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Disclaimer:  I don’t own anything.  Just my Husband, laptop, my 3 dogs and a very overactive imagination… Dragon Ball Z and any songs mentioned in this fic DO NOT belong to me. I’m just borrowing them for my own twisted amusement. I make no money and/or profit from any of this.

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Chapter 1

Bulma sighed as she looked at herself in the mirror and reapplied some more make up to her already flawless complexion. It had been two weeks since this nightmare had begun and her planet was attacked and destroyed.

Before it had been destroyed, she had been considered fortunate enough to be taken and shipped off to an auction where she was bought and sent to a vacation planet where all she had to do was look beautiful and dance. Thank god her mother pushed her into dancing when she was younger or she would have been screwed and made to work in a less desirable section doing who knows what.

She gave herself another once over in the huge mirror. She was up soon. Because she was so unique looking in her appearance, she had talked them into letting her make her own routines. She thankfully still had her iPod on her and found a way to hook it up into their system. She was a genius after all! Then every night, she'd pick a different song to dance and lip synch to. So far, she was a hit at the club.

Everyone loved her. Well, the patrons did. The other women at the club didn't care for her much. After two nights she had become the new "favorite" attraction. None of the other women sang. They just danced. It reminded Bulma of belly dancing on Earth. She appreciated it, but was thankful that she could do something different and unique that no one else seemed to do. She tried to stick with more of a sexy hip hop vibe. So far it was working out very well to her advantage.

Most of the patrons at this place were soldiers. Some were emperors. Others just came to enjoy a drink and watch beautiful women all night. This planet was named Vegas, which was ironic enough because it reminded her a whole lot of Las Vegas. Women, boos, gambling, and all sorts of shenanigans she didn't even want to think up took place here. She was just glad she was able to find herself in an area where she wouldn't have to do anything too degrading. All she had to do was dance on a stage and leave.

She had won the manager over within a few days; he had initially told her that she would have to start out on the stage to gain exposure since she was new and no one knew her. Then after a few weeks she'd be moved on to having to go to the private rooms with some of the patrons who wished a more private audience with her. The thought made her sick to her stomach. But since she had become such an instant success, the manager of the establishment, Toma, had told her that she didn't have to move on to that if she didn't want to. So she took advantage of that and decided to make the most of this opportunity. Stay in Toma's good graces, make the patrons happy and maybe she could find a way off this place. At this point, she figured her best bet would be to save up any cash she got from the patrons generous tips and buy her way out.

Bulma had no clue as to where she would go or what she would do, but she figured she would worry about it when and if the time came for her to leave this place.

Prince Vegeta rolled his eyes and followed his men into a popular tavern on the planet Vegas. He normally hated these places and avoided them like the plague, but he had promised his men a night out of debauchery at the place of their choosing if they got their most recent purging mission done in less time than they needed. He wanted to get back home to his planet and train, not waste his time on these useless purging missions that were of no challenge or interest to him. He really didn't know why his father insisted on sending him out. Sure, purging was fun, but he had goals to reach and he couldn't reach them if he was out constantly on useless missions.

He followed Nappa and Raditz inside their establishment of choice. They had told him that this place was the best of the best. That they apparently had only the most beautiful and exotic women the universe had to offer. He really couldn't care less. Women were women as far as he was concerned and he didn't have time for any of them- especially women who were only interested in him for his money and position in life.

Prince Vegeta was notoriously known in most areas of the galaxy as being not only one of the strongest warriors in the universe, but he was a brilliant military tactician and efficient at carrying out his purging missions under the command of the Planet Trade Organization. Being the prince of one of the universes’ strongest and wealthy races as well made him well known and sought after by many women around the galaxy. Unfortunately, Vegeta showed no one any interest. His only focus was becoming stronger than the leader of the Planet Trade Organization, Lord Frieza, so he could one day free his planet and people from their control and influence.

