Lazy Sunday

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Lazy Sunday


AN: Hello again! This is  a heavy edit of the original story (I re-wrote it, but it´s still the same plot) in case anyone read the first version.

For everyone reading this for the first time, I had a spontaneous idea and wrote this little story exploring different pairings in it. As it is mostly the case with my stuff it´s humor with sex. Pairings of the day are Vegeta/Bra, Vegeta/Bra/Goku, Vegeta/Goku and Bra/Chichi. Maybe I´ll include a Goku/Chichi/Bra scene as well, haven´t decided yet. Bra is an adult in her late twenties.

Warnings: Incest, deepthroat, gagging, slapping, threesome, vaginal, double vaginal, oral. Everything is consensual! But just to be clear, I made the sex more brutal, so this might be off putting for some, but it is still very much enjoyable for the characters involved. If you don´t like hardcore though you should probably… leave this one alone.

ALSO, if you got a problem with the incest, then don´t read it. Because I don´t care if you tell me so, so don´t waste your time. For everyone else, have fun!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Bra really enjoyed it when her mum was out of town. Usually she had to be sneaky to get some alone-time with her dad, but with her mum gone over the weekend to attend a conference on the other side of the planet… sighing contently, she wrapped the blanket a bit tighter around her. Two days and she could actually just lie in bed with him! That was the whole plan for the weekend and she was delighted. Rolling over, Bra eyed the door. It would help though if he finally decided to join her, instead of doing whatever the fuck he thought was more important right now. She huffed. Not that she could do much about it. Well, she could watch something until he showed up. Or… just close her eyes shortly.



Something was bothering her, she tried to wave it away but it stayed right there. She blinked slowly and noticed the bright light shining through the blinds. It took Bra a few seconds to realize that she had fallen fast asleep and her dad hadn´t even bothered to wake her! Speaking of… she looked down, on the strong arm holding her tightly in place. Groaning, she tried to push him away but of course he didn´t budge. If he hadn´t taken so long getting to her they could´ve had a nice evening! But then again… her butt was pressed against firmly against her dad´s crotch, the soft hair on his belly tickling her lower back. If she managed to turn around… She managed, but it took a lot of wiggling, since she would probably never be able to move a part of her dad if he didn´t really want it to move. Even while sleeping he was insanely strong. He still hadn´t woken up, though. Bra blew a strand of her away from her eyes, closely inspecting the black boxers he was wearing. She lifted the waistband, just enough to push her other hand inside. It was a bit awkward, but she was able to grab his dick, soft and warm. Not for long, if she had any say in it. Grinning, she gripped it a bit harder and worked him in small strokes. The angle wasn´t forthcoming, but it didn’t matter, she felt him harden pretty quickly anyway. She wondered if he had a nice, vivid dream to accompany it, sure he would have a very cute face when he came. Bra started to milk him a faster, too occupied to notice the slight shiver in his arm and before she even knew what had happened he had grabbed her hand. His eyes were barely open and so dark under his lashes, he looked almost demonic. She couldn´t deny that it turned her on pretty well.


“That´s for not waking me up when you came in yesterday.”


“`s not as if we couldn´t fuck all the time.” Vegeta looked down, slowly pulling her hand out from his boxers. “Guess there are worse ways to wake up.”


“I hope so.” Bra leaned forward, trying to kiss him, but he moved his head to the side. “Brush your teeth first.” Grunting, she boxed him in the stomach, which only made him laugh. “I guess you don´t mind if my filthy mouth sucks your dick, eh?”


“All yours.” Bra rolled her eyes but immediately got to work when he finally moved his hand away. She pulled his boxers down, his dick still hard and eager, starting to leak just a little bit. She leaned forward and swallowed him almost to the hilt, not that difficult with his size. It was still too early in the morning to get creative so she refrained to drawing wet lines with her tongue on the underside of his dick, barely moving her head. When she heard him sigh contentedly while she sucked on the tip, she looked up, seeing a cute little blush spread across his cheek. She started to giggle, making his dick flop out of her mouth.


