Lazy Sunday

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Lazy Sunday

AN: Okay, so this seemed like an amazing idea when I sleepily thought about it this morning, now… idk. I have this love/hate relationship with incest and although I absolutely am against it irl, the fact that is something forbidden makes it so much more interesting to write about (y´know, when it can´t hurt anyone) Whatever, wanted to write the smut, so here you go. It´s Vegeta/Bra/Goku (don´t ask) with a strong emphasis on Vegeta/Bra (Goku´s just there because this is the closest I will ever get to writing Vegeta/Goku, okay?) and there will be Chichi and Bra which might involve a bit sexy times, but I haven´t decided yet.

For the character ages… Bra is something mid-twenties and Veggie and Goku are old, but it doesn´t really matter that much since they look (and act) like they´re barely adults.

Warnings: Incest obvs, deepthroat, gagging, threesome, dp, vaginal, anal, oral, the whole bunch. Nothing actually kinky.

And please don´t think this will be serious for one second. The whole setting is just too ridiculous. This is more like sitcome-style comedy with a lot of sex. Yeah.

Have fun!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Bra really enjoyed it when her mum wasn´t at home. Usually she had to be sneaky to get some alone-time with her dad, but with her mum gone over the weekend to attend some conference on the other side of the planet… sighing contently, she wrapped the blanket a bit tighter around her. Two days and she could actually just lie in bed with him! That was the whole plan for the weekend and she was delighted.

Bra rolled over, eyeing the door. He was still out, doing whatever the fuck he thought was important right now. Well, it´s not as if it was all that urgent. She could wait. Yawning, she thought about watching something on her laptop. Or just… close her eyes shortly.

When she blinked sleepily, she noticed that there was bright light shining through the blinds. She must´ve fallen asleep. Groaning, she tried to roll over but was blocked by her dad´s arm which was wrapped around her. All his fault, if he hadn´t taken so long to move his butt from the shower… Bra wiggled a bit, but he didn´t budge. Annoyed she noticed that her shirt had rode up during the night and was barely covering her tits, but it also meant that her butt was pressed against her dad´s crotch and she could feel the soft hair on his stomach against her bare back…

Grinning, she lifted his arm to roll around. Only a pair of black boxers, now if that wasn´t just perfect. Carefully lifting the waistband, Bra pushed her other hand inside, enjoying the feeling of his warm cock in her hand. She started stroking gently, careful not to wake him up. There was nothing more delicious than the thought of him coming in his sleep. It took her longer than usual to get him hard, but his mind was probably running in overdrive trying to figure out what was happening. Smirking, she started milking him faster until the hand around her waist moved too quick for her to react and grabbed her hand.

“That´s for not waking me up when you came in.”

“`s not as if we couldn´t fuck all the time.” He looked down, slowly pulling her hand out from his boxers. “There are worse ways to wake up.”

“I guess.” She leaned forward, trying to kiss him, but he moved his head to the side. “Brush your teeth first.” Grunting, she boxed him in the stomach. At least he reacted, even if it was just by laughing. “I guess you don´t mind if my filthy mouth sucks your dick, eh?”

“All yours.” Bra rolled her eyes but didn´t hesitate pulling his boxers down, his dick still half hard. Now that was more like it. She leaned down, taking as much into her mouth that it wouldn´t hit the back of her mouth, only moving her tongue in wet lines along the underside of his dick. She looked up, enjoying the sight of Vegeta with a little blush, starting to breathe heavily. The dick left her mouth with a popping sound when she got up. There was only one way they both liked it best and she figured the sleepiness was gone. Bra laid down on her back, her head dangling from the side of the bed. She felt Vegeta getting up and opened her mouth in preparation.

There was a fine line between being rough enough for excitement and being too rough. No human Bra had fucked had ever managed to fuck her throat in a way she actually enjoyed. Though it had taken them a while to figure out how to do it, Vegeta´s dick was almost too short for a decent deepthroat. Almost. When he pushed inside her mouth until his pubic hair hit her nose she pulled her shirt up until it was bundled on her shoulders, revealing her breasts.

“That´s new.” He continued moving lazily, letting her enough time to breathe with every push. Her finger moved lightly over the ring on her right nipple. It was so new it had barely had time to heal. She liked the feeling of it and she figured that she would like it even more when another tongue played with it. She giggled, making Vegeta stop for a second before he quickened his pace. That had been the tricky part. She loved the feeling of a pulsating cock deep down her throat, but she hated the taste of cum. Bra had been very pleased when they fine tuned it perfectly for Vegeta to come as long as he was still deep inside her. He got so quick she barely had time to breathe anymore, panting heavily himself. Bra tried to get rid of her panties without moving her head, but it didn´t quite work. A few moments later he came and she just closed her eyes, enjoying the feeling of something hot running down her throat while trying not to gag.

He pulled out suddenly, leaving her gasping for air. It took her a second to wipe away the saliva that had run down her face.

“Am I gonna get a nice ‘good morning’ as well?”

He grinned when he grabbed her arms and pushed her around. Bra took the shirt off completely and she could almost see his brain working in overdrive what he should do about that piercing.

“Y´know, you should think one would start with a spot like that.” Bra raised her eyebrow. He looked at it, but he didn´t touch it. Instead he went to her panties and pulled them off.  “You don´t wanna try?”