However, since Vegeta owed his comrades a night on him, he figured he might as well see what the fuss was about and have a few drinks. The sooner he got this over with, the sooner he could head back home to train. Kakarott was only concerned if they served food at this establishment. Vegeta rolled his eyes again. Why was he always surrounded by idiots?

The atmosphere was dark and mysterious; a scantily clad hostess approached and greeted them, "Hello, gentlemen. Seating for four?" She was tall with yellowish scaly skin that gave her an iridescent aura and long light pink hair.

"Four seats in the VIP area," Raditz replied, gesturing to Vegeta. "This is Prince Vegeta of Vegeta-sei."

"Oh! I'm so sorry, your highness! Of course! Right this way!" she said, wide eyed and worried.

"No need to bother yourself over it. I have never been here and never plan to return." Vegeta growled, glaring at Raditz as they followed the hostess to the VIP area.

"What?!" Raditz shrugged. "I want to make sure we have the best seats in the house!"

Nappa laughed, "Don't worry, Vegeta. It'll be well worth it!"

"Do they serve food in the VIP area?" Kakarott asked.

"Of course they do, you idiot!" all three Saiyans said, glaring at Kakarott. The younger Saiyan had a one track mind.

"What? I'm hungry!" Kakarott said, rubbing his stomach.

"Well, we didn't come here for the food, but there's plenty of it even for you." Raditz said, sitting down in a booth.

"Can I get you guys anything to drink?" The hostess asked.

The four Saiyans each ordered a drink. Kakarott asked for a food menu. "And keep 'em coming!" Nappa said after the hostess, leaning back in the booth.

Vegeta sat there, with his arms crossed. It was going to be a very long night.

Not long after, the hostess returned with their drinks and a menu for Kakarott. "The first round is on the house, your Highness. Please make yourselves comfortable and let me know if there's anything I can get for you." she said, bowing and walking away.

"See? I told you this was the place to be!" Raditz laughed and pointed to the girl on stage. She was very tall, had light blue skin with darker blue stripes like a tiger, long purple hair and large, round pink eyes. She danced slowly and sensually to the music that played.

"Now how 'bout that?" Nappa nodded in approval taking in her appearance while Vegeta still sat with his arms crossed.

Just as Bulma was getting ready to head back stage to perform her first gig of the night, Toma pulled her to the side.

"Before you go up, you must know," he said, looking appreciatively at her attire and make up.

"What's up?" Bulma asked.

“We have a special guest here tonight. His name is Prince Vegeta and he is the most powerful warrior in the universe after his father, King Vegeta of the Planet Vegeta-sei. He's brought some of his men here tonight so please, put on a better than usual show," he said, practically pleading with her.

Bulma rolled her eyes. She hated these patrons who thought they were better than everyone else. "And when do I ever not give a spectacular performance?" she asked, a tad annoyed that Toma had suggested otherwise.

"Well, true. But from what little I do know of the Prince, I hear he can be very temperamental."

"Aren't they all?" Bulma snorted, adjusting her outfit a bit more. "Don't worry! I've got it covered!" she winked and headed down the hall. Just wait. I’ll give them a show they'll never forget, Bulma thought to herself with a smirk.

Toma exhaled in relief. She was his best. Hopefully good enough to keep the Prince and the other Saiyans entertained for the evening.

Bulma headed up the stairs and plugged in her iPod. She selected the song "Bottle Pop" by the Pussycat Dolls and headed up the stage.

Toma nervously approached the four Saiyans in the VIP lounge. He'd heard of their reputation. He just really didn't want his club destroyed. "I hope everything is to your approval for you and your companions, your Highness." Toma said cautiously.

"Everything is satisfactory." Vegeta said, not looking at Toma.

"Oh good!" Toma laughed nervously. "If there's anything I can get you to make things even better, let me know! Nothing is off limits."

"Keep our drinks coming!" Nappa and Raditz suggested, pushing away their empty glasses.

