when he will give off an aroma that no saiyan can resist then what will you do.” Lera said as she looked at him.

“We’ll have to have Vegeta mark Kakarot before then.” King Vegeta said.

“What they will be only children so we can’t have them do that.” Ila and Rosalur yelled in a panic.

“That is the only why you two.” Lera said.

“We will not allow it we will have to fine another way for them to mate even if we have to send Kakarot off world so he can be saved for Vegeta to Kakarot’s eighteenth birthday.” Ila said.

“Yeah but were almost half our safe planets have saiyans on them.” King Vegeta said.

“Sister you do not mean that planet it has humans, aliens and nonhuman begins on that planet. Kakarot would not severe if he lives there.” Rosalur said.

“He will sister because I asked the royal to care for him when he goes to that planet.” Ila said.

“But sister she lives in a town filled with nonhuman begins.” Rosalur said in a panic.

“Yet she will keep him safe and do check ups on him.” Ila said.

Vegeta looked at his mother and aunt. “Who is this she you two are talking about.”

“This she is the royal of our planet and the royal of Earth a human planet that is far away from here. Your mother and I have been on the planet a few times. We made that planet into a safe haven if we need it to be used as one if our world is ever attack yet that will not happen any time soon ever again because we have a shield around the planet.” Ila said.

Vegeta looked at his Aunt. “What is this shield I never heard about it.”

“Ail told you young prince in your history listen yet you ignored him when he talked about our people and our planet.” Lera said as she looked at him.

“Will he is boring so tell me what is this shield.” Vegeta said as he looked at Lera.

“Long ago about hundred years ago when Vegetasei was almost blown up by a massive blast of energy. Your Great Great-Grandfather King Vegeta-Karyu and his wife Yuugao ordered the mages to make a shield that could with stand any blast from any attacks that our enemies might use on our planet. The mages did and they put the shield around our planet. They called it The Mana Shield.” Lera said as she looked at Vegeta.

“I see yet why was his name Vegeta-Karyu when mine and my father is just Vegeta.” Vegeta said as he looked at Lera.

“Son my name is not just Vegeta.” King Vegeta said.

“What then why am I only named Vegeta?” Vegeta said.

“It is because you are the reincarnation of the devil of your people.” A girl said as she walked into the room. She was short with blond hair and green-red eyes. She had a dress that was half long half short.

“Royal!” King Vegeta said then bowed before her.

“Now now Vegeta-Fay I told you my name is Ali so please do call me that and do not bow before me you are king now.” Ali said with smile.

“As you wish Lady Ali.” King Vegeta said.

“No no just Ali.” Ali said.

Vegeta looked at his father then this girl that is about the height of Raditz or taller. “Father who is this child.” He said.

“Vegeta that is not a child that is the royal of Vegetasei so respect her and address her as Ali not child.” King Vegeta said with his arms over his chest.

Vegeta looked at Ali then his father. “Whatever.” He said as he hold Kakarot close to him.

Ali looked at Vegeta. “You are hopeless if you have that kind of out look on life how are you going to get any where with Kakarot when you are a non-caring person.” She said before she left.

Vegeta looked pissed yet it was short lived when he felt his tail get wet. He looked down and seen Kakarot had Vegeta’s tail in his mouth. “Hey that is not a chew toy.” He yelled as he pulled it out of Kakarot’s mouth yet this made Kakarot cry so Vegeta had to give Kakarot his tail back.

“Will we better get going.” King Vegeta said as he got up then looked at his son. “Vegeta give Kakarot back to Bardock so we can go you have studies in the morning.”

Vegeta looked down then hand Kakarot back to Bardock before getting up. “I’ll come to see him when I am done with my studies.” He said then gave Kakarot a kiss on the forehead. “Sleep will my sweet.” With that said Vegeta, King Vegeta, and Rosalur left the hospital room and gone back to the castle. Once in the castle Rosalur and Vegeta gone to his room while King Vegeta gone back to his throne room. Soon after Rosalur came into the throne room.

