It's my whole heart

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AN: This story is based on the OS ‘I know you want me’ You can read it without reading the other one first. It´s a Bra/Chichi story, in which Bra notices that Chichi is quite attractive and Chichi notices that she could finally give in to her slight interest in women. It was mostly smut, so here´s a bit more story of what happened after they got comfy with their arrangement.



Warnings: No one is underage! A little bit of lesbian sex, light domination play, light bondage.


Bra is around 30 and Chichi around 70.


Have fun!


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


And it's my whole heart

While tried and tested, it's mine

And it's my whole heart

Trying to reach it out

And it's my whole heart

Burned but not buried this time


Which Witch – Florence and the Machine


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Casual. That was the word Bra would use to describe her relationships. She had had exactly one and a half serious ones, everything else had been blissfully casual. Some sex, some small talk, nothing else. She should´ve… frowning, she took a sip from her coffee. She should´ve known better. Not having asked in the first place. Chichi was sitting opposite her, looking more uneasy than should be humanely possible. Leave it to her to do it anyway.


“What is your goddamn problem? If I had known going to a café was such a hassle I would´ve gladly stayed at home and made the fucking coffee myself!”


Chichi looked nervously around, stroking some loose strand of hair back that didn´t even exist.


“Don´t worry, no one´s gonna suspect we just fucked.” Bra knew that she was poking at wounds, but she didn´t care. She hated it when someone ruined her perfectly fine day.


“Don´t talk so loud! It´s bad enough that they all think I´m your grandma.”


Bra huffed, taking another sip. “Didn´t know you can read minds now.” It wasn´t as if she couldn´t understand, but they hadn´t done anything to out them either way. Bra knew there was always some lousy paparazzi who was happy to get a photo of the Capsule Corp offspring, and just for that she wouldn´t risk some public action. That hadn´t been her intention anyway. If she was honest to herself she just had thought that maybe…


“What´s so bad about talking? We don´t really do that. Aren´t we… friendly enough for that?”


“It´s not that and you know it.” Chichi still didn´t look at her. “I… I didn´t really give it much thought when I said I´d go with you, but can´t you see that this is not right?”


Bra rolled her eyes, not even trying to hide her contempt. “No one thinks you’re my grandma. Most people know who she is anyway. You do realize people can be friends independent from age?”


Chichi didn´t react, she just stared daggers at the floor.


“You need a ride home then?”


“You said it wouldn´t be like this. You said it wouldn´t be… you know, since it´s just meaningless activity. YOU said that!” Finally she looked up, but Bra didn´t like the look in her eyes at all. “And you are forcing me into an impossible situation!”


They were staring at each other for a few seconds before Bra waved for the waitress. “We should get back to my place. I don´t want this conversation here.”


“Oh, so you do realize that it is completely improper?”


“No  Chichi, I just don´t want to scream in public.”


She forced a smile on her face when she paid.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


The door was barely shut behind her when she felt save enough to be true to her words.


“What is your FUCKING PROBLEM? I didn´t ask you to spend the rest of your fucking life with me, I asked if you wanted to drink coffee! I know you impossibly long and know basically nothing about you. I thought, well, maybe that wouldn´t be so bad? Maybe she could tell me about her dirty romance novel hobby. Maybe I could bitch about work a bit! But obviously your insecurities make you so damn paranoid that you are incapable of normal reactions to normal activities!”


She saw how Chichi´s jaw clenched. Would probably start crying. Somehow it made Bra feel very proud.


“I don´t WANT relationships! Not with you or anyone else.” She shook her head in emphasis. “And I thought we were over this often enough, I`m old enough to decide who I want to fuck. Are you?”


Crossing her arms Chichi looked away.


“So how about you just say what you want to say instead of throwing a tantrum that no one needed!”


“I did say everything! Stop twisting my words! Every time I tell you about anything you just… you just wave it away and ignore it. Don´t you dare say it isn´t like that!” Chichi wasn´t anywhere near crying. She looked like she wanted to rip Bra´s throat out. “Do you ever hear yourself talking? I don´t even want to know what you do at your work if you treat everyone like you treat me!”


She turned around, paced a bit through the room. Bra just rolled her eyes, pressing her hands on her hips. Fine. Let´s enter the part where she would finish with how nice it had been and hopefully Chichi would have a nice rest of her life.


“Maybe it doesn´t seem so important to you, but even if…” Chichi turned around, her eyes shining with fury. “Even if I gave in easily, it doesn´t mean that I am completely okay with the fact that you are as old as my grandchild. It´s probably hard for you to feel something similar to sympathy, but…”


“So what? I get it, this is just sex. You don´t want to be friendly so you can still pretend that it isn´t really happening. So why didn´t you just say no when I asked?”