“Can´t you even do that properly?” Vegeta leaned on his arms, just enough to look at her. There was no real venom in his voice, it never was. She smiled sweetly and fluttered her lashes a bit. “Come on dad, I can´t do all the work. Men!” She rolled her eyes and let herself fall on her back, her head close to the edge. “Or are you too lazy, old man?”


Vegeta grunted and got up, pulling her shirt up with him. The cool morning air made her nipples perk and it didn´t go unnoticed. “Look at that. Is that for me?” He eyed her nipple piercings while he pulled her with her shirt a bit closer to the edge. His dick was just in front of her face and it took some self restraint for Bra not to try and catch it like a treat.


“Nah, I thought it would enhance the good looks of my pretty boobs.” She rubbed over the two tiny rings, gold as she preferred it. It was of course not the complete truth. She had thought of her dad sucking and playing with the rings during exactly this weekend, but his ego didn´t need to know that. “Do you like it?”


He grabbed her head, holding it in place so he had a good angle to fuck her mouth. “Yeah. You´d think you´d start with a spot like that.” He pushed in, deep enough that his pubic hair pressed down on her nose and she had to gag a little. He stopped then, waiting for her to struggle for air before he gave her a second and pushed in again. “I don´t complain though. Wouldn´t mind your mum having a little metal on her clit.”


Bra grunted, not being able to talk back but she knew he was grinning, that smug bastard. He stopped talking then, pushing in faster and harder, barely letting her enough time to take a tiny breath. And that had been it, the reason they had started it all. No human she had fucked had managed to do it hard enough, even if they thought that they were already hurting her. As if they could. The only thing Bra had to work on was getting Vegeta´s dick deep enough, since she liked the feeling of someone coming deep in her throat but her dad´s wasn´t unfortunately the biggest one. They managed and the lightheadedness that Bra started to feel thanks to the lack of oxygen was actually a nice touch. She felt his grip tighten around her jaw and relaxed her throat even more, and then she felt it, the hot pulsing in her throat while he came and erratically pushed deeper and deeper. A moment later he abruptly moved back, leaving Bra gasping for air while saliva dripped down her face.


“That… was quick.” She tried to grab a tissue without seeing anything until her dad had mercy and started wiping her face. “It´s early brat. You woke me.”


“I only wanted to make you happy.” Vegeta threw the tissue away and Bra opened her big blue eyes, staring at him as innocently as she could muster. “And now you leave me hanging here for it?” He looked up, right where her finger had started to crawl under her panties. “I can´t multitask, brat.” He grabbed her ankles and pulled them up, leaving Bra only with the option to shriek and grab his knees for support.


“What are you doing?” She struggled, but he didn´t let her go.


“Some morning exercise.” He pushed her down deeper so that he could put her legs under his arms and pulled her panties up, already leaving a wet trail on the side of her thigh. “Aren´t you doing that anyway, with your stretches?”


“Not in that position, it´s not comfo…” She stopped at that, gasping when his tongue hit her clit. He bent her down deeper, until she was almost folded over and sucked on her clit as if he was actually having breakfast. She didn´t complain though and came a few seconds later. It was early in the morning, after all.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


She hadn´t even recovered when Vegeta had already strolled out for a shower. Bra knew he tended to cuddle with her mum, but barely ever with her. It was okay though. They weren´t dating, they were just having fun. Sighing, she snuggled down for a few minutes longer before she got up herself. She had time for a long breakfast, doing her stretches and checking her work mails until he showed up again. He couldn´t refrain from training for that long after all. And he had skipped training so often for her to get a quickie in while everyone else thought he was busy.


She was just biting into a huge sandwich sometime later while she scrolled through her E-mails when her phone rang.


“Hey mum.”


“Hey sweetie, you want me to call back when you´re done eating?”


Bra gulped down her bite quickly. “Nah, it´s fine. So, how are the current trends in material science?”


“Oh, it´s very nice! I already found a few groups I will fund and one of the PhD students will come over next week for an interview. She can finish her thesis at my company and earn much more money while she´s at it! And guess what, I met Uso!”


Bra snorted. “Ah, what a coincidence! Say hi from me and you know what, tell him to be careful, I´m about to buy his company if he keeps his work ethic like that.”