“My King and Queen we have a problem in the nursery with two saiyan children. One will not stop crying and the crying made another child power up to the level of a super saiyan what should we do. If this keeps it up the child might kill the crying child.” A guard said.

“What does the crying child look like.” King Vegeta said.

“He kinda looks like Lera when it is this moon yet his markings are a light black right now my King.” The guard said.

Rosalur looked at the guard then her husband. “We better move Kakarot out of the nursery and have him put into a room so he is safe from any other children. What should we do about the other child Fay.” She said as she hold her husband’s hand.

“Guards move my sister in law’s baby into the nursery in the castle and one of my men will handle the other child that has the high power level. I do not want this child to grow up to think he can over throw my son and calm the throne.” King Vegeta said.

“Please wait Fay I can take care of my son just let me do it.” Someone yelled as he walked into the throne room.

“Paragus so the saiyan with the high power level is your son.” King Vegeta said.

“Yes and he is all that I have left. His mother dead giving birth to him so please let him stay here. I will try to raise him right so he will keep his power level down.” Paragus begged.

“As you wish yet if he get older and tries to dethrone my son I will banish him and you from this planet.” King Vegeta yelled.

“Thank you Fay.” Paragus said then bowed before he left.

“Fay was it wise to allow his son to live here when your brother tried to dethrone you and knowing him he might have his son fight Vegeta for the throne.” Rosalur said as she walks to her husband.

“Rosa do not worry I have my men will take care of my brother if anything happen like that.” King Vegeta said then he kissed her.


Once Kakarot was moved into the royal nursery things started to calm down in the nursery. When no one was in the nursery guarding Kakarot, Vegeta sneaked into the room and looked at Kakarot. “Hey I felt you call for me yet when I gone to the other nursery they said you where moved so I came to see you my sweet.” Vegeta said as he climbed up to get a better view of Kakarot.

“Mrrr.” Kakarot purred as his tail swayed side to side.

Vegeta hold out a necklace for Kakarot. “My mother and father said to give this to the one that I want to court and we are mates to be so I am giving this to you.” He said. Kakarot hold out his hands as he made little sounds.

“Prince Vegeta what are you doing.” A nurse yelled then seen the necklace. “You can not give that to Kakarot he is your cousin.”

“He is my mate to be and I will give it to him if I want to.” Vegeta said as he looked at her.

“Prince Vegeta you are coming with me to see your father.” The nurse said as she pulled Vegeta away from Kakarot and out of the room. Once the got to the throne room. King Vegeta and Rosalur looked at them. “King Vegeta your son was trying to court his own cousin and he is just a baby.” the nurse said.

King Vegeta looked at his son then the nurse. “He is allowed to yet Vegeta that is too soon to court him he is just a baby.” He said with his arms over his chest.

“Yet you and mother said I should give this to who I want to court and I want to court Kakarot.” Vegeta said.

King Vegeta sighed as Rosalur walked to their son. “Vegeta can’t you wait to he is older to give it to him so he knows what you are doing.” She said.

“Yet if I wait some one might want to court him before I can then that other person and I will have to fight in the arena for Kakarot’s hand in marriage.” Vegeta said.

“Vegeta just wait three years before you court him alright.” King Vegeta said.

“Fine will wait three years.” Vegeta said then he left to his room.


Meanwhile on a far away planet a king looked upon his kingdom and he smile before he looked over to his pet. “So my sweet that is what you see the angel has been reborn yet he is a saiyan will I guess we will have to pay are little monkey friends a visit then.” He said with an evil grin before he looked at his two sons. “Which one of you want to plan the attack of the saiyans.”

“I will father.” Said the king’s youngest son. “I will plan the attack on the weak minded monkeys.”

“Good Frieza yet we can’t attack to three years because the royal is still on their planet she will not be gone to another three years.” King Cold said.

“As you wish father.” Frieza said as be bowed before leaving.

King Cold walked over to his pet and ran his fingers through her hair. “Now tell me Rena what else do you see my sweet pet.”

Rena looked at him then smiled. “Death to the saiyajin and the capture of their angel my dear Master.”