Chichi frowned, speechless for a second. “About the coffee? You shouldn´t even have asked in the FUCKING first place!”


Bra tried to contain her anger, not even looking at her when she stormed out. Casual. That´s what she preferred. Not witnessing some temper tantrums in her living room about absolutely fucking nothing. Kicking her shoes off she threw herself on the couch, staring angrily at the ceiling until it got too dark to see anything.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


After the two hour flight she still wasn´t nearly calmed down. It had been nice for a while, but she should´ve known better. Nothing was good for a long time. Clenching the steering wheel, she tried not to accidentally ram her own house.


There were things Bra couldn´t understand and Chichi highly doubted she ever would. She didn´t know what it meant to be committed to someone, to have people who depend on her, who need her. It probably hadn´t seemed like that to Bra, but if anyone even suspected what was going on… Chichi sighed, leaning her forehead against the steering wheel. It would be a disaster. After a few minutes of silent contemplation she got out. She had neglected her housework for a while, no time to dwell on ruins.


A few days later Pan was happily cutting some vegetables in her kitchen. Usually Chichi was more than happy to have her granddaughter around, but… she hadn´t talked to Bra. Not called, not answered the phone, not flown over to Southeast City. It was the right thing, but it didn´t mean that she didn´t feel bad about it.


“Don´t you feel lonely here, grandma?”


Chichi looked up, confused. She had been lost in her thoughts. “What?”


“I mean, you´re on your own all the time. Isn´t that…” Pan shrugged. “Boring?”


“I´m… I´m not on my own. Goten still lives here and your parents are just next door. And it´s almost time for Goku to show up again.” She laughed nervously, when it hit her. It was almost time for him to come over from wherever he was training again. He usually just popped up and Chichi felt a shiver run down her spine thinking about how he could´ve shown up when she was over at Bra´s.


“Yeah but you don´t have any friends here, right? Family is nice and all, but… maybe it´s just me, I do need some more people around to not go crazy. Too many saiyans, right?”


Chichi smiled weakly. “Aren´t you one as well?”


“Grandma, I´m so watered down, I don´t even count!” She laughed heartily and it made Chichi´s heart ache thinking about how much it reminded her of Goku.


Later that evening she couldn´t sleep, tossing around on the bed and trying to think about the garden work she wanted to do the next day and how urgent a shopping trip was, but she just couldn´t get it out of her head. She hadn´t been excited about Goku coming back. She hadn´t been excited about the thought of seeing her husband again after months and months of absence. It was a thought she hadn´t dared to think until now, it was too frightening. It was too… painful.


It was just a few weeks a year, and she wanted to cherish it, but she couldn´t. She caught herself being annoyed at not having the house for herself, since Goten was out so often. Annoyed that she couldn´t do her daily routine, about having someone else to care for. She wasn´t even that excited about sleeping with him, not after she found ways of entertaining herself. She still loved him, but not… like that.


Turning around again, she looked at the empty spot. Was that the reason she had been so twitchy around Bra? She was trying so desperately to pretend that she just wanted to use Bra for some secret little fantasies she had had, but maybe she had just involuntarily decided that she wanted… something else. Closing her eyes, she pressed the balls of her hands against her eyes. Or maybe she was just ungrateful.


After another hour of turning around she finally got up, dressed quickly and got into her plane. Tiny little plane she had bought with her own money. It had been so satisfying when she had bought it. And there were other things that had been very satisfying as well. Time to seek them out.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Bra didn´t realize it was her doorbell when she woke up. Completely disoriented she tried to turn off the alarm, when it didn´t work she tried to find her phone, but the annoying sound just didn´t stop! She got up, tumbling through the room. It was from outside. A few more seconds her head finally decided to work again and she realized that someone was on her door. Frowning, she dragged herself through the living room. When she opened the door, she just wanted to throw it right back and go to sleep. Pretend she hadn´t seen her. Sighing, she opened it a bit wider.


“Chichi, what do you want. It´s the middle of the night.”


“I had a revelation of sorts and I had to come over immediately.”


Bra stared at her for a few seconds, blinking rapidly against the bright light in the hallway. “You could´ve just told me tomorrow. This isn´t some romance novel.”


Chichi pushed past her, turned on the light and started to pace in front of the couch. Bra contemplated murdering her and threw the door shut with more emphasis than necessary. But it felt so good. “´tis better be damn good, it´s… fuck, it´s almost four and I have to get up at six!”


“I think I want to get away from home.”


She looked at her so expectantly. Bra felt the headache forming, her eyes burning like hell. “Okay. I´m gonna make some coffee. You want one without throwing a fit afterwards?“


“Tea is fine, thanks.”