Bulma laughed loudly which Bra used to take another bite from her sandwich. “I hope you´re not working the whole weekend, darling. I heard the weather is so nice today!”


Bra eyed her computer warily. How did she even know… “Mum, it´s fine, I was just checking my mails. I´ve got plans with dad and you know how rare it is that he actually makes plans at all!”


Bulma snorted which was confirmation enough. “Copy that. Anyway, I´m on break and I thought I´d call and give you some exciting news about that other PhD student I met who I think you´ll find very interesting.”


“Oh? I´m all ears…”


The next best thing to sex was still a good deal…


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


It was late afternoon when he finally showed up again. Bra had moved to the winter garden to do her stretches and was interrupted in her oversplit by his stomping through the grass.


“I´m over here.” She heard him change directions, shoving some plants aside. If her grandmother was still alive she would´ve been very sad about it.


“You don´t have to be so stretchy for me.” He chuckled, delighted by how funny he was. Bra rolled her eyes hard enough for him to notice.


“Idiot. Mum called earlier, says hi.” He nodded, looking around. Shoving away one of the cats that had started rubbing against him. “Are you done?”


“Oh now you´re in a hurry. If you want to rub a pussy, there´s one at your feet.” She put her leg down and started bending backwards, until she could touch the ground. “Or I don´t know, you wait for a few minutes. I´d really like a bite to eat though.” She stared at him until he exhaled loudly, but actually strolled. One day she would get him to admit that it turned him on when someone ordered him around. Her mum was excellent at that. And Bra was a good student. It only made him more eager for what was about to come later and he was staring at her the whole time she ate her late lunch with unmistakable hunger in his eyes. She hadn´t even finished chewing when he finally pushed his chair back, grabbed her wrist and pulled her into a hard kiss. She giggled and then choked on the food but her pussy was wet anyway.


“You like me better when I´m not asphyxiated on a steak, dad.” She coughed again and quickly grabbed her water to get a sip in before he jumped her again.


“Don´t worry Bra, I´ll resuscitate you.”


This time, she hopped on him, slinging her lean legs around his waist while she kissed him long and deep, doing her best to make his lips red and swollen like she barely ever could. “I could do this forever.” She leaned down again, a few quick little kisses to catch her breath.


“Don´t know, I got better ideas.” He started moving and she only grinned and didn´t stop kissing him until he pushed her on the bed. “Come on Bra, get naked. Took you long enough to eat.” He stood in front of the bed, only wearing his obscenely tight workout pants and nothing else, his dick already bulging and once again she was reminded why her mum just hadn´t been able to resist this.


“For that you better eat me out as if your life depended on it.” But she undressed. And maybe a bit quicker than he deserved.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


His bulge was pressing against her, a bit scratchy through his pants. He was nuzzling her neck, smelling her, while his hands were on her breasts, getting a feel on the new piercings there. She sighed, enjoying the warmth and how good he smelled, how right it felt, but… she pushed his hands away and when he looked up she slapped him. It wasn´t even hard if he could´ve felt more, the angle was bad, but he understood the meaning.


“No work, no play dad.” She pulled her leg up, rubbing her foot against his bulge until he winced. She wasn´t trying to be gentle.


“What do you want?” He didn´t slap her foot away. That… could wait until later. Bra gave him a long look, until she let go of him and raised an eyebrow. “Get rid of the pants.” He slowly moved down from the bed and shimmied out of his leggings. He hadn´t even been wearing underwear, perverted old man. When he was done Bra got on her knees and touched his face softly with her hands. He was clearly impatient, the last bit of softness gone from his dick, but he didn´t rush. He knew better than to do that.


“What do you want me to do?”


He huffed. “What do you think, brat?”


She smiled and kissed him softly before she slapped him again, harder this time. It made her hand sting but he hadn´t even moved his head. Sometimes she wished she could actually harm him, even if it was only a little bit. “Well if that doesn´t leave an impression, I have to move on I guess.” He eyed her while her hands moved slowly from his cheeks over his neck down to his chest, her long fingernails raking through the thick hair until she scratched violently over his nipples. He actually gasped, which only made her chuckle and lean in for another tiny kiss. “You felt that.”