King Cold smiled that his little pet was so good at foreseeing the future of his people.

Cooler left his father and Rena alone as he walked to his room and walked in. “I do not know why my father trust that naga she is lying about the saiyans I just know it.”


Three years have gone by King Vegeta and Rosalur are planing their son’s courtship to Bardock and Ila’s youngest son today and the castle is filled with all saiyans from around over. They came to see the day the young prince court the young prince of the mages. Yet what they do not know is that their happiness will soon come to an end.

“Hurry up Kakarot your going to be late for your courting ceremony if you do not hurry it up.” Ila yelled as she knocked on her son’s door.

“God Ila you must be happy that our youngest son is getting court today.” Bardock said before he kissed his wife.

“Yes I am dear yet Kakarot is still in bed and will not get up.” Ila said.

Bardock sighed then knocked on the door. “Boy get your butt moving. You’re making your mother and I worry.”

The door open and out looked a young yet sleepy boy. “Why are you two so load it is only Sunday.”

“Boy today is your courtship do you not remember.” Bardock said.

“What can’t we plan this on a Wednesday or a Friday not a Sunday.” Kakarot said as he rubbed his eyes.

“You and Vegeta planed it on a Sunday now hop to it and get ready. Oh and do not wear your third class uniform. You are to ware your royal clothes.” Ila said.

“But mom they make me look like a girl and besides no one wants to think Prince Vegeta is courting a cross-dresser.” Kakarot said.

“Now Kakarot you look lovely in your royal clothes and you like dressing up as a girl.” Ila said.

“Yeah yet today I want to be me not some doll that people want to awe after and besides Vegeta might not want people all over me when it is mine and his day.” Kakarot said.

“Enough Kakarot get dress or we will be late!” Bardock yelled.

Kakarot yelped before he closed the door and hurried up to get ready for his courting ceremony to Prince Vegeta. When he was dress he open the door and he looked at his mother and father that awed at him. “I look like a pleasure slave.” Kakarot said.

“You do not Kakarot. You look lovely.” Ila said.

Bardock tilled his head a little. “Will you kinda does yet their outfit is white silk not raven black and your jewels are blue, gold, and orange.”

Ila elbowed Bardock in the ribs. “You are to agree with me not him.”

“Sorry.” Bardock said before him, Ila, and Kakarot left for the castle.

Once the got to the castle they where greeted by Raditz, Ellan and Lunela. “Awe Kakarot you look like a doll.” Ellan said as she hold her baby brother.

“Aww stop it your missing up the dress.” Kakarot said.

“Ha-ha Kakarot you are worried about the dress and not your self.” Raditz said as he messed up his brother’s hair.

“Stop it please both of you I want to look nice for my courting ceremony.” Kakarot said as he fixed everything once he was put down.

Lunela knelt down and kissed Kakarot’s cheek. “I think you look fine my dear baby brother.”

Kakarot wiped his cheek. “Eww no kisses on the cheek.”

Ila, Bardock, Ellan, Raditz and Lunela laughed at Kakarot then stopped when they heard a guard call out so they all gone to the guard and followed him into the throne room. Everyone but Kakarot walked in. Kakarot was led into another room to wait to he was called.

King Vegeta looked at Bardock, Ila, and their older three children. “I am glad you all came I thought you would run.” He said.

“Oh Kakarot was trying to trust us. He would not get out of bed.” Bardock said.

“Ah I see so how does he look is he in his third class uniform or royal.” King Vegeta asked.

“Royal. He wanted to wear the third class uniform yet we know how some saiyans would see him.” Bardock said then looked around. “Where is Vegeta.”

“Oh he is over there.” Rosalur said as she pointed to were the mob of saiyans where in a circle.

“I see so he has a fan club.” Bardock said.

“Yep he does. Yet he is true to his word and will not court no one but Kakarot when he had better offers from other saiyans.” King Vegeta said.


“Please Prince Vegeta court me.” A girl said crying.

“Nooo! Court me.” A boy said cling to Prince Vegeta’s arm.