"And can I have more of whatever that was?" Kakarott asked, with a mouth full of a fourth bowl of a noodle dish he was devouring.

"Yes, of course! Right away!" Toma stuttered and ran off to get more food and drinks. As he left, the lights dimmed and the music started and Bulma walked on stage and started to dance and lip synch to the song.

"You idiot! Why must you talk with your mouth full like an imbecile?" Vegeta asked, glaring at Kakarott, who shrugged and continued to inhale his food. Vegeta just shook his head. He couldn't wait to get out of there. He was beyond bored but started to watch the girl on the stage since there was nothing else to do.

As Vegeta watched the girl on the stage dance, he could not help but note that she was quite stunning. A far cry more attractive than any of the other women he'd seen throughout the course of the evening so far. She was very pale skinned, almost ivory and had the most unusual colored hair. It was an aquamarine blue that looked and shimmered like silk. Long, past her shoulders. Her eyes were huge and the appeared to be the exact same shade of blue as her hair from what he could tell. What unusual eyes and hair, he thought to himself. She was very petite and delicate in stature, unlike many of the other women he'd seen and met on this side of the universe. I wonder where they found her? He briefly wondered, taking in her unique features. She had long legs and a beautifully toned body. She moved slowly and sensually to the music. She was seductive yet still classy with the subtle way she swayed her hips. The other women he saw dance before her were beautiful, but harsh and vulgar in their movements; not at all feminine the way this girl was moving.

As she danced, she looked ahead and made eye contact with the Prince. Vegeta held his breath briefly. Her eyes seemed an even more piercing blue than he had initially thought. She held his gaze for a few more minutes. Swaying and moving along to the music as if she were dancing only for him.

Raditz smirked and nudged Nappa and pointed at their prince, who seemed mesmerized by the aqua haired beauty on the stage. Nappa grinned. "See something you like?" he asked, nudging Vegeta with his shoulder, startling him out of his daze.

Vegeta turned away immediately and scowled, feeling his cheeks burning from enbarassment. "No, she's just a little more unique than some of the other ones we have seen so far." He huffed, crossing his arms and looking away from the stage where the girl was still dancing. Raditz and Nappa snickered at his expense but didn't comment any further.

It was then that Toma reappeared and served them their drinks and Kakarott another bowl of noodles. "Is there anything else I can do to make your evening even better?" he asked.

"Everything is fine. That will be all." Vegeta snapped, looking away from the stage again, still in a huff.

"Actually there is," Raditz said as he stood up and put his arm around Toma's shoulder and lead him away from their booth, "So, are we able to choose which girls we'd like a more intimate encounter with? Say, a private dance?"

"Umm, yes! Yes, of course! Almost all of the girls here are available. The choice is yours." Toma stuttered.

"Good!" Raditz said, patting Toma on the back. "Our prince is interested in that blue-haired beauty on stage right there." he said pointing to Bulma.

"Ohh, yes. Her. Umm.. Well, she is a favorite. But I'm afraid in the end, un-unavailable." Toma stuttered again, getting very nervous. "But his highness can choose from a choice of any of the other girls here that might be pleasing to him. They are all beautiful, highly skilled and talented." He added quickly.

"No," Raditz said, shaking his head. "That one. We won't take no for an answer. Name your price."

"But, but.. But.." Toma started.

"I’ll pay you double your asking price on the highest priced girl here." Raditz interrupted.

"But sir, she's not for hire. She's for the stage only." Toma replied, having the feeling this evening wasn't going to go down as easily as he had planned and yet kicking himself for turning down that much money.

"You mean to say you'd deny your prince the one request he's had all evening?" Raditz asked, feigning annoyance. He knew if he pushed his weight around just enough, he'd be able to get his way.

"No, no! I don’t mean that. I don't mean to offend!" Toma stuttered yet again. He was really starting to sweat bricks now. "I only mean that she's inexperienced. Other than the stage, she's never been allowed a private audience. With anyone." He explained.

