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There is one other story besides this that my brain wouldn't let me let go of that I will post when I can. I am still working on my other stories as I have time to. Thank you to all who haven't given up on me. ^^


Chapter 1

Piccolo grumbled more to himself the harder he tried to focus. Damn that muscle-bound, over-powerful onna! How had he—the son and reincarnation of Piccolo Dai Mao—have lost to such a simple-minded, annoying, wild-haired woman! Damn her! And even more infuriating, the blasted wench had the nerve to save him afterwards. Damn her! He would destroy her and rule the worl—

Wait, what the hell? What the hell is she doing here?! This is my territory, you wench!

“Hi Piccolo! Are ya up for a spar?” asked Goku excitedly as she floated playfully above Piccolo in his favorite frozen desert.

No, I am not up for a fucking spar, you bi—

“You’re not thinking very nice thoughts Piccolo,” said Goku matter-of-factly, wagging a discouraging finger at him.

How dare that wench!

“Stay the hell out of my head Son and away from me!” barked Piccolo before blasting away from her. How dare she!

Goku sighed heavily as she watched Piccolo flee from her. She had really wanted to get some good training in, and there was no one else like her or Piccolo on Earth. But her usual sunny smile returned to her face easily. She knew that Piccolo had extraordinary potential, and that made her excited. Once he finally did come around, they would have a battle unlike any other. And possibly, by then he would be on the side of good; making it all the more wonderful.

Grinning to herself, Goku took off; soaring leisurely through the daytime sky, playfully swimming in and out of the clouds. For some reason every time she was around Piccolo she felt good, so delightfully warm inside. She really hoped he would come around soon. But until then, she wouldn’t mind visiting some friends. Making a U-turn, she began flying towards Kame House.


Goku easily evaded all Muten Roshi’s typical advances; finally busting him hard enough in the gut to curb any further attempts for the day. He really was such a silly old man at times.

Her laughter stopped as she felt Kuririn’s eyes upon her. She didn’t like how he looked at her now. Roshi would always be Roshi, but she and Kuririn used to be awesome rivals, evolving into good friends and comrades. But ever since she came back from her three year training with Kami, everyone seemed to look at her differently—except Piccolo. He didn’t walk on eggshells around her or look at her as if she were something really good to eat. He fought her like he would anyone; something she would always be grateful for. Why couldn’t everyone else? There was nothing really different about her except maybe her strength. But she had always been strong. Why…



“I asked if you would like me to get you a plate of—”

“I can get my own plate, thank you Kuririn!” answered Goku indignantly.

“Yeesh, alright!” exclaimed Kuririn, taking a seat alone, grumbling in between bites under his breath about not yet having gone on a date.

Once Goku had many bowls full of her usual portions in front of her, she found for once she was not hungry. In fact something inside began to hurt very badly. Tears filled her eyes, but she refused to let them fall; biting her lip and forcing herself to stand. She had to leave and quickly. They wouldn’t understand and would only make it worse.

“Goku?” asked Kuririn worriedly.

“’M alright. I just need some air. I’m sorry, I’ll have to come back another day,” she said, sweat pouring from her brow, quickly taking to the sky.  


Kuririn was about to go after her when Muten Roshi stopped him.

“My boy, you don’t know how to handle the ladies. She was obviously having lady troubles. Believe me; you don’t want to bother them then. And if you’re serious about her, stop gawking at her like a dog in heat.”

“You’re the last person I want advice from about women—sukebei!” growled Kuririn before running into and slamming his tiny room door.

“You’ve really got some more growing up to do my boy,” lastly remarked Muten Roshi, sighing deeply before getting into his porn magazines. They were always there when he needed them.


Goku grimaced harshly, biting her bottom lip until blood was drawn; moaning loudly as agony continued pervading her body, drenching it in overwhelming sweat. She hoped it would be over sooner than the other times; it was always so painful, so uncomfortable and fatiguing. Kami had told her it was a natural part of growing up; to endure and make sure she was in a safe place whenever it happened…

Oh! She hadn’t made it home in time! She hurt so badly, she wasn’t sure just where she was anymore. She had landed haphazardly as her strength failed her during the last stretch of her flight. And night had fallen. Just how long had she been…

Piccolo continued to observe Goku intently. She had been curled up under his giant tree for hours; her high-pitched voice doing a number on his ears the whole time with each prolonged moan, yet he found he just couldn’t leave. As much as half of him wanted to take her out while she was weak, the other wouldn’t allow it. When he beat her, it would be fair and square. Then he would surely take over the world.

He had to get her well soon and away from another of his favorite places. Why couldn’t the wench find someplace of her own to get sick in anyway?

Piccolo’s thoughts continued to wander as he gathered wild ingredients for a healthy soup and some tea. He didn’t owe the over-powerful wench anything; he just wanted her to leave. And he would make sure she did once she was well again.