“Enough!” Vegeta yelled then pulled away from his fan club and gone to a room to get alone. Once in the room he seen a saiyan dressed up in jewels and black silk. “Ugh I hate my life.” He said as he lead on the wall then he walked to the saiyan. “You know I might call off my courtship with Kakarot and court you.” He said as he ran his hand up and down the saiyan’s arm.

The saiyan slapped him then turned around and seen who he slapped. “Eeep Vegeta I am sorry.” The saiyan said.

“Kakarot!” Vegeta yelled then looked at his mate to be and purred. “I was joking about calling off the courtship.” He said with a rape face as he walked to Kakarot.

Kakarot backed into a wall. “Vegeta your scaring me.”

Vegeta backed off and smiled evilly. “Oh come on Kakarot I was only messing with you.” He said before he left back to the party.

Few minutes later Kakarot was called to join everyone. Everyone was in awe over him even Vegeta’s fan club awed him. Kakarot smiled as he walked by everyone. One boy tripped in front of Kakarot and Kakarot helped him up. “You okay.” Kakarot said.

The boy was Kakarot’s age. The boy looked at Kakarot then growled. “Kakarot!” The boy said before the boy attacked Kakarot.

King Vegeta and Bardock ran to save Kakarot from the boy. King Vegeta hold the boy while Bardock hold Kakarot trying to calm his breathing. “Alright who’s child is this.” King Vegeta yelled holding the boy by his tail.

“Fay he is mine.” Paragus said as he walked to his brother.

King Vegeta looked at his twin brother and growled. “He could have killed Kakarot if I did not step in.” He growled.

“Fay Broly is just a child he did not mean to attack your son’s mate to be. He just not in his right mind.” Paragus said.

“Enough he and you are no longer allowed on Vegetasei.” King Vegeta yelled before to cut off Broly’s tail. Everyone gasped when King Vegeta did this. Paragus picked up his son then left the castle and planet.

Kakarot’s breathing gone back to normal and he looked at his father. “I’m okay now.” Kakarot said.

Vegeta ran to Kakarot and hugged him. “Kakarot are you alright.”

“Yeah Vegeta I am fine now.” Kakarot said after that said Vegeta and Kakarot walked to where their parents were standing then looked at each other blushing.

King Vegeta looked at everyone then his son and nephew then back to everyone. “Does any one have objects to this courtship between my son, Vegeta and my son’s mate to be, Kakarot.” Everyone shook their head no. “I see now as King of Vegetasei I accept this courtship between Vegeta and Kakarot. Now Vegeta you may give Kakarot the necklace.”

Vegeta smiled then gave Kakarot a necklace while Kakarot gave Vegeta a necklace yet it was silver not gold like Vegeta’s. With that done Vegeta kissed Kakarot before they looked at everyone. Yet the happiness was short lived when a guard ran into the room. “King Vegeta the Icejins they are attacking.” The guard yelled.

“Damn it everyone to your battle stations we going to war.” Bardock yelled then he looked at Vegeta and Kakarot. “You two go with Lera.”

Kakarot and Vegeta gone with Lera. Half way down the hall Kakarot stopped. “You two go they are after me.”

“Kakarot what are you talking about.” Vegeta said.

“Vegeta I am the angel and they are after me I just know.” Kakarot said with his head down.

Vegeta looked pissed then slapped Kakarot. “Do not give me that shit we are going some where safe.” He yelled.

Kakarot looked at Vegeta then got pissed. “I hate you Vegeta! You are a jerk I wish I never met you in the first place. If your truly love me you will sing me that song again.” He yelled before he closed his eyes and said something in angelic.

“Nooo Kakarot stop.” Lera yelled as she ran to him yet it was to late he end what he said then past out.

Vegeta ran to Kakarot and hold him crying. “Kakarot please wake up!” He said crying.

~!~!~!~!~!~To Be Continued~!~!~!~!~!~

A/N: Nooo! Kaka why you stupid why. Will that is one way to end the story. Now what will happen to our dear uke.

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