"Well, my Prince is willing to overlook that for such a rare beauty as hers. Make it happen. I don't care what the price is, or what your reasons are, but do it." Raditz growled, pulling Toma in closer to him for emphasis.

"Uhh.. Ok, ok. Very well then, I will let her know. But your Prince may be disappointed." Toma replied in a last effort to discourage Raditz from his choice.

"He won't be. Believe me!" Raditz laughed, letting Toma go. "Thank you for accommodating his majesty." He said, walking back to the booth.

"What was that all about?" Nappa asked.

"Oh, nothing. You'll see." Raditz said with a sly grin. Nappa rolled his eyes. Vegeta continued to watch the Blue-haired beauty on the stage, completely oblivious to the exchange that just happened.

Toma rushed back stage. Bulma was almost done her song. He wasn't sure what he was going to do. He had promised her that she could stay on the stage. Seeing as she made him so much money there, he didn't see it as an issue. She made more from one song up there than any of the other girls made combined for a whole evening so he over looked that and allowed her to remain a stage presence only. She was sweet, he liked her; and for whatever reason, reminded him of his own daughter. Should she ever suffer the same fate, he hoped someone may show her the same kindness and give her a break.

He knew Bulma would be angry with him, but was hoping she would overlook it this one time. With that thought, he sighed and rushed back stage.

Bulma stepped on stage and started to lip synch and dance sensually to her song.

She looked out to the audience. There wasn't much of a crowd out tonight, which she didn't mind. Though it did mean less cash tips for her. She continued to do her dance routine as she swayed and moved. She looked out some more trying to find this so-called "Prince" that was present. She looked to the end of the room in the slightly upper level that was the designated "VIP" area, assuming he would be in there.

All she saw were three over-sized men sitting with a smaller man. One was huge and bald. The other one was almost as large but had long thick hair down to his knees from what she could tell. Both were watching her intently. The third was also large in stature and his hair was short, but sticking out in every which way, but he was shoveling back food as fast as he could, so she assumed he wasn't the prince. No "prince" in her opinion would have such terrible table manners! And the fourth man was considerably smaller than the other three. He seemed really indifferent and reserved from the other three. He had what seemed to be gravity-defying hair that stood straight up in a black flame. Although smaller, he was just as intimidating as the other three.

So which one was the prince that she was supposed to impress? None of them looked particularly prince-like in her opinion. They all looked scary! Although what was prince-like anyway? Especially half way across the galaxy from her home? Ha! Even her own Boyfriend, Yamcha was far from Prince-like when it came down to it. It was time to give it up. She knew that, especially given her recent predicament. As much as she wished it, there wouldn't be any prince saving her!

She looked back to the table of four, wiping out her current train of thought. She had a job to do! She looked individually at the four men. She decided to ignore the one that was eating. Surely he wasn't the prince. She looked at the other two. It could be either one. Then she looked at the smaller one. Maybe, he sure was handsome. He suddenly made direct eye contact with her and she nearly froze.

His eyes were so smoldering. Something about his eyes captivated her and she found she couldn't look away. So she continued to dance as well as she knew how.

For a few minutes she held his gaze without looking away. She felt self-conscious and insecure yet completely confident and gorgeous at the same time. His gaze never wavered, it was like he was looking right through her.

What broke her eye contact was when she saw Toma serving them drinks and food.

She looked away from the smaller man and his intense stare and continued to dance like she never had before. It was almost the end of the song and the beat was picking up. Whichever one of them was the prince, he'd better be watching because she was going to put her all into the last half.

She noticed that Toma left with one of them briefly for a moment, the one with the really long hair. I wonder what that's about? She wondered. Oh well, she continued her routine.

Once finished, she gave a quick curtsy and left the sage. She didn't look back at the smaller man, just walked off. She decided to hurry to her dressing room. She needed to change quickly for her next number.

She was almost to her room when Toma showed up. "Great job, Bulma!" He exclaimed.