During his ministrations, Piccolo felt Goku’s ki drop dangerously; dropping everything and rushing over to her. She had lost consciousness and was much too hot to the touch. He knew dumping her in the river might cause her to go into shock, humans being so frail and all. No, he had to get that temperature down gradually. Materializing a large bowl made of cooked earth and a few soft cloths, Piccolo filled the bowl with cool water from the river and made his way over to her.

“You had better not die wench! I won’t forgive you if you do before I’ve defeated you,” barked Piccolo curtly before lifting her onto the futon he’d materialized, gingerly placing a wetted cloth upon her forehead and the others about her body on patches of naked skin.

It seemed to take forever, but Piccolo remained vigilant, continuing to rewet and replace the cloths as needed. Though he would never admit it, he felt relieved as her temperature began to lower. And when she finally opened her eyes, the absolutely breathtaking smile she gave him did cause his breath to hitch. Before he could attempt to leave, she sat up and enveloped him in her powerful, loving arms.

“Thank you Piccolo… Please stay?”

Piccolo grimaced then. Why? Why did he want to stay, to heed her words? Something was wrong. He had to leave and quickly.

“Please Pic? I need you, want you. Please?” whispered Goku, her plump pink lips ghosting over his ear lobes before lightly pressing against his neck.

Piccolo swallowed thickly before answering; striving with his all to get his head together. He finally knew what was wrong with the wench. He’d seen many of Earth’s animals go through it—always being quite repulsive to behold—so why the hell did he wish to stay? Why hadn’t he already left? Why couldn’t he stop thinking of it, of her?

“Do you even know what you’re asking Son?”

“Touch me, please.”

Piccolo swallowed thickly once more; his mind moving kilometers a minute. Obviously it was a terrible, horrible, awful idea. Yet the longer he thought of it, the harder it was to pull away. And as Goku finally stole Piccolo’s lips with her own, there was no more room for thought.

Piccolo immediately deepened the kiss; arms forcefully wrapping around her powerful curves, his hands roaming everywhere possible, his mystical violet muscle vying diligently for dominance inside her sultry oral cavern, loving every surface within until Goku had to part for breath.

They both paused a moment to gaze at one another. Her unique life-bearing flavor, half-lidded eyes and pure desire that shone from them for him had him aching for more. His tall, muscular form, clean chiseled features, lovely dark green skin, and heavenly scent had her most intimate place already sopping. She needed him now. He wanted her now. Focus was too difficult to think them away, so clothes were ripped and torn away instead.

Both groaned and clenched their eyes shut as Piccolo pushed her down on the futon, opening her legs wide, his rigid emerald length beginning to penetrate her for the first time; both panting furiously once he was seated to the hilt. Time seemed to stop then for the seemingly longest moment before Piccolo began to pump deeply in and out of her; Goku filling so full and sensory-overloaded she thought she might burst, arduously beginning to meet him stroke for stroke with her hips. There weren’t words for it, and they were both too profoundly taken by the novel chaotic bliss to try and find any.

If the euphoric pressure and encompassing warmth wasn’t enough, something magnificent began building for them; both striving to reach it assiduously, feeling as if they might die if they didn’t soon.

Aaahhh . . .

Uuuhhh . . .

 And then it finally happened. Overwhelming waves of pleasure began to pervade their entire forms; shooting from the places they were connected at below the hips, all the way up their spines. Goku flipped Piccolo over then; unable to stop riding him until her climax finally fully abated; Piccolo grunting as Goku’s unrelenting inner walls squeezed the last of his from him, both still panting as she lay on top him, sweat and other fluids flowing down them and to the futon.

Once the afterglow began to wear off, Piccolo’s mind started screaming at him. What the hell had he just done, with his nemesis no doubt?! Kuso!

Wait. What was that odd sound?

Feeling the vibrations emanate from Goku to him, Piccolo’s eye twitched. The wench had the nerve to fall asleep after all that; him still locked within her over-powerful arms and legs and was… purring. How dare she just…

Taking a deep breath and peering strongly at her face, Piccolo’s breath hitched again despite his mental protest. Had Goku always been so… No.

Striving to wrench his way out of her grasp only made her hang on to him tighter. Damn her! He had to get away. He did not want to be there when she woke…


Kami had been watching from his Temple; surprised at first and then very thoughtful at the new development. Perhaps, just maybe Goku could melt the frigid walls of Piccolo’s heart. He knew it would be best for all if she could.

Using his divine powers, while Piccolo was preoccupied with escape Kami forced him into a deep slumber. While he couldn’t make him change his mind, he could make sure he thought about it. And having them awaken together would ensure that neither would just run away. It would be against their pride; something as devout warriors they both shared. Just maybe it could all work out in the end.

Until The Next...


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