“I still got nerves.” He was breathing hard, which was a good sign. Bra continued her travels, over his hard abs down the soft trail of hairs until she stopped shortly before touching his poor, neglected dick. “And now?”


He leaned forward, his lips almost touching hers. “I don´t think you´ll suck it as I´d like you to.”


“Hmmm, you guessed right.” She grabbed his dick and his balls right at the base and squeezed hard until Vegeta actually groaned and went to his knees. Sometimes it was too easy to make one of the strongest beings in the universe do her bidding.


“Hey, get up, you´re not much use down there!” She pulled and didn´t let go until he lay on his back on the bed, his breathing ragged and a little sheen of sweat appeared on his forehead. “That´s good. I will let go when you´ve done your part.”


“You little shit!” But he didn´t move. Bra turned around and shifted a bit until her position was right without letting go of her hostage. “As if you don´t like it, dad.” She sat down on his face, silencing all protest but she knew that there wasn´t much. She wasn´t the only one who enjoyed letting loose with someone who´s not as vulnerable as a human. And… Bra gasped, involuntarily leaning forward when Vegeta grabbed her hips and grinded her closer to his tongue, doing his best to make her cum quickly. He would have his revenge anyway. Unable to focus on anything else, Bra leaned forward, grabbing the sheets with her other hand and muffling her moans against Vegeta´s thigh. Whenever she felt like coming he flicked his tongue against her piercing, sending shivers over her body without the much needed release. The little session in the morning hadn´t been a good example of what he was capable of and he obviously decided to rectify that, torturing her while she still had a steel grip around his dick, red and angry in her hand and definitely aching by now. He licked over her cunt, only teasing the entrance and Bra felt herself clench with the prospect of getting fucked. She wanted it, badly enough that she was willing to let go of him only to use his dick for a better purpose but of course he used that moment to suck on her clit hard enough to make her cum with almost a scream, her whole body shaking from the tension that was finally released. He let go of her, not wanting to suck her through a second orgasm and after a few seconds Bra had calmed down enough and let go of his dick which splattered a few drops of cum on her arm. She grinned, rubbing her belly against his chest.


“Yeah. That was good.” He pushed her over on her back and got up to sit between her legs. His face was wet with her juices and it was icky but sexy at the same time. “You better deliver now.”


“And if I don´t?”


She definitely felt that slap. Her head flew to the side and a little bit of blood was pooling in her mouth. “You want another?” He was grinning, his dick still leaking on her belly. He shouldn´t be so casual and get on with it already! Bra stuck out her tongue and he hit her other cheek. She coughed, more blood was pooling in her mouth. She had bitten her tongue and it was burning. This would definitely leave a mark. The only thing she couldn´t do to her dad, she couldn´t even scratch him.


When the pain got bearable again, Vegeta had already pulled on a condom. He had waited for her to look up, just to plunge down to the hilt in one thrust. Bra gasped, holding on to the sheet. He immediately set a brutal pace, smacking hard enough against her to leave bruises. She wrapped her legs around him, trying to make him go a little slower but he just grabbed her wrists and held her in place while he pumped mercilessly into her.


It was painful, but it was also so so good and every little mark and bruise was just a promise for more of the best sex she had ever had. She snickered but a second later she only moaned and screamed.


A while later she lay snuggled against her dad while he slowly rubbed her back. Her face was puffy and definitely colourful, but it would go away until Monday. She wouldn’t have minded, but she couldn´t go to work looking like someone had beat her up.


“I wish I could make you look like I actually made you feel anything when I hit you.”


Vegeta kissed her head, softly. “You can always train, Bra. ‘s more useful than gymnastics.”


She snorted and wrapped an arm around him. Well… it was quite perfect as it was anyway.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

AN: Gonna be honest here, I read so much Thorki fanfics in my hiatus that I needed to write some incest to get it out haha. I´m still not interested in writing fic for other fandoms (if it´s not DB I´d rather write my own stuff) but I can still enjoy the theme hehe.

Hope you had fun and see you next time!

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