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Disclaimer: I do not own DBZ or any of its characters

Disclaimer: I do not own DBZ or its characters. I do not profit from the creation of this fan fiction.

Recovery: This story follows my last 'Flawed Perfection' quick summary if you aren't up to reading it.

Bulma dabbling in medical research found a way to regrow Vegeta's tail. He began having mental changes and began plotting to take control of Earth in efforts to create a new Saiyan empire.Vegeta found a way to mentally control Goku, Gohan, and Goten in his efforts to control Earth. Bulma was unaware of schemming until she lashed out in anger at Vegeta causing him to break. He violently over threw the world's government and put Bulma through hell. Her determination pushes her to escape his clutches and over a period of 7 years find all the dragon balls and reverse her initial mistake. For the years that she suffered was just mere minutes for everyone else with the help of Shenron.

Chapter 1: The Fall

It had been weeks since he had found her in distress. She was disoriented and in tears, trembling in fear of something unknown to him. These episodes had been coming more of a common occurrence at the Briefs’ complex for Bulma. She seemed to be spiraling into a mysterious darkness that Vegeta could not pull her from. Any time he came near her, she would pull away from him. No longer did she bring warmth and compassion to him, just a cold distance he could not span.

Vegeta sat in the indoor communal house garden sanctuary, only able to watch her stare emptily into the water of the Koi pond. The female species had always been a bit of a mystery to him, but this type of behavior he had never witnessed in his mate. Even during her trying pregnancy she had always remained for the most part, herself.  He approached her, kneeling to bring himself to her level to peer down into the pond. Her sky blue eye seemed empty for a moment before realizing he was there. Nearly falling into the pond, she recoiled from him. He was at a loss for words on how to react to her; so he would simply just walk away.

Bulma sat, her heart pounding watching him disappear into the house. Many times she had tried to explain to him, to put into words what had happened to her. How do you tell your husband that he was your torturer, your rapist, and the one who hunted you for so long? How do you make this story sound not insane? Would he even believe her that in what seemed just a few minutes for him, she had lived over seven years into a hell scape of a future? Worst of all how do you tell him that the horrible events that transpired were of your own doing?

Vegeta lay in bed, his ebony eyes fixed onto the ceiling. It seemed he would be sleeping alone again this night. She had been staying alone each evening in her lab. He craned his neck turning his attention to the top of the bed posts, where once long satin lengths of fabric once delicately hung. The posts were now empty, the satin removed at the request of Bulma. Even these inanimate pieces of fabric seemed to frighten her. Stretching out his arms to rest them behind his head, he let out a slow breath trying to think back- searching for any clue at these changes in her.

He heard the door squeak open, in the corner of his vision he could see a small figure. His son, Trunks, was also being affected by these strange behaviors from Bulma. Between the emotional out bursts and the increasing distance between the two, Trunks almost seemed to be lost in the turmoil. Trunks came to Bulma’s side of the bed, climbing up to sit facing his father.

“Dad, why is mom acting so weird?” Vegeta sighed, keeping any evidence of worry from his face.

“I don’t know son. If I knew, I would tell you. You are too old to have white lies sugar coated and fed to you. Now it is late, get some sleep.”

“Can I sleep in here with you dad? I don’t think mom will wake me up in time for school.”

Vegeta sighed and gave a noncommittal grunt in response. He felt Trunks curl up next to him, pulling a blanket over to cover them both. Normally the close proximity of anyone but Bulma would have bothered him, but he knew that his son needed to feel secure. Normally Bulma and Vegeta are equal but different halves when it came to parenting Trunks. Bulma was the affectionate, compassionate, and loving parent while Vegeta was her foil.

Bulma peered in through the small opening, looking upon the sleeping forms of her husband and child. She could clearly see Trunks lying close, his head resting on Vegeta’s thick bicep. Vegeta shifted slightly, causing the deep terror to well up inside of Bulma once more. She ran hard and fast back down to her lab. She locked the heavy door behind her. 

