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A/N: This is only the first chapter of what I hope to be many. If you are looking for full-on porn, you won't find it in this particular chapter. I hope to develop this story and update my others much better than I have in the past. I have been gone for a while due to life's many hardships. I doubt many missed me, but for those of you who have, arigatou gouzaimasu! Please know that as long as I am still breathing, I will be working to finish my works in between life's happenings. Thanks once again and enjoy!



Chapter 1 

"I'll Never Fight Again”

After promising to relinquish battle for good, Vegeta gazed out one last time past the horizon; the last, solitary figure hovering over what had earlier been a sobering battlefield.

Stupid Namek. Only weaklings coddled each other. Heh. Weaklings...

Taking off somberly to no place in particular, Vegeta flew around Earth aimlessly for any number of hours; just passing the time. There was neither rhyme nor reason left for his breath. His quarry and reason to continue existing was gone with Kakarotto. Surely, he would never fight again.

Vegeta burped loudly before falling into a puddle of his own urine. Damn earthling liquor! It would have only taken a sip of the stuff Freeza used to... Ugh, another horrid memory! He had lost count of how many bottles of liquor he had consumed. Why w-wasn't he d-deea... Urp!

With one last burp, Vegeta fell forward into his own vomit; his consciousness fading to black upon his ungraceful landing.

His watcher only shook his head, genuinely mentally fatigued; lifting Vegeta up so he wouldn't drown in his own mess.

He really was such a baka ouji.

Vegeta finally awoke. The scent of roasting meat and herbs making him simultaneously salivate and burp, feeling conflicting immense hunger mixed with the need to hurl. His head was throbbing relentlessly; every sense magnified and distorted to a painful level. But one scent overwhelmed the rest—the Namekian. Why would he...

"How are you doing Vegeta?" inquired the masterful voice.

Vegeta's head foolishly shot in the direction of the voice without thinking; the pain in his head causing him to grasp his head in his hands and grimace after such a swift movement.

"Take it easy. You've been out for a while after that ridiculous stunt of yours."

"Urgh... Be silent Namek... I thought I told you to mind your own business. What the hell is all of this?!"

"Do you want me to be silent or answer you, Your Highness," answered Piccolo smugly.

When Vegeta turned his face away from him and peered outward somberly, Piccolo knew he had gone too far with his joking.

"Forgive me Vegeta, but I wasn't about to let you drown in your own mess. You deserve a more honorable death. Plus, it is not yet your time."

"How would you know, green man? And just who in the hell do you think you are?!"

"I know who I am. It is you I am worried about."

"I do not want your worthless pity!"

"And I don't recall giving such."

"Kuso! Just what the hell do you think you are doing?!" exclaimed Vegeta, standing up from the futon Piccolo had provided, in all his naked glory.

Piccolo immediately turned away to hide his blush before answering.

"I care, alright? Thus, my actions are warranted."

"Hn. That's just like you weaklings. Disgusting."

"On the contrary, Vegeta. It takes a lot more to care; to give a damn and be patient and compassionate in even the hardest of times to. Any dastard can destroy all that is within their power to. But to genuinely care takes patience, work and diligence beyond any mere battle," declared Piccolo strongly, unaware that he had almost closed the gap between them in his rare moment of passion.

Vegeta peered at Piccolo intensely then; locking his eyes with his own. Piccolo stood his ground. He had meant every word. However, little was he ready for Vegeta's next move as he lifted and tossed him onto the violet futon and climbed atop him. Piccolo swallowed hard but kept his gaze steady. He wasn't about to lose the fight. Vegeta kept peering fiercely. He knew what he scented from the Namek. However strange, it was there.

Closing the space between them, Vegeta locked his lips to Piccolo's; his tongue tentatively sliding against both their lips. He waited for him to fight, move, anything. It took a moment, but Piccolo eventually pulled him closer, deepening the kiss. Vegeta moaned into it. The Namekian tasted absolutely sublime; a far cry from how he probably did at the moment but he didn't care. He would take what he could while he could.

But the scent quickly changed; Piccolo harshly throwing him off. His face didn't show it, but Vegeta could hear the slight nuance of hurt in his voice.

"I refuse to be just another of your conquests Vegeta. There is roasting boar for you outside, herbal tea near it, clean water in the river nearby to wash with and clean clothes to the side of you. Good day Vegeta," said Piccolo, moving swiftly out of the cavern and taking to the sky.

"Namek...Piccolo wait! Please..."

Piccolo easily heard him but continued to move far away from him. He hadn't wanted Vegeta to see his tears. Never before had...

"Kuso!" Vegeta growled to himself.

He hadn't known it had been more. Even the onna had only lusted for him. But Piccolo? Why? How? And where did it come from? He hadn't done or said anything to warrant it. In fact, he had done just the opposite. He didn't know why, but part of him even greater than his pride wouldn't soon let him forget.

"Piccolo, is there anything I can do for you?" inquired a worried Dende.

He could easily sense the waves of negativity that troubled Piccolo's spirit.

"If anyone other than Gohan asks for me, I'm not here."

"I cannot lie..."

"I am not here. That is all I ask of you right now."

"Alright Piccolo. You do seem as if you need rest."

"Thank you Dende," said Piccolo before drearily floating to his room on Kami's Lookout.

Piccolo sighed heavily once inside the familiar room. He had allowed himself to lose control, to be overcome with emotion—unacceptable. Taking his signature levitating pose above his bed, Piccolo began a deep meditation session; simultaneous absolute focus and vast nothingness slowly becoming his very being.

Vegeta had already devoured the giant boar Piccolo had prepared; along with the tea. It had all been more delectable than he had anticipated; the mix of herbs helping with the rest of his hangover. He still couldn't quite believe it. Piccolo didn't just desire him. Desire he could handle just fine. There had been many whom... But Piccolo cared for him, maybe even... Why did it suddenly matter to him either way?!

