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Videl loved having others around on her level with which to spar. Gohan's family was intense and all much more powerful than she ever believed a person could be. As an adult, school no longer occupied her time, so she worked on building a career for herself and attending tournaments with her new found family. Unfortunately, she found it hard to connect with the women in the group – they were all older or younger than her and most of them were related to her now. It was time she made some girlfriends for herself...which was harder than it sounded. Oftentimes Videl's outspoken personality and professional reputation scared others off.

“Are you okay?”

Videl looked up, startled. She hadn't noticed anyone approach her.

“You look sad. Is there anything I can do?”

Videl flushed and stammered. “N-no. I'm fine, thank you.”

“Eri. My name's Eri Novak. Nice to meet you. Are you sure?”

Videl nodded as the blond took a seat next to her. The woman was a little taller than her, slightly chubby, but had kind, warm blue eyes. She smiled. “Videl Son. Pleasure to meet you. I'm fine.” They shook hands and sat quietly for a few minutes. “So...do you always approach strangers and offer them help?”

Eri laughed. “No. Just those that look like they need it.” Her stomach grumbled loudly.

“Um...Are you hungry?”

Eri bit her lip, looking embarrassed. “Hahaha. Yeah. I was actually just on my way to lunch, but...I just moved here and don't know where to go to eat. Finding a restaurant in this town is impossible! I must have been walking for the past hour.” Her stomach rumbled again.

Videl smiled and stood. “I know just the place.”


Over the coming months, Videl and Eri's friendship grew. They often visited with one another and eventually Eri was invited to meet Videl's family. Her father was a strange man with wild, curly hair and a god complex. Her father-in-law was just as strange, but in a completely different way. He was childish, but all proclaimed he was one of the best fighters in the world. Gohan, Videl's husband, was praised as being even better, his younger brother not far behind. It seemed all of the friends and extended family she met were all fighters of some kind. Eri didn't really understand the appeal, but she promised to attend the next tournament they took part in.

There was a strange, short little man named Krillin who seemed to be dating a tall blonde everyone called Eighteen. Eri thought it was strange they referred to her as a number; was this his eighteenth girlfriend? Did she have a lot of siblings?

There were a few others she was introduced to: Yamcha, who was a model or a bouncer, something stupid. He had gorgeous, thick hair, but didn't seem to be that bright. Apparently he was also one of the least talented in fighting as well. Vegeta, a high-browed, pointy haired and short tempered man who was married to a blue haired woman named Bulma. Apparently her family owned the Capsule Corporation and they had a son named Trunks. An older man, who everyone referred to as Master Roshi, was constantly hitting on her. She didn't pay him any mind, but she swore she'd clock him the next time he grabbed her ass.

Videl's family and friends were definitely strange and she felt that they would eventually grow on her over time.


As luck would have it, a tournament was coming to Satan City next year. Though no one in the group was particularly worried about their skills, the took the opportunity to enhance their skills and spar all out against one another like never before. Eri was called on to babysit the younger Z Fighters; the trainings went long and to all hours of the day and night. The mothers of the group insisted on a regular bed time schedule and time for homework for the children.

Eri didn't mind – she loved children. She always dreamed of having a brood of her own one day. As the months carried on, though, she began to get paranoid. She felt like she was being watched. Did she see something out of the corner of her eye? What just flashed past the window?

Every time that she would hang out with the group, she heard funny and impossible stories involving people she didn't know and had never met. Who names their kid after a musical instrument? And who would have known that Eighteen had a brother?

Videl insisted that Eri shouldn't be offended at not having met some of the other fighters they knew; Piccolo was abrasive and tended to keep to himself and Seventeen went through a trauma some time ago and has disdained humans and most of the Z Fighters, only putting up with them because of his sister.


In the blink of an eye, the tournament loomed just around the corner. Eri accompanied the group as they went in to register. There were some pretty strange looking characters; the fighting ring certainly seemed to bring out the weirdos.

Eighteen, while not giddy, did seem happier than normal, the scowl on her face not quite as deep. She greeted her brother cordially as he glared at Krillin, Goku, and Gohan. Seventeen wasn't quite what Eri had expected; he had the same features as his sister, but harder, more masculine lines. His hair was also a dark black contrasted to her blonde – even if she hadn't known, there was no doubt they were related.

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