"Thanks, Toma." She said with a smile and walked into her dressing room. He followed her in and closed the door.

"Well, you seemed to have made quite the impression," Toma started. Bulma gave him a curious look then stepped behind a changing screen to change her outfit. "Umm, you made so much of an impression that the prince requested a private audience with you." He stuttered nervously.

"Uhh. What?" Bulma asked peeking out from behind the screen. This had to be a joke. "You're kidding, right?"

"No." Toma said, hanging his head in shame.

"Well tell him I can’t!" Bulma said, starting to panic. Was the prince that huge guy with the hair she saw talking to Toma? He must have been! Well this was just great! What was she supposed to do? She wasn't comfortable giving anybody a private dance. Never mind a prince! What was she going to do? Never mind that, what was she going to wear?

"I tried! Believe me, Bulma, I did try but he was quite insistent. They offered me double Toska's rate and threatened me. What was I to do?" Toma wailed. "You know how many girls here would kill for this opportunity?"

"Ugh! I know! But I don't want to do this! You promised! No private dances!" Bulma whined.

"I know, Bulma. I know. Just this one time. I promise! Whatever he tips you, you can keep all of it, just please do this for me. The Saiyans, they have a terrible reputation when they're angry. Please do this for me." Toma begged.

Bulma sighed heavily. Toma had been really good to her these past few weeks, and he had turned down other patrons requests over and over again so this must be serious for him to have agreed. "Alright," she said. "Just this one time. But never again, please. I don't care what they offer!"

"Thank you, Bulma! Thank you!" Toma cried.

"Now what am I to wear?" Bulma asked. "Do you know what he likes?"

"I haven't a clue," Toma said, shaking his head. "But don't worry about your next number. You won’t be on stage for the rest of the evening. Just focus on pleasing the prince. I'm sure whatever you decide to wear will be fine."

Bulma didn't like that phrase focus on pleasing the prince, but she just nodded and started rummaging through her wardrobe for something to wear. "Alright. Let him know I’ll be out soon," she said with a heavy sigh. "What was his name again?"

"Prince Vegeta." Toma replied as he left her room and hurriedly headed over to the VIP area.

Toma composed himself and walked up to the Saiyan with the long hair. "She will be here momentarily." He said to him quietly.

"Excellent!" Raditz said with a sly grin, handing Toma a large sum of cash. "We'll be waiting!"

"Alright!" Toma said, taking the money and backing away. "Is there anything you gentleman would like? More drinks perhaps?"

"Yes! Another round for all of us!" Nappa said, folding his arms behind his head.

"And another bowl of this?" Kakarott mumbled.

"I’ll be right back." Toma replied and headed off to do their bidding. He sighed deeply as he put the cash into his jacket pocket. He hoped he wasn't going to regret this.

"Why did you give that fool a whole lump sum of money, Raditz?" Vegeta complained. It was the first thing he'd said since the Aqua marine-haired girl had left the stage. "I thought I told you guys that I would be covering tonight since we purged that planet in record time. You guys have earned it over the past few months."

"Oh, nothing. Just paying off a prior debt from our last visit." Raditz replied, finishing the last of his drink. He couldn't wait to see the look on his prince's face when the Aqua-haired girl came out to greet him. This is going to be epic! He thought to himself with a sly grin.

Bulma looked at herself again in her mirror for probably the fifth time in the last three minutes. She’d left her hair down loose and flowy, and chose a simple black silk dress that showed off her figure. It was low cut in the bust to show off her cleavage, but modest enough to leave something to the imagination. It was tight in her abdomen and waist area past her hips and fell like a pencil skirt to her calves. There was a slit to the thigh on the right side so she could walk. She finished the look with a pair of stiletto pumps and black gloves and headed out the door to meet this so-called "Prince".

Vegeta sighed and looked at Raditz, Napa and Kakarott. "Are you guys ready to go yet?" he asked irritably.