Even as he washed in the cold river water, nothing could turn his thoughts away from Piccolo. The way he had looked at him that last time, had plucked a string within him he hadn't realized still existed. Whatever happened, it couldn't end on the note it had.

After warming himself with ki, Vegeta observed the two distinct sets of clothing left for him sternly. He hadn't known the Namek could make different types of clothing. One was of course a violet dogi in the Namekian fashion with the usual brown moccasins; the other a perfect replica of the suit and armor he had worn on Planet Namek before meeting his demise by Freeza. It was strange. The Namek always had a keen eye, so why... And then it hit him. It was a message; one he wouldn't take for granted.

When Vegeta finally reached Kami's Lookout, both Dende and Mister Popo did a double take. Was Vegeta really wearing...?

"Stop gawking at me and go get Piccolo! I know he is here," urged Vegeta.

Dende sighed before answering.

"He is here, but he is resting and not accepting visitors at this time."

"Piccolo, I know you can hear me with those magnificent ears of yours. I don't think that you want me to express everything that I have to in front of present company," yelled Vegeta across Kami's Lookout.

Piccolo growled to himself. Of course he had heard him! The inconsiderate little prick! Storming out of his room, Piccolo flew to and grabbed ahold of Vegeta by the arm; blazing off Kami's Lookout with him in tow.

Finally floating above his favorite frozen desert, Piccolo harshly dropped Vegeta. Vegeta only smirked and floated cheekily to the ground.

"I didn't count you as one to hold a grudge," began Vegeta.

"Do not ever disrespect Dende or Kami's Lookout again!" growled Piccolo with a lot more passion than he had intended.

"Well, if you weren't hiding from me, I wouldn't have had to."

"I was not hiding. I was meditating in my room; not that it's any of your business. There is nothing more to say between us, Vegeta."

"So you've given up?"

Piccolo's silence only angered Vegeta all the more.

"Damn it Piccolo! I know-,"

"Just go Vegeta. I am tired of-,"

"Just admit it Namek. You love me and are in love with me," declared Vegeta loudly, a bit of unfamiliar desperation lacing his voice.

Piccolo faltered then. His arms unfolding and his face unusually etched with perturbation. It took a few deep breaths before his face became his clear stoic and unmoving once more.

"That is irrelevant, Vegeta. For, it is clearly unrequited."

Vegeta hadn't words ready in retaliation. The statement wasn't exactly true but neither was it entirely false. All he knew for certain was that he did desire the chance for more to grow. And, the Namek hadn't denied...

Taking a risk he had never before felt the need to take, Vegeta brought his forehead up and touched it to Piccolo's before he had the chance to move. Memories began flooding between them then.

"You had no right!" growled Piccolo, harshly shoving Vegeta away from him.

"It was the only way. I refuse to let you give up...on me," whispered Vegeta, very unlike his normally haughty self—almost childlike.

Piccolo couldn't believe the nuances of emotion he heard in Vegeta's voice then, yet remained ambivalent. Their brief exchange of memories had filled some gaps in what they had thought they knew about each other, but it was Vegeta whom had learned the most. He surely couldn't let Piccolo go then.

"I know I don't deserve it... Please, give me the chance; give us the chance to become more."

"Why? So you can use me to pass the time between training and conquering worlds?"

That one hurt, but Vegeta took a deep breath and continued anyway.

"No.'re worth it, Piccolo," expressed Vegeta sincerely.

Piccolo chastised himself internally then. Why did Vegeta have to have such a profound effect on him? Why...?!

Vegeta did take advantage of Piccolo's slight unguarded moment; lifting up and locking his lips with his own. Piccolo's desire overpowered his anger and uncertainty then, and he gave in, kissing Vegeta more deeply.

It was strange, warm, wet and… wonderful. The more they kissed, the more Piccolo felt his resolve to leave fading. But he couldn't...

Pulling away swiftly, Piccolo abruptly moved away from Vegeta. He had been ready to solidly decline and leave it at that, but Vegeta's dark and arduous eyes stopped him. That was the second time he had ever witnessed Vegeta's tears. And though he didn't eat, it still made him sick to his stomach.

"I neither want nor need your pity Namek... But if you really... I would try," whispered Vegeta, sniffing and wiping at his eyes religiously as if he were a little child, an act he hadn't been afforded before.

Piccolo gazed at him solidly then. After receiving some of his memories, he knew that like him, Vegeta had never really been allowed a childhood; much of his life chosen without him and therefore shaping his decisions. Though it was strange to see the mighty warrior and hopefully ex-destroyer act in such a way, it was wonderful too. It allowed a ray a hope to shine.

Moving closer to him once more, Piccolo wrapped Vegeta in his long powerful arms. While he did flinch at first, Vegeta didn't struggle; leaning in closer to breathe Piccolo in.

Piccolo didn't want to ruin the moment, but knew had to make things clear from the very beginning.

"If you ever betray me, I will kill you Vegeta," informed Piccolo sternly.

"That goes both ways green man," answered Vegeta earnestly, peering up at Piccolo strongly.

"Are you sure you can handle giving up all that luxury at Capsule Corp?" inquired Piccolo seriously.

"Ah," answered Vegeta in the affirmative. "If you can give me the chance, I can manage," he finished, quickly burying his face in Piccolo's magnificent chest.

After pulling away slightly to see his face once more, Vegeta had to withhold his gasp as the edges of Piccolo's luscious deep green lips began to curve upwards. He would have never known how lovely that face truly was had he never witnessed it wear a genuine smile. He found himself doing the same. Just maybe... Perhaps they could be.

Until The Next...

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