Bra knew something big was up. Better make the coffee extra strong.


“So what´s the problem?” Bra handed her the cup, throwing herself on the couch. She tried desperately not to close her eyes.


“I told you. I… I need to get away. Somehow. I just… I can´t. I can´t. Not anymore.”


Bra angled for the pack of cigarettes on her table. The coffee tasted like shit. A fucking horrible night. “A bit more specific maybe? Is Goku-san back? You two had a fight?“


Chichi played with her cup, her eyes moving nervously. “He isn’t. And I think I don´t want him to be back. I think…”


“What? What is wrong?” She probably wouldn´t cry, but Bra wasn´t all that sure about it anymore. “Is this about what I said? I didn´t mean it like that, I was an ass. I´m sorry.“


“No, it´s not about that. I just… I love him, you know? I wanted to marry him, it had been my idea! And I´m still glad we did, I´m glad about everything we had, but I just… I want to… and… and… he had saved me so often, he has done everything for me, and I´m so ungrateful, I´m horrible, I know, but I can´t help it, I don´t know how!”


Finally she sat down on the armchair, the cup still in her stiff hands. Bra took a drag, using the time to think about what she should say. Relationship advice wasn´t really her forte.


“I´m… I´m not really an expert but when you justify staying with someone with feeling guilty, I guess it´s pretty clear you´re not behind it anymore. Or not that much.”


“But I wanted it! What does that make me?”


Bra sighed uneasily, putting her empty cup away. “Didn´t know people aren´t allowed to change their minds.”


“I just don´t know anymore. I don´t know what to do!”


“Well, what do you want to do? You said you want to leave home, so you want to get out? Leave Mount Paozu for a while?”


Finally she took a sip. That was a good sign.


“Or maybe…”


“I enjoyed the time with you. I enjoyed doing something just for myself. Not having anyone around, not my sons, not my husband, just… just me. Just for me. Pan told me she pities me for not having any friends.” She laughed, hysterically. “I don´t, everything I wanted had to stand back for everyone else, and I always thought that that was what I wanted, I should be happy and content since I always wanted to marry and have children! But it´s not.” She stared at Bra, her eyes watery. “It´s just not.“


And then she started crying.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


It was a weird feeling running through her body when she had to watch someone cry. It always made her uneasy. Bra was a person of action. She liked to do something, to have a problem and a specific solution. Crying was on a whole other level. Emotions were an enigma she didn´t like to tap into too much. She didn´t want to be tangled in other people´s problems.


She took another drag, slowly exhaling while she dropped the stub in her coffee cup. Chichi was sobbing violently, it was hard to look at. She had to make it stop somehow.


“Come on now, you´ll find a solution. It´s not the end of the world.” Bra sat down next to her, awkwardly patting Chichi on the back. Instantly, she flung herself on Bra. Bra barely kept herself from sighing. No wonder Pan pitied her grandma, if the only person Chichi could think of confining into was her…


“But… but…” Chichi didn´t manage to say anything, choking back the tears.


“You know, if you need a time-out, I can buy a flat wherever you want. You can keep it, it´s not that much money for me anyway and if you decide to go back home… Isn´t that what they always say, invest in real estate? I haven´t done that yet.” An interesting thought… Bra made a mental note to keep it in mind.


“I don´t want the house anymore. Goten can have it.”


“Maybe you sleep a night over it. You put so much effort into it, isn’t it important to you?”


“No, it´s just… it´s everything I can´t take anymore, it´s sucking the rest of life I have out of me!”


Bra thought it was a bit dramatic and definitely a decision she shouldn´t do on a whim. Probably should try to get her to sleep a bit and the next day or… later that day she could look at it again. Without the hysterics.


“Right, how about you stay here for a night? You can sleep in the guest room and tomorrow we can talk about it again. What do you think?”


 Chichi moved away, looking at Bra with red rimmed eyes. “You think I´m gonna change my mind? Go back?”


“Honestly Chichi, do what you think is best. Just don´t do it after a meltdown. If you still want to move out tomorrow, I´m gonna help you. Okay?”


Chichi nodded, took her cup and drank the rest of her tea at once. When she put it down again, she looked exhausted. Crying was hard work.


“Okay. Okay. Thank you, Bra. Thank you.“


Bra rubbed Chichi´s arm, gesturing her to get up. “Don´t worry about it.”


Bra wondered if maybe she should worry about it though.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


AN: Right, so it turns out to be somewhat longer than I intended, AS ALWAYS. But it doesn´t matter anyway, haha. So if I keep the length of the chapters like this one, I estimate 3 chapters in total.


Also, there will be smut, but it is not the focus of the story. But that is probably obvious.


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