“Later. Or are we in a hurry?” He rubbed his thumb over the silver piece of jewelry right over her clit, smirking. “I have almost forgotten you have that one.”

“Yeah right.” She didn´t complain though when he started sucking on it. That had been a good investment. And how did she love good investments. She was glad when he didn´t try to drag it out, it was too early in the morning for that shit and she craved that orgasm since the night before. A few more nubs on the piercing and she was over the edge, moaning loudly, taking advantage that no one could hear them.

“I´m gonna get a shower.” He got up, wiping his mouth. Bra just stretched herself lazily. “Mhm. I´ll go in a sec.”

There was this nagging feeling in her mind, telling her that she shouldn´t be so happy about the way she led her life. That it was immoral and that she should be ashamed. But then again she had tried to be a proper citizen, she had tried out all kinds of possible relationships with humans and nothing had left her quite as content as… this. Maybe her mum would mind, Bra didn´t want to find it out, but it wasn’t as if her dad really had put up a fight. Not at all. She grinned when she rolled over and slowly got up from bed. This was quite alright.

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Vegeta had told her he would come by later, which meant that he went training and would be gone for a few hours. Bra knew that there was no good in trying to argue with him about that, he had skipped training for her so often and… that way she could do something productive as well. She was just biting into her huge sandwich while she scrolled through her E-mails when her phone rang.

“Hey mum.”

“Hey sweetie, you want me to call back when you´re done eating?”

Bra gulped down her bite quickly. “Nah, it´s fine. So, how are the current trends in material science?”

“Oh, it´s very nice! I already found a few groups I will fund and one of the PhD students will come over next week for an interview. She can finish her thesis at my company and earn much more money while she´s at it! And guess what, I met Uso!”

Bra snorted. “Ah, what a coincidence! Say hi from me and you know what, tell him to be careful, I´m about to buy his company if he keeps his work ethic like that.”

Bulma laughed loudly which Bra used to take another bite from her sandwich. She was starving! “And you, I hope you´re not working the whole weekend!”

“Nah, I´m gonna do some self care and have a lazy weekend. Y´know, gonna hang out with dad some, as soon as he shows up again.” There was another short burst of laughter from Bulma, interrupted by an announcement in the background that Bra couldn´t understand properly. “Okay, have fun sweetie. I need to hang up, the break is over. And if your father intends to lock himself up all day just turn off the power. Drives him out pretty quickly.”

She hung up before Bra could thank her for the info. She did in fact intend to keep her dad occupied otherwise. She took another bite from her sandwich, finishing scrolling through her Mail. Some work had to be done after all.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

It was late afternoon when he finally showed up again. Bra had moved to the winter garden to do her stretches and was interrupted in her oversplit by his stomping through the grass.

“I´m over here.”

“You don´t have to be so stretchy for me.” He chuckled, probably thinking he was so funny.

“Fuck you too. Mum called earlier, says hi.” He nodded, looking around. Shoving away one of the cats that had started rubbing against him. “Are you done?”

“Oh now you´re in a hurry. If you want to rub a pussy, there´s one at your feet.” She put her leg down and started bending backwards, until she could touch the ground. “Or I don´t know, you wait for a few minutes. I´d really like a bite to eat though.” She turned her head, staring at him until he exhaled loudly, but actually left. One day she would get him to admit that it turned him on when someone ordered him around. Her mum was excellent at that.

Bra hadn´t even lied all that much to her mum, she had been looking forward to hanging out with her dad, watching some TV or going out for dinner, but… it could wait. The moment the door fell close in the master bedroom he was grabbing her and Bra kissed him hungrily, pushing her tongue inside as quickly as she could. He was just wearing obscenely tight workout pants and nothing else… grumbling low in her throat she moved her hands over his chest, over the thick hair and the bulging muscles. It was a good thing she had only put on an oversized blouse. When Vegeta let her fall down on the bed she quickly pulled it over her head and was ready for everything else. He moved over her, finally rubbing over her breast, over the piercing before he bowed down to suck on it, biting into it and driving her insane. She started to breathe harder, watching as his muscles rippled over his back with every movement.

Her nipple was angrily red when he let go of it, leaving a wet trail down her toned stomach, over her blue trail of hair that went over to her bush. That was another advantage of not having to deal with humans anymore, she hadn´t shaved in a year. She guessed she wasn´t all that hairy for a saiyan, but considering human beauty standards… she rather preferred every single patch of hair she had. Gasping, she focused again on what was happening when Vegeta´s tongue had wandered down to her butt.

“I´m not in the mood for anal, dad.”

“I´m not even close. Stop complaining so much, Bra.” She kicked him, but of course he didn´t care. “Get your pants down already, my vagina craved that yesterday.”

“Of course, how could I not follow your wishes.” He mockingly bowed down, making Bra kick him again. This time she got a good one at his cheekbone, even making him grunt. She was still giggling when she fished for a condom. “Maybe I should punish you for being such a brat.”

“Oh, maybe you should.” She ripped the wrapper, waving it in front of her face. “I have to insist.”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

As soon as my arm stops hurting the final chapter will be done! This chapter here was all cute and fun, the next will bring chaotic mayhem, be prepared haha.

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