"Nope, not yet." Raditz said looking around. Where the hell is she? He wondered. It had been a little while. Two or three girls had been on stage since she had left. He was starting worry when he noticed a flash of blue moving through the back. He grinned. Their night was just beginning. So far as he knew, their prince had never been with a woman. He was just too focused on missions and training which was a good thing, but at the same time, everyone needed to let loose every once in a while too. So tonight was a good night to expose the prince to the world of women!

Vegeta rolled his eyes and sighed again. He had better things to do than waste his time here watching women dance. He knew this was his fault, but he hoped they could leave soon.

Just when he turned away from Raditz, and looked up, the aqua-haired dancer from earlier walked up to their table. She looked nothing short of stunning in her simple black dress. He looked up at her and he didn't think it was possible for her to look even more gorgeous up close than she had from far.

"Prince Vegeta?" She greeted, looking more at Raditz and Nappa than Kakarott and Vegeta.

Vegeta shook himself out of his thoughts. "What?"

Bulma looked at Vegeta. Ah, so you're the Prince, huh? she thought to herself. "Hi! My name is Bulma, nice to meet you" she said, sitting in his lap.

Shocked, Vegeta froze. She may be gorgeous but how dare she even think to touch me! Never mind sitting on me! he thought to himself. Not knowing what else to do, he just sat there, nearly paralyzed in shock at the woman who was so bold as to sit in his lap.

Raditz and Nappa started to laugh. "Is this your doing, Raditz?" Vegeta asked.

"Yes, your highness. I was under the impression you were quite taken with her. Was I wrong?"

What the hell? Bulma thought to herself, standing up and taking a step back from the prince. "I’m sorry, your highness. I thought…"

"That is not your business, Raditz!" Vegeta growled, ignoring the girl, embarrassed at being caught ogling her earlier and now having to confront this girl.

"Well, I could send her back," Raditz offered. "But she's already been paid for. Go on! Have some fun! We know you find her attractive."

Bulma was seething! The nerve of these guys! Prince or not, she was Bulma Briefs! And she wasn't here to be made a fool of. "I’m sorry I was misinformed of your intentions, I’ll leave you now." she said cooly and turned to leave.

Vegeta stood up and grabbed her arm, "No one dismisses themselves from my presence. Do you know who I am?" he growled.

"Yea, you're Prince Vegeta, so I heard." Bulma said, turning back to look right at him.

"I am the Prince of all Saiyans." he replied back, staring right back at her.

"Ok? And I’m sorry, but that means absolutely nothing to me." Bulma said with a shrug, trying to yank her arm out of his vice grip.

"Woman, I should blast you where you stand!" Vegeta seethed, pulling her closer to him. He wanted to shake her. No one talked to him or addressed him with such disrespect, ever.

Raditz and Nappa had to stifle their laughter. My, this was going to be interesting! Not only was this girl attractive, but she was far from submissive. From the look of it, she was going to give their prince a run for his money.

"Well, why don't you then?" Bulma shot back fearlessly, not breaking eye contact with the arrogant prince. What did she care? It would be better than being a slave at a sex club for the rest of her life.

Vegeta wasn't sure how to respond to that. Everyone he usually threatened with death usually cowered at his feet. Not this girl. He looked at his men and shot Raditz a glare. Who was this girl? This was his fault!

"You guys should get to it." Raditz said, nodding to the door.

"Oh, no. It’s alright. I wouldn't want to waste anyone's time if I'm not wanted." Bulma said, shooting another glare at Vegeta.

Vegeta growled and looked the blue haired woman in the eye. "No, we shall go." It was obvious she didn't want to be here and he didn't want her to win, so he decided to go along with this. He pushed out his elbow for her to rest her hand on.

Bulma sighed and rolled her eyes, but complied. I'm stuck now, I guess, she thought to herself.

"I will deal with you later, Raditz." Vegeta growled shooting daggers at his companion, and off they went.

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