Bulma slumped down into her chair, her desk covered in layers and layers of paper with her hand writing covered each side. For weeks now she had been writing down everything she could recall from the seminal event of re-growing Vegeta’s tail until the eternal dragon granting her wish. By writing these memories down she hoped to be able to find the words to tell him. However by writing them down, she only relived them. The abuse, pain, and her rage only came flooding back.

She sat on the roof top, facing East. She waited for the sun to peak over the horizon. Trunks would soon be off to school for the day. This would be easier without him here. Today she had to shut off all that she remembered. With the damage done to her, she was no longer a whole person. She would no longer be a suitable wife or mother to anyone.

Vegeta shooed Trunks out the door, urging him not to be late for his classes. He would not have his son be such a book worm like Kakarot’s oldest, but he would have him be on time and well educated. Satisfied his son was off on his way, he turned his attention to finding Bulma. As expected she did not come to bed, she must have spent the night again her damned lab.

Trunks had left. Bulma stared into the sun, feeling its warm cover her body. She stood, looking over the edge of the roof top. Surely she was high enough. If she were to land correctly, it would be instantaneous and be over. She spread her arms wide, leaning forward, feeling herself start to fall.  She cleared her mind, her only thought ‘I want to die, I want peace.’  She heard her named called out, snapping her eyes open to see Vegeta standing in shock. Bulma jerked, changing her position causing her land in an awkward pile upon the ground.

Vegeta nearly gagged when he heard the cracking of bones when she impact the ground. This was the first time injury to someone caused him to feel ill. Rushing to her, his eyes filled with disbelief and confusion. He instinctively scooped her up into his arms; he could smell blood. Blood coming from her mouth and ears, only prompted him to act quickly. He remembered seeing a healing pod she had reverse engineered in her lab.

He looked at her, floating in the nutrient filled liquid of the pod.  Her heart rate and brain activity were stable, positive signs for her physical health. As far as what prompted her act of apparent insanity, he was still without an answer. Sitting in her chair, he looked over at her usually empty desk save for the random gadget or gizmo. Currently her desk was piled with massive stacks of paper. Bulma had the stacks in some semblance of organization.

Vegeta found what seemed to be the first section of her paper work. At first just skimming it, he soon found himself reading in-depth.  He continued to read, feeling the pit of his stomach knot and twist at the things he had done.  How he manipulated his mate, how he put control over Kakarot and his children, and how in one instant he had turned on Bulma. It sickened him further, reading how he had laid hands in a violent manner up on his mate.  Finally the urge to vomit over powered him; he pushed away from the desk spilling the contents of his stomach onto the concrete floor. He read how he violated her and allowed others to so in such a heinous manner; it was too much to bear.

Vegeta regained his composure, he had to continue reading. This twisted story of horror seemed to be the root of Bulma’s previously unexplained actions.  He read further, coming to the section she detailed her clever escape. A small sad smile crossed his lips as he looked up to Bulma. “That’s my girl.” Vegeta returned to reading, such detail Bulma had put into this. He felt like he was there with her, watching these monstrous events play out.

He sat dumbfounded, slowly absorbing the information. Such destruction and terror he had caused his mate and the world. Before coming to live on Earth the idea of destroying lives had never bothered him, but in that form that he became a much darker evil surfaced. When he became that version of himself a much more sadistic element formed and Bulma became its ultimate victim. He now understood why she seemed so afraid of him. Although these events technically never came to pass, she had lived them.

Vegeta stood, pressing his broad hand against the glass of the tank. He hung his head and clenched his free fist.

“I promise to fix this. I will undo all this pain. I will bring you back to me.”

I hope you enjoyed this chapter; I do plan on this story being as long or longer than 'Flawed Perfection' (8 chapters). It will be slow going with classes, clinicals, work, and mom/wife things. Please review/ C&C! I appreciate any and all feed back!

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